The Magic of Freedom: Finding It UPDATE (Chapter 7 Sample)

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“Yes Dear” Prudence says.

“Will you tell us a bedtime story?” The young girl asks.

“Of course sweetheart, which one would you like to hear?” She looks down at her two granddaughters, both of whom are standing in their nightgowns ready for bed.

The two girls look at each other, smile, and say in unison. “We wanna hear about Mama”

The 80 year old grandmother can’t help but laugh.

“You’ve already heard that one a thousand times. I’ve told you that one so much you two could probably tell it to me”

“You have not” Patience, the 8 year old, says pouting.

“Yeah, and it’s more like a hundred times and you tell it so much better than we can” 10 year old Amy responds

“PLEASE” Both young witches say in unison.

“Ok Ok” the old grandmother said.

“Yayyyy” The two girls cheer happily.

“Before bed does anyone need to be changed?” Prudence asked.

“Nope, All dry” Amy says. “I changed my Pull Up and Mommy changed Patience a few minutes ago. When do we get out of diapers Grandma? I feel like a baby.”

“When you get older sweetheart, It doesn’t make you a baby. Diapers help girls to control their magic because their magic is more powerful than boys but harder to control. Your mother had to wear diapers when she was younger too and look at what she accomplished.”

“Ok” Amy says “I guess if Mom can do it then so can I”.

“That’s my girl” Grandma says “ OK then, it’s bedtime. Who would like to turn the beds down? Amy, I believe it is your turn”

“No problem”

“Remember dear, don’t think about it just feel it”

Amy lifts her right arm and waves her hand around, slowly the covers on both beds start to move. She waves her hand around more which makes the covers and blankets fold back.

“Very good sweetheart”

“I’ve been practicing” Amy says boastfully

The two girls crawl into bed and Prudence goes over and tucks them in.

“Patience, can you get Ruby and Drago?”

“I’ll try grandma”

“Remember Pay, Don’t think about it too much. Just feel it.” Amy assures her little sister.

The young girl lifts her hand toward the top of the bookshelf where a red haired doll and a green stuffed dragon sit. Patience waves her hand and the two toys slowly start to lift off the shelf and float uneasily to the girls beds. Ruby goes to Amy while Drago goes to Patience.

“Very good” Grandma says

“That was hard Grandma”

“It will get easier for you as you get older. Remember my dears, Magic doesn’t come to everyone. It comes to only some people and in due time. Each learns at their own pace. I see you two becoming very powerful sorcerers when you grow up”.

“More powerful than Mama?” Amy asks.

“We will see.” Grandma says.

Prudence is hopeful about her grandchildren. She knows that their bloodline makes them very powerful but if they ever get as powerful as their mother only time will tell.

“Shall we begin?” She asks

“Yeah” both girls say in unison.

“Well then let us begin”

Prudence sits down in her rocking chair and with just a flick of her wrist a big leather bound book floats directly into her lap and opens.

As she begins reading she thinks to herself. I am so glad they enjoy this story because I will never get tired of telling it.


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I wouldn’t call it fan fiction. I tagged it that at first then I realized that it wasn’t. It’s a fantasy story. I wasn’t sure what to tag it.

Awesome! As a prologue it accomplishes its function wonderfully. I want more!


Gonna aim for next week for chapter 1.


Work on Chapter 1 has begun!

I’m gonna try to get it out by Saturday. I’m also going to try to make it longer than the prologue. I work two jobs but I’m going to do my best to get a chapter out a week.


Here is the the newest chapter to my story. This chapter and the next one will be backstory. There is a lot I want to tell so please be patient. I’m not going to quit on this.


Grandma Prudence begins:

“The story of your mother begins long ago. Long before she or even your Grandma was born”.

As she is talking, a small orb of light forms on the pages of the open book. It floats to a position between the girls beds and begins to grow. The orb is blue and no bigger than a volleyball. It begins to expand. In a matter of seconds the orb is twice the size it was. The center of it is hazy but then it begins to clear. It begins to show images.

The images start as blurs and are hard for the girls to make out but quickly become clear. As quickly as the images come they fade and a new image appears. At first the images they see in the orb are familiar. They see their parents, Grandma, and other people they know. They stare in wonder. Grandma has never told them any story this way before. Then images begin to appear as figures they don’t know, some they’ve only seen in their history books. They also see events that they’d only read about. They realize It’s the past they are seeing. Like a video rewinding, the orb is going back through time. The images stop at a man with brown hair, a thick brown beard and dark blue eyes. He is wearing a suit of armor, shining silver from head to toe. On the front is a crest of a golden roaring lion head with a green background. On his head he wears a golden crown inlaid with rubies and diamonds in an alternating pattern. He wears a leather sword belt with a golden sword hilt with diamonds down the side. It’s the image of a King. It’s King Eric Donnovan.

Grandma Prudence continues:

Once, Long ago, the great King Eric ruled here in Maraeza. With his wizard, Bellamy, by his side he and his knights brought peace and prosperity to the country. Just like today, magic was in the world but not everyone had it. To help train those born with the gift of magic Bellamy set up schools of magic all over Maraeza.

The orb or images show a man who is in his thirties, tall with blond hair. He is dressed in green robes with a white belt and he is holding a tall staff with a golden half moon on top with a red crystal in the center.

Bellamy was the most powerful sorcerer of his day. There was no spell he couldn’t do and no potion he didn’t know. As time went on he had two children.
A boy named Albus and a girl named Luna.

The orb changes again. This time showing two newborn babies laying next to each other in a bassinet.

The two children grew up strong in the ways of magic and their father taught them everything he knew. As some parents tend to do, Bellamy favored his son more than his daughter. He claimed Albus to be his greatest student and his heir to being the King’s Master Sorcerer.

Luna became extremely jealous of her brother. So jealous that one night she turned 20 she went into the potions room. Once there she started brewing something that would make her more powerful than her brother. Her father and brother discovered her just as she was saying the incantation and tried to stop her but it was too late. Blue lightning shot out of the clarion and into Luna’s body.

“Now I’m more powerful than you brother.” Luna said, boasting. “ Now I’m going to make all women’s magic more powerful”

“Luna NO” Albus screamed. “You messed up the incantation, it might turn out how you think”.

Luna ignored her brother. Bellamy shot a ray from his staff but it was easily deflected by Luna. Luna turned and walked out onto the balcony. Looking out over the kingdom Luna raises her arms and shot white lightning from her hands. She began to shake violently.
She cried out in pain.

“Father HELP Me PLEASE” Luna begged sobbing “I can’t control it”

Albus and Bellamy both used their magic to try and save Luna. Albus tried to put a force field around his sister but it wasn’t strong enough to contain the lightning.
Bellamy put his hands together and created an orb and tried to suck the lighting into it. It worked for a little before the orb exploded in Belemy’s hands and knocked him back against the wall.

Luna cried in pain as the lightning began to diminish. She felt her bladder let go as she began to pee herself.

Finally the spell stopped and Luna fell limply to the floor. She landed in the puddle of her own pee.

Bellamy and Albus took Luna and cleaned her up and took her to bed under the guard of two of Bellamy’s finest students.

It was later discovered that Luna’s spell had worked up to a point. Female magic was now and forever will be more powerful than male magic. However the spell had one disastrous side effect. Luna and all girls and under the age of 20 were now incontinent. Every time they would try to use their magic it would always end up a soggy mess.

The King was furious. Not only were girls who had magic affected but non magical girls were affected as well. All girls under 20 were now wearing diapers again.

Something HAD to be done.


Awesome stuff! However, might I suggest using some alternative words to avoid repetition. for example, pee=urine, or you could go for subtle, leakage, and whatnot.

For sure. Was going to do that anyway. I’m starting on chapter 2 today. There is still loads of story I want to tell I got into a groove last night. I had to make myself stop. I may get it done today. We will see. I welcome all feedback from anyone. Good or Bad as long as it’s constructive.


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Thanks. I’ll give it a try on my next chapter. I am currently working on it and I should have it out on Tuesday.

I’m working hard on my latest chapter and will have it out tonight. The only thing I will say is that it will be the last backstory chapter. So you guys have something to look forward to in chapter 3. I hope you have enjoyed the story so far and I hope you will enjoy what will come.


Here is the second chapter to my story. Hope you enjoy it.

I’ll try to get Chapter 3 out this weekend.


“And that’s why we have to wear diapers. Right Grandma?” 10 year old Amy asks.

“Yes sweetheart” Prudence says “That’s the main reason why you and your sister wear diapers. But that was just the beginning. Anyway, can I continue?”

Amy nods and Grandma Prudence continues the story.

“Where did I leave off?” She asks.

“The King was flurrious Grandma” Patience chimed

“It’s not flurrious it’s furious Dear” Grandma says chuckling. “It means he was really mad.”

“But why Grandma?” The child asked.

“Shhhhhh Patience, She is gonna tell us” Amy snaps.
“Continue please Grandma.”

The King was furious. Not only were girls who had magic affected but non magical girls were affected as well. All girls under 20 were now wearing diapers again.

Something HAD to be done.

Bellamy immediately began working on a cure for what his daughter had done.

When she was strong enough Luna went before the King. The young woman knelt in front of him. The King loved Luna like a daughter but knew she had to be punished.

“How do you think I should punish you?” The old King asked.

“Your Majesty, I would not dare to know anything about the King’s Justice. Only Your Grace would know what is best.” Luna started to sob. “I feel terrible about what I’ve done. I was wrong. If you spare my life I promise you I will work with my father to find a cure.” Luna said.

“That was my plan all along my dear.” The great King said gently. “ However, in addition to helping your father, you will change every diaper in this castle. Every handmaiden,every cook, every girl or lady affected by your spell will have their diaper changed by you until a cure is found.” The King commanded.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Luna said.

There was more than one woman at court. The queen had died while giving birth to their son but the King did have 3 daughters. Each of them had 2 handmaidens. There were 2 female cooks and 3 washerwomen. A lot of diapers to change. How would she ever find the time to help her father? She knew better than to argue.

Bellamy and his daughter worked for months on a cure while Albus served the King in his father’s place. Finally they were able to find a cure but sadly it wasn’t a total cure. All non magical females were cured while the magical females started to potty train between 18 and 20. Female magic would forever be more powerful but harder to control. Women would gain full control over their magic when they became potty trained.Enchanted diapers were created to help girls control their magic and the kingdom settled down and found a new normal.

Then the Dark Times came.

Lord Alaric, of the southern province of Dira, massed an army in revolt against the King.
Alaric believed the King was becoming too old and soft. He believed Luna should have been punished more severely than she was. Alaric’s wife and 3 daughters were rendered incontinent because of Luna’s spell.

The great King Eric rode his army southward to meet Lord Alaric. Bellamy and Albus went with him. This left Luna behind to protect Henry, the King’s newborn son and heir, and the King’s 3 daughters.

The great King and her brother were never seen again. Bellamy was weak from the fight and was barely able to make it back to the castle after turning himself into a hawk.
He collapsed and fell to the ground. As he lay dying in his daughter’s arms he said

“You must take the children and flee. Alaric will be here in a matter of days.”

“No father, I will make a stand here.”

“Listen to me child, take my staff and the children and GO”

With his last ounce of strength, the old wizard leans up and kisses his daughter’s cheek and whispers something in her ear. Luna’s eyes fill with tears as her father dies.

Luna picks up her father’s staff.

I never thought I’d get this.” She thought. “This was supposed to go to my brother” Tears filled her eyes again as she looked at the staff. She wiped them again as a thought came into her mind.

“I am Luna. Daughter of Bellamy who was the son of Merlin. I am the last of my line and I must protect this.” The voice of her father and the last words he said to her began to ring in her ears. She then got up and prepared for her journey.

The next morning she mounted her horse and, along with the royal children and a few of her fathers magical knights called Mystics,left the castle. They were never seen or heard from again.

Alaric rode into the city a few days later and crowned himself King. He searched the kingdom far and wide for Luna and the children.

“I want them found” He yelled. “Bring them to me.”

The orb shows a big man, black hair and beard and big red eyes. The girls scream in unison.

“That was scary.” Patience explained.

“It sure was” Amy said

“There is nothing to fear my dears. That happened long ago.” Prudence says

“Let’s continue.”

“Uh Grandma? I think I got a little too scared.” Patience said blushing.

“Did you have an accident dear?”

The girl nods shyly and blushes. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to. Will you change me?”

“Of course dear” Prudence stands up and holds out her hand. “Come on, let’s go change. Amy we wil be right back.”

“Ok Grandma”

After Grandma and Patience leave Amy springs up out of bed and goes to her dresser. She opens a drawer and pulls out a fresh Pull Up.

“Little sister, You aren’t the only one who got a little scared”

A few minutes later with everyone tucked back into bed Grandma continues her story.

Alaric became King and he began his reign of terror. Taxes went up. Lawlessness was rampant throughout the land. The magical schools remained open but girls with magic were restricted to how much they could learn. Those caught learning or teaching restricted magic were punished with death or imprisonment.

But there was hope.

On the one year anniversary of his coronation the king threw a grand tournament to celebrate. Suddenly the clear skies were covered in black clouds. A voice came from everywhere


The clouds soon parted and the skies cleared. Everyone wondered what had just happened.

The images in the orb begin to move forward through time.

Things stayed bad in the kingdom. Alaric died but his bloodline continued. Sons followed fathers on the throne and each king was just as bad if not worse than the last. The people were miserable but they remembered the prophecy. They told each other in secret that they would be free one day.
Soon 500 years had passed since the fall of King Eric.

The kingdom was more modern than it once was. Though not completely. Alaric had the entire kingdom of Maraeza cut off from the outside world. He only allowed a minimum of modernization. It is in this world that your mother and her friends had their big adventure and set the kingdom free and now I will tell you about them.


Oooooh, sniffings of a Rebellion I smell!

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