The Magic Diaper Training Kit

Marionette had an embarrassing diaper fetish, but she still lived with her parents at age 22, so she hardly ever indulged. Today, though, she just could not contain herself. She was at a store that looked very much like an Ikea, and she somehow found herself in the adult diaper section. In a package on the bottom shelf sat the cutest pinkest bulkiest adult diaper she’d ever seen in her life. She picked up the package and read the information.

Little diaper training kit. Just place this diaper on your Little and watch their potty training go bye bye. Results in only a week!

Our protagonist shivered involuntarily as kinky delight washed over her. This was a toy, some kind of novelty gift, not a real diaper. She looked at the price tag. It was only five dollars, though. What could it hurt? Cautiously, she put the item in her cart and walked to the self-checkout. There was no way she wanted anyone to actually see what she was purchasing.

Luckily, the self-checkout was mostly empty. Marionette’s hand accidentally brushed against some of the diaper’s exposed fabric and was wracked by another involuntary shiver. She could not wait to get it home and try it on!

Once she was home, she ran to her room and ripped open the package, her mouth watering with anticipation. It had been so long since she indulged. She wanted to feel that bulky padding between her legs and imagine herself having an accident. The comically large pink diaper covered in crinkly plastic, no doubt a fetish item, dangled in front of her face before she quickly put it on. It had snaps and felt more like a piece of clothing on the inside than a diaper. She briefly wondered if it was okay to use it or if it was just a joke item.

There was something that looked like an instruction packet. She picked it up and decided to read it.

Diaper training your new Little can be tough, and a Little who’s still potty trained can be bossy, but here at Little Co, we got you covered. Just put this diaper on your little one and let us take care of the rest. It works like magic, stimulating your Little to go go go just like nature intended! Say bye bye to those stubborn tendencies to “hold it” and hello to a new obedient diaper dependent Little!

Her mouth stated to water again and her body continued to tingle, but her mind was telling her this had to be some kind of joke. She continued reading, trying to find the gag, but it continued like an ad for any other product.

Directions for use: Place diaper on Little the way you’d put any other diaper on them, but they won’t want to take this one off; it’s so comfy. Change your Little when it’s needed; there’s no need to throw away the diaper, just rinse it out and toss it in the wash. Make sure your little one has some protection in the meantime, though! They’re gonna need it!

Marionette shrugged, lay on her bed, and diapered herself in the thick babyish undergarment. The minute she was finished she let out an involuntary childish giggle. Orgasmic shivers raced up and down her spine, and she felt like she was being tickled from the inside out. Plus, the diaper was like wearing a big cotton cloud. Oh this was pleasurable! That ad was right. She really didn’t feel like taking it off.

She decided to sip on some water while she decided whether or not to wet the thing. While she was in her incredibly babyish position, she decided to watch cartoons. “Why not?” she asked herself. She flipped around until she found a potty training cartoon on a baby channel she didn’t even know they had. Feeling particularly naughty, she decided to stick her thumb in her mouth as she watched it. A minute in and she was buzzing, she’d never gotten this much pleasure from a cartoon before, and she was sure it was the diaper.

During a commercial break, she moved her dresser in front of the door. She really didn’t want to be discovered, but she knew what she was going to do. Her bladder was now bursting, and she was going to use the diaper…right after this really neat cartoon was over. She watched the potty training cartoon enrapt, her thumb bobbing back and forth in her mouth as she sucked on it hard and her whole body tingling with excitement.

The rabbit was having an interesting dilemma. “I just can’t do it,” he said.

A purple paw reached over and patted his back, “I know what you mean,” a purple tiger cub said.

“I just keep having accidents,” a pink lizard said with a sigh, as he sat down on the log.

The tiger suddenly got a worried look on his face as he looked behind him. “Speaking of accidents…” he said trailing off. His diaper turned yellow and bulged out. “No!” he cried in despair.

“My stars disappeared!” the bunny said.

“I didn’t even feel it that time!” the tiger shouted in dismay.

Marionette continued watching the TV and was starting to feel hot. She had obviously misunderstood the context. This was definitely an adult cartoon. Wetting now would feel so…

Before she could finish the thought, she felt a warmth spreading throughout the diaper. Was she peeing? It took her a few seconds to realize what was happening as the unfamiliar sensation of her bladder releasing on its own registered.

She immediately tried to stop herself, only to feel her lower tummy spasming as her bladder ignored her. It was a strange sensation, probably because she didn’t initiate it. She felt the warm urine slosh over her butt and privates as she continued to try to stop, a little panic leaking through the pleasure.

After about a minute of struggle, she just gave up and let it happen. Her tummy spasmed and her crotch felt warm, wet, and tingly. As the diaper expanded, it hugged her privates and got bigger and bulkier as it soaked up the liquid. The combination of the tingly sensation from involuntarily urinating and the bulky squishy padding made her organism. She let out a little moan as she tinkled away.

After a few minutes, she felt herself stop. She blushed in embarrassment. “That was unexpected,” she whispered.

“It sure was! Maybe you should ask your mommy to change you?” the rabbit asked.

Marionette jumped and looked at the screen. “Did that rabbit just–”

“Beat! beat! beat!” The door suddenly sounded like there was a monster on the other side of it. She jumped and turned off the TV and ran to answer it, moving the dresser out of the way just enough to crack it open. It was her dad.

“Dinner’s ready; we’ve been trying to call you!” her dad said.

Marionette laughed nervously. “Sorry, dad, I didn’t hear you. I’ll be right there,” she said, moving to close the door gently.

Her dad wrinkled his nose. “…and clean your room; something smells like piss,” he said. His words made Marionette blush red. She quickly closed the door and shivered before reluctantly kicking the diaper off and hiding it under her bed. She’d wash it out after dinner.

During dinner, Marionette felt anxious and distracted. Her mind kept drifting back to her comfy diaper. She tried to get hold of herself and remind herself she was an adult, but she just didn’t feel like one. Her feet kicked in the air as she carefully ate her meal. Parts of her body were still buzzing and tingling, including her tummy.

She tried to ignore it as she finished her drink, but when the meal was almost over, she felt a pinch in her bladder for just a second, followed by a small flood of liquid. That could not have been what she thought it was, could it? She sat back in her chair; her panties felt wet. Her face suddenly got hot, and she started to sweat. She felt another little pinch in her bladder. Images of her letting go and flooding her pants while seated at the table flashed through her head.

“Honey, are you okay?” her mom asked, pulling her out of the nightmare.

“Yeah-yeah, mom, I’m fine. I’m done with dinner. I think I’m going to go clean my room,” Marionette said.

Blushing, she got up from the table and hurried back to her room. Once she was inside, she surveyed the damage. She fully expected to find soaking wet pants. There was just a yellow wet spot on her panties, though. It could have been from not cleaning up well after her accident earlier. There was no need to panic.

That annoying pinch came back into her bladder a few minutes later; she hurried to the bathroom, not wanting to take chances. She sat down and squeezed, but the sensation seemed to leave as soon as she sat on a toilet. She bore down, trying to get something started. Nothing came out.

After a few minutes of sitting on the toilet, she decided to get up and clean off the diaper so that it didn’t stink up her room. The directions said it could be handwashed if needed, and there were no drying instructions except to ring it out.

Marionette took the urine soaked undergarment and rinsed it under warm water. She watched the water run yellow for several minutes. A shiver came over her as she thought of her babyish deed, and then she felt another pinch in her bladder. She tried to ignore it, blaming it on the running water. The water was finally turning clear, but she continued rinsing to make sure. She felt another annoying pinching sensation in her lower tummy. “This is so annoying,” she said to herself.

She stopped the sink up and left the now clean diaper in it to soak as she returned to the toilet. Again, the minute she sat down, it all went away. She stood up and pulled her clothes back on. “Ugh, am I going crazy?” she asked herself. Nothing answered, to her relief.

Another shiver ran down her spine as she returned to the diaper and squeezed it dry, like the directions said. In minutes, it was the way it was when she first tried it on. Another annoying pinch made her grab her crotch and drop the diaper. In seconds, there was a puddle of pee on the floor.

“What’s wrong with me?” she asked.

Marionette looked down to see if she’d managed to hit the diaper. Luckily, it was a few feet away from her accident. She cleaned the floor and returned to her room, dry diaper in hand.

After her episode in the bathroom, she had a different reason for wanting to wear the diaper. She put it on like she did before. It still gave her shivers, and she still felt naughty, but this time, there seemed to be at least a little bit of necessity behind it. There was obviously something wrong with her bladder, after all.

She tried to sleep, but after laying awake for a few minutes she decided to watch TV again. Carefully, she picked up the remote again and switched on the screen. “You’re watching the DLTV–Diaper Lover TV,” the announcer said.

Marionette let out a sigh. Now it made sense. She’d somehow found her way to an adult fetish network. “Aren’t those supposed to be blocked?” she asked herself.

The screen faded to black for a split second and then a picture of a very familiar item was displayed. A picture of a man about her age was displayed but he was sitting on an overgrown training potty. “Did you make it this time, Matt?” a voice off-screen asked. The man looked down at his pants sadly and blushed. “That’s okay. Maybe I’ll let you try again. Until then, though, don’t forget to put on your diaper,” the voice said.

With a humiliated look on his face, the man pulled the bulky pink undergarment over his waist and then looked at the potty. “Why can’t I do it?” he asked the air.

The camera cut to a blue-haired woman with completely black eyes. She also had something like antennae, but Marionette hoped that was a headband. The woman on TV whispered conspiratorially. “My baby Matt can’t use the potty anymore, because I don’t want him to,” she said. She then strolled into the living room, where she continued talking to the camera in a normal voice. “How’d I do it? Well, I used the Magic Diaper training kit, of course. Just put it on your little one for a few hours each day. Our patented technology soothes their irritability and makes them eliminate reliably…in diapers, like nature intended,” the woman said as she held up the product.

Marionette moved a little bit and heard the embarrassing product crinkling. She thought about removing it and reached for the tapes.

“Uh-ah-ah,” the woman on TV warned. Marionette looked back at the TV, her heart racing. “I see you, naughty little girl,” the woman said. Terrified Marionette put her finger to her chest and pointed to herself. “Yes, you,” the woman replied.

Marionette turned away from the television and took a deep breath. Her heart was pounding. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. “It’s okay, baby,” the woman said in a soothing tone. Marionette felt herself calm down just a little, so she turned back to see the woman on TV who just uttered one more word, “sleep.” Before Marionette could react with anything fear, shock, surprise, she felt her eyelids closing on their own.


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