the machines

Sentient ai machines were deployed in 2148 to govern humanity. At the time, environmental, overpopulation, and monetary issues were destroying the earth. The machines were engineered to look and act like people to make the transition easier. In the beginning mankind was extremely combative towards to machines. Many skirmishes occurred and there were tons of pockets of people fervently resisting the new rulers. Things didn’t settle down until around the year 2200. The problems had become too great and mankind was overwhelmed. The machines stepped in to pave the path toward salvation. Large numbers of people, deemed inferior were sterilized. The machines knocked out the resistors and began instituting very strict rules. New massive engineering projects were started to provide resources to what was left of civilization. By 2245 many of the issues were being controlled. The population had been reduced to about 350 million and it was estimated that this would be a healthy number to preserve the human race. The machines were creating a zoo or at least that’s what mankind believed. Slowly a wave of unrest rose from the remaining humans. A massive revolution began. The humans targeted infrastructure that was thought essential to the machines, but unfortunately due to their small numbers and the difficulty in acquiring firepower (it had been all but removed from the planet) the machines ended the conflict in short order.

Unfortunately the conflict made the machines rethink their plans for the management of the human race. The machines needed a way to pacify the humans long enough for them to become accustomed to the machines influence. The next 100 years became known as the great regression. Men and Women were returned to a more infantile state. Diapers, pacifiers, adult baby clothes and much more were implemented. Men and women lost their adult identities and lived under the watchful eye of the machines. Generations of people were conditioned to live as adult babies, submissive and docile, while the machines cleaned up the planet.

The great regression ended in 2350 and mankind was brought back into the fold. Excellent education was made available and people were allowed to work in pseudo jobs. Since it was deemed unimportant, mankind was allowed to choose between diapers and potty training. Surprisingly, mankind chose diapers. Slowly the governments and economies of the world were reestablished. Most of the laws and be business practices were created by the machines and people were expected to live by them. It was deemed that selective reproduction would be discontinued because the remaining 200 million people were already, after 250 years of enhancement, very ideal.

Flash forward to 2412. A beautiful intelligent women wearing a diaper and t shirt is walking down the road with bare feet. Next to her an attractive man in similar attire is looking across a large grassy field. Both completely at ease and very contented. The machines had chosen the population size of 200 million people because they calculated that with technology and better practices that each person could live in absolute splendor. Life in this new Eden offered all kinds of pursuits and access to passions. Mankind was truly kept and the future was oh so bright.

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I don’t know if I’d really call this a story, but it’s a very interesting concept for a setting. Similar to The Matrix, but still different enough to make it more than just fan-fiction. I’d love to see what you can manage to do with the setting.

I agree this seems like more of an introduction to a story then the actual story itself.

However, the future world you are creating does open itself up to many possibilities and I look forward to seeing the results :grinning: