The Little Vampire

One day after school Jason and his girlfriend Melanie come home from school, they are both 16 and live together. Since Jason is a vampire he has used his abilities to be able to live with his girlfriend without anyone stopping them even though he is “16 years old” according to what people think but really he’s 647 years old. Melanie however is just a human, she knows about Jason being a vampire and she doesn’t mind it.

When they get home and get inside Jason goes to their bedroom and sits on the bed. Melanie follows him and sits next to him, starting her homework and she turns on cartoons. Jason always assumed she was just really innocent and that’s why she watched so much of it, he doesn’t like to admit it but he’s gotten so used to the cartoons that he’s starting to enjoy watching them with her.

Later that night, both have done their little homework they have and ordered pizza and are busy eating while discussing their day. After dinner Jason and Melanie take a quick shower. After the shower Jason puts on regular underwear, sweatpants and a hoodie because it’s a little cold and the hoodie heats him up which makes him nicer to cuddle - According to Melanie at least.

Melanie on the other hand gets puts on a pullup, long sleeved shirt and also a pair of sweatpants; Melanie wears a pullup because she has trouble with accidents at night, or at least as far as Jason thinks. After both finished up they brush their teeth and go to bed. Melanie takes out her pacifier which according to what she also told Jason, she has to use for snoring. After taking it out she closely inspects it and then puts it in her mouth and gets in bed with Jason.

Chapter Two

Jason always has been quick to fall asleep if he gets cuddled, Melanie always knew that and so she cuddled him to sleep but instead of falling asleep too, she stayed awake and had to try put her plan in action. She waited 20 minutes after his eyes fell shut to make sure he was asleep then she undressed him gently and quietly so he doesn’t wake up.

After she undressed him she took her pacifier and plopped it in his mouth. Then she got off the bed and went to her closet and got a onesie in Jason’s size and one of her pullups. She got to the bed and put the pullup on Jason and then slowly put the onesie on him; she was a bit bigger then he is so she could lift him with ease like he was a child.

After she got the onesie over his torso she pulled the bottom of the onesie together and snaps it shut. She notes how adorable he looks and wraps her arms around him, pulling him into her lap and holding him.

The next morning Jason woke up and was met with himself sleeping on his girlfriend’s lap amd the fact that something was in his mouth, it felt rubbery and he couldn’t speak with it in his mouth. He also felt something around his waist and when he looked down he noticed the onesie he was wearing and got confused.

When he looked up at Melanie again he noticed her eyes flick open and it appears she just woke up. He tried to move but his girlfriend quickly picked him up and layed his head on her chest and patted his pullup. Melanie said to Jason “I know you’re confused, i will explain. The reason why all this is happening is because you were stressed recently, with all the schoolwork and worrying about me because I’m human got you over stressed. I’m going to take the worries away for the weekend and i don’t want any arguing. There are rules and i expect you to follow them or you’ll be met with a punishment.”

“Are you ready to hear them?” to which Jason replied with a nod, he understood mostly what his girlfriend meant but was still nervous. “Okay baby here are the rules. Rule one, no swearing or cussing. Rule two, no Melanie or baby or anything, you’ll be calling me mommy. Rule three, these diapers are for you, i expect them to be full before i change you. Rule four, if your pacifier is in you may not take it out or speak with it in. Rule five, you’re not allowed to walk at all, you’ll be crawling or carried by mommy, it’s your choice. Are you ok with those rules, baby?” Jason nods again and Melanie smiles.

“Okay baby are you ready to hear the punishments for if you disobey me?” Jason nods again, not speaking past his pacifier on purpose because he noted it’s a rule to follow. Melanie speaks again "Okay the punishments are, timeouts, writing lines, spankings, getting your mouth washed out or if you’re a really bad boy you might get belted but that’s really rare, I’d say since you’re already so behaved, following the rules.

Jason smiles with his pacifier in. He felt so good that she was calling him a good boy and he just hugged her tightly. She hugged him back and they just held each other for a little while.

To be continued