The Little C (Chapter 37 Uploaded)

Hello, it’s Carter again. This is my second attempt at a story. Even though I’m using myself as one of the characters again, this is a completely new story with new characters and plot line. This is fictional like my first story (Progressions and Regressions). This first chapter is filled mostly with character introductions. We’ll get more into detailed plot line in the chapters following. I love when you all share your thoughts even if it is feedback for improvement.

Chapter 1

“Hey Carter, watch yourself you little shrimp” said Thomas shoving me out of the way as we were walking out to the playground for recess.

Thomas was one of the class bullies and he would pick on me a lot because I was scrawny and one of the smallest kid’s in my grade. I was 10 years old and finishing up the 4th grade, but if you didn’t know any better I looked like I belonged with maybe the 1st graders.

My little brother Cody was finishing up his year in the 2nd grade. He was 8 years old and was now taller than me by a good 6 or 7 inches and probably out weighed me by at least 20 pounds. He was overall bigger boned in comparison to my small, slender frame. It was super embarrassing when he caught up to my height a couple years ago and started growing taller. At that time, he started teasing me about him being the new big brother and calling me a baby. Between my younger brother teasing me and the class bullies like Thomas, It had been a long school year and I was relieved that summer was only a week away.

I didn’t play any sports and was the nerdy type so I would be spending most of my summer playing video games inside. This was quiet the contrast to my brother Cody who was a lot more athletic and into sports. He would be at sports camp all summer. Mom tried to encourage me to go to a sports camp like Cody, but I refused to go.

I also had an older sister Caitlyn who took after my brother in being the athletic type and taller. Caitlyn was two years older than me, but was already towering over me. She had to be about a foot and a half taller than me now. I was walking by her the other day and the top of my head was only up to her sternum. She had gotten a huge growth spurt this past year. At 12 years old about to be entering middle school this upcoming year, she was also going through puberty and appeared to be maturing a lot recently in other ways as well. I looked like a little child next to her now, despite us only being two years apart in age.

My Mom’s name was Catherine and my Dad’s name was Cal. They were also tall and athletic. My mom played D1 volleyball at the University of Texas. She is 5 feet, 11 inches tall. My Dad played football as a wide receiver at the University of Texas and is 6 feet, 3 inches tall. That is how my Mom and Dad both ultimately met many years ago through sports at the University of Texas.

Besides the similarity of all our names starting with a C, it appeared that I was the outlier of my family and different from them. I was the one person in the family who was scrawny, nerdy, and short for my age. My brother Cody and sister Caitlyn were developing and appeared to be taking after my Mom and Dad’s genes being very tall and athletic.

Shortly after graduating college, my Mom and Dad got married. My Mom went on to pursue a career in journalism and my Dad went on to pursue a career in coaching. He worked his way up through the years and was now the wide receivers coach for the Dallas Cowboys. As a result of his important position he was a very busy man, especially during season.

During the years when my brother Cody and I were younger, my Dad would occasionally set me aside saying that as the oldest brother, I needed to be a role model for Cody as the man of the house when we get older.

However in the past year or two as my brother Cody continued to grow, my Dad seemed to be getting along better with him. My Dad kept telling me that I needed to toughen up like Cody and my sister Caitlyn and get out and be more active. I was the confusing child to him in my timid, shy, introverted ways and my disinterest in sports.

As we all got older, my mom continued to pursue her career in journalism. It helped that her company offered her the flexibility to work from home, otherwise things would have been a lot more challenging for her raising 3 kids and working full time.

It wasn’t until my mom became pregnant again and had her 4th kid that she decided she was going to retire. This was now almost 4 years ago that we welcomed our baby sister Claire into the world.

My sister, brother, and myself were excited to have another sibling. We all did our best to help mom with Claire, especially Caitlyn being the oldest.

Now that my baby sister Claire was almost 4 years old, it was getting easier. Well she wasn’t a baby anymore besides her still wearing diapers full time. She was a full-grown toddler now. She has been a little slow with potty training though. Mom tried to potty-train her a few months ago with no luck.

Claire will be turning 4 years old later this Summer and Mom planned to enroll her as a pre-schooler in the Fall.

Secretly I was happy that Claire was still not potty-trained and was still in diapers.

During this past year I would watch closely as mom or occasionally my sister Caitlyn would change Claire’s diapers. I kept having these thoughts thinking I would love to know what it feels like to wear a diaper again. I longed for my days as a baby wearing diapers where I didn’t have to worry about anything.

I think I kept having these baby thoughts because it was a way of distracting myself from having to worry about getting teased and picked on at school from the class bullies and even my younger brother now for my size.

I knew that my little sister Claire was bound to get potty-trained soon, so I needed to find a way to sneak into her room and steal one of her diapers. If I didn’t do it now I may not get the opportunity to know what it feels like to wear a diaper again.

School was going to be let out for summer next week. I was thinking perfect, I will be home all day and will have more time to sneak one or two of Claire’s diapers into my room. Cody and I shared a room, but he would also be leaving for sports camp that first weekend for the entire summer with friends so this is my opportunity.


Good beginning! Very happy to see a new story from you !!!
I think carter gonna be his sister potty training buddy rsrs

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Chapter 2

The last week of school had passed by uneventfully, which I was happy about. There were no encounters with any of the class bullies and my brother Cody was preoccupied with his friends talking about their upcoming summer sports camp.

It was now a Friday morning at the end of the first week of summer and I had just woken up lying in bed. I yawned and stretched. I was groggy and a bit tired. I had trouble falling asleep last night in anticipation of this day. This was the day that my mom would be taking Cody to summer camp and I could finally execute my plan of sneaking into Claire’s room to steal one of her diapers.

I glanced at the clock in my bedroom and it read 9:30am. That’s later than I normally slept in. I looked in the bottom bunk and my brother wasn’t there. He must already be downstairs. My brother and I shared a bunk with me being on top. I made my way down the ladder and walked out of our room down the stairs to the kitchen.

Our family was pretty well off so we had a nice size house with a pool in the backyard in an exclusive, private community suburb just outside of downtown Dallas. It was a 5 bedroom house so my parents had their room, Caitlyn had her own bedroom, Claire had her room completed with her crib and changing table, and my brother and I shared a room. There was a guest bedroom downstairs that my mom used to use as a study and turned it into a workout/playroom so she could workout while watching Claire.

I was hoping that maybe she would let Cody or I make that our own room when we got a little older, but the arrangement made sense for now.

Once I got into the kitchen. My brother Cody was finishing up his breakfast at the kitchen table and Claire was in the living room playing with her toys and watching cartoons. My Dad was usually gone pretty early for work and didn’t come home until around 6:30pm when mom would often make dinner. It was also summer so he was always busier this time of year gearing up for the new football season in the Fall and traveling with the team for training camp.

I glanced over to our living room, which was in one big room next to the kitchen and noticed Claire had her pacifier in her mouth. Mom had tried to gradually wean her off of using a pacifier. She was using it less and less, but still liked to use it, especially while she was preoccupied playing with her toys and when she slept at night.

As a was looking at her lying on the floor playing with her pacifier in her mouth and her diaper sticking out from the top her PJ bottoms, I thought, man I would give anything to be a baby again playing in my diapers and a pacifier without a care in the world. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of little Claire’s diapers so that I could at least see what they felt like again.

My thoughts were interrupted with Mom saying “Hey sweetie your finally up. Why don’t you come take a seat over here at the kitchen table and eat some breakfast.”

I said “No thanks mom, I’m not that hungry”

My mom said “Sweetie your so skinny. You need to eat more so you can get stronger and grow taller like Cody and Caitlyn. I want you to sit down and try and eat a little bit.”

Cody chimed in saying “Yeah Carter you need to eat more so you can be as tall as me you big baby.”

Mom spoke up saying “Cody that wasn’t nice. You may be taller now, but that doesn’t mean you can tease your brother and call him a baby. Tell him your sorry now.”

Cody said “Sorry Carter” with a smirk on his face. I knew he didn’t mean it. I was happy he would be gone this summer and I didn’t have to deal with his punk attitude.

I sat down and started to push my food around my plate eating a little bit. As I was eating mom said “Carter, in about an hour I need to drop your brother off for his sports camp. Caitlyn is up in her room and she is in charge while I’m gone okay.”

Inside I was so excited, but tried to contain my emotions the best I could. As calmly as possible I said “Okay Mom sounds good.”

After I finished eating I went upstairs to my room to play my video games. I had an X-Box and had several games I liked to circulate through. Currently I was working on trying to beat all of the levels in Pac-Man World 2. I was making progress and had gotten through more than half the levels.

I was interrupted by my game a little while later with mom opening my door saying “Sweetie Cody and I are leaving now. Caitlyn is downstairs watching Claire. I’m going to drop Cody off then run a couple quick errands. I’ll be back in about an hour or two.”

I said “Okay Mom sounds good” slightly annoyed that I had to pause my game. Inside though I could hardly contain myself. Finally the moment had come where I can execute my plan.

Once my mom and Cody left, I walked out of my room and tiptoed down the stairs. I pocked my head into the living room and saw Caitlyn was sitting on the coach watching a movie with Claire in her lap. The couch was faced in a direction in the living room to where you would have to crane your neck to the side to see someone walking in from the hallway to the right.

Luckily Caitlyn and Claire were very pre-occupied with whatever they were watching and didn’t notice me. Excellent I thought, this is my chance. I slowly tiptoed back up the stairs being careful not to make any noise as I didn’t want them to hear me.

Once I was upstairs I made my way to Claire’s room. Her door was open so I walked into her room.

I glanced across the room to her closet. I knew mom kept her diapers on top of the drawer in the closet as there were many occasions when I saw mom change her on the changing table. I walked into the closet and sure enough saw the big red and white package reading Huggies size 6 diapers.

I reached into the package that was ripped open at the top and took out two diapers. I figured I might as well take advantage of this opportunity and take two while I’m here.

As I inspected the package more closely it had a picture of a toddler on the front in a diaper with a label under it that read size 6, Over 35 pounds.

This made me think back to the last time I was weighed. I was weighed at my doctor’s appointment about 8 or 9 months ago and the doctor said I was only 52 pounds. I remember the doctor mentioning that this was super light and at the bottom of the weight percentile for someone my age. The doctor had told my mom that I was healthy otherwise and it just looked like I was a very late developer. This comforted my mom despite her concerns of my weight and small size.

As I was holding the two diapers, I was thinking it would probably be a long shot that I would be able to fit into these.

I brought the two diapers I was holding up to my nose smelling the baby powder scent. I was in heaven. I couldn’t wait to get back to my room to try it on.

I walked back to my room tip toeing quickly so I could stash them away and closed my door behind me.

I then set one of the diapers on the top of my drawer. I stashed the other diaper under my sweatshirt in my backpack. I figured that would be a perfect hiding place for now.

I grabbed the diaper I left on my drawer and set it on my brother’s bottom bunk bed. I stripped all my clothes off and grabbed the diaper opening up the tapes. As I was standing, I slid the front of the diaper up between my legs. As the diaper touched my body, I got this tingling feeling. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

With a bit of a struggle I held the diaper in place and was able to get one of the tapes connected. I then took the other tape and connected it. The tapes made it around my waist and connected at the front of the diaper on both sides. The diaper was snug with just a little bit of tape allowance on the sides, but they actually fit.

Despite my light weight, skinny frame, and small waist, I was surprised a 10 year old like me could fit into a baby diaper, the same one’s that my 3 and a half year old toddler sister wore!

I thought about what this meant. Did this mean that Claire was close to the same weight as me now? The size 6 diapers were meant for babies and toddlers over 35 pounds so that meant that Claire had to only be about 15 pounds lighter than me. Could that also mean that she was getting closer to my height too? At my recent appointment, the doctor measured me and told me I was 4 feet and a half inch tall. Well I like to just say I’m 4 feet,1 inch to sound like I was taller. Regardless, my height like my weight was at the bottom of the height scale for my age. I was definitely going to inspect Claire’s height closely when I got downstairs considering the weight disparity.

Either way, despite all these questions and thoughts formulating in my mind, I was super happy that her diapers still fit me.

I looked at myself in the mirror and giggled a bit at the sight of myself in just a diaper. I really did look like a big toddler. I started to walk around a bit. It was a strange feeling like a had a pillow between my legs. You could also hear a slight crinkle as a walked. The feeling was thrilling and I loved every second of it.

After a few minutes, I decided I better take it off before my sister Caitlyn comes upstairs to check on me.

I took the diaper off, making sure to be careful with the tapes and stuffed it back into my backpack. I put my backpack under our bunk bed and started to fire up my video game.

As I was playing my video game, my mind was not in the game. I was in my own little head thinking, it felt so good to wear a diaper again like a baby. Now that I know it actually fits me, maybe I could try wetting it as well.

I knew mom was going to be dropping Caitlyn off for her 1st day of her summer volleyball camp tomorrow. Mom would be doing that twice a week during the whole summer and she would need to take Claire with her. When they were away and I was home alone, that could be my opportunity to wet the diaper and dump it in Claire’s diaper pail before they got back.

Even though I was 10, Mom let me stay home alone if it was for a short period of time as long as I kept the doors locked and stayed inside.

I finished formulating this plan in my head and my attention went back to my video game.

I was trying to contain my excitement. I had just tried on a diaper and was thrilled that they actually fit. I couldn’t wait to see what it felt like to wet one like a baby.


Chapter 3

I had been playing Pac Man World 2 in my room for another hour and was really making progress getting through several of the levels. I needed a mental break so decided to get up and go downstairs to see what Caitlyn and Claire were doing.

When I got to the kitchen, Caitlyn saw me and said with a smile “Oh hey look who decided to come down and say hello.”

I didn’t say anything. There was a slight pause than Caitlyn went on to say “I’m actually glad you came down. I need you to watch Claire for about 10 to 15 minutes while I make a quick call to a friend okay. Can you be a good brother and help me with that?”

I said “Sure Sis”

Caitlyn said “Thank you” and walked out of the kitchen and living room area down the hall.

As I started walking towards the living room carpet where Claire was playing with her toys, she looked over at me.

She stood up quickly and said excitingly “Carter come here. Play Dollies with me.”

I knew I needed to be a good brother like Caitlyn said. I decided to play along and said “Sure Claire I would be happy to.”

As I walked closer to her I thought, this is my opportunity to observe her height more closely as I had wanted to do when I was upstairs trying on one of her diapers.

I approached Claire, standing just a couple feet away from her and was surprised by how tall she was now. The top of her head was almost up to the tip of my chin. I was still able to rest my head on top of her head, but just barely.

I knew I was really short for my age, but Claire was definitely on the taller and lankier side for a toddler who wasn’t even 4 yet.

As I continued to look at her, it made me a little nervous. I was hoping that she didn’t inherit the genes of the rest of my family, all being tall and athletic.

I was definitely going to keep a closer eye on her height moving forward.

I was interrupted from my thoughts with Claire handing me one of her dolls saying “Carter take Katie.”

I took the doll from her and my sister emerged with her other doll saying “This is Kristen, Katie’s twin sister. You pretend to be Katie. I’ll pretend to be Kristen.”

I continued to play along saying “Okay little Sis.”

As we started playing with the dolls pretending to be them, I was actually starting to get really into it and was enjoyed myself with Claire.

Caitlyn came back into the room shortly after and saw us. She giggled at us playing. She said “Oh hey you two, you look like you’re having a lot of fun playing dollies together.”

Claire chimed in saying “Yes. Carter is pretending to be Katie. I’m pretending to be Kristen. They are twin sisters” holding the doll up above her head for Caitlyn.

Caitlyn smiled saying “That’s nice of you to let Carter play with Katie Claire.” Maybe you two can be play buddies more often since your both having such a good time with each other.”

I frowned at Caitlyn’s suggestion. Did she remember how old I was?

Claire responded saying “Yes please Carter. I want someone to play Dollies with.”

Caitlyn looked at me with her hands on her hips waiting for me to respond. I knew I needed to be nice or she would report my behavior to mom.

Finally I said “Well okay Claire, I can play dollies with you more. But I have my big boy games to play with too and you’re just a baby.”

Caitlyn chimed in saying “Well now, I would be careful calling her a baby Carter, she’s getting to be a big girl.

There was a moment of silence in the room then Caitlyn spoke up again saying “Since you’re both having such a good time I’ll leave you two to keep playing. Mom told me I need to wipe down the table before she gets home.”

I replied to Caitlyn saying. “But Caitlyn, I wanted to get back to my video game. Can I please go upstairs now.”

Caitlyn said “Carter please just play with Claire a little longer okay. If you do I’ll give mom a good report.”

A sighed and said “Okay Big Sis.”

Caitlyn said “Thank you”

I played with Claire for another 15 minutes and was really getting into it again.

I was a bit startled when I looked back to the kitchen area and heard Mom’s voice saying “Hey everyone I’m back”

Caitlyn responded saying “Oh hey mom”

Mom then looked over at Claire and I in the living room. She smiled saying “I see you found a play buddy Claire”

Claire said “Yes mommy. Carter is playing dollies with me.”

Mom said “We’ll that’s nice of your big brother.”

Caitlyn chimed in saying “They we’re having such a good time playing with each other that I suggested that they be play buddies more often.”

Mom said “Well thank you for the suggestion Caitlyn. I actually think that is a great idea.

Mom then turned to me saying “Carter you did look like you were enjoying it with Claire when I walked in. Plus you’re always cooped up in your room playing those video games 24/7. This is a nice change of pace.”

I didn’t know what to say. I would never admit it to them, but it was actually kind of fun playing with Claire. It made me feel like a toddler again. I just wished I could wear diapers like Claire while doing it.

I finally responded saying “Okay mom. I’ll play with Claire more often if it makes you happy.”

Mom said “I appreciate that honey.”

Mom directed her attention to Claire saying “And I know you like when your big brother plays with you isn’t that right my little one”

Claire said “Yes mommy I like it.”

Mom had some shopping bags in her hands and set them down on the table. She took a package out of the bag. It looked like more diapers for Claire, but the package was a pink and purple color. Different than the red and white Huggies package that she usually bought.

I guess she was just trying a new brand…Or so I thought.

Mom spoke up saying “Caitlyn look at what I picked up for Claire”

Caitlyn said “Oh nice mom you got her pull-ups. You’re going to try potty-training her again?”

Mom said “Yes sweetie a couple months ago when I tried to, it was during the school year and I was busy with all of your school activities. Now that it’s the beginning of the Summer and I have more time, I figured this a perfect opportunity to give it another shot.”

Caitlyn said “That’s exciting mom. Claire is getting to be a big girl so I think she will hopefully get the hang of it this time. I am also here to help with her potty-training too if needed.”

Mom said “I really appreciate that Caitlyn.”

As I was listening to this whole conversation I thought, Oh no. This isn’t good. I knew this would eventually happen. I was just hoping I had more time. I wanted to wear Claire’s diapers and use them. I was planning to continue to sneak some more of her diapers throughout the summer, but now I may need to adjust that plan and force the issue.

I knew that the only other possible way that I would be able to wear her diapers is if I started having accidents. But even then, would mom consider putting me back into diapers?

I would also need to be strategic about my accidents and the way that I paced them, or mom would suspect I was doing it in purpose. I would need to wet my bed first as that was the easiest place to start and convince mom to put me back into diapers at night. My brother was gone this summer thankfully so I wouldn’t have to deal with that embarrassment either.

After a week or two of bedwetting I could start having a couple daytime accidents and see what mom says. I figured by the time my brother comes back from camp at the end of the summer and school started back up again, I would just decide to stop having accidents and that way mom would think I regained control. It was the first week of a two and a half month summer break so I would have plenty of time.

After a couple minutes of thinking this through, I decided that this was the best plan of action as I didn’t want to risk Claire potentially getting potty-trained quickly and mom throwing away her diapers.


Loved the chapter ! Love the way you are conducting the story !

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Chapter 4

The rest of the afternoon went by uneventfully. I played with Claire a little while longer then Mom needed to change her wet diaper.

Mom made Meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner, which was a family favorite dish that I loved. My Dad was thoroughly enjoying it. At the dinner table, he told the family about the upcoming NFL training camp that would be starting in a couple weeks. During that time, he would be traveling with the team to Southern California and be away from home for two full weeks.

Mom knew that this was part of my Dad’s job, so she was pretty understanding of his travel and busy schedule.

After dinner I went back to my room and called my friend from school. As the nerdy one, he was one of the few friends I had who was similar to me. He was scrawny and smaller like me and we always talked about our progress on the video games we were playing. On our phone call, we were talking about Pac Man World 2. I was bragging to him how I was only a few levels away from beating it. He was talking about how tricky the lava world was to beat.

After our phone call, I decided to play another level of Pac Man World 2. Shortly after, my mom knocked on my door saying “Sweetie can I come in?”

I paused my game saying “Sure Mom”

Mom opened the door and said “Sweetie, it’s time to get ready for bed. I also wanted to let you know I’m taking Caitlyn to her first day of volleyball camp tomorrow. Would you like to come with Claire and I to drop her off?”

I knew I wanted to stay here so that I could have another opportunity to wear and hopefully use my sister’s diapers this time. However, I was curious how much time I had at the house alone.

I responded saying “How long will you guys be gone for?”

Mom responded saying “I need to get the car washed after we drop Caitlyn off because it’s filthy, so probably about an hour or two at the most.”

I responded saying “I think I’ll just stay here then.”

Mom said “Okay sweetie, but I will expect you to come with us at least a few times this summer. Also, we are leaving at 10am tomorrow, so I will have breakfast on the table at 8:30am. I know you have been sleeping in so far this summer, so if you’re not up yet, I’ll come to get you up okay.”

“Okay sounds good” I said trying to hide my excitement that I would have an hour or two to myself in the house while they were gone.”

Mom said “You know the drill when we’re gone sweetie. Stay inside and doors are to remain locked. Don’t answer the door to anyone.”

I replied “Yes mom of course.”

Mom said “Good. You can stay up a little longer, but I want you in bed in the next hour.”

I nodded my head in response.

After mom shut the door, I put my pajamas on quickly in anticipation for tonight. Tonight, I wanted to start executing my plan that I thought out earlier and wet the bed. No time was like the present with mom buying Claire pull-ups today. I was sure to drink a lot of water at dinner so that I would have the need to pee at some point before the morning.

I played video games for another hour then went to bed. I was able to doze off to sleep shortly after.

As expected, I woke up later in the night with the need to pee. I got out of my bed and climbed down the ladder slowly as it was pitch black. I dimmed the light in my room to see what time it was. I looked at the clock and it said 3:30am. I would normally go to the bathroom that was connected to our room, but not this time.

I turned the light back off and hopped back into my bed thinking, here we go the time is now.

As I was lying down in bed, I had a hard time relaxing enough to let my bladder release.

I was a late developer with potty-training as well. I wasn’t daytime trained until I little after I turned 4 years old and stopped having nighttime accidents by the time I was 5.

Still it had been several years since I had an accident. I would have to try harder to relax so that I could release my bladder after years of training myself to hold it.

After a few minutes while deciding to sit up slightly in bed against my pillow and bunk bed frame, I was able to relax enough to let go. I could feel some pee starting to trickle out into my pajamas and then it turned into a steady stream running down my pajama legs. Despite it being summer, I wore a pair of my long sleeve pajamas tonight on purpose. I was enjoying this feeling of being able to just let go in my bed and not have to worry about getting up to use the bathroom.

After I completely emptied my bladder, I realized my pajamas were now completely soaked along with a huge section of my bed sheets. I knew there was nothing I could do except wait until the morning.

Mom would be waking me up at 8:15am at the latest. I was actually happy about that. This worked in my favor as I was going to tell mom in private that I wet the bed if she didn’t wake me up. I didn’t want Caitlyn or Claire to find out.

As I was lying in my now wet pajamas and bed, it started to feel a little uncomfortable. Hopefully soon this plan worked and I would be able to wear a diaper to bed and not have to deal with this.

It took a little while to go back to sleep, but finally I was able to.

I woke up in the AM to the sound of mom knocking on my door saying “Sweetie time to get up.”

As she said this, it took me a few seconds to be fully alert and remember that I had wet my bed. My pajamas felt sticky from my pee and my bed sheets were still damp.

I wasn’t going to respond to mom as I wanted her to come in and see what I did.

Mom knocked on my door again then she opened the door saying “Okay sleepyhead I’m coming in.”

When she came in, I pretended to be asleep still.

Mom gently rubbed my shoulder saying “Time to get up sweetie.”

I slowly opened my eyes then mom started sniffing her nose. She pulled down my bed cover with curiosity saying “Oh wow sweetie, you wet the bed.”

I pretended to be shocked and upset saying “What oh no. I can’t believe it. I don’t know how this could happen to me, I’m 10 years old.”

I started to act upset saying “Please don’t be mad mom I don’t know what happened I’m really sorry. It was an accident.”

Mom said “Oh sweetie, I’m really sorry. I know it was just an accident. These things can happen occasionally, even for kids your age. I was just surprised, you haven’t had an accident in years so hopefully this is just a one-time freak thing.”

As she said one-time thing, I thought, this is only the beginning.

I could tell by the look on Mom’s face, she felt bad for me. She wasn’t mad as I was afraid she might think I did it on purpose. My plan had been executed perfectly. I had convinced my mom it was an accident.

Mom finished saying “Sweetie why don’t you change out of your wet PJ’s quickly and jump in the shower. I’ll get your wet sheets off and into the wash and save a plate of your breakfast in the microwave until you get downstairs.”

I said “Okay Mom” doing my best to have a sad look on my face.

After climbing down my bunk, I said “Please don’t tell Caitlyn and Claire Mom. I’m super embarrassed.”

Mom said “Don’t worry sweetie, your secret is safe with me.”


Chapter 5

It felt good to take a shower and clean off after being in wet pajamas for half of the night.

I changed into a clean pair of underwear, a plain white T-shirt, and shorts and went downstairs. When I got to the kitchen, Caitlyn was sitting at the table and looked like she was just about finished with her plate of breakfast.

She glanced over at me and said “Oh hey sleepyhead, you’re finally awake. Mom put your breakfast in the microwave.”

I said “Yes thank you Caitlyn.” Already knowing that mom said that upstairs.

I got my breakfast out and went to the table to join Caitlyn at the table. I started eating and asked Caitlyn, “Where is Mom and Claire?”

Caitlyn said “Mom went upstairs to change Claire out of her nighttime diaper and into her pull-ups and clothes for the day before we head out.”

I played dumb and said “Wait Claire is wearing pull-ups now.”

“Yes mom is going to try potty-training her again. It might help if you were encouraging towards her using the potty this summer, especially now that you two are play buddies” Caitlyn said winking at me.

I stuck my tongue out at Caitlyn saying “I am not. I was just playing with her to be a good big brother.”

Caitlyn said “Sure you were. You looked like you were having a great time playing with her and her doll yesterday.”

I knew my sister wasn’t buying my statement. She then giggled saying “You’re even acting like Claire too sticking your tongue out at me like a toddler.”

My face went red with embarrassment after Caitlyn said that.

I changed the subject before my sister found other ways to tease me saying “So Big Sis, are you excited about your volleyball camp today.”

Caitlyn said “Oh yeah I am. It’ll be a lot of fun. I have a few of my friends participating and it’s always nice to meet some new girls as well.”

I said “That’s good.”

There were a few minutes of silence then Caitlyn got up from the table to wash her dish off. I continued to eat a little of my breakfast.

Mom and Claire came downstairs shortly after and Mom said to Caitlyn, “Caitlyn we are ready to go. Do you have everything you need for today?”

Caitlyn said “I packed my bag here with everything.”

I hadn’t noticed her gym bag on the floor next to the kitchen table when I came down.

Mom said “Good let’s head out then.”

Mom turned to me and said “Okay sweetie we’ll be back in about an hour or two at the longest. Can you please put your dish in the sink like Caitlyn when you’re finished and remember please keep the doors locked.”

I said “Of course Mom” waiting impatiently for them to get out of here.

I followed them out to the garage door and said “See you guys soon.”

I waited until I heard the garage close to walk back into the kitchen.

Once I got back to the kitchen, I knew my time was valuable so quickly took whatever food was left on my plate and dumped it into the garbage disposal and washed my plate off in the kitchen sink.

I ran back upstairs to my room and got my backpack out from under the bunk bed taking the diaper out that I had worn from yesterday.

I did the same thing that I did before, I stripped my clothes off and managed to get the diaper back on one tape at a time while standing up.

I admired myself in the mirror for a few seconds, then decided to put my t-shirt back on. My T-shirt went down far enough to hide just the top half of my diaper from view. I didn’t feel an urge to pee, so wanted to wait a bit longer until hopefully I felt a slight need to go.

I turned on my video game and sat down on my chair. It felt weird to sit on it in just a diaper and t-shirt.

After about 45 minutes of playing, I felt my first urge to pee. Although I could have waited longer until the urge got stronger, I knew I needed to test the diaper out now before mom and Claire get back home.

I paused the game, stood up from my chair and starting walked around my room.

After a few moments, I stopped walking and stood still for about 10 seconds before I was able to let my bladder release. As I felt my diaper expanding with the warmth of my pee, it felt exhilarating and exactly how I hoped it would!

Once my bladder was completely empty, I noticed the diaper was a little bulkier than before. It had done its job and absorbed all of my pee without any leaks. I knew I didn’t have to go that bad, but was still satisfied by that.

I started to walk around my room again in my now wet diaper for a couple minutes, then decided it was time I took this thing off and throw it away in Claire’s room. I took this opportunity at home alone to open my door and walk down to Claire’s room in just my t-shirt and wet diaper.

Once I got to her room, I untapped the diaper and let it fall to the ground. I rolled the diaper up and tossed it into Claire’s diaper pail next to her changing table hearing a thump sound as the diaper hit the pail.

I decided to look into the diaper pail and noticed there was just one other wet diaper in there and some dirty baby wipes from Claire. Mom must have just cleaned it out earlier this morning possibly.

As my eyes wandered across the rest of her room, I took note of her changing table and her crib. Man, I thought, Claire was so lucky to still get changed on a changing table and be able to sleep in a crib.

I then glanced over at her closet and thought about yesterday when I was in there stealing a couple of Claire’s diapers. I was curious if mom kept the baby wipes in there as well. It would be nice to be able to use a couple considering I just took off a wet diaper.

I decided I should take a peak and find out. When I opened her closet door, the first thing I took note of was the package of Huggies diapers on the top of Claire’s drawer along the package of her Pull-Ups right next to it.

The package of Pull-ups was ripped open at the top. I remember Caitlyn telling me this morning that mom was changing Claire into a pull-up before they left.

I wonder what the pull-ups feel like in comparison to the diapers. Since I’m here I might as well take advantage of this opportunity and steal one of her pull-ups too. The package was already opened so I knew it would be unnoticeable if I took one.

I didn’t hesitate and decided to reach my hand into the package of pull-ups and took one out feeling it in my hands and taking note of the pattern. The pull-up was pink and purple with a picture of Minnie Mouse on the front. The back side of the pull up also had a smaller picture of Minnie Mouse with words that said “Back 4T-5T” to designate the size. I wasn’t too worried about the size and them fitting as I knew Claire’s diapers already fit me just fine. I didn’t care that they were girls pull-ups either. I just wanted to try them on to see what they felt like.

As I was holding the pull-up, I remembered I was going in here to see if I could find baby wipes. I didn’t see any on the top of her drawers next to the package of diapers and pull-ups so decided to open up one of the drawers below to see if mom possibly kept them in there. I opened up the top drawer and lucky enough there they were two packs of baby wipes along with four of Claire’s pacifiers, all of which were bagged up in small zip locked bags.

I looked at the clock in Claire’s room and knew Mom and Claire would be returning soon so quickly took a couple baby wipes from the pack and wiped my private area down.

I then glanced back at the pacifiers in her drawer and thought, I would love to have the feeling of a pacifier in my mouth again. Heck, I might as well just take one of the pacifiers for myself too while I’m here. Claire had 3 others so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

With that, I grabbed one of the zip locked bags and shut the top drawer closed. The pacifier I took was purple with a picture of a butterfly on the front of it.

After shutting the closet door, I disposed of the baby wipes I used in Claire’s diaper pail and quickly made my way back to my room

After shutting my bedroom door closed, I took the zip locked bag with the pacifier in it and set it on my brother’s bottom bunk.

I took the pull-up in my hand and opening it up bringing it to my feet. As I slid it up my legs and all the way up to my waist, I could feel that the pull-ups were thinner than the Huggies diapers were. They were closer to underwear, but they still had the same soft feeling of a diaper. It felt like they were a perfect fit on me, not even a little snug as the diapers had felt

Once I adjusted the pull-up on my waist to my liking, I took the pacifier out of the zip locked bag on the bunk bed and pushed it in my mouth. I started sucking on it.

As I started walking around my room, you could hear the slight crinkle from my pull-up as was the case with the diapers.

I was in heaven, loving the fact that I walking around in just a t-shirt and a toddler training pull-up, sucking on a pacifier. I felt like such a baby.

I was lost in my baby world for about 5 minutes then heard the garage door open and mom yelling from downstairs “Sweetie we’re home.”

I was frantic! Shoot, shoot, shoot, I thought, I need to get this pull-up off quick. I slid the pull up off and stuffed it into the bottom of my backpack under my sweatshirt with my other diaper that I hadn’t used. I spit the pacifier out into the zip locked bag and stuffed the baggie into the bottom of my backpack as well. I zipped up the backpack as fast as I could and shoved it under my bunk bed.

In a matter of 10-15 seconds later, Mom opened my door saying “Hi Sweetie how was everything while we were gone?”

Phew, I thought, that was a really close call. Too close!

I glanced over at Claire who was holding Mom’s hand then looked up at Mom saying “It was fine.”

I was breathing heavily as a said it and sweating too.

Mom noticed and said “Sweetie your breathing pretty heavily, is everything okay?”

I was able to think of an excuse on the spot and said “Yeah Mom everything is okay. I was just doing some exercise to take a break from my video game.”

Mom believed my little white lie and said “Oh okay sweetie that’s good. I like that you are trying to be more active like that.”

There was a moment of silence then Mom said “Sweetie, I’m going to go change Claire’s wet pull-up. Come downstairs in a few minutes because I’m making lunch.”

I said “Okay Mom sounds good” feeling very relieved and a weight off my shoulders as I said it.


Chapter 6

After eating lunch, which consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some cut up banana slices, the rest of the afternoon and evening went by quickly.

It was now 9pm. As I was putting on my pajamas, I couldn’t wait to continue with my plan of wetting the bed tonight for the 2nd time in a row.

Like yesterday, I was sure to drink plenty of fluids at dinner so that I would need to wake up to pee at some point in the night.

I was in bed by 10:30pm and as I anticipated woke up with the need to pee. This time I didn’t bother to get out of bed to check the time. I just sat up a bit against my pillow.

It took about a minute or two to relax enough to release my bladder, but it was a little easier to let go than last night.

I took in the feeling of my warm wet pajamas and bed then was able to fall back sleep shortly after.

I woke up in the morning to the sun glaring through my bedroom window. I felt all sticky and gross in my wet pajamas lying in my damp bed sheets so decided to get up and climb down my bunk latter.

I figured mom would be coming in to wake me up soon for breakfast and obviously wanted her to see I wet the bed again, so decided to go to my video game console to turn it on.

As the game was firing up, my bedroom door flung open with mom saying “Good morning sweetie, how did you sleep?”

I turned around and hung my head down “Mom looked at my pajamas and said “Oh no sweetie you wet the bed again.” Mom had a more concerned look on her face this time.

I tried to act as dejected as I could saying “I don’t know why this is happening to me. I didn’t mean to. Please don’t be mad at me mom. I can’t believe I’m wetting the bed like a baby.” Doing my best to emphasize the baby part to mom.

Mom’s responded saying “Sweetie I’m just more concerned than anything else. This is the 2nd night in a row. Did you wake up and feel yourself going?”

I said “No mom I don’t know why I can’t feel it. I woke up in the morning and I was wet.”

Mom said “Okay sweetie I know you can’t help it. That’s why I’m not mad at you. I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment for you though just in case to see what is going on. Hopefully this won’t be a continuing trend.”

Inside I was so happy when mom said this. I did a great job of convincing her that these bed wettings were accidents. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and be careful about showing any signs to mom that I was doing it on purpose through my body language and facial expressions.

For the following two nights, I continued with my plan of wetting the bed. Each night it continued to get a little easier to release my bladder. I tried to visualize I had a diaper on and could just go when I felt like it, which seemed to be helping. Hopefully that would become my reality very soon.

I was about to put on my pajamas and get ready for bed in what would soon be my 5th night in a row of wetting my bed when mom knocked on my door and said “I’m coming in sweetie.”

Mom closed my bedroom door behind her and said “Sweetie come sit over her next to me on the bunk bed and let’s chat for a second before bed.”

I walked over and sat next to mom. Mom put her arm around me and said “Sweetie, you’ve wet the bed 4 nights in a row now. It looks like this is something that will be continuing and a phase that you’re going through right now. With that being said, I’ve had to wash your sheets every morning this week and wanted to see if you would possibly be open to wearing some protection at night.”

Inside I was screaming yes, yes, yes. I can’t believe this is happening. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. I did my best to stay calm and keep it together.

I said “Mom you mean put me back in diapers?”

Mom said “We’ll yes sweetie, only temporarily until this passes. I think you will find that it is more comfortable waking up in a wet diaper versus wet sheets and it would make it easier on me.”

I tried to complain a little saying “But mom diapers are for babies. Please I’m not a baby.”

I knew if I didn’t at least show some resistance, mom would be a little suspicious.

Mom responded saying “Wearing diapers to bed doesn’t make you a baby sweetie. There are a lot of big kids that wear diapers to bed because they need them.”

In my straightest face possible, I sighed saying “Well okay mom. I guess I’ll wear diapers for now.”

Mom responded saying “Thank you for being such a mature big boy about this.”

“Of course mom. I know washing my sheets is a pain.” I brought up the washing the sheets part in hopes that she would think this is the main reason I was agreeing to wearing a diaper.

Mom said “I wanted to check with you first to see if you’d be open to wearing one. Now that I know you are, I still need to buy you diapers at the store so starting tomorrow night you’ll wear one to bed okay. It would be best if I changed you too. It’ll make things easier.”

I didn’t mind mom changing me one bit. I was absolutely thrilled. When she said buy me diapers though, I was a little confused. I knew Claire’s diapers fit me so figured she would just change me into one of hers. I decided I should bring it up with caution.

I said very hesitantly “Mom you’re going to buy me diapers. Doesn’t Claire have diapers.”

Mom looked a little surprised by my question and said “Well yes sweetie of course she does, but I hadn’t thought about putting you in her diapers. You’re a big boy. You’re 10 years old and Claire is just a toddler.

Mom paused for a few seconds. I could tell she was in deep thought about something. She then looked at me more closely and said. “I guess it’s worth a shot. I recently went up a size in Claire’s diapers to the size 6 Huggies. She is getting to be a big girl and you are small for your age sweetie so who knows maybe there is a very slight possibility they could fit you.”

I was so ecstatic about everything I was hearing mom say. I didn’t want to push it and go too far, so I kept my cool keeping my mouth shut. I decided I was going to let mom continue doing the rest of the talking. I didn’t want to bring up any possible hints to her that I had already worn her diapers and knew that they fit me.

I let my actions speak for themselves and made my way to the dresser to put on my pajamas.

Mom said “Wait sweetie, before you put on your PJ’s, let me go to Claire’s room and grab one of her diapers. We might as well see if they fit you before you go to bed tonight rather than wait another night.”

I said “Okay Mom sounds good.” Trying my best to hide any excitement.

As mom walked out of my room down the hall into Claire’s room, I was jumping for joy. My dreams were finally going to come true.

Mom returned to my room a minute or two later with one of Claire’s diapers in her hand.

She told me to take my clothes off and lie down on the bottom bunk bed.

I took my clothes off, but left my underwear on. Mom said “Undies too sweetie. You don’t need to be shy. I’m your mom.”

With that, I slowly lifted my undies down and lied down on the bottom bunk.

“Good boy. Now let me take care of everything sweetie. Just relax.” Mom said, kneeling down next to the bunk bed in front of me.

I decided to close my eyes and let mom take complete control.

Within seconds, I felt her lift my legs up and slide the diaper underneath my bottom pulling the front of the diaper up. She then fastened both tapes and said “Wow I can’t believe it. These actually fit you. It’s a good thing your still so small sweetie.” Mom said giggling a bit then tickling me on my stomach.

I giggled when mom tickled me.

Mom said “Ah you’re such a cutie. I love that giggle. It reminds me of when you were a baby. There’s nothing wrong with you being my little boy for a little while longer.”

I loved the attention and affection I was getting from mom at this moment.

As I was lying down on the bed soaking it all up, I saw mom go to my drawer to retrieve my pajamas. She handed them to me and said “Here are your PJ’s sweetie. Put them on then head to bed okay.”

I said “Okay Mom”

She said “Goodnight sweetheart I love you” kissing me on the check

Mom closed the door behind her and I stood up to put on my pajamas. I noticed the ones she picked for me were my Spider-Man short sleeve ones. The diaper caused my pajama shorts to puff out a bit with a slight bulge.

As I was getting ready to climb up into my top bunk, I thought of something.

I remembered that I had one of Claire’s pacifiers in my backpack from when I had taken it from her room earlier this week. I figured since I was now wearing a diaper to bed, it was only fitting that I went to sleep with the pacifier.

I reached down under the bottom bunk to retrieve my backpack, zipped it open and fumbled through the bottom of it pulling out the zip locked bag. I took the pacifier out and pushed it into my mouth.

I zipped my backpack back up putting shoving it under the bunk bed and walked up my latter to my top bunk.

As I was lying in bed, I was in heaven. Here I was finally wearing a diaper to bed and sucking a pacifier. Within minutes, I fell asleep


Awww he finally mommy little boy again ! I think he risking to much sleeping with a pacifier since his mommy gonna check him in the middle of night

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Chapter 7

Later in the night, I woke up with the need to pee as had been my pattern for the last five nights. I sat up in my bed against my pillow then after a couple seconds remembered and felt I was wearing a diaper under my pajamas. I was so happy. I also felt something in my mouth and realized I was still sucking the pacifier. Wow, I was surprised, I had been sucking it on automatic this whole time while I slept.

As much as I wanted to sleep with the pacifier, I knew it wasn’t the wisest decision to put it in my mouth before bed. I should refrain from doing it moving forward. It was easy to get used to the pacifier. I could have slept through the whole night and mom could have seen me with it in my mouth if she happened to wake me up in the morning.

I decided I should get out of my bed to put the pacifier back into the zipped locked bag in my backpack.

Once I climbed down my bunk ladder, I figured I would take this opportunity to wet my diaper as I needed to go. After just a few seconds, with the pacifier still in my mouth, I let me bladder release. I could feel my warm urine start to fill up my diaper. I was thrilled to be experiencing this feeling again. It’s like all my worries went away and I was a baby again.

Once I completed emptied my bladder, I pulled my backpack under my bed carefully and unzipped it slowly. I was trying to make as little noise as possible as I didn’t want to potentially wake up my sisters or mom.

After taking out the zipped lock bag, I spit the pacifier out of my mouth into it, zipping up my backpack again and putting it back under the bunk bed again.

As I was climbing back up into my bed, I could feel how much bulkier the diaper was now that it was wet. With the feeling of my wet diaper under my pajamas, I climbed back under my bedsheets with a big smile on my face. I stayed awake for a little longer taking in the feeling while lying down then dozed off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to mom stroking my hair saying “Rise and shine sweetie.”

I open my eyes and mom said “How did you sleep honey?”

I said “Good mom” still groggy and trying to wake up.

Mom said “Good” Then without warning she lifted my covers up and stuck her finger into the waistband of my diaper and said “You had another wet night sweetie, but it looks like the diapers did their job. I don’t see any leaks and your bed is dry.”

Mom had a pleased look on her face then said “It’s a little nicer waking up to dry pajamas and bedsheets isn’t it sweetie."

I didn’t say anything in response to her statement. Just nodded my head up and down in agreement.

Mom said “Sweetie, climb down from your bed and we can go to Claire’s room to get you changed.”

I thought to myself, Claire’s room? Isn’t she going to see I’m wearing a diaper.

I spoke up to mom and even whined a bit like Claire did whenever she complained to mom saying “Mom Claire is going to see I’m wearing a diaper and make fun of me and tell Caitlyn.”

Mom giggled a bit at my statement saying “Sweetie I think your forgetting, Claire is just a toddler who wears diapers to bed too. She won’t tease you that your wearing one. She may just be curious why her big brother is wearing one of her diapers.”

Mom paused for a second then went on to say Caitlyn and Claire are already downstairs waiting for me to make breakfast. After breakfast, I’m going to have a little private talk with Caitlyn about not teasing you. If she does, there will be punishment.”

I said “Okay Mom” feeling better about that.

I then said “Mom why can’t you just change me in my room like last night?”

Mom responded saying “Sweetie, moving forward it will be better if I change you into and out of your diapers on Claire’s changing table so that I don’t have to keep coming back and forth with more of her diapers to your room."

There was a short pause then Mom went on to say ‘It’s also a lot easier for me to change you on the changing table. That’s what it’s for. I just changed you last night in your room because Claire was already asleep.”

Secretly I had wanted to know what it felt like to use the changing table, so I was actually very happy about this. I was just curious what mom’s reasoning was. I also wanted to put up some resistance so that my plan would continue to look less suspicious.

I finished my thoughts and responded to mom saying” Okay Mom” climbing down from my top bunk.

As mom and I were walking to Claire’s room, I was still a bit nervous about what Caitlyn was going to think or say.

Once we got to Claire’s room, Mom surprised me by lifting me under my armpits and onto the changing table. As she set me down, Mom commented saying “Wow I can’t believe how light you still are sweetie. It almost feels like I’m picking up Claire. You still fit in her diapers, so I can’t imagine you weigh that much more than her anymore.”

Inside I was a little angry and even nervous by mom’s comments. I didn’t like that she was comparing me to Claire. It was super embarrassing that she was even making the comparison. I was hoping that I would fill out a little more and get a growth spurt soon so that I wouldn’t continue to get picked on at school and comparisons like these didn’t continue to come up.

Regardless of mom’s comments, I was still grateful Claire’s diapers fit me.

As I was sitting on the changing table with all of this going on in my mind, mom told me to lie down and said “Sit back and relax sweetie. I will take care of everything.”

In a way, it was comforting and relaxing for Mom to help me change my diaper and take care of everything. I actually kind of liked it and didn’t mind at all. Mom looked like she was really happy and enjoying this too so I just let her take full control, putting up no resistance.

Mom pulled my pajama shorts down and undid the tapes of my wet diaper wiping me down with a few of Claire’s baby wipes. After she was finished she had me sit up and lifted me up again under my arm pits onto the ground. She had left my pajama top on so I was there standing there with nothing on from the waist down.

I looked up at mom as she walked over to Claire’s closet and came out with a towel. She handed the towel to me and said “Sweetie, here why don’t you put this around your waist then go to your room to get changed. Come downstairs to join Caitlyn and Claire and I’ll get breakfast prepared okay.”

I said “Okay Mom sounds good.”

As I was walking down the hall, I was thinking, if this is going to be my new morning routine, I could get used to this with a huge smile on my face.


I think his mommy already know that his loving being a baby boy ! And she already seen his using a pacifier !!!

Chapter 8

I changed into my underwear and clothes for the day and walked downstairs. It felt a little strange to wear underwear after being in diapers all night.

Once I got to the kitchen and living room, I saw that Caitlyn was setting the table for breakfast and Claire was in the living room sitting down in her usual play spot on her blanket in front of the couch watching her cartoons. I noticed she was playing with a few of her usual dolls as well.

Caitlyn saw me and said “Hi Carter, can you do me a huge favor and go into the living room and keep Claire company. I have to go up to my room quickly and gather up my bag for volleyball camp today.”

I said “Sure Big Sis” thinking in my mind Oh excellent this is another volleyball camp day where mom is dropping her off and I’ll have the house to myself for a little bit of time again.

As my sister walked out of the kitchen, I made my way into the living room area to join Claire. Claire had her pacifier in her mouth. She spit it out when she saw me and said cheeringly “Carter, watch Blue’s Clues with me. We can hold my twin dollies again.”

My toddler sister really thought I was her play buddy now after the other day when I played with her dolls, which was slightly annoying. I just decided to be a good brother to appease her and said “Okay Claire sounds good.”

Claire said “Yay” clapping her hands.

Once I approached Claire, she stood up and handed me her doll. It noticed it was the same one I played with when I played with her the other day.

Claire said “Here’s Katie Carter. She missed you. Did you miss her?

I continued to play along saying “Yes I did”

My little sister had a huge smile when I said that then said “Sit down Carter. Keep holding Katie. I’ll hold Kristen. Let’s watch Blue’s Clues”

I just listened to Claire. I kept holding her doll while I sat down next to her and started to watch her show.

Within a few minutes of watching it, I somehow started to get really into it.

Right as Claire and I were giggling at something that was happening in Blue’s Clues, we heard footsteps from behind.

Claire and I turned our heads and saw that is was Mom and Caitlyn. Mom said “Well, well I see that you two are really enjoying your cartoon and playing together again”

I was super embarrassed. My face turned red.

Claire chimed in and said “Yes we are mommy. We are watching Blue’s Clues. Holding our twin dollies.”

I noticed Claire referred to them as our dolls, and not just hers. I looked over at Caitlyn’s facial expression and she looked like she was doing everything in her power not to burst into laughter.

I responded to mom saying “Caitlyn told me to keep Claire company until she came back down.” Trying to justify the fact that I was just following orders. However I knew it didn’t look that way and I had been caught in the act.

Mom said with a big smile on her face “Okay sweetie thank you. It warms my heart that you and your little sister are having such a good time with each other.”

I did my best to down play it saying “Well of course Mom. Just trying to be a good big brother.”

Mom said to me “Sweetie, I’m going to go to the kitchen now to make breakfast then I need to drop off Caitlyn again for her volleyball camp. Would you like to come with us this time?”

I already knew the answer to that question and said “No thanks Mom. I’m just going to stay here.”

Mom said “We’ll okay sweetie, but next week you need to come with us okay. This is the 2nd time you’ve stayed home.”

I just said “Okay Mom” not wanting to cause any further confrontation.

Mom then turned to Caitlyn and said “Sweetie were you able to set the table while they were playing, watching their cartoon?”

Caitlyn said “Yes Mom and I was able to get my sports bag packed up.”

Mom said “Perfect, thank you. Also one more thing. After we eat breakfast, I want to have a quick, private conversation with you about something. You’re not in trouble I promise.”

Caitlyn said “For sure Mom sounds good.”

I gulped thinking here we go I know what that is about.

Mom turned to Claire and I in the living room saying “Okay you two, breakfast will be ready in about 10-15 minutes. You can both continue playing and watching your cartoons until then okay.”

I wanted to speak up and say No thank you Mom, I’m finished playing with Claire, but decided not to. Mom looked happy and I didn’t want to ruin the mood so just continued to stay silent.

Claire spoke up and said “Okay Mommy.”

With that I just continued to watch the rest of Blue’s Clues with Claire, continuing to hold her doll until breakfast was ready.

After we finished breakfast and the dishes were cleaned, mom went upstairs to change Claire out of her pajamas and get her ready to go for the day. When they came back down, I noticed Claire was wearing shortalls and a pink Disney princesses t-shirt. I didn’t see any noticeable diaper bulge poking out from her shortalls whenever she wore them so assumed mom put her in her pull-ups again.

Mom turned to Caitlyn and said “Caitlyn before we get going let’s have that private chat I mentioned to you earlier in the workout room.”

Caitlyn said “Sounds good Mom”

Mom then turned to Claire and I and said “You two stay here in the living room and watch your cartoons for a few more minutes while your big sister and I talk okay.”

I just nodded my head. Claire spoke up again saying “Okay Mommy.”

As Mom and Caitlyn walked down the hallway I was super nervous thinking, I hope Caitlyn doesn’t make fun of me for wearing diapers and my bedwetting. I knew mom was going to spill the beans to her in their private talk.

To try and take my mind off of that I turned to Claire and said “Claire do you think I can hold your doll Katie again while we watch cartoons for a few more minutes.”

Claire handed me the doll with a smile on her face saying “Katie is your doll Carter. You keep her. I have her twin sister Kristin.”

I said “Thank you Little Sis. I really appreciate it.”

Claire and I continued to stand holding our twin dollies and watching what was currently on, which looked like Dora the Explorer.

Mom and Caitlyn’s POV in the workout room:

Mom said to Caitlyn “Caitlyn, the reason for our private talk is that I wanted to tell you that Carter has started to wet the bed again and last night I decided to put him back into diapers. Now before you say anything there is one thing I want to make clear. You are not to tease Carter about wearing diapers under any circumstances do you understand.”

Caitlyn said “I understand Mom.” then said “Mom when did this start happening and did you put him in Claire’s diapers?”

Mom responded saying it started earlier this week. Last night was the 5th night in a row he wet himself in bed. And yes sweetie I actually did put him in Claire’s diapers. Why did you assume it was Claire’s diapers and I didn’t buy him his own?”

Caitlyn said “We’ll if I’m going to be completely honest Mom, Carter is really short and small for his age and Claire is getting to be a big girl now, especially these last few months. When I was observing both of them standing next to each other in the living room the other day, if I didn’t know any better, I would assume they were maybe about two years apart in age at the most. Also, Mom, five nights of bedwetting in a row. You don’t think he is possibly doing this on purpose to get attention?”

Mom said “That thought had briefly occurred to me, but no this is something that I believe he is not doing intentionally. His emotions and reactions to his accidents seem very genuine. And since you mentioned how short and small he is, I actually believe his bedwetting regression is due to his insecurities about his size. I know during the school year this year he was complaining a lot about getting picked on and bullied. As his mom, I just have this intuition that he is worried about that and it is translating to this bedwetting episode he’s going through. I think what he needs most at this time is more love, attention, and nurturing from me. With that being said Caitlyn, I really need you to be a mature, nice, and supportive big sister. You’re going to be a teenager this year so I’m going to be asking you to take on more responsibilities around the house. Part of that moving forward means that I may ask you to change Claire’s diapers more at night and in the morning as I’ll be changing your little brother’s diapers too. I’ll also be asking you to occasionally help Claire with her potty training when you are home this summer. I promise I will compensate you with increased allowance for this, especially if you don’t complain and I see you being nice to Carter.”

Caitlyn said “Sounds good Mom. I promise I will be a nice and supportive big sister towards Carter and help more with everything. By the way mom how will that work with Claire’s potty training if she see’s Carter wearing diapers again too. Don’t you think that might be a detriment to her learning how to use the potty like a big girl?

Mom said “Well you do have a point. Hopefully that won’t be an issue. She has been struggling with potty training since we started her back up in pull-ups this past week. That’s why I’m really going to need your help sweetie, especially with everything going on with Carter.

Caitlyn said “Of course mom. One more thing I wanted to run by you too mom as it relates to Carter. Have you noticed he is kind of showing regressive behavior in other ways as well. He seems to be enjoying playing with Claire more and into more of her activities. He is also starting to act like Claire in some of his small mannerisms as well.

Mom said “Well yes I have noticed that Caitlyn. Let’s just leave it be for now and let him express himself the way he feels comfortable. I don’t see any harm in it. Besides, Claire and him seem to have really enjoyed playing together the last couple of times.”

Caitlyn said “Okay mom sounds good.”

Mom looked at her watch and said “Oh my look at the time. We better get going so we’re not late to your volleyball camp.”


Good chapter ! I thinks moms know something

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Chapter 9

Claire and I continued to watch Dora the Explorer for a few more minutes, then I heard Mom and Caitlyn returning, walking down the hallway.

Mom turned to me and said “Okay sweetie we need to head out to drop Caitlyn off. You know the drill when we’re gone. We’re going to watch a bit of Caitlyn’s volleyball camp too, so we should be back in about two hours okay.”

I said “Sounds good Mom.” Inside, I was super stocked. That would give me plenty of time to wear one of Claire’s diapers again.

Caitlyn looked at me with a smile on her face saying “Goodbye Carter”

I replied timidly “Goodbye Caitlyn.” I knew she had just found out the news of my diapering from Mom so was a little scared that she would start teasing me. Luckily, she didn’t in that moment.

Once they all left and I heard the garage close, I went upstairs to my room.

When I entered my room the first thing I took note of was the time on my bedroom clock. It said 9:55. I said to myself, let’s just call it 9:50 when they left. I made a mental note in my head to remember that 9:50 time. Mom said two hours. I cut it too close last time and almost got caught so I was going to error on the side of extreme caution and say I have until 11:30 at the latest.

As I was about to get my backpack under my bunk bed to retrieve the other diaper I had stashed, I realized I was still holding Claire’s doll Katie in my hand…Well I guess it was my doll now as Claire gave it to me and said it was mine to keep.

Still, I can’t believe I was holding it this whole time. That meant that Mom and Caitlyn had seen me with it before they left. Why did I even agree to keep it? How embarrassing on my part.

As I finished these thoughts, I tossed Katie on the bottom bunk bed and retrieved my backpack, unzipping it.

I reached my hand to the bottom of my backpack underneath my sweatshirt, and pulled out the zip locked bag with the pacifier. I then dug my hand around again and came out with the Pink Minnie Mouse pull-up instead of the diaper. That’s right, I had forgotten I took one of Claire’s pull-ups the other day as well.

Hmm, I thought, I wonder what a wet pull-up feels like in comparison to a wet diaper. I was curious so decided I guess I’ll just put the pull-up on right now. I can use the diaper another time

With that, I pulled my shorts and underwear down, setting them on the bottom bunk bed. I took the pull-up, put my legs through the leg holes, slid it up my legs and up around my waist.

I adjusted it slightly until I felt comfortable then took the pacifier out of the zip locked bag and pushed it into my mouth.

Here I was again in just a pull-up, t-shirt, and sucking a pacifier. I was in heaven.

I started to walk around my room hearing the slight crinkle of my pull-up with each step that I took. I then glanced over at the bunk bed and noticed Katie was still lying on the bottom bunk.

Well I thought, I guess since she is my doll now, I could take this time to play with her for a little bit instead of playing my video games. I picked Katie up and walked around with her. After about a minute or so I had an idea. I could go to Claire’s room and play with Katie. Claire had some other toys in there as well that I could use and play with for just a short while before Mom and Claire returned home.

I opened my door and started to walk down the hall to Claire’s room. Claire’s door was always open. It was only closed when she was sleeping at night or taking a nap.

When I walked in, I saw my reflection in Claire’s mirror and giggled at myself through my pacifier. I looked exactly like a little toddler with the bottom half of my pull-up showing under my t-shirt and holding my doll Katie.

I felt very comfortable in my attire. I was wearing a pull-up so if I needed to go pee, I could just use my pull-up. If I was wearing my underwear, I would need to get up and go use the bathroom like a big boy. I smiled. At least there was one less thing I had to worry about for this short period I had to myself.

I walked over to Claire’s Pink and Purple ABC’s Mat next to her crib where many of her toys were. She kept several of her toys in the workout room and in the living room as well. That way if mom or Caitlyn were watching her, she always had access to some. Of the toys that were in her room, I saw that she had a Full Toddler Kitchen Play Set. On the Play Set, I noticed that there was one of Claire’s sippy cups that she actually used to drink for real meals.

I would love to use a sippy cup again. I giggled, maybe if I spilled my drink a couple times, Mom might consider giving me one of Claire’s to use.

Without wasting anymore time, I sat down on Claire’s ABC’s Mat and started playing with her Toddler Kitchen Set. I set Katie down on my lap and pretended to be cooking up some food with some of the items in the Set. I started to get very preoccupied with it and was enjoying myself thoroughly. After what felt like 15-20 minutes, I felt the urge to pee.

I looked at the clock above Claire’s crib and it said 10:45. I remembered the mental note in my head of 9:50 when they left so I was still looking really good on time. Even with the current time, I wanted to take this opportunity to try out my pull-up now so that I could get changed into my underwear and shorts with plenty of time to spare.

I decided to stop what I was doing with Claire’s Kitchen Play Set. I stood up, picking up Katie as well. Then without much effort at all, I released my bladder. I felt pee start to trickle into my pull-up and then a full stream. I could feel the pull-up expanding in the process.

After I had completely emptied my bladder, I looked down at the pull-up and it had drooped a little lower below my t-shirt. It had also swelled up, but there weren’t any leaks. I was happy and thankful for that.

As I started to walk towards Claire’s closet to get some of her baby wipes, I could feel the now thicker, wet pull-up bouncing between my legs. I felt like such a baby.

I set Katie down on top of the drawer and tore the sides of my pull-up letting it fall to the floor.

I opened Claire’s drawer and wiped myself down. After I was finished, I grabbed Katie and discarded my wet pull-up and dirty baby wipes in Claire’s diaper pail. I didn’t hear much a thud, so I looked into the pail and saw what looked like a wet diaper and a couple of additional wet pull-ups besides mine. Good, I thought, that made it even less noticeable that I used one.

I made my way back to my room and set Katie down on the bottom bunk again, quickly zipping up my backpack and shoving it under the bunk bed. I then slid on my big boy underwear and shorts and started firing up my video game. Within a few minutes of playing the game I realized I had something in my mouth. Oh no the pacifier!

I paused my game and spit it out into my hand. I got my backpack out again and unzipped it, putting the pacifier away in the zip locked bag that was still in there.

I thought, Wow I’m really starting to get too used to the pacifier. I really liked the pacifier. Something about it in my mouth made me feel really secure. I should probably take a break from using it.

I resumed my video game and played for another 15 minutes or so before I heard the garage door open with mom saying “Honey we’re home. Come down here there is something I want to tell you.”

I yelled back saying “Okay Mom I’ll be down in a minute.” I didn’t want to pause my game as I was really making progress on one of the final levels of Pac Man World 2. I waited for a good stopping point, then headed down.

When I got downstairs Mom was in the kitchen and Claire was already in the living room preoccupied watching one of her cartoons.

Mom saw me and said “Oh there you are sweetie, what took you so long?”

I said “Sorry Mom I was doing well in my video game and had to wait for a good stopping point.”

My mom had her hands on her hips looking down at me saying “Okay sweetie. But you really spend way too much time playing those games.”

“I wanted to tell you that your father is coming home from work early this afternoon. He wants us all to go out to eat for an early dinner because he has some exciting news to share with the family.”

I replied enthusiastically saying “Wow that sounds great Mom.”

I then thought about my Dad more. Did mom tell him that she put me back in diapers at night. I knew my Dad’s attitude about always telling me to be the man of the house, so I could only imagine what his reaction to this would be.

I hadn’t seen my Dad this past week. He was often home in time for dinner, but this week he hadn’t made it back in time. Mom usually left him leftovers in the fridge on those late nights. I guess he was really busy right now. Either way, I was worried about what he was going to say and decided I wanted to ask mom.

I said “Mom did you tell Dad about you putting me in diapers for bed?”

Mom said “Of course I did sweetie. He was going to find out anyway. Look, I actually had a long talk with him about it. I told him what you are going through and he was actually very understanding about it. He’s just so busy with work lately so he’s happy that I’m here to take care of you and grateful for your big sister’s help too.”

I was somewhat comforted by this response, but was still worried what my Dad was going to say. Maybe my plan of wetting the bed wasn’t such a good idea after all. Mom had already diapered me though, which is exactly what I wanted and I really enjoyed that experience. I’ve also enjoyed being able to use Claire’s pull-ups and diapers these last couple times that I was home alone. I guess it was okay to continue going through with this, regardless of what my Dad thought.

I was interrupted from my thoughts with Mom saying “Why don’t you go watch cartoons with Claire in the living room and I’ll make you two a snack okay. Dad is going to pick Caitlyn up from volleyball camp on his way home from work. They should be home in a few hours.”

I said “Okay Mom sounds good.”


Love this new chapter ! Curious to see what gonna happen next I think mommy is on something

Chapter 10

As I approached Claire in the living room, she saw me and said “Carter watch Winnie the Pooh with me.”

I said “Sure Little Sis” knowing that Mom told me to keep her company. Secretly I kind of wanted to anyway. I had enjoyed watching the last couple of Claire’s cartoons with her, even if they were meant for toddlers.

I sat down next to Claire and we watched Winnie the Pooh for about 15 minutes before mom came over to us and said “Here are some snacks for my two munchkins” setting down some crackers and a glass of water for me. She set down a Sippy Cup for Claire.

Mom asked us, “How is Winnie The Pooh” after looking at the TV.

Claire responded placing her index finger over her mouth saying “Shh Mommy we’re watching.”

Mom said “Well okay then, I’ll leave you two to it.”

As Claire and I continued to watch Winnie the Pooh, my mind got distracted by her Sippy cup. I remembered when I was upstairs playing in Claire’s room, I joked about spilling my drink so Mom would give me one. I figured why not, this could be a great opportunity to test that theory, even though I knew it was a long shot for just having one spilling accident.

I waited a few seconds then knocked over my glass of water on Claire’s blanket. Claire giggled and said “Hehe Carter you spilled.”

Mom heard Claire as she was not too far away sitting down on one of the chairs in the living room folding laundry.

Mom walked over and said “Oh no Carter. Good thing it was just water”

I said “Sorry Mom it was an accident”

Claire reached her arms out to hand me her Sippy Cup and said “Carter have some of mine.”

I would have loved to have said Yes to Claire, but knew that would cause too much suspicion with Mom right there. Instead I said “No thanks Claire. Thanks for offering though.”

Mom said “That was nice of you to share with your big brother Claire.

Mom then giggled saying “Maybe I should have given him a Sippy cup too.”

Wow, I thought to myself. This is too good to be true. Reality set in though when Mom turned to me and said “I was just joking around sweetie. I know it was an accident, but try to be more careful next time okay.”

I just nodded my head up and down in agreement.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Dad and Caitlyn came home and we were getting ready to head off to our early dinner.

Anytime we went somewhere with the family, we always took the minivan as it was convenient with Claire’s car seat in there and my booster seat as well.

I still used I booster seat because of how short I was. It was still required by state law at my height, regardless of my age.

Me sitting in a booster seat was also a point of contention with my brother Cody this past year. He grew tall enough to where he didn’t need one anymore. He teased me that I was still a baby for having to use one.

As we were all getting into the minivan, I strapped myself into my booster seat and Mom picked up Claire buckling her into her car seat.

My Dad wanted to go to the local Applebee’s because it was close and convenient. It was only about a 10 minute drive from our place.

Once we got to the restaurant and parked, I noticed that Claire was wearing what looked like one of her diapers as her T-shirt rode up when Mom was picking her up out of her car seat. As we were walking up to the restaurant with Mom holding Claire’s hand, I inspected Claire more closely. She had that more pronounced bulge in her shorts versus the other day when she was wearing a pull-up.

Hmm I thought, I guess Mom was putting her potty training on hold. As a looked at Claire, I was so jealous. Hopefully Mom will put me back in diapers during the daytime too if I have a few accidents. I decided it was time to take action on this and continue with the next stage of my plan. Tomorrow I’m going to find a convenient time to have a daytime accident.

Once we got inside of Applebee’s, they were able to seat us right away. We arrived early enough before the rush hour dinner crowd. Our hostess was walking us to our table and said to my Mom, “Would you like a couple of booster seats for your little ones there” pointing to Claire and I.

Mom said “That would be great thank you.”

I was used to people thinking I was younger than I was so it was normal for a hostess to ask Mom if I needed a booster seat. Half of the time I usually sat in one depending on the restaurant and how high the tables were. Claire would usually sit in a hair chair, but in the past few months the hostesses started offering her a booster seat like me because of how much she has been grown recently. She really was starting to get too big for her high chair at home too.

Once we were all seated, Dad spoke up and said “Before we order our food, I wanted to share some exciting news with you my family.”

He paused for a few seconds once we all had his attention and said “The Dallas Cowboys have promoted me from Wide Receivers Coach to Offensive Coordinator.”

Caitlyn spoke up first and said enthusiastically “Wow Dad, that’s awesome. I’m so happy for you.”

Mom said “I’m so proud of you Honey. That’s incredible news.”

Claire chimed in saying “Yay Daddy” clapping her hands. She didn’t really understand the magnitude of Dad’s news, but was all excited because she saw that we were.

I was the last to respond saying “Congratulations Dad”

Dad responded to all of us saying “Thank you. I have the best family and none of this would be possible without you guys.”

Dad turned his attention to Mom saying “With my new position Honey, there will be more responsibility and time commitment. The team has asked me to fly out to Southern California for training camp earlier to spend some more time working with some of our new offensive recruits. I’m actually going to flying out this upcoming Monday.”

Mom said “Oh wow Honey that’s only five days away. Now that your leaving earlier than before, how long will you be gone for? I know you said training camp was two weeks long.

Dad said “Well it’s actually going to be a little over three weeks that I’m gone now. I know that’s a long time. The good news is that our first couple of pre-season games are at home in August, so this will be the longest stretch that I’m away for the whole season.”

Mom said “Okay I understand with your new position. I’m just happy you’ll be back for a little while after that.”

Dad said “Thank you Honey I love you. I’m so lucky to have you as my Wife and everything that you do to take care of our kids and the house while I’m away.”

Dad turned to Caitlyn saying “I’m so grateful for you too sweetie. Thank you for being such a good big sister and helping your Mom around the house. She told me about your increasing responsibilities. With my new position and the football season just around the corner, I’m going to be super busy, but Cody will be able to help take some of the load off your plate once he returns from his sports camp okay.”

Caitlyn said “I don’t mind Dad. I know you’re a busy man and have an important job. I’m always happy to help in anyway that I can.”

Dad responded to Caitlyn saying “You know, I look at you and I can’t believe how much you’ve grown up and how mature you are now sweetie.”

Caitlyn had a big smile on her when Dad said that and said “Thanks Dad”

Dad then turned his attention to me saying “Son I want you to be a good boy for your Mom and Caitlyn while I’m away and listen to what they say okay.”

I said “Okay Dad I promise I will.”

Dad said “Good.” giving me a pat on the shoulder

He then turned to Claire saying “And I’ll miss you my little darling. I can’t believe what a big girl you are getting to be.”

Claire smiled saying “I love you Daddy”

A few moments later, our waitress came to take our order. As she was going around the table, I thought about what my Dad said to all of us. I was surprised by how little he said to me. I was expecting him to give me a lecture about helping Mom and my Sisters more while he was away and being the man of the house as he had done with me many times over the past few years, especially when he went away for travel with the Team.

Regardless of my Dad’s different reaction towards me, he looked really happy and that made me comfortable.


Good chapter ! I think mom had a talk with dad to treat him just like a little boy ! Since he expect help from Cody and Caytlin and to him he just expect to be a good little boy

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That was good chapter. I looks like everyone in the family is seeing Cody as a little boy that needs a little more attention and care.

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Thank you all for the positive feedback so far. Full disclosure. I’ve been busier with work recently so haven’t had as much time to continue writing as much as I would like. My goal is to post some more chapters in the next couple of weeks. I appreciate your patience for those who have followed the story so far.


Chapter 11

We returned home from our family dinner at Applebee’s and I had been playing video games for probably an hour or two when Mom knocked on my door saying “I’m coming in sweetie.”

I paused my game as I was doing really well and I didn’t want to get distracted. I got out of my chair and faced Mom.

Mom said “Sweetie, it’s time to get ready for bed.”

I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 8:30pm. Usually mom let me stay up later. I complained to mom saying “Mom it’s only 8:30pm, can’t I stay up longer?”

Mom had her hands on her hips with that look saying “Sweetie, I’ll let you stay up a little longer, but I want you in bed in the next hour okay. Why don’t you pick out some PJ’s from your drawer and let’s go to Claire’s room to get you changed.”

I knew that look all too well and knew that I better do what she says or else.

I walked over to my drawer over and pulled out my Dallas Cowboy’s short sleeve pajamas in the spirit of my Dad getting his job promotion.

Mom walked over to me and said “Here sweetie, why don’t you hand those to me.”

I handed my PJ’s to Mom and we both walked over to Claire’s room.

Once we got to her room, Caitlyn was in there with Claire entertaining her and playing with her.

Caitlyn spoke up saying “Mom I changed Claire into a fresh diaper and helped her get her PJ’s on. She is ready for bed.”

Mom said “Thank you sweetie, I appreciate your help. I can take it from here.”

Caitlyn said “Sounds good Mom”

As Caitlyn was walking past me, she looked down at me with a smile and winked at me saying “Goodnight Baby Brother.”

I fired back saying “Hey don’t call me your Baby Brother”

Caitlyn said “Relax you don’t need to get all defensive okay. I was just saying goodnight.”

I stuck my tongue out at her saying “Goodnight Baby Sis”

Caitlyn just laughed at my response walking out of the room.

I knew she was clearly not just saying goodnight and was poking fun at me calling me her baby brother because she knew that I was in Claire’s room to get my diaper on before bed.

I looked over at Mom next to the changing table and she said “Come here Carter. Let’s get your diaper on before bed.”

Claire heard mom say that to me and she giggled saying “Hehe Carter is wearing a diapee. Is he a baby mommy?”

I saw that Claire was still playing with her kitchen play set, the same one that I was playing with earlier when I was home alone. I was happy about being diapered, but I didn’t necessarily like my little toddler sister teasing me and calling me a baby like Caitlyn just did a few moments ago.”

I spoke up complaining to Mom saying “Mom tell Claire not to tease me and call me a baby.”

Mom turned to Claire saying “Sweetie, Carter has been having a few accidents when he sleeps at night so he will be wearing a diaper to bed just in case. That doesn’t mean he is a baby so please don’t call him that okay. Even big kids like your big brother wear diapers sometimes when they need them.”

Claire said “Oh okay Mommy” with a puzzled look on her face.

I don’t think she fully understood what Mom said. That I was still a big kid and not a baby, even though I was wearing a diaper to bed just like her.

Claire went back to playing with her toys and Mom turned to me and lifted me up under my arm pits onto the changing table.

She took off the shorts and t-shirt I was wearing and lifted my legs up sliding the diaper underneath me. Once she taped it up, she lifted me onto the changing table and onto the ground in just my diaper.

She than told me to lift my arms up over my head. I didn’t argue and just obeyed my Moms orders.

Mom slid my Pajama top over my head than she knelt down and held my pajamas shorts open for me to step into.

I was surprised by Mom actions. It has been several years since she helped me get changed into my clothes like this.

Maybe it was because I had a diaper on. Either way, I didn’t really care. I was actually enjoying her babyish treatment and the attention she was giving me so didn’t say anything and just followed her lead.

Once Mom had my pajama shorts on she spoke up and said “Now that my two cutie pies are diapered and ready for bed, I wanted to tell you both that tomorrow we are going to go to the park for a little bit. I want us all to get some fresh air, especially since it’s not supposed to be too scorching hot for a summer day. How does that sound?”

Claire stopped what she was doing with her toys and said “Yay Mommy I like the park”

Mom said “I know you do sweetie. You like the swings and slides.”

Mom looked down at me saying “And it will be good for you to get out and get some sun. You’re so pale sweetie.”

I didn’t say anything in response. Just stood there with an innocent look on my face.

Mom turned over to where Claire was with her toys saying “Claire I’m going to tuck your big brother in for bed. I’ll be back to tuck you into bed too in a couple minutes okay”

Claire said “Okay Mommy”

When Mom and I entered my room, I glanced over at the bottom bunk and noticed that my doll Katie was on the pillow. I had forgotten that she was there. Mom saw me looking and said “Oh sweetie, I see that your little friend found her way to your bunk bed. Do you want her to sleep with?”

I was surprised. I couldn’t believe my Mom was suggesting that. I knew I needed to come up with a quick excuse so said “Mom her name is Katie, and no I don’t want to sleep with her. I don’t know how she made it into my room. I must have accidentally brought her up here with me from when Claire gave it to me earlier.”

I saw that Mom had a big smile on her face and could tell she wasn’t buying my excuse. She said “Well okay sweetie I was just checking.”

Mom then winked at me saying “I’ll be sure to remember moving forward though that her name is Katie. Thanks for reminding me”

My face went bright red. I just realized I corrected mom telling her to call my doll Katie.

I didn’t respond to Mom. I just walked up my bunk latter into my top bunk bed.

Mom reached over and gave me a kiss on my forehead saying “Sweet dreams sweetie”

After she closed the door behind her, I stared at the ceiling having a hard time falling asleep. I thought about my doll Katie. I kind of did want to hold her with me in bed. It might help me fall asleep. I thought about it for a few moments and thought, who cares. Mom offered it to me anyways so it doesn’t matter.

I climbed down my bunk latter and retrieved Katie on the bottom bunk pillow then climbed back up into my top bunk bed.

I turned to the side under my covers clutching Katie against my chest.

After a few seconds, my thumb subconsciously made its way up to my mouth and I actually started sucking on it. It just felt like the right thing to do. I felt a lot more comfortable and at ease with it in my mouth. Within minutes I started dozing off and was fast asleep.