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Thank you everyone for your patience and positive feedback on the story so far. I know this chapter took longer than expected to write and get posted. Life has been very busy these past few months. I can promise all of you that have followed along so far that I am motivated to continue writing more chapters and see this story through to the finish line. I always enjoy and welcome your comments and feedback.

Chapter 17

Once we got back to the minivan, Mom picked up Claire and put her into her car seat. As Mom was buckling Claire in, I started to walk over to my side of the car to hop into my booster seat, but Mom stopped me. She said “Wait honey, stay here with me okay.”

I thought, Hmm why didn’t Mommy just just let me go to my side of the car to buckle myself in like I usually do, but I didn’t argue. I just responded “Okay Mommy.”

After Mom finished strapping Claire in, Mom grabbed my hand and led me over to the other side of the car. She picked me up saying “Up we go sweetie” setting me down into my booster seat and buckling me in just like she does for Claire.

As we were driving away from the center where our doctor’s building was. Mom glanced back at Claire and I and said “Since you were both so good at your Doctor’s appointment today, I thought we could stop at Chuck E Cheeses on the way home. Claire, I remember the last time we were there, you had such a good time playing in the play area. You and your brother will have time to play for a while after we eat. How does that sound?”

Claire just clapped here hands excitingly and said “Yay Mommy, Thank you.”

I thought back to the last time we went to Chuck E Cheeses. I think it was a maybe earlier in the year, but I remember Cody and I were playing with the arcade games. Now Mom was expecting me to join Claire in the Toddler play area. Well, I guess Cody wasn’t here to give me a hard time so I didn’t mind. Maybe Mommy would let me play some of the arcade games too.

Before I knew it, we arrived at the parking lot of Chuck E Cheeses. I was really antsy to get out so I unbuckled myself and jumped out of my booster seat, opening the minivan door.

Mom unbuckled Claire from her car seat and looked over at me saying “Hold your horses sweetie, there are a lot of cars and people driving in this parking lot. Come over here and grab my hand.”

I didn’t want any trouble so went over and obeyed Mom.

After we walked through the doors of Chuck E Cheeses, A front attendant lady was there to greet us. The attendant was a tall, younger looking girl with blonde hair around Caitlyn’s height, but was definitely older than Caitlyn. She was probably in high school or maybe college if I had to guess.

The attendant looked down at Claire and I than said to Mom “You have some cuties there.”

“Thank you” Mom said, smiling back at the attendant.

The attendant handed Mom some wristbands and what looked like a few crayons and some placemat kids coloring menus. “Here are a couple wristbands for them for the play area and games. Follow me and I will take you all to your table.”

Mom turned back to look at Claire and I and told us to follow her and stay close. Mom had her hands full with Claire’s diaper bag around her shoulder and holding the items the attendant gave her.

Once we got to our our table, the attendant said to Mom “Would you like a couple booster seats for your two little one’s as well.”

“Yes that would be great.” Mom replied

“Perfect, I will back in just a minute”

Mom thanked the attendant again and kneeled down in front of me “Hold out your wrist sweetie”

Mom taped the wristband around my wrist than did the same for Claire.

The attendant lady returned with two booster seats and set them down on our booth, one on each side of the table “A waitress will be with you in just a moment, I hope you have a wonderful meal.”

After we were all seated, Claire started digging into the crayons and coloring all over her placemat. I glanced over and she definitely was all over the place not coloring in the lines as you would expect from a 3, almost 4-year old not in preschool yet.

I shifted my attention away from Claire when our waitress arrived. Mom ordered a large cheese pizza than took a sippy cup out of Claire’s diaper bag and asked the waitress if she could fill it up with Water.

I thought back to my spillage a couple days ago and wondered if Mommy would possibly give me a sippy cup if I spilled again. She joked and made a reference to it the last time in the living room at home when Claire offered me hers. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to spill again and see what happens, even if the chances were slim.

I decided to keep myself preoccupied until the waitress came back with our drinks so took one of the crayons and started coloring on my kid’s placemat.

The waitress returned a few minutes later with two cups of water for Mom and I and Claire’s sippy cup. I knew I had to find the right moment to spill my drink to make it look like an accident. I decided to make Mom look away from the table when I asked her if I could play that arcade game over there.

As Mom looked away, I knocked my cup over and the water spilled all over my coloring mat and started to spread across the table. Mom looked back at me frantically and said “Oh no sweetie. Let’s get some napkins quick!”

I tried to act super surprised saying “Mommy sorry. I don’t know what happened. I was looking away and knocked it over by accident.”

Mom said “It’s okay sweetie. Let’s just get this water wiped down as fast as possible before it spreads further.

Mom reached her arm over mine to the napkins at the edge of the table and started wiping down the water. I grabbed a few napkins too and started to help wipe it down too. We were able to wipe most of it before it spread any further over to Claire’s side of the table. A Little bit of water did drip over down the side of the table onto the booth next to my booster seat.

Our waitress arrived with our pizza shortly after we cleaned up my spillage. Before setting it down on the table she noticed that there was a pile of wet napkins on the table and then saw my empty glass of water.

She looked at me and said “That’s okay sweetie, accidents happen.”

The waitress turned to Mom and said “We can get him another water. I have some of the smaller plastic kids cups with a lid on it if you think that might work better for your big boy here.”

As our waitress said this, I looked at Mom and I could tell she was in deep thought about something. After few seconds she started fumbling through Claire’s diaper bag and said to the waitress “You know what just a second.”

After more fumbling, Mom pulled out another sippy cup and said “Would you mind filling this up with water.”

“Of course, I would be happy to” The waitress replied with a smile.

As I watched the waitress set down our pizza and grab the sippy cup from Mom, my heart started pounding. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. I was actually going to get to drink out of a sippy cup like Claire. I did my best to act cool and not show any excitement. My plan had worked out to perfection.

The waitress returned shortly after and set the sippy cup down in front of me. I didn’t want to stir up any more attention, so decided not to say anything to Mom about the sippy cup.

I just picked it up and took a few sips. I felt like such a toddler drinking from a sippy cup, but was loving it.

After we all finished eating our pizza, Mom said “Carter, why don’t you and Claire go play in the play area for a little while. I want you two to stick close to each other okay. “

I said “Okay Mommy.” I paused for a few seconds than spoke up again saying “Mommy can I also play some of the arcade games too once Claire and I are finished playing?”

Mom said “Well if there is any time left, yes sweetie, you can. But I want to get Claire home at a reasonable hour for her nap.”

“Sounds good Mommy.” I replied enthusiastically.

Mom looked down at Claire and said “Take your brother’s hand sweetie. You two can go play in the play area for a little bit.”

Claire grabbed my hand and was sort of dragging me over to the play area all excited saying “Come on Carter, let’s go.”

I followed Claire up through the playground maze trying to keep up and stay as close as possible like Mom wanted.

By the time we got the slide, I was a little out of breath. I said to myself, “Wow, Claire is getting to be fast. It shouldn’t be that much of a struggle for me to keep up with her.”

Claire was getting ready to slide down the slide that went into the plastic play ball pit, right as I caught up to her. Claire looked back at me and said “Wee, see you at the bottom Carter.”

As I was getting ready to go down the slide too, I felt an urge to pee. My mind raced back to my plan of having another accident. This could be a good opportunity to do it.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it in public for everyone in Chuck E Cheese to see though. I could hold it longer and wait until we got in the car

However, another part of me thought that if I did it now, it would be a better excuse to tell Mommy a tried to hold it, but didn’t want to leave Claire while playing with her. Plus, the chances of seeing anyone I knew from school were very slim as most of them were off at their various summer camps and activities like my brother Cody.

I was really torn. I did just have an accident in the park yesterday and I didn’t want to create too much suspicion of having a daytime accident two days in a row. Mom did give me a sippy cup though after spilling again at the table today so that was getting me really excited and encouraged. Who knows this could be the tipping point for her to put me into diapers during the day too if I have another accident right now. Why not, what do I have to lose.

I was disrupted from my thoughts with Claire looking up at me on the top of the slide shouting out “Come on Carter, go down and play with me.”

I finally slid down the slide into the play ball pit to join Claire. Claire and I were jumping around having fun. Claire looked back at me making her way through the play ball pit and said “Catch me if you can Carter.”

I was swimming through the plastic ball pit until finally I caught up with her and wrapped my arms around her saying “Got you Sis.”

We played in the play ball pit for maybe 5 or 10 more minutes when my urge to pee came back. It was stronger now. I thought, I could just let out a little pee now and tell Mom I tried to hold it. I paused and it took me about a minute or so before I was able to relax enough to feel a trickle of pee start to go into my underwear than it turned into a full stream. I was able to stop it, but it felt like I had peed a lot, maybe more than I wanted.

My body was submerged under the play ball pit up to my chest, so I was going to find out what the damage was when I got out. I still couldn’t believe I decided to just wet myself right now in the middle of the play area at Chuck E Cheese.

I decided to act cool like nothing happened and kept playing with Claire more to divert the attention from my accident.

A short time later, Mom walked up and said, “Okay you two let’s get out of there. It’s time to get going.”

Claire made her way over to the steps first and hopped up and out of the play ball pit.

I gulped and stayed where I was knowing that Mom was going to see my wet shorts from my accident. Mom looked over at me like she was a little annoyed and said, “Come on Carter, let’s go.”

After a few seconds, I hesitatingly made my way over to the steps and stepped up out of the pit. Mom immediately looked down and my shorts and said “Oh sweetie, what happened. You had another accident?”

She had a more concerned look on her face this time around in comparison to my accident yesterday at the park.

I looked down at my shorts to inspect the damage and saw that there was a huge wet spot spread across the crotch area of my jean shorts. My jean shorts being a light blue, pale color didn’t help matters either and made it very noticeable that I had wet myself and had an accident. Now that I was out of the pit, my underwear did feel soaked as well.

I tried to look as sad and defeated as possible and said “I don’t know Mommy. I’m really sorry. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I tried to hold it, but I didn’t want to leave Claire like you told me. What is happening to me? Please don’t be mad.”

Mom said. “I’m not mad at you sweetie. I’m just concerned that you’re are having accidents in the daytime now. This is the 2nd day in a row, so I am worried this could become a trend like your night time bedwetting.”

I’m sorry Mommy. I couldn’t help it.”. I hung my head down and looked at the ground after I said this.

Mom said “Don’t sulk sweetie, I know you’re not doing this on purpose. Just come over her and take Mommy’s hand so we can go back to the car quickly and get you and your sister home.”

I was super relieved to hear Mom say that. I had done a great job again making her think it was a real accident again. I walked over to Mom doing my best to stay calm.

As Mom, Claire, and I were walking towards the exit. I noticed and heard a boy from one of the tables pointing at me and laughing at me telling their Mom “Haha look Mom. That boy had an accident in his pants.”

The Mom of the boy said “Don’t point and tease the little boy sweetie. I’m sure he is just trying to learn how to use the potty and his Mommy thought he was ready for big boy underwear.”

I looked up at Mom and saw her look over at the boy and his Mom too so I knew she had definitely heard their comments like I did.

I was trying to process what the other boys Mom just said. How old did she think I was.

I knew I was really short and small for my age, but didn’t think people would ever mistake me as a toddler anymore now that I was 10 years old! I guess me holding Mom’s hand with my pee-soaked shorts magnified how young a looked. .

Mom, Claire, and I finally made it outside of Chuck E Cheese and to our car. I was happy we were finally out of there.

Mom lifted Claire into her car seat first than took my hand and led me to my side of the car. As she was lifting me up into my booster seat, she said “We’ll be home in 10 minutes sweetie than we can get you changed out of those wet shorts okay.”

“Okay Mommy” I said nodding my head up and down.

As we were driving home, I looked out the car window thinking. What is Mommy going to do now. I was going to find out shortly once we got home.


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Chapter 18

Once we got home and inside of the house, Mom led Claire and I up to my bathroom first that was connected to Cody and my room.

She went to our bathtub shower and turned on the water closing the curtain behind her.

Mom looked down at me and said “Sweetie, can you stay here for a few minutes while a get Claire put down for her nap. I ran some water than we can get you in for a quick bath and get you cleaned up okay.”

“Okay Mommy” I replied

As Mom and Claire were walking away, I thought, Mommy hasn’t given me a bath in at least a few years. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised by it. She seems to keep treating me more and more like a toddler, even more so these last two days with my daytime accidents. I guess I was getting more comfortable with Mommy’s treatment too. I had to admit, this is the happiest and most content I have felt in at least a few years.

Shortly after all these thoughts went through head, Mom came back and said “Okay sweetie, let’s get those damp, sticky shorts off and get you into the tub.”

Mom told me to lift my arms in the air and took my t-shirt off and stripped off my wet shorts and underwear off in one motion.

Mom than picked me up, set me in the tub and turned off the bathtub head.

The water was warm, but not hot. It felt nice to be in the tub after being in my wet, sticky shorts and underwear.

Mom reached her hand over the tub and tickled me on the stomach. I started to giggle

“Looks like my cute, little boy is ticklish” she said as I continued to giggle.

After she stopped tickling me, mom took some soap and started washing my body.

She than took some shampoo and started lightly scrubbing my hair.

I had to admit, I hadn’t felt this much love and attention from her in a long time. It was an absolutely amazing feeling.

After Mom finishing washing me off, she lifted me out of the tub and quickly got a towel and proceeded to dry me off saying “There now, my big boy is all clean, I bet that feels better doesn’t it sweetie.”

I gave her shy smile saying “Yes Mommy it does.”

Mom grabbed my hand and led me into my room where she already had one of Claire’s changing mats out on the floor of my bedroom and a diaper on it.

Mom said “Sweetie, I want you to try and take a short nap too like Claire. I’m sure you are a little tired from your doctor’s appointment and playing at Chuck E Cheeses.

Wow, I thought, I haven’t taken a nap in the middle of the day since I was probably 5 years old. I had to admit though, Mommy was right. I was but tired and a nap sounded nice. My heart started pounding again as I looked at the diaper on the changing mat. I was thrilled that I would get to wear one again for my nap.

Mom set me down on the mat and lifted my legs in the air, spreading the diaper out and fastening me into it in. She stood me up and grabbed a white T-Shirt from my drawer. As Mom walked closer to me, I noticed this T-shirt was another one of my old one’s with a picture of the Minion cartoon character on it that I hadn’t worn in at least few years because it was babyish.

Mom told me to lift my arms in the air sliding the Minions t-shirt over me. The T-shirt was not loose, but not tight either. She said “All set sweetie, go climb up into your bunk bed.

As I made my way to my bunk ladder, I looked down at my diaper. The bottom of my T-shirt made it over maybe the top 3rd of my diaper, but it still didn’t hide much of it from view.

I trotted up into my top bunk under the covers. Mom came over to me a few seconds later with two other items saying. Here is your pacifier sweetie and of course your favorite companion Katie to keep you company during your nap.

I grabbed the two baby items from mom quickly trying not make it obvious to her that I was really excited she gave them to me.

Mom kissed me on the forehead and said “Have a nice nap sweetie” with a big, heart-warming smile on her face.

I waited until mom closed the door behind her before I pushed the pacifier in my mouth. I hugged Katie with a huge smile on my face. I was in heaven

Within minutes I was fast asleep.

I was asleep for what felt like an eternity. I woke up groggily with Katie still clutched in my arms.

I pulled my covers off and climbed down my bunk later. I walked towards my bedroom window and peaked out. The sun was still up, by it was very low. It had to be early evening at this point. Wow, I thought. I must have been out for at least a couple hours.

I was fully awake now and started to gather all of my bearings. I realized my pacifier was still in my mouth and then looked down at my diaper. It still dry, but I did have an urge to pee really bad.

I thought, here I am in my room alone, and Mommy had put me in a diaper for my nap. I should take this opportunity to use it. Mommy would think I wet it during my nap anyway.

I walked around my room for a minute or so than paused and decided to let go and wet my diaper. I could feel my diaper starting to expand and before I knew it I completely emptied my bladder. It felt amazing to be able to just wet my diaper freely while I was awake without having to hide it and worry about the consequences from Mom.

As I made my way to my door, I could feel the heaviness of my wet diaper and it had sagged lower below my tee-shirt. The crinkle of my diaper seemed like it was louder. I wasn’t sure if that was maybe because it was wet or just my imagination.

I opened my bedroom door slowly and peaked my head out with Katie still in my hand.

I heard some noise downstairs coming from the kitchen area. Claire and Mom must still be down there. I was hesitant if I should go down there in now in wet diaper and t-shirt, or just wait until Mommy came back up.

After thinking about it for a minute or so, I decided why not. It is just Mommy and Claire anyway. They wouldn’t care.

With that, I walked out into the hallway and made my way down the stairs. Once I reached the bottom, I realized my pacifier was still in my mouth. I had noticed it when I got up, but forgot to take it out when I walked out of my room.

Well, I was just wearing a wet diaper and t-shirt anyway. It didn’t matter. Plus, I didn’t want to take it out right now. With that, I continued to suck on my pacifier and made my way towards the kitchen.

When I got there, I glanced over to the living room area and saw that Claire was over there sitting down watching one of her cartoons.

Mom was in the kitchen cooking. As I was walking over to the kitchen table, she noticed me.

Mom said “Oh hi sweetie, you’re finally up. I was going to wake you up, but it looked like you were in a deep sleep, so decided to just let you sleep. How was your nap?”

“It twas good mommy.” I replied through my pacifier.

Mom smiled at my response and said “Good sweetie. Come here for a second.”

I obeyed Mom and walked towards her. When I was right in front of her, she kneeled down in front of me and stuck her finger into the waistband of my diaper and said. “Wet as I suspected sweetie. Your diaper looked like it was sagging pretty noticeably so I figured that was the case. It looks like you wet it pretty good during your nap. Why don’t you join your Sister in the living room and I will change you after I am finished cooking dinner okay sweetie.”

“Okay Mommy.” I replied before heading over to Claire in the living room.

As I was heading over to join Claire, I thought, prefect, mommy thinks I wet my diaper during my nap as I thought she would.

As I approached Claire, Claire turned her around and I saw that she had her pacifier in her mouth like me.

She said “Yay Carter. Watch Bubble Guppies wif me.”

I never heard of that show and don’t think I watched that one with Claire yet, but it didn’t matter. I’m sure it was good. I had seemed to have enjoyed all of her other cartoons that I have watched with her so far.

As I plopped down on the carpet and sat beside Claire, she smiled at me and said “Yay you haf Katie.”

Claire than pretended to talk to her doll and said “Look Kristen, your twin sister Katie came to join you.”

I was little surprised Claire didn’t make any comment on my diaper. I was maybe expecting her to laugh at me as her big brother for wearing just a diaper and a t-shirt during the day and sucking a pacifier like her.

It was like it was completely normal for Claire to see me this way. I suppose she was getting used to it after her being there to see Mom change me into diapers at night for the past week now.

It would be different if she didn’t view me as her big brother for seeing me in this state, but I wasn’t worried about that. I knew I could always go back to the big brother role and show my authority over her when I needed to. Claire listened and believed whatever I said like yesterday at the park when I told her it was okay for big kids to wet diapers too.

Mom also telling Claire last week that I was not a baby and still her big brother when she saw Mom change me into a diaper for the first time helped ingrain that as well.

My attention drifted away from these thoughts back to the TV. As I started watching Claire’s show, it didn’t take me long at all to get sucked into it.


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Careful Carter you’re talking yourself directly into the crib

Chapter 19

After Claire and I finished our show, we played with our dolls Katie and Kristen for a little longer. Mom came over to us in the living room shortly after to check on us.

She walked up to Claire and grabbed her pacifier off of the living room carpet. That’s when I realized I still had mine in my mouth. I was really starting to get used to having it in my mouth. Something about it made me feel secure. I might as well just keep it in my mouth for now. Mommy and Claire didn’t care.

Mom bent down and reached her hand under Claire’s flower-patterned white toddler dress to check her diaper and said “You’re wet sweetie. Let’s get you and your brother’s wet diapers changed before dinner.”

Claire giggled at Mom’s response saying “Hehe Carter wet his diaper like me.”

I glared over at Claire for her comment. but decided not to say anything. I just continued to suck on my pacifier.

Mom smiled back at Claire saying “Yes sweetie he did. Let’s get you both upstairs okay.”

“Okay Mommy” Claire responded.

Mom grabbed both of our hands and led us to Claire’s room. She picked me up first and said “You first sweetie.” Lifting me onto the changing table.

Mom changed me out of my wet diaper with ease and wiped me down with several baby wipes. As I was lying on Claire’s changing table, she went into Claire’s closet and came out with what looked like two more diapers.

Mom lifted my legs up and slid a fresh diaper under me saying “Sweetie, we are having dinner than we will probably watch a movie after before yours and Claire’s bedtime. Figured it will just be easier to put another diaper on you since I will need to change you into one before bed anyway.”

I guess I could see Mom’s logic, but I didn’t care. I was just thrilled I was going to get to wear another diaper for the rest of the evening! My heart started pounding inside, but I knew I needed to stay cool and do my best to continue to keep all my emotions in check in front of Mom.

I decided to spit out my pacifier and say “Well okay Mommy. I guess that makes sense.”

“Good sweetie, thank you for being such a big boy about this and making things easier for Mommy.”

I just nodded my head up and down in response to this.

Once Mom had my diaper fastened she lifted me off of the changing table and onto the ground.
I continued to stand there and wait for Mom as she changed Claire.

Mom set Claire down beside me after she was finished. I looked at Claire and Mom had changed her into one of her nightgowns with the Little Mermaid print on it.

Mom grabbed Claire’s and my hand and led us to my room than went into my drawer and pulled out my old white, short sleeved, race car print pajamas. These were a pair of pajamas I probably haven’t worn since I was 5 or 6 years old. They were very babyish.

I guess I wasn’t too surprised considering Mom dressed me in a pair of my old pajamas and t-shirt last night too. I guess she had dug up a bunch of my old clothes.

Mom told me to lift my arms up over my head and pulled my Minions T-shirt off of me and slid my pajama top on followed by the shorts over my diaper. These pajamas like the one’s last night were a perfect fit. I was a little surprised all of my old clothes she has put me so far still fit me so well.

We all walked downstairs to the kitchen and Mom lifted Claire up into her highchair at the kitchen table saying “You really are getting too big for your highchair now sweetie.” I think very soon we can have you sitting in just a normal chair at our table like your brother here. You really are my big girl now aren’t you sweetie.”

Our table at home was lower than most restaurants we went to, which is why I still needed a booster seat often times when we ate out. I suppose it made sense for Mom and Dad to choose a lower kitchen table for us at home when we were all younger.

Claire got all excited from Mom’s comment and said enthusiastically “Yes Mommy, I’m a big girl now.”

I sort of rolled my eyes a little bit, thinking here we go again with Mommy’s stupid, encouraging big kid remarks towards Claire. She keeps doing that more and more with Claire. She really was getting to be a big girl now, but why did Mommy have to keep telling Claire that non-stop. I guess it was just annoying because she keeps growing so much recently and I can’t seem to get a stupid growth spurt! I was starting to get upset thinking about this, so decided to take my mind off of it by asking Mom what was for dinner.

I hopped up into to my chair at the kitchen table and Mom replied saying “We have chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes tonight sweetie.”

I did really like Mom’s mashed potatoes and she liked making them a lot so I was happy when she said that.

The table was already set and Mom brought our plates of food over to the table along with two sippy cups. Mom handed Claire her sippy cup.

My heart started racing when Mom set the other sippy cup down in front of me. Wow, I thought, I guess my spillage at Chuck E Cheese earlier had convinced Mommy I needed one for my meals now. I was very happy about this development.

I decided not to say anything to Mom to draw any more attention to the sippy cup and just picked it up and took a sip from it like it was perfectly normal for me to be using one.

After dinner was finished, we all went back to the living room to watch a movie. Mom put on Toy Story 3. It had been a little while since I’ve seen it, but I remember the ending being a little sad where Andy leaves his toys behind to the little girl before heading off to college. That ending sort of made me feel like a wished I didn’t ever have to grow up and could stay little forever.

As the movie started, Claire and I were on her blanket lying on our stomachs and facing forward with our heads looking up at the TV. We had our dolls Katie and Kristen next to us as well.

I was really starting to get into the movie again and about halfway through, my attention was interrupted by Mom grabbing my arm and taking my thumb out of my mouth. She replaced it with the pacifier saying “Sweetie that’s much better isn’t it. I don’t want you getting germs sucking on your thumb.”

I was a little caught off guard by Mom’s action because I was so into the movie at that moment.

I looked over at Mom and noticed that she was doing the same thing for Claire. I guess Claire was sucking her thumb too like me.

I started sucking on the pacifier and thought, I’m glad Mommy gave me my pacifier.

My attention shifted back to the TV and I was able to get back into the movie quickly.

After the movie ended and reached the credits with the closing song, I got a little teary-eyed by the emotional ending again. I could also hear some sniffles from Mom as well as she walked up to Claire and I.

Mom looked down at Claire and I and said “I wished you two could stay my little one’s forever. Come on, let’s get you both up to your rooms for bedtime.”

Claire and I both grabbed our dolls Katie and Kristen than grabbed Mom’s hand and headed upstairs. Mom set Claire down in her crib than lead me to my room.

Mom than led me to my room. I climbed up into my top bunk and Mom kissed me on the check and smiled saying “Goodnight my sweet little boy, I love you.”

I replied through my pacifier saying “Goodnight Mommy, I wuv you too.”

After Mom closed my door and shut off my lights, it took me a little longer than usual to fall asleep. Perhaps it was because I took my long nap earlier. I held Katie in my arms and continued to suck on my pacifier for a little while before I finally started dozing off.

I woke up the next morning to mom pulling my covers off saying “Rise and Shine sweetie. Let’s get ready to go for the day.”

I was a little groggy and not yet fully alert yet when I felt Mom reach her hand over to check my diaper before declaring “Wet as usual sweetie.”

The pacifier was still securely in my mouth. I decided to spit it out and thought, strange, I don’t remember getting up to wet my diaper. Did I have a real wetting accident over the night. I must have really been out of it. I have to watch out for that and be careful about getting too used to and comfortable wetting my diaper at night. I suppose tonight, I could just use the bathroom before bed and make sure I was still in control of wetting my diaper when I wanted to.

I finished these thoughts and climbed down my bunk ladder. Mom grabbed my hand and led me to Claire’s room for my diaper routine, which I was really starting to get used to now.

Mom changed me out of my wet diaper and set me down on the ground with just my pajama top on. I was expecting us to go to my room to get changed, but Mom walked back into Claire’s closet holding what appeared to be one of Claire’s pink and purple Minnie Mouse pull-ups.

I was confused as I looked over at Claire playing with her toys in the corner of her room. Mom had already changed her into her clothes and diaper for the day.

Mom then crouched down in front of me and said “Sweetie, here’s the deal. We are going to Caitlyn’s volleyball practice today to watch her scrimmage. Your big sister’s game will probably last an hour or two and I don’t want you to risk possibly having another accident or not making it to the potty on time while we are watching. With that being said. I think it would be a good idea if you wore one of Claire’s pull-ups today, just in case.

Wow, I thought, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from Mommy. My heart started beating faster and I was getting really excited. I wasn’t expecting her to say this. It wasn’t diapers, but it one step closer. I was going to get to wear a pull-up during the day like a real toddler! I was extremely happy about this. It meant my plan was working great and I was one step closer to wearing diapers during the daytime.

I took some deep breaths to try and stay as calm as possible and not show all the excitement I was feeling inside. I also knew I needed to speak up and put up some resistance to Mom’s suggestion. If I didn’t, that would probably raise suspicion from her.

After a few seconds, I spoke up saying” Mommy, pull-ups are for babies. I don’t want anyone to see me and tease me and think I’m a baby.”

Mom responded saying, “Oh sweetie, no one will know or notice you are wearing them under your clothes. And Pull-ups are not for babies sweetie. They are training pants for big kids like you and Claire that are learning how to use the potty, I mean big kids like you that know how to use the potty. You can pull them up and down to use the potty just like your big boy underwear, but if you did happen to have another accident, you wouldn’t have to worry about wet shorts like yesterday at Chuck E Cheese and anyone teasing you sweetie.

Wow, I thought, Mommy is talking to me like I am a toddler again.

I continued to try and stay as calm as possible and said “Well, okay Mommy, I guess I will wear it, but Mommy this pull-up is for girls, can’t I wear a boys pull-up?

Mom seemed a little surprised by what I said for some reason and said “Well, like I said sweetie, no one will see your pull-up under your clothes, so it doesn’t matter. But yes, now that you mention it, it might be a good idea to get you your own boys pull-ups.”

As Mom said this, I turned red in the face. I realized my slippage of suggesting to wear boys pull-ups to her. I thought, how could I be so stupid! I needed to come up with a quick recovery.

I responded to Mom saying “I won’t need boys pull-ups though Mommy. I am a big boy, I won’t have any accidents today.”

Mom said “I really hope not sweetie. I’ll tell you what, I will make you a deal. If you don’t have an accident today, we can get you back into your big boy underwear tomorrow. How does that sound?”

I replied enthusiastically saying “Sounds good Mommy.”

Mom opened up the pull-up and held it down at my ankles saying “Thank you for being such a big boy about this sweetie.”

I stepped into the pull-up. As Mom was sliding it up my legs and adjusting it around my waist, I was in heaven.

I tried to continue to stay as calm as possible and hide all of the excitement that I felt inside. Today was going to be a great day.


Sooooo cute carter is !
Watching a movie in diapers with a pacifier just like a toddler! And having real accidents ! Curious to see what gonna happen in this outing I think someone gonna get his own pull up’s heheh or diapers

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