The Little C (Chapter 15 Uploaded)

Aww so cute sleeping with his doll and a thumb in the mouth I thinks mommy have to switch to binkies instead it’s more healthy!!!
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Chapter 12

As has been the trend for me this whole past week, I woke up again during the night with the need to pee.

I made sure that I continued to drink more water at dinner and before bed so that this would be the case.

As a was laying on my side I realized I still had my thumb in my mouth. I took it out and shifted onto my back. In just a few seconds I could feel pee start to trickle into my diaper. It had gotten progressively easier each night to be able to let go. This was the 2nd night in a row that I was able to do it in a diaper, which was nice. It was a lot more comfortable than having wet pajamas and a wet bed.

After I completely emptied my bladder, I was sleepy so dozed off to sleep again very quickly.

I woke up in the morning to Mom stroking my hair saying “Time to get up sweetie.”

As I started to open my eyes, it took me a few seconds to realize that I had my thumb in my mouth. I was surprised. I didn’t remember putting it in my mouth again after I woke up during the night to wet my diaper. I quickly took it out of my mouth.

I then realized I also had my doll Katie with me in bed.

Luckily Mom didn’t comment on my thumb or Katie. She just said “It looks like you slept peacefully sweetie.”

Mom reached her hand out and pulled my bed covers down. She then reached for the waistband of my diaper to check me and said “You really wet this diaper good sweetie. I’m certainly glad you are wearing them at night now. Let’s get you changed.”

I grabbed Katie and climbed down my bunk ladder following Mom down the hall into Claire’s room.

When we got there Claire was already standing up in her crib. Mom said “Good morning sweetheart, how did you sleep?”

Claire said “Good Mommy”

Mom looked at Claire standing up and said “I can’t believe how big and tall you’ve gotten in the last few months sweetie. By the end of this year, you may be too tall for that crib if you keep growing like this.”

Claire’s crib was actually built by my Uncle and was bigger than your standard Crib. When I looked over at Claire, I noticed that she was standing on her tippy toes poking her head over the top of the crib rails, so I could see why Mom might be thinking that. Although, I don’t know if Mom noticed her standing on her tippy toes like I did.

My Uncle was a furniture assembler and handyman. He even helped assemble my parents couch as well. We were lucky to have him working in that line of work and it was convenient for my Mom and Dad with us 4 kids.

Claire’s crib was also the same crib Cody slept in as well before he made the transition into the bunk bed with me in our room. Cody had just turned 5 years old by the time he finally made that transition. He was probably overdue for a big kid bed as he was starting to get close to being able to climb over the crib rails. He never did successfully, but was probably another few months away from being able to.

I slept in Caitlyn’s old crib, which unlike the one Claire and Cody slept in, was a standard sized crib. Caitlyn was a very tall two and a half year old at the time I was born so Mom was able to get her into a big girl bed. The timing on this worked out perfect for Mom and saved her the hassle of having to get another crib for me.

It wasn’t until I was four and half years old that I was finally big enough to get out of that standard sized crib and Mom got me my own big kid bed. This is the same bed I sleep in now until my Uncle of course helped turn it into a bunk bed for my brother Cody and I.

As Mom was lifting Claire up out of her crib and onto the ground, my thoughts returned to what Mom said about Claire.

Claire looked taller to me for some reason than the last time I observed her height in the living room a week ago.

I was curious so I walked up really close to Claire about a foot away and told her to face me. That’s when I noticed the top of her head was definitely just above the tip of my chin. Just last week it was definitely below the tip of my chin as I was still be able to rest my head on top of hers. Now I would need to crane my neck up ever so slightly to accomplish this.

It looked like she grew almost another inch if I had to guess. Either way, I couldn’t believe how fast she has been growing lately. I didn’t tower over her anymore.

I had mixed emotions and thoughts that started to stir up inside of me. I was feeling worried, nervous, and angry. Why can’t I get a stupid growth spurt and grow more like Claire, Cody, and Caitlyn. Why am I so short for my age?

In my upset mood my thumb made its way to my mouth and I actually started sucking on it, something I did not expect myself to do.

Mom saw me and looked very surprised as well. She commented saying. “Sweetie, I don’t want you sucking on your thumb, you’ll get germs. I noticed you also had it in your mouth when I woke you up this morning. We can get you one of Claire’s pacifiers to use.”

As Mom was talking, I took my thumb out immediately and put my hands behind my back.

Mom saw my reaction and said “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about sweetie. That’s what pacifiers are for. I’m sure Claire won’t mind sharing one of hers, will you Claire?”

Claire said “No Mommy. He can have one of my Paci’s to keep.”

Mom said “Well that’s very nice of you to sweetie to give Carter one of your pacifiers. Why don’t you play with your toys here for a minute while I get his diaper changed and then I’ll change you next okay.”

Claire said “Okay Mommy”

Mom scooped me up off the ground onto the changing table. My face was still bright red from the embarrassment of my actions.

Mom pulled my pajama shorts off and untapped my wet diaper wiping me down with a few baby wipes. Mom then set me down on the ground with just my pajama top and naked from the waist down.

I started to walk out of the room when Mom said “Hold on sweetie. I want you to hang tight here for just a few more minutes while I get your sister changed and ready to go then we can go to your room to get you your clothes for the day.

I didn’t know why Mom didn’t just let me go get dressed like a big boy. I decided not to say anything. I had caused enough attention for one morning already.

Mom said “Claire come here so we can get you out of your diaper”

As Claire was walking towards us she pointed at me and giggled saying “Carter needs a new diaper.”

Even though I secretly would love to just wear another diaper for the day, I frowned at Claire. I didn’t like my stupid little toddler sister giggling at me telling me I needed a new diaper.

Luckily Mom jumped in and said “Sweetie, your brother is a big boy. He can use the potty like a big kid during the day. He just needs diapers at night when he sleeps. Hopefully soon you will learn to use the potty during the daytime like him and be a big kid too.”

Claire said “Yes Mommy I want to be a big kid like Carter.”

I obviously wanted my little sister to stay in diapers during the daytime as long as possible, especially since today I was going to force the issue and have my first daytime accident.

When I have a moment alone playing with her, I could convince her that it’s okay for big kids to have accidents too if she sees me having an accident. That could work. I would just need to find the right moment to do that.

As all these thoughts were circulating through my head, I was brought back to earth with Mom saying “Sweetie let’s go to your room to get you changed. Claire I’ll be right back and we can all go downstairs to get breakfast okay.”

I looked over at Claire and noticed that she was already dressed for the day with Pink Shortall’s and a White Minnie Mouse t-shirt underneath.

Mom and I made our way to my room. Once we got there, Mom grabbed a pair of my underwear out of my drawer, some Khaki shorts and a plain white a t-shirt.

Mom told me to lift my arms up over my head and took my pajama top off.

She handed me my clothes saying “Sweetie, here are your clothes for the day. Please put them on. I’ll be right back to come and get you okay. I’m going to go get Claire and we can all go downstairs to get breakfast.”

I said “Okay Mommy, I mean Mom.”

Wait, did I just call her Mommy like a little toddler like Claire does.

I knew Mom noticed because as she was walking out of my bedroom door she looked back at me and winked at me with a smile saying “Mommy will be right back.”

As I was sliding my underwear on, I thought, what is going on with me. Sucking my thumb in front of Mom and Claire and now this.

I put the rest of my clothes on and waited for Mom and Claire to come back.


I think his mommy knows what happening and happy to help this transition

Chapter 13

Mom and Claire walked into my room. I saw that Claire was holding Mom’s hand and was holding what looked like one of her dolls in her other hand.

As they approached me, I realized the doll Claire was holding was actually Katie. Claire held Katie up saying “Here Carter you forgot Katie.”

I didn’t have a second thought and walked right up and took Katie from my Sister’s hand. I asked Claire where her doll was.

Claire said “She’s downstairs. Let’s play with them more.”

Mom interrupted us saying “You two will have a little time to play while I prepare breakfast before we go to the park. Let’s head downstairs.”

We all walked downstairs with Claire holding Mom’s hand and me walking closely behind holding Katie.

Once we got to the kitchen, Caitlyn was already sitting at the table. She said “Oh hey Mom. I went ahead and got the table set for breakfast. I figured you were upstairs getting the little ones ready to go.”

I glared at Caitlyn for her comment. She was being such a kiss up to Mom.

Mom responded to Caitlyn “I appreciate that honey. I’m going to get breakfast ready.”

Mom looked down at Claire and I saying “Why don’t you two go to the living room and Caitlyn will turn on some cartoons for you.”

Claire spoke up and said “Okay Mommy. Carter let’s go play with our Dollies”

Claire grabbed my hand and was sort of dragging me to the living room.

As I was passing Caitlyn, she looked over at me and winked at me with a smile saying “Have fun Little bro”

I stuck my tongue out at Caitlyn in response.

Claire and I played for about 15-20 minutes when Mom called as all to the table for breakfast.

At the breakfast table Mom turned to me saying “Carter, Doctor Campion called me and told me she had a cancellation tomorrow and is able to get both you and Claire in for a check up. Your appointment was originally for two weeks from now so happy she can get you in sooner. Caitlyn is going to her friend’s house tomorrow night for a sleepover then they have volleyball camp the next day. With that being said, the plan is to drop your big sister off then take you and Claire to your doctor’s appointment okay.”

I responded timidly saying “Sounds good Mommy.”

I was nervous about what Doctor Campion might say when Mom tells her that I have been wetting the bed.

We finished eating breakfast and Mom and Caitlyn helped clear the table while Claire and I went to the living room to play some more.

Mom walked to the living room saying “Okay. Are you guys ready to head out to go to the park?”

Claire said “Yay Mommy the park.”

Mom said to Claire “I know you are excited sweetie. Caitlyn is bringing down your diaper bag then we’ll head out. Speaking of, come here sweetie. I need to check you quickly.”

Claire walked over to Mom and Mom checked her diaper declaring it to be dry.

Mom turned to me saying “Are you ready to go sweetie.”

I said “Yes Mommy”

Caitlyn came down with the diaper bag saying “Here you are Mom.”

Mom said “Thank you Caitlyn. Let’s all head out.”

We all walked to the Mini Van and Mom buckled Claire into her Car Seat and I hopped into my Booster Seat buckling myself in.

Caitlyn jumped into the Passenger Seat up front with Mom.

When we arrived to the park, Claire got really excited and said “Carter let’s go ride on the swings.”

Mom and Caitlyn were walking closely behind. Mom called out at us saying “You two stick close okay. Carter please help Claire with the swings. Don’t let her ride on the big swings. Stick to the toddler swings next to them okay.”

I turned my head back around at Mom and said “Okay Mommy.”

Once we got to the toddler swings, Claire jumped in and I put the bar down. Only the toddler swings had a bar and they were a bucket style with back support.

I started pushing Claire and she giggled saying “Higher Carter.”

I was pushing her for about 5 minutes then started getting a little fatigued. I finally said “Claire I need to rest for a second.”

As I stopped to rest, I felt a slight urge to pee. I decided I should probably wait until we were closer to leaving to execute my plan of having my first daytime accident.

There were a few people at the park, but the park was big and spacious so people weren’t in close proximity of each other. That was good for my cause.

I decided to take a seat in the other toddler swing next to Claire’s. I was surprised I was still able to fit in it as they weren’t really designed for kids that were past 4 years old.

Claire looked over at me and said “Carter swing with me.”

I said “Well okay Sis. I will for a few minutes. I put the swing bar down and we both started swinging. It felt nice swinging back and forth with some fresh air blowing on a summer day.

After about 5 minutes I stopped. My urge to pee was stronger now.

If I was going to do this, I didn’t want to do it too close to Mom and Caitlyn where they had a plain view so I said to Claire “Hey Claire why don’t we go over to the Jungle Gym where the slides are.”

Claire said “Yay let’s go on the slides.”

We both trotted over and climbed up the Jungle Gym ladder and went down the slides. We played on the Jungle Gym for a while. It had to be close to about 30 minutes. At this point, I needed to go to the bathroom pretty bad now.

I glanced over at the park bathrooms a couple hundred feet away and knew it was now or never if I wanted to do this. It would be easier to do it in a stationary spot.

I noticed a toy shovel and a plastic bucket sitting on the sand on the far end of the park playground. One of the other toddlers must have left it when they were playing there. It was further away from where Mom and Caitlyn were sitting on the park bench and the Jungle Gym blocked them from having a clear view of us so thought this could be perfect.

I spoke up and said “Sis why don’t we go over here and make buckets of sand.”

Claire always followed my authority because I was her big brother and she was just a toddler after all. She responded saying “Okay Carter.”

We walked over there to where the plastic shovel and bucket were. Claire picked up the shovel and started using it digging up some sand.

It was easier for me to pee standing up so picked up the bucket and pretended to get a bucket of sand.

I tried to relax as much as possible and after about a minute or two was able to release my bladder. I felt pee start to trickle into my underwear and then some urine started to run down my legs. My instinct told me to stop immediately, but decided to let myself fully release my bladder.

After my bladder was completely empty, I looked down and saw there was a huge wet patch on my shorts.

Claire immediately noticed the wet patch and said “Hehe Carter you went pee pee in your pants.”

I was a little embarrassed. I couldn’t believe I just decided to wet myself like a baby in the middle of the park in front of my baby sister.

I replied to Claire to validate my accident saying “You see Claire. Even big kids like me have accidents sometimes. That’s why it’s okay for big kids to wear diapers when they need them. When you are wearing your diaper, you can just go in them and not have to worry about wet pants like me. Do you like your diapers Claire?”

Claire giggled said “Yes I like my diapees Carter.”

After a few seconds though, Claire seemed to have a puzzled look on her face. She asked me “I wear diapees. Am I a big kid like you?”

I said “Yes you are Claire. You’re a big kid just like me. Like I said, big kids wear diapers and have accidents too.”

Claire clapped her hands and said “Yay”

Claire then giggled saying “You need a diaper Carter. You can go pee pee in your diaper like me”

I said with a smile “Yes you’re right Sis. That would have helped right now with my accident.”

Claire and I played with the bucket and shovel in the playground sand for about 5 more minutes then Mom and Caitlyn walked over to us saying “Hey you two, you looked like you both had a lot of fun playing with each other.”

Claire chimed in saying “Yes we did Mommy.”

Mom then looked over at me and saw the huge wet spot on my shorts and said “Oh no sweetie, what happened?”

Before I could speak, Claire spoke up and said “Carter went pee pee Mommy.”

Mom said “Sweetie. You had an accident?” with a surprised look on her face. After a couple seconds she said “Why didn’t you go to the park restrooms over there.?”

I did my best to have a very sad, defeated look on my face and think of a good response.

After a few seconds I said “I’m so sorry Mommy. Please don’t be mad. I tried to hold it. Me and Claire were having a good time and I didn’t want to leave her. It was an accident. I waited too long.”

Mom had a more concerned look on her face now and said “Oh sweetie, I’m not mad. I’m just concerned you’re having accidents in the daytime now. I’m really glad Doctor Campion was able to get us in tomorrow to see what’s going on.”

I whined saying “But Mommy it was just one daytime accident. It won’t happen again.”

Mom, with a still concerned look on her face said “I really hope not sweetie.”

Mom turned to Claire and reached down and unsnapped the snaps on her short-all’s to check her diaper and said “You’re wet too sweetie.”

Mom grabbed Claire’s hand then she grabbed my hand too for some reason saying “Let’s head to the car so we can get home to get you both changed.”

If you were a stranger walking past us in the park, I could only imagine the visual of you seeing me holding my Mom’s hand with a huge wet spot on my shorts. You would probably think I was just a toddler like my sister Claire.


I think someone gonna ride home in thick underpants and mommy have some plan to how take care of him

Curious to see where this one goes

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This story is building well can’t wait for more

Chapter 14

Our big, local park in our area was only a 10 minute drive from our house. That was a good thing for me so I wouldn’t have to be in my icky, sticky wet clothes for too long from my accident.

As Mom was putting Claire into her car seat on the driver side of the Minivan, Caitlyn looked down at me on the passenger side with a smirk on her face saying “Wow Carter, you’re not doing this on purpose to get attention are you?”

It looked like she was doing everything in her power not to laugh and make fun of me.

I got all defensive saying “Why would I do that Big Sis. I don’t know what’s going on with me. Can you please not make fun of me.”

Caitlyn said “Don’t worry. Mom has told me I would be in trouble if I did so your safe. Besides, Mom has also promised me increased allowance if I’m good and help more with Claire so Mom can help you with your little wetting issues.”

I felt a little embarrassed by Caitlyn’s statement. I didn’t say anything and did my best to avoid eye contact with her as I hopped into my booster seat and buckled myself in. I was happy though that Mom had that talk with her about not teasing me.

Once we were home, Mom asked Caitlyn “Can you do me a huge favor honey and change Claire into a clean diaper in her room. I’m going to help Carter with his wet clothes.”

Caitlyn said “Of Course Mom.”

Caitlyn and Claire walked ahead of us up the stairs. Mom and I followed them up and walked into my room.

Once we were in my room, before I could do anything, Mom kneeled down in front of me and quickly pulled down my wet shorts and undies to my ankles in one motion.

She then told me to lift my arms up over my head and pulled my tee shirt off saying “Sweetie, why don’t you go rinse off for a quick shower while I throw these wet clothes and your other dirty clothes in the laundry. I’ll be here when you get out okay.”

At that moment, I felt a little insecure as I was standing in front of Mom with no clothes on. I don’t know why I was at this point. Mom had changed me into a diaper the last couple nights after all and earlier this morning I was walking down the hallway with just my Pajama Top on. Luckily the bathroom that my brother Cody and I shared was connected to our room.

I quickly trotted to my bathroom door and took a 5 minute cold shower, which felt nice and refreshing in the middle of a summer day.

I walked back out of my bathroom with a towel around my waist and Mom was there sitting on the bottom bunk waiting for me and said “Did it feel nice to rinse off sweetie?”

I said “Yes it did Mommy. I was all sticky. Now I’m clean.”

Mom smiled saying “Good. You do smell nice and clean sweetie. Let’s get you into some fresh clothes.”

I noticed that Mom already had a pair of underwear, shorts and a t-shirt lying on the bed next to her.

I was expecting Mom to just hand me my clothes for me to change into, but instead she came up to me and pulled my towel off of my waist. She kneeled down in front of me and held out the clean pair of underwear at my ankles and told me to step into them.

I decided not to say anything about Mom dressing me and just continued to listen to her.

I had to admit, I was actually starting to like the increased attention I seemed to be getting from her since she started changing me into diapers at night. It sort of allowed me to take my mind off of everything and I felt like I had less to worry about. Maybe Mom could sense that too, which is why she was helping me more with everything.

I stepped into my pair of underwear that Mom held open and she pulled them up my legs around my waist.

Once Mom finished dressing me in my shorts and T-shirt, she said “Let’s go downstairs so you can play some more with Claire before I prepare lunch okay.”

I said “Okay Mommy.”

The rest of the afternoon went by quickly. Claire and I played with our dolls Katie and Kristin and watched cartoons for a few hours before and after our lunch. I was having so much fun playing with Claire that I didn’t even think to step away and go to my room to play my video games.

We ordered pizza for dinner and Mom turned on the movie, The Little Mermaid for us all to watch after. I didn’t mind the movie choice. I have really started to enjoy watching Claire’s toddler cartoons this past week anyway so this was no different.

During the movie we heard my Dad walk through the door.

Dad said “Hey Kid’s I’m Home.”

Mom paused the Movie and Claire ran up to Dad to give him a hug saying “Daddy, Daddy I miss you.”

Dad playfully picked Claire up and swung her around saying “I missed you too Sweet Pea.”

Dad carried Claire to the coach and set her down. He turned to Caitlyn saying “Caitlyn were you helpful for your Mom today?”

Caitlyn said “Of course Dad. Ask Mom, I helped a lot today, especially with Carter’s little accident at the park.”

I gulped and got super nervous when Caitlyn said that. Why did she have to bring my accident up. What was Dad going to say. He is going to be very upset when he finds out and call me a baby.”

Dad turned to me with a serious look on his face saying “What happened at the park today Son?”

I hesitated to respond. Luckily Mom came to my rescue saying “Babe we’ll talk about it later. All you need to know is that Carter was a good boy today and played nicely with Claire.”

Dad rubbed my head saying “Well good. That’s what I like to hear Son.”

Mom deflected the conversation saying to Dad “If you’re hungry Honey, there is some leftover pizza in the fridge. The kids and I are going to finish watching this movie and then we will get them ready for bed.”

Dad replied “Oh yes thank you hon. I’m very hungry. Didn’t have time for a full lunch today at work.”

“Kid’s, one quick thing I want to tell you, then I’ll let you get back to your movie. As you all know, I’m going to be leaving for training camp in a few days. I thought this Sunday since it’s supposed to be hot, we could spend my last day before my trip at the water park since I won’t get to see you all for a few weeks. How does that sound?”

Claire jumped up off the coach all excited and said “Yay Daddy, the Water Park,”

Caitlyn said “Sounds fun Dad. Can I please possibly invite a friend too?”

Dad thought about it and said “Well, it was supposed to be a family day. Ask your Mother.”

Caitlyn turned to Mom and pleaded “Please Mom.”

Mom said “Yes you can sweetie as long as you promise to behave like a mature young lady and don’t complain about helping me more while Dad is away on his trip. And you promise me not to tease Carter about you know what.”

Caitlyn said “Of course Mom I promise.”

Mom said “Well okay then.”

Caitlyn said “Thanks Mom” enthusiastically.

Dad said “It’s settled then. I’ll let you all get back to your movie. I’m starving.”

We finished watching the rest of the movie and Mom turned to Claire and I saying “Okay you two, let’s get you both changed for bed. Don’t forget your dollies on the floor there.

Claire and I picked up Katie and Kristin. Mom grabbed Claire’s hand. I was surprised when Mom turned to me and grabbed my hand as well. I remembered she grabbed my hand at the park earlier too. I was a big kid and could walk by myself, but I guess I didn’t mind it for now.

Caitlyn walked ahead of us up the stairs saying “Goodnight Mom.”

Once we all got to Claire’s room. Mom went into Claire’s closet to retrieve a couple diapers for us. She lifted Claire up onto the changing table saying “You first sweetie.”

Mom changed Claire out of her clothes and wet diaper and into a fresh diaper and pink nightgown with Disney princess on it. She set Claire down in her crib and gave her one of her pacifiers saying “I’m going to get your brother changed into his diaper for bed too than I’ll be back to tuck you in okay sweetie.”

Claire said “Okay Mommy.”

Mom turned to me and lifted me onto the changing table next stripping my shorts and underwear off. She changed me into my diaper with ease and lifted me back down to the ground. This was the 3rd night in a row of my diaper routine and I was getting used to it.

Mom reached down and grabbed my hand saying “Okay sweetie, let’s go to your room and we can get you into your PJ’s okay.”

I said “Okay Mommy sounds good.”

Once we got to my Room, Mom retrieved a pair of my old short sleeve pajamas with the Paw Patrol print on them.

I hadn’t worn those for at least a few years since they were babyish and opted for pajamas with more big kid designs such as Spiderman or my favorite Sports Teams. I didn’t think I still kept them in my drawer.

Either way, I didn’t care. I just let Mom put them on me. When Mom had me step into the pajama shorts and Top, they actually still fit me perfectly.

Mom told me to climb up into my bed and handed me Katie saying “Here’s Katie sweetie.”

I grabbed Katie from Mom shyly saying “Thanks Mommy.”

Mom then retrieved another item from her pocket. As she brought it closer to me, I realized it was one of Claire’s pacifiers. Mom handed it to me saying “Here’s your pacifier for bed too sweetie.”

Inside I was jumping for joy. I could use one for bed now without having to hide it anymore. I didn’t expect Mom to offer me one though!

I did my best to hide any excitement. I decided to contest her to try and hide any suspicion of me wanting a pacifier saying “Mommy I don’t need a pacifier. I’m not a baby.”

Mom said “Well sweetie, you were sucking your thumb when I woke you up this morning. I thought it would be better if you had a pacifier for bed instead so you don’t get germs. It doesn’t mean you’re a baby. Big kids still use them too when they need them. Look at your sister Claire. She still uses one for bed too. Hopefully you and Claire will stop your thumb sucking habit soon though so you both won’t need your pacifiers anymore.”

I felt better about Mom’s comment. Plus, Mom did have a point. I was sucking my thumb without even realizing it last night and also this morning in Claire’s bedroom.

I grabbed the pacifier from Mom saying “Well okay Mommy. Thank you for saying I’m not a baby for using one. I didn’t mean to suck my thumb.”

Mom smiled saying “I know you didn’t sweetie” and kissed me on the forehead.

Mom turned off my light and said “Sweet dreams.”

As Mom shut the door, there was a huge smile on my face. I took the pacifier in my hand and pushed it into my mouth. I started sucking on it and held Katie against my chest. I was out like a light within a few short minutes.

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I think mommy has a plan to help carter being a little boy again ! And she loving

Really hoping to see more of this story

It’s been a busy time for me so I appreciate your patience. Haven’t had much time to write recently. The next chapter is in the works though and I hope to have it up very soon.


Brilliant story all I have to say is brilliant

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Chapter 15

During some point in the night I woke up with the need to pee. I was groggy and tired as I had been in a deep sleep. My eyes were sort of half open when I released my bladder and felt a stream of pee go into my diaper. It took little effort to let go in bed in comparison to a week ago when I first started doing it.

After I completely soaked my diaper I fell right back to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to Mom checking my diaper saying “Rise and shine sweetie. Climb down here and we can get you changed and ready to go for the day.”

I climbed down my bunk ladder and started to walk out my room down the hall to Claire’s room. Well, I guess you could say it was more of a waddle when my diaper was wet like this. Mom followed closely behind me.

Once we got to Claire’s room I noticed she wasn’t there. I was about to speak up and ask Mom where Claire was. That’s when I realized I had something in my mouth. It was the pacifier!

Wow, I thought. I can’t believe it was in my mouth this whole time after Mom woke me up and I didn’t even realize it.

My face went red with embarrassment and I quickly spit it out of my mouth watching it fall to the ground.

Mom saw my face and said “Oh sweetie what are you embarrassed about?”

I looked down to the ground avoiding eye contact with mom saying “Mommy I didn’t even realize my pacifier was in my mouth.”

Mom bent down and lifted the bottom of my chin up with her fingers saying “Oh sweetie there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Like a said to you before, it’s okay to use your pacifier when you need it. That is what it’s for.”

I shyly replied “Well okay Mommy.”

Mom smiled then scooped me up off the ground saying “Let’s get you changed and ready to go for the day so we can go downstairs to join both your sisters for breakfast.”

Mom changed me out of my wet diaper quickly and we walked back to my room. She opened my drawer and retrieved a pair of my underwear, some blue jean shorts, and a baby blue t-shirt. She set my clothes down on the bed next to me and told me to lift my arms up over my head.

I just listened to what she said and before I knew it, Mom was pulling my PJ top off. She proceeded to start dressing me like she did yesterday.

Well, I thought, Mommy changes me into and out of my diapers for bedtime now, so I didn’t mind it if she wanted to start helping me get dressed too.

As she was sliding my underwear up my legs she said “Let’s try not to have any accident’s today and keep your big boy underwear dry okay sweetie.”

I was caught off guard when Mom said this.

Was Mom really questioning my ability to stay dry like a toddler after just my one accident yesterday. I wondered if that meant I was closer to her putting me back into diapers during the day as well. Would she consider doing that after another daytime accident. I knew I needed to space my next daytime accident out though so that she wasn’t suspicious of me doing it in purpose. So far, I had done a good job of that.

As I finished formulating all these thoughts in my head, I realized Mom had already completely dressed me and was grabbing my hand walking me out of my room down the stairs.

Once we got the kitchen, I saw that Caitlyn was sitting on the couch in the living room watching Claire. Claire appeared to be watching one of her shows.

Mom said “Sweetie, why don’t you join Claire in the living room and watch cartoons with her. Can you also please tell Caitlyn to come to the kitchen to help me.

I said “Okay Mommy.”

As I walked to the living room, Caitlyn said “Oh hey sleepyhead look who’s finally up.”

I paused for a moment and said “Big Sis, Mommy wants you to go the kitchen to help her while I watch cartoons with Claire.”

Caitlyn giggled at my response for some reason and said “Okay little bro. You and Claire have fun watching your cartoons.”

Caitlyn got up from the couch and I started walking over to where Claire was. I looked up at the TV and realized it was another episode of Blues Clues. I remembered I really get into that show the other day so I was actually happy it was on again.

As I approached Claire. I noticed that she was wearing one of her white toddler dresses with pink and purple flowers printed on it and some pink leggings. She was lying on her belly on her blanket on the ground looking up at the TV. Her dress had rode up a bit as a result and I could tell she was wearing a diaper under her leggings. I was so jealous.

I caught Claire’s attention when I was right behind her. She turned her head back at me and said “Carter sit here. Watch Blue’s Clues”

I sat down next to her and within a couple minutes, I was really getting into the show again. My deep attention on the show was interrupted when Mom called out at us from the kitchen “Claire, Carter come to the table. Breakfast is ready.”

Claire and I got up and trotted over to the kitchen table.

As we were finishing up breakfast, Mom said to Caitlyn “Caitlyn can you please watch Claire and Carter for about 15 minutes while I go upstairs to brush up quickly and get Claire’s diaper bag packed up for their Doctor’s appointment?”

Caitlyn said “Yes Mom.”

Mom said “Thanks honey. Also, do you have everything packed and ready to go for your sleepover tonight and for volleyball camp tomorrow?”

Caitlyn replied with a slightly annoyed look on her face “Yes Mom. I’m ready to go. Go get ready and I’ll watch them.”

Mom walked up the stairs and Claire and I played in the living room for a little while longer.

Mom came back down the stairs holding Claire’s diaper bag and turned to Caitlyn saying “Thank you for watching them Caitlyn. Carter and Claire let’s get going okay. We don’t want to be late for your doctor’s appointment and we need to drop off your big sister at her friend’s house on the way.”

Once we were all in the minivan and in route, Mom and Caitlyn were talking, but I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying. My mind was preoccupied with the doctor’s appointment. I was a little worried what doctor Campion was going to say or think once Mom told her about my bedwetting and her diapering me.

I was disrupted from my thoughts with Caitlyn opening the car door saying “Bye Mom. See you tomorrow.”

Caitlyn was greeted by her friend and her friends Mom at their front door and Mom waved at them through the car window.

We arrived to the parking lot next to the building of our doctor’s office shortly after and Mom unbuckled Claire from her car seat. I unbuckled myself from my booster seat and jumped out of the car.

Once we were all out of the car, Mom grabbed both of our hands and we made our way to the elevator inside the building. I asked Mom what floor it is on.

Mom said “It’s on Floor 3 sweetie. Can you push the button?”

I pushed the circle button with a 3 on it and it lit up.

We reached our floor and made our way down the floor hall to our doctor’s office waiting room door. Mom opened the door to the waiting room. Once we entered, Mom pointed at two open chairs close by and told Claire and I to go sit and stay there while she gets us signed in for our appointment.

Claire and I sat down and I started scanning the entire room. There were probably about 20 other patients sitting, scattered across the room, waiting for their appointments. Several of the patients in the room were parents with their kids, toddlers, and a couple babies as well.

Our doctor’s office was a small family practice with a few doctors that worked there so there were usually many patients waiting.

The waiting room was pretty big with enough seats to accommodate several more people and included a small play area section as well. I saw that one of the toddlers was playing with some of the toys in the play area.

Mom came over and sat down next to Claire and I after she signed us in and we all waited patiently as the Nurses assistants would open the door to the doctor’s office every few minutes or so calling out a patient for their appointment.

Finally, one of the Nurses assistants opened the door and called out our names “Appointment for Carter and Claire. We are ready for you.”

Mom turned to Claire and I saying. “Okay you two let’s go.”

Claire and I jumped out of our seats. Mom grabbed our hands and lead us through the patient waiting room door.

I looked up at the Nurse’s assistant and she looked like she was pretty tall, almost as tall as Mom. She looked like she was a little younger too, probably in her mid to late 20’s if I had to guess. She greeted herself to us with a warm, friendly smile saying “Hello, I’m Nurse Emily. Follow me this way please.”

We followed her down the hall until Nurse Emily stopped at the measuring scale.

She looked down at Claire and I saying “Okay Carter and Claire. Let’s get a quick measurement of you both then we’ll take you in to see Doctor Campion. Who wants to go first?

After Nurse Emily said that, I started to tense up and get nervous. I didn’t want to be measured.

Nurse Emily looked down at me and could see I looked uncomfortable. She then looked over at Claire and said “How about you first Claire.”

Mom said “Claire walk over to Nurse Emily okay so she can take your measurement.”

Claire said “Okay Mommy”.

As Claire was walking over to Nurse Emily next to the measurement scale, she looked a lot more comfortable and at ease than I did. It should be the other way around with me being her older brother.

Claire stepped on the scale and Nurse Emily took her measurements. She commented on Claire’s final measurement saying “My, my you are getting to be a big girl aren’t you. 3ft, 7 inches and 43 pounds. That’s 7 inches taller since your last visit sweetie.”

Nurse Emily then looked down at me and said “Okay Carter, your turn. I was still holding Mom’s hand and sort of hiding behind her. I was shaking a little bit too.”

Nurse Emily said “Oh Carter. There’s nothing to be scared about sweetie. We are just taking your measurement”

Mom let go of my hand saying “Don’t be shy honey. Go on over to Nurse Emily. It’ll be okay.”

I hesitatingly walked over to nurse Emily very slowly and she said “Good boy.”

I stepped on the scale and Nurse Emily started shifting the scale tool. My heart was racing.

After a couple seconds in what felt like an eternity to me, Nurse Emily said “4ft, 1 inch and 54 pounds.” Nurse Emily flipped through her clipboard and she looked like she had a bit of a puzzled look on her face.

I felt so ashamed and embarrassed at that moment. My worst fears were realized. I barely grew at all since my last visit.

I then thought about Claire’s new measurement and was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I was now only 6 inches taller and about 10 pounds heavier than her! How was that possible? She wasn’t even 4 yet and I was 10 years old. Why couldn’t I grow more like her and the rest of my family? Why was I so small?

I stepped off the scale and walked back over to Mom with my head down and a defeated look on my face.”

Nurse Emily noticed my reaction and said “Cheer up Carter. Everyone grows and develops at a different pace. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. You’ll get a growth spurt soon sweetie.”

I didn’t feel much better about the Nurse Emily’s comment.

We walked down the hall a little further and Nurse Emily opened the door to one of the patient examination rooms saying “Doctor Campion will be here in a couple minutes to see you. It was nice to meet you and thank you all.” She closed the door behind her.

As I was looking around the patient examination room, everything looked bigger to me for some reason, including the examination table. My body was tingling and I was nervous in anticipation of Dr. Campion walking through the door.

So many thoughts were racing through my head at the moment. What was Doctor Campion going to say about my bedwetting? Would Doctor Campion say anything about my small size and lack of growth?

I was interrupted by my thoughts with the sound of the examination room door opening…Oh boy here we go.


Happy to see a new chapter !
I think doctor gonna help carter to be a little boy again like he wishes

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