The Lisbon treaty

Just thought i would start this, does anyone have any opinion on the referendum coming up?

Re: The Lisbon treaty

Only a referendum in Ireland…

But you bloody better reject the thing: whilst I accept that I would struggle to be more blindly Euro-sceptic, I do think that the Union is essentially structurally unsound. It removes decision making from useful levels and imposes the will of the people of one nation on others as well as being a bloody great big waste of money. I’m less concerned about things such as common foreign policy, but the greater executive powers are bad news.

Re: The Lisbon treaty

yeah its only in ireland but it affects everyone in the eu.
The thing is tho if it doesnt go thruough the government will just try and put it through again, this is the second time its been put to a vote and they are doing just as a terrible job of expaining it to everyone. on a selfish note i think it should be voted but thats just because the way the government is pushing this they are making it sound that if we say no we will be ignored in europe