The Liger Cub

Chapter 1

“Did Mommy’s sweet widdle cub wake up?” A tan-furred lioness asked in a sweet voice. Maximus, a liger, awoke to find himself as a cub again.

It’s this dream again, Maximus realized. Looking back, he saw Sarabi’s morning grin. She was pushing him in a stroller, cooing over her cute cub. The only downside to this dream was his attire.

Maximus was always in a pair of soggy padding and a sailor suit. He would’ve asked why the sailor suit but all that came out was, “Ba gah muh!”

“Such cute baby babble. Goo-goo gaa-gaa to you too sweetheart.” Sarabi tousled his hair. Maximus blushed at her touch. She gushed even more so over his sudden purring.

Soon they reached the local playground. Sarabi unbuckled him from the stroller, digging a claw into his padding. While he was definitely wet, it wasn’t enough to warrant a change.

Throwing him on her hip, Sarabi goes over to the swings. Maximus cringed from feeling wet padding pressed against his bottom. But those concerns vanished when she started pushing him. Sarabi took delight in hearing her cub’s gleeful ‘wees’. Maximus did too.

Until he looked behind him.

For a brief moment a unicorn-like figure, standing on all fours, covered in shadows watched them. It said nothing, just continued staring at them. The cub started crying from the sight of it. While bawling his eyes out, he suddenly stopped swinging. Sarabi lifted him from the swing, rocking him in her arms.

“Aw what scared my wittle wub? Did I push too hard? Is that it, did mommy push her wittle wub too hard? Well, she’s certainly sorry! Yes, she is, yes she is,” Sarabi cooed. Maximus’s cries reduced a few sobs, her heartbeat soothing to his ears. She ‘awed’ when he gave a cute smile.

His stomach growled and she gushed over him even more. “Is that what mummy’s cub was so fussy over? Were you just a hungry cub?”

Sarabi plopped her behind on a park bench, reaching for a bottle in the stroller’s bottom pocket. Maximus soon suckled from the bottle, blushing as the lioness ran a paw through his developing mane.

“Mommy’s so lucky to have such a cutie pie.” Sarabi gushed. A few giggles escaped Maximus’s maw until he saw it again. This time, the shadowy unicorn was at the swing set. It still said nothing. Choosing only to watch them briefly.

Then made it a dash towards them. Maximus started crying, desperately hoping this ‘mommy’ noticed the unicorn too. If she did, Sarabi didn’t seem to care. The shadowy unicorn leaped towards them. Once near enough to Maximus, it unhinged its jaw.

At this moment, Maximus finally woke up. He grabbed his head, drenched in sweat.

“I hate that dream,” Maximus muttered. Off to his bedside, he frowned at the vacant spot. Usually, a certain blue cat would occupy that spot. Now she was gone and seeing that empty spot hurt so much.

Maximus haphazardly made his way into the shower. Lukewarm water felt soothing to ease his mind. If it wasn’t for that unicorn, he’d otherwise have had a wonderful dream of his - he cringed thinking of calling her this - waifu. For now, he focused on his plans to meet up with a few colleagues.


Maximus, a Golden Retriever, and a hippo sat at a restaurant’s outside table. The Golden Retriever, whilst dining on a steak, paid him little mind. Their hippo colleague, whilst eating an eggplant parmesan, would occasionally glance but said nothing. They already knew why he invited them for lunch.

“The answer is no.”

Maximus sighed. He half-expected that to be their answer.

“You don’t even know what I want.”

Margaret and Rita share a passing glance. He didn’t have to say anything. Calling these two specifically for a favor only meant one thing.

“We’re not making any more plush golems. Especially not a Sarabi one,” Rita said with Margaret nodding. The hippo cringed just thinking about making another one.

“Come on Rita, you’ve already made plush golems before. How hard could it be to-”

“Creating one is not that simple or easy. It took me and Margaret months to find the materials necessary to create the ones we used on Puss. Besides, you want a glorified sex doll that’ll baby you instead of fucking you. For her to be exactly like Sarabi, we’d have to kill her,” Rita explained in a dismissive tone while Margaret continued nodding. Maximus’s ears drooped. The implications meant horrifying things considering the existence of certain plush golems he knew about.

“Wait… does that mean?”

“This method did give us Plush-Runt and Plush-Brian. Though I will admit, I’m not too certain about that otter. It doesn’t have a soul but it still feels off seeing the dear,” Margaret answered. The color drained from the liger’s face.

Well, that’s certainly off the table.

Maximus dropped his fork, sighing. This entire exchange proved pointless. If having a plush golem meant killing, then he was better off without. However, Margaret could sense his distress.

“Mind if I ask why Sarabi of all characters?” Margaret asked. Considering his past, she assumed someone like Master Tigress would be an ideal choice for him. Seeing as in their previous incarnation, she was his mother.

Maximus held his head up, thinking back to his childhood.

Unloved by both parents and given a surname neither had, it was rough. Especially considering his education, entirely self-taught with strict and time-consuming deadlines, left little for entertainment. On rare occasions he finished before bedtime, he indulged in movies.

Though The Lion King was the only movie he got to watch.

“Sarabi’s ideal. She’s pretty, nice, and loving. As a cub, I was mesmerized by how she walked through that pack of angry hyenas, not worried or concerned for her own safety. How sad she was about her own cub and husband’s lives.”

“Meanwhile your parents locked you in a house because you’re a hybrid. Your mom even nearly killed a twelve-year-old kitten,” Rita casually reminded them while taking another bite of steak. All three of them shuddered thinking of a certain blue cat as a kitten being beaten up by an adult tigress.

“Well, my hotel is up and running. I’m certain some lady is looking for a handsome lad like yourself to baby. I could-” Margaret started before Maximus cut in. The liger shook his head.

“No thank you. I appreciate it but… I’d rather not trust a stranger to wipe my butt.” Maximus responded. None of them said anything else. They simply chose to eat in silence. Though Margaret and Rita looked at each other.

A wordless conversation between them ended with them nodding. Perhaps there was a way to grant his wish.

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Chapter 2

The following day, Maximus was at work with his head in his paws. He worked at a friend’s kink convenience store, a Walmart-style store that also sold kink items. Everyone, besides the manager, rotated sections each week.

This week, he worked in the ABDL section of the store. Sadly, since he was late to work, he was thrown into diapers by their co-manager as punishment. Besides a few giggles from a few customers, it didn’t bother him.

“Pardon me, may I have your help?” she asked. Maximus’s jaw dropped.

A lioness with tan fur and amber eyes approached. He’d recognize her anywhere. Though the original version wasn’t bipedal like this one is, it was impossible to mistake her for anyone else.

Sarabi, former Queen of the Pridelands, smiled at him.

Holy shit, am I dreaming?! Maximus wondered. He stammered out incoherent words, much to Sarabi’s enjoyment. She giggled at his cute babbling, causing him to babble even harder.

Eventually, she pinched his lips shut, “Such a cute widdle cub. Can you help me with some shopping? I need some stuff for my little.” Hearing that brought down Maximus’s enjoyment sufficiently.

Figures she’d already have a little. Why wouldn’t she? He thought. Regardless, he nodded. It was his job to help customers after all.

During Sarabi’s visit, she always gave him a sideways glance before making a decision. Diapers, diaper covers, bottles, outfits, anything abdl-related she always gave him a second glance. As if she was making sure they’d fit him or someone similar.

All of it culminating in her buying her stuff and leaving.

“Wait! You didn’t get your change!” Maximus called. Sarabi looked back at him and winked.

“Consider it on the house. See ya soon, widdle cubby liggy.” Sarabi waved. He tilted his head until he looked at her money. Between a twenty and a ten was a small note. On it was a phone number and hotel number.

As Sarabi was leaving, a large white dragon walked past her. The dragon stared oddly at her. Sarabi turned to her, asking, “Is there a problem?”

“I don’t know,” Mother Dragon answered. Sarabi hmphed, shot Maximus another wink, and took her leave. When she was gone Mother Dragon whispered, “Yet."

Turning back, she saw Maximus fondly looking at the note she left him. He was even purring, something his breed of feline shouldn’t be capable of doing. Mother Dragon grabbed the note, eyes focused on Maximus.

“What do you intend to do about this?” Mother Dragon asked. Maximus took the note back from her, frowning.

“I’ll probably see what this is about. Besides, with Kitten gone, I…” Maximus trailed off. Mother Dragon nodded. Besides the dragon’s puppy, he was equally devastated by Azalea’s abduction.

“Say no more, my puppy’s been just as lonely. I do warn you to be careful. I wouldn’t want you getting your hopes up,” Mother Dragon said. Maximus, his eyes never leaving the note, nodded. Having one’s ideal mommy-figure babying them was certainly an opportunity not to be passed up.


Later that night, a call to Sarabi led Maximus to a hotel. Specifically, Margaret’s kink hotel, Fetish-Tel if he recalled correctly. More specifically, the one dedicated strictly to ABDL-related kinks. He cringed looking at the sign.

“Someone really needs to learn to name stuff better,” Maximus said to no one in particular. Sarabi texted him again, asking him to look up. From his motorcycle, he saw her peeking out a window, waving to him. He waved back, parked his bike, and entered the building.

Even though Maximus knew what to expect, it still took him by surprise. Dozens of fur in various ABDL-themed attire. Some dressed as babies, toddlers, or big kids along with adult furs. Entire ageplay-based families were waiting in the lobby.

“Excuse me!” Someone yelled. Brushing Maximus was an adult hyena in a thick diaper being pushed in a stroller by a small meerkat. The hyena blushed, burying her face in her paws while her caretaker laughed.

“Now that’s something you don’t see every day,” Maximus mumbled. Plucking the note from his pocket, it had room number G39. Making his way to the elevators, he’s stopped by a friend.

“Maximus? What are you doing here?” Margaret asked while approaching her friend. Maximus held up the note with a smile.

“Craziest thing happened, I met Sarabi earlier and she gave me a note with her room number.” Maximus handed Margaret the note. She blinked a few times. One of her pantsuit threads grabbed a tablet, allowing the hippo to check their guest registry.

And sure enough, she found a ‘Sarabi’ registered in that room.

But… Margaret started to worry until she looked up at Maximus’s concerned face.

“Is something-”

“No! Go have fun, I was just confirming something,” Margaret waved off. The liger frowned slightly. He and Margaret had been friends long enough to know something was wrong. Regardless, he continued to the elevator. They waved each other off, then Margaret sighed.

Just be careful, Margaret hoped.


Maximus arrived at Sarabi’s room number. He didn’t need to knock. Sarabi already had the door opened. She greeted him with that motherly smile he always associated her with. His hair is given a playful tousle as she cooed over him.

“Such a cute widdle cub,” Sarabi cooed. Blushing, he looked up at her. Just seeing her made him feel small. Now, in his head, a small cub, he took Sarabi’s paw as she himself. If there was something he had to give Margaret credit for was authenticity. The room Sarabi had rented felt like a home away from home. But he didn’t have long to take in his surroundings.

Before long, Sarabi led him into the nursery and got him into one of the thick diapers she brought earlier. She stepped away from Maximus, gesturing for him to come to her.

“Come to mama, wittle liggy.” Maximus got off the changing table, his feet wobbled from the thickness. Blushing, he took awkward baby-waddles to her. Failing to maintain her glee, she gushed over it. “Awe look at my cub’s waddle!” Maximus, face still crimson with blush, lowered his head.

Sarabi gave his diapered butt a firm squeeze. She gently tousled his hair for a bit before walking to the closet. Her paws patted her knees, gesturing again for him to come to her.

“Come to mama and we’ll get you into a pwetty outfit? Would you wike twat, mama’s widdle liggy kit?” Sarabi asked. Maximus kept his head lowered with his eyes closed. He smiled, nodding slightly.

“Ye-yes,” Maximus whispered. With every step he took, Sarabi kept referring to him as her ‘widdle cub’. Outwardly, he blushed and nodded his head. Inwardly, it felt like a dream come true.

This has to be a dream. Maximus kept repeating that in his head. Right now, he is experiencing every guy’s dream. The dream, albeit his, was more specific, of being in the same room as someone they admired.

When he reached her, she lifted his head, showing him that same smile he loved. Just seeing it reassured him it wasn’t a dream. Using her free paw, she opened the closet door behind. In it are all the outfits Maximus helped Sarabi pick out.

When he gasped in shock, Sarabi couldn’t help but laugh. She clapped her paws together.

“Dress-up time!”

If he recalled, she brought him four outfits.

The first of which felt nostalgic. Not that he’d ever worn it but… Azalea did. He strutted around in a yellow dress with ruffles on the ends of its lower rims and puffy sleeves. In terms of length, it barely covered the upper half of his diaper. A yellow strapless bonnet on his head.

Using her phone, Sarabi took a picture of it, saying, “Baby’s first dress.”

Maximus’s ears flatten. Sarabi never mentioned taking pictures of him like this.

“Uh… Miss Sarabi, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t take pictures of me like this,” Maximus requested. It was a simple request. But Sarabi’s face made it seem as if he asked her to perform brain surgery.

“But how will we save our time together?” Sarabi wondered. Maximus gingerly grabbed his tail. That was true… he’d definitely like some record of their time together. Even so, he wished Sarabi asked him first.

“Well… I…” Maximus stammered to find the right words. Sarabi wrapped her arms around him, burying her worried cub in her soft fur. She gently rubbed his back, sighing.

“Mommy would be very happy if cubby let her take pictures of her adorable cub. Pwease?” Sarabi pouted, lip quivering. Maximus averted his eyes from her gaze. This was his dream come true… so who could it hurt?
Maximus nodded. Sarabi squealed gleefully.

“Alright, next outfit!”

Maximus waddled about on a hobby unicorn. A long-sleeve plaid onesie with a jeans-style skirt. Along with that, he wore a small cowgirl hat and a pair of brown leather booties. Sarabi clapped as he went around in a circle for her amusement.

“Ride ‘em cowgirl!”

Maximus kept his head down. Pictures or not, this certainly felt humiliating.

After she took several pictures, the next outfit came. Like the first outfit, it was a dress except it was pink. There were white ruffles around the collar and puffy sleeves. A pink ribbon was tied around his waist. He stumbled around in a pair of pink booties. Meanwhile, Sarabi tied a pink bow into his hair. He closed his eyes, blushing Sarabi gushing over his cute outfit.

This is humiliating.

“I should’ve brought a frog plush to complete the ensemble.” Sarabi sighed. Oh well, there was always next time.

“Sarabi, can I wear something less… girly?” Maximus whined. The lioness shook her head. She pinched his cheek, still smiling.

“But you look so cute in them.”

“But I don’t-” Maximus’s request is stopped by Sarabi putting a paw digit to his lip. A different outfit, this time a sleeper is handed to her free paw by her tail.

“Okay, we’ll put away the girly stuff for now.”

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. A pleasant smelling aroma was picked up on by both felines. Pizza to be exact.

“Let’s eat.”

Several minutes later, Sarabi helped Maximus into a highchair. The sleeper from earlier was one model after a blonde-fur lioness. He mumbled a bit about wearing it but Sarabi squashed his feeble resistance.

Moving the table next to his highchair, she sat next to him. Flipping the pizza box open, an XL pepperoni pizza awaited them. Maximus salivated at the slight of it. He was surprised that after tying a bib around his neck that she let him eat pizza.

Admittedly, he half expected to be fed baby food or Sarabi puree his slices.

“Here comes the pizza plane,” she said while feeding him. Occasionally, she poked his cheek with a slice, bits of cheese and sauce splashing on his cheek. By the end, his cheeks were damp from pizza sauce and grease.

“Mommy has such a messy cub. Yes, she does, yes she does,” Sarabi cooed as she took a wet cloth to his face. He purred at her touch.

“Thank you, Miss Sarabi.”

“That’s Mama Sarabi for you, cubby.” Sarabi got up, retrieving a large bottle full of milk from the kitchen. She helped Maximus out of the highchair. The pair move to the couch, the liger resting his head in Sarabi’s lap.

As she channel surfed, Maximus drank from his bottle. Its sweet, creamy taste, combined with his full stomach, lulled him to sleep.

An hour or so later, Maximus woke up on a changing table. His sleeper was removed, leaving him completely naked while Sarabi tossed his used diaper away. They lock eyes, Sarabi’s trailing down to his erected penis.

Maximus’s blushed, covering his face. Which, of course, Sarabi gushed over. He moaned as she started giving him a pawjob.

“Such a big, strong penis for Mama’s widdle cub,” Sarabi praised. Her paws ran up and down his shaft, increasing the pace steadily. Maximus felt flustered, involuntarily purring.

He shook his head, begging, “Sarabi… stop.”

“Don’t worry widdle cubby. Mama knows how to take care of cub stiffies.” Maximus felt himself getting closer to an orgasm. Under different circumstances, or if he was a different kind of guy, this would be heaven.

But Maximus wasn’t a different kind of guy. Sarabi took his throbbing head into her mouth, licking up and down his shaft. Maximus placed his paws on her head in an attempt to push her away. His paws betrayed his desire, instead shoving Sarabi’s face deep into his crotch.

He let out a loud moan, orgasming. Rope after rope of cum shot into Sarabi’s maw, some leaking out while most of it was swallowed. Maximus relaxed, covering his face in shame. Sarabi cooed over his shame, wiping her maw off with a baby wipe.

“Awe. Mommy’s widdle cub embarrassed he made stickies? It’s okay. I have just the thing to keep stiffies in check.” Sarabi, from underneath the changing table, pulled out a chastity cage. Immediately, Maximus fell off the changing table, throwing his paws over his crotch.

“NO! Sarabi, I’m drawing the line here,” Maximus said sternly. She nearly laughed at his sudden defiance.

“Cub, do as Mommy says right now. You don’t want to make Mommy angry.”

“No! You just crossed a line! We’re done here.” Maximus put on his discarded pants. With a scrunched-up face, he made his way to the door while putting on his shirt. However, Sarabi beat him to the door.

“Listen cubby, Mommy is sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t respect your boundaries. Can you forgive me?” She asked with sympathetic eyes. The liger didn’t even try to resist. He simply sighed and nodded. Sarabi jumped up and down, squealing happily.

“Oh thank you, cubby!” She tousled his hair once more. Maximus blushed, smiling slightly. She pulled him into a hug, “Next time though, that cage is going on. Mommy won’t take no for an answer next time.”

She held his head in her paws, locking eyes with him. Sarabi planted a kiss on his forehead before sending him on his way.

A kiss that felt… odd to Maximus.

Azalea had kissed him, both as a rotating caretaker and girlfriend. He’d receive friendly, ‘thank-you’ kisses from most of his female friends. Even his own mother, as horrid as she is, has kissed him.

Though there was a subtle difference in how they kissed him.

Their kisses were full of love and gratitude.

Or filled with fake love from his mother.

Sarabi’s kiss, however, lacked any of those qualities. It felt like she kissed him as one would a pet.

Chapter 3

It was that dream again.

Maximus, as a cub, is being pushed in a stroller by Sarabi. Nothing so far felt out of place. He was in that stupid sailor outfit again. Also in a soggy diaper. Sarabi still cooed over him.

There was one difference he noticed.

In their shadow, specifically Sarabi’s shadow, that shadow unicorn from before was still there. Whenever they moved, it moved too. Although it didn’t seem to focus on Sarabi.

Only him.

He was so enamored with it that he hadn’t noticed Sarabi unbuckling him from his stroller. She lifted him into her arms, dipping a paw into his padding.

“You can stand to be in it a bit longer,” Sarabi decided. Maximus hmphed.

She wasn’t the one in a soggy diaper!

“Someone’s a fussy cubby.” Sarabi, instead of the swings like last time, brought him to the sandbox. Together, each with their own shovel and bucket, they built a sandcastle. It was pretty amateurish but, for a cub like Maximus, it might as well have been the Royal Palace.

Lingering around was still that shadow unicorn. Due to a lack of facial features, he couldn’t read its emotions. Though he felt it was mocking him and his pitiful castle.

Suddenly, he found himself crying. Like a good mother, Sarabi cradled him in her arms.

“Oh, it’s okay widdle Maxie. Mommy’s here,” the lioness repeated. Slowly, his cries soften by listening to her gentle heartbeat. When he stopped crying, Sarabi held her cub up high. “Now what was the matter, baby?”

Maximus smiled softly until he saw it again. Now it was behind Sarabi as though clinging to her shadow. He pointed directly at it and screamed out, “HORSIE! HORSIE!”

Of course, Sarabi didn’t see anything where he pointed at. For whatever reason, the shadow unicorn disappeared. Although, she did notice one thing.

“Maxie’s first word! Oh, Mommy is so proud!” Sarabi gushed, nuzzling her head against his face. More giggles and happy squeals escaped his maw. At least until he saw it again.

This time it was directly in front of him and Sarabi. He pointed to it, screaming, “Horsie! Horsie!” Yet, for whatever reason, Sarabi refused to acknowledge it. A hoof was nearly planted on his head had the liger not woken up at that exact moment.

Drenched in sweat, he sat on the side of the bed with his head in his paws.

What the hell does this even mean? He wondered. Reaching for his phone, he saw he only had an hour or so before his shift.

So for now, he pushed those thoughts aside. While eating cereal, his mind wandered back to his night with Sarabi. Besides the chastity cage fiasco, that night was fun. Thinking of the chastity cage brought his mind to a conversation he once had.

“Kitten, mind if I ask something?” Maximus asked. Kitten, better known as Azalea, was on the changing table of their nursery. While Maximus slid a diaper under her, she plucked out her pacifier.

“Fire away.”

“You don’t have to answer, but I’m curious. Why not Deborah? You have no problem letting me baby you,” Maximus asked. Azalea sighed.

This question was something she thought over plenty of times.

“Deborah can be so… forceful and inconsiderate at times. Sometimes, I feel like she doesn’t care how I feel.”

The next time he saw Sarabi, he’d have a serious talk with her. If they were going to pursue this kind of relationship, then boundaries needed to be set.

Discussions to be had at a later date, Maximus nodded.


Once more at work in the ABDL/Baby section, it was as boring as usual. New parents, both normal and ABDL-style, asking questions. Experience kinksters knowing exactly what they wanted. An occasional embarrassed young adult looking to try out the kink. Even a few rude customers he got the privilege to diaper up.

Just an average day.

He stood at the counter, bored as he was before Sarabi showed up yesterday. His ears perk up from his phone vibrating.

Sarabi sent him a text saying, “Sorry about last night cubby. Mommy never meant to make you uncomfortable.

It’s fine. I had fun regardless,” Maximus texted back.

Another text immediately followed.

"How about sending Mommy a pic of your diaper? Mommy wants to be sure her cub isn’t wet or stinky.

Maximus looked at his crotch. He wasn’t wearing a diaper.

Uh… I’m not wearing a diaper. At work atm.

…WHY ISN’T CUBBY IN A DIAPER!!! Cubs like you can have accidents at any moment! Get into a diaper and show Mommy immediately!” She texted back. Naturally, he was taken aback by the aggressive text. His eyes fell to the diapers under the counter. They were for punishments, be it for him or someone else, or for customers to have examples of their product.

Dare he wear one for Sarabi’s approval?

Maximus shook his head.

Sarabi, I’m working. Can we do this some other time?

He blinked a few times when she texted back right away.

Cubby, do as Mommy says. You were a bad cub last night and Mommy forgave you. So be a good cubby and do what Mommy told you to do.

The liger made a face. That wasn’t how he recalled last night.

I was a bad cub? You took advantage of me last night!

Like clockwork, her reply was almost immediate.

I seem to recall a certain Cubby holding Mommy’s head down while she was dealing with Cubby’s stiffy.

Something I never asked you to do!” Maximus retorted. His paws trembled and he shivered.

What was happening here?

Cubby, just do as Mommy says. You’re making Mommy very upset right now. So be a good cub or else.

Maximus narrowed his eyes at her text. He scowled, having reread the text for a second time.

Sarabi, I said no. Right now, I’m working. Please just leave me alone.

To his surprise, there was no immediate reply from Sarabi. Maximus relaxed, letting out a few breaths. Yet, his paws were still shaky and he felt a sudden sickness.

And it only got worse.

She strutted into his workplace with a nasty scowl. The kind a parent would give their unruly child that embarrassed them in public. Just seeing her like this made Maximus small. She went behind the counter and pulled on Maximus’s ear.

“OW, OW, OW! Sarabi, stop it now!” Maximus whined, teary-eyed.

“No, Mommy will not stop. Mommy’s widdle cub has been bad and needs to be punished.” She led him to the paddle section of the ABDL section. Sarabi reached for a metal paddle, the phrase ‘naughty’ branded into it.

The entire time, Maximus tried desperately to fight back or get away from her. Despite knowing he was stronger than her, he couldn’t fight back. Just like last night, he felt like a helpless cub. Powerless to stop what Sarabi was going to do.

“Lift your tail.” When he did as she ordered…


He screamed. Reflexively, he tried to cover his rear with paws and tail.

“Move them now!” Sarabi ordered. Weeping, Maximus did as she asked.


And immediately screamed again. This happened eight more times before Sarabi felt he had enough. By then, Maximus was a sobering mess. Tears and snot dripped onto his uniform, the liger shivering.

Not that Sarabi cared. Quite the contrary, she reveled in his misery. She grabbed his crotch, her paw wet with urine.

“If you did as Mommy told you and wore your diaper, you wouldn’t be wet, right?” She asked.

“Yes,” he answered softly. Sarabi swatted his rear again, this time with her paw.

“I didn’t hear you!”



“Will you be a good cub for Mommy?”


“I’ll be a good cub!” Maximus cried. Sarabi, satisfied, let go of his ear. Despite not being even lifted slightly above the ground, the liger fell to his rear. A few more sobs come out, him wincing from the pain.

Looking up, he cowered before the towering figure of Sarabi. Her absolute disdain for him at this moment made him feel smaller than he ever had prior. Now more than ever, he felt like a weak cub.

“Take off your pants. You’ve proven you’re too irresponsible for big boy undies. It’s strictly diapers for you from here on out.” Sarabi turned her back to him, going for one of the display diapers set aside.

In a hurry, Maximus took off his pants and underwear. Now in the middle of the ABDL section, whimpering as he waited for a fresh diaper. Part of him wanted to fight back, to resist Sarabi on any level.

Even so, as she returned with a diaper, he simply kept his head down. He had been a bad cub after all and Sarabi was punishing his bad behavior.

I deserve this, Maximus rationalized. When she returned, she only had a diaper in her underarm. The diaper itself could easily be mistaken for a large pillow in thickness.

But that was all she brought.

“Let that bruised tushy of yours be a lesson to always obey Mommy,” Sarabi growled. He still winced from his rear touching the diaper, despite the soft padding. Before tapping him up, she plucked something out of her pocket. “When you start behaving, I might take this off.”

In her paws was the chastity cage from last night. Maximus struggled to voice a complaint. To demand Sarabi not put that on him. But he deserved it and he knew it.

Fortunately, not everyone agreed with that.

Covering a red aura, the cage flew out of Sarabi’s paw into a black cat’s, who’s dressed in the same uniform as Maximus, paw.

“Excuse me, I’m going to ask that you leave the store. If not…” the black cat’s other paw became drenched in a red glow. She aimed it at Sarabi, glaring at her as the lioness did with Maximus. “I’m afraid it’ll be the last thing you ever do.”

Sarabi laughed at the cat’s threat.

“Oh please, I was just disciplining my cub. Wasn’t I, cubby?” Sarabi side-eyed Maximus. Terrified, he nodded quickly.

“Denise, stand down.” Mother Dragon ordered, having just landed next to Denise. Denise gasped, surprised by the dragon’s order. A few tears rolled down Maximus’s face. Was his supervisor really about to allow this to happen?

“But she crossed a line beyond just punishing him! That shit can’t be tolerated.”

“And it won’t be. As of now, Sarabi is banned from the store.” Deborah added, walking into view from the backroom. The Dalmatian got on her knees, hugging Maximus as tightly as possible. Sarabi, for the first time, looked shocked.

“For what? Disciplining my naughty cub?!” She shouted.

“If you call abusing my staff disciplining, then yes. Now leave or else,” Deborah said. Sarabi stood up, glaring at the three intruders. Turning to Deborah, she narrowed her eyes at the Dalmatian.

“Or else what?”

To answer her question, Denise’s body set itself ablaze in a red aura. Flames began brewing in Mother Dragon’s maw. Lastly, Deborah’s entire body produced a white aura.

“You won’t survive.”

For the second time today, Sarabi felt panicked. It wasn’t worth her life just to deal with her cub. Her panicked feeling lasted a second or two. She soon started giggling.

“Fine, I’ll leave. Cub.” Sarabi called. Maximus looked up, shivering at her voice.

“Yes?” Maximus answered.

“Mommy will be seeing you real soon.” With that Sarabi left. Deborah, Denise, and Mother Dragon narrowed their eyes as she left. Once out of sight, they all looked back to Maximus. Except he was gone, having fled to the bathroom.

Saddened by these events, Deborah turned to the others.

“Back to work. I’ll take care of it.” The two nodded, watching Deborah follow him into the employee bathroom. What she saw left her heartbroken.

Maximus was on his side, curled into a ball while crying. There was also a growing pool of fresh vomit spewing from his mouth. Deborah, careful to avoid his vomit, sat next to him. She took him into her arms, rocking him as gently as possible.

An hour passed before either said anything.

“I’m sorry,” Maximus whimpered. Deborah shook her head.

“Don’t apologize. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“If I just did what she wanted…”

“Regardless, it doesn’t give her the right to treat you that way.”

Objectively, Deborah was correct. Maximus knew that. But, as he looked at Deborah’s diapered crotch, he knew she didn’t understand.

“You just don’t get it.” He fought his way out of her grip. Deborah, though not a fan of her situation, had someone to care for her.

Maximus had no one.

Deborah wanted to say more. She wanted to reassure him that she did understand, probably more than he knew. Instead, she exhaled.

“Take the rest of the week off. If you want my advice, cut it off with Sarabi. You deserve better.”
Maximus didn’t say anything. Not right away at least. He glanced back at Deborah with a faint smile.

“Thank you.”

By the time Maximus left and made it to his motorcycle, Sarabi was waiting for him. She leaned on his bike, arms crossed while tapping the ground with a hind paw.

“Mommy’s widdle cub made a fool out of Mommy today.” Sarabi snarled. Maximus flinched when she raised her paw. To his surprise, she didn’t slap him, she just placed it on his shoulder. “But Mommy isn’t mad. Just do as Mommy says next time, cubby. If not then Mommy will have to punish you and your friends won’t be there to help you. Okay?”

The tears along with that awful sickness were coming back. Even so, he forced them down to nod. Something that made Sarabi hug him tightly.

“Good widdle cub.” Sarabi planted a kiss on his forehead then left him.

Again, Maximus noticed that her kiss felt like how one would kiss a pet.

Sniffling softly, he got on his bike and rode home.