The Last Macho Man in Hollywood

Steve Oliver was lucky to be alive. One of the biggest actors in Hollywood, he’d been in a major wreck that had totalled his car and left him with a concussion, two broken arms, a broken ankle, and a cracked femur. He’d been home from the hospital for a couple of days, lying in a medical bed with his arms and foot in casts, and he kept reminding himself how lucky he was to have survived. It wasn’t easy because he wasn’t used to spending so much time lying down, and he especially wasn’t used to being helpless. But that’s exactly what he was, immobile and unable to use either of his arms. It was a very unusual and unpleasant feeling for a man who prided himself on his physical prowess. Steve was 43, but he was in better shape than most men half his age, his muscles large and well-defined. He stayed active, which kept him energetic and allowed him to land high-profile, high-paying action movies. He was a man’s man, nicknamed “the Last Macho Man in Hollywood.” But for the past couple of days, he’d had to rely on his nurse Leah and his 22-year-old son Blake for everything. With his arms in casts, he couldn’t even feed himself, but the most embarrassing part was that he couldn’t get to or use the bathroom without assistance. At 6’3", Steve was a large, heavy man, so a lifting system had been installed over his bed to help them. It consisted of pulleys, soft cuffs, and straps that could be fitted onto him at different points, adjusted, and repositioned. Whenever he had to use the bathroom, Leah or Blake would attach the straps and use the pulley to get him out of bed and into his wheelchair, where another lift would help them get him onto the toilet. Then, they had to pull his pants down for him and sit him on the toilet. He hated having to piss sitting down like a woman! Shitting was even worse because they had to wipe his ass like he was a little kid. The whole operation was a time-consuming affair that took planning, so he always had to let them know well in advance when he had to go. Of course, they also kept a bed pan around in case he was hit with a sudden urge to go, but he hadn’t had to use it so far. He woke up with a familiar pressure in his abdomen: a full bladder after a full night’s sleep.

“Leah! Blake!”

One of them was always close by to tend to him, so he knew he wouldn’t have to wait long, and as usual, it was only a few seconds before the bedroom door opened and Blake walked in.

“'Morning, Dad. Potty time?”

“Yeah, and don’t call it that,” Steve replied.

“It’s just a joke,” Blake chuckled.

“Save the jokes and get me on the toilet! I really gotta piss!”

“Alright, just hang on. Let’s get you strapped in.”

Blake put the cuffs around his dad’s calves and secured them with the strong velcro. Then he pulled the handle at the other end of the line, raising Steve’s feet into the air and locking them in place before attaching matching cuffs around his dad’s armpits and pulling another handle. Blake then swung Steve around so his feet were at the side of the bed and pulled one of the handles, raising Steve’s feet into the air, spread apart wide. But instead of grabbing the wheelchair as usual, Blake grabbed a pair of scissors.

“What are you doing?” Steve looked somewhat amused, as if his son was making some sort of silly mistake.

“Making things easier.”

The movie star now looked confused. “By cutting my shorts off me?”

“Uh-huh.” Blake opened the scissors and, starting at the hem of his dad’s athletic shorts, cut them open all the way to the top. Tossing them aside, he did the same thing to Steve’s boxer-briefs, leaving his dad suspended in mid-air, totally nude.

“Hey, what the hell! You just ruined a perfectly good pair of shorts and underwear!”

Blake smiled mysteriously. “You won’t need them anymore.”

“Why not?”

“I told you: I’m making things easier.” Blake reached down and picked something up, holding it so Steve could see it: a large disposable diaper.

“What the fuck?! I am NOT wearing that thing!”

Blake laughed. “What are you gonna do to stop me, big man?”

The kid was right: Steve was helpless. Any other time, he would easily overpower his son and ened this. But, immobilized as he was, he couldn’t do anything to stop his son as he unfolded the diaper and laid it under his ass. His heart starting to pound, he yelled out, “Leah! Leah!”

“She’s not here. I fired her this morning,” Blake said as he pulled one of the ropes and lowered his dad onto the thick garment, his legs still sticking up.

“You what?! Who gave you the authority to do that?!”

“You did. While you were still groggy from the painkillers, your manager Dave and I got you to sign paperwork giving me control of your care, your affairs, and all your assets. Everything is settled, and I’ll take good care of you.”

Shocked, Steve didn’t know what to say and could only wriggle and writhe in protest as baby powder was sprinkled all over his groin and ass. “Blake, please stop this. You know it’s not right.”

The kid smirked. “I think I’m a better judge of what’s right and what’s not than you, and that’s part of what this is all about: teaching you right from wrong.” He brought the diaper up between his dad’s thighs and taped it shut.

“Dammit, Blake! When I get out of this, I’m gonna beat your fucking ass!”

“We’ll see,” came the reply as Steve was swivelled around and centered on the bed again, his body lowered and finally released from the straps.

Steve wiggled and twisted, but there was nothing he could do. The diaper was on, and he couldn’t get it off. And he really had to piss.

Blake laughed. “You’ll get used to that feeling, wearing diapers. You’ll get used to using them too.”

“This isn’t funny!”

“It is for me. You may want to let me know when you’re done pissing.”

That was when Steve realized that he was going to have to piss in the diaper. He found the idea repulsive, but he’d slept through the night without getting up to pee once, so he really had to go. As his son stood over him, smirking and laughing, he held it as long as he could before letting go and feeling warmth flooding his crotch and running to his ass. He could feel the diaper bulking up as it absorbed his pee, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. When the flow finally stopped, he quietly said, “Okay. I’m done.”

“Good boy!” Blake said in a cutesy, baby-talk tone. “Let’s see how wet you are.” He placed his hand on the squishy padding and squeezed. “It’s pretty soggy, but I think it’ll hold at least one more wetting. This is a really thick diaper, after all. That’s why I ordered them. In the meantime, you can meet your new nanny, and we’ll talk about how things are going to be from now on.” Then, raising his voice, Blake called outside the room, “Okay, Laurel!”

The name made Steve’s heart jump, and his eyes widened as he saw her walk into the room. It was her, all right, young, blonde, thin, pretty, much like Blake. The fact that she was there looked really bad for him.

Seeing his dad’s expression, Blake said, “Oh yeah, I know all about what you did to her. That’s why I know you’re in no position to talk about right and wrong. It’s also how I know you’re going to be good and play along with all of this.”

She smiled down at him. “Look at you! Such a big, strong man, aren’t you?” She laughed, enjoying the sight of him in the babyish diaper. “It took Blake a while to convince me. I didn’t even want to talk to him at first. What was I supposed to think when my rapist’s son contacted me? But when I finally understood that he knew what you did to me and wanted to help me make you pay for it, I was totally on board. Why wouldn’t I want to punish and humiliate the man who humiliated me, who violated me and made me feel like shit? Now it’s my turn, isn’t it?” She held up her phone and took a picture. “That’s a good one. Just so you know, Blake gave me corroborating evidence. If you’re not good, I’ll report you. So, you have a choice: diapers or prison. Which would you prefer?”

Steve hung his head, ashamed, shocked, angry, scared, and hurt.

Blake spoke out in a commanding tone, “Answer her, Stevie!”

“Diapers. I’ll take the diapers.”

Blake and Laurel glanced at each other, smiling. “We thought so.”

“Please don’t let this get out,” the star begged. “If it does, I’ll be ruined.”

Blake grinned at him. “You don’t understand. That picture Laurel just took? She’s already sent it to a reporter!”

“What?! No!”

“Oh, yeah. You released a statement through Dave this morning announcing your retirement from the movie biz. It said you’ve been wearing diapers ever since you got home from the hospital, and you like having other people change them for you, even your own son!” He paused to enjoy the look on his dad’s face. “That picture will accompany the article announcing to the world that Steve Oliver has left Hollywood to live his life as a baby!”

“A baby?!”

“Uh-huh. We already have plenty of diapers for you, and I’ve ordered the clothes and the furniture for your nursery. I also have your pacifier and some of these.” He shoved a large plastic bottle with a rubber nipple into Steve’s mouth and said, “Drink up! Come on, be good and take your bottle unless you want a spanking!” Reluctant but scared, Steve started sucking apple juice from the nipple, swallowing it down. “That’s a good baby. Daddy put some diuretic in here to help you pee-pee more. You’ll be getting a few of these bottles every day, so you’ll be wetting constantly. All the fiber we’re going to give you will make you poop more too. So, you’ll be used to letting go whenever you need to in no time, and then you’ll be in your way to being properly diaper-trained and fully diaper-dependant!”

Blake’s phone dinged, and he glanced at it, smiling even bigger than before. “News gets around fast in Hollywood. They want to talk to you about the possibility of doing a reality series showing everyone how you’re living now, going pee-pee in your diapers, drinking your baba, sleeping in your safe crib, and getting your diapies changed by your nanny and your own son! People are anxious to see the ‘Last Macho Man in Hollywood’ as the big baby you are now. In the meantime, we have another way for you to get some attention while making some extra money. We’re setting up a website where people can pay to watch you on the cameras we’re having installed, and we’ll be auctioning off some of your used diapers. It may sound weird, but there are a lot of people out there who will want to see for themselves exactly how full Steve Oliver gets his diapers. I guess you could say you’re changing jobs, Stevie. From movie star to professional diaper-filler.”

As those words sunk in, the pressure in Steve’s bladder, which had been filling up again as they talked, grew too great, and he started wetting again. The shock of it all hit him, and he started crying. His cries turned to sobs and even wails as his son lifted his legs into the air and began to change his soggy diaper. His pacifier was shoved into his mouth, and he instinctively started sucking it, knowing this was all he had to look forward to for the rest of his life.

The End

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A few things. I don’t normally like the idea of physical injury or being physically disabled in this, but I’ll comment here with stuff that might apply to other future stories.
The story isn’t bad. You have some good description, and obviously the babying is the right theme for the site. I think you might benefit from two things: First, break up your paragraphs a bit. If you have multiple actions and speeches in one paragraph, shorten it. This will help slow down the pace. Also, add some more description to paint a picture.
Second, you begin with a lot of back summary. This falls under the rule “Show, don’t tell.” Instead of saying he is a macho actor, add a portion to the story that shows it.

Anyway, decent writing so far, and I hope that helps