The Land of Fairies

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Daniel lay there in his hospital bed. His mother next to him holding his hand, the soft beeping of the machines around him began to sooth him to sleep. He lay there in just the hospital gown and underneath it a diaper. Though he seemed a bit too old for diapers, his illness had done him no favors. It drained him of all his previous energy, to the point where he could hardly move. He had gotten sick before he was totally potty trained, and so potty training had to take a backseat to his treatment. Nobody could blame his mom for that decision, considering every movement caused his skin appear almost translucent from all the sweat that dripped from it. Even just rolling over in bed made him want to sleep for the rest of the day, and as the disease progressed, even breathing became difficult.

Daniel didn’t think about this as his eyes began to drift shut. All he could hear was his mom crying. He wanted to comfort her, to ask why she was crying, but he was just…so tired. He heard a whisper of an old lullaby, and the only words he could make out were, “Guard him, O Unchanging One.” Her tears faded away and peace overcame him.

Chapter 1

Daniel woke up not in a hospital bed, but on the floor of a forest, with an older boy gently shaking him awake. “Wake up, sleepy head! We gotta get going” He said with a cheerful grin.

Daniel sat up and looked at the boy. He looked just like that boy in the story books his mom read him! He had the same dirty brown hair and pretty blue eyes, and he even wore the same clothes, made from leaves and vines. “You must be Daniel, right?” He asked. The younger boy nodded shyly. Where was he? He thought the stories he heard were only pretend! “Nice to meet’cha Daniel, I’m Peter! Now, let’s go!” He announced with all the impatience boys his age often had and quickly began to march off to who knows where.

“W-wait!” Daniel yelled, scrambling to his feet. To his surprise and delight, there was no sudden dizzy or nausea spell. In fact, he felt better than he had in years! With a megawatt smile, he ran after Peter and watched with interest as a small bird flew onto the older boy’s shoulder. It appeared to be saying something if Peter’s mumbles meant anything, but bird’s couldn’t talk, could they?
Though they were soft, he could hear some of Peter’s words to the bird. “Huh…but I don’t wear… oh right, for him!” The older boy sounded like he just remembered something.

He turned to Daniel and smiled sheepishly, “You probably need a diaper change, huh?” Daniel frowned, he probably did need a change, but he didn’t like the idea of a stranger seeing him naked. For whatever reason though, it felt like it’d be okay if Peter did, so Daniel shyly nodded. “Okay, I got you covered then!” The older boy declared proudly. Then suddenly, a new diaper, baby powder, and wipes appeared in Peter’s hands. “How’d you do that?!” Daniel asked, his eyes wide as saucers. “I didn’t!” Peter replied glibly, acting as if that explained anything.

Before Daniel could even ask what he meant by that, Peter was upon him helping him undress. Something Daniel had failed to notice earlier was the fact that he no longer had his hospital gown on. Instead, he wore his favorite outfit, a bright yellow Pikachu onesie. Before he could even consider what that meant, Peter had him on the ground and was untaping his soaked diaper. The older boy made a kinda grossed out face before he began to wipe the younger boy clean. “Yuck.” Peter said, under his breath, before rapidly sprinkling baby powder over Daniel’s diaper area. Then seconds later, he had him in a fresh diaper. Daniel quickly stood up and watched in amazement as the wet diaper and used wipes faded away into nothingness.

“How do you do that?” The little boy marvelled. “What? Change your diaper? It’s kinda gross but not really all that hard.” Peter bragged as he redressed the boy, looking very proud of himself.

“Not that, the whole-” Daniel denied before being interrupted before the sound of heavy footfalls crushing the grass beneath their feet. Peter frowned and suddenly a sword appeared in his hand. “Stay behind me okay, I’ll keep you safe from Captain C.” Peter said in a tone that left no room for argument. It sounded just like the one his mom used when she was angry at somebody. Daniel wisesly hid behind the older boy, shutting his eyes and listening with bated breath as the footsteps came closer and closer, until they stopped mere feet in front of them.

He heard a dry creaking laugh then moments that felt like years passed by. “Good to see you, boys.” The same dry and cracked voice greeted. Daniel risked peeking his eyes open and what he saw was the stuff of nightmares. A giant skeleton stood there, clad in a ripped and torn pirate uniform and a sword on its hip. It slowly drew its sword and laughed again. “He already has a place among my crew Peter, he belongs to me.” The skeleton pointed at Daniel, and he fell to his hands and knees, suddenly too weak to stand.

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