The Kitten, the Witch, and the ABDL

(Written as a request for Babriella and Morgan, who use the screen names Squeekie and Bowser)

“Oh come on. Keep moving!” Gabriella said.

“I didn’t think it would be this fa-arrr!!” Morgan replies. “Why do we have to do this anyway? It’s creepy out here! And what if we get lost?”

He ran to catch up, then stopped, panting. He held out his hand and leaned against a tall, black tree, one of many that surrounded them. Despite the full moon above them, the forest was dark, as it always was. What little light they had was broken by the shadows of the tall, twisted trees that surrounded them. Broken, dead, and leafless branches reached out towards them like skeletal hands, ready to grab onto loose clothing or flailing arms at a seconds notice. Creatures scurried around them, invisible in the darkness and only noticeable by the sound of dead leaves crunching underneath them. There was no telling what some of the larger shadows held, and the occasional half second glimpse of glowing red eyes, perhaps imagined, perhaps real, seemed to threaten that there was far more to worry about then getting lost. Overall, it was perfect.

“Oh quit your complain’! We are going to visit an abandoned house I heard might be haunted. You should be enjoying this! I thought you said you were a goth and loved this stuff.” Gabriella said. She definitely fit the part herself. Dark red hair with pink highlights and thin frame, clad completely in black, save for a silvery cross that hung from her neck. Jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket all fit her snugly, though lose chains hung in a few key spots.

“No, technically YOU said I was a goth and YOU said I was into it. I just wore this jacket because you insisted on it.” Morgan replied, glaring. He himself had black hair and a black leather jacket, to which he had referred. Other than that, his blue jeans and red shirt didn’t seem to fit the part.

“I said it, you said it, now you’re just splitting hair. Come on, it’s just through these branches.” Gabriella pushed aside a few spidery branches, cracking some of the dry wood as she did, and stepped into a clearing. Morgan followed, eyeing the branches more carefully.

Ahead of them stood a large house. It might once have been called beautifully, even majestic, but years of decay and neglect had worn away at its former glory. Even so, it was an impressive sight. Rising three stories amidst the trees and made entirely out of stone, it had clearly once been the pride of a very rich family. A central doorway was blocked by double oak doors that were falling off their hinges. It flanked by two symmetrical wings which extended some forty feet to the sides and in front of the door, enclosing a courtyard that was decorated by a dried up marble fountain. Lines of windows glared like empty eye sockets into the courtyard, with cracked glass and broken shutters hanging at odd angles. The steel frame of a large, conical greenhouse sat on the far right side. The entire mansion was crowned by a central tower, rising another two stories above the doorway. Plants and trees grow around and over the house, pulling at it and slowly wearing it down.

“Now there’s a haunted-looking house if I’ve ever seen one!” Gabriella said happily, and began running toward it.

“And why is that a good thing!?!?” Morgan cried as he ran after her.

They entered through the main door and into a large foyer. A grand staircase dominated it, with a wide set of stairs running up in front of them to the second floor, then dividing into two smaller ones which ran backwards up to the third. A massive painting, surprisingly still in pristine condition, hung on the wall behind the main staircase. A man, dressed in a tailed suit and top hat, and a women wearing a long, black, and surprisingly modern dress were featured in it. The woman held in her arms a baby girl wrapped in blankets, with a black cat and dog at the couple’s feet. Gabriella ran towards the painting, studied it for a minute, then began to toward the right wing of the house. Morgan caught up and followed.

A single door blocked off a section of the house. Gabriella opened it, and stepped through. They were in a long hallway, with doors spaced evenly on each side. Paintings, presumably of the owner’s, hung between to doors, though they were difficult to make out in the sparse light.

The door slammed behind them. Morgan gasped and turned around. “What was that?! Why did it close?!”

“Oh it was probably just the wind. Or, you know, just a ghost” Gabriella replied teasingly and kept walking.

“A GHOST?!?! HOW CAN YOU SAY ‘JUST A GHOST!?!’” Morgan practically screamed.

“Oh come on! Have you ever ACTUALLY heard of a ghost hurting anyone? Aside from in movies? They are basically harmless.”

“Harmless or not, I don’t want to be walking around in a haunted house!”

“Oh quite your complaining! This is what we came for!”

“You are both trespassing, you know.”

Both Gabriella and Morgan stopped, than turned to stare at each other. An unspoken question passed between them. Who had said that?

“That isn’t funny Gabriella” Morgan said.

“Then why did you say it?” Gabriella replied.

“Oh don’t play that! You did.”

“I swear I didn’t! You did.”

“You idiots, I am behind you.”

Gabriella and Morgan kept staring at each other. Neither of them had moved their lips. Despite the voice, neither of them turned around either.

“Well, one of us MUST be playing a prank, there is simply no other explanation. I say we keep moving until we find a way outside, and sort this out outside, then remain outside.” Moganr said, hoping to say the word “out” as much as possible.

“I agree. Perhaps we can find a window to jump out of. Should we look behind first?” Gabriella asked.

“No, I don’t see any need at all. Say, care to run?” Morgan replied.

“Yes, lets. I do feel like running.”

The two immediately began running down the hall, away from the voice. The headed toward the door at the end, hoping it would lead to another staircase. However, the path seemed to get longer and longer as they ran down it. They kept running, panting as the sprint somehow became a marathon.

They reached the door, and Morgan reached up to grab the handle. He tried to turn it with both hands, but couldn’t make it budge.
“Wait, why did I have to reach up for a door handle?” Morgan asked.

The two suddenly realized the hallway had completely changed. What was once dark was now brightly lit from lights on the walls. Any signs of decay had vanished, along with the dust and cobwebs. Oddest of all, the hallway seemed to be three times the size it was previously.

“GABRIELLA! Look at your head! And your butt!”

“WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY… OH MY GOD!” Gabriella suddenly realized a long, purple tail grew out from her tail bone, matching cat ears on her head. Morgan had the same, though his were black.

“Well, isn’t this my lucky day!” a dry voice said behind them. This time, the couple turned to see its source.

A woman in a long black dress stood in front of them. Or rather, she towered. She was almost three times their height. Long black hair and a face that was beautiful aside for a crooked nose made her all the more intimidating. It occurred to them both that she was not actually a giant, they had both somehow shrank. With a gasp, Gabriella realized it was the woman in the painting.

The woman kept speaking. “It’s been so long since I had visitors! And ever since my family passed away, I’ve been so lonely. All I wanted was a little baby girl and a pet, like I used to have. And I think I’ve found them both, at the same time!”

Gabriella spoke first. “You can’t mean us! We are both teenagers! Neither of us is a baby, or a pet…” she paused for a moment, looking at the tails and ears. “Anyway, I think we were just leaving. If you care to move aside, we won’t trouble you anymore.”
“Nonsense! We are just getting started! Though I suppose you do need to be punished for trespassing…. Well, first things first.”
She held out her hand toward Morgan. A collar appeared around his neck, connected to a long leash that ran towards the woman’s hand. His clothes changed as well, with his pants and t shirt becoming a pink shirt and short skirt, with a hole to accommodate his tail.

“Hey, what the meeeoooww!??” Morgan yelled, then blocked his mouth and blushed. “I mean… How did you do this BARK!”" He blushed again. Every time he tried to speak, he made animal noises along with his words.

“Well, I always thought girl’s clothes were cuter then boys, and seeing as you have to be dressed to match the “mature” ratings… well, I am sure you understand. Anyway, you will be the pet, and I will call you Bowser. Oh, as a pet, you will have to crawl.” A bright light shot from her hand and hit Bowser. He collapsed to all fours. It was apparent by now to Gabriella and Bowser that the woman was some kind of witch.

She turned her attention towards Gabriella, who gulped in fear. “And you! You’re so cute! Perfect for a baby. I don’t like the name Gabriella though… I think I’ll call you Squeakie. Now… as for the outfit…”

A beam of light shot from her hand and engulfed Squeakie. She felt herself getting lifted up out of the air. A large, white disposable diaper appeared in front of her, decorated with blue and purple cartoonish monsters. Her clothes disappeared, and the diaper lay itself underneath her. A shaker of baby powder sprinkled her, and the diaper taped itself around her. It was followed by a bright pink onesie, with “Baby Girl” written on the chest and a bunny rabbit decorating it. A matching bonnet sat on her head. All her clothes were perfectly matched to her size, ears, and tail. She tried to protest, but found herself gagged by a large pacifier. Finally the spell stood her on the ground again.

“THERE! Isn’t that so much better than those dark clothes? You are both sooooo cute!” the woman said, as the couple blushed. “You are going to the baby. As for you, I couldn’t decide on a kitty or a puppy for my baby girl, so you will have to be both. You can both call me Mommy. Now come on, it’s almost bedtime, but I need to discipline you first.” Bowser was pulled, crawling, by the leash. Squeakie tried to stay behind, but an invisible switch hit her diapered bottom, encouraging her forward. She waddled along, legs forced appeared by the unfamiliar padding.

Mommy opened a door and led the pair into a room. It was painted in bright pink, with a banner running along the top that was decorated with princesses, kittens and puppies. A crib stood in one corner, along with a high chair and changing table. In the other corner was a dog kennel, looking like a steel cage, and steel bowls.
“Alright, this is where you will be sleeping. I’m sure you can guess who owns what…?” The couple blushed and nodded. “Good. Now, who wants to be disciplined first?”

They stared at the woman in shock. What did she mean by “disciplined?” They looked back at the woman, and both pointed at the other.

“Now now, no need to tattle on each other. You’ll both get punished in the end. Alright, my pet is first.”

Bowser tried to scream no, though all that came out was a loud “meeooowww!” The woman, Mommy, lifted him up and pulled him over her lap. “Bad boy!” she yelled, then raised her hand and began to spank him fiercely. “Bad pet!” SMACK SMACK SMACK! With each smack, Bowser let out a yelp. She lifted up his skirt and kept smacking him until he was pink enough to match his clothing. Then she put him on the ground. A leather muzzle ran around his head, and the leash pulled him toward the kennel. The door opened and let him in, then closed behind him. A blanked fell over it, blocking him from view. Squeakie heard his muffled squeals from inside it.
“Now, for the naughty baby!” Mommy said, and Squeekie’s eyes went wide again. “First thing first, we need to ensure the baby is healthy. You’ve had a rough day! I think an enema would really help you.” Squeekie tried to protest the insane logic but was silenced by a pacifier she was unable to spit out.

She found herself lifted up out of the air and toward the changing table. She was forced into invisible bonds that left her lying flat on the table, with her legs up ninety degrees in the air. Her diaper opened itself. A bottle of water appeared in the air in front of her. A small tube ran from it and inserted itself into her buttocks. Soon she was being filled up with warm, soapy water. She groaned as she felt her insides expand. She began to get cramps that only got worse and worse as she was filled. When it was over, the tub despaired and was replaced with a plug that kept everything inside her. The diaper retaped itself.

“Feel better?” the witch asked, patting Squeakie’s stomach. Squeakie shook her head. “Well don’t worry, you will after I let you release it. First you will need your spanking though.” Squeakie squealed as she was pulled over the Mommy’s lap. Once again, the woman began to spank, her hand smacking Suqeakie’s thickly diapered bottom. She thought the padding my offer some comfort, but soon she was squirming and crying around her pacifier. As the Mommy’s knee was being forced into her gut, the cramps from the enema kept getting worse and worse until they were almost as painful as the spanking. Despite herself, she couldn’t help but think she sounded exactly like a baby girl. The woman kept spanking Squeakie until she was bawling, than sat her on her lap, facing her.
“Now, have you learned your lesson?” The woman asked, and Squeakie nodded, pouting. “Will you be a good baby from now on?” Squeakie nodded. “Good. Would you like to release the fluid?” Squeakie nodded, the cramps were almost unbearable. “Alright. You may.” Squeakie felt the plug disappear. However, instead of taking her to a toilet, the woman kept her on her knee, took out a baby bottle of milk, and began feeding her. To her horror, Squeakie realized she was meant to use her diaper.

“Mmmfff! Wait!” Squeakie squealed from around the bottle, surprised at how high her voice was. “Please! Let me use the toilet! I can’t do it here! It’s humiliating!”

Mommy simply laughed and kept feeding her. “Nonsense, that is what this is for!” she patted Squeakie’s diaper. “Your little butt is in diapers for a reason, and if you forget that, you might get it smacked again, hmmm? Wouldn’t want that, would we?”

Squeakie groaned as she was fed the bottle. The cramps were getting worse and worse. She knew that soon, no matter what she tried, she would be sitting in a messy diaper. Rather than delay the inevitable, she decided to get it over with. She closed her eyes and lifted herself slightly off her Mommy’s lap. Immediately she began filling her diaper. A slimy fluid oozed into her diaper, quickly encasing her entire behind. At first she was too embarrassed to let it all out at once, but soon she was messing uncontrollably, loudly loading up her diaper with thick waste. The smell quickly reached her nose, and she almost gagged at the smell. Tears formed in her eyes. There she was, sitting in messy pampers while being bottle fed by a woman three times her size. From any point of view, she may as well have been a toddler who was behind on her potty training.

The woman finished feeding her. She picked Squeakie into the air, looked at her diaper and patted her bottom. “Whoo=weee! What a stinky girl! You really filled up that up! It’s a good thing we got you into those diapers, isn’t it!” Squeakie suppressed a sob and nodded. “And to think, you tried to tell me you were big enough to use the toilet! Well we won’t be making that mistake! You didn’t even last long enough for one bottle.”

The woman carried the pouting diaper girl toward the crib and lay her down in it. She handed Squeakie a doll and a teddy bear and a doll, then tucked her in. She kissed the girl’s forehead. “Well, goodnight there Squeakie. I’ll wake you in the morning!”

Squeakie stared at her in shock. She couldn’t be expected to sleep in a messy diaper, could she? “Wait!” she squealed. “Aren’t you going to change me? Please!?!”

“Now now now. No complaining. I’m sure you can last one night. You need to get used to being in stinky diapers, you will be in them a lot. Anyway, consider this part of your punishment. Oh, and the pet can be untied now.” The woman shot a beam of light from her hand, then walked out.

“But! Butt…!!! Waaaa!!!” Squeekie’s please went unheard, and she found herself crying embarrassingly quickly. She tried to climb out of the crib, but fell down from the bars. She tried again, and once again fell. Thanks to the woman’s magic, the crib was in-escapable.

“You ok Gabriella? ARF!” Bowser asked.

“Yes Morgan, though that spanking really hurt.”

“Meow don’t complain. You have like two inches of padding for protection. I was bare.”

“Well at least you don’t have to sleep in your own mess! You have no idea how bad this feels, or how much it stinks!” To illustrate, Squeakie plugged her nose and squirmed, trying to get comfortable.

“Woof… Damn I hate that! Actually I do know how bad it smells. I can smell it from here, Ms. Stinky Pants!”

“Oh be quiet, Bad Dog! Or kitty… I’m not sure which. Your new animal senses are exaggerating it. Anyway, what did she do to you after she locked you up? What was that about being tied?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, meoooww. Let’s just say I didn’t meee-know my feet could go that far backwards. Not fun at all, woof!”
The door opened, and the witch walked in. “I told you two to be quiet and go to sleep! You will be punished more for this tomorrow! For now…” A pacifier appeared in Squeakie’s mouth, gagging her. She found herself forced to suckle, and couldn’t spit it out. She did find it comforting, and felt herself being relaxed as she suckled. She drifted off to sleep. Bowser once again found a muzzle tied around his head, and, with nothing better to do, went to sleep.

Sunlight coming through a window woke Squeekie up. She paused for a moment, trying to make sense of her surroundings.
She groaned as she remembered the night before. She sat up, shivering as her bottom squished the mess inside her diaper. She looked across the room to see Bowser getting spanked by Mommy.

The Woman looked over to see Squeakie awake. “Ahh! The baby is up! Here, you can start on breakfast. Remember to eat it like a good pet” She put Bowser on the ground in front of two steel bowls, one filled with water and one with kibbles. He shivered noticeably and began to eat from them, using only his mouth.

The witch picked up Squeakie. “Ok baby girl, my stinky Squeakie! You have two options for punishment. I can take off that diaper, spank your bare bottom, then give you an enema and a clean diaper. Or, I can take it off, spank you, not give you an enema but put you back into the same messy diaper. Which would you prefer?”

Squeakie stared at her, not believing what she was hearing. So, either way, she would end up in a messy diaper? “Tha… that’s not fair!” she complained.

“Are you arguing with Mommy? Alright then, you get both.” Squeaky tried to argue, but once again found the pacifier kept her from speaking. She pouted and squealed as she was taken to the changing table. What did she mean by ‘both’?

Squeakie was laid down on the changing table. Her diaper magically came off. A paddle rose into the air above her, and began spanking her own its own. Her bottom was still sore from the previous spanking, and a night in a messy diaper left her with a horrible rash. The spanking was far more painful than her last, and soon she was bawling at the stinging strikes. Squeekie couldn’t move or even struggle as she was spanked again and again. After that, the enema bottle came back, and filled her up. Her cramps returned as she felt her stomach get bloated. Finally, the messy diaper wrapped around her again, forcing her back into the slimy mess.

“Ok, time for breakfast!” Mommy said. She picked her up and sat her down in the highchair. Squeakie squirmed, trying unsuccessfully to get comfortable in her messy diaper. She struggled to hold onto her bowels. Despite the painful cramps, she refused to humiliate herself so easily this time. She knew it was a petty rebellion, but she wanted to put up some form of fight.

The witch began spoon feeding Squeakie oatmeal and mashed vegetables. Squeakie was embarrassed to be spoon fed, but didn’t want to get punished again. She chocked back the baby food, then a full bottle of formula milk.

Once the witch was satisfied they had both eaten enough, she stood them on the ground. She dressed Bowser in the same outfit as the night before. Squeakie’s onesie turned into a t-shirt. It had the same design, but left her thick and brown-stained diaper exposed. The woman took Squeakie by the hand and pulled Bowser behind her on the leash.

“Ok my dearies, I don’t want you to stay cooped up all day. So, we are going for a walk.”

Bowser and Squeakie looked at each other. A walk? As in, outside?!? That meant two things. First of all, people would see them in their humiliating outfits. On the other hand, it could mean a chance to escape. Hoping the witch had made a mistake, they followed her out the door.

However, those hopes were quickly squashed. The world they stepped out into was far different from the one they had been in before. Gone was the forest. In its place, there was an entire town of large mansions. An area that was once deserted was now filled with people going for walks, drives, or just standing around talking. Squeakie was certain she saw a few fly away on broomsticks. Some of them turned to point and laugh at the new couple, others awed and snapped pictures.

Along with those who seemed to be witches and wizards, an entire new race moved around. They were all short, and all had tails and animal ears. On top of that, each was dressed in a humiliating outfit and seemed to be under some form of punishment. Many wore diapers and baby clothes. Many more wore dresses, though some of them looked more like boys. Some were in maids outfits, leather outfits, strait jackets, or ropes and chains. Others were turned into pets like Bowser, ranging from people being led on leashes to people with fur and whiskers on their faces.

Another woman approached them. She led three short, tailed and dog eared boys behind her, each two with brown hair and one blond. One of the brown haired boys wore a purple onesie and was clearly diapered, he also sucked on a pacifier. The other was also diapered and sucking on a pacifier, though he wore a pink dress. The blond boy was in a short dress, though he didn’t seem to be diapered. All three of them were blushing and rubbing their behinds.

“Hello Angelina!” She said to Mommy, who they realized for the first time was named Angelina" Aww I see you got some friends! A cute little pet" she scratched Bowser’s ear, making him moan, “and a cute little baby girl,” she said, patting Squeakie’s diaper.

“Yes, we’ve been having fun! And how are you’re three girls! It seems they havn’t all been acting their ages, have they?” Angelina replied, looking at the two diapered boys, who blushed further.

“Well yes. It seems there was a bit of a fight. One of them broke the toilet, and no one wanted to admit to it. They ended up arguing in front of me lie a bunch of children. Each of them got spanked. Also, I decided that, since they couldn’t use the toilet properly, Shane and Phoebe here were better off in diapers” She lifted up the skirt and onsie of the two padded boys, revealing thick pink diapers. “Alex here (she pointed at the blond boy) was with me when the toilet was broken, so I know it wasn’t him, but he still argued with the others. So, he still got spanked but is allowed to stay in pull ups.” She lifted the last boys skirt to reveal a pull up decorated with princesses. “Well anyway, we must get going. Goodbye!”

Angelina waved her goodbyes as the two others stared in surprise. She turned to see their confused faces, then explained. “You see my dearies, this is what we witches call “funland.” We can’t exactly show ourselves as we are in your world, so we created this one where we can use our magic freely. And instead of normal punishments, criminals, or simply mug… non magic users who put their noses in the wrong places are used for the amusement of others. So, you can forget about any thoughts of escape. You will just be returned to me.”

Gabriella looked at the witch, then at Bowser. She studied the other prisoners around her. The witches all seemed pretty confident no one could get out, but she doubted that had really been tested. Perhaps she could use that to her advantage. But the question was, how?…