The Kick

Chapter One

“Ya’know theres more where that came from back at my place.” Chad said with a devilish grin, “we could always stop by there on our way to the bar.”

The room was filled with smoke from menthol cigarettes, candles, and a few other things resting on the living room table. Along with those things were two powdery, snow white lines somehow glistening like crystals in the dimly lit room. Then with a few muffled snorts the young woman sitting in front of the table raised her head, her short black hair flipping back as she continued to try and get the rest of whatever remained in her nasal cavity up into her brain. Maybe that would make this whole charade more bearable she thought.

“Already trying to bed me aye? Usually you wait until were a few more bumps in to pull that crap.”

Jessica was used to this, she understood what Chad wanted. He loved the chase, and that’s why she would always run. Because once the chase was over she could forget about the best connection she ever had. After all you can’t beat a dealer that’s practically shoveling the ice into your nose for free…well kinda free. She still had to act like she was interested in him, and with that act she practically had to change her entire self. She despised people like Chad, but what could she she do. The world’s a twisted place like that when your chasing the pony.

“Oh come on, you’ve been a tease for three weeks now,” he began to run his hand up and down her thigh, “I know you want some of the ‘Chad’.” He gave her a mischievous wink before moving his hand farther up under her skirt.

A sly smile crossed her face. Part of it was real and part of it was a lie. She absolutely loathed his company but at the same time some more free drugs didn’t sound so bad. Besides, half the time his random drug concoctions made him pass out before anything ever happened. That’s when she would rummage through his drawers and cubbies finding his stash, taking what she wanted and leaving. She felt no remorse, this ass hole deserved it and she needed her fix. She only felt shame for having to waste her time with such scum to get by.

“Alright, fine. But your not getting it that easily bucko. Theres still a lot more night ahead of us.” She said hoping that she was wrong.

Jess leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek for a little convincing. She held back her lunch from coming up. He looked at her and gave her that twisted smile that always made her shiver with disgust. What was she doing, she thought as she found herself walking towards the front door with Chad following.

“Ya we’ll see how long you keep that tone.” The sound of a sudden slap followed his words as his hand connected with the denim of her jeans.

Jess buried her anger deep within thinking of the reward, anything to keep her from punching him in his cock.

Within ten minutes they had already made there way down the few blocks it took to get to there destination. As they entered the side door into the kitchen Jess almost threw up again with the rotten smell of a sink filled with unwashed dishes that she knew for a fact had been sitting there for atleast a month. Upon entering the living room however she discovered a different smell completely, it was as if someone had spilled amonia somewhere nearby. She could tell that the smell had been lingering for a bit but she had never smelled it before now.

“Whats that smell, dude?” She asked as she surveyed the room looking for the source. She noticed a bottle of febreeze sitting on the coffee table and grabbed it spraying it around the room.

“Don’t bother, pissy pants will just do it again.”

Chad’s words made little sense to Jess, which was normal but this time she was curious. He had never had a room mate before. Not that she knew of anyways.

“What the hell are you talking about?” She asked as she eyed his hands as they began to open the cabinet beneath the end table pulling out a baggy of that cure she so desperately wanted.

“My room mate, well sort of room mate.” Chad chuckled a bit as he pulled out his pipe and began dropping a few small crystals into the bowl, “dude’s so pathetic, cant even keep his sleeping bag dry.”

Jess noticed the low quantity of the baggie and immediately began to lose her motivation. She knew there was no point in sticking around now, there wouldn’t be anything to steal tonight. She figured she might as well smoke with him and then maybe she could think of some type of excuse to get away. She would think of something, anything to avoid having to spend the night with this man.

“What do you mean ‘sort of room mate’?” She asked genuinely uninterested as he took a hit and passed the pipe to her. She could already smell the feelings of pleasure that were about to enter her lungs, the feelings of hope.

Chad exhaled the toxic exhaust and blinked his eyes a few times before finally responding, “Its this guy I used to sleep with sometimes, kids a complete loser though. Has no place to go, complete addict. Can’t handle his stuff.” Chad laid his head back smiling proudly over his false security of his own drug habit. “Felt bad for him so I let him stay over for awhile till he can get back on his feet. I’m pretty great, huh?” She almost left right then, she couldn’t stand his bullshit stories of his so called “charity”.
As she raised the glass stem to her mouth and sparked the lighter she heard a door open quietly before seeing a figure emerge from the darkness. The sight made her blood run cold.

“Ah if it isn’t the little baby himself.” Chad exclaimed as the figure walked across the living room towards the kitchen obviously trying to avoid the other occupants of the house. “Where the hell do you think your going?” asked Chad making the person stop immediately. They didn’t turn around, only softly muttered a response almost as if they were scared of saying something wrong.

“I…I was going to go get us smokes. I…I’m almost out.”

“Fine but bring me back some zig zags while your at it, and make it fast. My dick isn’t giong to suck itself later.” The figure winced and nodded before slightly turning his head and whispering, “Yes sir.”, before walking to the door and making his way into the outside world.

“That…that’s your room mate?” Jess said roughly as she coughed a bit from the mere shock of the incident and the choking affect of the drug. Her hands shook as she held the pipe, this wasn’t the reward she wanted.

The figure that had just left was an old friend of Jessica’s, well…more of an acquaintance. Old enemy may be more appropriate. His name was Jack and he and Jess had gone to high school together ever since elementary, but she hadn’t seen him since graduation. The last time they had talked she had shoved him to a locker and gave him a wedgie in front of everyone in the hallway, he had fallen down after that and bawled like a baby before finally escaping her grasp and running away down the hall from the laughter of the other students. She had always bullied Jack, ever since they were kids. She never knew why, that’s just who she was back then. She may have matured a lot since those days but she never forgot that look in his eyes that day. She had actually liked him a bit towards the end of there senior year, but the wedgie incident had ruined the chance of her ever being able to tell him how she felt. Besides, how can you tell someone who’s life you’ve made a living hell ever since you met them that you think you like them.

“Ya something like that.” Chad said taking the pipe from her lighting it himself. “Know him or something?”

As jess stared into the blank grey smoke filling the air she couldn’t get the image out of her head of him standing there like that. He had always been a decent sized fellow in school, not fat by any means but he definetly never looked like he missed a meal, what she saw tonight was the exact opposite. The dead like figure that she had just seen looked like a skeleton of his former self. His Not only that but even in the crap lighting of the room she could tell by the brief glance she got of his face that he had a black eye.

“Ya…we went to school together.” She mumbled taking the pipe from him still staring into the distance of her memories.

A cloud of smoke escaped Chad’s mouth as he began to laugh and slapped his knee. “That’s hilarious, you’re THE Jessica!”

The comment caused Jess to snap out of her past, “What do you mean?”, she asked timidly knowing already what he meant.

“One night when he was tore up he started bawling his eyes out saying how the closest he ever got to a woman in his life was you picking on him every day. It was kinda sad really, he said like he missed it or something. Either way I didn’t hear to much more, his crying was getting on my nerves so I threw his bitch ass in the spare room for the night. Shoulda seen it.” Chad said with no sense of sympathy. “So are you going to hit that or are we going to start banging already?” He put his hand on her leg again possessively.

Jess couldn’t remember much after that, it was as if her brain went on autopilot. She stood up without saying a word and headed towards the door, completely tuning out Chad’s protests as she made her way outside. All she remembered as she exited the hell hole was hearing Chad mutter, “suit yourself, more for me.” and the sounds of a lighter sparking.

It was raining as she walked back home, but she barely noticed. Her mind was to consumed with something else. She couldn’t stop thinking of that boy, or of that look in his eyes. It haunted her. When she finally reached her house she sat down on the porch steps and just stared out into the nothingness that her life was becoming. But even that wasn’t enough to shake the image from her thoughts. All she saw was that look of fear in the face of the frail boy she once knew, and it tore her apart inside.

Jessica paced up and down the same blocks surrounding Chad’s house consuming half a pack of cigarettes and two duggies. She had gotten home at 9:17, she knew the exact time. The uppers and her stupid head wouldn’t let her forget that. She had gotten on her phone to distract herself while she rode through the night until she was able to sleep. She went to open her news app and couldn’t find any solace in it. She simply sat on the steps of her porch staring at the screen as the minutes went by. She just couldn’t get the face out of her mind.

She kept picturing him when they were younger, he was a sweet and gentle type of person. He was a wallflower, and she couldn’t help but love that about him. Though she harassed him during there school years she always kept an eye on him, nobody got to mess with him in school except for her. She had always felt a sense of ownership over him and at the same time rejected her feelings for him. Yet now she felt more rejected then he ever could have felt. She knew when he looked back that he had recognized her, hell he probably heard her voice and said an excuse to leave, she thought. The look gave it away, it was that same one he had that day in the hallway.
Minutes turned to hours and Jessica found herself walking the streets towards the house where she knew he would be. She didn’t know what she was doing, she knew the drugs were having there affect but at the same time she knew there was something else. As midnight started to roll around she began to approach the house again. She just couldn’t go through with going in there. She just wanted to see him. To hear him talk, to say something. She wanted to help him, but felt powerless to do so.

That’s when she heard it. She was three houses away but she heard yelling. She wasn’t close enough to know what was being said but she heard that old familiar sound. The light rumbles of bad flooring and shaky walls, the sudden impacts and silences. Followed by the outbursts. Then she heard a sound that broke her, she found herself a few feet from the front door when something that sounded like a yelp followed by pleading a crying hit her ears. A few seconds later it was as if all the noise and color in the world had been sucked from the world, she felt like she was in some twisted silent film. She heard the front door open and mechanicaly found herself hiding behind the a nearby tree in the front lawn. She hid not because of fear but because she knew she had to get inside. She heard the screen door slam and saw Chad’s tall figure walk down the stairs and onto the street, that’s when she creeped through the shadows and snuck into the house like a snake. She had to find him.

As she entered the living room she saw the remnants of what once was a decent wooden coffee table. Across the room was rubble from some type of explosive tantrum by some drugged up demon. And by the broken mirror on the wall laid Jack unconscious. After that. She felt her breath run from her lungs as she saw his frail body lying there, she ran to him not able to believe what was before her. He had never hurt anyone in his life, he was a good person. He didn’t deserve this.

She knelt by his side and rolled him over trying to wake him. She felt his pulse, it was there but it was faint.

“Jack…please wake up. Come on Jack…Jack, Wake Up!!! Please Jack, You Have To Wake Up!! PLEASE!!!” She screamed as she held him, shaking his body trying to get some type of motion out of him. Her whole body shook as she held his almost lifeless form.

Finally his lips began to move, his eyes struggling to open even a little.

“Jessie…I missed you…” He gave her an almost happy smile before passing out again in her arms hardly breathing.

Jess saw her tears fall onto Jack’s face before she realized that she was crying. She couldn’t help it. This wasn’t right, she could’ve helped him. She could’ve been there.
As she stared at the bruised and bloodied face of her old crush she realized she would never let this happen again. Nobody would ever hurt her Jackie again. She took her phone out of her pocket and began to write a text to her sister:
“Need to talk, emergency. I’m fine. Will be home soon.”

After seeing the message had gone through she used all of her strength to lift jack up and into her arms, resting part of his body over her shoulder and using her hips to supports his legs like some type of child. For a junkie he had become about has small and fragile as they come and though it wasn’t an easy feat she found herself able to carry him out of the house and down the sidewalk towards her home.

Off in the distance she could hear the hooting and hollering of the drunk college kids leaving the local bars. She knew Chad was out there somewhere, drinking away his conscious. The annoying image of his arrogant face consumed her thoughts, all she could think of was revenge. She would get him back, she wouldn’t let him get away with this.

As she approached her home and climbed the stairs going through the entryway into the living room she was broken from her anger induced trance by a soft whimper from Jack. She rubbed his back cooing to him as she laid him on the couch, she didn’t know what she was doing but it just felt natural. She hadn’t even noticed her sister standing in the hallway across the room her arms crossed, a look of shock on her face. Brooke, Jessica’s sister, wasn’t expecting this to be the emergency. Normally it was her sister using her for money or being drunk and over dramatic. She quickly made her way to her sister’s side trying to help.

“What the hell happened!?” she asked looking over the boy’s wounds. Brooke had been working at a hospital nearby as a nurse for three years now and knew just how bad it looked.

“Chad did this to him…” Jessica said quietly barely noticing her sister. She stroked his hair and held his hand scared of what the damage was.

Brooke looked away from her sister and back at Jack not wanting to tell Jess what it looked like. She knew that there was a good chance the boy had a concussion and that his ankle was broken, maybe even a few ribs. She saw the blood on his clothes and a wet spot on his crotch. The kid didn’t stand a chance. She just hoped there wasn’t any permanent brain damage. One look at the boys arm showed a recent injection of something as well, a sight Brooke was unfortunately familiar with. She had seen multiple people in the ER for overdosing after shooting up. The paleness of his skin and look of his face were all to familiar symptoms of an addict with no insurance and no way of getting better.

“We cant take him to the hospital Jess so we need to keep him awake, if he has a concussion and goes out for to long he might suffer permanent damage. Jess? Jess, are you listening to me?!”

Jessica was shaken from her thoughts by her sisters hand on her forearm.

“I have to go somewhere, please watch him. I’ll be back in a couple hours.” Jess said almost mechanically as she stood up and walked towards the shelf over there fireplace. She saw the orange jar with the white cap and began unscrewing it. Brooke looked alarm and began to protest.

“Jessica, you cant take those right now! Look, I know your scared for Jack and pissed off but if you mix that medication with whateve-”. Jessica bluntly cut her off.

“There not for me…I’ve got a date with Chad that I’m late for.” With those words she took four of the pills out and put them in her pack of cigarettes.

Brooke understood now what Jessica was doing and went back to looking over Jack checking to make sure he was still conscious.

“Be careful.” She said as Jessica grabbed her coat and walked towards the two of them on the couch.

“I will.” She knelt down and kissed jack on the forhead, her hand caressing his cheek.

Jack let out a soft noise almost like a child cooing before weakly raising his hand to touch Jessica’s arm. She could feel his warm touch and grabbed his fingers raising them and lightly nuzzling them with her nose.

“I’ll be back my little prince.” She said before gently laying his hand across his tummy and rising up. She made her way through the entryway once more stepping out into the darkness. And as she made her way towards the noisy bustling mainstreet of the bar scene she felt the damp night air kiss her skin. She pulled the hood of her jacket up over head and everything she saw turned to red.

Re: The Kick

Okay, really, really nice stage you’ve set here. No idea where it’s going, but damned sure interested to find out! :slight_smile:

Re: The Kick

I usually only read stories of girls in the little role. I don’t know what kind of magic you enchanted this story with but I couldn’t stop reading. Even though I knew it was the reverse of what I read.

Re: The Kick

Tremendous. Looking forward to your next post.

Re: The Kick

Very much looking forward to more of this story!

Re: The Kick

Chapter 2: Vengaence and Redemption

Jess sat on her porch, the smoke from her cigarette slowly escaping her partially opened lips. She thought back over the events of the night, playing like a movie reel in her head. It was amazing how calm she was earlier, yet now she couldnt stop shaking. What the hell was she going to do.

She had found Chad at the bar and convinced him to take her back to his place so they could “have fun”. This was all a lie of course, a clevet scheme to get her revenge. The image of Jack laying on the floor bloodied and bruised was burned into her brain. On the outside she was cool and collected, but on the inside she was a raging inferno.

“Feeling pretty good Chad? You feeling alright?” she ran a finger across his shoulders as she walked behind his couch stalking her prey.

“Y-ya…i dont know…I-I guess.” his brain was all foggy. He of course didnt realize the real reason for it. While Chad was pounding down his final shot Jess had slipped 3 clonazapams into his half drunken beer. She knew it wouldnt take long for the effects to kick in. The pills acted like a roofie and she knew hed black out very soon.

She walked in front of him, his own pistol in her hand. The fool had left it sitting on the kitchen table. He was struggling to comprehend the situation. He knew he need to do something but his brain was having issues with telling his body what to do. He felt his chin being raised by the cold steel barrel. His eyes met her.

“You listen to me and you listen good…you hurt someone Chad. Someone I care about. Someone whos never hurt anyone…” she fought back her own emotions knowing how hypocritical her words were.

“So now…im going to hurt you…”

What happened next was like a blur to her. Her anger blinded her as she unleashed a wrath that only a woman can. She remember seeing blood hit the wall as she hit him with the butt of the pistol. Then she did it again…and again. Chad tried to get away, he fell onto the floor, scratching and crawling as she watched his pitiful attempts at escaping. She planted her converse shoes on his back halting his actions. A low moan could be heard from the beaten man. Jess kneeled down next to him taking a folded piece of paper from her back pocket. Ironic. It was a suicide note she had wrote for herself two days ago when she thought she had nothing to live for.

“Do you know what this is Chad? This is your suicide note. Dont worry, i doubt anyone will miss you.” she laid it next to him and walked to the room that Jack had been staying in. She looked for anything that might be his. Other than the piss soaked sleeping bag on the floor there wasnt anything that could be linked back to him. Then she saw the diapers. Well atleast he was trying she thought to herself. She grabbed a handful of them and stuck them in her purse. A maternal feeling she hadnt felt since…no she had to push those memories out of her mind.

She walked back into the living room and over to Chad.

“Sat goodnight you piece of shit.”

She was home before the police even arrived at the scene. She didnt kill him. She set it up perfectly. She made it look like a botcged attempt at suicide, the note being the icing on the cake. She knee a neighbor would call it in. She also knew that Chad wouldnt remember a thing and even if he did who would believe him. The cops would see the numerous drugs and paraphenelia around his house and just assume that he was some crazy junky dealer who had finally cracked. Cops dont listen to people like that. With any luck hed be put away for atleast 5 years with the amount of crank he had. That was one problem solved.

She was now on her sisters couch looking down at the boy who had caused all of this. She could see that he had wet himself but thought she would just let him sleep. She didnt wanf to wake him until she knew what to say to him. She had no idea what to do but she did know one thing. Protecting him made her feel alive again. Like she used to feel before she had lost the baby. She didnt want to lose that feeling…or him.

“This isnt the first time you know.”

Her sisters words broke her from her trance. She hadnt even realized she was still awake.

“What do you mean?”

Her sister kneeled down and stroked the boys hair as he he slept. “Ive seen him in the hospital before, by my count this is his 3rd OD. It may have not been his fault this time but the others were. Itll happen again…ive seen people like this Jess. Your able to maintain. Hes not. He’ll end up dead from this stuff…without a place to live he doesnt stand a chance at recovery. Even if we let him stay till hes better he’ll start using again. And then…”

Jess stared at the floor as her sister spoke. Sarah was right. Jess looked over at her purse seeing the diapers poking out.

“Lets go to the basement and talk…i have an idea.”

“You cant be serious Jess.” Sarah stared at her sister in disbelief. “We cant do that.”

Jess took a drag from her cigarette before nonchalantly saying, “why cant we?”

“Well for one its illegal, and two its impossible. You cant do that to someone.”

“Have you ever heard of MK Ultra?”

Sarah shhok her head waiting for her sister to explain.

“MK Ultra was a government program that focused on mind control and brainwashing using drugs such as acid and LSD. A lot of times it endex in disaster but there are a few cases where it was succesful. We can apply those same techniques and end his suffering.”

Sarah looked at her sister in disbelief before lighting a cigarette of her own. “Ok then so whats your plan Jess?”

Jess took a deep breath and began to explain to her sister the insane idea that was forming in her head.

"The key is to start off slow. We’ll let him know that were worried about and that we want to help so we want him to stay with us so we can keep an eye on him. We demand that he wears diapers at night so he doesnt ruin the mattress in the spare room. The important part is that we establish our roles and not stray from them. Ill act as his mommy and you act like an aunt. We have to dominate. Our place of being in charge cannot waiver or he’ll rebel. Overtime we sneak diueretics into his drink and other drugs so we can get him to start having daytime accidents. I dont think that part will be difficult. "Jess took ine last drag from her cigarette before snubbing it out. “Then we start the heavy stuff. We’ll have to make it so hes reliant on us for everything. Once we have his trust and obediance he’ll be like putty in our hands. Ill convince to start sleeping in my room so i can start the night time hypnosis training.”

Sarah stopped her there. “Night time hypnosis?”

“Yes. Theyre tapes thatll ill play while he sleeps. That along with our verbal reinforcement he should begin to regress into the toddler state we want him in.”

“Jess its not that simple, things like that just dont exist.”

Jess scoffed at her sister before lighting another smoke. “Not on the normal internet…but spend sometime on the deep web and you can find what im talking about.”

Sarah nodded, “ok…go on.”

Jess smiled and took another drag. “This is where the drugs come in. We’ll start sneaking them into his everyday meals and drink. Of course he’ll notice and start to speculate so we’ll take him to a therapist. We’ll convince him that hes simply having a mental breakdown and that we will help him through it. Tgats when we’ll step up the treatment. He’ll become reliant on us for everything and as things go on we’ll increase the drugs and hypnosis. Eventually he’ll crack and ill have the baby ive always wanted.”

Sarah looked at her sister in disbelief. Despite how she felt she knew Jess was right, a person could easily be manipulated into any role. Ws play the parts we are assigned, even without knowing.

“Ok so how do we pay for all this? You know this isnt going to be cheap.”

“Ill sell my part in Steves company to his sister. She offered me 100k 7 months ago. If i can even get half of that then we’ll have more than enough. I can even use the remainder to pay for classes so i can finish my degree. You always said i need to do sometging with my life.”

Sarah nodded letting all this information roll over in her mind. “And what about your addiction issues?”

Jess knew that queztion would eventually come up. “Do you remember how happy I was when Steve got me pregnant? I was clean and sober for 5 wholemonths with no intentions of going back. Dont you see, this isnt just about Jack…its about me too. I want my baby.”

A tear cameto Jess’s eye as sheput out her cigarette.

“We can let him go tomorrow and hope he gets clean…or we can takematters into our own hands.”

Sarah looked at her sister and saw how serious she was. She hadnt seen this much spirit from her since the pregnancy.

“Well,” she took another drag before putting out her own smoke, " the way i see it my littlenephew is upstairs in wet pants and needs his MOMMY to go change him into a fresh diaper." Sarah gave her a wink and reacged into her sisters purse grabbing 3 of the diapers from it. “Are you ready to be a mommy?”

Jess felt a flood of maternal love consume her. She took the diapers and walked to the stairs so she could take care of her “little” boy.

“Are you ready to be an auntie?”

Sarah just smiled and shook her head watching her sister walking up the stairs. She knew how crazy all of this was but she couldnt deny the excitement that was growing inside of her.

Re: The Kick

Sorry if some things dont mesh up. Kinda drunk and was distracted by the movie chappie. Plus this is a super old story. I hope you all like it, please be merciful lol

Re: The Kick

I enjoyed it. Though I dont think thats how the police would actually treat the beat up guy. Drugs dont make you give yourself head trauma, especially not ones that could be easily traced back to a gun that was in his closet. Plus the cocktail of drugs you mentioned would’ve been detected immeadiateely at the hospital, and they arent used recreationally (unless you count date rape as recreation, which I dont). Point is, any investigator worth the bronze his badge was made with would know it wasn’t a sucide.
That’s not to say it wasn’t an otherwise very well written scene. I could feel the raw emotions you were trying to channel in that scene for your characters, and when it seemed like she was about to murder him, I totally bought it.

Re: The Kick

Sorry, but you don’t know the drug scene very well. Clonazepam is most definitely used recreationally, with or without alcohol. Its effects are similar to alcohol in a pill. They are also commonly used to combat the nasty comedown effects of hard stimulants, such as methamphetamine. The guy was a tweaker, so it is well within the realm of possibility that he would have overdosed on benzos and alcohol, possibly stumbled around and hit his head in a drunken stupor. Self-harm is another possibility during a case of amphetamine psychosis. Staying up for days while continually feeding your brain with dopamine and noradrenaline can easily make you lose touch with reality.

In a case of synchronicity, and at the risk of derailing the thread from the story onto my own occasional drug use, I am at the tail end of a little session with speed (I’m not a junkie, only an occasional user), and have effectively used clonazepam to ensure a smooth landing. It’s quite pleasurable to those inclined to like such things, and the vast amount of benzodiazepine intoxications are self-administered for pleasure or to combat the side effects of other drugs. My own habits are not the topic of this thread however, merely background info on why I’m qualified to utterly refute your objection.

While the setup is a bit convenient, the point here was that cops in many areas see drug addicts as lowlifes doomed anyway, and so don’t feel the need to investigate the death of a junkie particularly thoroughly. A despicable view for sure, but definitely real in some places. In short, the murder and coverup are the least implausible part of this story.

I do see some typos and general formatting and pacing issues, but the drugs are not a problem here. We are headed into a forced regression story (which is implausible on the face of it and must simply be accepted as a trope of the genre, like dragons in fantasy). MKULTRA was a failed program: despite how many unethical experiments they performed, scientists found that strong mind-altering drugs are far too unpredictable to actually induce effective mind control or obtain reliable intel. Drugs like LSD induce mindstates too confused to extract meaningful info or allow the subject to be successfully “programmed”, while the star drug of the trial, BZ, induces psychosis. But in a genre where forced regression is taken for granted as something that is possible and essential to the fantasy, we’ll just have to take it or leave it.

Re: The Kick

Indeed, I even partook of Xanax (clonazepam) at parties when I was young and reckless.

Re: The Kick

Xanax is alprazolam (a shorter-acting benzodiazepine). But yeah, let’s not bog down the thread with drug talk. I’m curious to see where the story goes, even if this kind of story normally isn’t my thing.

Re: The Kick

Thank you both for your comments, they are greatly appreciated. Honestly im just glad people are taking the time to read my stories. I wish i had taken more time on my last post. Not just for typos but because i had imagined a much more detailed scene of vengeance during the faked attempted suicide. I may add more for the final draft but i have to admit i rushed this part.

As for the regression/brainwashing factor it is very true that it would be nearly impossible to completely mold someone perfectly through psychoactive drugs like LSD. The subject would of course be driven to insanity and even if they werent it would be incredibly difficult to control the effects…but they could be severely weakened mentally. And thats where the conditioning sets in. This is my own opinion and not based on absolute fact but my own observation of history.

The Donner Part would have never committed the act ogmf canabilism had it not been for the gruesome situation they found themselves in. German citizens would have not supported/allowed such a gruesome regime to rise like the Nazi party had it not been for the depressing period folowed by world war 1. During war people have used their own children as suicide bombers, an act unthinkable to any sensible mother. The Manson murders, the Stanford Prison Experiment, Columbine, a junkie who goes on a 10 year binger and suddenly wakes up in alleyway alone having lost everything and finally coming to terms with the responsibility of there actions…etc…etc…
All of these situations do vary greatly but in simple terms can all be traced to simple explanations and similiarities that all humans share when put in certain situations. Bad decisions, desperation, isolation, hope for something more, uncontrolled emotions that arise from things that seem out of there control. I want to convey a subject that is very hard to do: insanity. And i want to do it on a person by person basis. The dominant, the submissive, the unknowing accomplice, and the outside public.

Although many subs wish they could be totally dominated i want to show what that means on an extreme scale, especially when they dont even realize its happening.

I understand and do not criticize the fantasies and desires of most Doms but there is a difference between wanting and acting and i hope to show just how psychotic, although caring in this case, a mommy dom would have to be in an ageplay regression dynamic where they completely took over a subs mind in life without their permission. The mommy in this story is very caring and has good intentions but like many others that eventually attain absolute power over an individuals or people things can and have eventually lead towards the extreme and unthinkable side of human nature.

The sister, serving as the unknowing accomplice, actually benefits from this in what seems a morally right situation. She takes her sister side and helps her with her crazy plan knowing this may help get a loved one to move in from there terrible past. It feels good…even if at the bottom everything it is wrong. It becomes justified in her mind.

And the public…well those are the ones along for the ride, watching the show only able to enjoy it due to there feelings of distance. They dont know the one being manipulated or hurt. Why try to act? Its not real in there minds.

The fantasy part to me focuses on the technique or tools used. Weaken a man…then build him back up as you see fit. Normally it wouldnt work but if you have a perfect storm then theres no telling what will happen. And although ive never once come across actual hypnosis tales, drugs, or conditioning techniques to fully regress an unwilling person in my 10 years of reasearching infantilism it is something that (although highly unlikely) is a possibility…especially when you consider the mysteries of the dark web that can be found.

Mankind can be insane but its always amazed me how it can be explained and in rare cases justified.

I hope this will not be a normal abdl story…and i hope to show just how crazy the mommy is, along with human desires and nature. Buckle up Buckaroos….

Re: The Kick

I apologize for the mass amount of grammatical errors and such a dark reply. Hopefully post the next chapter by tomorrow night.

Re: The Kick

I think I’m gonna have to toss out the ‘my kind of story’ line. It’s old, and too often, I find myself reading far beyond its ancient restrictions. My kind of story is a good one, and that’s what I’m reading here.

Couple things though.
Did I miss something completely, or does Jess have two sisters? Brooke and Sarah?

And this line.

I actually felt disappointment when I read this; a giant plunge downward from the feelings I had prior. Jess’s maternal instinct appears to be a keystone for what’s to come. The emotional trip she just went through was well-handled and detailed.

The blandness of this single line contradicts that. I could just be me being picky, but I would think that something as important to her character as this seems to be, would deserve a bit more attention; especially in the clincher moment of the scene, the dramatic first step toward a new path. One line, with the age-old ‘she felt,’ doesn’t seem to do it justice.

But otherwise, and ignoring proofing errors, this is good so far.

Re: The Kick

Ok so after trying for an hour to convert this file from my laptop to my phone i finally succeeded.

Onece i apologize for typos and any formatting errors. Oh and the whole sister name thing was my mistake. Decided to just go with Sarah.

So here it goes

Chapter 3
Jess kneeled in front of Jack looking down at her handy work. It had been difficult at first but after about 20 minutes or so she had successfully placed her future baby boy into his thick new underwear. The white contrast of the diaper against his lightly tanned skin made the look even more adorable. His grey tshirt barely reached the brim of his cotton underwear. One of his legs stuck straight out while the other bent a bit as he lay on his tummy looking just like the toddler he was soon to become. She had to fight every urge in her body not to grab her phone and snap a picture, she wanted to remember these moments forever. Just like a real mother.
When Jess had first approached Jack trying to put the new garments on him she had almost succeeded in not waking him through the entire process, but just as the last tapes on his diaper were being done she could hear a light whimper escape his lips. What happened next was hard for the both of them. Shock and confusion crossed Jacks face and he looked as though he had seen a ghost. It took about ten seconds for him to take the entire scene in. Here he was, laying on the floor in nothing but his old ratty tshirt he had worn for far to many days without washing and a thick disposable diaper wrapped around his waist. He knew they were the ones he had gotten from Walgreens when he had first moved in with Chad. And that’s when everything hit him. The brutal beating by Chad which had left him bruised and bleeding on the floor of his home barely able to move. He was barely able to stay conscious during the incident but he remembered Chad injecting him with some type of drug and then force feeding him other pills before taking off for the bar. Before he left he had kicked Jack in the side and the small boy curled into a ball giving up. As the drug cocktail of uppers and downers began to affect his system he could tell this was not going to be any ordinary drug experience. The realization that he might die hit him like a ton of bricks and he did his best mentally to hold on to what little life he had. Things had begun to get hazy after that. He could barely remember Jess carrying him home or even Sarah caring for him as he laid on her floor lost and confused.
The memories proved to be to much for him and he suddenly burst into an explosion of tears and snot as he cried his eyes out in front of the woman that used to make his life a living hell. But despite what she had done in the past he couldn’t help himself and he was soon in her arms burying his face in her shoulder looking for any type of comfort he could find at this point. He was completely broken, the drugs although much weaker now were still affecting his system and he could feel the inevitable comedown that was about to rock him to his core leaving him helpless.
Jess kneeled there holding him as tight as she could before sitting back on the floor. With one arm on the middle of his back and the other grabbing the bottom of his bottom she easily pulled the scared youngster into her lap to console him. Her heart went out to this boy. She needed him and that’s all that mattered. She gently coo’d to him words to try and calm him down, rocking back and forth a bit like she would with a real child. She knew that at this moment she couldn’t let go. Not now. Not ever.
“Jack, sweetheart. Your okay, everythings going to be okay from now on. Shhh Jessies here for my little Jack. Shhh….” This went on for a bit before she finally set him down in front of her on the floor feeling that he was somewhat stable for the current moment. Jack sat there almost in a daze as Jess stood up and went to the kitchen to get him a glass of water. She could here his light sniffles and few whimpers that he tried to contain but was having issues with.
She handed the glass to the boy, watching his hands shake as he struggled to maintain his composure.
“Sweety take a few sips, it’ll help you relax. Okay?” Jess brought the glass to Jack’s waiting lips and gently tilted it back allowing him to take a few small sips before taking the glass from him and setting it next to her.
They both sat there for what seemed like an eterenity before Jess finally took the first step, sliding over to the couch leaning her back against it. She patted the spot next to her signaling for the young man to come join her. She was surprised that instead of walking he took to an almost child like crawl to her before plopping his butt down and leaning his still foggy and exhausted head against her not daring to look up at the beautiful women. Not just out of shyness but also of shame.
Jess took a drink of the water herself before pulling Jack in closer to her draping her arm around his shoulder. She gave the troubled boy a kind smile before lightly tickling his tummy. Jack smiled back. It may have been fake but atleast he was trying to hold it together.
“So I think you and I have a lot to talk about buddy.” Jack nodded at her words and looked to the floor trying hard to control the shaking in his voice before he spoke.
“I don’t know where to begin…” Jack whispered to her still refusing to look up.
Jess took the boys chin in her hand and gently raised it so that she could look into his beautiful blue eyes she had fallen in love with. “Just start from the beginning honey, you can tell me whatever you want too.”
Jack barely nodded his head before taking a deep breath. “It all started with my parents.” He barely whispered before taking another smaller breath so that he could begin his troublesome tale.
It seemed difficult to the lad at first but after a few sentences the words seemed to spew from his mouth like lava unable to contain itself inside of an erupting volcano. The words seemed to run from his mouth and down his body consuming him as he lost himself in his own past.
Jack did not have a terrible life. He was a child of divorce but he had experienced that at such a young age that it was almost like a normal thing to him. His father didn’t want a family and after three months of trying his father had finally cracked and kicked the two of them out onto the streets. His mothers family came to the rescue and took them in. At the age of 2 his mother had taken on a new suiter who took care of the both of them. His mother and his new stepfather loved him with all there hearts…but such things don’t ever last. Upon reaching adolescence he found himself growing more and more distant from the people he once loved. He was just a child and couldn’t realize what was happening but deep down he knew there was something wrong. It was as if they had loved the boy that they planned to mold into their perfect child. When it began to show that their plans did not work with the boy and his sensitive demeanor it was almost as though his parents began to distance themselves from him. A schism formed in their relationship and he soon found himself a loner. He loved his parents and they loved him…but he knew that there was always something just slightly off. Almost as though it was just a fabricated scene in order to appear normal to everyone else. A strong sense of denial at what their son was along with them continually pushing him to be something that he wasn’t resulted in a hatred that began to burn inside of him for them. Why couldn’t they just love him for who he was? Why did he have to be their “Golden Boy”. Why couldn’t he just be Jack. This continued into his teen years and that was when his bedwetting began. At first it seemed like just a fluke, he’d get over it and be just like everyone else again. But fate proved otherwise. The fact that their son still had to wear diapers to bed at the age of 17 seemed to them as a failure on there part to raise a proper man. On the day of his graduation he packed up his things and moved out and planned to never look back. He couldn’t go back.
Things had gone well for Jack at first with his new life. He got a good paying job at the local factory, was taking college classes ontop of it and had even found himself a new girlfriend. Hell even his nighttime accidents had stopped. Life seemed to be smiling upon him for the first time in a long time, but of course things never last forever. He soon found the stress and pressure from school, work, and his love life to be to much and eventually the immense pressure brought back his old childhood problem and he began waking up in a wet bed every other day. At first his girlfriend put up with it but he could tell how disappointed and ashamed she was of her boyfriend. He could see the disgust in her face more and more every day. One day he came home to find her in bed with one of his bestfriends. A part of him broke that day. He packed up his things and hit the road with the 200$ he had in his pocked hoping to begin a new life. Things just seemed to get worse from there.
He dropped out of school and soon found himself showing up late to work and calling in more and more before they finally had to fire him. Instead of trying to rebound he took the easy route: drugs.
Jack loved drugs. They seemed to fill the hole in his life that had been vacant for so long, but it was like fitting a square peg into a circular hole. He kept pushing and pushing himself to limits that he could never come back from. It went from alcohol, to pills, heroine, and finally methamphetamines. He slowly began seeing himself in a completely new way and life as well as he felt himself beginning to lose whatever it was that used to be the old Jack. He bounced from house to house, whoever would take him. He’d do anything…things he could never forget and that would haunt him as he slept at night. The drugs may have numbed the pain but everynight when he slept his dreams refused to let him forget. A slight psychosis began to build in his brain and he eventually gave up on all inhibitions he once had. He became shameless. He became a broken man and gave into the demons that seemed to surround his bed everynight. He had no idea how to escape and after awhile gave up on trying to find a way out. Truthfully he had hoped to die that night on Chad’s floor but for some reason there was something that kept him going. He wasn’t ready to let go of life…he wanted one last chance. Just one more.
By the end of his story Jack had more tears streaming down his face as he struggled to hold himself together remembering the past, looking at for what seemed like the first time in ages. He hadn’t even noticed that he had trickled a bit into his fresh disposable. Jess held him a bit closer to him letting the boy unload the pent up feelings he had kept hidden for so long. She understood his pain, she knew what it was like to push everything to the back of her mind just to keep herself moving. She also knew the weight of that decision when theres no more room left to push back and the years of problems eventually came loose like a leak in the basement, flooding everything around you.
Jack sniffled a bit starting to regain his composure, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it taking in a much deserved drag. " So whats your story, Jess?" He said as he exhaled the deadly toxins.
Jess knew this was coming and decided that she would keep it as simple as possible. She began telling Jack about how after school she had fallen in love with a drug dealer with anger issues that were on par with Ike Turner. She had almost left the man until she found out she was pregnant. From that day forth she was happier than she had ever been in her entire life. She planned, she decorated, she fantasized about the days of having her own child and all the things they would do. This was all cut short though. On one fateful night after a long argument her soon to be husband freaked out and took out all of his frustration of anger on her. He beat her mercislessly. She remembered laying on there kitchen floor gasping for air barely able to move. She thought it was done when he grabbed his keys to leave, she thought she was safe. And that’s when she felt the foot of his boot sharply connect with her abdomen. She screamed louder than she thought possible as she felt the air and life drain from her broken body. By the time the paramedics had gotten there it was to late. She had a broken arm and two broken ribs…and a miscarriage. She could feel the death inside of her, almost rotting away. Her sister took her in until she could get back on her feet but unfortunately all the mental turmoil she had experience sent her right back to the underworld that she had struggled to crawl out of just months ago for the sake of her soon to be childs life. Her babies daddy was in jail now and she had received quite the compensation for his assault. She now owned a third of his families company and had also received compensation for damages…but that couldn’t fill the void that was left from losing her child. She was a lost cause ready to give up…that was until yesterday night when she had found Jack laying there just like she had been a year ago. Broken, bruised, and empty.
A tear came to her eye as she told the tale and she brushed it away. She had to be strong she told herself.
“But that’s our past Jack…we have to be stronger. We have to keep going. And Sarah and I are here to ensure that happens for you. We want to help you Hun.”
Jack looked at her a bit confused not knowing what she meant. “Jess look I am very grateful for whatever it is you did for me last night but I don’t want to be an inconvenience. I’ll be ok….Im always ok.” His voice seemed to trail off at these last few words, almost as though he didn’t believe them himself.
Jess took this opportunity to tell Jack about her plan, well atleast the part that concerned him.
“Look, Sarah and I have a plan and if your okay with it I’d really llike to move forward and begin helping you…well helping all of us. If you hate it then you are free to go, but…if maybe it makes sense to you then perhaps you could give it a try. Would you like to hear it?”
Jack paused for a second before looking up at Jess and nodding and then returning his gaze to the floor.
Jess smiled and rubbed his shoulder before standing up towering over the young man. She knew she needed to start demonstrating a more dominant stance when around her new little boy.
Jess lit up her own cigarette before explaining her plan. " Sarah and I have both agreed that it is simply not safe for you to be alone right now. I can tell right now just how emotionally unstable you are and you’ve already told me about the bad decisions you’ve made in your past. We both want to see you get better and would like to help you. So…we’d like for you to move into the guest bedroom and live here forawhile until your able to get on your feet again."
“Jess that’s very generous of you but I cant affor-” Jess cut him off before he could even finish.
“Don’t worry about the money hun, I have enough money to pay for both our shares of the rent for atleast another 9 months and if I am able to sell my shares of the company then we will be fine until we can figure out what else to do. I’ll take care of rent, utilities, and your food. All you’d have to pay for is your own things such as cigarettes and entertainment. The rest will all be taken care of for now. We even already have a bed for you.”
Although Jack wasn’t a huge fan of relying on somebody in this manner he simply nodded, “Okay, go on.”
Jess smiled a bit at him knowing she was getting somewhere before taking another drag. “With that being said there will be some rules. First of all I cant have you ruining my sisters spare bed so you will be made to wear diapers at night every night. I know that you don’t always wet but for the sake of the mattress I think it would be a good idea. Secondly you are to check in with both of us about what your doing. We don’t want to be overbearing Jack but you must understand that we are both worried about a possible relapse and that simply will not do. Going a long with that…NO MORE DRUGS. Alcohol in moderation will be okay but you need to get our permission first. We will both be checking up on you frequently to make sure you are following this rule. We both know how hard its going to be for you to get past this addiction and we want to help in any way possible.”
Jack wasn’t a huge fan of having these two people he hadn’t known since highschool taking such control over his life but he did have to admit it did make sense.
“Ontop of all this you will be enrolling in classes at the community college with me and begin working towards some type of degree. I’d like for you to get a job too but for now we’re going to take it slow.” Jess knew that she had no intention of allowing Jack to get a job but she had to make it appear like he had some freedom and responsibility. The school aspect was also another ploy, she simply needed an excuse so that she could keep an eye on him at all times and what better way then taking classes together.
Jack had never even dreamed of going back to school. He knew that he could’ve applied for loans ages ago and started again but he just could never bring himself to do it. This part was like a godsend to him.
“And most importantly you are going to start talking to both of us about your issues, you have problems that are much deeper than you think and until your able to come to terms with them you will never be able to get better. We want you to see us as people that you can come to about anything and know that no matter what is we will still care for you and not judge.”
Jack took a second to take all of this in. Although he was hesitant having been screwed over so much in his life and wanting to retain some of his independence he couldn’t help but admit that it was a hell of a deal. He blushed a bit feeling another small trickle of pee escape into his already wet diaper. He hoped that Jess couldn’t tell.
Jess stood over him and instantly recognized the look that had spread across his face. Like the many children she had babysitted before him she knew the look of a boy that was having an accident. She felt a tinge of maternal love fill her as she fought the urge to reach down and check his diaper. Then she had another thought…why fight it?
“I’ll give you some time to think about it Jack but for right now I think theres a certain young man in need of a change.” She said as she reached down poking her fingers into the legband of his exposed diaper. Jack’s body went stiff as he felt her warm touch against his skin so close to his privates. He was speechless.
“Just like I thought,” She smiled down at him before reaching out her hand to his and taking him by the wrist leading him to the blanket on the living room floor. “Lets get you out of that wet diaper and into a nice dry one. Then you can take a nap and we can talk more about this later. Okay Sweety?”
Jack simply nodded sniffling a bit as he followed Jess to the blanket and watched as she took out a fresh diaper and some other changing supplies. He felt like he was about to start crying again as his lips began to quiver seeing her kneeling over him unfolding the thick disposable diaper.
“Its okay sweet heart, Jessies here. And she’s never going anywhere.” She put her finger to his lips before undoing the tapes on his wet diaper to begin a process that she was prepared to do many more time over the next few years.
“Such a good boy.” She coo’d to him as she slid the fresh diaper under his bottom and gave his tummy a small tickle. Jack couldn’t help himself and found himself giggling a bit as his new caregiver began to diaper him for the second time that morning. Maybe life was finally going to get better for him, he thought as his former highschool crush finished diapering him and pulled a blanket it up over his shoulders swaddling him in.
“Now you just take a nap my little angel, and when you wake up we can talk more about all this.”
Jack hadn’t even heard her last words as he was already far away in dream land, safe and sound in the care of his soon to be Mommy.

Re: The Kick

I’m interested to see where this goes.
It’s a familiar trope, but I like the way you’re handling it.

I also spotted one possible consistency error early on. In chapter one, you noted the paleness of Jack’s skin. But in this chapter, you draw contrast between the white diaper and his lightly tanned skin. I’m aware that this could be explained in a number of ways, but since both points were significant, it’s odd that they seem contradictory.

With that said, the biggest issues are easily the grammar, etc.
Thank goodness you had indents this time, or the lack of spacing would have made reading the latest chapter very difficult.
Speaking of, I’d really like to encourage you to put some time into proofreading. There are quite a number of errors, missing or incorrect punctuation, wrong words, spelling, and occasionally just some bits that read poorly.

To put it bluntly, each successive chapter remains just as - if not more - riddled with errors. I don’t want to just bash you for proofing, especially since it, at least, has punctuation. (just a joke; I kid) But readability is just as important as a compelling narrative. Since you’ve got one part down, why not work on the other?

I’ll wrap up with some positive feedback, and an opinionated suggestion.
This line.

The words seemed to run from his mouth and down his body consuming him as he lost himself in his own past.

Is awesome.
It’s a great way to transition into the retelling that follows. My personal suggestion would be that his recollection be separated somewhat, to highlight their significance. Since you already used asterisks to denote scene changes, they may work well for this purpose, since his story is not vocally spoken, but doesn’t actually take place in the room they’re sitting. Just a thought.

I’ll be waiting for more. And I’ll be happy to wait longer for you to polish the next one, if that’s what it takes.