The Joys of Babysitting

“Goodnight you two! Have a nice break!”

“Thank you! We will!” Jack replied to his departing parents. He grasped his girlfriend, Jill, in his arms as they both waved goodbye, then shut the front door.

It was the first week of summer vacation from university. His parents were going on their own vacation, and his summer job didn’t start for another three weeks. That meant…

“Well hello there sweetheart. It seems we have the house all to ourselves,” Jill said, as she turned toward him and hugged him tight. He looked down at her head and kissed her soft brown hair, then leaned back and lifted her off the ground.

“WHOAH!” she shouted, and laughed as he swung her. “Careful! Don’t drop me!”

Arguably there was a risk. She was shorter then he was, and thin, but not by too much. His relatively short stature and narrow build wasn’t great for swinging people around with confidence. He settled her down and they stared at each other- her blue eyes meeting their brown.

Suddenly, he laughed. “Soooo house party?” he said.

She laughed with him and put a hand on his chest. “Maybe, but not right now. I want a weekend with us alone,” she winked at him when she said that, and he smiled and nodded. “Also, there is something I want to try tonight.”

“Ooooo something fun? Something kinky?” He asked.

She rolled her eyes. “Well, it can be. But not what I mean. Come on, I want to show you, its up in our bags.”

She took him by the hand and lead him up stairs, towards the bedrooms. The house wasn’t huge, but was big enough to comfortably fit a family. The floors were all carpeted, and the bright yellow walls and decorations matched his parents slighted dated tastes.

His was the last on the left in a hall of three doors. It was still very much a “teenager” bedroom, as he hadn’t stayed in it regularly since leaving for college. Having met Jill there, he hadn’t been planning his weekends to sleep in a bed where his parents could hear him.

However, that wasn’t where they were heading.

“Wait, I’m thirsty. Can I get a glass of water before we do anything?” Jack pointed to the bathroom. “I don’t want to be dehydrated and not be able to… you know…”

She rolled her eyes. “We aren’t doing that yet. Come on!” She pulled him into the second door, the spare bedroom. While his parents were well aware of what university students would do when alone together, they liked to at least PRETEND that their plans weren’t obvious. So, in order to keep the appearance up, Jill had been officially exiled to the spare bedroom. This, however, lead to some other issues.

“I still can’t believe they want to do this,” Jack said.

“I think its cute!” Jill replied. “They want a bigger family!”

“You don’t think they are too old?”

“No, not by half. Plenty of people do it later in life now. We live so much longer then we used to, its perfectly fine.”

“I know, but still,” Jack shook his head.

“What?” She giggled and smiled at him. “Say what you reaalllly mean.”

“Was I not good enough?” he asked.

“And THERE it is. I’m sure you were a perfectly fine baby. You’re cute enough anyway.”

“Oh stop,” he waved.

“Nah, I’d have loved to see it! You’d have been so cute to take care of!” she pinched his cheek.

The room in front of them looked nothing like it did before Jack moved out. Before, it had been a plain, simply spare bedroom. A single queen bed, a night stand with a lamp, and an empty set of drawers.

That was before his parents decide they wanted another baby. Now, along with the spare bed, there was an crib, diaper changing table, and a box piled high with toys. They were planning on re-painting the walls as well, but said they would wait until they found out the gender of the baby, a position Jack had held himself back from commenting on. The room now served two functions- a bedroom waiting for any adults to visit, and a nursery waiting for a baby to be born.

“Its also, I don’t know…” Jack considered his words. “Premature. They don’t even know if she’s pregnant yet.”

“Yeah, kind of,” Jill said, then shrugged. "So they got excited. They said they found a good deal on the stuff. Besides, don’t you want a baby brother? I always thought it would be fun.

Jack shuddered. “Ugh. You mean someone to cry all night, mewl and demand food, and crap themselves? No, I really don’t want to experience that. I DREAD the day my parents ask me to babysit. I aint changing no poopy diapers!”

“Haha double negative!” He only glared at her. “Oh come on, it wouldn’t be that bad. I’ve actually been considering taking up babysitting as a part time job.”

Jack was shocked. “Really? Why? You WANT to do that? It seems to annoying and gross and exhausting.”

She waved a hand. “Nah, it can’t be that bad. Really even changing diapers wouldn’t be terrible. I just need someone to practice with. You know, figure it out in a safe environment where I won’t hurt the baby.”

“No. Just… no. You can have fun with that if you want. If I ever have kids, it won’t be for a LOONNGG while.”

Jill shrugged. “Alright, suit yourself.”

They paused for a moment and looked around the nursery. Each imagined a baby crawling around it, and each forming a completely different opinion of how it would feel.

“So what was it you wanted to show me?” Jack asked.

“RIGHT. Come here, I have something for you.” she walked to the bed, grabbed the bright pink suit case she had brought, and opened it up. She ruffled through piles of clothes and underwear, throwing them onto the bed.

Jack reached down and grabbed an escaped pair of pink panties. “Hmmm hot. I hope this wasn’t the thing “for me,” unless you are planning on wearing them. I mean I’m game if you want to try, but that isn’t my thing.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Really?”

“I’m just saying I love all your skimpy underwear but I think they would look better on your butt then mine.”

She scoffed and grabbed them. “That isn’t what I wanted to show you.”

He faked a pout. “Aww no? I was getting excited now.”


“So I DON"T get to see you in underwear? Or do you have some for me to try on?”

“You’ll see me in my underwear a LOT, ok, just not now you horny dick. THIS is what I wanted to show you!” she brought out a box. It was white, with a red and black hypnosis wheel drawn on it. “Practical Low-cost Objective-Based Technology Presents-The Instant Hypnotizer!” She read.

“Huh…” he looked at it carefully. “You want to try hypnosis?”

“Uh huh,” she replied. “Just got it, and I figured it would be a fun game to try. Come on, lets turn it on!” she opened the box and took out a large wheel with a handle and trigger. "It says it comes with a battery, and can be charged in the wall when it dies. Its supposed to be able to hypnotize people in seconds!

“Mhmm… I mean… that sounds a bit dangerous. Do you really know what you are doing?”

She shrugged. “Ah, what’s the worse that could happen?”

“I don’t know! I just would think we should look this up first, or have someone whose done it before, or something like that. Does it have an instruction booklet.”

She looked in the box. “Oh yes, yes, here are the instructions. Ahem.” She pointed a finger on the side of the cardboard. “It says, ‘Jack, stop being such a pussy. Play this game with your girlfriend, and you might get lucky tonight.’ Ah, wise advice.”

Jack quickly went from unimpressed to smiling. “Ah! Sounds great.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, all guys are the same. Alright, what should we do first?”

“I don’t know, pick something. Just do it quickly, I’m getting excited.”

“Riiiiggghhttt…” she reached to the machine and started to turn a dial. “And by “excited,” you mean your dick is excited, right? Alright, lets see…” She pointed it at him. “Ready?”

“Ready,” he smiled.

She clicked a button, and it began to whirl. Lights flashed, and a low buzzing sound filled the air. Jack’s eyes went wide and focused on the center of it. When it stopped, he was left motionless, eyes blank, mouth open and drooling.

Jill chuckled. “Alright. When I snap my fingers, you are going to act like you’re a little baby and I’m your mommy until it wears off.” She snapped her fingers.

“Goo,” Jack said. He fell backwards and sat flat on the ground. “Goo.”

Jill put her hands on the side of her face and began to laugh. “Oh. My. God. Did this actually work? Jack, can you hear me?”

He looked up at her. “Awo?” he asked.

“Oh my god, it really did work! And what gets you out?” She snapped her fingers in his face.

“MMMPA!” he said at the fingers, and began sucking on them.

She laughed. "Alright, so it isn’t’ that. She lifted the box. “Instant hypnosis. If no signal is established during opening moments, will run out in preset times depending on the setting. All right! Looks like I’m your babysitter until it wears out! Ready to be my baby!”


“HMMM I never liked the taste of arugula, no matter how healthy they say it is. What else you got?”

“UUMA!” he replied, raising his hands for a hug.

She knelt down. “Awww, of course I’ll hug my baby. What a good boy, mommies here!” She hugged him.

After a moment, she let go. “Waaa?” He asked, sounding upset, and clung tight. He pulled her down closer.

“Its ok baby boy, mommies just, ooff you’re strong, OW! Stop pinching!” she tried to push off one of his arms but couldn’t. She reached around and patted his back. “There there baby boy, mommy will be back in a moment, just… Offf… WHY ARE YOU SO STRONG?”

“Cooo, coo,” he lectured her as he hugged her. She tried to stand up against what she now realized was a full adults strength coupled with an infants mentality. The two together were NOT a good combination. She managed to undo one of his arms.

“WAAAHHH!” he immediately began screaming.

“OK OK OK OK,” she said, and hugged him again. The screaming stopped. “Just, please don’t pinch me like htat. Let me just, hmmm…” she looked around the room. The bed would be no help in his current mindset, and neither would any of her electronics. However, in the corner was a toy box. She reasoned that if she could make it there, she could find something to distract her now baby-brained boyfriend. She took a step, but found he was still holding tight, and hard to move.

“Want a toy?” she asked.

“Awwoo!” he smiled in agreement.

“Good baby. Then we just gotta go over there, alright?” she pointed toward the toy box.

“UHHH!” he laughed.

She began to move toward it but couldn’t. To her dismay, she realized that he expected her to carry him. She sighed, and reached down.

She had commented earlier that it must be hard for him to lift her. However, it was FAR more difficult to do the same to him. He sat in confusion as she struggled to pick him up, swung him a few inches to the left, and dropped him again, panting. She moved, reached down, and repeated the process.

It was a long, slow job, but finally she made it. She grabbed a teddy bear and handed it to him, and his arms instantly released her to cling to it. He leaned back on the ground and rolled around, gurgling in joy with his new toy.

“Alright, well that was a bit cold. No no, don’t worry, I don’t mind that you clearly like the teddy bear more then me.”

He looked at her. “Za?” he said, and reached a single hand.

“No no no no,” she pointed at the bear. “Play with him! Play with him!” He turned his attention back to the toy.

She sighed and ruffled his hair. “Alright, I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I might as well get my practice in.” she said.

She walked back to her bags and reached in. “Well, you WERE interested in the underwear I brought and DID say you were willing to wear some of it if I wanted you to, and I do want you to wear these.” She laughed. “Of course, its not like you could have guessed I brought them, but I don’t think you can mind that now.”

The package she brought out was made with clear plastic. Inside were a dozen adult diapers. Like most adult diapers they were white, but unlike most they had friendly looking savanna animals on them. “Safari,” they were called, and she was glad she had found them online. She had gone back and forth between trying to buy a store brand and ordering online before deciding the latter was less embarrassing, and was glad she did.

“Come on baby boy! Lets get your diapie on!” she said. She walked down to him and bent over to undo his pants. She laughed. “Since your such a baby now we probably should before you have an accident.”

She paused. She realized that it could be a very real possibility, depending on how long the hypnosis lasted. She looked at her fully grown adult boyfriend, rolling around mindlessly on the ground like a baby, unaware of anything except his teddy bear. She had heard what it was like to change a real baby’s diaper, how they often tried to crawl away, or went more half way through. She remembered the strength he had displayed when he clung to her. With a fully grown adult who was convinced he was a baby, changing a diaper would be FAR more difficult.

She shrugged. That was a problem for later, and if anything it would still be the practice she wanted. She finished undoing his pants. “Ok sweetie, lets get these off so we can put on your diaper.” She laughed again. “Oh boy, you are going to FREAK when you snap out of it and see what you’re wearing.”

She began to pull, and he began to kick playfully. At least, it was meant to be playful. She could tell from his smiling and giggling that he thought it was funny.

However, it was one thing when a 20 pound baby kicked playfully. It was another thing entirely when a 180 pound adult did.

“AWWOOO SHUSHAH FUU!” he said, kicking.

“You trying to make me a secure password?” she said. She began to hold down his legs, but he struggled more and made more sounds. “Come on, bad baby! You gotta… hey… OW!” she said finally, leaning back and clutching her head. As soon as she got one of his feet out of a pant leg, his foot flew up and kicked her forehead. While it wasn’t bleeding, it still stung.

She glared down at him, and he smiled back at her, unaware of any problem. “Oshhaaa?” he asked, and giggled again.


“Alright,” she said, and removed the last pant leg. “I’m know that isn’t your fault, so I won’t be mad. I WONT. BE. MAD.” She told herself. She held up the diaper. “Now, will you be a good baby for mommy and let me diaper you?” She asked. “Real babies wear diapers, right, so you should want this.”

He looked at her and gurgled a reply. She bent down, opened the diaper up, and spread it on the floor. “Lets see. First you open it, then powder…” she looked at the changing table, where a bottle of baby powder was conveniently within arms reach. She grabbed it and sprinkled some on. “Then, you add the baby. Just lift and lower him gently… oh.” She looked at her nearly six foot tall boyfriend. “Well that isn’t happening. Ummmm…”

She grabbed his ankles, but he immediately began laughing and kicking again, thinking it was a game.

“No, no no…” she let go, and he stopped. “Uhhh…OH! I know.”

She took the teddy bear from his hands. He looked up at her. "Aahhh? he drooled, seemingly confused.

She held the bear in front of him. “Want the bear?” She asked in a sweet voice.

“UHH!” he smiled.

“Good baby! Get the bear!” She put it on the ground and made it ‘walk’ beside him. He rolled over on his side to grasp at it, and she hurriedly moved the diaper underneath where his bottom had been. Once that was done, she moved it back directly on top of him, and he rolled to his back. SHe had planned it perfectly, and he was now dead center on the diaper and completely distracted by the teddy bear. She quickly lifted the padding back up between his legs and taped it on snugly.

“Whew” she said, wiping sweat from her brow. “Glad I got that on. How long is this supposed to last anyway?” She looked down at him and cupped her face. “Awww, but you just look soo cute in your widdlie diapies. Don’t you? Don’t you? Whose a good baby! Whose a good baby!” She began tickling his sides.

He giggled and flung his hands, catching her square in the side of the head.

“OW!” she said. “RIIGHHT… big baby. Not little baby. Flailing arms means pain.” She said. Still, she was happy with what she had. She imagined he might be a bit upset when he came to, especially when he saw the diaper she had put him in, but that was something she could worry about later. For now, he was adorable, crawling around the ground while clutching at his toys, diapered butt wiggling behind himself. She decided she couldn’t restrain herself, reached down, and helped herself to a pat on his padded bum.

“Ago?” he asked, looking back at her. She wiggled her fingers in a ‘hello’, and he went back to playing with his teddy bears.

“You’re just so cute,” she said. He crawled back to the toy box, began taking things out, rolling around with different stuffed animals, and…

Screaming at the top of his lungs. Without a second’s warning, tears began streaming from his face, and he cried with ear splitting volume.

“AAA!” she screamed in shock, which only made his crying worse. “What’s wrong!?” She ran to him and began moving his joints, looking for some kind of injury. “Are you hurt? Did you break something?”

She then remembered that he had to act like a baby. Crying didn’t need to mean he was in severe pain, just something that would upset a baby. It could be…

“OH NO! NOT THAT!” she said, and looked down at his diaper. She put a hand on it. “Oh thank god,” she sighed when her hand touched dry padding. “Are any of your toys broken?” She looked around. They all appeared fine. “Then what’s wrong?” She asked.

“WAHHHH!” came the unintelligible reply. He rocked back and forth, screaming at the top of her lungs. She tried to cover her ears but the noise as just too much.

“What is it you want?” she asked.

“WAHHH! BUH BUH! BUH BUH!” he screamed.

“What do you want?”


"What… wait. “Buh buh… does he mean bottle?” She remembered him saying he wanted water when they came up. “Ohhh! You’re thirsty! Is that really something to cry about?”

She looked down at her diaper clad boyfriend. Of course he was crying, he was a baby, and he was thirsty. That is what babies did. That’s what they did constantly, from what she had been told.

She ran into the bathroom. She knew they kept glasses above the sink, so she grabbed one, filled it with water, and brought it back. “Here,” she said. “Water.”

He calmed down. He reached over to grab it. Immediately after taking it, he began to spill it, and dropped the glass on the ground. He started crying louder, this time both thirsty and wet.

“Riiigght… baby.” She said. She picked up the glass. “Lets see.” She looked back at the changing table. On the shelf beside where the powder had been there was a line of baby bottles. She took one and ran back into the bathroom, then returned. “Here here sweetie, mommies got your buh buh,” She said.

He looked up at her. “Awoo?” He asked. “AWWOO!!” he said happily when he saw the bottle.

She handed him the bottle. He immediately dropped it, and began crying again.

“Sorry, sorry sorry,” she said. “Let me feed the baby.”

She sat down on the floor behind him with her legs wide open. He looked up at her, empty eyes showing confusion, and she pulled him in close. He leaned against her chest, and she put the nipple of the bottle to her mouth.

“There there, good boy,” she said, and began to stroke his head as he drank. “See? You can be a good baby. Mommy is here to take care of everything you need.” She looked down at him and kissed the top of his head. He really was adorable. Drinking his little bottle, his thick greyish diapers with their cute prints crinkling with each movement, he really was the perfect baby to…

Wait, she thought. Greyish diapers?

He was screaming again, this time worse then before.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” she said. She looked at the soggy, swollen diaper it had become her job to change.

Her earlier words about changing diapers not being “That baby” came back to haunt her. Sure, she had thought about it before. In fact, one of the things she had specifically wanted to practice was changing a used diaper. However, now that she was facing the prospect of changing a grown adults wet diaper, it seemed far less appealing.

“Ok baby boy, we can deal with this,” she said, hoping her voice didn’t sound as shaky as she felt. She lowered him down the the ground and walked around to the other side of him. She grabbed an extra diaper, and noted where the wipes were.

She stared at the damp cloth. “Ok, its only a wet diaper. Its not like its a messy one,” She told herself. “AND DON"T YOU TAKE THAT AS A CHALLENGE!” Said, pointing at her screaming diaper clad boyfriend who had no chance of understanding the words. “Sorry sorry baby, mommy didn’t mean to scream at you. Here, take this.” She handed him his teddy bear. That seemed to calm him, though he still had tears in his eyes. “Oh, and here!” She took a pacifier from the changing table and put it in his mouth. Finally, she had some blessed silence, and bent down.

Once she got past her squeamishness, the change itself wasn’t too bad. It only took a minute to take off the diaper and roll it into a ball, then another to wipe him down and re-diaper him. Soon, he was happy and giggling with the result.

“AWOOKAN!” he said.

“Yes, and a good awookan to you too, baby boy,” she smiled, ruffling his head. “Now what to do with this?”

She held up the used diaper. She leaned forward and sniffed it. “EWW! WHY DID I DO THAT?!” She asked no one.

“Googa?” her boyfriend asked through his pacifier.

“I need to get rid of your soggy diaper. What should I do with it?”

“Aboo,” he suggested.

“Never mind Just play with your toys.” She pointed at the box. She doubted he’d have a good answer anyway. Probably just his normal comments about “Awwooo” and “Googoogaga.” He leaned into the toy box and began pulling things out. Dolls, teddy bears, and costumes went flying. Finally, he settled on a silver plastic crown with fake jewels around the side. He became intoxicated by the reflections, and stared at it.

“Vuuuuuu,” he said, turning it in his hands and drooling over his pacifier.

“Good, that should keep you occupied for a while. Mommy will be right back.” She hopped over his legs and ran into the bathroom. She found the garbage can, which thankfully was big enough for it. However, the idea of a used adult diaper sitting out in the open made her naseus. So, she opened up drawers until she found spare garbage bags, wrapped it in one, and threw it out. She smiled at her work, then went to wash her hands.

“WAAAHHHH!” she heard coming from the nursery.

“What now!? I was gone for ten seconds!” she said. The crying only got louder. “Oh god. DON"T WORRY BABY! MOMMIES COMMING!”

She ran back across the hallway and into the room. She went through the door, and her leg slammed into the diaper genie that sat directly beside the changing table. “OW! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED TO GET RID OF THAT DISGUSTING DIAPER!” She asked to the inanimate object that had been in the same place the entire time. The diaper genie remained silent, as it was still inanimate.

She looked at her boyfriend and went through a check list. Bruises? None. Blood? None. Diaper? Clean. Brat? Screaming. So what could it be?

“Oh my god Jack, you broke your crown,” she said. She let out a deep, annoyed breath, and hung her head in her hands. Of course he had. Adult strung timed babyish attitude met cheap plastic intended for baby strength with adult supervision. “Well, I’m sorry sweetheart, there is nothing we can do about that and crying won’t change it.”

He kept crying. Her perfectly sane, logical point failed to break through his inability to understand English.

“Here, how about another toy. You want the teddy again?” She held it up, he kept crying. “Zebra? Dolly?”

Toy after toy passed in front of him, and he kept crying for his lost bejeweled crown.

She sighed. On the other side of the room was the crib. She reasoned that maybe if she put him down for a nap, he’d be less cranky, and hopped babies didn’t cry when made to sleep. “Sleep like a baby is an expression for sleep well, right? Must be true,” she said. That left the issue of getting a full grown adult into a crib. “Sweetie, why don’t you crawl this way?” She pointed.

Thankfully, he began to crawl in the direction she pointed, while still crying. She went after him.

“Good baby, why don’t you… WHOAH!” she said. While crawling, he had suddenly stopped and kicked his legs out. This hit her right on the same spot she had stubbed on the diaper genie, and she came tumbling down behind him.

“Owww,” She said, clutching her arm and leg at the same time.

For once, he stopped crying. He looked at her and giggled. “OOWWWOO!” he said, imitating her cry.

“WOW,” She said. “So all that and you’re only happy when I’m hurt. WOW.” She looked at the crib, four feet off the ground. With a full grown adult ‘baby’ who might not want to get in and only seemed able to crawl, getting him in would not be an easy task. “How long does this last anyway?” She asked. He only cooed in response. She looked a the dial on the hypnosis machine, noticing it was set to “full.” “Hmmm, a full dial…” How long could that possibly last?

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN A WEEK?!?!” she asked the clerk on the phone.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but that really is what it means. If you haven’t set a normal release, like snapping your fingers, the hypnosis lasts for a pre set time. For the “Full” setting, that could be up to a week. This is very clear in the instructions. Its a very dangerous tool, did no one warn you to read them?”

“NO! Wait, my boyfriend did.”

“Well, can you put him on the phone. He sounds more responsible.”

She looked at him. He was cooing while trying to chew his foot. “No, I don’t think that’s possible. Is there any other way around this? Anyone else I can talk to?”

“No. You have to wait it out, and hope it doesn’t last the full week. You really shouldn’t play with these things, especially with a full dial. Did no one suggest you read the instructions? You should really think these things through.”

“Well why isn’t there some redundancy or something? Is there no solution?”

“Because you bought the basic model. We make a variety of devices for each price level. We guarantee a result with each level, written on the box. You got the cheapest. You won’t find a way around it.”

“Oh god. Is there anyone else I can talk to?”

“Nope. I’m Alex, the owner of Practical Low-cost Objective-Based Technology, or P.L.O.T. We make devices for highly specific functions. They will do exactly one thing extremally well, and we and cut costs by removing safety functions. That is why we explain it on the box. This sort of thing happens often, our official stance is that its the users fault for not reading enough and they should just accept it.”

She rested her head in her hands. “So you are saying that there is no way out because its just another one of Alex’s cheap P.L.O.T devi…”

“Yes,” he interrupted her. "Once again, users fault. Best not to think too much about it and just let happen. It can’t imagine that will be too difficult, I doubt many people end up in a scenario like yours by careful thought. Why do so many idiots use my products?

“HEY! That’s not… Wait, what? Give me a second.” Something smelled funny. She looked down at her boyfriend, who she could tell was about to start crying again. “IS THAT A FULL DIA…”

“Yes, a full dial. No need to yell, you said that earlier.”

“Sooo, he’s just like that now for a full week?” Ron asked.

"Yep. I’ve already almost gone through the first pack of diapers, and more are coming soon. I’m hoping I don’t have to go into a pharmacies and come up with an explanation as to why I need adult diapers.

“Just don’t tell them anything, they won’t ask,” Muffet, one of her friends from high school, replied between mouths full of cheese.

Jack was loving the unexpected attention. She had managed to get him into pajamas so he could have some dignity, though realistically his diaper was poking out the top, and he didn’t seem to mind. Even otherwise, he was currently rolling around the carpeted floor, giggling and smiling while making a a teddy bear ‘walk’ in the air. He rolled over and got on all fours, the highest he tended to these days. He looked at the guests, giving them a drool soaked smile from behind his pacifier. “GAAGAA!” he said.

This is what became of their intended raging drinking party. A few friends, just the ones she could trust with their secret, sitting around and watching her diapered boyfriend do things that should be humiliating if he was cognizant enough to realize it. They brought snacks, Muffet with her cheese curds intended for poutine, and Ron brought some muffins from his bakery. The main attraction of the party didn’t realize why everyone was there and staring at him, but made sure to show off for them by playing as much as possible. He lifted up a stuffed animal and showed to one of the guests, who pretended to be impressed and patted him on the head.

“Sooo… here is what I wanted to ask. I’ve been REALLY busy taking care of him, and am VERY tiered. I would be REALLY happy if someone could just…”

“No,” Ron said. “I have to come all the way from Drury lane. I can’t just drive up here just to take care of babyfied Jack every day, its way to far.”

She nodded. “That is a bit far. Muffet?”

“Well… I EEEK!” She shrieked as a black object smacked her in the face. She began to rub her nose and the object, which turned out to be a black stuffed spider, fell down in front of her. Jack was laughing and giggling, arm outstretched from having thrown it. “No, no I think I’m good.”

“But…” she looked at the different faces, all of them shaking or looking down.

“I’m sorry Jill,” Ron said. “We will help when we can with food and stuff, but I think you’re going to have to be his mommy on your own for now. Its only a week, right? Normally its years.”

“Right,” she said. She looked at her boyfriend. He had his bottom in the air, had crinkled his face was making an ominous grunting noise. “Oh god no, please not THAT again,” She said.

“No, I’m out,” another guest said, and was met with a chorus of agreement.

As for Jill, amazingly, all thoughts of getting a job babysitting for the summer were long, long gone.

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Does the “Alex’s cheap P.L.O.T devices” work, or is it pushing it to far? I really mulled over whether or not to include it.

I’m not sure if it works, but as I was skimming the post it stood out and I did an actual spit-take when I saw it.

That’s some epic “not quite breaking the fourth wall” right there.

thanks :slight_smile:
And was the idea just too far? Or phrased wrong?

Neither one. It’s perfect as far as I’m concerned. The fact I noticed it while skimming the post and did an actual spit-take is a good thing in this case. :slight_smile:

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Oh great then lol :blush: