The Journey

My first ever story. And yes, I know that ‘card magic’ isn’t the most original thing in the world, but i’m going to try and make my system unique as it becomes more important.

The Journey
The First Era:

Dr. Roberts was walking down the halls of his laboratory. He was a tall man, with very short black hair, and very unremarkable features, though by all accounts he was fairly handsome. He preferred to be known by his intelligence and dedication however, and he was first and foremost a scientist. He worked at the Large Hadron Collider, and had a job of no particular importance… He merely looked at data and tried to interpret it, along with some of his colleagues.

It just so happened that he was looking at some particularly uninteresting data at the moment. There were no unpredicted phenomenon, the Higgs particle had made no appearance, no extra dimensions were revealed… Roberts was about to leave it be when he noticed something odd.

“Wait a minute, that’s not right.” Dr. Roberts gasped as he looked at a very subtle sort of unknown energy… an energy that nothing in his career could begin to explain. “Could this be some sort of…?”

The Second Era:

Lyra’s alarm clock went off as it always did, 6:00 in the morning. She sluggishly got herself out of bed for school, and changed her clothes. She had plenty of time to take a shower and other essentials. For now though, she was just going to take a slow start.

Lyra was a fairly pretty girl, with very short, decorated blond hair, and very light blue eyes. She was short for her age, about 5’4, which she hated. Some people said that she had a bit of a napoleon complex, which she ignored. She felt good about herself, being one of the best students in her entire school, with only a few even coming close. While most people her age could barely be bothered to learn any magic, she had a full deck of spells for any situation.

As she got out of her room, she noticed that her parents had already gotten up and went to work. They were always working. They had moved from their home in the countryside over to the city they now lived in to get high-paying jobs, and they worked hard to maintain the standard of living the family enjoyed.

The city they lived in was called Herne, one of the last remaining cities inhabited by humans. All over the rest of the world, demonic beings had forced humans outside of their territory. Now only a very small area was left, and it was left pretty much alone by the demons. It helped that some areas on the outskirts of the human territory was protected by an army of heavenly warriors, but these warriors were known to kill or hurt humans who came their way just as much as the demons.

Lyra decided to get herself some breakfast, reheating some stew from the previous day. It was very good tasting, but Lyra had a distaste for reheating food, and tried to keep it to a minimum. Her family and friends found this exasperating, but it was just one of her quirks, and they accepted it.

After eating her breakfast Lyra showered, which she found very relaxing. She always said that there was something about hot running water that seemed to wash your troubles away. Afterwards she got dressed and decided to go to school. Most people would have walked or taken a vehicle, but Lyra had cared to learn enough magic to transport herself with a word and the drawing of the right card from a selection she had.


After casting the spell, she immediately found herself inside the school building, expending only the slightest effort. The people around her weren’t surprised, as she and other particularly skilled students were fond of traveling in this manner. Lyra’s two best friends, Jen and Mika, were already there.

“Heya! You seem a bit later then usual.” Jen called out to her in a cheerful voice. Jen was a very cheerful person, so this came as no surprise. She ran toward Lyra, leaving her long red hair pulling behind her like a trail of fire.

“Whoah whoah whoah! Don’t get too close now!” Lyra replied as she jumped out of the way, leaving Jen to overshoot her by a foot or so. “I have something called ‘the bubble of personal space’, you know!”

Jen looked a bit embarrassed, and walked back over to Mika. The three of them were suddenly alerted by the ringing of the buzzer, which caused them to separate and go to their classes. Lyra hated most of them, which were things she considered boring like literature. She studied hard enough to get good grades of course, but she preferred learning more about her magic, which she thought gave her an edge on the rest of the students.

So she sat through one boring period after another, only easing the boredom by chatting with her seat partner, a boy named Carter. She had a bit of a crush on Carter, and she considered him to be the only person in the school as smart as her. At the very least he was the smartest and most scholarly boy in the school.

Carter was a very tall boy, virtually dwarfing Lyra, but this was the one person that she didn’t care about being smaller then. He worked out and was very well built, both strong and thin. He had very unkempt black hair, going down to the bottom of his neck. The two of them talked about trivial things… Lyra didn’t want to risk talking about something they might disagree on.

She got through all her periods, including the vaunted magic class, where she liked showing off her skills to the other classmates and teachers. As far as she could tell, she had a much higher level of skill then the ones teaching her did. Most of what they taught was just review, with only a bit of knowledge for her to gain.

Another buzzer went off, signaling the end of the schoolday. Lyra decided to go find her friends and have some fun. As she walked down the halls, admiring the checkerboard pattern on the floor, suddenly she began feeling a bit of a warm sensation at her crotch. In an instant she realized she was peeing herself, and hadn’t even noticed it! She was freaked out, and immediately cast a spell.


In an instant she appeared inside of a bathroom stall, much to the surprise of a girl who was herself just opening the door. At the sight of Lyra appearing out of nowhere, the girl screamed and ran out of the bathroom.

Lyra had her own problem however, and had just yanked her pants down and gotten on to the toilet as fast as she could. When she was done she noticed that her pants had a rather large wet spot on them, about the size of a softball. She thought 'shit, I can’t let anyone see me like this… I’ll never hear the end of it!"


Instantly she was back in the solitude of her home, slightly exhausted from the shock of the situation, not to mention the two spells she had casted one after another. She collapsed onto her bed, thinking ‘what in the world is wrong with me?’

She seemed more exhausted then she thought she would be, and more exhausted then the situation called for. Feeling like she couldn’t stay up for another minute, she changed her clothes and got into bed, letting the darkness of sleep calm her down…

End of chapter one

The Journey

Oh dear…

Anyway, that bit about reheating food: use a variety of words by all means, but is it natural to say ‘she had a distaste for’?

The Journey

What’s the “Oh Dear…” about?

Anyway, was that line a bit odd? I’ll try and tone down the verbosity (Is that a word?) of my story.

The Journey

Not about the story - lol - sorry. It’s an ‘Oh dear’ for the character.