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Sorry about the false start on “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Diaper.” Maybe I’ll get back to it someday. But here is the start of one I think can actually go somewhere for now. Hope you enjoy.

Joey knew it was wrong, it was inappropriate, but he watched her as she left anyway. Her booty shorts showed off her long and skinny legs– not dainty or fragile but not muscular or built up either. He admitted to himself he had always thought she was cute but now it had somehow evolved into a full fledged crush.

Joey had been the summer youth ministry intern at Union Community Church in New Mexico three years ago under Dave Pedigree and met all the youth then. Back then, Jill had been 15 and he 19. She still had her braces on then, and was something of a klutz, not used to her longer legs yet. Joey got to know her over the summer and played many basketball games with her and the other youth.

Three years later, Dave was leaving Union for a preaching position, and the church had invited Joey back to become the full time youth minister. Though New Mexico was far from his home, he really did enjoy working with the youth and when he found out he would be allowed to stay in the parsonage he readily accepted. He had stayed in contact with several of the kids on Facebook and through texting, but he had really forgotten all about Jill Stuart.

But now, she was 18, and Joey couldn’t help himself. Especially after a couple of small incidents. See, Joey was an ABDL. He would never let that interfere with his work, though now that he lived alone he kept a pack of diapers in his bedroom. But he had been growing through the book of Hebrews with the youth, and when he came across Hebrews 6:1 he had to pause. Therefore let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity. The commentary he had been reading explained it as: “Often in the church we teach the ABCs and then don’t go any further. But mature Christians don’t need the ABCs again.” The thought that came to Joey’s mind was “We need to stop wearing diapers and grow up.” He wondered if he could get away with bringing a pack to church and having the youth put them on over their pants.

Finally he decided that was too weird. He settled on getting several jars of baby food and printing the verse on a strip of paper and taping it around the jar.

Joey taught the class but ahead of time promised the youth, “I have a snack for you later on.” When he got to this verse he read it and stopped, then said, “Why don’t we take a break here and have our snack.”

He got out the jars and started passing them out. He said, “As we grow up, we don’t need baby food anymore, we need to eat solid food – we move on to things like hamburgers and pizza or salad if we want to stay healthy. But I bet none of you eat baby food anymore.” At the point he was about to pass out the real snack he had gotten, but Chrissie shouted out, “Jill does.”

Joey thought Chrissie was insulting Jill and was about to speak but Jill said, “She’s right. I love baby food,” as she dipped the plastic spoon he had handed out in jar and started eating. Joey laughed along with the group and then tried to rein them back in. And sure enough, later they remembered that lesson as the lesson Jill ate baby food in.

The other incident was right before Dave officially left. The youth were playing volleyball and Dave was on Jill’s team. Jill accidentally let a ball fall right beside her and Dave started yelling at her, “Come on Jill! Shape up or I’ll whip you into shape.” Everyone loved Dave and knew when he yelled like that, he was mostly teasing.

And so Jill replied, “Go ahead, whip me!”

Dave showed his arm like he was about to spank her, another act that wasn’t unusual from Dave. He took a few steps forward and got around her and slowly started to swing his arm before Jill laughed and said, “Stop! I was kidding, I was kidding.”

Those two incidents had put in Joey’s mind that Jill was the girl who liked baby food and wanted to spanked. And his crush had begun.

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Hi there. This is the first time I’ve ever posted on the forum but I just felt compelled because of the religious component. I come from a Christian background so it’s interesting to me in addition to being a well-written start to what could be a great story. I look forward to more.

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ch. 2

Joey had been lucky. Fairly shortly after he moved to New Mexico, he had received a phone call from another young minister in the area. Not having many friends in town yet, he readily accepted the opportunity to meet with the local Young Minister’s alliance. He was also a part of the county-wide general minister’s alliance, not wanting people to get the wrong idea about his being young, but it was the YMA that meant the most to him – a Baptist, two Catholics, a Presbyterian, a Methodist and himself all met once every two weeks for prayer, bible study, accountability and fellowship.

The pizzas were long gone and the conversation had grown more and more serious. The general pattern was that each man would tell a little bit about what was going on in their lives and ministries, tell how they had been trying to develop spiritually, and ask for prayer requests. Then they would answer any question the others had for them. Usually the questions were about temptation to look at porn or lust. For Sam it was a struggle with cigarettes.

Joey started, “Since Dave left, I’ve faced some push back from both the kids and the adults. They really liked Dave, and they real like me, but I am changing some things,”

Cody, the Catholic laughed, “Change? There’s your problem.”

Joey nodded, “I’m being careful but I have to take it slow and even then some people don’t like it. They’re used to being a family church, I’m putting background checks in and making stricter rules about who can drive the van, that sort of thing. I tell them its not a matter of trust but about covering ourselves from being sued. Some understand.”

“Sounds like your being smart about it. It’ll get better with time.” Sam said.

“Thanks. I’ve also been visiting some of the different missions on my off days. Coming from the east, its been fascinating for me to learn more about that culture and spirituality. It was kind of anathema back east – no offense Cody,”

“None taken, you’re open at least.”

“I didn’t used to be, but that was more my family background. Eventually I’m gonna implement some more of the mission ideas, but again slowly.”

Sam asked, “Alright. So you’ve been here about a year now. Do you feel settled in?”

Joey paused, “You guys really help. I don’t have many other friends yet, though its getting there. I’ve been blessed to get to hang out with you and get to know you guys both in these meetings and at the dinner table and stuff outside of this.”

“Aww,” Sam joked, “He loves us.”

Cody laughed but then got serious again, “Speaking of, how’s the love life going?”

Joey wasn’t sure what to tell them. He thought about Jill. He knew these guys wouldn’t let him get away with not answering honestly, but he started out, “Girls back east were cuter.”

Dylan, the only married guy in the group, finally piped up and said, “Hey you’re insulting Debra.”

“Sorry, I take it back. No in all honesty I haven’t met anyone yet. Most of my time is spent with 15 to 18 year olds.”

“You know to me careful, I’m sure,” Dylan advised, “But make sure you take some time for yourself too. We can hook you up if you want it.”

“Thanks, man, but not yet,” Joey said as he tried to shove Jill from his mind.

Jill was at a slumber party with Chrissie and Shelby, another girl from the youth group.

“Come on, Jill, it’ll be fun,” Shelby teased.

Jill laughed, “We’re not in middle school anymore Shel. Who plays MASH anymore anyway?”

Chrissie laughed with Jill, “So, no one has to know. We’ve both went.”

“But you two already know what you want to do with you lives. And you already have steady boyfriends. That makes it easy.”

“Fine,” Shelby stated, “We’ll pick for you.”


“Ok, I think you’d make a good teacher.”


It took a few minutes but they came up with a two more ideas for the “job” space and wrote it down.

Then it was time for the “boys” category.

Chrissie and Shelby started mentioning names from school and one really grossed Jill out, so they wrote it down. When they mentioned another, she blushed and they teased her, “Jill likes Zach!” “Oh they’d be such a cute couple.”

“Okay, we need one more.”

Shelby grinned and hid the paper as she wrote down the name. Chrissie got a peak and laughed.

“Come on,” Jill said, “tell me who it is.”

Chrissie laughed, “Dave.”

“What! No way. I mean he’s gone anyway. Besides, that’d just be weird.”

Chrissie smiled, “You’re right. Shelby, right down Joey instead.”

“Cut it out guys,”

“What? He’s only four years older. You have to admit he’s cute.”

“Well, I guess.”

“It’s settled then. Pick a number,”

Jill sighed, “Fine. Um…” she looked around the room and saw the calendar. She called out the day’s date and the other two girls started counting and crossing out names and numbers.

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Jill couldn’t sleep. She kept thinking about Joey. Of course the numbers had landed on him. And her friends were right. He was kinda cute. But it was Joey. Wasn’t that, like wrong or something? She thought back to when he was an intern. All the girls had crushes on him then. Hers was stronger than most because every now and then she had heard hints that he liked her too. She had always figured she was imagining things and had let it slide away.

But now it all came rushing back. She decided to go to the mall to shop and forget about it.
She left a note for her parents after eating breakfast and headed out.

She started out in the department stores and then worked her way to the smaller clothing shops and then the music stores. And then, she saw him. She tried to decide what to do, and finally decided not to speak to him. But her mind kept going back and forth and she ended up just following him.


Joey was thinking about Jill while he walked around the mall. This was his normal pattern, making sure he didn’t see anyone he knew before going into the Ride Aid to purchase his diapers.

He wondered what Jill would think, and then decided he was better off not knowing. He wondered if he would get over his own crush or if it would get him in trouble some day.

Finally assured that he wasn’t going to meet anyone, he walked into Ride Aid. He always wondered if he should just wonder around and then buy or do it quickly. He decided today to do it quickly. He picked up the package and walked to the counter, but there was Jill.

“Hi Jill” he said, hoping she didn’t notice or wasn’t paying attention.

“Hey Joey,” she said, “Um, whats the diapers for? Another lesson?”

Joey had to think quick. “Yeah actually.”

Jill said, “I really liked that baby food one,”

Joey grinned, “I remember. And uh, actually, I was wondering something,”

“Whats that?”

“Since you liked that lesson so much, I kinda had you in mind for this lesson.”

“Okay,” Jill was getting puzzled.

“I was wondering, if, uh,” Joey stumbled, “This is kind of embarrassing,”

“What is it?”
“If you’d wear one?”

“A diaper?”

“Yeah, just to help make my point.”

“You mean like in front of everyone,”

Joey laughed, now his mind had caught up, “Yeah, but not like just a diaper, like over your clothes,”

Jill paused, “Uh, I’m not sure Joe,”

“Alright, well think about it, will you? Let me know Sunday, and I’ll see you later, okay?”

Joey walked up to the counter and paid for the diapers, surprised he had gotten out of it, but also wondering what would happen if he had been caught. Most people didn’t know about ABDL, so maybe Jill would have just thought he was incontinent or something. He wasn’t sure what she might think of that. But, he was concerned. He had just asked a girl in his youth group to wear diapers for him. And not just any girl, a girl he was already having struggles in his mind over.

Jill watched as he checked out. She wondered what the diaper thing was really all about. She had no reason to think he was lying to her about it but still seemed odd.

As she kept walking around the mall she wondered what she would tell him. She wondered if he really did have a crush on her too. She let her mind play tricks on her and had to reign it in several times.

But finally, she knew her answer. She would say yes. She would wear the diaper. The idea surprised her. She hadn’t thought that would be the answer. But, she realized, she would do it because Joey had asked.

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more please!

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seconded! will edit with a more in depth critique tomorrow, but wanted you to know i’m reading. :slight_smile:

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The Sunday evening service came around and Jill was getting nervous. But she opened the pack of diapers Joey had given her and took a deep breath. Then she pulled down her pants and started taping the diaper on. She knew Joey had said over her pants, but she thought she could get more laughs this way. And maybe Joey would think better of her. She also had some sweats packed so she could cover herself.

Soon, she was ready and hopped in the car. Traffic was horrible and she was running late. But as soon as she got out of the car she ran toward the youth room and sat down. Joey gave her a look, noticing the sweats, but kept teaching.

Finally, he was about to get to the verse he had told her about, and she stepped out of the classroom. She pulled her pants down and listened for the verse, walking back in at just the right moment.

Chrissie and Shelby started laughing first. Jill gave them a glare, but the others were laughing too. She caught Joey smiling and trying to compose himself. Finally, she pulled back up her pants and the class continued. She actually found the diapers fairly comfortable, loose around her waist.

She had trouble focusing on the lesson though, and it seemed to drag on. But finally, Joey said the closing prayer. After most of the students had left, he approached her, “That’s not quite what I had in mind,” he laughed.

Jill replied, “Go big or go home, right?”

“Right, I guess. But I wanted to thank you for doing that for me,” Joey said.

“You’re welcome. Just don’t make it a habit,” Jill laughed, “I’m wearing diapers and eating baby food for you already.”

“I’ll have you drinking Mountain Dew from a bottle soon enough,”

Jill couldn’t help herself as she pictured it in her mind, and started laughing.

Finally, Chrissie and Shelby came over, “Hey, Jill, we were thinking of catching a movie, you in?”

Jill looked at her watch. Her parents didn’t mind her staying out as long as she texted them, but they preferred her back home by midnight. It would be close but doable. “Sure, I’m in,” she said.

Shelby then turned to Joey, “You wanna join us?”

Joey paused for a second, but said, “A night out with three beautiful girls, count me in, I’ll meet you there”

Joey thought the movie was boring, but he enjoyed sitting next to Jill. He had to get himself under control he realized. This couldn’t last. He couldn’t do ministry well if he had a crush on one of the youth.

But then during a scary part, Jill grabbed his hand. He took it without thinking much about it, and Shelby and Chrissie seemed too caught up in the movie to notice.

About halfway through, Jill started to shift around a little bit. “Whats wrong, Jill?” Joey whispered.

“I’m still in the diaper,” Jill replied, “I need to get to the bathroom,”

Joey shifted to let Jill out and she slid past him.

Jill got to the bathroom, but couldn’t get the diaper off. The tapes wouldn’t cooperate. Finally she was able to slide it down, and sighed. She took a moment and then pulled it back up. As she walked back to the theater, she wondered if she had really meant to grab Joey’s hand. He hadn’t seemed to mind.

She sat back down next to him and kept watching the movie. When Joey offered her some Dew, she took it and chugged. Finally the credits rolled.

All four of them walked out to the foyer to talk, and Chrissie and Shelby left.

“So,” Joey said, “I better take off too,”

“Alright,” Jill said, but really wished he wouldn’t.

She hopped into her car and wondered if she had just been on a date with the youth minister. She wondered if he thought the same thing.

She pulled off her pants and lay down on her bed as soon she got home. It had been a crazy day. And soon she was asleep in her diaper. And when she woke up, she was wet.

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nicely done so far. like the Christian element…