The Ice Storm

The piercing shriek of the pink digital alram clock on the night table was quickly followed by a loud thwack and then silence. The blonde girl that occupied the four-poster bed rolled back over under her black comforter, adorned with red, pink, and purple hearts. For nine minutes, the girl laid there in silence.

When the alarm went off again, Bianca Hayes begrudgingly sat up, rubbing her eyes. With a small stretch and a sigh, Bianca slid to the egde of her bed and let her feet hit the floor. Another stretch, this time standing, pulled her long-sleeved pajama shirt up just enough to reveal her slim, tan waistline and her belly button ring. The shirt, as well as her pants, matched the canopy of her bed, which in turn matched the comforter that had kept her warm throughout the frezzing winter’s night.

Bianca looked out of her bay window that overlooked the quiet street she lived on. All surfaces were covered in the white snow that had fallen over night, and shined from the gleam of freezing rain that was adding a slippery layer of ice to the top. Hoping for news of a day off or at least a two hour delay, Bianca turned on her laptop and checked her school district website. Nothing. Out of all of the districts in the DC Metro area, hers was the only one with a regular day of school. With a grumble, the newly eighteen senior grabbed a purple towel and walked down the hall to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Bianca flicked on the light and turned on the water for her shower. She turned to face her full-length mirror and smiled. These were her favorite PJs and they always made her smile when she saw her relfection. She tugged the shirt over her head and let it drop to the floor. Bianca admired her 32B breasts in the mirror. They were perky and sat proudly on her chest, and just as she did most mornings, Bianca gave them a little squeeze. While she was now on the smaller side compared to her girlfriends, she remembered back to the fifth grade when she was the only girl who needed a bra. Bianca always looked fondly upon anything that made her seem older than her friends. At 5’2" and just a hair over a hundred pounds, she was often looked at as the baby of the group, though she was older than at least half of her friends.

With a sigh, Bianca slid her pajama pants down her slender, toned and tanned legs and kicked them aside. Before her in the mirror stood an eighteen year-old girl with what she considered nice boobs, blonde hair cut to her neck, an impressive body, and a saturated Goodnite diaper. Bianca cupped the crotch of her diaper, feeling the sagging weight of her wetting. She sighed as she carefully tore the nighttime garment from her waist, wrapped it into a ball, and dropped it into the large trashcan next to the toilet.

“At least this one didn’t leak,” Bianca mused as she stepped into the shower.

Bianca had been a bedwetter her entire life. It was a hereditary thing, an unfortunate trait shraed by her parents as children. Her father had outgrown it early on in junior high, her mother in her freshman year of high school. Yet Bianca, who has never had a dry night in her life, was still wetting on a nightly basis at eighteen. Having tried every remedy available, eventually the Hayes family decided to just wait it out. Bianca’s small stature allowed her to use Goodnites most of the time, but every so often, after a few leaky nights, she’d have to resign to using an extra large baby diaper. The leaky wettings increased a little over three years ago, right after Bianca’s father was killed in a car accident. Bianca was aware of the psychological connection between the two, but she hoped that as time passed, the wettings would reduce.

Only three people beyond Bianca and her mother knew about her problem. Growing up, her next-door neighbor Brandon, who was two years older, shared the same problem. It was common for the two to have sleepovers up until Bianca’s early budding breasts led to their parents ending any chance of sleepovers. Bianca hadn’t seen much of Brandon since he started college, even though he still lived next door. But Brandon probably assumed that she eventually grew out of the bedwetting like he did when he was eleven. The only people who knew she still peed the bed each night were her two closest girlfriends, Stacy and Jessie. As a high school freshman, Bianca confided her secret to the two before a sleepover, and was shocked and flattered when the girls joined her in wearing Goodnites for that night, a tradition they would continue for most sleepovers.

Bianca snapped out of her daydream, realizing that she had spent more time in the shower than planned. She ran her hand across her pelvic area where her pubic hair was growing back in. Bianca tried to keep it smooth, making for an easier cleanup after wetting, but figured she could do that and wash her hair tomorrow morning. She did notice the beginnings of a rash, and she made a note to use some cream before bed that night.

Bianca stepped out of the shower, toweled off and began applying moisturizer. She wrapped herself in a bathrobe and returned to her room. Looking at her alarm clock she saw how much time she had wasted in the shower. She only had fifteen minutes to get ready and get outside for the bus. She made quick work of drying her hair, and was pleased with her relatively short style. When her hair was longer it took forever to dry. Once her hair drier was off, she heard a scraping noise outside. She glanced out of the window and saw Brandon in his driveway next-door, fighting to get the ice off of his car. Bianca went over to her bureau and opened the top drawer. She pulled out a simple hot pink bra and a baby-blue pair of Hello Kitty panties. After putting her undergarments on, she covered them with a pair of jeans and baby-blue sweater that clung nicely in all the right places. After finding matching socks and pulling on her cute black boots, Bianca threw on a jacket and grabbed her backpack, and made her way out to the bus stop.

Next door, Brandon was scarfing down a bagel as he gathered his things. As he shuffled out the door, he saw Bianca turning the corner toward the bus stop. He thought about how long it had been since they had hung out, and how he’d have to make a better effort at it soon. Brandon slid into the driver’s seat of his 1997 Camry and guided it carefully out of the driveway. All of his professors canceled class, save for one, and it figured it would be his 8:30. The wheels of the Camry spun out as he tried driving forward down the street. Cursing, Brandon tried again, and inched his way toward the corner. He waited for the school bus to pass, then turned right to follow it.

Brandon was following the bus and scanning the dial for a decent morning show when he heard the squeal of brakes. He jerked his head up in time to see a car veer from the other side of the road in front of the bus, having lost control on the ice. Brandon slammed on his breaks, skidding to a stop safely. The bus was able to avoid the car, but the swerve combined with the icy conditions sent the big yellow vehicle into a ditch on the side of the road. Brandon’s mouth was agape as the bus seemingly tipped over in slow motion. The crashing sound of the bus landing on its side snapped Brandon out of his trance.

Brandon got out of the car and ran over to the bus. He jerked open the emergency exit door on the back and surveyed the scene. This was the first stop, so there were only eight kids on board. Brandon made his way through the bus, walking on what normally was the side of the right-hand row of seats. He was amazed that the kids only seemed to have minor cuts and bruises. Thanks to the new law that required school buses to have seatbelts, most of the kids were buckled safely to the seats. On the driver’s side of the bus, Brandon and a boy in a letterman’s jacket were helping a few kids who were danging from seatbelts out of the bus. The two students on the right side of the bus had the most injuries, but even they were able to walk out of the bus. Brandon noticed the driver trying to help a student at the front of the bus and went over to them.

“She doesn’t wanna move!” the visibly shaken driver exclaimed as she noticed Brandon. Brandon saw Bianca, huddled atop a broken window on the right side crying.

“I know her, I’ll take care of her. Make sure the others are all ok,” Brandon told the driver as he climbed down into the seat that normally was behind the one wear Bianca was.

“Bee, it’s me, Bran, are you alright?” Brandon asked. Bianca just shuddered and continued quietly crying.

“Here, give me your hand, I’ll help you out of here,” Brandon assured her.

Bianca extended her hand and allowed Brandon to help her out. Brandon was about to help her climb onto the seats to exit when he noticed her pants. A large wet spot covered her crotch and butt, with streams running down each leg. When Bianca followed Brandon’s gaze down and noticed, she began crying harder. She didn’t even realize she had peed her pants.

“Sshhh, Bee, it’s ok, you’re just shaken up,” Brandon began reassuringly as he looked around the bus, “Here.”

Brandon grabbed the fire blanket from the first aid box above the windshield and wrapped it around her. He then carefully navigated Bianca across the seats and out of the overturned bus. They could already hear the ambulance and police sirens rushing toward the site.

When the emergency crews arrived and surveyed the scene, Bianca clung to Brandon’s side, still quietly crying. With none of the kids seriously injured and only one needing to go to the hospital, the EMTs agreed to let Brandon take his friend home, on the condition that he watched over her and would bring her in if anything came up.

Brandon helped Bianca into the passenger seat and walked around the car and got in. He restarted the motor and glanced over at his friend.

“Bee, your seatbelt,” Brandon pointed out. When he got no response from her, he reached over and buckled her in. The entire drive home, Brandon constantly reassured her that everything was going to be alright, that she was safe, and that the scary part was over. Brandon offered the shaking girl his water bottle, which she quickly downed, helping ease her sobs. He pulled his car into the Hayes’ driveway, unbuckled Bianca’s seatbelt, and guided her into the house.

Brandon helped Bianca up to her room, where he took the blanket from her shoulders. She shivered a bit, adjusting to the change in temperature.

“Do you want to get cleaned up?” Brandon asked carefully.

Bianca nodded. Brandon stood for a moment, then went to grab her bath towel from the hook on the door. It was still damp.

“Um, this one’s still kinda wet. Where are there more towels,” Brandon inquired.

“In there,” Bianca said, pointing at the trunk at the foot of her bed.

Brandon’s relief that Bianca finally said something was quickly replaced with shock when he opened the trunk. Next to the towels and washcloths was a package of Goodnites, a package of diapers, a tube of rash cream, powder, and a tub of baby wipes.

“I-I’m such a b-baby,” Bianca stammered.

“No, no Bee, it’s cool, don’t worry about it,” Brandon tried to play it off. “Here’s a fresh towel, why don’t you get a shower and then get some rest?”

“B-but you can’t leave me alone! The EMT said so!” Bianca yelled out, clearly terrified at the thought of being alone.

“What should I do?” Brandon asked, trying not to upset her any further.

“C-can you sit with m-me while I take a b-bath?” Bianca quietly asked.

Brandon nodded and led her into the bathroom. He prepared the bath, running the warm water and adding some bubble bath that was on the ledge. He turned to Bianca, who, much to his surprise, had already removed her top. Brandon tore his eyes away from the hot pink bra that contained her breasts to see that Bianca was struggling to unbutton her jeans with her very shaky hands. After a moment, she collapsed the floor and began crying again.

“Bee…” Brandon leaned down and helped her back to her feet.

“C-can you help me?” Bianca pleaded.

Brandon nodded. He stood in front of Bianca and began undoing the five buttons that trailed down the front of her pants. He tried to ignore the fact that he was taking off a beautiful girl’s pants and that his arms bumped into her boobs each time he undid a button. Looking to Bianca for reassurance, he carefully slid the wet pants down her legs. When he knelt down to help her step out of the jeans, Brandon was eye-level with her crotch. Her soaked panties did little to hide her lips, and Brandon was embarrassed as he felt his penis begin to stir.

“Should I, uh, get the rest?” Brandon asked meekly.

Again, Bianca just nodded. Brandon carefully unlatched her bra and let it fall to the floor. He did his best to avert his eyes as he peeled off her soaking wet panties, but couldn’t help but look when he stood up. Brandon quickly helped his gorgeous, nude neighbor into the tub, hoping that she didn’t notice the bluge in his own jeans. After a few moments of Bianca just sitting there, Brandon sat on the toilet. While the bubbles hid Bianca’s most intimate area form his view, he could still see her breasts.

“So, uh, does anything hurt?” Brandon asked awkwardly.

“Just my pride,” Bianca joked meekly. “And my neck is sore.”

“Massage?” Brandon offered. Bianca nodded and he leaned over, rubbing her neck and shoulders.

“Bran, I’m such a big baby, I’m so sorry,” Bianca began. “It’s just, I don’t know, being in an accident is about the scariest thing I can think of. Thank you so much for helping me.”

“Anytime,” Brandon responded.

“I can’t believe I peed my pants,” Binaca blushed, “and now you’ve seen me naked.”

“Well, no need to apologize for that part,” Brandon answered, blushing, “But don’t worry about peeing yourself, it happens to people in situations like that all of the time.”

The massage continued in silence for a few minutes until Brandon saw Bianca’s eyelids getting heavier.

“Looks like you could use some rest,” Brandon suggested.

“Yeah, I guess,” Bianca agreed.

Bianca pulled the plug on the tub and stood up. Brandon’s jaw nearly hit the floor as she used a cup of water to rinse the lingering bubbles from her body. Brandon wordlessly handed Bianca her towel. She dried off a bit, and then wrapped it around her body, covering her breasts and mostly hairless mound. As she stepped out of the tub, she slipped, and Brandon managed to catch her.

“Geeze, Bee, you’re shaking like a leaf,” Brandon observered.

Brandon could see the fear from the accident lingering in Bianca’s eyes. He carefully led her back to her room. He picked up her pajamas from the floor and tossed them onto the bed. He walked back into the bathroom and retrieved her bra, bringing it back down the hall to her bedroom, where he found Bianca crying.

“Bee, what’s wrong?” Brandon asked, rushing over to her.

“I d-don’t know,” she sobbed, “You left and I just started crying again.”

“Hey, hey, it’s ok,” Brandon said, rubbing her back, “I’m here, you’re ok.”

Brandon went to her bureau, and made the correct guess that he would find underwear in the top drawer. He pulled out a plain pair of pink panties and tried to hand them to Bianca along with the bra.

“Here, why don’t you get dressed and take a nap?” He offered, noticing her hands were still shaking. “Can you get it or do you need help with the bra again?”

“I don’t wear bras to sleep,” Bianca replied.

“Ok,” Brandon replied, tossing the bra aside and offering Bianca the panties.

“I…I can’t wear those either,” Bianca quietly reminded Brandon, blushing. After a momet of awkward silence, she continued. “Can you get me a Goodnite out of the trunk?”

Brandon nodded. He knelt in front of the trunk and lifted the lid. He was again greeted by the sight of protective garments and cleaning supplies. Brandon picked up a purple Goodnite decorated with hearts and butterflies. He held it out to Bianca, and instead of taking it from him, she stepped into it. Brandon slid it up Bianca’s legs and under her towel, catching a quick glimpse of her pubic area before the garment was in place. While still shaky, Bianca seemed to regain her composure a bit as she dropped the towel.

“So, uh, you still wet the bed, huh?” Brandon asked.

“Yes. It’s humiliating,” Bianca replied as she pulled on her pajama pants, her breasts out in the open for Brandon to ogle. “I have still never woken up dry, it sucks.”

“Yeah, I remember the feeling,” Brandon responded knowlingly.

Bianca pulled on her pajama shirt and climbed into bed, pulling her comforter over herself. She indicated to a bean bag chair next to the bed.

“Would you mind staying with me while I sleep?” Bianca asked.

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” Brandon replied.

“Thanks, Bran, you’re the best,” Bianca yawned and before long, was drifting off to sleep.

About fifteen minutes into Bianca’s nap, Brandon realized he hadn’t had the chance to call Mrs. Hayes and fill her in on what had happened. He pulled out his cell and luckily till had her number in it. Brandon explained the whole situation, sans nudity, to Mrs. Hayes, reassuring her that Bianca was okay. Unfortunately, it turned out that Mrs. Hayes was on a business trip in New York that was due to end that day, but due to the storm she was stuck up there for at least one extra day. Brandon promised to stay with Bianca until Mrs. Hayes was able to return. A few moments after the phone call ended, Brandon, himself exhausted from the eventful morning, began to drift off to sleep as well.

The term “blood-curdling scream” may be overused, but Brandon realized what it meant as he leapt from the bean bag chair, his slumber interrupted by the terrifying noises coming from Bianca’s bed. He rushed over to Bianca, who was thrashing about wildly and screaming in response to a nightmare she was having.

“Bee! Bianca! Wake up!” Brandon hollered, shaking his friend awake.

Bianca looked around the room through tear-filled eyes, terrified by her dream. She saw Brandon and clug to him immediately, sobbing.

“I-I dreamed that th-there was another accident, and m-my D-Dad was there and he died and M-Mom died and y-you d-died and…” Bianca’s sobs overwhelmed her ability to continue describing the dream.

“Bee, it’s ok, you’re safe at home, I’m here, and I’ll be here until your Mom gets home tomorrow, ok?” Brandon assured Bianca. “Here, I’m going to run and get you a drink, I’ll be right back.”

Brandon dashed down to the kitchen, grabbed a glass, filled it with water, and rushed back up the stairs, taking them two at a time. He found Bianca sitting, still mostly covered by her comforter. He handed her the glass and she began to drink.

“Jesus, Bee, you’re breaking into a sweat, hang on a sec,” Brandon ran into the bathroom, wet a washcloth, and returned to Bianca’s room. Brandon held the cloth to Bianca’s head. He took the empty glass from her and gently laid her back down on the bed.

“How do you feel?” Brandon inquired.

“Hot,” Bianca responded.

Brandon pulled the comforter off of Bianca and was surprised to see a large wet spot on the purple sheet beneath Bianca’s rear.



“I think your Goodnite leaked a little.”

Bianca again sat up and looked down at herself. With a heavy sigh she put her head in her hands.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Bianca yelled out.

“Bee, relax. You’ve had a extremely rough day,” Brandon calmly responded. Bianca just sighed as Brandon helped her out of bed. “Listen, get out of your wet things and I’ll start a load of laundry with all of this stuff and the stuff from earlier.”

“Bran, you don’t have to do this,” Bianca replied. “This is so embarrassing.”

“It’s ok, Bee, I’m glad to help,” Brandon answered.

“Thanks,” Bianca said gratefully.

Bianca slid the pajama pants off of her legs as Brandon stripped the bed. He gathered up her wet things from her room and bathroom, and took them downstairs to wash. Bianca removed her pajama top and tossed it on the floor. She tore the sides of her wet Goodnite and let it drop to the floor. Bianca opened up her trunk and cleaned up with some wipes, which she tossed into the open Goodnite. Finally, she rubbed some diaper cream on the rash she noticed earlier that morning, hoping that it wouldn’t get worse from all of the times she had peed that day. Bianca took the panties Brandon had taken out earlier and held them in her hand. She looked at her trunk, and then back at the panties. Ultimately, she decided to return the panties to the top drawer and opted to pull a diaper with Elmo on it from her trunk. Bianca set the diaper on the floor and sat on it as Brandon walked in.

“Oh! Sorry! I thought you’d be done,” Brandon blushed as he averted his eyes.

“Well, you’ve really seen it all at this point,” Bianca said with a sigh.

“So you wear diapers now?” Brandon asked, turning back around.

“Only when I have a leak like that with the Goodnites,” Bianca began, “Bran? Can you help me out? It’s never as tight when you do it yourself.”

“Um, yeah, sure,” Brandon answered, kneeling between Bianca’s legs. “What exactly do I do?”

“Push this middle part down on my stomach, then bring the tapes around as tight as you can,” Bianca directed as Brandon followed her steps. “Perfect, thanks.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Brandon helped Bianca to her feet. He noticed a slight waddle in her walk as she went to her dresser and selected an oversized tee shirt. She pulled it over her head, obstructing her breasts from his view. They stood for a moment, caught in another awkward silence.

“Listen, I’m…I’m kinda afraid to go back to sleep right now,” Bianca began meekly, “Would it be alright if we went downstairs and put on a movie or something?”

Brandon agreed. They went downstairs and as Bianca selected a movie, Brandon popped some popcorn and got them each a Coke. He returned to the living room with the snack to find that Bianca had selected Anchorman. As the two settled on the couch to watch the comedy and try to forget the day’s trauma, they were each thinking about what they had experienced.

Bianca marveled first at how lucky she was to survive such a crash without major injury, and second how lucky was to have a friend so caring as Brandon. She curled up close to him and laid her head on his chest, allowing him to wrap an arm around her shoulders. Brandon was having a myriad of thoughts racing through his head. He had been the hero, something he’d always fantasized about. Furthermore, he’d seen his longtime best friend Bianca naked, something he’d been fantasizing about for quite some time as well. Brandon glanced down at Bianca, and noticed her diaper peeking out from beneath the hem of her shirt, and he could feel the blood begin to rush toward his groin. Brandon wasn’t sure why seeing Bianca in a diaper was a turn on, but it was. For the first time that day, Bianca noticed the bulge forming in Brandon’s jeans and, also for the first time that day, smiled.

Though both Brandon and Bianca were wondering the day’s events had meant for their relationship, they both knew there would be another more appropriate time to address that. In the meantime, they pushed those thoughts aside and enjoyed the movie and the momentary escape it provided from an eventful and frightening day that all started with an ice storm.

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Re: The Ice Storm

Nice. It works as either a stand alone story or a first chapter. I hope there will be a sequel.

Re: The Ice Storm

Out of all of the districts in the DC Metro area, hers was the only one with a regular day of school.

My fav part of the story! Represent!!!

Anyway, I enjoyed reading it and hope you continue your work because it is really pleasant.

Re: The Ice Storm

I’m afraid I don’t have anything to really offer in terms of criticism or possible improvement, but I love this story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Re: The Ice Storm

I am very impressed with this well written and interesting story. Well done.