The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 3 up)

So I got in a mood tonight and this happened. Yes, I am still working on Harmony Hills and Omutsu Crystal. This is just a fun side project (yes, a second side project) that can be taken less seriously but also I can use to stretch my creative muscles a bit. If Harmony Hills is my young readers series parody and Omutsu Crystal is a magical girl tokusatsu parody, consider this… Uhm…. artsy french film parody?

Canal et harmonie


La Maison de la Chameleon

The House of the Chameleon


I liked the way it felt. When the breeze passed through my short hair. With the top down our convertible was like a boat gliding along the long, narrow sea. The surface was a thick strip of old brick, but only I knew the truth. The road was an ocean, it was my secret that I shared with the earth.

This was a special day. Not just because we were moving, I knew that was coming for a few weeks. The special part of it was the surprise, when my mom said I could sit up front next to her. I had never been permitted to do so before.

I threw what few things I was carrying into the trunk and hopped into the backseat, but she said, “Charlie, come up and sit next to me.”

I smiled and didn’t hesitate. Even as a little kid I remembered sitting up front when we weren’t driving. I wasn’t behind the wheel, pretending to be the one in control like many little boys did.

I was happy enough to sit side by side with my mom.

As we left the big city and followed the moving truck out into the country, buildings became few and trees became many. The road, my ocean, was changing all around me.

I was excited, almost too excited.

“You okay?” my mom asked, glancing down at me for a second.

I smiled and nodded, but still squeezed my legs tight as my feet began to shake.

“We’re almost there,” she said.

Our new life was about to start. We would be in a new place, where no one knew who we were or what we were like. I could tell people things about my life and they would just have to believe me. Nothing too big, nothing ridiculous. I’d tried lying before and things did not go well.

I couldn’t make up stuff unless I made them true. Nobody ever called me Charlie until I started introducing myself as Charlie. Maybe I could shorten it more to just Char? Or create a new nickname for myself? “People at my old school called me Frankenstein,” I would say to them. And they would say, “There goes Frankenstein,” when I walked by.

But I liked being called Charlie. It was simple and no one questioned it. If I told people to call me Frankenstein, they may ask for a story behind the name. I could craft something real quick, about my above average grades in science or how I used to play with dead bugs and try to put them back together.

By the time we arrived, I felt the all too familiar feeling of dampness in my shorts. It was not visible, as my mom did not mention it or rush me inside to the bathroom. She gave me a box and told me to take it in, where the movers were already at work.

With each step I became more and more aware of the fact that my underwear was definitely wet, but luckily my basketball shorts were black and no one would be able to tell.

I examined the seat of our convertible as I got up. Nothing visible. Nothing that would leave a stain, nothing that wouldn’t dry before lunch time.

Just a small leak. I ignored it and looked up at our new home. It was an old fashioned house, surrounded by trees and made of old wood that seemed to be growing vines. In addition to the standard roof, a circular tower sprung from the site, with a pointed roof on top.

It looked like a wizard’s hat.

I carried my personal items up to my room. It was a vast, empty arrangement of walls and a floor. A few windows let light in from one side. None of my stuff was there, not even my bed.

I set the box down and opened it. The breeze was nice while in the car, but now it was hot out. I replaced my t-shirt, which was already too big on me, with a smaller tank top to match my basketball shorts and tennis shoes.

I stopped in the bathroom to make sure my leak was invisible. It did not occur to me to finish my business while I was in there.

I went downstairs, planning to ask my mom if she needed any help. I found her sitting on the one couch that had been brought in, enjoying a bottled tea she had grabbed at the convenience store on the way out of town. I had already finished my sports drink during the drive.

“The movers are handling things,” my mom said. “You can go and explore outside if you want. I think I saw a basketball hoop somewhere.”

I went out into the backyard. There was a stone path from the back door out into a nice patio area. Aside from a small garden that had overgrown, the backyard was empty. The patio furniture was in the back of the truck.

I walked to the front, passing a wooden swing on the porch, and out beyond the driveway.

The neighborhood was enclosed in a nice cul-de-sac, no cars would be coming or going that often. It was a safe place to play out on the street during summer days like this one.

I found the basketball hoop mom spoke of, it was in use by three boys about my age.

“Hey,” one of them said as I walked up. “Did you just move here? I’m Luke.”
I nodded and said, “I’m Charlie.” Luke was a bit taller than me and had black hair and dressed mostly in blue and white. I later found out those were the school colors.

“This is Joe,” Luke said of a blond kid wearing glasses. “And that’s Danny.” Danny was the shortest of the four of us. He had brown hair longer than mine and was kinda funny looking. I don’t know how to explain that, he was just funny looking.

“Wanna shoot some hoops?” Luke asked.

I joined in on their game and instantly realized I had missed my chance to identify myself by the name of a famous mad scientist. I guess I’d need to reinvent myself some other way.

“What grade are you in?” Joe asked. “Are you going to Oak Wood or Green Tree?”

“Are those schools?” I asked.

“Oak Wood is the public school,” Luke explained, “And Green Tree is a private school.”

“Me and Joe go to Oak Wood,” Danny said (he talked funny too.) “But Luke goes to Green Tree.”

“Oh,” I said. It made more sense now. “I think I’m going to Green Tree? Fifth grade.”

“You’ll be in my class then,” Luke said. “It’s a small class, there’s only like ten boys and only four of us play basketball, so we play on the Oak Wood team in their league. Are you gonna play basketball? You’re pretty good.”

I was good, and I was letting them in on that secret. I hated being good at sports, it got me unwanted attention. And now they knew my age and what school I was going to. I was running out of things I could change. Pretty soon I would end up just being me.

I’ve already been myself, normal Charlie. I wanted to be something different.

“If you join, we’d have a chance to beat the girls,” Luke said. “You see, even though we have a small number of boys who play basketball at Green Tree, all of the girls play. So even if we play on the Oak Wood team, we have to play against our own schools.”

“We wouldn’t have to play against girls at all,” Joe said, “But there aren’t enough teams in the league as it is.”

And that’s when it dawned on me. I had walked right into the ultimate plan. A plan to change myself and be someone else. I didn’t even have to say anything, they just assumed it all on their own.

I smiled. They took my excitement was an agreement to join the basketball team, which they began celebrating with cheers. I was simply celebrating that I had already achieved a new identity and it wasn’t even lunch time.

My small puddle in the car probably wasn’t even dry yet.

As soon as I reminded myself about my near accident on the ride here, the bladder tied itself in a knot and I felt my underwear getting wet and warm.

“Hey, I gotta go,” I quickly tossed the ball their way and headed off, “Still got a lot of unpacking and stuff,” I said from afar.

I was in a full speed run within seconds, they probably thought it was strange, but I felt like I sold it well. I was thankful once again that my shorts were black and loose. If we were just sitting in the grass, I probably could’ve let it out and not get caught. But if I stood there any longer they would’ve seen my obvious accident.

By the time I made it to the front door, my bladder was empty and my shorts were thoroughly soaked with invisible shame that only I could feel. Even my socks escaped wetness.

I moved passed the movers, each one looking up and sniffing with their noses as I ran by, and headed back into my room.

A few things had been set in my room, making it look smaller. My dresser, my bed, one of my two nightstands. All of the drawers were empty, so I went to that small box I had brought up from the car.

I dug through it and found what I was looking for: an open and half empty package of Goodnites. It was embarrassing, but better than nothing at the moment. I took one out and went into the bathroom.

I removed my socks and shoes, then tossed my shorts into a corner, followed by my underwear. I slid the Goodnite up my legs and secured it in place. I looked at myself again in the mirror. While it made them look more like baby diapers, I was glad they were the solid white, generic kind and not the ones with ridiculous, gendered designs on them.

I dashed back into my room and put on another pair of dark shorts from the box just before one of the movers came in.

“Got another one for you,” he said as he set the box down right in front of me, with the label in big bold letters staring directly at me. “Pretty name you got there.,” he said as he left.

“Pretty?” I mumbled under my breath. I sighed as I saw the name that was written on the box.

I preferred to wear comfortable clothes like basketball shorts. I preferred to keep my hair short rather than long. But most of all, I preferred to be called Charlie over Charlotte.


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Ooooh! this looks very interesting and fun, it kinda reminds me of a certain
story about a clever, cute and complicated 12/7 year old.
Maybe we can have a cameo? lol please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

P.S. Very clever, you mentioned little boys early but in hindsight there’s
no indication that it’s self reflective, bravo Harmony, nice twist.

Re: The House of the Chameleon

Whoa, didn’t even realize that until you said so, but yeah, it is pretty similar.

So I guess the challenge is to differentiate it more?
The main difference is that that story doesn’t really deal with gender identity. I’m wondering how the new school is going to handle that…

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Yeah…… That was my biggest fear about this. Didn’t want to be accused of knock offs and such. But I think chapter Two will definitly change the way you think about it.

Or not and I’m a fraud.

Re: The House of the Chameleon

Don’t worry too much, this story’s adorable. :slight_smile:

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If she really wanted to avoid suspicion, she’d be better off going with ‘Chuck’. I’ve recently been watching a show with a female main character called Chuck instead of Charlotte, it was rather disorienting at first.

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Chapter Two

We ordered pizza that night. Mom didn’t want to mess with the kitchen at all. Everything was successfully moved into the house, but few things were unpacked. We didn’t even have any groceries.

“Are you wearing a Pull-Up?” my mom asked as I got up from the table.

I adjusted my shorts, they must have slipped and my tanktop road up. “It’s a Goodnite,” I reminded her. semantics were important. Pull-Ups are for toddlers, Goodnites are for older kids. I was ten, in the double digits.

“Why are you wearing it?”

I hesitated, then said, “All of my underwear was still packed up,” a true statement.

“What happened to the underwear you had on this morning?”

I panicked, clearly not having an answer to that.

“Did you have an accident?” she asked. “It’s okay if you did. Just tell me next time.”

“I can change myself,” I reminded her. “I’m ten now. In the double digits.”

“I know,” she said. “But if you’re having accidents again it could be serious. I haven’t found a pediatrician in this town yet. I should start looking for one.”

“It was just one accident,” I said. Truly though, it was more like one and a half, but I wasn’t going to have her yelling about the puddle in her car seat. She was always nice and understanding about accidents, but that was a two way relationship. I had to be mature about it if I wanted to be treated maturely.

When she found my wet underwear and shorts left on the bathroom floor, I was not treated maturely.

I spent the next few days unpacking and arranging my things in my room. Soon it just felt like a house that people lived in. And those people were us.

The patio furniture made the backyard look like a scene from a picture book. There was something about the house that felt like a home now.

A small, naked little girl ran past me.

For a second, I wasn’t sure if I was just seeing things.

“Hannah, come back!”
From out of nowhere, a girl about my age followed after the naked child, a bright blue sundress in hand.

The two circled around me a couple times before I used my quick reflexes (basketball skills) and scooped the younger one up.

“Quick,” I said, holding the child from the waist as the older girl dropped the dress over her.

“You can’t catch me!” little Hannah, now clothed, scampered off.

The older girl sighed and stopped to catch her breath. “Thanks.” she said.

“Shouldn’t you be going after her?” I asked.

“She’s heading back home,” the girl said. “Besides, this whole neighborhood is safe to run around in.” She took a closer look at me and asked, “So you’re the new boy that moved in with his mom?”



When I hung out with Luke and the others, I was able to play off of the fact that they assumed and didn’t ask. I looked like a boy. I dressed like a boy. I played like a boy. What else were they to think? I didn’t confirm or deny.

It was a lie of omission, but now I had no other choice.

“Yup,” I said.

“I’m Lora,” she said. “Sorry about Hannah. You probably didn’t need to see that.”

“She’s cute,” I smiled.

Lora smiled back. As she looked around the backyard, I looked at her. She had long, black hair and wore a blue sundress. She looked just like her little sister, only twice as old. I thought she looked pretty.

I never questioned if that was how a boy would think. In a way it made sense though. I never actively tried to act a certain way. I was just always myself.

But now I had to focus. I had to be a boy.

Lora was different, I could tell in those few moments. I wasn’t going to have to try and act like a boy around her. I could act like Charlie and that would be that.

“So what brings you to the House of the Chameleon?” Lora asked.

I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Come look,” she waved and I followed her to the garden. She pushed some weeds aside, not afraid of thorns. She pointed at a brick, one of many that lined the garden.

Etched into the brick was a lizard.

“There are bricks like this all over the house,” Lora said. “The family that used to live here had a girl my age, and we used to look around and go on treasure hunts to find all of the chameleon bricks.”

“Weird,” I said.

We stayed like that for a moment, crouched in front of the garden. Lora’s black hair was flowing in the wind. My own hair was left on the floor of a barber shop last week. I felt comfortable with short hair, but I liked Lora’s long hair. It was nice, just like her.

“Danny said you peed your pants,” Lora said.

My heart skipped a beat. “What?”

“You ran off suddenly when you were playing basketball,” Lora explained. “Danny said it looked like you peed.”

“I had to go help unpack.”

“That’s what Luke said,” Lora went on. “It’s okay if you did. Hannah has accidents all the time. That’s why I was chasing her. She doesn’t like changing, says it’s too hot anyway.”

“I don’t pee in my pants,” I defended myself.

“Okay,” Lora said, standing and walking away.

Was she disappointed? Did she want Danny’s rumor to be true? I considered taking it back and telling the truth. But if that backfired there would be no going back. Luckily for me, Lora had other things on her mind.

“Are you going to play basketball?”

She turned around and looked right at me.

“I don’t know,” I said. “If I do I get to play with Luke and the other boys.”

“And you’ll have to play against us,” Lora reminded me. “I go to Green Tree, same as you, right?”

“Is that a problem?” I wondered allowed. I was beginning to think that elementry school basketball was serious business in this town. To me it was just fun. Moving around on the court, the whole world stopping around you as you jump so high you think you might take off like a rocket. It was like gymnastics, but with baggier clothes. If you have to go to the bathroom in a leotard, you’re basically in trouble. But in basketball shorts you can easily get them off in time.

“I have to go,” Lora said as she headed off towards her house. “See you around, Charlie.”

I had to pee, so I went inside. Even in basketball shorts, I still have to get to the bathroom in time.

If I was a real boy, nature would do just fine. If I was alone outside and actually playing, I might have tried squatting behind a bush. But I was just outside for the sake of being outside.

“Did you make a new friend?” my mom asked when I walked in.

I nodded and said, “Her name is Lora.”

“Good,” mom said. “She seems nice.” She was probably watching us from a window. “Oh, a boy named Luke called. He wanted to know if you could sleep over tonight.”

I didn’t make eye contact with her. We’ve been here before.

“You have a month until school starts,” she said. “We can do like we did during Christmas. but you have to decide one way or the other.”

I wasn’t expecting to have to decide so suddenly. I could put it off, but I actually liked hanging out with Luke. And once school started things would get difficult. It was now or never.

I nodded.

“Okay then,” mom said. “As long as you’re happy.”

I loved my mom for that. I couldn’t imagine if any other mom in the world would let their daughter dress and act the way I did, let alone actually be a boy for a whole month.

In all the excitement, I had forgotten about my bladder.

There was only a small wet spot on my underwear. As I sat on the toilet, I realized the second problem I would hve to face at the sleepover.

My night time problem.

My generic Goodnites would certainly help me continue to be myself, but they were still embarrassing for a kid my age to be wearing. I was ten now. I was in the double digits. Kids in the double digits don’t wet the bed. Luke probably didn’t wet the bed, neither did Lora. Lora’s little baby sister Hannah had accidents, but she was a baby.

I knew that there was nothing I could do about it though. The chance of being seen in a diaper was a better scenario than wetting myself at Luke’s.

And that was it.

My name was Charlie, I was a boy, and I was a bedwetter.


Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 2 up)

Ooh, maybe some sort of supernatural element? I like!

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 2 up)

Some this so far. :slight_smile:

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 2 up)

A very unique premise, i’m looking forward to more! thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 2 up)

Interesting contrast to all of those stories in the early days where the older teenage boy was punished by having to be a “baby girl.” Fine idea fine story but I don’t see how the deception can last much beyond the first trip to the changing table. I’m sure you’ve planned for that through.

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 2 up)

When I read the First chapter, I wondered if “Charlie” was an Extreme Tom-Boy.
The line at the end of chapter two tells me, the Charlie is Transgender, and NOT a Tomboy
OR Pretending.
Charlie Though Physically a Girl, Feels, and more, Thinks of HIMSELF as a Boy!!

Whether HE wears Diapers/Pullups Daily to school, etc, the Same arrangements will
have to be taken to alow him to live as a Boy.
Restroom & Gym Changing, etc!!
Also, If wearing at school, The Nurse/assistant who helps here will have to know
not only about the degree of incontinence, But At least the Basics of TG Life!!.

Anyone here watch “I Am Jazz”

The concept is the same, just reversed

I am aslo thinking that Charlie’s Incontinence is more physical than emotional,
but, I Have only fully read chapter 1 and not 2. (Just the Last line–
“My name was Charlie, I was a boy, and I was a bedwetter”)
Though “I SLEEP-WET” is More Correct Unless he does Intentionally wet at night
Which I Do NOT believe!!

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 2 up)

I’m certainly looking forward to more of this. Of your three current stories this is my favorite so far.

Lief, I’m not entirely convinced that Charlie is actually transgender, rather than just enjoying the chance to play and actually being a boy for a time. So far I could still see either possibility. It will be interesting to see how this plays out down the line.

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 2 up)

I know I probably shouldn’t give away future plot details, nor should I get involved with a comment…. but you’re pretty wrong about this whole thing. Like… Wrong.

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Chapter Three

I arrived at Luke’s house just after dinner that night. I had with me a backpack filled with comic books and video games. Buried beneath the symbols of my boyhood were symbols of my shame: an extra pair of basketball shorts and underwear, in case of a potential accident, and a generic brand Goodnite, in preparation for the inevitable accident.

Luke’s mother barely had time to say hello before I was being rushed to Luke’s room.

I had never really been inside a ten year old boy’s room before. Luke had movie posters on the walls and dirty clothes on the floor. His small bookshelf was cluttered with unorganized tomes and DVDs and video games. A variety of glasses and cups, some still with portions of whatever Luke drinks still inside, sat on a small side table by the bed.

Luke jumped on the bed and said, “Come on,” and I leapt to join him on top of the comforter.

I heard a crinkle.

“Oh, you want some?” Luke pulled a plastic bag of potato chips out from under the blanket and tossed it to me. Then he picked up a controller, connected to his video game system, and started playing.

“What’s that?” I asked. The game was unfamiliar to me.

“Monster Story Battle Colosseum,” Luke said. “I know, it’s lame. I used to like the show a lot when it first came out but I don’t want it anymore. The game’s still fun though. I have a second controller, but we can play something else. I got the latest basketball game from EA. It’s exactly like the last ones but different.”

I loved Monster Story. When I was in third grade, everyone liked it. And I mean everyone. But in fourth grade everyone moved on. The girls got into girly things and the boys got into boy things.

I remembered being so excited to tell my friends that Pyron finally reached his Super Form. It was the coolest episode ever, but all my friends could say was, “You still watch that show? I didn’t even know it was still on.”

I never even saw the final episode. I turned ten and decided that when you’re ten you don’t watch cartoons anymore.

Luke finished the match he was on and turned off the game. A little bit of me died inside when he put in the basketball game. He was right. It was exactly like the other ones, but a little bit different.

I yawned.

“Tired already?” Luke asked. We had only been playing for an hour, it was still light out. I shook my head and he said, “Hang on, I’ll tell my mom to get us some drinks.”

When he left I checked the time. It was after eight o’clock. No more drinks for me. but I couldn’t say no, could I?

I looked at the near empty glasses that cluttered Luke’s table. The liquid was dark, probably some kind of soda. I was definitely not supposed not have soda after eight.

I remembered that Danny had told the others that it looked like I peed my pants before. Was Luke trying to see if it would happen again?

I figured now was a good time to change. I grabbed my Goodnite and quickly dashed into the bathroom that was connected to Luke’s room. I slipped it on and pulled my shorts back up.

“Charlie?” Luke called from his room.

“In here,” I called back and flushed the toilet as a cover. I ran the water as I folded my underwear and put it in my pocket. I splashed one of my hands through the stream as I turned off the faucet and dried them off as I returned to the room.

“Mom’s makin’ some popcorn for us,” Luke said. “We rented Protectors of the Planets and Huge Hero 5.”

“That’s a hard choice,” I said. “I haven’t seen either.”

“I’m not asking which one you want to watch,” he said. “I’m asking which one you want to watch first.”

By the time the first movie was over I had consumed an entire bag of popcorn and managed to hold myself back on liquids, only drinking one glass of soda. I had completely forgotten about Danny’s rumor and was more concerned with not leaking tonight.

I got up to pee between movies and came back while the second movie, Huge Hero 5, was still loading."

“I haven’t seen the other four,” I said. “Is that a problem?”

Luke giggled. “You’re dumb, but it’s kinda funny.”

I blushed and threw a pillow at him. “Yeah well your room stinks.”

He laughed and we had a short pillow fight while the movie loaded.

Luke’s room really did stink. That was one thing I hated about being a boy. For some reason they always smelled like farts and boogers.

“What’s that?” Luke asked.

I looked at where he was pointing. While we were pillow fighting, which quickly evolved into wrestling, my underwear must have fallen out of my pocket and landed on the bed.

My girl’s underwear. Solid white, with no fly on the front, and a simple lace design around the waist.

“I don’t know,” I said, heart racing.

He picked it up and examined it. “Girl’s underwear,” he revealed the results of his investigation.

I was about to come clean when he Luke stood up, opened the door, and shouted, “Melissa!!!”

A girl, probably eight or nine, appeared in the hallway and asked, “What are you screaming about?”

“Get your panties out of my room,” Luke said, flinging my underwear at the girl I assumed to be his younger sister.

Melissa examined my underwear and said, “These aren’t mine.”

“Right,” Luke said. “They must be mine then.” And then he slammed the door.

It was a close call, but I had survived.

“Movie time,” Luke said as he hit play on the DVD controller.

I spent the rest of the movie avoiding as much liquid as possible. I took small sips so Luke didn’t get offended, like I was saying his soda tasted bad or something.

I liked Luke. I liked spending time with him and wanted to sleepover and play basketball again sometime. I didn’t want to ruin that by offending his choice in soda.

But I also didn’t feel like leaking all over whatever bed I was set up in.

After the movie, we moved to the living room where we each took a couch and a blanket. I went to the bathroom again as Luke flickered through the late night TV options.

We settled on a marathon of an old 80s cartoon about a three identical triplet cats who solved mysteries while competing in wacky races. After a few episodes we voted to turn it off and let nature run its course with our heavy eyes and tired bodies.

I probably laid on that couch, wide awake, for about an hour. Partially because Luke was instantly snoring and partially because I was insanely thirsty. It must have been from eating all that salty popcorn and not drinking anything.

I felt like I wanted to let my tongue hang out like a dog on a hot day.

It must have been two in the morning as I silently tip toed into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of water.

“Hey,” a voice made me jump.

For a split second, I was completely unaware of where it had come from. I didn’t turn on any lights, so there was nothing to illuminate the owner of the voice.

If I wasn’t so dehydrated I probably would have wet myself.

“You must be Charlie,” a boy, a little older than me, stepped out of the shadows and toward the side of the kitchen that was facing the moonlit windows.

“You’re Luke’s brother?” I asked.

The boy nodded and I began to wonder just how many other siblings Luke had hidden in the house somewhere.

“Cups are up there,” he pointed.

I wasn’t even thirsty anymore. As he stood in the moonlight my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I finally got a look on his face. He was probably twelve or thirteen and looked just like Luke.

But for some reason, my heart was pounding. Not because I was scared of a strange voice in the dark. Not because I thought I might void my bladder into my so far dry Goodnite.

I couldn’t explain it, but as the boy walked away I found myself instantly missing him. I wanted to talk to him, hang out with him. He seemed cool so I don’t know why he didn’t join Luke and I for our sleepover. If I had a brother I would want to share things like that with him.

I blushed and walked back to the couch, completely forgetting about my thirst.

In the morning I shoved my damp Goodnite in a plastic bag and buried it at the bottom of my backpack. After slipping on a pair of underwear with a bright floral print, my least favorite pair, I thanked my hosts and told them I had a great time as I headed out the door and back home.

I really did have a good time. I really did want to go back. But next time I went, I wanted to see more of Luke’s brother. As I thought about him, I started to blush, and ran off before anyone noticed.

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The question is, if they resemble one another so closely, why does she feel these strange feelings around the brother but not Luke?

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 3 up)

So your writing style is so awesome that it took me to “Huge Hero 5” to realize that you weren’t using actual films/TV, well done. Also I liked the “Hot Fuzz” reference.

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 3 up)

All i can say is awwwwwe! her first crush, and she doesn’t even know what it is how adorable!.
That makes things alot more complicated (and interesting), thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 3 up)

Is there any chance this story is merely sleeping, not dead?

Re: The House of the Chameleon (Chapter 3 up)

I have like half of a chapter 4 written, but set it aside to focus on other things… For now.