The Hong Kong Connection

She was young and smart and confident and very active; she loved playing table tennis and skateboarding, and she worked very hard at her job as a salesperson with the hygiene company, interfacing with clients from all over the world, arranging contracts for them to buy the factory’s primary product – disposable diapers.

He had been a very unique client from the beginning. They’d had one other company buy custom ABDL diapers, but this one, this company had flourished, become one of their biggest clients, keeping her at the top of the sales force for two years. They had spoken about ABDL before, and she had always admired the beautiful designs his art team produced, but it was still such a strange thing to her. Why would an adult, man or woman, wear diapers for fun? Such a silly idea. An idea that certainly was making her company, his company, and her personally quite a bit of money, but still, so silly.

He had come in to Hong Kong this week, on what had now become an expected, regular visit to the factory to observe and talk with the engineers and the factory foreman and, of course, her as well. These visits were always pleasurable; he was very kind, taking half the factory out for a lavish dinner at one of the exclusive restaurants in the area, always laughing and joking, mostly in English, but sometimes in very broken Mandarin, though his Mandarin had gotten a lot better since the first time they spoke. Something was different this time, though. Usually he stayed maybe three, four days on these trips, but this time he announced his intention to relax a little and enjoy some tourism while he was here. And he had sent a strange message to her this noon, asking her to meet him at his hotel room after work, that it was very important that he speak with her privately.

So now she found herself in the lobby of the Upper House, far and away the most luxurious hotel in the city, a place for dignitaries and wealthy businessmen. Certainly not for a lowly sales clerk at a diaper factory. And she was nervous. She’d heard stories about American businessmen being very forward and pushy and wanting sexual favors, but he was so kind, so generous, not at all like she’d imagine one of those sorts of people. Surely there must be some other explanation for this meeting.

“Laura, how nice of you to join me.” His low voice came from behind her, and she startled a bit. His Mandarin was a LOT better than the last time, it was fluid, songlike, and it gave her a shudder. She turned around quickly and looked up at his face, nearly half a meter taller than her, with his brown locks cascading around his shoulders and his soft salt-and-pepper beard framing his broad smile. Sure, she had seen him in the meetings before towering over everyone, but from this angle, this close, he seemed like a giant. A gentle giant, certainly, but a giant nonetheless.

“Scott, h… hello.” She suddenly felt very small, not nearly as self-assured as she usually was.

“You seem nervous, Laura. What’s wrong?”

“I… I’m okay, you just startled me is all.” She mustered a weak smile.

“Have you eaten? I can order room service if you like.” He put a gentle hand on her shoulder and guided her toward the elevator.

“Oh, I… I couldn’t impose like that.”

“If it was an imposition, I wouldn’t have asked, Laura. Relax. You have the day off tomorrow, yes?”

“Of course, yes.” The elevator seemed to be taking forever as they went up, up, up.

“Wonderful. I’d very much like you to be my tour guide, help me explore your beautiful city.”

“I… I could do that, certainly.”

“Then we’ll have room service, as a way for me to help compensate you for your time. Now it’s not an imposition at all, just a business arrangement.” Truth be told, standing beside this tall, beautiful, gentle giant, she a little part of herself wishing he would ask her to have a fangshi with him. Her rational mind struggled to stamp out that admittedly delightful, but so very taboo little fantasy. It would be so very hard to say no to him, those deep eyes which she just knew had so many sorrowful stories to tell. The eyes that seemed to look straight into her soul. She wasn’t sure, taboo or not, if she could say no to him.

Finally the elevator stopped, but shockingly, when they exited, he swiped his key card on an elevator sitting directly adjacent. He’d rented the penthouse? Incredible! And even more unnerving, he seemed to notice her surprise, because he chuckled as they stepped into the second lift. Scott selected the entire supper, despite insisting to her that she was welcome to make choices of her own. It would be improper, rude even, for her to impose on him when he had invited her and he was paying. While they waited, he sat cross-legged on a very comfortable couch, her sitting very proper and businesslike in a chair adjacent. They chatted about sales volume, how he’d like their company to continue partnering with his even as he had purchased a very small-scale machine to experiment with new designs and test-market concepts before making large-volume orders.

The food arrived, and it was absolutely exquisite, and he ordered very fine mijiu. The conversation lulled as they both ate with gusto. How it must be, to live this sort of life, to have the finest food and drink available to you whenever you want! Laura’s salary, even now as the top salesperson at the company, couldn’t possibly afford this sort of luxury. This sitting area was larger than her living room and kitchen together!

“Qunlan…” It stunned her to hear him use her given Chinese name, but it felt very warm and comforting. “While I certainly would like you to be my guide during this trip, there is a very specific reason that I invited you up here. And if you were to refuse what I am going to ask, I would completely understand, and hope it would not affect our friendship in any negative way. It certainly wouldn’t change my opinion of you.” He put his bowl down on the teapoy and rested himself against the arm of the couch.

Dear god, he’s going to ask, she thought. A mixture of anxieties welled up within her, both fear and anticipation. Say something, you imbecile! “I… w…what… I mean… What favor… is that?” Great job, you giddy little schoolgirl!

“You have asked me many questions over the time we’ve worked together, Qunlan.” Her heart leapt again when he spoke that word. Coming from him it sounded so profound, so treasured, as though he revered it.

“W…well yes, of course… I needed to… for the business! And…”

“You asked me many questions about the product, and the sort of people who use it.”

She let out a nervous giggle. “Yes… it… seemed so strange to me… why people would wear diapers for fun…”

“I would like to give you the chance to experience it for yourself. To learn a little bit more about my customers by taking you through the intimacy of it all.”

She was stunned. Confused. Disappointed. “I… you… want me to wear a diaper?” She had worked herself up so much to the idea that Scott wanted to make love to her, this almost felt insulting.

“No, Qunlan. I want you to let me be your Daddy for the evening. We’ll finish up our supper here, then I’ll give you a nice relaxing bath, and I’ll dress you in some very beautiful sleepwear I packed with me, and you can curl up in Daddy’s lap and watch TV, or I can tell you stories, whatever you like, and maybe have a nice snack before bedtime.”

The bath certainly sounded nice, but those other things confused her even more. “Why… would I want to do those things?”

“Because you cannot possibly understand fully the nature of my business if you do not understand what it is people do with my products. And in order to fully understand what it is people do with my product, you must experience what it is to let go of yourself with the knowledge that a trusted friend is there to care for you completely as you re-discover something you lost a long time ago.”

Her mind reeled. Was he threatening her? Would he go and find another supplier if she didn’t agree to this? Part of her wanted to stand up, slap him in the face, and storm out. But he was such a kind, gentle soul. She knew that the first time she looked into those deep brown eyes. She had to admit to herself, she was curious. She did want to know why these silly people wanted to wear diapers when they didn’t need them. She had even spent time trying to research it online, but it seemed every video, every website related to it was blocked by the government filters. So she just assumed it was some sort of deviant sexual activity. But he was speaking of something that went far beyond having sex in old people’s underwear, even if the prints his company put on them were very beautiful. And he just told her he wasn’t interested in sex, so clearly this wasn’t some dirty roleplaying thing. She felt an enormous weight on her shoulders, pushing her head down, as she tried to process this strange request.

“Qunlan, do you trust me?”

“I… you… I mean of course, Scott… you have been kind and generous to all of us at the company.”

“Do you think I would harm you?”

“No! Of course not! I just thought… I mean…”

“You thought I was going to ask you to have sex with me, and now you’re confused.”

“No, I wasn’t…” She looked up into his eyes, those deep brown eyes. She couldn’t lie to those eyes. “Yes, yes I did.”

“And though you knew it was improper, and you knew it would be shameful to you if word ever got out, you hoped that’s what I would ask, didn’t you.”

“I…” She didn’t even look up this time. “Yes, I did.”

He smiled. “You are a beautiful young woman, Qunlan, but you forget, I know your culture almost as well as you do, and I would never ask you to compromise yourself like that. Because I am your friend, and I don’t ever want to harm you, your standing in your community, or your position at your company.

“That said, I promise you, if you let go of all those complicated thoughts and give yourself over to me tonight, you’ll experience something far more intimate, more intense, and more pleasurable than taboo sex could ever be.”

She was shocked to find a lump in her throat as he spoke. She struggled to swallow it, quickly draining her wine glass and biting her cheek. Her trusted friend, her best customer, had just made her feel like a jinu for having such filthy thoughts, to think that he was such a shallow man as to be driven by a night of cheap sex. But it wasn’t his fault, it was hers. They were her thoughts, after all. He barely touched her the whole night, a hand on her shoulder, that was it. She assumed his intentions were impure, and all he did was tell her the truth. She felt dirty, so much so that her arms started to itch, and she scratched at them as she tried to formulate a response.

“You couldn’t possibly know, Qunlan.” The electricity of his voice as he spoke her name again jolted her out of this train of thought. “I invite you to my penthouse suite after business hours, I feed you a lavish supper, it’s not hard to think that I might want to make love to you. And truth be told, were I a younger man, I could certainly imagine me insisting you return to America with me, to be my wife. But I am an old man, and my heart still belongs to someone who has gone on to the next world, taking her little girl with her.”

“You’re… you’re not old!” Okay, he was 54, a full twenty-five years her senior. Maybe his request made more sense in that context. He was certainly old enough to be her father.

He laughed, a hearty laugh that came from his gut. “Thank you for that, Qunlan. No, I’m not ready for the old folks’ home just yet, but I certainly have more years behind me than ahead.”

“Your…” Did she dare ask this question? Would he be offended? “You said ‘her little girl’. Did she…?”

“Yes, she did. In fact, the first day we met face to face she did. And just like you, she had never imagined herself doing it prior to conversing with me about it.”

“But what if…”

“Something happens between us as a result? Then I suppose we’ll have to have a different conversation about the nature of our relationship at that point.”

“What if nothing happens? What if I just spend the night feeling silly and want to go home?”

“Then I will make sure you have a taxi outside, and we’ll have a laugh over it tomorrow as you join me on that tour of your beautiful city.”

She looked back up at him, still relaxed, still leaning on the arm of the couch, those brown eyes looking at her, probing deep into her soul. What excuses did she have left? She was curious before, but now she nearly hungered to know, to understand what could possibly be so profound about this strange practice. There was no risk, well, other than the risk that it would change her somehow. Could it turn her into a needy little girl, unable to function as an adult? No, that was silly. Of course not. She had been a hard worker her whole life, in school, at her job. She was just starting to experience her own success as a result of all that work. She might become sales manager soon, though she mostly owed that to this giant of a man and the massive volume of highly customized products his company ordered routinely now.

“It’s hard to let go of all those complicated thoughts, isn’t it?”

“I’m not a child. I haven’t been a child in…”

“A very long time. In fact, I’m sure your parents were encouraging you to grow up for as long as you can remember, weren’t they? You didn’t have much time to be a child, with the music lessons and the reading lessons and the English lessons on top of school and sports. You hardly had time to take a breath, did you?”

“I… no… I didn’t.”

“And you’ve been working six days a week since you took this job, long, long hours every day, to meet your sales goals and make your manager happy.”

“Yes. But…”

“So from the time you could walk and talk, you’ve been busy, busy, busy. No breaks. Be a productive citizen, before you could even pronounce the word ‘citizen’.”

How could she argue? It was like he watched her grow up. Every word was the truth. “Yes.” What else could she say.

“And all I’ve done is make arrangements for you to have a relaxing holiday with me, helping me explore this wonderful place. Give you the chance to forget about all the pressures and just enjoy yourself. You’re even going to be paid for the entire time, because I insisted it to your bosses. And today, right now, I’m asking you to let me take you to a special place where you’ll be able to see this city with the eyes of a child, with the simple joy of a little girl, so when we go exploring, it’ll be like you seeing it all for the first time with me. Will you do that for me, Qunlan?”

There were no objections left now. And she had to know, she had to see what this thing about which he spoke so reverently was. “Yes, Scott. I will.”

“Thank you, Qunlan. Come, come sit with me.” He didn’t pat the couch next to him, though. He patted his knee.

Nervously, she stood. She felt awkward, but she turned her back to him and started to sit down on his legs. She let loose a squeak as his arms deftly reached around her back and her legs and he brought her to a straddle, her bottom between his legs, her head at his shoulder, and her own legs draped on the couch next to him. “Good girl.” The words struck a chord deep within her soul, and she went nearly limp in his arms as he squeezed her tight to his chest and kissed her on the forehead, then proceeded to rub her back softly as she rested in the crook of his shoulder. Everything about this was perfect, and she had no idea why. “Good girl.” The moment he said those words, it was as though a street sweeper rushed through her mind, blowing all other thoughts away. She felt like a tiny little girl in his huge arms. And she liked that feeling. She had no idea what had come over her, but it didn’t matter. She didn’t want to leave this spot, listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat as his hand stroked her back.

“Someone’s been a busy, busy girl today, and she needs a bath,” he said, his low voice nearly a whisper now, tickling her ear.

“Please don’t go.” The words just tumbled out of her.

“Go where?” He chuckled as she found herself rising up into the air, his arms supporting her, holding her tight across his chest. She giggled in spite of herself as he carried her toward the bedroom door, grabbing a small suitcase perched next to it on the way by, and she clung to him as he reached with a hand to open it. The bedroom itself was opulent. A huge king-sized bed with beautifully carved head and footboards declaring that whoever was staying here was to be afforded every luxury available. An enormous television set mounted to the wall, identical to the one in the sitting area. There was a refrigerator, and several chests of drawers, and even a walk-in closet! She barely had time to take it all in before she was through another doorway and into a stunning en-suite. Double vanities decked in black marble with antiqued brass fixtures, and a huge garden tub adjacent to a waterfall shower with five heads! He opened the spigot on the garden tub, running his hand under the water until it started to steam a bit, then adjusting it a few times, adding cold to the hot, before flipping the drain switch. As the water began to pool in the bottom, he reached into the suitcase.

“Do you like bubbles, baby girl?”

All the sensations were so strange, but she decided to play along. “Uh-huh!” she said, surprising herself with just how childish she sounded. He produced a small bottle with what looked like Japanese lettering on it, but there was no mistaking the picture, it was a lotus blossom. “Oh, I love the scent of lotus!” She was eager for this bath now, and she reached for the buttons on her shirt without even the slightest thought of modesty.

A large hand covered both of hers, pressing them against her tiny chest. “Patience, little one. Daddy will help get those big-girl clothes off in a minute.”

“But I don’t…”

“Let go, little Qunlan. It’s your job to relax and enjoy. Daddy’s job to take care of you, remember?”

“Yes…” she lowered her hands slowly as the thought sank in. She refocused herself on the tub as he poured a generous amount of the thick bath soap into the water, where it immediately began to foam, and that scent poured over her like a waterfall in reverse, cascading up with the steam. She breathed deeply, a satisfied little hum escaping her lips as she exhaled. He set the bottle aside and focused on her, gently releasing each button. She smiled at him as he worked, and he smiled back.

He slid the shirt down her arms, and she raised her hands as he pulled it free and tossed it onto the vanity. “What a good helper you are!” he said. She giggled and turned her face, blushing. It seemed silly, but being praised for such a simple thing touched her in a way that she’d never felt before. He reached behind her back and deftly worked the clasp on her bra, slipping it down and revealing her chest. Her smile faded as she locked eyes with him, but there was no shame, no fear, just a growing anticipation. “Stand up for me, little one?”

She complied silently, standing up and watching as he slipped her suit pants down her waist, revealing her bikini briefs, a particularly girly print of little pink hearts on a white background, with paler pink lace trim at the waist and legs. They seemed so silly now as she stood there, pants around her ankles, showing them off to him up close. “Leg up!” Jolted a bit, she grabbed his shoulders to keep her balance and picked each leg up as he whisked the delicate silk pants away, leaving her in nothing but her panties. He folded them up gently and placed them next to the shirt. He smiled up at her. “Did you have fun playing dress-up today, little one?” he asked as he drew the panties down to reveal her clean-shaven táohuāyuán.

“I went to work today…”

“Yes, you played dress-up at the great big factory today. Did you have fun?”

“I… well…” How to even answer that question? Fun at work?

“Your big-girl panties are very pretty. But we’re all done with big-girl stuff today, aren’t we?” She giggled again as she stepped out of the panties, and as she went to step into the bath, he hoisted her up by the waist and effortlessly eased her into the tub. She closed her eyes moaned once again as the hot water and the powerful scent worked their magic on her entire body, which turned to jelly in mere seconds. “Baby loves her bath, doesn’t she?” he whispered as he turned the spigots off.

“Mmmmm-hmmmm!” she replied. A passing thought about how quickly he changed subjects drifted away into the steam, carried off with all her other anxieties as she breathed deeply of the perfumed soap bubbles which surrounded her.

“Look, baby! More bubbles for you!” She opened her eyes, and a cascade of bubbles floated down at her from high above. He was holding a bubble bottle in one hand and the wand in the other, smiling broadly as he blew them high above her. “Would you like to play too?”

“Yes please!” She giggled as she reached toward him, and he handed the toy to her. Such a simple little joy, blowing bubbles. She hadn’t played with such toys in so very long. Now it was a wonderful little surprise, a treat that she delighted in, hurriedly dipping and blowing and poking and popping, laughing out loud when one landed on her nose. She was so engrossed in playing she barely noticed his arm reaching toward her until the loofa made contact with the soft skin of her neck, and she shivered at the touch. He was so gentle, caressing her with the soft sponge, lathering her up with even more lotus-scented soap, reaching down into the water to scrub her chest.

“Get the baby all nice and clean while she plays.” Of course, the way he touched her with that sponge was far too distracting to focus on her bubbles now. She lay there motionless, eyes closed, soaking in the gentle attention he gave her, offering no resistance as he scrubbed her peach patch and then worked down her legs. The woman in her wanted this man so badly, wanted him to just whisk her out of the tub and make passionate love to her. But another feeling, far more overwhelming, washed over her in waves, one that she’d never felt in lovemaking. She couldn’t quite identify it, but she knew she didn’t want it to end. It only increased as he delicately washed her face, gently reminding her to keep her eyes closed, even though her eyelids were so relaxed and heavy right now she doubted she could open them if she wanted to. After a seeming eternity the water began to cool, and she opened her eyes and looked around. He was still sitting there on the edge of the bath, smiling, except he had an incredibly thick, luxurious-looking white towel folded in his lap.

“Was that a bath, or a nap?” he chuckled. “All done?”

She smiled and nodded sleepily and began to stand up. He stood with her, flipping the towel over his shoulder as he grasped her tiny waist once again and hoisted her out onto the bath mat. The towel unfolded, and she boggled at it. It was nearly taller than she was, and as wide as at least four of her! And as he wrapped it around her, it felt every bit as luxurious as it looked, like a big, soft, warm hug from her head to her feet. And then it was exactly that, because he swaddled her tightly, scooped her up again, and cradled her in his arms, carrying her out of the bathroom. She looked up at him, drinking it all in with her eyes.

He chuckled and said, “Can’t let the baby girl catch cold! Need to get her nightie on, quick like a jackrabbit!”

A spontaneous thought popped into her head, and she gave it voice. “I’m not a jackrabbit! I’m a tiger cub! Rawr!” She giggled and squirmed within the blanket, nearly immobilized by it.

“A tiger cub?! Goodness!” He laughed out loud. “And what an adorable little tiger cub you are, too!” He gently poked her nose, and she turned her head, blushing. It felt good to act silly, but it felt even better when he complemented her.

A twinge of anxiety poked through her revelry as he laid her on the bed and opened the towel. As he gently and thoroughly dried her off, her eyes scanned the bed and saw only a large pump bottle of some sort of lotion and a tin of cornstarch powder. “On our tummy, please.” She smiled up at him, blushing in spite of herself, and rolled over. “Uh-uh, please stay on the towel. Don’t want to muss up the covers for tonight.”

She wiggled back over to the middle of the huge towel on her stomach and lay flat, head turned to one side, staring off into the open bathroom door. Her lips parted ever so slightly, and she let loose a sigh, closing her eyes. Suddenly she felt something being gently wiggled between her lips, and she instinctively started to pull away until she got a taste of it. Strawberry bubble gum? She stopped and accepted what she immediately recognized as a nipple – a very large one, clearly sized for an adult.

“Good girl. Now the rules are, that stays there until Daddy takes it out, okay?”

“E’en when I’ 'alking?” she lisped, blushing and giggling again at how silly she sounded.

“Yes, even when you’re talking.”

“Wha’ i’ I ‘ake i’ ou’?”

“If you take it out, you don’t win the game, and you don’t get your special treat before sleepy-time.”

“Oh! Whash 'ee sheshial ‘rea’?!” It was a struggle not to laugh.

“You’ll have to win the game to find out!”

“I’ 'ashtes ‘eally goo’!” She did very much like the flavor. It was rather like sucking on a lollipop, or maybe one of those silly ring pops her Bàba used to buy her once in a while when she was very young. The mouth guard was very big, reaching the inner edge of her cheeks on either side and stopping just short of her nose at the top. She imagined she probably couldn’t even see her mouth behind this thing as she was laughing, and the thought of how silly she must look made her laugh out loud in spite of herself. Her laugh quickly turned to a gasp as his warm hands touched her shoulders, slick with lotion, again with that glorious scent of lotus blossom. Something between a sigh and a squeak escaped her as she exhaled, almost a whimper, but a whimper of contentment, not pain.

“Babygirl likes her new paci?” he asked as his powerful hands massaged her shoulders and neck.

“Uh-huh!” The pitch on her reply was much, much higher than she expected, and she giggled at the surprising sound. She still wasn’t sure about all this diaper-wearing stuff, but she certainly was enjoying herself up to this point. His hands moved down her body steadily, working the lotion into every inch of her arms and hands and back and bottom and legs and feet. Each time she exhaled, there was a sigh or a moan of pleasure at this luxurious treatment. She wished she could steal him away to her apartment just to do this for her every night after work. Then came a cool sensation across the small of her back and her bottom. The cornstarch powder? Oh my, it was time for… that. Her chest tightened ever so slightly as he rolled her over onto something very thick and very noisy, like the shrink wrap they used to seal palettes for shipping at the factory. Heat washed over her face as she blushed deeply, her lip trembling ever so slightly behind the mouth guard, and she suckled involuntarily. She closed her eyes and covered her face as he spread her legs and bent her knees ever so gently, applying some sort of pasty substance all up and down her peach with his finger, then spreading powder all there and across her hips. The powder had a sweet smell that she recognized from somewhere, though she couldn’t place it.

“Such a pretty baby girl you are. My beautiful little princess.” His words were so soothing as he drew the front of the diaper between her legs and cinched up each side, running his finger under the leg elastics. Once it was snug, she realized just exactly how thick it was, far thicker than anything her factory had ever produced. The soft padding hugged every part of her, and as she folded her knees together the shell rustled loudly, making her whimper in embarrassment.

“What’s wrong, baby girl?” he asked, sliding beside her on the bed and scooping her up into his lap, cradling her like a small child. Her hands and eyes both dropped to her underwear, one of them vainly trying to cover it, the other staring at it in shock. He tugged the pacifier out of her mouth. “Tell Daddy what’s wrong.”

“I… I feel… ashamed…” “Why do you feel ashamed?”

“Babies and old people wear these, not me!”

“Little girls just like you all over the world wear these every day and night. And the one you’re wearing is very, very special, do you know why?”


“Because there are only ten of these in the whole wide world. Daddy made them himself just for you to enjoy before anyone else!”

“But I’m not enjoying it!”

“Is it not nice and soft and comfortable?”

“It… it is, but…”

He pulled her hands away. “Doesn’t it look pretty?”

She looked at it. The print was very, very beautiful, a very pale powder-pink background dotted with beautiful flowers interspersed with the Pinyin characters for “love” and “baby girl”. “It’s very pretty.” She had to admit that much. “All your designs are pretty. But…”

“Well if it’s comfortable and it’s pretty, then there isn’t any reason to feel bad about wearing it, is there?”

“But… I… I don’t need to wear it!”

He held her head against his chest. “There are many things in this world that we don’t need, but we take pleasure in them anyway. That food we just ate would have been very bland if we didn’t add spices and herbs to it. Your clothes would be plain and uninteresting if it weren’t for the decorations and colors, and were it not for the lovely silk and the special cut you chose, they wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable either. You even put your hair up in a bun with a chopstick today, and you certainly didn’t need to do that, you did it to look pretty. And you wore makeup today for the same reason, even though you’re a beautiful little girl without it.”

She blushed again, hiding her face in his chest. His words made her tingle all over, like a giddy schoolgirl. Beautiful little girl. Compared to him I’m tiny, no doubt. And what I’m wearing definitely makes me feel… smaller… younger…

“Are we ready to get our nightie on and have a fun evening with Daddy?” She nodded into his chest, not entirely sure of herself. “Let’s use our words, baby girl.”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

“Who am I?”

“Sc…I mean… Da…”

“It’s okay to say it. Are you ready for your nightie, baby?”

“Yes… Daddy.” When the word left her lips, a sensation overtook her like nothing she’d ever felt before. She loved this man, like she’d never loved anyone in her life. Her… Daddy. Not her father, not her boyfriend, but some strange combination of the two that was more than either could ever be. Daddy. She wrapped her arms around him, squeezing as tight as she could, snuggling her whole body against his chest, her rustling underwear a distant afterthought, completely irrelevant to what she felt. “I love you, Daddy.” The word came out effortlessly this time.

“I love you too, babygirl.” His huge arms surrounded her.

Scott smiled as she nuzzled his chest, and he gently tucked the pacifier back between her lips. He came here with the intention of showing Qunlan what being a baby girl was about. He didn’t know there was one inside her just dying to come out. But he was glad she came out for him. This was going to be a wonderful vacation, and a very difficult goodbye. But goodbye was a long way away. No need to worry about that now. Just let Daddy and babygirl enjoy each and every moment from now until then.

Re: The Hong Kong Connection

I’ve been meaning to reply, but I kinda feel like I already said most of what I would say here. (for people thinking I’m daft, there is this neat thing called IRC)
Anyway, this is very sweet… which is almost surprising. :stuck_out_tongue:
But very well done, and the difference in culture is a nice touch.

Re: The Hong Kong Connection

That’s cool. Appreciate you popping in here to comment anyway.

Anyway, this is very sweet… which is almost surprising. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I’m a Daddy, if I didn’t have a sweet side, I’d just be a Dom. :smiley:

But very well done, and the difference in culture is a nice touch.

Thanks. I’ve learned a lot about Chinese culture since the adventures with PetiteAB, and this little snapshot just all came together in my head at once one day.

That was such a cute story. I must say it was a bit sad when he acknowledges that hes going to say goodbye ones he leaves.

Thank you for posting :slight_smile:


This babygirl would like to hear more of their adventures, pweeease? I hope you will continue the story. I’m curious if they go out and tour the city. Is she under some spell? Daddy seems so nice!

I’m glad you both enjoyed the story, but this was intended to be a one-off, so the possibilities of it continuing are probably fairly remote.

Delightful vignette. A gem. Thank you.