The Homecoming (Complete)

Warning: The following is an AB/DL-themed fantasy story. Includes scenes of mind control, messing, humiliation, weight gain, and IQ reduction. A short, simple, self-contained, and straight-forward story by my standards. As always, reader discretion is advised.

The Homecoming

When I graduated high school at age 18, I was accepted into a prestigious Nursing program in Albany, New York. It was a great opportunity, but it did mean that I wouldn’t be able to see my family very often. My mother had a good-paying job in our home town of Bellefont, Pennsylvania, as well as the home that my sister and I had grown up in.

Well, I grew up in it, anyway. My sister was still working on that. She was three years younger than me, but the gap in maturity was a bit larger. Growing up, I had always been the ambitious go-getter. I had been on the cheerleading team in high school, as well as president of the Spanish Club. During my time in college, I went on to conquer both the academic and the social scene. I didn’t always get enough sleep, and I often found myself the one doing most of the work for group presentations, but on the whole I enjoyed the challenge.

My sister, in contrast, was always more of a homebody. She liked video games, fantasy books, and did most of her socializing online. She didn’t seem to have much in the way of academic interests, hobbies, or friends. I felt sorry for her. I had teased her a lot growing up, in the way of sisters, but when she finished high school with mediocre grades, her life seemed to slow down rather than accelerate. She got a few low-level jobs in town, but never held onto them for long. Mom tried to gently encourage her to try other pursuits, but she didn’t seem to have the drive.

Now, I am twenty-three and well on my way to becoming a registered nurse. Classes have ended for the summer, and I’m free as a bird. Specifically, a bird who must write several reports on various medical texts, catch up on some assigned reading, and fill out a few workbooks before the start of the next semester. Still, my baby sister is turning twenty, and there’s no reason I can’t take a few days to drive back to the old homestead and spend some time with my mother and sister. I decided to make it a surprise for them.

It was a long drive, but I had my audible account to keep me company. When I arrived, it was mid-afternoon on my sister’s “big day”. I pulled up near our little two-story suburban home. It was so familiar that I felt I could find my way around blindfolded. My mom’s car was parked out front. Samantha was still saving up to get a vehicle of her own. She used a motor scooter to get to work.

I knocked on the door, feeling awkward considering that it was my own home. After a pause, my mother opened the door.’

She gasped with surprise when she saw me. “Lily! Oh my god! It’s so good to see you!” she pulled me into a big hug. She was such a warm, affectionate person, born to be a mom. You’d never guess by looking that she ran a funeral parlor.

“Hi mom! It’s good to see you too. Where’s the birthday girl?” I asked.

“Oh she’s up in her room, like usual!” My mother rolled her eyes. She was careful not to show it openly, but I could tell she was frustrated with her daughter’s “slow launch”. I tried suppress my own feelings of smugness with being the family’s success story. People mature at different speeds, and there was no knowing what my little sister would one day accomplish.

My mother called up the stairs. “Samantha honey! Lily is here! Come down and say hello.”

For most people, that last bit would go without saying. With Samantha, there was a genuine risk that she would not consider the arrival of a sister that she hadn’t seen in two years to be more important than whatever game or chat room she was obsessing over this week. While we waited, I helped my mother set up the table for Samantha’s party.

I realized that this wouldn’t be her twenty-first birthday, but I was still sad at seeing the decorations. The traditional “Happy Birthday” party banner had been hung above the kitchen table with care. Mom pulled a large chocolate sheet-cake out of the fridge and positioned it in the middle of the table.

“So, who else are we expecting?” I asked, already guessing the woeful reply.

“Oh, it’ll just be a small gathering this year.” said Mom, clearly trying to inject some merriment into the statement. I sighed. She was turning twenty, and she celebrating alone with her mother at home. If I hadn’t shown up, were they really planning to split the big sheet cake between them. Sad.

Still, I followed Mom’s lead. When Samantha came down the stairs, I smiled and greeted her warmly. “Hey sis! How’s being twenty treating you? Glad to see the end of your teen years?”

To my surprise, Samantha seemed thrilled to see me. She ran over and gave me a hug, which was awkward as I hadn’t expected it. We hadn’t really parted on the best of terms, but apparently she had forgotten all that.

“I can’t believe you’re here. This is gonna be awesome!” she gushed. I didn’t remember her being so enthusiastic.

“Yeah!” I said, trying to cover my surprise. “You look great! Did you lose weight?”

I winced when I saw her tense up. Mentioning her weight issue had been a major cause of our falling out, and I immediately wanted to grab the words out of the air and stick them back in my mouth.

She seemed to let it slide. Maybe she was maturing after all?

For the record, she hadn’t lost a ounce since I’d last seen her.

“Well, technically I’m still a teenager for a few more minutes.” she said proudly.

Mom checked her phone. “That’s right. You were born at exactly 5:49 pm. twenty years ago, so you officially become twenty years old in fifteen minutes!”

“Got it down to the minute, eh?” I asked, happy to move on from my gaffe. “In that case, I bet we can time it so that you turn twenty at exactly the time we sing you happy birthday.”

“That sounds great!” said Samantha. She really seemed to be excited, in spite of having a such a crummy birthday party. I reflected that the guest list for this one was probably one person longer than her last one.

We gathered around the table, and chatted while we set up the candles. I told Mom about my latest batch of finals, and some gossip about my friend group. Samantha became quiet as I spoke. I know that she resents me when I talk about that kind of stuff, but I just don’t see a way around it. What am I supposed to do? Not talk about my life with my family, just because it reminds Samantha of how pathetic her life is?

The big moment came. Mom lit twenty candles, we sang Happy Birthday, and Samantha blew out the candles at 5:49p.m., almost on the dot.

“There! Now you’re no longer a teenager!” I announced as mom grabbed a knife and began carving the cake into slices.

“Feels good! I mean, still another year till I can go to a bar, but it still feels good.” she said.

“Got any plans for your next year?” I asked as Mom presented me with a corner piece. It had raspberry filling.

“Well, if everything goes the way I hope, I think it’ll be a really interesting year.” said Samantha.

“Oh? Do tell.”

“Well, do you remember when I was six and Great Grandma Judith asked to see me?”

I did remember that. Samantha had mentioned it a few times. Great Grandma Judith was something of a family legend. She had died at the age of a hundred and eight. Her late husband had fought in the Civil War. Whenever her name came up in conversation, I noticed a haunted look in my Grandparent’s eyes, as though they were worried that if her name is spoken three times, she will appear.

“Yeah, just before she passed. You always said that she told you some big secret right before the end.” I prompted.

“Yep. I kept the secret all this time, just like she said I would. She said I had to keep it until my twentieth year in this world.” said Samantha.

I smiled. “Ooh, you’re giving me chills, little sis. What was it?”

“Judith wasn’t an ordinary person. She had special powers.” said Samantha, leaning forward dramatically. “She could influence people with her voice. She could see the future in her dreams. She could look in a mirror and see what other people were thinking. She told me that when I turned twenty, I would have power like hers. That my magic would awaken.”

I stared at her for a moment. Then I started laughing. Mom joined in, and soon Samantha did as well. It was perfect.

“Damn, that was good! How did you come up with that?” I asked.

“You have such an imagination, honey!” said Mom.

“Oh, admit it! I had you going for a second.” said Samantha, taking another bite of cake. “You ought to know that there’s no such thing as magic!”

The conversation ran on until it finally petered out. It was getting late, so we stuck the remainder of the cake in the fridge and settled down to watch the news. After an hour or so, I started moving my stuff from my car to my old bedroom. It had been set up as a guest bedroom, so very little needed to be done to make it feel like home again. I set up my laptop on the desk with my textbooks nearby so I could get some studying done. I brushed my teeth and called goodnight down the stairs.

I was just about to turn off the lights when my door opened. Samantha strolled in, neat as you please, wearing her light blue pajamas.

“Uh, ever heard of knocking?” I asked, a little annoyed.

“Oh, there’s no need to worry about that.” said Samantha. She was right, it didn’t really matter. “I just wanted to talk with and go over a few things. How long are you planning on staying?”

“Well, I’ll stay most of the day tomorrow, then head back in the evening.” I answered, wondering why she was choosing now to bring it up.

“That’s cool, that’s cool. Listen. I need you to understand that you have to stay in this house.” she said, matter-of-factly.

“Uh, what?” Hadn’t I just said when I was leaving?

“You have to stay in this house. Like entirely. You aren’t going to leave.” she explained.

“Wh…Why?” I asked, suddenly confused.

“You just do. Don’t worry about it. You will stay here in the house, and that’s that.”

I still had a nagging feeling that something was off about this arrangement, but I decided not to worry about. “Oh. Alright then. Good night.”

“Here, I’m gonna tuck you in.” said Samantha, walking past me and pulling open the duvet for me.

I narrowed my eyes. “Tuck me in? That’s kinda weird. Why?”

“You’ll sleep better if someone tucks you in.” she explained.

That did sound nice, and it’s not like it would do any harm. I laid down and blushed as my younger sister wrapped the blankets tightly around me.

“I bet that feels nice!” said Samantha. She had a weird look on her face that I don’t think I’ve seen before. Still, she was right. I was very comfortable now.

“Yeah, it does. Thanks.” I said, my eyes falling shut of the their own accord.

“Nighty-night sis. You feel really comfortable and sleepy, don’t you?”

“Mm-hm.” I muttered. I was half-asleep already.

Her words drifted over me like a cool breeze. “You’re so sleepy, you won’t even remember any of this tomorrow.”

I wasn’t really listening any more, so I just nodded a little.

“Hey, do you remember when I used to wet the bed? That was so funny, wasn’t it?”

I nodded again.

“Well, I have good news for you. That’s going to be you now. You’re going to wet your bed tonight, Lily!”

I nodded, still not listening.

“It’s gonna be so funny! You’re gonna be a bedwetter now. You’ll feel so silly, so ridiculous. So happy. A happy bedwetter. That’s you now. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

I nodded. I didn’t register what she had said, but it sounded really nice.

“Sweet dreams.” she whispered.

I slept like a log that night. It was easily the best night sleep I had had in years. I don’t recall what I had dreamt, but I think it involved a tropical paradise, a water park with bathwater-warm water, and the sound of laughter in the distance.

The next morning, I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping outside my window. Stretching my way out of the tight wrap of blankets, I noticed that something was off . There was a large wet patch on the blankets around my crotch. My panties and pajama bottoms were soaked. I had wet my bed for the first time I could remember.

I started laughing uncontrollably. It was just so funny! Wetting my bed at twenty-three years old. I probably would have peed myself again if my bladder had anything left.

There was a soft knock at the door, and Mom called from the other side. “Lily! Breakfast is nearly ready!”

“Come on in, Mom! You are not gonna believe this!” I just had to share this moment with her. It was too hilarious not to.

Mom opened the door. Her eyes widened in shock. “Lily! What did you do?”

“I peed my bed! Look! Is that not the silliest thing you’ve ever seen?”

“Oh my goodness!” said Mom, covering her mouth to stifle a laugh. “I’ve got to get a picture! You are so adorable in your wet little bed!”

I smiled and gave a thumbs-up as Mom began snapping pictures on her phone. We were gonna remember this for years.

“Okay, honey! Why don’t you go take a shower and get into something dry. Don’t worry about your bed. Mommy will take care of it."

Grinning, I got up and headed for the bathroom. I felt so good I almost skipped there. Even after showering and changing out of my wet pj’s, I couldn’t stop smiling whenever I thought about my soaked sheets.

When I finally arrived in the kitchen for breakfast, Mom was just about to start on the dishes. Samantha was hanging out at the kitchen table. It bothered me that Samantha could watch Mom clean up and show no interest in helping out. Once again, her expression seemed off, as though she were eagerly waiting for something.

“Oh, there’s my little bedwetter.” said Mom cheerfully. “I saved you a plate in the fridge. Just needs a couple minutes in the microwave.”

“Thanks Mom!” I said as I headed toward the fridge. It was odd that Samantha didn’t mention anything about the bedwetting incident. Back when we were younger and she had bedwetting issues, I would make fun of her all the time, especially if Mom wasn’t around. It was mean, but that’s how you are when you’re a kid. I guess Samantha was growing in small ways.

“Hey Lily! Don’t forget the cake.” she said, grinning widely.

“What about it?” I asked. It was still there in the fridge where we had left it.

“There’s way more than we can finish, and I don’t want it going to waste. Don’t you want cake for breakfast?” she asked.

I put my plate of eggs, bacon, and hash-browns in the microwave. “I’m good, thanks. Honestly, I usually just have coffee and a bagel this time of day. Bacon is kinda pushing it for me.”

“No, you’re having cake.” stated Samantha.

I grabbed a fresh plate and served a slice of cake onto it. One little piece wouldn’t do me any harm, and it gave me something to do while my breakfast was heating up. I sat down and eagerly dug into the rich dessert. After cake, the lovely breakfast that Mom had prepared for us seemed a tad redundant.

I was definitely good and full by the time I brought my plates over to the sink to wash.

“Oh, I can get those.” said Mom.

“You already made breakfast. Let me a help a little.” I insisted as I tried to ease past her.

“You’re a guest! You ought to be able to relax.” insisted Mom.

“I am not! This is my home!” I insisted further.

“Sure you aren’t still hungry, sis?” said Samantha, still sitting at the kitchen table as though waiting for something.

“Hah, not likely! If I keep eating like that, you’ll have to roll me out the door sideways!” I said, chuckling.

“Oh, Lily…” said Samantha, mischievously.


“You’re still hungry.” she said.

I opened the fridge. My stomach felt full, but I was still feeling a little peckish. Maybe an orange or some yogurt would round out the meal.

“Grab the cake and bring it over here.” said Samantha.

I retrieved the sheet cake and put it back on the table.

“There you go. Eat up.” said Samantha.

“Oh, really, this is ridiculous. I’m not that hungry!” I chuckled. There was still almost three quarters of the cake left.

“Lily, listen to me. You can’t fight me on this. Sit your butt down in that chair.”

I shrugged and sat down in front of the cake. I didn’t even have a fork.

“Lily, remember all those times you made fun of me for my weight problem?”

“I guess.” It had happened, sure, but not really enough to be, like, a thing.

“Yep. Lily, you’re gonna get fat.”

“I…beg pardon?”

“You heard me. Fat. You’re gonna eat and eat until that cute little figure that you love to lord over me is buried in lard. You’re gonna be soft and fluffy, like a marshmallow. The thing is, you love getting fat. No more dieting, or exercising. Just scarfing down delicious food all the time. You’re gonna be so happy to get fatter and fatter. Understand?”

I nodded. It was strange, but what she was saying really made sense. I was going to get fat. It was just something that was going to happen, like the seasons changing or the sun rising. Mom stood to one side, beaming happily. I smiled back. It felt good to know that I would soon be nice and fat.

“Good. Now, are you ready for cake?”

I was. As full as I felt, I knew I had room for more. Not bothering with table manners, I simply tore the cake apart with my hands and mashed it into my mouth. Somehow, it tasted so much better than it had the night before. So rich, filling, and satisfying. I scarfed down mouthful after mouthful, as my mother and sister watched, grinning and encouraging me. I have no idea how I finished it, just that every time I forced down a delicious mouthful, I found that there was room for another. Soon, Mom and Samantha cheered for me as I finished the last bite. My hands and face were absolutely painted with chocolate icing and raspberry filling.

“Good job, honey!” said Mom happily. “You look so cute!” She immediately got to work recording this moment for posterity. I felt a little embarrassed, especially when Mom came and cleaned me up with a pack of baby wipes. Luckily, Samantha was there to help me through my feelings.

“Relax, Lily. It’s fine. Mommy is supposed to take care of you. It’s perfectly normal, and it makes you feel so safe and so loved.”

I grinned as Mommy wiped my mouth for me. This day just kept getting better!

Samantha pinched my belly as I stood up. I slapped at her hand. “Hey!”

She waved away my objection. “Lily! It’s okay! I’m just checking how fat you are. You still have a long way to go, but I know you’ll get there. Now, what do you want to do today?” she asked.

“Well, I do have a lot of studying to catch up on.” I said.

“Boooring! Seriously Lily. You need to forget all that.” said Samantha.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“All that school stuff. Trying to learn things. Get degrees. It’s just a bunch of needless hassle and stress.”

I nodded. I had been working hard on school for years, and what had it ever gotten me?

“Come here. I’ll help you out.” Samantha grabbed my hand and led me over to the couch. She patted a seat next to her.

“Listen Lily. I know you’ve gotten used to thinking of yourself as this tough, smart, independent person. That’s a big burden to place on yourself. And its all so unnecessary.”

“Bu…but I…” I tried to argue, but Samantha just pressed a couple fingers to my lips.

“Shhh. You don’t have to talk right now. Ever since Great Grandma told me about our family’s magic, I’ve been thinking about how I would run the family when that power came to me.”

I chuckled, although I didn’t say anything. Samantha was so silly. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as magic!

“Today, I’m going to go out and find someone nice and rich to turn into our family piggy bank. Someone who can ensure that Mommy has plenty of time to stay home and do what she does best.”

I nodded. It would be nice if Mommy wasn’t always leaving to go run her business.

“And you have an important role to play in my plans, Lily. You’re going to be turned into everything you ever looked down on me for. You’re going to be a fat, dumb, useless, little loser.”

My eyes widened. This was starting to freak me out…

“Don’t worry about it. You’ll love every little thing about your new life. Every insult, every condescending comment, every embarrassing moment will feel absolutely wonderful. You’re going to be so happy and carefree. You’re going to love being talked down to. You’ll lose all your power and status, and you’ll love it. Does that sound good?”

I nodded enthusiastically. It sounded awesome! I couldn’t wait to get started.

“Wonderful. You’ve made a good start already. You wet your bed didn’t you?”

I smiled and nodded. It was so funny to think about me, at my age, lying in bed and peeing away.

“No, no. I want to hear you say it.” she said.

“I wet the bed!” I announced happily. Mommy stood nearby, beaming approval.

“You sure did! And that wasn’t just some one time thing. You’re not gonna be able to stay dry at night ever again. Mommy is gonna have to put a big plastic sheet on your bed, so you don’t ruin your mattress. Isn’t that hilarious?”

I pictured my Mommy having to put a big plastic sheet on my bed, all because her twenty-three year-old daughter couldn’t stay dry through the night. I had to admit, the image was priceless. I giggled.

“Yes, it’s really funny. But there are other things that would be even funnier. For instance, suppose you just plain old forgot how to use the potty. Or, what if the potty was so scary to you that you never wanted to go near it, ever again! What do you think would happen then?”

I started laughing. It was just too funny! I imagined myself cowering in fear from the porcelain throne, so terrified that I piss in my pants like a toddler.

“I guess…pftttt…I guess I’d have to wear diapers again, like a little baby!” I choked out, struggling to speak clearly.

“Very good, Lily! That’s just what’s going to happen. That potty is way, way too scary for you! If you go near it, it might just suck you in, and you’ll never be heard from again! But don’t worry. Mommy’s got you covered, doesn’t she?”

I glanced at Mommy who eagerly nodded her head in agreement.

Samantha smiled. “That’s right. We know you can’t help it. You’re not tough and independent anymore. You’re soft, helpless, and adorable. You need help with everything. You can’t clean yourself, or change your clothes, or look after your own needs. All that is in the past now. You need Mommy to take of you, all day, every day. You’ll love having Mommy take care of you, and she’ll love it too. Won’t you Mommy?”

“Yes, dear! I can’t wait!” said Mommy happily.

“Go on, Lily.” said Samantha gently. “Tell Mommy what you are and what you need from her.”

I looked into Mommy’s eyes and saw nothing except unconditional love and acceptance. As happy as I was, I was afraid too. Samantha and Mommy were both so big and powerful, and was just so helpless. I decided that I needed to confess my feeling and let them take care of the rest.

“Mommy, I’m…I’m not a big girl.”

Mommy’s smile widened, and she knelt down beside me and rested her hand on my knee. “Mommy knows, sweetheart. Samantha explained everything to me, and I’ve never been happier.”

Samantha rested a hand on my shoulder. “Keep it up, Lily. You’re doing great.”

“I need you take care of me again, Mommy.” I said. I felt my cheeks flush, but Mommy’s smile didn’t waver.

“Of course you do! What kinds of things do you need Mommy’s help with, sweety?”

I though for a little while. It was harder than usual. I wasn’t sure why, but then I remembered Samantha mentioning how dumb I am. I turned to Samantha for help.

“Are you going to take showers now, Lily?” she asked.

Oh, yeah! I felt silly for forgetting. I needed Mommy to keep me clean now. “No! I need Mommy to give me baths, and scrub me all over.” I announced happily.

“Very good, sweetheart.” said Mommy proudly. “What about your clothes? Are going to pick out what you want, and then put it on yourself?”

I glanced back at Samantha, who shook her head. “No, Mommy! I need you to get me dressed. You should pick out what I wear. I’m way too dumb to it myself!” It felt so wonderful to say that out loud.

Mommy nodded. “I’d love to, sweetheart! And what about the potty? Are you going to sit down and do your business like a big girl?”

I pictured myself sitting on the potty, and felt my heart rate jump with sudden panic. “No Mommy! No potty! Never!”

Mommy adopted a quizzical expression. “But honey, if you don’t go on the potty like a big girl, where are you going to go?”

My cheeks burned, but Samantha started rubbing my back to encourage me. “Go on. You know what you need.”

“I need the diapers again, Mommy.”

Mom’s concerned expression held firm. “What? Diapers at your age? Here you’re perfectly able-bodied, and you’re just going to pee-pee and poo-poo in your pants like a baby?”

I laughed. The image of me toddling around the house in my big baby pants was so hilarious. “Yep!”

“Say the whole thing, now Lily.” said Samantha, still rubbing my back.

“I need the diapers again, Mommy. I’m gonna pee-pee and poo-poo in my pants like a baby, and then I’ll need my Mommy to wipe me up and put a fresh diaper on me!” I announced. Mommy clapped for me as I finished.

“Absolutely, honey! I can’t wait for you to make a big mess for Mommy to clean up!”

“Good job, sis! You’re going back into diapers, and you’re gonna absolutely love it. No more big girl responsibilities. Just eating, taking naps, playing, watching TV, and getting your butt wiped by your Mommy. Doesn’t that sound great?”

I laughed, feeling so happy and silly. “Uh-uh! Thanks for explaining things to me Samantha! You’re the best.”

Samantha cupped a hand to her ear. “What was that? Who’s the best?”

“You are!” I said joyfully.

“And who is smarter, Lily? You or me?” asked Samantha.

“Oh, definitely you! I’m so dumb!” I laughed.

“Very good! Now, how about you stand up and show me and Mom why you’re just a dumb pants-pooper who deserves to be in diapers. And while you do it, tell us how much better I am than you.”

Samantha has such good ideas! I stood up and squatted down in front of Mommy and sister. “Samantha is so much smarter and cooler than me! She can do her business in the potty like a big girl, and I just…ooh…helplessly fill my pants! I’m a big, dumb, stinky loser, Mommy! Thank goodness you have one daughter who has her shit together!

Mommy and Samantha clapped and cheered as I forced the mushy, smelly mess into the back of my big-girl pants. Mommy retrieved a diaper bag from the closet that Samantha had prepared earlier for just this moment. My ruined jeans and panties went straight into a garbage bag, along with my school books and almost every item of clothing I owned. Samantha left soon after, saying she needed to find us a good source of income for the house. While she was gone, Mommy took my phone and helped me call my school. I told that them that I was too dumb to ever go to school again, and that they should just forget about me and give my dorm to someone else. I spent the rest of the day watching cartoons, playing with my old baby toys, and admiring my own diapered butt in the mirror. I looked so happy and so ridiculous in my new potty-pants!

One Year later…

“Lily! Time to wake up, dear!” I groggily sat up in my crib, surrounded by my fleece blankets and stuffed animals. I was wearing my old pj’s. Mommy had once suggested that we buy new pajamas for me, since these were from before I got fat. Luckily, Samantha was there to explain that having pajamas that are too small for me would be way cuter and more ridiculous-looking, so that was that. My soft belly spilled and from under my tight shirt, and hung over the front of my diaper. My pajama pants came nowhere close to concealing the fact that I was in diapers. The leak guards shot a solid two inches above my actual waistline. Even after all this time, the sight of my big baby pampers made me giggle. I looked so silly.

Mommy helped me out of my crib. My morning routine was down to a science, thanks to Samantha. First, Mommy walked me over the scale for my morning weighing. Then, she fished out the measuring tape to check my waist-line. Then, onto the changing table for a clean diaper, with plenty of baby oil and powder for my ever-widening butt. Even after a year, I was ecstatic about every step in my routine. Everywhere I looked, there were reminders of what a pathetic failure I was. Up on the wall, framed in glass, was my certificate of achievement for completely failing potty-training.

“Woo! These diapers are getting pretty tight on your bum-bum, sweetheart. Almost time to go up a size! Alright, let’s get you dressed for the big day!”

That’s right. Today was Samantha’s twenty-first birthday. As she had explained, I had a really important role to play in her party. All her friends were coming over, and I needed to be on my best behavior.

Mommy stripped off my pajama shirt, and retrieved my party outfit from the closet. It was very simple, consisting of a white t-shirt with the word “Loser” across the front in rainbow lettering. I laughed when I saw it. Samantha always had the most awesome ideas.

“Come on, honey. You’re going to have a whole birthday cake all to yourself, to eat while the guests laugh at you! Now remember, Mommy isn’t allowed to change your dipey butt once the party starts, so be sure to ask all the guests who wants to clean you up! Oh, and be sure you remind everyone how useless and pathetic you are, especially compared to your sister.” said Mommy cheerfully. I had already heard all this from Samantha, but hearing it again made me giggle. I’m so glad that Samantha put me in my place!

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Love it. Great story

Thanks very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Ooh, and welcome to the forum!

As far as content goes, this is far from my cup of tea. Especially, the feeder/weight gain elements. It would, however, for me, on this site, to knock someone else for their kinks. I feel it’s worth mentioning as it may contribute to why I might not give rave reviews.

The mind control elements and IQ reduction actually work very well. Not something I thought would be as successful as it is–there’s a squick-factor to those sorts of things, and they’re usually done poorly or too on the nose. But written from the perspective it is, as you’ve written it, I certainly get the effect that she really does now enjoy the things she does. (At least, let’s hope she enjoys it)

On a technical level, it’s certainly as advertised. Short, to the point. Competently put together without tons of fluff. About all I could hold against it on that front is that it doesn’t take risks or do anything groundbreaking. It’s fairly clear early on where it’s going, and then it goes there without any other hiccups.

If that’s what someone’s looking for, then you’ve certainly delivered.
Good job.