The Happiest Place on Earth(part 3 posted 7/19/22

I’d posted the first chapter to a story about a month ago, but a broken laptop and my inability to back up files more or less nixed that. Luckily I’ve learned my lesson and have since been using google docs.

I’ve been working on a new story since then though, and I like what I have so far. It’s very loosely inspired by a VERY OLD story that I’ve always liked on here called Auntie Mirah, so I just took the basic premise of that and made the rest my own. I’ve always wanted to write a story that used Disneyland as it’s main setting. I actually used to work there when I was younger, and I have tons of fun things planned for my characters that are quite specific to Disneyland. :slight_smile:

Now, my usual disclaimers. This story involves minors being put back into diapers as I like writing from that perspective. There is nothing sexual in this story whatsoever. The story will probably involve references to messing(in later chapters), but it won’t be anything too gross or graphic, it just kinda makes sense with some of the characters.

Now, without further ado…

The Happiest Place on Earth

Part one
When I was a kid my family didn’t have much money, and we never went on vacation or did anything fun like that. We lived in California, which was a state my parents couldn’t really afford to live in, even back then, and they both worked a lot in order to keep a roof over our heads. I’m sure working so many hours was very difficult for my parents, and I’m very grateful to them these days, but I definitely used to guilt trip them when I was younger.

My parents and my Auntie did arrange for me to go to Disneyland as part of my eighth birthday present though. That was incredible! In fact it was actually a trip that changed my life, and I still think about it often. This story is my best effort to recount the events of that trip in writing, because it had a profound effect on me, and I’ve been interested in wearing diapers ever since.

I did have quite a few accidents when I was a kid. They weren’t too frequent, but I’d wake up with a wet bed a few times a month, and I’d even accidentally wet my pants every once in a while. I don’t know why my parents didn’t buy me diapers back then, because I hated waking up wet, and I especially hated having accidents, but I just don’t think it ever occurred to me to ask for them. Besides, I think I would have been too embarrassed to ask my parents for diapers back then. I hadn’t worn a diaper since I was about four years old after all, and I was actually quite proud of my “big girl status” when I was a girl, which seems ridiculous in hindsight.

Anyway, it was the day before my eighth birthday, and I was spending the night at my Aunt’s house and going to Disneyland with her and my cousin the next day. Auntie Katherine lived in Anaheim, where Disneyland is located, and she worked at the theme park. She’d been working there for about a year when my birthday came around, and she’d gotten to the point where she was able to “sign in” friends and family members for free a few times a year. She’d initially offered to take Mom and I to Disneyland for my birthday, but of course Mom couldn’t get the time off, which was sad. She still said I should go though, and she offered to drive me to and pick me up from Auntie Katherine’s house.

My parents and I lived in Chula Vista at the time, which is about twenty minutes or so from the border of California and Mexico, and about ninety minutes from Disneyland, without traffic. Unfortunately there was a lot of traffic that day, as is often the case when you’re driving towards Los Angeles. The drive took nearly three hours. The traffic was bumper to bumper the entire way, and the congested lanes made it nearly impossible to exit the freeway. We’d been driving for about two and a half hours when I suddenly felt the urge to pee, and I ended up wetting my pants when Mommy couldn’t exit in time. We were only about twenty minutes from my Aunt’s house when I had my accident, and there wasn’t a good place for us to exit until we got there, so I ended up sitting in my wet shorts until we finally arrived.

“Awww! You poor thing! Would you like to take a shower and get yourself cleaned up?” asked Aunt Katherine when she heard what happened.

“Yes please,” I said, blushing slightly.

“That’s what I figured. There’s no reason to be embarrassed. Accidents happen. The bathroom is down that hallway, second door to the right,” explained Aunt Katherine.

“Get an outfit from your overnight bag to change into after your shower. I packed you plenty of clothes,” instructed my mother, who was now holding and playing with Alicia, my four year old cousin.

“It’s okay. I have accidents too,” said Alicia in a reassuring voice, which made me blush even more.

“Speaking of accidents, how’s that Pull-up young lady?” asked Auntie Katherine in a playfully accusatory voice as she glanced at Alicia.

“Ummm…fine,” muttered Alicia in an unconvincing voice.

“I don’t think so, little girl! Your bottoms been squishy from the moment I picked you up. I DEFINITELY think a certain someone needs to be changed,” said Mommy in a silly voice as she tickled Alicia underneath her arm pits.

“Nooo!” protested Alicia, who was trying her best to keep from giggling

“What if… I change you?” asked Mommy in a bargaining voice.

“Ummm… ok. You tange me!” exclaimed Alicia with a nod.

“You really don’t have to do that,” said Auntie Katherine.

“That’s ok, she’s just wet. It would be different if she were messy, but I’m kinda curious to see how I do with changing a diaper after all these years,” said Mommy with a smile.

“It’s not a diaper. It’s a Pull-up! I’m a big girl today,” whined Alicia with a small frown.

“I’m sorry. You’re absolutely right. My mistake. Why don’t we all go to your room while Sara takes her shower. Then I can talk to your Mommy about tomorrow while we change your Pull-up,” suggested Mommy.

“What’s tomorrow?” asked Alicia.

“Silly girl, I already told you. We’re going to Disneyland for Sara’s birthday!” explained Aunt Katherine.

“Oh yeahhh. Yay! Disneyland!” chirped Alicia with a smile.

“Yep. You’re both going to have lots of fun! Now, no more chatter til we get you changed,” insisted Mommy with a smile as she took Alicia’s hand and ushered her towards her bedroom.

As I showered I wondered what it was like to wear diapers and training pants like Alicia. I wondered what wearing a wet diaper felt like. Was it comfortable? Alicia hadn’t seemed to mind being wet, and that kind of intrigued me. I absolutely hated being in wet clothes after an accident, but Alicia hadn’t even wanted to change out of her wet Pull-up. I tried to think about our upcoming day at Disneyland as I showered, but my thoughts kept drifting back to diapers.

I changed into a Tangled T-shirt and a pair of shorts after I finished my shower, and I headed back to the living room.

“Your mother left a few minutes ago, but she’ll be back tomorrow night. She’s got quite a long drive ahead of her,” said my Aunt with a smile.

“I ordered pizza while you were in the shower, and I’m expecting it in about twenty minutes or so. After that we’ll eat dinner, watch a movie, and then we can start heading to bed. I want you two to get to bed early tonight so we can get to Disneyland for park opening,” explained Aunt Katherine.

“Ok. That sounds good!” I said with a smile.

“Great! Now, I was going to save your present for tomorrow, but I’d like you to wear it when we go to the park, so I figure it’s smart to make sure it fits tonight,” said Auntie Katherine in an excited voice as she revealed a large, sparkly gift bag from behind her back.

I smiled a huge smile as I accepted the gift bag, and I hastily removed the wrapping paper. I gasped a few seconds later when I finally realized what was inside the bag.

“Wow! This is beautiful? Is it really for me?” I asked in a shocked voice as I pulled Elsa’s dress from Frozen out of the bag.

“Of course it is silly. Your Mom told me how much you like Frozen, so I got you an Elsa dress. Just one of the many perks of being a Disney employee!” exclaimed Aunt Katherine with a chuckle. “But I want to make sure it fits before you get too excited.”

“Ok!” I said with an enthusiastic smile.

“Good girl. You can get changed in Alicia’s room. That’s probably where I’ll have you sleep tonight anyway. It’s immediately across the hall from the bathroom where you took your shower”

I ran into Alicia’s room with my Elsa dress in my arms, and I smiled as I noticed a Frozen poster hanging on the wall of her bedroom. Alicia’s room was very cute and full of all sorts of toys and stuffed animals, as you’d expect to find in a four year olds room. There was a child sized bed and a light pink dresser to the right of Alicia’s door, and there was what looked like a yoga mat on the floor near the dresser, which I later learned was for diaper changes.

I changed into my outfit as quickly as I could, and I smiled at myself when I looked in the mirror. The dress fit perfectly, and I looked JUST LIKE Elsa. I giggled excitedly as I beamed at myself, and I ran down the hall as fast I could, excited to show off my new outfit to my Aunt and cousin.

“Wow! You look great, just like Elsa!” exclaimed Aunt Katherine with a huge smile as I entered the living room. “Is it comfortable?”

“Uh huh. It fits great! Thank you so much!”

“Of course! I’m just happy you’re happy. Besides, Alicia has an Anna dress she likes to wear to Disneyland, so you two can both wear your outfits, and you’ll be sisters tomorrow,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile.

“Yay!! Sisters!” chirped Alicia in an excited voice. She toddled over to give me a hug, which I happily returned.

“Yep. I’m sure we’ll see lots of little princes and princesses tomorrow. Grown ups aren’t allowed to dress up, for security reasons, but kids dress up to go to Disneyland all the time, and the princess dresses have always been especially popular. Ok, you can put your regular clothes back on for now. I just wanted to make sure it fit before we went to Disneyland.

I nodded and smiled and happily skipped back to Alicia’s room to change.

The rest of the night was fun, but fairly uneventful. We ate pizza, drank soda, and watched Frozen before Auntie declared it was bedtime. It was just before ten o’clock, and I wasn’t even tired yet, but Aunt Katherine told us that we’d be waking up at about 5:30 the next morning. She told me I’d be sleeping in Alicia’s bed while her and Alicia slept in her bedroom, but she told me she needed to get Alicia ready for bed first. I smiled and nodded, and we all headed down the hallway towards the bedroom.

I decided I needed to go potty before I put on my pajamas, so I did that before I went to Alicia’s room. When I got there Alicia was lying on the floor on her diaper changing mat, and Aunt Katherine was taping and positioning a fresh Pampers diaper around her waist. Alicia’s old Pull-up was rolled up next to her, and I could tell it was soaking wet just by looking at it.

“We’re not very far into her potty training, as you can probably tell,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile as she stood Alicia up and adjusted her diaper. “She does a pretty good job so long as someone reminds her to go, but she’s not very good at going on her own yet. In fact she actually only wears Pull-ups when we’re at home during the day. She wears diapers at night, and usually when we go out, especially if we’re going someplace like Disneyland. She’s got about a minute after she realizes she needs to go before she starts going, and that doesn’t mix well with the long lines,” explained Auntie Katherine as she playfully patted Alicia’s padded bottom.

“Aww. It’s okay kiddo. I wore diapers until I was about your age, so I know how it is,” I said in a comforting voice as I walked over to Alicia and ruffled her curly black hair.

“It’s ok. I don’t mind. I like wearing diapys sometimes. They easier than using the potty!” chirped Alicia with a slightly mischievous smile.

“I’ll bet they are,” I thought to myself as I smiled and nodded at Alicia.

I took off my clothes and changed into my Minion pajamas while Aunt Katherine helped Alicia into her footed Minnie Mouse onesie, which was absolutely adorable. Her pajamas were so cute and so babyish, and I couldn’t help but smile at Alicia. She was such a cute little girl.

Aww, I love your pajamas! You look absolutely ADORABLE in your footies.

“Hehe. Fanks.” said Alicia, who looked quite proud of herself.

“I’m going to take her to bed to get her settled, but I’ll be back with a melatonin for you. It’s kinda like a sleeping pill, but it’s all natural, and it’s totally safe for you to take at your age,” explained Aunt Katherine. “I know you aren’t super tired yet, but you’ll have a much better day tomorrow if you get a good night’s sleep tonight” explained Aunt Katherine, and I agreed.

“Ok. I’ll take it,” I said.

“Good girl. You’re making the right choice. Trust me.”

“Don’t forget my paci, Mommy,” cut in Alicia.

“As if you’d ever let me forget,” chuckled Auntie Katherine. She walked over to Alicia’s bed and produced a sparkly pink pacifier from underneath her pillow.

“She still likes a pacifier at bedtime,” explained Aunt Katherine as she handed Alicia her pacifier, “I’ve tried to discourage her from using it, but sometimes it’s just easier to give in, especially when it comes to bedtime.

“It’s okay. It’s kinda cute,” I said with a smile as I watched Alicia, who’d started sucking on her pacifier as soon as it was offered to her.

“I think so too, but it’s still not a great habit. Pacifiers are bad for teeth, which is why a lot of parents take them away during the toddler phase. Alicia’s just lucky I’m a pushover” said my Aunt with a slightly sheepish smile.

“Okay Ali, say goodnight to your cousin. You’re sleeping in Mommy’s bed tonight, and it’s time for us to go night night.”

“Night night Sawa,” lisped Alicia, which made me giggle.

“Night night Ali. I’ll see you in the morning,” I said with a smile as I gave her a final hug before Auntie took her to the bedroom.

“All right. Here’s the melatonin… don’t worry, it’s tasteless,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile when she returned to Alicia’s room. “Take it with some water after you brush your teeth, and you should start feeling sleepy in about thirty minutes,” instructed Aunt Katherine.

“Yes Aunt Katherine. I’ll take it now so I can fall asleep soon.”

“That’s a good girl! I actually just took a melatonin myself, so I’m going to head to bed, but I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Ok. Thanks so much for everything. I love you so much!”

“Aww! Right back at you, kiddo! I’m so happy I’m able to do this for you. I always wanted to be a cool, fun Aunt. Hopefully working at Disneyland makes me one of those.”

“You’ve always been a cool Aunt, and working at Disneyland makes you even cooler!” I exclaimed.

“Thanks kiddo… that means a lot,” said Aunt Katherine with a big smile. She kissed me on the cheek and bid me one final goodnight before she went to bed.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my melatonin, and I started feeling tired within just a few minutes. I laid down in Alicia’s bed and scrolled through my phone for a few minutes. My eyes got heavier and heavier as I scrolled, and the light from my IPhone was starting to irritate them slightly. I finally decided to try falling asleep after a few more minutes of scrolling, and I’m pretty sure I passed out in just a minute or two.

“Sara… Sara… it’s time to wake up,” said Aunt Katherine, who sounded slightly concerned about something.

“What… what time is it?” I asked as my eyes fluttered open. “Am… am I wet?” I asked as I noticed a familiar feeling around my waist.

“Yes dear… it looks that way,”

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry. This… happens sometimes,” I muttered, my face a bright shade of red.

“It’s ok. I’m not mad. Anything can be washed. I’m just a little concerned since you had an accident in the car yesterday, and you wet the bed last night…”

“Yeah, but there was lots of traffic yesterday, and I think the sleeping pill made it hard for me to wake up…” I explained in an embarrassed voice.

“You’re probably right. Look, I’m not trying to embarrass you. A wet bed isn’t a big deal. Neither are wet pants. But you’ve had two accidents in the last twenty four hours, and I think you should wear some kind of… protection today.

“What do you mean by protection?” I asked.

“I… think you should wear a diaper today,” said Aunt Katherine with a slight sigh

“Nooo! I’m eight years old today. I don’t want to wear a diaper. Diapers are for babies,” I whined.

“I work at Disneyland, so you can trust me when I say that I see kids your age in diapers all the time. It’s not nearly as uncommon as you’d think since the lines are so long, just no one makes a fuss about it. Think about it like this, no ones going to know if you wet your diaper, but everyone will know if you wet your pants. Then we’ll have to go back to the car to change your clothes, and that’ll just take time away from our day,” explained Aunt Katherine.

“You… you really see kids my age who wear diapers? Not just babies?” I asked, calming down slightly.

“Of course! All the time! Besides, I’ll buy you Starbuck and all the drinks you want if you wear protection.”

“Ok. Can… can I at least wear a Pull-up?” I asked.

“Normally I’d say yes, but I think you should wear Pampers today if you want to wear your Elsa dress. Pampers are much more absorbent than Pull-ups, and we’ll be drinking lots of drinks since it’ll be hot, so you’ll probably wet pretty heavily, and I don’t want you to leak and damage your dress. Alicia’s a heavy wetter, and her Pull-ups have leaked a few times in the past, so I’m speaking from experience. She wears size 6 diapers, but I accidentally grabbed her a pack of size 7s once when I was distracted. They’re too big for Alicia, but I think they’ll fit you perfectly. Size 7 is actually the largest size of Pampers they sell at the store,” explained Aunt Katherine.

“You really think they’ll fit me? I’m not a baby.”

“Of course they will. Babies don’t wear size 7 diapers. They’re made for bed wetters and older kids. A lot of the kids are probably like you in the sense that they don’t wear diapers at home, but they wear them when they’re out since diapers are convenient. Trust me, parents put their kids back in diapers all the time for Disney trips. The hour plus lines are hard for everyone, and a wet diaper is much easier to deal with than a wet pair of pants, or a wet dress in your case.”

“Okay… but, hmm…,” I said, still thinking about it. I honestly didn’t hate the idea from a practical standpoint, but it was still embarrassing.

“Come on kiddo,” coaxed Aunt Katherine in a comforting voice. “Disneyland has so many different types of food and drinks, and there are characters to meet and rides for us to ride. There is SO MUCH for us to do, and we only have one day. I don’t want you to worry about having accidents. I’ll be more than happy to change you when you need it, and I’ll even help you take your diaper off if we’re near a bathroom and you want to go potty.”

“You promise no one will laugh at me?” I asked in a slightly skeptical voice.

“Pinkie swear, and I’ll get you a big drink from Starbucks when we drive thru for breakfast. Anything you want.”

“… ok…” I said with a slight sigh.

“That’s a good girl. I’m proud of you! Okay, go shower, then call me when you’re done so I can help you get ready. I’ll get Alicia dressed while you’re doing all that, and she should be ready to go by the time you’re done.”

“Ok,” I said, still in a slightly embarrassed voice.

“You’re going to have the best birthday ever, you’ll see,” said Aunt Katherine with an encouraging smile as she ruffled my hair.

I waited for Aunt Katherine to leave the room before I took off my cold, wet pajama bottoms. As I showered I thought about what it would feel like to wet my diaper in front of strangers. I also wondered what getting my diaper changed in a public restroom in front of strangers was going to be like. Both scenarios were embarrassing to think about, but also somewhat… exciting. I think I got a thrill from the fact that I’d be wearing diapers in front of strangers I’d never see again. That was much better than wearing them in front of my friends, or someone I knew.

“All done!” I shouted down the hallway when I finished showering.

“Ok. Leave your clothes off and meet me in Alicia’s room. Everything we need should be in there,” shouted Auntie from the living room.

“Now, I know you’re not used to this part, but please lay on the changing mat so I can powder you and adjust your diaper,” instructed Aunt Katherine.

“It’s going to be warm today, and it’s easy to get diaper rash on hot days, so I need to make sure you’re powdered and properly diapered,” explained Aunt Katherine.

I blushed, but I did what I was told and laid down on the changing mat. Then Aunt Katherine gently lifted my legs into the air, and she began wiping my bottom.

“Yow!” I shouted with a grimace as I felt the cold wipe against my butt.

“Sorry baby. Just a quick wipe down,” explained Auntie Katherine with a sympathetic look.”

“Mmmm,” I grumbled.

“I know sweetie, Ali doesn’t like the wipes either. I know they’re cold. but it’s part of the process,”

After Auntie was finished wiping me she took some baby powder and rubbed it all over my diaper area. I’ve loved the smell of baby powder for as long as I can remember, and I think the familiar scent calmed me down during my change. After I was powdered Auntie positioned a fresh diaper between my legs and around my waist before she finally taped the tapes. I was surprised by how soft and secure it felt around my waist. I’d even go so far as to say that it was comfortable.

Aunt Katherine stood me up after I was diapered, and she had me step into a pair of blue leggings, which she pulled up and over my diaper. On one hand I liked the leggings since they were cute and matched my outfit, but on the other hand they were tight and displayed my diaper a bit more than I would have liked.

“Everyone’s gonna know I’m wearing diapers,” I said with a little pout.

“No they won’t. You’re just self conscious because you just put it on. Besides, it won’t be so noticeable when we put on your dress,” promised Aunt Katherine.

Then she had me lift my arms, and she pulled my Elsa dress over my head and adjusted it around my waist.

“See. I can barely tell you’re wearing a diaper at all,” said Aunt Katherine with a reassuring smile.

“Really?” I asked.

“I promise. There’s absolutely nothing to be anxious or embarrassed about. Now, Alicia, or maybe should I say Anna today, is in the living room all changed and ready to go, and I already put your stuff in her diaper bag, so are you ready to go in a minute? I’d usually make breakfast, but Alicia wants Starbucks and Mickey Mouse pancakes, and I told her that sounded fine if that sounds good to you. It is your birthday after all.”

“That sounds really yummy!” I exclaimed excitedly.

“I thought you’d like that. I always liked sugary food for breakfast when I was your age. All right! Let’s go then. Go meet Alicia in the living room, and I’ll be right there with the car keys,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile.

“Okay!” I chirped in a happy voice as I started walking down the hall.

When I got to the living room Alicia was sitting on the couch in her Anna dress with her pacifier in her mouth and a cuddly teddy bear in her lap.

“Good morning kiddo!” I said with a smile as I walked over to Alicia to give her a hug. My dress rose up slightly as I bent down to hug Alicia and she got a glimpse of my diaper.

“Yay! You’re wearing diapers too! We really are sisters!” chirped Alicia.

“Yeah, I guess, but I’m just wearing them for today!” I explained in a sheepish voice.

“We see,” said Alicia with a mischievous grin. “diapys are comfy, and it’s nice not having to worry about the potty. I bet you’ll like them. I’d wear them forever if Mommy let me.

“You really like them that much?” I asked.

“Yep!” exclaimed Alicia with an enthusiastic nod.

“I guess they don’t feel too bad to wear,” I admitted, “Although I haven’t actually… used one yet.”

“That’s the best part,” giggled Alicia. “At least it is when you don’t have to stop playing! Sometimes they feel icky if you stay in the same diaper for too long, but I usually get changed before that happens.

“I guess I’ll see,” I said with a slight smile.

“Speaking of diapers, I’ve got the bag, and I’ve got car keys. Who’s ready to go to Disneyland?” asked Aunt Katherine as she entered the living room.

“I am! I am!” shouted Alicia and I, nearly in unison.

“Okay then, the last one to the car is a rotten egg!,” exclaimed Aunt Katherine in an amused voice as Alicia and I got up and raced each other to the driveway.

A few minutes later the three of us were finally in the car driving towards Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. I began to notice a familiar sensation in my bladder as my excitement rose, and I realized that I’d be wetting my diaper sooner than later.


please update

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That is a fantastic start of a wonderful story, can’t wait to read the next chapters…

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Wow a great start to a wonderful story. I really liked how loving and caring Sara’s Aunt Katherine was about her wetting the bed and her need for protection for the trip to Disneyland. How convenient for Aunt Katherine to have bought the size 7’s by accident too, although I can see how that might be the truth too as they are stocked next to each other on the shelf and shopping with a 3 - 4-year-old can be a real hassle sometimes. lol (but I do miss those years too)
thanks again for a great story
Have a good day and a BETTER tomorrow too

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Thank you for your comments and positive feedback everyone, it’s much easier to write when I know there are people reading. I’ve got A LOT going on in my personal life(moving to a different state and looking for work in new state) but I’d like to update this weekly(more or less) if I can. I’ve still got plenty of fun ideas for my characters as they experience Disneyland.

Now, part 2:
Breakfast and the Monorail

“Do you know what you like from Starbucks? Does your Mom let you drink coffee?” asked Aunt Katherine as we pulled into the drive thru lane of a nearby Starbucks. “Not coffee, but she usually gets me a chocolate chip Frappuccino, since there isn’t any caffeine. I don’t really like the taste of Mommy’s coffee anyway,” I said with a slight grimace.

“That’s okay, a chocolate chip Frappuccino it is… and… a cup of chocolate milk for Alicia?”

“Yes please!” chirped Alicia from her car seat.

“All right. That’s easy enough. I was going to let Sara have some coffee today since it’ll be a long day, but I’m sure the sugar from that drink will do the trick,” said Auntie with a smile.

“Can we get cake pops, too?” asked Alicia in her sweetest voice.

“Sorry princess, that voice is hard to resist, but we don’t have cake pops for breakfast. Besides, Mommy has a fun idea for a place we can go, which is why we got up so early. The park doesn’t open til nine, but the restaurant opens at seven, and it’s already six thirty, so we’ll be eating in no time,” promised Auntie as she pulled up to the window.

“What restaurant?” I wondered as Auntie ordered our drinks.

Sara and I enthusiastically sucked down our drinks as Aunt Katherine drove the rest of the way. We’d both already finished them five minutes later when Auntie pulled into a parking lot in front of a large building.

“This… is Disneyland?” I asked in a slightly confused voice. It wasn’t at all like I pictured. There wasn’t even a castle.

“Not exactly. This is the Disneyland hotel,” explained Aunt Katherine. “The park itself is still a short way away from here, which is why we can’t see it, but we’re eating breakfast at the hotel first. Then we can take the monorail to Disneyland. The station is just on the other side of the hotel, and they can scan my employee ID there, so we can get in that way. A lot of people don’t know you can get into the park that way, but it’s actually faster a lot of the time.

“What’s a monorail? Kinda like a train?” I asked. “Exactly,” said Aunt Katherine.

“That’s pretty cool!” I exclaimed in an excited voice. I’d always liked trains.

“I thought you’d like that, and you’ll love this restaurant!” insisted Aunt Katherine as she got out of the car.

“Have I been here Mommy?” asked Alicia. “Nope. This’ll be new for all of us. It’s actually pretty hard to get a table where we’re going, but a friend of mine was able to pull some strings since it’s Sara’s birthday AND her first trip to Disneyland,” explained Auntie in an enthusiastic voice as she helped Alicia out of her car seat.

Aunt Katherine led the way, and Alicia and I followed closely behind as we entered the lobby of the hotel. Walking with the added bulk between my legs was slightly awkward, and I’m sure I was walking a little funny since I wasn’t used to it yet. I tried to make a conscious effort to walk as “normally” as I could as we entered the hotel, but that effort was abandoned almost immediately as I became distracted by the sights and sounds of the lobby. Every single object and piece of furniture in the gigantic lobby, from the couches to the lamps on the tables, was Disney themed. There was a GIANT rug in the shape of Mickey near the entrance by the front desk, and there were retro posters all over the wall. There were also pieces of classic Disneyland memorabilia scattered throughout the hotel, such as a tea cup from the Alice in Wonderland Ride, that people were taking pictures of. I even noticed an instrumental version of “Let it Go” playing over the speakers, which made me smile even more than I already had been.

“Good morning ladies. Are we checking in?” asked the doorman, who was wearing an oversized pair of white Mickey Mouse gloves. “Not exactly. We’re just here for breakfast,” explained Auntie.

“Ah! Goofy’s Kitchen?” he asked with a smile. “Exactly!”

“Very good! The entrance is just there on the other side of the lobby. You can’t miss it,” he said with a smile as he motioned toward the restaurant with his gloved hands.

“Can you girls give me a high five before you go? You two are princesses after all, and it’s not every day I get to meet celebrities,” asked the doorman, as he gave us a slight bow. I smiled a big smile, feeling quite charmed, and I gave his Mickey glove an enthusiastic high five. Alicia did the same.

“It’s her birthday today!” exclaimed Alicia when we were all done high fiving.

“Wow. Then this is a magical day for all of us! I get to meet a pair of adorable princesses, and it’s your birthday. What a special day! Be sure you tell the waitress at the restaurant. I think a certain someone will want to meet her,” said the doorman with a smile as he winked at Auntie Katherine.

“I’ll be sure to do that! Thank you for making them feel special and starting the day on the right foot.”

“Absolutely. I always love spreading the magic,” said the doorman with a smile as he waved us off.

“Who was he talking about when he said someone wanted to meet me?” I wondered as we walked across the lobby towards the restaurant.

“Welcome to Goofy’s kitchen! How many in your party?” asked the waitress with a smile when we got there.

“Just the three of us, and it’s her birthday today, said Auntie motioning towards me. “The doorman said I should let you know.”

“Absolutely! Happy Birthday, Elsa!” exclaimed the waitress enthusiastically, which made me smile. “Well, I’m sure you girls will have an absolutely wonderful time. The characters are doing their rounds now, so they should be at your table soon. But we need to get you seated first. Follow me,” instructed the waitress. We followed her into the restaurant, and I gasped when I realized what was going on. Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy were walking around with a character handler, and they were stopping at every table to take pictures and interact with guests.

“Aunt Katherine! It’s Mickey!” I exclaimed in an awe struck voice.

“Of course it is. This is Disneyland. I thought you’d like to meet him for breakfast.” My mouth hung open as I tried to process what she was saying.

“Yay! I love seeing Mickey! And Minnie, she’s my favorite!” exclaimed Alicia with a huge smile as she clapped her hands.

“You’ve… met them before?” I asked.

“Yep. I’ve seen them at Disneyland lots of times. There’s usually a REALLY long line though.” “Exactly. They’ll be at the parks later today as well, but I figured we’d see them for breakfast since it’s Sara’s birthday. That way, we can meet them now without having to wait in line later,” explained Auntie Katherine.

The waitress seated us and took our drink orders, and she told us that the characters would be at our table in about ten minutes. My excitement was growing by the minute, but so was the building pressure in my bladder.

“Umm Auntie… I have to go potty,” I said in a quiet voice.

“Sorry dear, but now’s not a good time since the characters will be here soon. You don’t want to miss Mickey and Minnie, do you?”

“NO,” I exclaimed, shaking my head.

“Exactly. Try not to think about it too much, and you can go potty after breakfast, or I can change you. It’s fine either way.”

“Okay…” I said in a shy voice as I tried to ignore the building sensation.

“Good girl. Now, this is a buffet style restaurant, which means you serve yourself. Why don’t you make yourself a plate while I watch Alicia? Then I can get her and I food if you don’t mind looking after her for a second.

“Of course,” I said with a smile as I glanced at Alicia, who Aunt Katherine had put into a high chair.

“Good girl. Thank you,” said Aunt Katherine with an appreciative smile.

I quickly walked over to where the food was, and I grabbed a tray and a plate and made my way down the buffet. I was amazed by the way almost everything was shaped like Mickey Mouse, and I couldn’t believe how good everything looked. I chose a Mickey shaped chocolate chip waffle that I topped with butter and syrup, and I added a few pieces of crispy bacon and a cup of pineapple slices to my plate.

“That looks… like a relatively balanced breakfast. Good girl for getting fruit,” commended Aunt Katherine with an approving smile when I returned to the table.

“Yep. I’ve always liked pineapple,” I said with a smile.

“Icky!” exclaimed Alicia as she stuck out her tongue.

“Mommy likes pineapple too. You just don’t like them cause you think they’re sour,” said Aunt Katherine.

“Too sour!” insisted Alicia.

“Maybe. Taste is subjective, but you also don’t have a very developed palate yet at your age” “What’s palate?” asked Alicia, looking confused.

“It’s nothing. You just might like different foods when you’re older, that’s all. Ok, pancakes and bacon?”

“Yes pwease!”

“Ok! And… strawberries and sliced bananas? I want you to have some fruit, like your cousin.” “Ok. Just no pineapple.”

“Mommy knows. Okay, I’ll be right back,” said Aunt Katherine, as she excused herself from the table. I ate my food and drank my apple juice as I watched Mickey and Minnie get closer and closer to our table while Aunt Katherine prepared her and Alicia’s food. They were only a few tables away when she finally came back, and the pressure in my bladder was at an all-time high. I must have looked uncomfortable, because Auntie Katherine knew exactly what was on my mind.

“Just relax and go if you have to. There’s no time for us to go potty, and you don’t want to look uncomfortable when we take our pictures with Mickey.”

“I… can’t,” I whispered, feeling extremely self conscious.

“Hmmm. Ok, how about this. You might have an easier time going if you’re in a quieter place. Sometimes Alicia’s like that when she poops. She’ll try to avoid pooping in front of people if she can help it, but she’ll go if she’s in a corner or anywhere else she thinks is out of sight. We’ve still probably got about five minutes until Mickey comes. Why don’t you go to the lobby real quick and see if you can find someplace quieter?” suggested Aunt Katherine.

I blushed a deep shade of red, but I nodded and silently excused myself as I got out of my chair, and I tried to avoid doing the tell tale “potty dance” as I awkwardly walked into the lobby. The lobby was crowded at the entrance near the shops and the front desk, but luckily there weren’t too many people back by where the restaurant was. I walked to the far corner of the lobby, which seemed to be the quietest part of the hotel, and I pretended to read an exhibit about the history of Disneyland as I secretly released my bladder. I didn’t know what being wet would feel like, so I tried to pee as slowly as possible. Of course, that was easier said than done, and I ended up flooding my diaper.

I gasped as I felt the warm wetness spread around my waist and underneath my bottom. It was unlike anything I’d ever felt before, and I shivered slightly as a result of this brand new sensation. My excitement and large Starbucks drink led to a heavy wetting, and my soaking wet diaper hung heavily between my legs when finally finished flooding it. The diaper felt warm, wet, and squishy underneath my bottom, and it felt just as pleasant as Alicia had described, although I still wasn’t quite used to the feeling yet. Still, a wet diaper certainly felt much better than a wet pair of pants, and my dress remained dry and undamaged.

“Maybe Auntie was right about this whole diaper thing,” I thought to myself as I waddled back to the restaurant. Then I remembered I’d be meeting Mickey Mouse in mere moments, and I quickened my pace as I completely forgot about my wet diaper.

“Feeling better?” asked Auntie with a smile when I returned to the table.

“Yep,” I said, returning her smile.

“Good! Not so bad, right? And Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy are just there at the very next table! They should be here any second!”

“Yay!” I exclaimed with an excited grin as I watched the characters take a picture at the next table.

“All right guys? Ready to meet the next group of friends?” I heard the handler ask, and I knew what was about to happen. “Guess what guys, I think we have a birthday here!” exclaimed the handler as the characters approached our table. “Were they talking about me?!” I wondered. Mickey placed his hands over his mouth, as if he was surprised. The rest of the characters jumped up and down excitedly.

“Do we have a Sara here?” asked the handler. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“I’m… I’m Sara,” I sputtered.

“You’re Sara? You look like Elsa to me. Well, happy birthday Sara, how old are you today?”

“I’m eight,” I said, still totally awe-struck.

“Did you hear that guys? She’s eight!” exclaimed the handler. Mickey held up both of his gloved hands, which had four fingers on each glove, to show that he understood.

“And what’s your name, princess?” asked the handler as she looked at Alicia.

“I’m Alicia. I’m four!” chirped Alicia.

“Aww. How cute! Well, on behalf of all of us here at the Disneyland Resort, we’d like to wish you all a magical day, and an especially happy birthday to Sara. Now, who wants to say hi to Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy?” asked the handler. “I do! I do!” shouted Alicia and I.

“All right girls… and Mom. You can come say hi,” instructed the handler.

“Do you mind taking some pictures?” asked Auntie Katherine as she handed the handler her iPhone.

“I’d be happy to!”

Alicia, Aunt Katherine, and I hugged Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. Then the three of us took a group picture with the three characters.

“All right guys, we’ve got more friends to meet. Wave goodbye. You’ll see them in the park later today,” chirped the handler a few moments later as she handed Auntie Katherine her iPhone.

“Thank you so much for making their day special!” said Aunt Katherine with a friendly smile.

“Of course! We’re always happy to do whatever we can for our guests, especially on their birthdays. You all have a great day now, and happy birthday, Sara,” said the handler with a final wave as she led the characters to the next table.

It took about fifteen minutes for us to finish eating and paying, and it was about 8:30 by the time we left the restaurant.

“All right girls. The park opens in about thirty minutes. Let’s start lining up for the monorail after a quick diaper change,” declared Auntie Katherine, as she ushered us into a restroom near the front of the restaurant. She led us into the largest stall, where the diaper changing table was. I was quite happy to see the changing table in a stall and not in the middle of the restroom. “All right girls. Talk amongst yourselves while I go potty. Then I’ll change your diapers,” instructed Aunt Katherine.

“So, how does it feel?” asked Alicia.

“You mean being wet?” I asked.


“Warm… and kinda squishy,” I said quietly, staring at my feet.

“Hehe. Yep. It’s nice, huh?”

“Umm… I guess it isn’t so bad,” I admitted, blushing slightly.

“Hehe. I told you!” exclaimed Alicia in a happy voice.

“And this is why I’m never going to be able to get her potty trained. She likes her diapers way too much,” said Aunt Katherine, rolling her eyes. “But, that’s a topic for another day.”

“No potty!” shouted Alicia.

“No potty. Not today anyway, it’s changing time. Whose first?” asked Auntie Katherine.

“All right Ali, let’s show Sara how it’s done,” said Auntie Katherine, when neither Alicia nor I said anything. She picked Alicia up and laid her on the changing table. Then she pulled Alicia’s dress up to her belly button, and she pulled her tights to her knees, revealing a soggy diaper. “You’re soaked!” exclaimed Auntie as she untaped Alicia’s diaper and pulled it out from underneath her bottom.

“Lots of chocolate milk,” said Aly.

“I guess that’s true,” said Auntie Katherine as she wiped Alicia’s bottom. She used two wipes on Alicia, then she slid a fresh diaper underneath her, powdered her, and taped it shut. After that, she readjusted Alicia’s clothes and lifted her off the changing table. The entire diaper change had taken two minutes or fewer.

“All right, birthday girl, your turn,” said Aunt Katherine, which made me blush. I sat down on the changing table before I laid back, and I was surprised by how big it was.

“This is a big changing table,” I remarked as Aunt Katherine lifted my dress.

“Yep. I think these bigger ones are built custom for Disneyland, since so many bigger kids wear diapers to the parks,” said Aunt Katherine as she pulled my leggings down to my knees.

“Really?” I asked.

“I think so. Wow! It’s a good thing I made you wear Pampers. I don’t think a Pull-up would have held all this,” remarked Auntie Katherine as she pulled my wet diaper away from my bottom and began cleaning me with a baby wipe.

“Yeah. I was kinda scared it was gonna leak, but it did its job.”

“Yep, Alicia and I have always had good luck with Pampers. She used to wear Luvs when she was a baby, but then she started leaking out of those for some reason. We switched to Pampers last year, shortly after her third birthday, and she’s been wearing them ever since,” said Aunt Katherine as she taped up my diaper and adjusted my outfit. Then she helped me off the changing table. My diaper change had been quick, just like Alicia’s, and the entire thing had only lasted two or three minutes.

“Not too bad, right?” asked Aunt Katherine. “Nope. Thanks for changing me. You’re good at changing diapers. You’re really fast!” I exclaimed.
“Your cousin has given me PLENTY of experience over the years. Trust me on that, ‘’ said Aunt Katherine with a smile.

“Yep! I give Mommy lots of practice! That’s why she’s so good at changing diapys,” giggled Alicia.
“Well, thank you girls. It’s nice to know my diaper changing skills are appreciated,” chuckled Aunt Katherine.

“Yay! Thank you Mommy! You’s the best!” chirped Alicia.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile as she kissed Alicia’s cheek. “All right, are you girls ready to line up for the monorail?” Alicia and I both nodded. “Perfect! Then follow me,” instructed Aunt Katherine in an enthusiastic voice as she led the way.

It was about ten minutes before nine o’clock when we arrived at the station, and they were already collecting people’s tickets and loading people onto the monorail in preparation for the park opening.

“Tickets please,” said the lady at the station.

“No tickets, but I have an employee ID,” answered Aunt Katherine with a smile as she handed the lady her credentials.

“Ok. Well, that’s just as good as a ticket. And I’m assuming these little princesses are yours?” asked the lady as she scanned Auntie’s ID. "They are!”

“Very good! Well then, everything appears to be in order. Enjoy your day,” said the lady with a smile as she waved us through the turnstiles. “The first monorail leaves in about five minutes, at 9am sharp. Let’s get seated,” suggested Aunt Katherine as we entered the platform.

“How many in your party?” asked an employee. “There are three of us, and it’s her birthday,” said Aunt Katherine, pointing to me.

"Happy birthday! There are three of you? OK. Here’s what we’re going to do then. We don’t always do this, but we’re going to have the three of you sit up in the very front car with the conductor. The front car is the smallest car on the monorail. In fact, it only fits a few people, but it definitely gives the best view on the entire train. Plus, it’s where the conductor sits, so he’ll point out the sights and answer any questions you have as you travel to Disneyland. He’ll even give you girls junior conductors licenses for sitting up front with him,” said the employee with a smile as he led us to the first car. “All right ladies, you can take your seats. The door will be closing in just a few moments, and you’ll be on your way shortly,” said the employee with a smile as he gave us a parting bow.

Just like the employee had said, the front car was tiny, but the view was spectacular. Bench-style seats lined the inner edges of the car, and there were large windows all over that you could clearly see through. There was also some kind of steering console in the center of the car, facing forward, and there was a man sitting in a captain’s chair, typing things into some kind of computer monitor.

“Hi ladies. My name is Jasper. I’ll be your conductor today. We should be on our way in just a moment, I’m just waiting for the go ahead from the park,” said the conductor as he continued to type.

“Wow! That is really cool! I’ve always wanted to go on a train,” I said with an excited smile. “How long does it take to get to Disneyland?” I asked Auntie.

“Not long. Five minutes or so. Plus, the Monorail will take us towards the back of the park, which is a good place to be around opening. Most people won’t have had time to get back there yet, so it’s a good idea for us to jump in a line as soon as possible,” explained Aunt Katherine.

Suddenly, the doors closed, and we started moving.

“Hi princesses, and welcome to the Disneyland Skyway. Once again, my name is Jasper. Does anyone have any questions about the monorail?” asked the conductor, as he continued to look forward.

“Do you have to steer?” asked Alicia.

“That’s a good question! No, I don’t really have to steer since we’re on a track. I mostly just start and stop the train, although I do have to use the brakes sometimes, like if there are birds or something like that. Any other questions?”

“What’s the difference between a train and a monorail?” I asked.

“Ah, another good question. Monorail track is much narrower and lighter than a train track. Also, trains are often steam powered, whereas monorails are always electric. That’s another key difference. You girls are clever! Anything else you want to ask?”

“Can… I please honk the horn?” asked Alicia.

“Let your cousin do it, dear. It’s her birthday, and her first time here.”

“OK. Can Sara honk the horn?” asked Alicia.

“Yes she can! Happy birthday Sara,” said the conductor with a smile. “We don’t always let guests use the horn, but we’ll let you today, since it’s your birthday,” said Jasper with a smile.

“What do I do?” I asked.

“Just come up next to me and press this button,” instructed Jasper as he pointed to an illuminated button.

I walked up next to him and pressed the button, and sure enough a loud “honk” was emitted from the train. Alicia and I both giggled and cheered at the loud sound.

“Very good! Thank you Sara and… what’s the name of the other little princess?”

“Her name is Alicia.”

Very good! Well, thank you Sara and Alicia! I’ll give you both junior conductors licenses as soon as we get to the Disneyland station. Enjoy the rest of the ride,” said Jasper with a smile as he looked forward.

The Matterhorn and the castle came into view about two minutes later, and my jaw dropped to the floor. I’d seen pictures of them online and in commercials, but nothing compared to seeing them in person.

“What do you think?” asked Auntie Katherine.

“It’s… incredible!” I sputtered.

“I thought you’d be impressed,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile. “Now, do you like roller coasters?”

“Yeah! I really like the one at the fair! That’s the only one I’ve ever been on though.”

“ OK. I think we’ll start with Space Mountain then, if you’re up for something thrilling. The line will be short since the monorail station is near the entrance, and it’ll be really crowded later.”

“That sounds really fun! I think I’ve heard about that ride from the kids at school. They said it was really fast and… it’s dark, right?”

“Yep, and there are stars, and planets, things like that. It’s really cool!”

“Can I go on it Mommy?” asked Alicia.

“I don’t know, sweetheart. The height requirement is only forty inches, so I think you’re tall enough, but Space Mountain is dark and fast and kinda scary. You and I have never done roller coasters before. I think you and I should wait in line with your cousin, then Sara can ride, and we can meet her at the exit when she’s off. You and I can go on in a year or two, when you’re a little older.

“Nooo…” whined Alicia. “I wanna go on if Sawa is!!”

“Are you sure? It’s pretty scary.”

“Yep! I’m not scared!”

“Alright… I guess you can give it a try if you really want to,” said Aunt Katherine, rolling her eyes. “You are tall enough, and you’re wearing a diaper after all. But don’t blame Mommy if you don’t like it.”

“Yay! New rides!” exclaimed Alicia.

“Yep. New rides. Let’s just hope this one isn’t too much for you,” said Auntie, with a slightly apprehensive look.

Then the monorail pulled up to the station and stopped, and a voice over the PA System said “The doors will be opening momentarily. Welcome to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Have a great day on behalf of all of us here at the Disneyland monorail.”

“All right ladies, thank you for your assistance today. I have junior conductors licenses for each of you,” said Jasper with a smile.

The licenses were plastic cards that said “junior conductor of the Disneyland Monorail,” and they were signed by both Jasper and Mickey Mouse.

“What do we say, ladies?” asked Auntie Katherine.

“Thank you!” exclaimed Alicia and I.

“Thank you so much. This was a really cool experience. We’ll be keeping these,” said Auntie Katherine with a smile as she put our licenses into her diaper bag.

“Absolutely. You guys are VIPs. It’s not every day I get to meet princesses, after all. Y’all have a great rest of your day now, and happy birthday Sara,” said Jasper with a little bow towards me.

Then we got off the monorail, and suddenly we were at Disneyland. It was quite surreal.

“All right, are you girls ready to get in line? The entrance is a pretty short walk from here,” said Auntie Katherine.

“I am! I am!” exclaimed Alicia.

“We’ll see about that. What about you, Sara?”

“I’m ready,” I declared. I was excited, but I was also quite nervous.

“All right then, let’s get in line,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile.

Aunt Katherine had always enjoyed roller coasters, and she hadn’t ridden one since before she’d been pregnant with Alicia. Space Mountain would be her first roller coaster in nearly five years, and she was looking forward to it, but she hoped it wouldn’t be too intense for Alicia.


Such a cute story!

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I really love that story a lot, but there’s 1 thing missing in it that drives me a little bit, Alicia being only 4 yrs old and there’s no mention anywhere about Katherine packing up a stroller, several experiences with that age groups tells me you will eventually need a stroller, especially on a busy day at Disneyland, lets just say she can rent one at Disney itself, but having to carry a sleeping 4 yrs old in your arms all the way back to the car isn’t a very cleaver idea (my last visit to Disney (Walt Disney World in 2007), we had my friends 5 yrs old twins, for sure they didn’t want a stroller and complained that it was for babies, but they loved the double stroller a lot after walking forever in the parks, they were quite tired and it was the best decision we had to bring it with us.


I honestly didn’t think about it, but you make a good point. Luckily, I think I have a good idea about how to get them a stroller. :slight_smile:
I think I’ll write something about that in the next part, which I’ve already started.


Love it! Thank you.

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Hey everyone, thank you for all the comments and feedback! It’s much easier to write when I know others are reading.
I gave myself a weekly timeframe in my last update, but I’m not sure how realistic that is with everything going on in my life. I am still working on the story though, and I will keep posting, but I don’t want to limit myself with time too much. Anyway, here’s chapter 3. :sunglasses:

Chapter 3: Space Mountain and Princesses:

“Wow! What’s that?” I asked in awe as we walked by a beautiful lagoon full of yellow submarines.
“It’s the Finding Nemo ride,” answered Aunt Katherine.
“Ooh! Can we go on it?! I love Finding Nemo!”
“We’ll see. We can go on anything you want, and I love Finding Nemo as well, but I have to say, the movie is much better than the ride. The submarines themselves are cool, and they’re nice and air-conditioned, but there are much better rides here.”
“Ok. I’m excited! I love going on rides!”
“That’s good, because the line for the first one is right here,” exclaimed Aunt Katherine with a smile as she pointed to a large sign that read “Space Mountain.”
“All right girls. Now, the line is only twenty minutes, which isn’t too bad for this ride. Ali, are you SURE you wanna go on? Space Mountain is a fun ride, but it’s very fast, and it’s dark inside the building,” explained Aunt Katherine as we huddled just outside the line.
“Can I sit next to you?” asked Alicia.
“Is that ok with you, Sara? You can sit in the car right in front of us, so I’ll be able to see you, but will you be okay if I sit next to Ali?”
“Ummm… Yeah, I think I’ll be fine,” I said in a slightly nervous voice.
“Don’t worry. It’s not too scary. Alicia’s just never been on anything bigger than the kiddie coaster in Toontown, so this might be a lot for her. But we’ll see how she does. All right, let’s get in line,” suggested Aunt Katherine as she led the way.

The line started with a short, zigzagging outdoor section. It was fairly early, and the line wasn’t too long yet, but there were still plenty of people in front of us. As we snaked through the line I noticed a little redheaded girl of about five or six years whisper something in her mother’s ear.
“Mommy said no. You know what your dentist said. He said I couldn’t give it to you anymore,” said the Mom as she shook her head
“But Mommy…” pleaded the girl.
“No buts. You wanna play a game on Mommy’s phone while we wait?”
“No! I want my binky!!” whined the girl.
“Lizzie… Please don’t make a scene. It’s too early, and we only just got here.”
The little girl glared at her mother and defiantly stuck her thumb in her mouth.
“Lizzie… don’t you wanna be a big girl? Don’t you remember what the dentist said? He said you’re too big to still be using a pacifier. You’re in Kindergarten now.”
“Don’t care,” mumbled the little girl, still sucking her thumb.
“You can be such a little brat sometimes, you know that?” said the Mom as she rolled her eyes and handed her daughter a purple pacifier from her purse.
The girl happily accepted her pacifier, and she stuck it in her mouth and immediately began to suck on it.
“Ugh. I guess it’s better than changing diapers,” sighed the Mom as she went back to staring at her phone.

“What’s your favorite ride?” I asked Alicia as we waited in line.
“Ummm… I like It’s a Small World! There’s a fun song, and the robots in there look like cute dollys.”
“Yep. That’s what Mommy said. The people in the rides aren’t real. They’re robots. Right Mommy?”
“Right, but a lot of them look real,” explained Aunt Katherine.
“Mm-hmm. Some of the pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean have loud guns, and it used to scare me, but I felt better when Mommy told me that they were just robots.”
“That’s pretty cool,” I said with a smile.
“I think so too, and it’s much safer than hiring real pirates!” joked Aunt Katherine, which made Alicia and I giggle.

“All right, how many in your party?” asked the ride attendant as we reached the end of the outdoor section.
“Just the three of us,” said Aunt Katherine.
“All right, just head on inside and follow the folks right in front of you. We’ll have you rocketing through space in no time.”
“Is it scary?” asked Alicia.
“It’s her first big girl roller coaster,” explained Aunt Katherine.
“Ah! You’ve got this little rocketeer. Just remember to hold on tight, and you’ll be fine. Can you girls give me a high five before you go?” asked the employee as he held up two hands for me and Alicia. We gave him hi fives, and he gave us both a thumbs up and a big smile before he ushered us forward,

The inside of the line was air-conditioned and cool, which felt great compared to the California sunshine. We were in a hallway that was echoey and fairly loud, which I liked since it quieted the crinkling sound of our diapers when we walked. The line itself was themed to a space station, and there were posters with information about rocket ships and large windows which displayed a beautiful, spacey sky. As we got further into the line we reached the loading station, and I saw that the cars looked like little rocket ships.
“Wow! That’s really cool!” I shouted in an excited voice.
“Yep, it’s just like going to space,” said Aunt Katherine excitedly. “How are you doing, Ali?”
“Ummm… I’m ok,” said Alicia in a nervous voice.
“Are you sure baby? You’ve been pretty quiet while we’ve been in line. That’s not like you.
“Are you sure you don’t wanna just let your cousin go on?”
“Noo! I wanna go on the big kid ride!”
“Ok. Ok. Do you want your paci? Maybe that’ll help calm your nerves.”
“You bwought it?”
“Yep. You can have it if you promise not to lose it.”
“Good girl,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile as she handed Alicia her pacifier.

“All right, just the three of you?” asked the attendant at the start of the line.
“Yep, the three of us,” answered Aunt Katherine.
“Ok. I’m just going to check the little rocketeer’s height real quick,” said the attendant with a smile. He walked Alicia over to a sign and had her stand against it.
“Very good. She’s tall enough. How old are you, princess?” he asked Alicia.
I’m four,” mumbled Alicia through her pacifier.
Wow, you’re a very brave little girl! Ok, I’m going to have you two head to row four, and I’m going to have you head to row three,” said the attendant, looking at me.
“Perfect,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile as she took Alicia’s hand and led the way to the rows.
I was paired with a girl from the single rider line who was older than me, probably 11 or 12. She focused all her energy on her phone and didn’t pay any attention to me. We waited in another short line for a few more minutes before it was our turn. The little gates in front of us opened after what felt like forever, and it was finally time to board our rocket ship.

“Are you excited?” shouted Aunt Katherine from the car behind us.
“Yeah!” I shouted back
The attendant came by and put down our safety bars, and we were off.

We went up a hill and turned right into a hallway, which was nearly pitch black.
“Mommy, this is scary,” I heard Alicia yelp from the car behind me.
Then we turned left and went up another hill, and suddenly we were in outer space. The room we were in was full of stars, and it was large and beautiful. There were planets and galaxies everywhere, and there was a large satellite in the middle of the room. We turned right and went up one last small hill next to the satellite, and a voice said “5…4…3…2…1… We Have LIFTOFF!”

Suddenly the rocket seemed to take off, and we started going really fast. It was hard to know exactly how fast we were going in the dark, but it felt like we were flying. The girl next to me and I screamed excitedly as we rocketed through space, but Alicia’s screams sounded terrified from the car behind me.

After a few minutes of rocketing through space we took a tight left turn, and suddenly there was a bright flash of light as we had our picture taken. Then the rocket finally started to slow down as we hit the brakes.
“That was great!” I shouted excitedly as we finally came to a stop.
I hopped out of the rocket ship car with a smile, and I waited for Alicia and Auntie Katherine.

“How was your ride?” asked Aunt Katherine with a smile.
“I loved it!” I exclaimed.
“That’s great! I knew you would. It was my favorite when I was your age.”
“How did you like it?” I asked Alicia with a reassuring smile. She looked traumatized.
“She wasn’t a fan, which I kinda expected, but she survived,” said Auntie with a smile as she took Alicia’s hand and helped her out of the roller coaster car. I noticed a slight odor coming from Alicia’s direction, and I thought I knew what had happened, but I didn’t say anything.

“That was a little much for Alicia, and she needs to be changed again. Are you still ok?” It hasn’t been that long.”
I nodded.
“Ok, well the bathrooms are right here, and I don’t want you waiting out here by yourself. Why don’t you come inside while I change Alicia? I’ll be quick. Then maybe we can meet the princesses from Frozen. It’s good to do that now while the lines are still short.”
I nodded excitedly and followed them into the ladies room. I couldn’t wait to meet Elsa!

There were a few Moms with toddlers in front of us waiting in line at the changing table, and Alicia looked quite uncomfortable.
“She doesn’t like to use the potty to poop, but she also doesn’t like the feeling of dirty diapers. It makes zero sense to me.”
“How old is yours?” asked the Mom in front of us as she lifted her toddler aged son onto the changing table.
“She’s four,” admitted Aunt Katherine.
“Oh my,” exclaimed the lady. “I hope we’ve got it down by then. My little guy here just turned three last month.”
“Well, I’m admittedly a bit of a pushover when it comes to potty training. Alicia is only going to be little for a while, and the diapers are convenient at places like Disneyland. I want her to have a good time while she’s here, and I don’t want her to worry about having to use the potty while the lines are so long. We’re working on potty training at home, but it’s usually easier to keep her in diapers while we’re out. Besides, she’s not starting school til she’s six, so we’ve still got two years to figure it out.
“Yeah, I know what you mean about diapers being easier. My son just turned three, and his preschool is already bugging me about him still wearing diapers. I don’t think he’s ready for potty training yet, but I don’t know what to do, and I’m scared they’ll kick him out if we don’t start soon.”
“I’ve been there. Alicia’s first preschool was the same way, so we found a new school with more understanding teachers. She wears Pull-up’s to preschool, and her teachers encourage her to go potty, but they’ll change her if she needs it, and they never scold her for having accidents.
“That’s exactly what I’m looking for, somewhere Jack can develop at his own pace. I think a lot of little kids his age are forced to grow up too fast, and I don’t think it’s good for them in the long run.
“My thoughts exactly. Alicia’s four and still in diapers, but she’s a good kid, and she’s happy. That’s what’s most important to me. She’ll figure everything else out on her own,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile.

When it was finally our turn in line Aunt Katherine lifted Alicia onto the changing table and pulled her dress up near her belly button. Then she grabbed a fresh diaper and some wipes from the diaper bag and untaped her dirty diaper. The scent of her messy diaper had been quite noticeable while we’d waited for the changing table, but the smell was much stronger now that Alicia’s bottom was exposed. Aunt Katherine lifted her legs into the air and grabbed a wet wipe as she proceeded to clean Alicia’s dirty bottom.

I began to feel a slight pressure in my bladder during Alicia’s diaper change, and I released my muscles and wet my diaper. Unlike my last wetting this one was quite small, and I could tell my diaper could still handle a lot more, so I didn’t ask to be changed. I didn’t even feel wet when I was finished.

After Alicia was clean and freshly diapered Aunt Katherine lifted her off the changing table, and she had all of us wash our hands.
“All right girls. We’re in Tomorrowland. Fantasyland is the next land over, where the castle is. Do you two want to meet Anna and Elsa? They’re VERY popular, and the line might be long, but it’ll just get longer later.
“Yes yes yes!! I wanna meet Elsa!” I shouted excitedly, jumping up and down.
“Mommy, it’s hot,” complained Alicia.
“I know baby, I’m sorry. It’s nice and air-conditioned where Anna and Elsa are though, then maybe we can get a stroller after that. Mommy gets them free with her employee benefits, and it’s probably a good idea for us to get one today.”
“Yay!” cheered Alicia, clapping her hands.

The walk to Fantasyland was cool! We walked past all kinds of amazing looking rides, and I even saw Donald Duck. Fantasyland itself was absolutely amazing, and it was definitely my favorite area of the park so far. The castle and Matterhorn were HUGE and incredible up close. Plus almost all of the rides in the land were based on classic Disney movies, which was really cool. There was even a huge, beautiful outdoor boat ride where the boats went through the whale’s mouth from Pinocchio. It was very cool to look at!

We walked to a large blue building that was decorated with icicles and large, white snowflakes on the outside. At the entrance to the building was a large sign that said Arendelle: the Frozen experience; I couldn’t wait to get inside.
“Hi ladies, welcome to Arendelle. The line to meet Anna and Elsa starts right inside. Current wait time is about…forty minutes,” said the attendant with a smile.
“Does that sound ok girls? Forty minutes is a long time to wait.”
“That’s fine. I just wanna meet Elsa!” I shouted excitedly as I did a little hop.
“That’s what I figured,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile as we got in line.

We walked into the air-conditioned building, and once again the cool air felt great compared to the warm California sun.
“Auntie, can I have some water?” I asked Aunt Katherine when we finally took our place in line.
“Of course you can, dear,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile as she handed me a water bottle from her bag.
I’d been feeling quite thirsty, and I sucked most of it down before I handed it back to her.

The room we were in was very large, and there was Frozen stuff everywhere. There were huge screens all around that showed concept art and storyboards from the movie, and there were life-size statues of Olaf and Sven the reindeer. The speakers around the line played songs from the Frozen movies, and I caught myself humming along to Let it Go and Into the Unknown.

As we got farther into the line I began to notice a familiar pressure in my bladder. I tried to ignore it for a while, but the growing pressure started to feel uncomfortable, and I decided to wet my diaper. I’d never purposely wet myself in front of people before, and it was harder than I’d expected. Just like at breakfast I must have looked uncomfortable, because Aunt Katherine started massaging my scalp.
“It’s okay sweetheart, just try and relax,” whispered Aunt Katherine in a soothing voice.
I was able to relax after a few minutes, and I released my bladder. The wetting was long and slow, and it came out as a trickle as opposed to a flood, but I felt much better when I was finished.

“Good girl, isn’t that better?” whispered Aunt Katherine.
I nodded.
“Exactly. I want you and Ali to take pictures with Anna and Elsa, and I want you to look happy and comfortable.
Then it hit me. I was about to meet Elsa, my idol, and here I was, eight years old and wearing a diaper. What if she could tell? My Pampers were scented, and I was pretty sure I could smell my diaper now that it was wet. Would Elsa be able to smell it? Would she think that I was a baby? I hoped not.

After a few more minutes of waiting we were only a few minutes away from meeting Elsa. Suddenly, a nearby little girl of about five or six years old started bawling, and it was clear that she’d had an accident.
“Aww Taylor, I’m sorry. I asked if you had to go potty before we got in line,” said the girl’s Mom in a sympathetic voice.
The little girl just kept crying; she looked so embarrassed.
“I’ve got a change of clothes in the car. Let’s go get you cleaned up. Maybe we can meet Elsa later,” said the Mom with a sigh as she took her daughter’s hand and escorted her out of the line.
In that moment I remembered what Aunt Katherine had said earlier, that wet diapers were better than wet pants, and I started to feel better about my situation.

We were next in line after what felt like forever, and I was SO EXCITED to meet Anna and Elsa. I involuntarily wet my diaper out of nervousness, which took me by surprise and caused me to shiver slightly.
“Something wrong?” asked Aunt Katherine.
“N… no. Everything’s fine. I’m just really excited,” I said, blushing slightly.
The surprise wetting had been quite small, but I could tell my diaper was at maximum capacity.

“Alright, next up,” shouted the attendant at the front of the line. Auntie Katherine led the way, and we entered a large, well themed room. The room looked JUST LIKE the throne room from the movie, and Anna and Elsa were standing in front of a pair of beautiful thrones.
“Wow! Look, Anna, they look like us! Same dresses and everything!” exclaimed Elsa.
“They do! That’s incredible! They must be princesses in training! Would you two like a picture?” asked Anna.
“They’d love a picture! They’re your biggest fans!” insisted Auntie Katherine.
“We can tell! Well. Anna and I usually sit on our thrones, and we usually have our guests stand next to us for pictures. I think we’ll make an exception for these two, though! How about we have you two sit in the thrones, and we’ll stand next to you! It’s only fitting since you two are dressed like royalty, exclaimed Elsa with a smile.
“I agree,” chirped Anna.

Alicia sat down on the throne to the right, and Anna stood next to her. I sat on the throne to the left of Alicia, and Elsa stood next to me. The princesses each put a hand on Alicia and I’s shoulders, and the photographer said “3-2-1… say cheese,” then the camera went off.
“Do you want a picture too, Mom? How about we take one more with you standing between Anna and me. The girls can stay in their thrones.”
“Ok, I’ll take a picture! I didn’t want to be in the first one since y’all look so great in your gowns, but I’ll be in this next one!”
Aunt Katherine walked over and stood between Anna and Elsa, and she ruffled Alicia’s hair as the photographer took one more picture.

Alicia and I each gave Anna and Elsa final hugs before we left the throne room. Meeting Elsa had been the absolute highlight of my trip so far! Elsa had treated me just like a princess, and I was the happiest little girl in the world. And yet, despite my happiness, my diaper was soaked, and it was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable around my waist.

“Well that was fun! I can’t wait to show your Mom those pictures,” chirped Auntie Katherine as we walked out of the building.
“Yep, that was great!” I exclaimed with a smile.
“Stroller?” asked Alicia with a yawn.
“Yep. Strollers. We can rent them right by the castle.”
“Umm… Auntie?” I asked in a sheepish voice.
“Yes Sara?”
“Can you… change me… before we get a stroller? I’m really wet.”
“I thought you might be. That line was long. Yep, I’ll get you changed. The stroller rental is really close, and there’s actually a bathroom right next to it,” said Aunt Katherine with a smile as she took my hand.
I felt quite babyish as Aunt Katherine lead me to the bathroom for my diaper change.


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