The goodest day ever.

Ok, so I’m really really happy for once. I don’t just mean happy as in excited about something new in my life, I’m talking about being truly, sincerely happy. Here’s a few minor reasons why-

Public assistance seems to be going well, I have food stamps and I’m soon to be getting cash assistance so we’re not struggling financially too hard. Plus, I have a job interview tomorrow at TJ Max, not necessarily the best place to work but it looks like an okay place.

Fingerlakes Community College has a Graphic Design course and a New Media course, which is perfect considering I want to do animation and both subjects cover it like two halves to a whole, and so I’ll be double majoring in that. Not only that, but the college is actually -less- expensive than the cheapest college from my home town by about 200-300 bucks, Bloomington IN, in-state of course. So I just have to wait until spring next year, potentially fall if they do a six month deal instead of a year one. No big deal.

The library here may only be half the size of the Bloomington library, but it has a far greater selection of stuff than the Bloomington one. I just got a membership there, picked up the first three issues of Scott Pilgrim, and two JRPG’s, Eternal Sonata and Valkyrie Chronicles. They have fucking JRPG’s at the library.

I got to meet Riley Kilo recently, literally in person. This was exciting, and while she was occasionally difficult to get along with (she was a little more adventurous and outgoing than I was), she was a sweetheart and I did enjoy the time we spent together.

Also, I got to try a philly cheese steak from a restaurant entirely dedicated to the sub (and not some shitty version from subway), my toes are pink, my hair is hyperglow blond, we found a fully functioning non-banned Xbox 360 in the garbage, the fact that I can wake up in a diaper and T-shirt and just walk to the kitchen in it is awesome, and I’ll be starting Hormone Replacement Therapy quite soon (potentially the day after I get my first job here).

Now for the major reason. Ever since I moved away from the psychotic hell-nest that is my mother’s house and den to now 18 cats, I’ve been afraid that things would be tremendously difficult and I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Worse, I feared that Elly and I would eventually get sick of each other considering we barely knew each other to begin with. I also feared that I’d never be able to move on from my last relationship, someone whom I considered the love of my life who never loved back and was willing to leave me for a job in Japan. Completely the opposite. Not only am I doing well financially, emotionally, and physically (despite gaining ten or fifteen pounds :P), but I moved on, and despite the minor arguments Elly and I occasionally have (like anyone would, friend or couple), I really do love her, and I think she loves me back.

All in all, things are amazing here. Far better than I expected them to be. Yes, there are some quirks I have to deal with but I’m having a fairly easy time living here while still getting the real life out-on-your-own experience that I could never get living with my mother. Despite my last few spurts of negativity here on this board, I really am quite happy and enjoying life.

Just a nerdy me pic by the way-

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Good for you, man. I really hope I can join you in that place asap.

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It has to be the goodest day ever if it involves Scott Pilgrim (owner of all 6 volumes)!

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A JRPG is a Japanese role playing game. Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean, Dragon Quest, and Xenosaga are all examples of JRPG’s.