The Girls Holiday

The Girls Holiday (Part 1 )

“Welcome Home” was all I heard as I waddled into the house after returning from holiday. There stood my Mother-in-Law greeting us into the house. She came over to look after the house while we were gone. Emily my GF (Well Ex now) went and gave her a hug “Oh i have so much to tell you”, “but first let’s show Jake to his new room” i was picked up and carried up to my new awaiting bedroom and I just sobbed at what I saw.

Lets rewind a little. My name is Jake and I am 18 Years Old - I suffer from a rare condition called Pygmism, basically my body is developed but I am no taller than a 7 Year old. It does have its advantages of being able to fit into places where normal people cant fit. Being able to fit into kids clothes that are cheaper than Adults but with all Advantages come the negatives of always having to produce my ID to go into anywhere. Some places even deny me entry cause of my height and structure, all my GF friends speaking in context of like I am a child. See I am very independent I can just about reach the kettle to make myself a cup of tea when needed or being able to make a meal when Emily decides to go out for the night. it does wind me up that everyone speak to me as a child “Do you need help hunny” “Can you reach”. Emily I met when I was 16 we actually went to school together and decided once leaving to move into a house together, she is very supportive of me and keeps trying to encourage me to do more and more things. I am scared to leave the house for fear of being judged but she tells me to ignore what people think. Emily is very tall (well anyone would be taller than be to be honest) and some would say that she is a bit out of my league.

“Honey, I am home” she yells out as she comes through the door kicking off her heels after finishing work at the local office. Sat in the living room as usual playing on the PlayStation I smile, Remember I have my friends coming over tonight to discuss “The Girls Holiday” she keeps calling it. She is soo excited at the prospect of going away that they have been planning it for like 2-3 months. I do not understand why as it is only a rubbish little getaway for 2 weeks down to the local Beach staying in a Caravan (oooo so excited) - Other hand I was more excited at the prospect of staying by myself for 2 weeks with no-one looking after me. See since we met and moved in there has been the odd occasion where she has left me but I have never been left overnight or a period of time by myself, I am unsure why I guess she has never felt the need to go anywhere but finally after 2 Years the day has nearly come. “If you need the toilet Jake then just go” She exclaims while sitting on the couch “I have been watching you jiggling that leg and doing the potty dance for the last 10 minutes”. She was right i have been so focused playing on the PlayStation and finishing of the game that I have been holding it in. I guess some would say i have gotten a little Lazy and relaxed with our relationship to how it was before.

I suddenly finish off and leg it to the toilet, tracksuit bottoms down I look at my childish pants, Due to my condition I only fit in Kids clothes as mentioned above we do try to get plainest items but you cannot get boxers for a 7 Year old so therefore I have to wear pants instead, I have come to acceptance of what will be will be but still it does get me down a little. While looking down I noticed a small little spot on them, “Oh no I must have dribbled a little” I exclaim, the embarrassing thing is this is not the first time it has happened. Emily got so mad last time and she keeps making comment that my pants smell of wee and maybe we should go to the doctors if it keeps happening, As I flush and get dressed I gulp thinking shall I tell her or not - I exit the toilet and was taken back as she was standing outside, “Jack did you make it in time” she says at me with a look on her face, Thoughts was racing round my head ( Shall I tell her the truth, Shall I Lie?) I snapped back “Of course I am not 5 I know how to go to the stupid toilet” - Suddenly she grabs my trousers and yanks them down, I could only hang my head in shame as I knew what she could see “What on earth is this Jake, A Wet Spot and then you lied about it to me, I am so Angry that you lied to me” " now quick please hurry upstairs have a shower and get dressed my friends are due any moment" “unless of course you would like to discuss your problems of keeping you pants dry to Charlotte, Jessica and Louise” I quickly shake my head now bend over and pull my trousers on and hurry to the top of the stairs. - Just in time I thought as I hear the familiar sound of the doorbell going…


The Girls Holiday (Part 2 )

I hang at the top of the stairs looking down so no-one can see me but I can see them, Emily answers the door and hugs each as they come in “Hi Emily” “So nice to see you” as they take off shoes and coats, “I am so excited for this holiday I cannot wait” Emily says in excitement while hugging them all. “Jake is just in the shower and will be down in a bit” “let’s go put on the kettle” she says as they all head into the kitchen. The usual conversation then happened of Charlotte liking the wallpaper ect. I head into the bathroom and slowly undress still sighing a slight relief of not being caught in the hallway next to the toilet with my trousers down and a wet spot on them.

While in the shower I tried to listen to the conversation going on downstairs – to no avail the water was too loud I just generally could hear giggles of laughter erupt and doors shutting as they move from the kitchen into the living room. So many thoughts whizzing through my mind and fear that if Emily tells them what would I do. I finish the shower and slowly get dressed and nervously creep downstairs into the living room. I enter and all eyes and heads turn towards me “Hi Jake” “You took a long time” Emily said, Charlotte was the meanest of the girls and always used to say what she thought of mine and Emily’s relationship snapped “maybe he couldn’t reach the shower and needed help” I shrugged it off and went back to the PlayStation after saying Hi back to the group of Ladies sitting at the table looking at Brochures from the local holiday area.

The Evening carried on as normal and I was called to join them at the table as the takeaway had arrived (Indian my favourite) while eating conversation carried on as normal, Louise suddenly burst out “Oh I nearly forgot to tell you, Harry has finished in nappies now and is in Pullups he is using the toilet more and more so is nearly potty trained” – Jessica replied stating “getting a big boy now” Charlotte being mean again “He will soon be bigger than Jake” Emily had the strangest reply “so them Pullup things are like nappies but are pants just in case he has a leak? – they all laugh at her response and Louise said “yeah, why are you so intrigued? do you and Jake have an announcement?”. I felt like sliding in under the table as I was going Redder and Redder in the face, Emily quickly replied “no, no I just wondered that’s all” “me and Jake probably won’t have children due to his condition, but always a learning curve just in case” The rest of the evening went ok.

The girls chatted about plans on holiday and I carried on playing on the PlayStation. I vagually turned to say “bye” to them all as they were leaving. Suddenly the TV turned off and I turned round to see Emily standing there with the remote. “Oi I shouted; I was playing that” Emily responded with “Did you think I forgot what happened before my friends came? Me and you need to have a chat Mister” – I knew this was going to be bad but in a way inside it felt good in a strange sense. See Emily has never ever been the dominate type. But seeing her standing there in her outfit from work a strange sexual feeling I had being told of like I was a 5-year-old.

I reluctantly went over to the table where she was now sitting and sat down. She produced the laptop and opened google search and started typing Pull ups into the search bar. I froze only watching as the results loaded and watched as she clicked on the first link, she found to My eyes grew wider with what I saw – She turned and looked at me and said “So, me and the girls was chatting and decided….


The Girls Holiday (Part 3 )

“that since you can’t keep your pants dry and keep having accidents then pull ups would work best” I carried on looking at the webpage that was open and saw her click on various products and read about them, So many questions was whizzing round my head but I thought it best to stay quite as I saw Emily’s determined look and concentrated face reading and inspecting various pages. She got up and went to the printer where she took out an A3 piece of paper she printed and said “perfect”

She bought it back to the table and sat it in front of me and started to explain some things. “Me and the girls go away in 4 weeks that is 28 days, This is your potty training reward chart for each day you manage to keep your pullups dry then you will get a sticker” “now Jake I want to see 26 stickers on this chart starting from Monday when your new pants should arrive” – “If I don’t see 26 stickers and you don’t complete your potty training then you will have to be looked after here” – In my head I was wondering what she meant to be looked after? Who? Even. I mean all the girls and she was going on holiday.

“Oi, I said come here” – I must have been gazing into space still in shock as I didn’t even see Emily go across the room. I went over to where she was standing and I was made to stand on the scales in front of me that she had produced. “22.4KG she said, hmm I think that is size 6 she said with a smirk on her face” “now please go get on your pyjamas and go to bed while I finish ordering all your things” – I reluctantly walked out the room got my pyjamas on and went to bed. It is hard to explain in a way I was angry that she was treating me this way but I am not sure what came over me as her being dominant and caring for me like that drew me closer to her.

The rest of the weekend went off without a hitch, Emily went shopping as normal. See being so small I tended to stay in so not to draw attention to myself. Before I knew it, the alarm was going off at 8am and I gazed over to see Emily in the bedroom getting dressed after just finishing in the shower. I kept trying to peek at her pulling on her tights, see there is something so erotic at watching a woman pulling on tights. Well that is until they get to the top bit and almost do a Dance trying to get them to go up as far as they can. She caught me looking and came over to me “Well Hello” she said as she leant in an gave me a kiss on the head, “Jakey don’t think I have forgot about what is coming today, sorry Hun but I really can’t do anything sexual with you. The thought of you in pull ups later and all that you know” She leant in and gave me another kiss as she then exited the room. I just lay there thinking that it is going to be a long 26 days then another long 2 weeks before I can get anything sexual. Suddenly I heard the front door close and she left in the car to go to work.

I got in the shower as usual and thought about her opening word “Jakey” – No-one has ever called me Jakey it made me sound younger than I actually was, I got out the shower and got dressed as normal. As I pulled on a fresh pair of pants, I looked at them and my heart sank on the inside as I knew this might be the last pair I wear in a long time. The rest of the day went normal. PlayStation was on. Microwave meal on the side for lunch as normal. The doorbell rang and a delivery driver produced 2 boxes addressed to Emily. I signed for them and tried to avoid eye contact with the driver thinking he knew what was in the boxes. I wanted to peek out of curiosity but knew I might be in trouble for doing so. I resisted the temptation and took them into the living room, I decided to go watch a film on the sofa.

I must of fell asleep at some point as before I knew it the front door had shut and woke me up a little “ Jakey, I am home” said Emily coming into the living room. She got excited when she saw the boxes and almost was jumping up and down. She carefully opened 1 box and pulled out (Pampers Baby Dry Nappy Pants Size 6, 28 Count) I looked at the package and tried to hold back the tears in my eyes. Then she pulled out another pack. “why so many I only need 26” I said, she looked and turned to me and said “what about night time jake” It never occurred to me about night to be honest. She then went to the 2nd box that had arrived and carefully opened it again.

I was so confused and stepped back on the item she produced, “er Emily why have you bought one of those for” – She held it up like a trophy in her hand and said “Well Jakey there is some rules you have to follow so I can monitor your training, When you need to go to the….


Maybe If Jake wear girl’s baby diaper, He can very cute! I like this little boys.


The Girls Holiday (Part 4 )

“toilet, then you will have to ask me and use the Potty this is so you don’t cheat and sneak off to the real toilet, Oh and don’t worry about while I am work my mother has offered to come and look after you” – I did nearly start to cry the tears I was holding back as she carried on pulling out Baby wipes, Baby cream from the box. “trousers and pants off Jake” she snapped, I started pulling them down accepting defeat as she knelt and tore open one of the packets of nappy pants. I stared at the design of Cars as she worked them up my legs and pulled them up. “Right that’s your new pants. See this circle if you wet then this will Fade away so I will know that you have had a little accident in them” she said sounding all clued up about all this. I slowly pulled my trousers back on and talk a couple of steps forward – It felt strange but I soon got used to the feeling of wearing them. They seemed to be a little thicker in the crotch so I had to adjust the way I walked a little and I was self-conscious that each time I sat down that Emily could see the waistband of them.

“Dinner time” she called out from the kitchen as she started to bring in the plates to the dining table. “before you sit” she came over and pulled down my trousers. “let’s check the pants of yours” “good boy as she poked the circle that was still there and not faded” – I felt humiliated being talked to like a little boy but I guess I had no choice to argue as I was the one in the Nappy pants Afterall.

We sat down for dinner and I got up the courage to ask some questions burning on my mind.

Jake – “Emily, you know last week when you said you and the girls discussed about me. Did you tell them I wet myself?”

Emily – “of course I did Jake, at that point I didn’t know my mum could come and look after you so I thought I couldn’t go on holiday”

Jake – “Er so like they know I am in Pull ups”

Emily – “er yes they did help me plan it all”

Jake – “So your mum will just pop in while you are at work”

Emily “No, my mum is coming while I am at work to look after you so if you need the potty you will ask her and she will help you go. If you need some Water then she will get that for you”

My Eyes widened

Jake – “But your mum will, er will”

She snapped me off – “see you naked yes, maybe you should have thought about that before you got lazy and started having accidents. You don’t have to worry for the next 26 days. You have to worry in 26 days’ time when we look at the chart mister, Cause I am warning you know if there is not at least 24 stickers on that chart then you can forget pull ups and I will be looking at Baby Nappies for you” “now eat your dinner” she snapped with anger in her voice.

I slowly finished dinner with crazy thoughts going through my head wondering what she meant by Baby Nappies. I mean am I not in Nappies already? Can it get any worse than this?

By the time bedtime was coming I had to admit defeat and go into the kitchen and ask Emily to use the toilet. “Jake you cannot use the toilet. You have a potty remember, now ask me to use your potty” – It got me a little angry as she knew what I meant but I had to embarrassing ask for the potty as she indicated. “good boy she clapped” as she walks out the room and bringing back in with her the blue potty with elmo on the front. She placed it in the middle of the room and indicated with her finger to come to her “Emily we are in the kitchen”, I said nervously as I saw the blinds was not shut. “I know she said. When you need to go to the potty then I will bring it to us where ever we are, sometimes it is hard to find a Toilet so this will be easier if we go out” she said as she was pulling down my trousers and Pull ups – “sit down” she indicated to the potty. I sat and tucked my penis down. “now don’t move and tell me when you think you have finished” – Emily went back to the sink to carry on washing up. She was humming to herself.

I had to close my eyes as I was finding it hard to wee in this thing. In the end a sigh of relief came over me as I let my bladder empty. “Emily I am done” I said. Almost proud with myself at achieving such a thing. “Ok, I am just finishing the washing up, sit there like a good boy” she said. I was anxious someone would come to the kitchen window and look in. What felt like forever she came over to me and told me to stand up. She produced some wipes out the pack of the baby wipes and started wiping the front of my crotch area. “Ok Jakey, time for bed” I looked at the clock and saw it was 8pm. “Emily, it is only 8pm” – “that’s correct” she said “but remember my mum is coming tomorrow so we need to be up nice and early”.

She had me step out the Pull up and trousers and held my hand as we went upstairs, there on the bed was a fresh Pull up and pyjamas laid out for me. “arms up” she said as she started pulling off my t-shirt. I had to go through the endurance of her pulling up a fresh Pull up on me and helping me get dressed in my Pyjamas. I brushed my teeth while she was in the bedroom sorting something out. When I came out and climbed into bed. I heard a crinkly noise. “I had to put a waterproof sheet on, just in case you have an accident” She came over and kissed me on the head saying goodnight and sweet dreams. I just lay there as she went downstairs and could hear her cleaning the stuff we had left in the kitchen. My ears started listening when I heard her speaking to her mum on the phone.

I couldn’t hear all the bits but certainly the laughter and vague words like “yes he went to bed without complaint” “I know he actually used the potty” My eyes closed wondering what torture I am in for tomorrow. See I have not introduced Emily’s mum at all so far. Her name is Jayne and she hates me from the beginning. But more about her later…


I‘m looking forward’ to Jake being dressed as a baby girl!


I really like the setup. Hope there is soon more to come


The Girls Holiday (Part 5 )
Buzz, buzz , buzz as the alarm was going off again and Emily was coming back into the bedroom from having a shower. “Jake” she said “time to get up” Just at that moment I saw Jayne walk into the bedroom- “don’t worry about him” she said “you need to get ready for work” Jayne came over to my side of the bed and pulled the covers down – I am unsure why but I felt exposed even though I was lying there in my pyjamas. “Time to get up mister” she said “ and I have not got all day, I had to take time from work to come and look after you so don’t make me wait” – Jayne was a Head Teacher at a local primary school, I wondered how she took time off when she is in charge of the whole school, from previous experiences I knew not to mess with her so I quickly jumped out of bed.
“good” she said as she came over and pulled down my pyjama’s bottoms. “still dry, I see” she said looking at my infantile pull ups. “Emily does Jake need help in the shower or do you trust him in there by himself” I looked over at Emily as she was just pulling her dress down over her body she gave me a look and asked the same question to me “So what you think Jakey, does my mum have to shower you? Or can you be trusted not to use the toilet while you are in there?” I had both sets of eyes gazing on me as I shyly responded “you can trust me” – I didn’t even finish the whole sentence as Jayne interrupted and said “ok jump in the shower. Then downstairs in just a towel and we can get you ready for the day” – I walked past both women in just my Pull up and t-shirt and heard Emily say just as I got out the room “his bum looks cute in that”
In the shower I was thinking about what would happen on the day ahead. I heard the door close as Emily left for work and I knew I had better hurry up since Jayne was waiting downstairs. I got out the shower and wrapped a towel round my body and followed orders to go downstairs. I went into the living room where Jayne was at the dining room table on her laptop speaking to some people, she paused as she could see I came in “Jake, please go sit on the floor while I finish off my meeting” – I manoeuvred past the computer and could see about 10-12 people on Zoom, I knew that Jayne was on webcam as well so I made sure I avoided that part and slowly sat on the floor as instructed.
“ok thank you everyone and sorry I couldn’t be there but my daughter needed me more” was the finishing sentence I heard to the end of the meeting. She came over to me where she gestured with her finger for me to stand up – there she took of my towel, I unconsciously put my hands down to try and cover my penis and she said “don’t worry Jake I have seen it all before and trust me over the next 4 weeks you wont care by the end of it” as she was pulling up the pull ups that she got out the pack. “now I think we need to go over some rules” “come and sit down on the sofa with me” I looked at her as she strolled over to the sofa and sat down ushering me to come and sit next to her. I thought about asking where the rest of my clothes was but I thought I be best to hear the rules first. As I slowly sat down next to her my naked legs brushed against her tights – I knew they felt good but something about feeling them on my naked legs got me a little confused at the feeling.
“now as you know I work in a primary school that consist of a Nursery with Years 1 to 6” “Jake I have adopted the following rules from our reception class and added a little extra as I see necessary” She pulled out a piece of paper and started reading them off.

  1. Be careful and Kind
  2. Listen and Look when someone is talking to us
  3. Look after your things
  4. Put your hand up if you want to speak and I will grant you permission unless if I have asked you a question
  5. Sit nicely on the carpet – she pointed as the rug in front of the TV
  6. Ask if you need the potty and I will help you.
  7. You will address me as Miss
    “any of them that need explaining?” she looked down at me after reading them out. “I understand them” I said – She coughed and I looked again at what I missed “I understand them miss” correcting myself on my error “aww that’s better she said, now do you need the potty yet?” – “no miss” I responded but knowing it won’t be long before I need a wee. “right then” she said “on the floor you go and I will switch something on for you to watch” I got off the sofa and reluctantly sat on the rug as she instructed. I did wonder if she forgot my clothes sitting there feeling very vulnerable in just my pull-up. She switched on the TV to the Kids channel and up came Peppa Pig. I knew best not to argue as she proceeded to go back to her laptop into another meeting.
    A short while passed and my increasing pressure in my bladder increased but there was another problem brewing itself up. One that I never thought about at all, I need a poo- I looked over at her on the table with her webcam on and knew that if I stood up, they would be able to see me. I stayed still on the floor and put my hand up like I remembered on the Rules sheet. She looked back at me and nodded for me to speak “er, I need the potty miss” I said in a very soft quite voice hoping no-one on the other end could hear it. She turned back to the laptop and said “Ok Ladies let’s take a break meet back in 5 minutes” She stood up and produced the potty that Emily had washed from last night and placed it on the floor next to her laptop. “Stand up Jake and come and sit down on your potty” – I looked over at the laptop and could see the zoom conference still on with her webcam broadcasting. So, stood up and quickly ran over to her hoping that no-one was looking at the time. She pulled down my Pull ups and sat me down on the potty and asked me if I wanted a drink “Yes please” I said as she exited the living room into the kitchen to go make one.
    I sat there on the potty and went for a wee. I had just started pushing for a poo when she had walked back in with a Cup of juice for me and a Cup of Tea for herself. “you finished yet” she asked looking at my red face “No miss I am just going poo” I responded back – She burst out laughing “oh my Emily was certainly right, I mean I have seen little boys use the potty before but this is one for the record book” “I didn’t know you had to use the potty for a poo poo Jake so I need to go back to meeting, put your hand up when you have finished” as she sat down at the table I looked to the left and could see her cross her legs under the table. I carried on pushing and looking at her dangling her feet. There was something about her shoes and her feet covered in her Black tights as she was dangling her heels off and rubbing her feet together under the table.
    I had finished using the potty and looked up at her and put my hand up. She looked at me and knew that I had finished so she turned back to the laptop “sorry all I have to be back again soon; Jake has finished on the potty and needs help” – I sat there in shock thinking that she has told all the teachers at the school she works about me. She got up from her chair and instead of walking over towards me she first grabbed a packet of baby wipes from the living room table. I could hear chatting in the background so knew that she left the meeting on but couldn’t see what way the camera was pointing.
    As she came closer “now this is how you properly wipe a child after he has gone poo poo in the potty” she said looking at the camera ushering me to stand up. I sat there not wanting to get up at all as she came closer and grabbed my hands. “how dare you not listen to me mister” she shouted at me as she pulled me up to standing position “now, take note and please gather some ideas on a punishment suitable for not listening to me she instructed the meeting” She bent me over and started pulling out the baby wipes from the packet wiping my bum with each one. “Make sure you get into the crack” she commented as doing it. Tears was in my eyes. I am not sure if it was from the humiliation or her shouting at me. She finished cleaning me and with pulling my pull ups back up she turned to the meeting “right then I think it is time we hear some punishments for not listening to me when instructed” I was pulled over to the laptop as she sat down on the chair and pulled me onto her waiting Lap. There in front of me was about 3-4 Teachers all staring at me as one started to speak “I think a suitable punishment would be….

totally hooked. For punishment ideas, maybe having to drink a bottle standing in the corner.


The Girls Holiday (Part 6 )

“the naughty spot” she said. Jayne commented back “very good, now can anyone remember how many minutes it is for a child?” they all thought about it and I could hear various suggestions until someone shouted “1 Minute per age”, “Jake, please tell everyone your age” – I looked at them all wondering what she meant I mean I looked about 5 at the moment sitting there in just a Pull up with tears slowing trickling down my eyes “18 Miss” I sobbed. I heard a roar of laughter as comments about me looking about 5 or 7 erupted.
“now I will be back in a moment” Jayne said ushering me off her lap and taking me by the hand and dragging me to the kitchen backdoor. “Jake, I have not got a suitable time-out spot” so you will sit by the backdoor here on the kitchen floor till I come back and fetch you. I slowly sat on the cold tiled floor wondering what just happened and if I could believe it. It had dawned on me that this was only the 2nd day of my 26-day staying dry challenge and already I wanted to give up. I kept on thinking about the end goal to get back in my normal underwear and stay at home while Emily went away for 2 weeks. I then had thoughts about why I was still there I mean no-one is going to stop me if I wanted to get up and walk out of the house, but as I looked down and saw my naked body with just a pull up round my crotch I thought I had best comply with things and endure what they had planned.
Jayne true to her word came back in after 18 minutes and knelt down in front of me “now Jake, do you have something to say” she said – “sorry miss” I replied as she came and gave me a hug. She has never given me a hug before during the time that I had been going out with Emily so this was a strange feeling. It felt good in a way after being told of for something to then receive something and be nurtured for. “ok Jake, come and play in the living room floor like a good boy” she said as she stood back up again walking off. “your drink is there she said pointing to the table, do you need help or can you manage” she said sarcastically. “I can manage miss” I said after taking a drink of it and proceeding to go sit on the floor. I got bored very quickly after watching many episodes of peppa pig. The day continued relatively easy I needed a wee in the afternoon and Jayne was right I soon got over the humiliation and was sitting on the potty in the living room as she watched.
The door shut as Emily walked in from work. “hello” she said as she walked in the living room, “mum you didn’t dress Jake?” she said as she looked at me sitting there in my pull up. Jayne responded “no, it was better that way and I could keep an eye on his pull up better”. Emily came over to me and gave me a kiss on the forehead “so Jakey did you behave” with her eye brows raised. Her mum interrupted before I responded “He was a good boy; we had a little incident but we soon sorted that didn’t we Jake” – I responded by nodding my head yes. “aww that’s good.” Emily responded as she clapped her hands. Jayne packed away things and started heading towards the door “See you tomorrow Jake” she said as she went into the hallway with Emily. “thanks, mum, for looking after him” Emily said as she hugged her. “no problem, see you in the morning” she said as she left the house.
Emily came back into the living room signalled for me to come with her into the kitchen, I followed and on the fridge was my potty-training sticker chart, Emily produced a sticker and said “time to stick it on day 1” – I took the sticker from her and though 1 down another 25 to go. I felt proud of myself for achieving this. The rest of the night went ok. I had to ask for the Potty again and Emily helped me. We ate dinner in silence, we watched a film together on the sofa and she tucked me into bed as usual at 8pm.
Saying that the rest of the week went ok. Jayne would come in the morning and get me dressed for the day, I sat on the floor watching kids’ TV while she had meetings and the usual carried on once Emily got home from work. Saturday morning was different however as Emily pulled up my pull up and trousers, she told me to sit on the bed and pulled a pair of socks onto my feet and produced my trainers. I looked at her funny and she saw me looking “Jake I usual go grocery shopping on a weekend. How am I meant to keep an eye on you if you don’t come with me” she was right but I never thought about going out in a pull up. Will people notice? What happens if my t-shirt rides up? What do I do if I need the potty while out? – was all the questions going round in my head as she was holding my hand towards the front door to the awaiting car in the drive.
“Jake the new law has been passed so you need to sit in the back as you are under 135cm” (here in the UK they made a new law where a child under 135cm has to be in the back and in a car seat if they are under 12) it was annoying as I was just on 121cm so close yet so far. Luckily because I was 18 by law, I escaped the humiliation of a car seat but knowing that I would fit in one sent shivers down my spine as I climbed into the back seat and Emily reached over to buckle me by the seat belt.
We arrived at Asda and did the usual shop all the time I was self-conscious and kept pulling at my t-shit hoping it wasn’t riding up and looking round to see if anyone was staring at me. We reached the toy aisle and Emily announced “so my mum told me you have been playing on the floor and watching kids TV, would you like a toy to play with to keep you entertained” I looked up and could see toys in front of me with labels coming out of the side of the shelves (Age 3-5) (Age 5-8). I glanced at everything and didn’t know what to pick. Emily became annoyed with me and told me to hurry up.
I knew in my mind that I didn’t want to pick anything to dangerous like a nerf gun that was on display as Emily would shut me down completely. But on the other part of my mind I didn’t want to pick anything to babyish like the Baby phone toy that was on display. Emily pulled something off the shelve and said “ok times up. You will have this” – I could not see what it was as she walked off towards the checkout. I followed trying to catch a glimpse of what it was but no much how much effort I put in it failed as before I blinked it was back in the bag in the trolley.
We got back to the car as I was buckled in. Emily went back to the boot to load the awaiting backs into the car. Emily got into the car and announced “you can have the toy on Monday for achieving 1 week of keeping your pants dry” We drove back home and the rest of the weekend went well. Monday sure enough came round quick as I was woken up by Jayne shaking me awake. “Jack time to wake up. Something has happened so you need to come with me to…


Keeps being interesting. I wonder when and how his first accident will happen.


The Girls Holiday (Part 7 )

Work” she announced. I sat bolt upright in bed thinking I was dreaming but was shot back to reality when I picked up out of bed. Jayne had picked me up onto her hips and was carrying me towards the bathroom like I was a small toddler. My limbs felt numb as I looked round the room and could see Emily in the distance putting on her bra and drying her hair. Once in the bathroom I was placed on the floor where Jayne pulled down my pyjama trousers and said “good bye another dry night I see” she continued to pull off my pyjamas and my pullup. “right, we don’t have time for a shower” she said as she produced a packet of baby wipes “so just a quick wipe here and there” she said as she was scrubbing the baby wipes all over my body. I stood there in complete shock of what was happening and lost track as she said “Step”. I looked down to the awaiting pull up and stepped into it. She proceeded to grab my hand and walked back into the bedroom with me where Emily had laid out my outfit on the bed.

I was told to sit as Jayne dressed me and put socks and trainers on me and then picked me up as before and carried me out the front door and placed me into the back of her car. We drove about 4-5 miles down the round and got to some big gates (Welcome to Lakeside Primary School) the sign said as we drove in and parked in a car parking spot that had the letters HT written on the ground. We walked in and I followed into the awaiting office. “Jayne thanks for coming, we have had a call that Ofsted might be coming to inspect the school in 2 weeks’ time” The lady then looked at me with a concerning look on her face “and who is this little guy then” she said in a playful tone.

Jayne said that my name was Jake and that she was looking after me. She asked for the Lady to take me down to Reception class. The Lady looked confused and clarified “reception?” Jayne responded “oh yeah sorry I forgot to mention Jake might look older than he actually is but he is a little slow with learning”. The lady nodded and followed the ordered given to her as she took my hand and led me down a colourful corridor into the waiting class of Bumble Bees. Once inside I was greeted my Miss Honey “Hello Jake” she said “you can sit on the floor over here” she pointed at the piece of carpet in between 2 children.

I slowly walked over and sat down next to the looking 4-year olds. And started joining in with the lesson that they had going on. We learnt about the weather and the different types of clothes we could wear during summer or winter. Break time came quicker than I thought as all the children rushed out of the classroom into the awaiting playground. I stayed behind a little and Miss Honey noticed, “Jack hurry up and go play” she said patting by back softly as to usher me out the door. “er, Miss” I said slowly walking. “yes Jake?” she replied with a quizzing look on her face. “I need the potty” I replied with embarrassment. She grabbed my hand and walked me over to some toilet cubicles and pointed. It was strange there in front of me was a toilet and it had only been a week since I have been in pull ups using a Potty but I almost forgot what a toilet looked like and how to use one. I went into the cubicle and noticed it had no door to shut as I looked back out, I could see Miss Honey humming to herself on the other side of the room but looking over every now and again to make sure that I was ok.

I pulled my trousers and Pull ups down and sat on the toilet. It felt good to have a little bit of independence back despite in such humiliating conditions. I soon finished and stood back up where I pulled my pull up back up and trousers, I washed my hands and then went out to the awaiting playground. I was encouraged by one of the teacher assistants to sit on a bike and ride it round the playground, it felt good in a way that I was enjoying myself but was this my life now? I still missed not playing on the PlayStation.

The rest of the day went fine, we had snack time on the carpet with a cartoon of milk and some biscuits and carried on learning about things. The children went home and I was sitting on the floor with my legs crossed when Jayne came into the room. “Miss Honey, thanks so much for watching Jack for me” she announced across the room as she came towards me and ushered me to stand up. “Jack lets see if you have had an accident” she commented as she pulled down my trousers and looked at the circle on the front of the pull up. “how dare you” she shouted.

I was so confused looking down to realising that the circle had faded a little bit indicating I was wet. Thoughts crossed my mind as I was so confused how? When? All the commotion caused Miss Honey to come across and see for herself. “Jayne, he has been using the toilet all day so I am not sure why the circle has faded” she commented in my defence. I stood there while they poked and chatted trying to figure it out when Jayne snapped her fingers and said “that’s it. After the toilet we normally wipe Jake down with baby wipes ect. He must have pulled up his pull ups after going for a wee and dribbled a little”. Miss Honey gave a nod and replied “that’s it, sorry I didn’t know he needed help and thought he could do it all by himself”.

I was left standing there in the middle of the classroom as Jayne exited the room and said “Miss Honey. I am just popping next door to the Nursery to see if they have……


Might be MIA for a week or 2 have a busy schedule. So have 3 Parts to keep you busy Reading…



The Girls Holiday (Part 8 )

“a spare nappy as I didn’t bring any pull ups” I almost chocked at hearing them words. I was not sure what she meant I thought a Pull up was a nappy? I stood there as Miss Honey started laying out a changing mat beside me and some Baby wipes in a packet. “Jake it be best if you take off your trousers and lie down on the mat please” she ordered. I reluctantly laid down in the middle of the mat and was staring at some plastic stars they put on the ceiling. I started to sob a little at the thought of not putting a sticker on my potty-training chart at home.

Jayne came back in the room. “oh, good you already lying down” she said with a happy smile on her face. She came over to me and knelt down on the floor and suddenly ripped the sides of my Pull ups lifted my bum and removed the hardly wet pull up. I tried not to lift my head to look down my body and instead carried on looking at the ceiling when all of a sudden, I saw Miss Honey walk past. It was hard not to notice as I could see perfectly from being down on the floor right up her skirt and at her red knickers she was wearing. I could feel my legs being lifted and my crotch area being wiped with a baby wipe as my penis started to react to what I was seeing.

Suddenly a sharp smack on my bottom got my attention and snapped me out of it “Naughty Boy” Jayne shouted while smacking me as she placed the nappy under my bum. I started to sob a little more as Miss Honey came over and knelt beside me as well “shhhh she cooed at me” as she pulled a Dummy from her pocket. “here you go have this and calm down” she said as she shoved it into my mouth. I wanted to argue but knew best not to and accept defeat and suck it. As Jayne pulled the nappy through my crotch and started tapping it up, I couldn’t help notice that the dummy actually worked and calmed me down and the tears had calmed down.

Trousers was pulled back over my new nappy and my shoes was put back on “Time to go home Jake” Jayne announced “say bye to Miss Honey and thank her for your present” – I wondered what she meant by present but I put 2 and 2 together and quickly realised that she wanted me to keep the dummy that I forgot was in my mouth. I got to my feet and could already feel the difference between a Pull up and a Nappy. It was bulkier and made me walk slower as I waddled and said “thank you miss honey” as I was instructed. Jayne was in a rush and was not waiting around as she picked me up effortlessly placing me on her hips. It must have been a sight as Miss Honey let of a chuckle.

Jayne walked out the building and placed me into the back seat of the car to drove back home. Once we arrived, I was taken out the car again and carried into the house to see Emily sitting there from work. Jayne placed me on the floor in the living room. Emily looked confused but came over to me and produced the toy that she had bought over the weekend for me to play with. She got it out the bag and placed it Infront of me. “Jake, keep your dummy in and play with your new toy, Me and my mum need to discuss some adult things” – I looked down in front of me and saw a unicorn ring stacker. I could hear the chairs behind me being sat on as Jayne and Emily was sitting to have a chat.

I couldn’t help notice that the toy was Unicorn themed, maybe it is kids toys I thought as some anger inside of my built up thinking it was for Girls. I listened in on the conversation and wanted to respond and butt in so many times but a sob came over my face and knew my fate was sealed.

Jayne – “so the teacher didn’t know that Jake needed help. After the toilet he didn’t wipe himself causing dribbles in his pull ups”

Emily – “oh ok. But he still went to the potty and used it?”

Jayne – “yeah. I had to grab a real nappy from the nursery as I didn’t have a spare pull up with me and didn’t want him to sit wet in the car on the way home. Even though he didn’t notice he was wet in the first place”

Emily – “Oh my mum you have a real baby nappy on him? Those actually fit him?”

Jayne – “yeah size 6 works wonders. Just remember he can’t use the potty in nappies as they not pull on and you have to tape them”

Emily – “oh yeah, so what is with the dummy?”

Jayne- “he was crying so much that the teacher gave it him to calm him down, it worked and he was calm in no time, oh did I tell you the bad news.

Jayne – “I cannot look after Jake for the last week of his potty training as we have inspectors coming into school and if he fails his potty mission then I won’t be able to come and stay while you are on holiday”

Emily – “well I guess if he fails, he will have to come with us”

Jayne – “it is a girls holiday remember. So only fitting if he was a girl” (she laughed)

Emily – “we will see. As for the week before my friends was coming over to stay the weekend just before we go anyways. I will see if Charlotte is free to stay an extra couple of nights to look after Jake while I go to work”

Jayne left after saying bye and Emily came back into the room and came over to me. “I heard you have had a busy day lets get you some dinner, showered and ready for bed” she said taking the dummy from my mouth. I couldn’t sleep that night as I was lying there in bed in my new pull up. It felt good to take the nappy off and I am glad to report it was dry and Emily was happy. She examined it like she had never seen nappies before and I got scared thinking she had something planned. My mind kept going back to the conversation between Emily and Jayne. Take me on holiday as a girl? Charlotte to look after me?

I considered charlotte worse than Jayne. She was the meanest of Emily’s friends and always hated me and commented on how I looked like a child and should never be with Emily in the first place. I slowly drifted of to sleep and the rest of the 2 weeks with Jayne worked out to be ok. I got a sticker every night as usual.

“Morning Jake” Emily said as she got out of bed to go have her shower. “Remember my mum can no longer come so Charlotte is coming today and is moving in with us till the holiday this weekend. I have assessed the situation and if you manage to get 6 more stickers then you can stay at home as planned. If you miss 1 sticker or have an accident this week then we will have to take you on holiday and start again” she said as she was kissing my forehead.

“Emily” – just as I was about to speak the doorbell rang. “ooo that must be charlotte” she said as she rushed out the bedroom to go answer the door


The Girls Holiday (Part 9 )

“Morning Jake” Emily said as she got out of bed to go have her shower. “Remember my mum can no longer come so Charlotte is coming today and is moving in with us till the holiday this weekend. I have assessed the situation and if you manage to get 6 more stickers then you can stay at home as planned. If you miss 1 sticker or have an accident this week then we will have to take you on holiday and start again” she said as she was kissing my forehead.
“Emily” – just as I was about to speak the doorbell rang. “ooo that must be charlotte” she said as she rushed out the bedroom to go answer the door

Emily comes back into the room followed by Charlotte., now more than ever I felt uncomfortable with the situation that I was in as I was in the bed in pyjamas and a pull up underneath with one of Emily’s friends standing in the same room. I am not sure what was worse being her friend or the last couple of weeks being her mum that was going to take charge of me. “Well, are you not going to say hi” Emily snapped at me as she carried on getting dressed ready for work. Charlotte walked over to the side of the bed and reached under the covers and felt the front of my pull up. “still dry well done” she said in a high pitch voice. Emily laughed as she did and commented “He is not in real nappies so should be able to tell you when he is dry or not, you don’t have to check him like a baby”
“oh sorry, I am used to looking after my cousin and she is still a little baby” Charlotte replied as she started pulling back the covers on the bed. Now I am not sure if I have introduced Charlotte but she has been a friend of Emily’s for a good 12 years after meeting each other in primary school, they speak to each other on the phone virtually every night and Charlotte has always been mean to me commenting that Emily shouldn’t of got with me and that I am so small that I should be treated like a baby and that no women would have me. “right I am looking after you now” charlotte said as she picked me up effortlessly out of bed and carried me like a baby to the bathroom, just as we left Emily shouted “Be good Jakey and do everything Charlotte says, remember if you are not good then we don’t have to put a sticker on your chart”. I was confused the stickers are rewards for keeping dry and not following every order given to me. The only reason I was enduring the next 6 days is to be trusted to stay alone while they go away.
As I was placed down on the floor, Charlotte knelt down to my height I could see the stern look on her face, “This is more humiliating for me than you Jake, Your girlfriends friend coming over to give you a bath and to dress you in your pull ups cause you cant keep your pants dry. I keep trying to convince Emily to put your ass back in nappies and treat you like a baby. You are so lucky you weren’t m BF or you would regret it” she commented as I took a gulp as she learnt over into the bath and started running the water. Tears started forming in my eyes as I realised, I was going to be given a bath by Charlotte and the pain that I would have to endure in the next 6 days. The only thing that was going through my brain I guess was the end goal of freedom and therefore I had to follow everything to get there. My thoughts were quickly interrupted as Charlotte came over to me and pulled down my pyjama trousers, “Charlotte” I said quietly. “Yes Jake” she replied while lifting of my pyjama top “I er need the potty” I said even more quiet than the last time – “ooo my you are trying to be a big boy today” she replied as she stood up and left the room.
She returned a short while with the potty in her hand and a packet of Baby wipes with a new pull up, She set the potty down next to the toilet “Can I not just use the toilet” I said looking at it next to the potty “Jake you make me laugh the toilet is taller than you and you might fall off and hurt yourself, now sit down on the potty and make a wee wee” she said yanking my pull up down. I knew it best not to argue as I sat down on the potty, it took a while for me to make a Wee as Charlotte was just standing there looking at me, I slowly looked up and could see her towering over me like I was a little kid. She carried on looking and smiling almost with defeat in her eyes. “I think I have finished” I said, and she quickly grabbed my hand to stand me up and wipe me down with the awaiting baby wipe. “In the bath you go” she said as she grabs me under my arms and picks me up and puts me in the bath, where I sit down. I look down and could see the water just covering my knees “Charlotte the water is not covering me” I said observing my current state, she laughs “of course it is not Jake, we have to be careful in the bath as baby may drowned. Just count yourself lucky that you have not go a baby bath or we will be in the living room having a bath” she said. As she washed me with a cloth, I thought about what she said. A baby bath? Would I actually fit in one? I guess if I could fit in a car sit then I could fit in one I shuddered at the thought as Charlotte was searching through her handbag and pulled out a Pink Duck and placed it in the bath with me.
“Can you say Duck Jake” she commented looking at me, I played along with her game “Duck” I replied back as she clapped her hands “Aww Baby is learning some new words” she commented in a happy patronising voice. “Right then, we have a busy day today Aunty Charlotte is moving in so we have to empty the spare bedroom so the baby has somewhere to sleep, I got some stuff given to me from my cousin that they don’t need no longer as she is now grown up” I thought to myself, Am I the baby she is referring to? Her cousin is a girl? And grown up? She is only 3 how can she be grown up? Did she address herself as Aunty? Thoughts were filling my head again as I was picked up out the bath and dried with a towel.


The Girls Holiday (Part 10 )

I stepped into the new pull up and it was pulled up by Charlotte. She laughed again “They actually fit you and you can still go up a size or 2, can you say car as she poked the front of the design” she said – I could feel my Penis get a little hard as she kept poking the front “Car” I replied with a croaky voice. “Well done” she said as she lifted me up and carried me back into the bedroom. She hummed as she was flicking through all my clothes. “this will do” she said as she pulled out a Thomas the tank t-shirt with some black shorts and blue socks. I looked wide opened as I forgot I had the T-shirt and was in the wardrobe but never actually worn. She looked in the label “ha size 6-7” she laughed. I could only sit there as she dressed me like a toddler.

“right all dressed” she said pulling me back to my feet. Aunty Charlotte needs your help. “Here have some black bags, you need to pick out 6 more outfits till Saturday and the rest of the clothes to go in the bags” she commented giving me clear instruction “I will be back in a bit, I need to unpack the car oh and remember Jake you don’t need any underwear for your outfits as you have your nappies” she said leaving the room. I hate the word nappies it made me feel so small and they are not nappies they are pull ups there is a clear difference.

I wondered what she had in the car as all I heard was more and more things being bought into the house. I slowly started packing all my drawers into the awaiting bags observing each item as it went it. In a way I was glad as I needed to sort my wardrobe out in a long run as it had a mixture of infantile clothes like the Thomas and tank t-shirt, I was wearing to majority of my clothes being a plain red t-shirt size 6-7. The hardest part was the underwear as I put them in the bag, I thought to myself that I could finally get back into them in 6 days’ time, once finished I was told to carry them into the spare bedroom that was now empty. I wondered what Charlotte had done to all the things that was in there. The bed was missing and all the junk we had stored over the years of living here.

I placed the Black bags into the single wardrobe that was still left into the room. “good” charlotte said coming in behind me to observer her work and mine. “right we have plenty to get on with and it is already lunchtime, come downstairs for a snack”. I walked downstairs not believing it took all that time to sort everything out. “Jake, lunch is ready, now please sit on here” Charlotte commented. I looked at the dining room chair and noticed an object on it. “Charlotte there seems to be something on my seat” I said confused at the object. “Oh, silly me, it is your new on the go booster to help you be a little taller, I noticed when we were having the Chinese you just about could reach the table. Here let me help you” she said picking me up and putting me into the seat. She quickly pulled a strap through my crotch and buckled me in.

She left the room to get lunch as I looked down at the straps that held me in. I fiddled with them but couldn’t seem to unbuckle them. I got caught as Charlotte came back into the room with my lunch “Ha silly boy you cannot unbuckle yourself as it requires a key, can’t have baby falling out now can we” she laughed as she placed mash potatoes and fish fingers cut up into pieces on a plate Infront of me. She also placed a pink Sippy cup with juice in front of me on the table. “now tuck in Jake, it is so good of my cousin to give you all her things now she is grown up”. Looking at the items I have received over the morning I plucked up the courage to ask “Charlotte, all the things you are giving me are Girls items” I said.

“yes of course they are, my cousin is a Toddler Girl, is there a problem?” she replied in a tone. “I am a boy, girls smell” I said trying to confirm my Gender identity. I think I commented to far as she stood up and came over to me, she grabbed my chin and forced me to look up at her “Girls smell? do they? well Jake babies like you don’t care if you are playing with a Girls toy or if you are playing with a boys toy. You best hope to yourself that you keep your nappies dry this week or I will make sure you suffer for that comment on holiday, now eat” She said with a stern voice. I slowly looked back down and started eating the food that was laid out in front of me.

“charlotte I need the potty” I commented half way through. “Jake please finish your food first I am sure a big boy like you can hold it?” – She was right I should be able to hold it but I couldn’t cross my legs as the crotch strap was forcing my legs apart. The intensity grew as she walked out the room. “charlotte” I cried….


Ohh, know I know why this story felt so familiar. You already published it on DD :grin:

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I did indeed. - Worth reading again though :slight_smile:

It seems that Charlotte tried to make Jake look like a girl, expecting her to let Jake put on her cousin’s clothes and dress up as a little girl to go out.


The Girls Holiday (Part 11 )

As I sat there trying to hold my wee in, I had tears in my eyes and quickly finished my dinner that it gave me hiccups moving so quick as Charlotte said before I could use the potty, I had to finish dinner. Charlotte came back in the living room with the potty in her hands she looked at me squirming and came over with the Key in her hand to unbuckle my straps. I leapt down as fast as I could, pulling down my trousers and Pull up. Just as I sat on the awaiting potty, I let out a wee. I am sure some even came out before my bum even hit the seat.

Charlotte looked at me, “whew that was close one, no wonder you wet yourself you can’t even hold it for 5 minutes” she said as I will still sitting there relieved by the pressure. She came over to me and stood me up and cleaned me down with the baby wipes, “Jake please can you carry all the things in the things in the hallway upstairs to the spare bedroom, while I clean your potty” she said as she was pulling back on my pull ups and shorts.

I quickly went into the hallway and started carrying up pieces of wood, a mattress and some suitcases with some bags of assorted things. Charlotte joined me in the spare bedroom and we constructed a bed together. It dawned on me half way through that this was not an average bed but one for a toddler it was short and had like a side to it. Once constructed Charlotte put the mattress on it and pulled out a waterproof crinkly bottom sheet, she then topped it with a Thomas the tank duvet and 1 pillow standing back to admire the work “Baby can sleep tonight”

She carried the suitcases into Emily’s bedroom as I followed. I had to help pack her clothes into the wardrobe that I emptied from my clothes. She was passing me dresses to hang and then started passing me her underwear. As I was handling the frilly knickers, thongs, tights and bras, I couldn’t help notice them. Charlotte caught me looking “are you that much of a saddo that you have to inspect girl’s underwear as well” she snapped and I quickly put them in the drawer.

“there all finished” she said with a glee on her face. I must admit it felt like I had moved out and she had moved in. we walked back into the spare bedroom where she set up a webcam on the counter and pointed it on the floor. She then tipped out a bag of toys over the floor. I looked and could see Dolls, Lego blocks, Pink Bunny, Shape Sorting cube amongst an array of items. She picked up the Pink Bunny and placed it on the bed.

Charlotte then pointed to the floor and said “sit and play” I looked down at the floor and knew that I had to entertain myself with the humiliating toys that was presented. “I will be back in a bit, if you need me then call Aunty and I will come up” she said leaving me on the floor as she walked out the door closing it shut. I started organizing things into piles and putting Lego together as I could hear Charlotte downstairs washing up.

I lost track of time as Emily came into the bedroom. I was still sat playing. “Oh this is awesome Charlotte thanks for organising it all” she announced coming over to me and kneeling to give me a kiss on the forehead “I have put what Jake will be wearing for the next week in your wardrobe, hope you don’t mind” replied Charlotte. “not at all” Emily replied back. I felt completely little sitting there on the floor as the 2 women had a chat over clothes and the room without even paying hardly any attention to me. “Jake you can come down for dinner, do you need a Wee wee?” Emily announced, this is the first time she has asked me if I needed to use the potty, normally I would ask them. “Er a little” I replied. “Charlotte can you sort Jake while I go serve dinner” Emily said. Charlotte of course nodded and took me by the hand downstairs to the potty.

Emily asked the question and passed me over to Charlotte. I thought maybe I could say a little to get Emily alone to ask her some questions and convince her to start letting me wear my underwear a week early. I totally felt ashamed of myself to be passed over and Emily didn’t seem to care as Charlotte pulled down my trousers and pull up and told me to sit down.

A short while later I announced I was finished “Me and charlotte are busy you can stay sitting till an adult gets you off the potty” Emily announced as they carried on carrying in the dinner plates from the kitchen. I sat there in complete silence looking around and wondered how much longer it would be, soon enough Emily came over to me and got me off the potty and wiped me down. I was walked over to the dining room table for dinner where I had to endure sitting in the booster seat again to eat the dinner. As I sat there eating Charlotte and Emily had a good natter about Nails and Hair ect. It was like I was not there, every now and again one would look over at me “good boy nearly finished” they would say to encourage me as I slowly ate.

After dinner I was unbuckled from the seat and carried upstairs to get ready for bed. “night night Jakey” they both said as one by one came and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I lay there in shock as they went downstairs. Charlotte actually kissed me on the head I never normally got a hug from her but tonight was different for some reason. I took in my surroundings in the Spare bedroom and was surprised I actually fitted into the Toddler bed that I helped Charlotte build, each movement I was reminded of the crinkly plastic sheet underneath me. I looked round further more and could see my new toys had been tidied a little and the Webcam was not pointing at me. I stared into the camera and wondered if they were watching me. I slowly drifted off to sleep getting bored with just lying there.

Meanwhile downstairs…

Charlotte – “Jake said girls smell today to me”.

Emily – “yeah, he has always been a little sexist to be honest”

Charlotte – “You best hope that your bf does not wet his pants cause if he is coming on this holiday with us then he is going to be one of the girls”

Emily – (Laughed) “I wouldn’t even know where to begin with nappies and bottles”

Charlotte – “well Jessica, louise and myself all have experience so our new baby girl will be well looked after”

Emily – “unless if he manages to keep his pants dry”