The Girl Who Wore Nappies To Class - Part 2

(A bit of a shorter one)

“So, am I right in saying that right now you are in a wet nappy?” I already knew the answer, obviously. She didn’t answer me with words, just nodded. I couldn’t help but find it so cute - a girl way past the age to wear a nappy sitting next to me with one on and peed in.

“I suppose you need to go to the toilets to… uh change.”

“I want to stay in my nappy for now I think.”

Her words baffled me - surely she would want to get out of her wet nappies in favour of underwear, or at the very least a clean nappy.

“I don’t think it is healthy for you to stay in that wet nappy, I really think you should change. Do you have another nappy in your bag or-”

“Yes, I have another one. But it is no big deal, I can change myself when I get home. Anyways, it would be embarrassing to have to change in a stall with barely any room”

“You can always change here.”

Immediately, my face went hot as I realised the extent of what I said, and I noticed that Paige was shocked herself.

“S-sorry I didn’t mean- I was just tryna be-”

Paige giggled, “You are proper thick it seems. OK, I will have my nappies changed but on one condition.”

“And what might that be?”

“The person who is going to change them is you!”

My heart began to race, if I changed her that meant I would see everything, and I wasn’t sure I was quite ready for that, nor did I think she was to be perfectly honest. Nevertheless, Paige lied down on the desk opposite me, inviting me to change her.

“Everything is in my bag.”

I opened up her backpack and found inside a disposable nappy with animal prints emblazoned onto it. There was also a pack of nappy bags and some wet wipes. I took them all out and laid them next to Paige who was looking up at me innocently.

I lifted up her skirt, and despite knowing already what I was going to find, it still managed to shock me. She wore a nappy with the same design as the one I found in the bag, but it was swollen with pee. Looking at her face to check if she was alright with me doing so, I untapped the nappy which had the stench of pee strongly emanating from it.

I rolled the nappy up, which was heavy from use, and stuffed it into one of the nappy bags, which I noticed was larger than the usual ones you usually see. I noticed her privates, but I tried my best to overlook them; I noticed Paige, but I tried my best to overlook her embarrassment.

I took out a couple wet wipes and wiped her down as delicately as I could manage, though she squirmed a bit, it went fairly smoothly. I unfolded the clean nappy and Paige followed suit, lifting up her legs allowing me to slip it under her bum. Finally, I taped up the new nappy around her and patted the finished result.

“All done!”
“You suck at changing nappies,” she stuck her tongue out at me.

“You know you look like a big baby right now, your skirt is still up showing your nappy, let me sort you out.”

I pulled down her skirt and she sat up on the desk.

“You tell anyone and I will spill that you changed my wet butt!”

“Like I would tell anyone,” I joked.

We had a laugh and, as if on queue, the bell signalling the start of the next lesson went off.