The Girl Who Was Made of China (Audio of ch 3 1/5/21)

I’m trying to figure out what’s causing the gravel in your voice. It’s almost like you’re trying to speak in a lower register than your natural voice, or at least a lower volume. Or maybe you just need to keep a glass of water nearby. You’ve got good diction, good clarity, good rhythm otherwise.

Yeah, my mouth dried out like 30 seconds into it. I spent like an hour editing out gross dry mouth sounds lol should have kept them and uploaded it to asmr stream. Could have been worth a fortune.

I’m more surprised I managed to get through it all without ticcing.

Oh hell, that was continuous? Great job!

I can certainly point you to some free software for recording that will make it easier to edit and clean up as you go, so you don’t have to try and run non-stop and hope nothing goes wrong.

I recorded my band’s last album using Reaper, so I can definitely give you a little tutorial help with it.

Thanks xD

I’ve been using Ocensound, another free software, but if Reaper is better I’d give it a shot.

Ocensound is more of a raw audio file editor. Reaper is a full-featured digital audio workstation, where you can record, edit, punch in and out, and add effects to your recording. Makes it much easier to start/stop recording wherever you need to, delete a bum word or phrase (or a tic), re-record it, etc.

Ooh nice! I’ll definitely have to look into that! It would help me slow down and not panic knowing I can pause.

Drop me a DM if you like, I can give you a quick walk-through of it on a Zoom call or something.

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Here’s the audio link for chapter 2. Stay tuned for bloopers and tics at the end :sweat_smile:

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Chapter Three

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