The Girl in The Disposable Nappy

This is the first of many stories from my writings that I feel is ready for posting and critiquing. It wasn’t the one I originally planned to post first but it was the one I had to do the least amount of work to to make presentable. I consider it reasonably complete and have no real intention of adding to it story wise. Hopefully the formatting comes through correctly and is readable. I can not seem to create tags and I have no idea what existing tags there are so I haven’t tagged the story with any themes.

The Girl in The Disposable Nappy

The large roll of white gaffer tape had become a standard item next to their changing bench. They found the gaffer tape was essential, ever since the Adult Disposable
nappies had gone to a cloth backing. The downside of the gaffer was that it was not easily removable and would often tear the backing right off the nappy if an attempt
to remove it was made, the upside was that it would be obvious if somebody had attempted to remove it. It made quickly pulling the nappy down and going to the toilet
very difficult if it had been put on firmly. Often by the end of the day there might be three or four layers of gaffer with the previous layer being neatly cut
across the overlap of the nappies wings. It really depended on if they were playing one of their games or just enjoying a comfortable nappy.

The nappy tapes were used first to get the nappy in the right position and then the gaffer tape would be applied, pulling the nappy tighter and making it firmer and
less likely to leak by removing its ability to sag. Over her hips this meant that there was no way of pulling it down and over his hips it was still possible but
very difficult. Sometimes they would wrap the tape all the way around the circumference of the waist, at the top of the nappy over the upper tapes and then around
the middle of the nappy at the lower tapes. Sometimes they would just put short lengths over the tape to hold them in place. Again, depending on the intended
function of the tape. The full wraps would cause the nappy to be impossible to remove and would often be used during a play session. The short lengths of tape to
hold the nappy tapes in place would be used for general wear and would result in a nappy that could still be removed with a little bit of wiggle and sliding.

Today the tape had been wrapped all around the waist of her nappy and was holding It on very firmly indeed. it was still very soft and comfortable and still rustled
when she walked, but it wasn’t coming off easily with out a pair of scissors. Which, right at this moment was making her a little perplexed. After drinking all day as
she was wandering around town and catching up with friends she was beginning to feel the need to pee and she really didn’t want to pee herself on the train, even if it
WAS into a nappy that nobody could see her know about, She still had a ten minute walk to the house at the other end and, whilst she knew her nappy and the other
layers of protection and coverings would not leak during the walk, it would still be an interesting feeling if she really soaked the nappy.

Nor was there an issue of other people hearing her wet herself. Sometimes a good diaper flooding would make a distinct noise, but today she had a number of factors
going for her that meant nobody would hear or see. She had sat down at one end of the carriage and nobody else was near the isle she had sat in. This meant that
people were not close enough to hear anything, nor were they in visual range to see anything, if indeed there was anything to see. There was not. She was wearing a
knee length black flared dress with motifs of cats and cat footprints on it, with a thick set of red and black petticoats underneath that caused the skirts to flare
very widely. Underneath these petticoats she wore a pair of black silky tights that were pulled up over a pair of black waterproof plastic pants with a high cut waist
and beneath these was a white cloth contoured nappy tightly pinned over her disposable nappy. She was well insulated, well protected and surprisingly comfortable.

The multiple nappies made for a very thick waist and nappy line, but the flared dress and petticoats hid any sign of the nappy completely from any casual observer.
In fact it would be a very lucky OR unlucky person who would be able to see or hear she was wearing a nappy, Even if she bent over fully to pick stuff off the ground.
This was her own private pleasure. For the moment. She had worn this sort of outfit regularly and, after practice around the house, had learnt to walk with the large
bulk between her thighs in a way that meant she didn’t waddle. Or at least waddle in a way that would make an uninformed observer think she was wearing a nappy.

But back to the problem at hand. She still had at least half an hour before she reached home and she estimated she could only hold her pee for another ten or so
minutes before it would become truly uncomfortable. Curses for drinking all that liquid. She hadn’t stayed with one either. She had drunk Coca Cola, Water and a
couple of glasses of wine when she had met her friends. Coke was a diuretic. Perfect to have with a full bladder. She began to regret her choice of drink. She
clenched her thighs together a couple of times and felt the nappies bulk between her legs, ready to absorb any accident it might have to. Clenching her legs helped
take her mind off the feeling of a filling bladder for a moment, but the full bladder feeling came back very quickly.

The train rocked slightly as it proceeded toward her stop. The stopping and starting was making it harder and harder to keep her mind from thinking about anything
other than her full bladder. She leant forward and put her elbows between her legs. Putting a little pressure on her bladder. It helped for another minute or three.
But the moment was coming, rapidly, where she was going to have to relax and accept that her nappy would absorb everything she would need to put in it and that she
would be better off relaxing and accepting this than trying to hold on much longer.

She managed to hold on for another ten minutes, clamping her thighs together and pushing on her bladder a little to distract herself. But finally after the train
made a particularly juddering stop she felt the tiny burst of warm fill her crotch. She blinked and sighed and realised that her struggle to hold her pee was
fruitless. She shuffled to the front edge of the seat and finally let her body relax feeling the trickle of warm pee turn into a flood and spread out over her
crotch. She felt the liquid disappear as it got absorbed into the nappy and she felt her nappy expand in size. She felt her bladder empty as the stream of pee

She reached up under her petticoats and touched her stockings where they met the edge of her plastic pants. She was pleased to feel that they were dry and thus had
not leaked. She put her hand on the front of her plastic pants and pushed and felt the absorbent material squish a little.

Finally the announcement told her that the next stop would be her own. She stood up and checked her stockings were still pulled up firmly. She then gathered the
bags from todays shopping expedition together and moved toward the door. The nappy felt noticeably bulkier as she walked and she was conscious that her waddle would
be more obvious if somebody was watching. Luckily, it was dark outside and the train carriage was still empty as she stepped off the train onto the platform. There
were only a few people at the other end of the platform as she exited through the turn style and walked through the car park toward home. The nappy continued to rub
her gently, giving her a tingly pleasurable feeling.

She walked along the car park, keeping to the pools of light. She could feel her bladder needing to empty again and she let it. After breaking the seal for the first
time she usually found it a lot easier to just let things happen. She was even able to let this happen whilst she walked. She crossed out of the park and into her
street. She only had a few hundred meters to go before she was home. As she walked she felt her pee fill the nappy and slosh around in the crotch. The feeling was
quite pleasant and she always enjoyed the it.

She turned off the street and into her house where she let herself in with a set of keys. She shut the door behind her and placed her shopping on the floor. Glad to
be able to finally put it down. He walked up the stairs to her and asked how her day was as he put his arms around her and gave her a kiss.

Then he stood back and commented “I see you had a fun day. It seems you may have drank a little too much though”

She opened her eyes wide and said “What? How do you know?”

He pointed to stockings beneath the hem of her dress at the dark patch expanding down her knee and replied “You seem to have leaked a little… I’m going to have to
check your nappy to make sure but I’m pretty sure you are soaking wet. We should probably then look about getting you cleaned up and changed.”

She muttered an obscenity and grabbed the petticoats and dress and lifted them up around her waist and looked at her self in the hall mirror. She had leaked out of
one side of the plastic pants quite a bit and her thigh was very wet. “Ahh… I Only just wet them on the train! I was dry all day!. How could they leak so
quickly!? I didn’t think I drank that much!” She held up her clothes and looked him in the eye. “I’m sorry… I… tried!”

“Thats okay. Let me check your nappy and then we will take it from there.” He said, this time gently.

He stepped closer to her and put his left arm around her back, then he ran the fingers from his right hand around the waist band of the stockings, working them
gently though the stockings, and into the plastic pants waist band. He ran his fingers from side to side a few times to separate the elasticised waist band from her
skin and then when he was satisfied he pushed his fingers further, into the top of the cloth nappy and through to the tight waist band of the disposable. Once his
hand was all the way in through all the obstacles and into the inner nappy he slowly pushed his hand down through her hair until it reached the her crotch.

“it is VERY wet down here… but you probably know that” he said as he began to stroke her. “We might need to put you in a thicker nappy or more plastic
pants or something, next time”

She whimpered and leant against him as she felt his fingers stroke her gently. She loved this bit.

After a few minutes of stroking and just when she felt she could not stand up on her own any longer, he stopped stroking and said “Change table, now. we want to get
you all comfy and dry again”

He gently took her hand and pulled her toward the play room. As they entered the room she hopped a few times and kicked off her Mary Jane shoes. He stood her in
the middle of the wooden floor and told her to stay still and behave. She stood still and waited. This time she intentionally wet herself again. She focused on
pushing all her remaining pee out. The dark patch on her stockings growing larger as her plastic pants and nappies finally failed to contain her days fluids.

“You know that is incredibly erotic, but we really need to get you cleaned up” he muttered. “I think you have been in big girls clothes for long enough today. I
think you need to be back in age appropriate clothes for somebody who so obviously can’t keep it in until she finds an appropriate toilet”

He ran his hand slowly up her back to the dress zip and then lowered the zip. He then took the gathered skirts from her hands and lifted the dress over her head and
unthreaded her arms. Then he unclipped the Petticoat belts and got her to step out of the now damp petticoats. These were to go straight into the washing. She now
stood in her black lacey bra and her stockings covering her plastic pants.

"Lets get these wet things off you. " he said. He took the waist band of the stockings and slid them down her legs. There were a couple of runs in them and they
weren’t worth keeping so he threw them straight into the nappy bin in the corner.

He pealed her plastic pants down to reveal the cloth nappy. It was held in place by 4 adult sized baby safety pins on each side and the crotch was quite dark where
her disposable had leaked into it. He put the plastic pants into the washing basket and carefully undid the safety pins. Putting them on the change area for washing
and use later. The Cloth nappy fell away to reveal a very soaked disposable nappy wrapped in gaffer tape. The pee had run all the way up the back and almost the
entire nappy was wet. it had expanded out and, if not for the gaffer tape, would have sagged down her legs awkwardly. He took a large pair of safety scissors and
cut down each side of the nappy, Carefully bundling it up and putting it in the Nappy bin as it fell away. As he did this She unhooked her bra and threw it into the
washing as well.

“I think I should have a shower before you dress me again” She said. “I got really wet and it will be easier just to wash myself down also I need to poop now and I
don’t want to do THAT in a nappy tonight”

He nodded and she went into the ensuite off the play room and closed the door. He began to mop up the floor and hunt down any damp patches that might have been made
on the floor. eventually he heard the shower running as he dried up the final puddle.

Whilst he was waiting for her to come out of the shower he began getting the change table ready. He took down another large contoured Nappy and lay it out on the
leather change table. On top of this he placed a large, thick disposable. He made sure the safety pins, baby oil and baby powder were on hand.

Re: The Girl in The Disposable Nappy

And even thinking it was finished, After posting I thought “Now, why does her diaper need to leak? the husband is still going to check it, and really, a good nappy like the one described shouldn’t leak THAT quickly…” So there is one change I want to make already, No nappy leaks and a bit more ‘flirting’ around the nappy check.

Re: The Girl in The Disposable Nappy

You might want to check your formatting. You have a bunch of extra line breaks in the middle of sentences. :slight_smile:

Regarding the tags, you can see the existing ones by clicking the View Tag Cloud link at the bottom of this page. If the tag(s) you want aren’t listed there leave me a visitor message with the tags you want and I can add them for you.

Re: The Girl in The Disposable Nappy

Aside from the aforementioned formatting issue making it hard to read I do have some issues.

You spend far too much time describing the diaper at the beginning. We don’t learn where our main character is until the third paragraph, then you go on to finish describing her outfit. By this point, you’ll have lost more than a few readers from these problems alone. You’ll want to establish setting and characters as early as possible if you want to hook people.

At the very least move the diaper description to after where we learn that she has to pee.

My best guess is that most readers here want to know these things when determining whether they want to keep reading:
(who the main character is: sex? age? job? family?)
(what is the setting? future? present? past? fantasy? sci-fi?)

I’m not suggesting that you write a paragraph declaring everything outright - it is possible to indirectly tell the reader these things.

From the early paragraphs, you imply that the main character is in a relationship by mentioning a “he” and “she” and their “games”. You imply the story is set in the present by mentioning the train but not going on to describe its features, telling us it’s no different than the trains we’re familiar with (although this is not the best way to do so as you’re throwing away a good chance to build atmosphere [a detailed description of a crowded train could build discomfort and help us understand the main character’s shyness about peeing in front of those people]).

As for the rest of the story, it’s very bare bones. We learn nothing about the main characters or their relationship outside of their “game” (not even their names as far as I can tell). We learn nothing about their city or their lives in it.

It’s a nice if unremarkable desperation one-shot, on other sites it would be one of the better ones, but as a story it’s lacking.

Re: The Girl in The Disposable Nappy

Thank you for that feedback! ouch! Hurts a little BUT I can see where you are coming from with your criticism. I will see what I can add to revision 2 to correct those points.

Re: The Girl in The Disposable Nappy

I don’t know who your character is. I just know what she is wearing.

Re: The Girl in The Disposable Nappy

I have corrected the line breaks in my local version of the story and re-written the end of the story to be a little better (I think) but I am still trying to get the begining to work properly. I haven’t had much time this weekend what with family commitments. It’s getting there though,.