the forum is he dead I do not see anything new

Is the forum still alive? there have been 0 new Posts since at least 3 days

<Checks pulse>
Nope. Not dead yet.:stuck_out_tongue:

Plenty of activity in the last three days. Especially considering it’s the holidays.

Doesn’t look dead to me looks like alive and active. Maybe little slow because of holidays

I was expecting more life, I surely overestimate the size of the forum :slight_smile:

As others have already pointed out, but apparently it’s worth repeating- it’s the holidays. :slight_smile: People have offline lives. Most spend this time of year with family and friends. I spent mine plotting world domination and raising an army of the undead. shrugs :slight_smile:

If it was anyone else who wrote that I would assume it was a joke. In your case I fear it’s a reference to a future story :wink:

I was partially joking, but I’m also guilty as charged. :cool:

<Sprinkles zombie repellant and hides some garlic in the Christmas wreaths.>

There we are. Just in case. Now where did I put the holy water and the room humidifier.

Close, very close. I see you’re well prepared. What about a horde of Egyptian mummies? :smiley:

To paraphrase a wise man: “Do not curse the darkness; Fire up the flamethrower.” :smiley:

Mummies do tend to be dry and brittle, hence they’re probably pretty flammable. That could be problematic…