The first day of summer

Hey guys this is my first attempt at a story, it has three parts at the moment, there will be a fourth but at the moment its a trilogy. Each part is about 2000 words long as i had to keep it within that paramater. Anyway let me know what you think. Oh and the order goes first day of summer, last day of spring and first evening of summer. I hope you enjoy

Sarah woke up dazed and confused. Last night she had turned 18 and had the biggest bash of her life to celebrate it. She felt like the luckiest 18 year old girl in the world because not only had her parents left her alone in the house for the party, they had also blessed her birth with the same day as school ended that year. Her last day in high school, big party then a whole summer to do what ever she pleased yesterday was the happiest day of her young life. Today on the other hand was one of the worst. She shakily got out of bed and looked herself in the mirror. She was a state. She was accustomed to seeing a slender blond goddess staring back at her when she looked into her mirror, but she resembled a withered old hag now. She learned the hard way that hang over’s are rough. She gave herself another glance and noticed something peculiar. Her panties, they were yellow, she could have sworn that she had worn white panties yesterday. She put that thought out of her mind and headed for the shower. The steam started to clear her head, and memories of last night slowly started to creep into her fragile mind. She could remember Good music, lots to drink and floods of laughter. This brought a smile to her face as it must have meant that she had thrown a kick ass party.
She got out of the shower and dried off. She checked the mirror again. Now she resembled the goddess that she was. The colour had come back to her tan face, her baby blue eyes had started to focus, her pouty lips no longer had the remnants of what ever sticky Alco pop she had drank before she passed out. Her face was as beautiful as always. She looked at her breasts as she did everyday. She was so proud of them. They were just the right size. They weren’t huge and they weren’t tiny. They were perfect. She pulled on a pair of white panties and her grey sweats and a white tank top. She was still hung-over so she decided make up could wait till she knew what was happening today. She tied her hair up in a towel and headed downstairs.
When she got down stairs she was amazed at the state of the house. It was spotless. She didn’t understand, surely it should have been trashed, covered in empty beer cans and people still asleep. But no, it was spotless and there didn’t seem to be anyone around. She slowly made her way to the kitchen, in search of some coffee and feeling completely confused. Her best friend Mel was waiting for her in the kitchen. Sarah and Mel had been friends since they were kid’s. They went to the same school and were the hottest girls there. But strangely Sarah was really popular and Mel was not. Mel was a bit of a geek, she did well in school and didn’t drink or break the rules. So Mel had her friends and Sarah had hers. This didn’t stop them from always hanging out.
“Hey how’s the head?” Mel greeted with a small smirk on her luscious lips.
“Oh its really bad, how much did I drink?” asked Sarah, she had to look up at Mel slightly as she was just smaller then Mel.
“Lots, and we have to talk about last night, but first drink this coffee, it will help your hangover” instructed Mel.
“Oh no I hope I didn’t embarrass myself, or you for that matter, oh and thanks for doing the clean up I really appreciate it” thanked Sarah as she made her way to sit beside Mel and took a swig from her hot coffee.
“Well you only embarrassed yourself in front of me” Mel giggled as she put her arm around Sarah. This gesture made Sarah feel better, she was feeling a bit embarrassed but realized that Mel didn’t care. Sometimes deep down she wished that Mel could be more then just a friend, but never dared to bring this up for fear of rejection. Also she thought she liked boys, apart from Mel, Sarah only ever thought about boys in that way.
“Nothing new there” Sarah said softly returning Mel’s giggle.
“No nothing at all, but we have to talk” Mel replied firmly, and gave Sarah a gentle kiss on the for head.
“Well ok, lets talk the Mel, what did I do” sighed Sarah.
“Well you got really drunk last night, probably the drunkest I’ve ever seen you. So I took you upstairs to sleep it off. Then you pissed yourself” informed Mel, her cheeks slightly reddening.
Sarah just stared at Mel for a few seconds, until what Mel had said sunk in. She couldn’t believe it, tears started to form in the corner of her eyes. She buried her face in her hands and started to sob.
“No no no, don’t worry Sars, I cleaned you up and put you to bed, no one saw but me. And honey you were drunk its ok, it was kinda cute” comforted Mel, as a small smile began to creep onto her face. Sarah knew everything was ok, because Mel only called her Sars to comfort her. Sort of a funny pet name, that normally made Sarah smile.
“Really?” sobbed Sarah, trying to control her self.
“Yes really, now come here” comforted Mel as she motioned to Sarah to sit on her knee. As Sarah sat on Mel’s knee she was wrapped up in a big warm hug. Mel would always take care of Sarah when she was upset, it was one of the things that Sarah liked about Mel. Sarah just put her head on Mel’s shoulder and breathed in the coconut smell coming from Mel’s mouse brown hair.
“There’s something else we need to talk about” whispered Mel.
“Oh really?” Asked Sarah, sitting up straight.
“Yes, you told me you wanted to be more then friends” informed Mel. Sarah went rigid, she was mortified. All her muscles tensed, she didn’t know how to react to this, she just looked at Mel, and remained as stiff as a board. The two sat in silence, for what seemed like forever before Mel spoke again.
“I want that to” admitted Mel smiling from ear to ear. Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she was so happy, when she heard Mel say those words she totally relaxed, every muscle in her body. She could feel it happen but was powerless to stop it. Partly because of the hang over, and partly because of what just transpired, Sarah began to mess her panties. At first it felt nice, the soft warm load spreading on her soft delicate skin. Then the realization of what was happening kicked in and Sarah was mortified. She jumped off of Mel’s knee, burst into tears and made a B line for her bedroom. Mel was quick up after her. She had felt what Sarah had done on her knee, and it excited her. For some reason and she didn’t know why but last night when Sarah wet her pants, Mel had an unwavering desire to take care of her, she felt this again. She opened the door to Sarah’s room and saw Sarah face down on her bed crying into her pillow.
“Shhh baby, don’t cry, I’ll clean you all up” cooed Mel, as she approached Sarah’s bed.
“Go away and leave me alone, I know you just want to make fun of me” Sarah yelled through her tears.
“No Sars, I don’t, look I cant explain it, but I really just want to take care of you. When you messed yourself, ill be honest, it excited me, please I wont make fun, I just want to take care off you” admitted Mel as she put her hand on Sarah’s shoulder.
“Really? No I don’t believe you, you just want to trick me” sniffled Sarah.
“No Sarah, I don’t, really I want to take care of you, you look so sweet and innocent, I just want to kiss you” soothed Mel as she picked Sarah up into an embrace and kissed her on the cheek. Sarah just gazed into Mel’s eyes and couldn’t resist kissing her full on the lips. It felt so nice, Sarah slowly moved her tongue into Mel’s mouth and started to massage Mel’s tongue. It was one the best kisses she had ever had. She knew that Mel was meant to be more then a friend. There lips parted and both girls felt butterflies in there stomachs. Mel knew she had to take a chance, and now was the best time.
“Sarah, look I really like you, but I need something from you” started Mel before she was interrupted by Sarah.
“I really like you to Mel, and I will try and give you everything you need and more” insisted Sarah
“Hehe okay, I’ve never seen you take charge, well look I want to know, can I take care of you today?” asked Mel nervously. Sarah just stared Mel in her loving green eyes. She felt so much love for this beautiful girl, who would do anything for her, and she looked on as Mel’s eyes began to tear. She didn’t hesitate to respond.
“Mel, I don’t know what you mean, and I don’t care. You are the best thing in my life, you can do what ever you want with me” replied Sarah lovingly as she leaned in to kiss Mel once again. They embraces as they kissed and each others hands explored the others body. Mel slid her hand under Sarah’s perfect bum and felt the oozing mess in her pants. She got very excited and decided to take charge. She stood up and brought Sarah into the main bathroom and started to run her a bath. She pulled down Sarah’s sweats exposing the mess she had made. Mel grabbed some toilet paper and pulled down Sarah’s ruined panties.
“Now do you think you have more poopies to come out?” asked Mel in the sweetest voice she was capable of.
“Umm I think I might” blushed Sarah.
“Ok well go on use the potty, make me proud” insisted Mel with a big grin.
“What with you here?” Sarah asked. Mel didn’t reply she just smiled back at her. Sarah took this as her answer and sat down on the loo. She blushed like crazy, but when she got used to Mel being there, she felt sort of good about it. She pushed hard and a big plop was heard as she made whoopsies in the potty. Mel smiled from ear to ear at how cute Sarah was when she sat on the potty. She stood Sarah up and wiped her bum as clean as she could with the loo paper. When she was finished wiping Sarah’s poopy botty the bath was just about full. She took off Sarah’s tank top and lifted her into the bath. She had Sarah on all fours to wash her bum. She grabbed a soapy wash cloth and started to gently wipe the remaining poop off of Sarah’s cute bottom. Once she had cleaned up all the poop she slowly moved her hand to Sarah’s intimate area and began to pay it extra attention. Sarah started to moan heavily, the feeling of Mel’s fingers inside her was so intense, she was hitting all her sensitive areas. Mel started to rub Sarah’s insides with her fingers, and with her thumb she gently massaged Sarah’ clitty. This started to drive Sarah wild and she had one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had. It was so intense that she squirted into Mel’s hand. This left Sarah absolutely wiped. Mel could see that her charge was sleepy so she finished washing her and dried her off quickly. They went back to Sarah’s room and climbed into her bed. Sarah snuggled up next to Mel and the both drifted off.