The Family Curse

The Family Curse

Author: Anonymous


The old woman faced the just-turned fifteen year old young man, who had just shamed her daughter, and uttered her dire curse:

You and every male member of your line will suffer the same fate. On the day of their fifteenth year, you and all your male heirs who follow you will suffer the same. You will be as you have acted this day naught but a child for now and for all time.

She laughed as she walked away from him. He howled in dismay as he helplessly wet his pants.


Part One

Ted smiled. He had this pitcher now and they both knew it, one more pitch would be all he would need. There it was, the wind up, the delivery, and yes, it was a good one. Now swing hard – crack! A good hit. Now dig hard, run fast for first base. Just focus on getting to first base. Run like hell. First base coach is waving me on. Keep going 'round first and head for second. Dig harder! Run faster now! Glance outfield, look for the ball. It looks like it’s going… keep going 'round second, head for third, don’t stop! Getting waved on for home, smile, but run harder and faster, head for home! The ball is coming in! It’s going to be close, very close, slide in … safe. A home run. Brought in two runners, we have a great lead all we have to do now is play smart, and we have it made. One more inning and this game is over and we are ahead by 3.

Ninth inning is a pitching duel, three up and three down. We win. Ted was happy he brought home the winning run and put his team tied for first place. Finally he felt all that extra training and hard work were paying off. Baseball didn’t come easy to Ted he loved the game but he had to really work hard at it, he ran three miles everyday and worked out in the school weight room every lunch, all for this moment.

Last year Ted didn’t make the team; he was just too slow, and he didn’t have the strength to hit a good ball. This only made Ted work even harder to reach his dream of playing baseball. All his running and working out had paid off in other ways, too. He was in better shape than he had ever been in, he had put on muscle and there was not an ounce of fat on him. At 14 and only one day short of his fifteenth birthday he was in tiptop shape and on top of his game.

Ted was looking forward to his fifteenth birthday, his two best friends in the whole world, Todd and Taylor, were coming over for a sleep over, and he knew they would have a good time. They had lots planned for the night but were always updating their plans as new ideas crossed their minds.

The three boys had known each other since they were toddlers and had been friends ever since. They had even been given a nickname when they were younger because they were always getting into little boy mischief together. They were commonly known as the three T’s, (to their parents it was the terrible T’s sometimes, too).

After the game Ted met up with Todd and Taylor for some post game celebrating. Both Todd and Taylor were happy for Ted making the team this year, they both helped him as much as they could they both ran with him everyday and worked out in the gym with him too. And they had both spent hours playing ball with Ted to get him ready for the team.

Tonight Ted had double reason to celebrate, he had made the team with the help of his best friends, he had brought in the winning run and tomorrow was his fifteenth birthday. Life just didn’t get much better.

Ted’s mom picked the three boys up after the game and took them out for pizza and pop, then dropped them off for a movie. While waiting for their movie to start the boys were playing video games when Todd spotted Amanda. Now, Ted had a huge crush on Amanda, and every time he tried to talk to her he got all nervous and tongue-tied so that nothing would come out of his mouth. Ted was in love with Amanda but he made a fool of himself every time he tried to speak to her.

Todd and Taylor knew this and basically had a lot of fun with it, at Ted’s expense of course, so when Todd spotted Amanda and her friends, he motioned to Taylor who then also noticed Amanda and got a big smile on his face. The plan was a simple one-- get Ted to try and talk to Amanda and then just stand back and enjoy the show.

Deployment went flawlessly. Todd distracted Ted and Taylor suggested they get their pop and popcorn for the movie, and then they led Ted towards the concession stand and of course just happened to bump into Amanda and her friends.

When Ted saw her his mouth went dry, his palms got sweaty and his stomach was instantly in knots. His mind went blank to everything except her beauty. And that made him blush so red he was practically glowing. All he could get out of his mouth was a stammered, "h… h… hi, A… Am… Am… Am… Aman… Aman… da. Ted was so embarrassed he didn’t know what to do. Amanda smiled at Ted and said “hi Ted, see you tomorrow at school,” then went with her friends to watch the movie they were there to see.

Ted watched Amanda walk away with a puppy dog in love look on his face, she was so beautiful and he loved her so much but if he could just talk to her. As soon as Amanda was out of sight Ted regained his composure and turned on Todd and Taylor, and said, “hey guys, that’s not funny.” Todd and Taylor, however, thought it was hilarious and were killing themselves laughing. Ted just sighed and said come on lets get our stuff.

After the movie the boys were discussing the next nights sleep over, deciding who was going to bring what and what movies they should watch, what games should be played and of course what to eat, they all agreed that this was going to be a killer sleep over made even better because it was Ted’s fifteenth birthday. When they got home all three boys went to bed very excited thinking about tomorrow and of course tomorrow night.

All that night Ted had strange dreams, dreams that were vague and in some was disturbing and in other ways comforting, he dreamt that his whole groin area was engulfed in a warm soft white cloud and it was raining and he was wet. When he woke up he couldn’t quite remember the dreams, but they left him feeling confused, excited and scared for what today would bring.

Part Two

When Ted woke up he was a little disturbed by the lingering feelings from his dreams, but he just chalked it up to the anticipation of today, his fifteenth birthday. Ted got up and dressed in his running gear and headed out to meet Todd and Taylor for their morning run, his birthday being no exception Ted wanted to get in an extra mile today to make up for all the junk food he knew he would be eating later today.

Todd was waiting for him at the park but they had to wait about ten minutes for Taylor, then after stretching they were off on their run. They usually ran through the park and then up to the elementary school then around the ballpark and back to the park; that route was just over three miles. Today Ted led them on a slightly longer run, he explained it to them and neither had any objections.

When they got back to the park the boys said good-bye and agreed to meet in the usual place to walk to school together, Ted’s house. When Ted got home his mom was up and greeted him in the kitchen. She commented on him being a little late getting back from his run, so Ted told her about the longer route today and why. She smiled and said, “okay, but hurry up and get showered and dressed, and don’t be late for school.” Ted sighed and jokingly said, “no slack, eh, not even on my birthday?” hHs mom smiled and said “nope, and don’t get ahead of yourself, young man. Officially, your birthday isn’t until 10:33am. That’s when you were born, so that’s when you turn fifteen and not one second before.” Ted just laughed and said, “I know mom, I know, and you say the same thing to me every year.” Ted’s mom kissed him again and said, “I will see you after work, now go get in the shower and don’t be late for school. I will leave breakfast out on the table for you and the other two terrible T’s. Oh, and bye the way, I love you, and happy birthday.” Ted said, “Thanks mom, and you have a great day, too.” As he headed up to the shower to get ready for school.

By the time Ted was finished showering and ready for school Todd and Taylor were eating their breakfast in his kitchen. Ted grabbed a quick bite and the three headed off to school, all the while discussing the day, and more importantly, the sleepover.

Once at school Ted said he would see them at lunch and went to his first class. Ted’s first class was boring; it was math. “What a way to start the day,” he sighed, not for the first time. Ted was a pretty good student but he just wasn’t all that excited about math. About halfway through class he felt the need to go to the bathroom fairly strong. Now he had even more of a reason to want this class to be over. When class was finally over Ted headed straight for the bathroom to relieve himself and he just made it to his second class on time.

Ted’s second class was almost worse in his opinion, than math; second period was English. He could already speak English and write English just fine, so what else was there for him to learn in this class? For Ted, this was the absolute most boring part of his day.

Part way through his English class Ted glanced at the clock and noticed that it was 10:30am. “Just three more minutes,” he thought, “three minutes and I will be fifteen years old.” With a growing sense of excitement, Ted watched the clock tick off the last three minutes until he officially turned fifteen. Then, at exactly 10:33am Ted congratulated himself and wished himself a happy birthday.

Almost exactly five minutes later Ted realized that he was wetting his pants, not a lot, but enough to leave a noticeable wet spot on his jeans. Ted was upset; he had never wet his pants before, never, and he couldn’t understand how this could have happened now. He was very concerned that someone had noticed what he had done, but when he looked around, no one was even looking at him. So far so good, he tried to stay cool until the end of class so no one would have reason to look at him too closely.

Ted couldn’t understand how this could have happened. He tried to remain calm about it by telling himself that it was only a small wet spot after all, and it must have been that he wasn’t paying attention and just let it slip—yea, that must be it, nothing to worry about at all. With that worked out in his mind he felt a lot better about it, but when class was over he still did his best to hide the wet spot, even though now it was just barely noticeable. Still, he waited until everyone else left the classroom before he even stood up, and before he left he checked his pants, he hid the spot with his books.

Ted went straight to the bathroom and tried to pee. He managed a little bit. Then he used some paper towels to try and dry the spot on his jeans a bit. It worked, sort of. Ted went to meet with Todd and Taylor for their lunchtime workout in the school gym.

Todd and Taylor both wished Ted a happy birthday. Ted smiled and said, “thanks,” then he asked the guys if they were ready for the sleepover that night. Just from the looks on both their faces, Ted knew they were. Taylor noticed that Ted seemed a little distracted and asked him what was wrong. Ted shrugged and said nothing was wrong, that everything was cool. But when Todd suggested that they skip today’s workout Ted readily agreed. Now they really wanted to know what was up. Ted just laughed and said that if he couldn’t take today off, then when could he?

Todd and Taylor just shrugged. They knew Ted well enough to know that he would tell them what was bothering him when he was ready, and no amount of discussion or trickery would get Ted to talk about it one minute earlier. So they headed off to the cafeteria for lunch.

When they were finished their lunch Taylor suggested that they go for a walk or something just to get in a bit of exercise. They all agreed and headed out to the ball diamond and just wandered around. They talked about the sleepover some more and just talked about other guy stuff for awhile.

Ted felt a slight rumbling in his stomach and a very slight pressure, like he needed to have a dump. Then, quite unexpectedly, he felt something else, something that at first confused him then disgusted him and most of all, scared him, scared him bad. Ted stopped dead in his tracks and was speechless. He could not believe what was happening. He was standing there shitting his pants, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t stop it. It was like his body was on auto pilot and acting on its own, and he had no control over it at all.

Part Three

Ted just stood there with a huge mess in his pants. It had stopped as suddenly as it had begun, and now he was standing there with a huge warm, mushy, gooey mess in his pants. Ted was afraid to move, he was afraid not to move, he had never been more scared or confused in his life. But most of all, Ted wanted to know what was wrong with him.

How could this suddenly happen to him? Ted was as close to tears as he had ever been. Todd and Taylor noticed that Ted had stopped. When they turned to ask why he had stopped they both noticed that Ted was standing there funny and that he was extremely upset and that something was very, very wrong.

Just as they were about to ask Ted what was wrong Ted said, “Guys, I must be real sick or something,” and then couldn’t hold it back any longer. He started to cry a little when he said, “'cause I just messed my pants bad.” Then, with the most vulnerable dejected look either of them had ever seen on Ted, he asked, “Please help me.” Then he lost it altogether and started to really cry.

Todd and Taylor looked at each other for a second and decided that the school doc would be their best bet for help for Ted, thinking that if Ted was sick, she would be able to take care of the situation. They each grabbed an arm and started to lead Ted to the doc’s office.

Luckily on the way there, they only saw a couple of people and they didn’t know them; so far things were looking good. Just as they were within sight of the doc’s office Ted felt himself starting to wet himself again. He looked down, and sure enough, there was a dark wet spot forming on his jeans. Again, it had just happened and he couldn’t stop it; no matter how hard he tried it just kept coming. This time he soaked himself; even his shoes were soaked. There was no mistaking what had happened. Ted had wet his pants big time.

They knocked on the doc’s office and waited. When she answered they pushed their way in and they all started talking at once. Dr. Kelly Mc Innis (or doc Kelly as the students all called her) could tell Ted had a problem. She could tell the other two boys were pretty upset about it, so she quieted everyone down, assured herself that Ted was the only one with a real problem and sent Todd and Taylor to their next classes. She told both of them that they could come back and check on their friend next break.

Todd and Taylor were very worried about Ted and they didn’t want to leave him, but they didn’t have a choice, and again the doc assured them that Ted was in good hands and they could come back and check on him. They headed off to their classes and truth be told they were both pretty scared for Ted. Neither of them had ever seen anything like this before and they were worried.

Doc Kelly turned to Ted, who, for his part looked hurt and confused and very scared. He didn’t understand what was happening to him. But he was glad he was with Dr. Kelly. The school had employed a doctor and a nurse ever since one of the school wrestlers had died from dieting and working out, trying to lose weight to get into a lower category for a big match, so Ted knew that he was in good hands.

Dr. Kelly took one look at Ted, saw and smelled the state he was in and said, “I guess this is something new for you?” Ted looked at her and said “Yea, kinda.” Dr Kelly said, “Well,lets get you cleaned up, then I will look you over and we will see if we can find out just what is wrong.” Ted never felt so relieved in his life. Doc Kelly helped him get undressed and sent him to the shower to get cleaned up.

Ted was drying himself off and he couldn’t believe how good it felt to be clean again. With his towel wrapped around him he went back into the doc’s office. Dr. Kelly saw Ted come back in and said, “Okay, let’s give you the complete package and see if we can figure this out.” She gave Ted a complete physical from top to bottom, inside and out. Ted had never been poked and prodded so much in his life. She asked him if anything like this had ever happened before. Ted said, “Not before today no, not ever.” Then he told her all about what had happened to him so far this day.

Dr Kelly could not find anything physically wrong with Ted and as she was drawing some blood to run some more tests Ted started to wet himself again. Ted tried his best to make it stop but he couldn’t. Doc Kelly noted this and said, “Well, Ted, it looks to me as if you have lost all control over your bladder and your bowels, so I think it’s best that until we get to the bottom of this that you wear protection, basically, incontinence briefs.” Ted looked confused and asked her what she meant by that. She looked Ted straight in the eye and said, “Well, because you no longer seem to have the ability to control your bathroom functions, and until we can get to the bottom of what’s causing it, your going to have to wear diapers.”

Ted was stunned; he couldn’t have heard that right. He was speechless. This was not real; it must be a bad dream. This couldn’t be real because in real life fifteen-year-old boys didn’t wet and mess their pants, and they for sure didn’t get put back in diapers-- it just didn’t happen. He was fifteen years old and he didn’t need diapers. Dr. Kelly said, “Ted, I am really very sorry, but until we get to the bottom of this you need the protection, and it’s also school policy, so I am going to have to put a diaper on you, and from what I have seen so far, the sooner, the better. Ted, honestly, I am very sorry. I will do everything I can, but I have to diaper you now.”

Ted just looked at her and all he could think to say was, “But it’s my birthday today. I’m fifteen, I can’t wear diapers, I just can’t. This isn’t supposed to happen, I can’t wear diapers. My life will be over.”

Dr Kelly told Ted how sorry she was again and stressed that she would work hard at finding out what was wrong with him and how to fix it, but for now he would need diapers. She got Ted to lie back and stretch out on the exam table. She told Ted that she was getting the things she needed and she would be right back, so he should just relax and stay calm that everything would be all right.

While Ted was alone lying there waiting to be diapered for the first time since he was a toddler, all he could think about was how unfair all this was and that it must be a dream, that it couldn’t really be happening.

When the doc came back into the room she found Ted lying there pinching himself, she smiled a bit at Ted’s effort but assured him that he was not sleeping. Then, she placed the items down beside Ted and asked him to pull his knees up to his chest. She picked up the diaper and unfolded it in front of Ted and then placed it under his bum. With Ted still holding his knees up she started to apply lotion to his backside and right up the crack of his ass. Then she asked Ted to put his legs down and she applied the lotion very gently to his whole groin area. this caused Ted to get very excited and he blushed very red. The doc didn’t say anything at all.

Next she told Ted that she was going to powder him to help protect him from diaper rash. Ted closed his eyes. It was just too much for him to take. This was not how today was supposed to go. Then he felt the powder on him and it felt cool and kind of nice. Then he smelled the powder, the fragrance that seemed to remind him of something, something from long ago, from when he was little. Then he had it. This was just baby powder. She had just used baby powder on him. Ted was completely humiliated.

Dr. Kelly told Ted that she was going to do up his diaper now. All Ted could think was, “THE diaper, not MY diaper … the diaper.” He felt the bulk of the diaper being pulled up between his legs and he had to spread his legs apart slightly to accommodate the diaper. He felt the diaper cover his front and heard the tapes being done up, and the doc said, “There you go, all done. Now you’re all set, no more worries.” “Yea right,” Ted thought, but he didn’t say anything.

Ted opened his eyes and sat up. He couldn’t believe how thick this thing felt between his legs and how much noise it made. As he sat up it was like a cannon going off. Then he looked at it. He was stunned. It was gleaming white; so gleaming he was sure it would light up his room at night. And it fit so snugly it made so much noise every time he moved. He knew everyone would hear it as soon as walked anywhere near them. He knew his life was ruined.

As Ted stood up he caught sight of himself in the doc’s full-length mirror. He was naked except for the diaper and all he saw was a huge toddler. Ted stood there looking at himself and he felt like crying again. Even now, even looking at himself standing there in a diaper, it was too much to believe. Tears started to fill Ted’s eyes, and just then Dr Kelly came over to him and put her arm around his shoulders and said, “I know this is hard for you. It would be hard for anyone, but it is not the end of the world.”

“Yea right, you’re not the one in a diaper,” Ted responded. “You’re not the one everyone is going to make fun of when they find out, you’re not the one who isn’t going to be going to any parties or being left out of every thing again. I worked so hard to make the team and be accepted this year, now this happens, I will be an outcast again.”

Dr Kelly looked at Ted for a minute then said, “No, I’m not the one in a diaper, that’s true, but it’s your own attitude that is going to dictate how others treat you.” Ted looked confused by that and asked, “What do you mean? There is no way to hide this forever. People will find out sooner or later.”

“No,” the doc said. “There is probably not a way to hide this forever and people will most likely find out, so don’t try to hide it, and you will be teased and made fun of, but your attitude about this will dictate how you will be treated afterwards. If you act like this is a shameful thing then people will shame you for it, but if you act like its no big deal, you have a medical condition that requires you to wear diapers for awhile then people will be much more likely to cut you some slack. It’s all up to you and how you deal with this, and yes, you are going to have a few hard days ahead of you, but I know you can get through them and I will be here to help you as much as I can. Also, now that you are in diapers I will be seeing a lot more of you.”

“How come?” asked Ted.

“Well,” answered the doc “Because at school I will be changing your diapers.”

Ted looked thoughtful for a moment then asked, “Why can’t I do that myself?”

“Well, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s school policy that I or nurse Chapel change any diapers, and this will allow me to monitor your condition and do additional tests as required. And second, this makes sure your diaper is put on properly and that will help stop leaks.”

“But what if I have another messy accident?” asked Ted.

“I expect you will, I think you will have between two and fout messy diapers every day and at least one of them will probably be at school.”

Ted sighed, “This just isn’t fair, not at all.”

“No” she said, “It’s not, but I know you will be able to deal with it.”

Ted looked worried and he asked, “What if my friends stop being my friends?”

“Well,” she said, “if that happens then they never really were your friends at all.”

“But I don’t know what I would do if Todd and Taylor stopped being my friends over this,” Ted said.

“I don’t think they would ever stop being your friends, do you?”

“I sure hope not,” said Ted.

“I called your mother while you were in the shower and briefly outlined what happened, so she should be here soon to take you home.” The doc told Ted. Just then there was a knock at the door and Dr. Kelly left to go answer it. Ted looked at himself in the mirror again. This time he saw himself wearing a diaper, but he also saw a toddler there, too, and that thought didn’t bother him so much now.

He heard Todd and Taylor at the door asking about him. Ted was glad they came to check on him. He decided that they might as well know everything right away, so he called out to the doc to please let them come in. He heard the doc say, “Well, go on in; he is back there.”

Ted was so nervous about how his two best friends would react to him standing there in a diaper that he didn’t even notice that he was wetting himself again, but this time in his diaper. The few seconds it took for them to get there seemed like forever to Ted. When they came in the first thing they asked was if he was all right; the second thing Todd said was, “Bud, you pissed your diaper!”

Todd suddenly realized what he had said and he blushed and said he was sorry and how he just didn’t think. Ted blushed, too, and realized that Todd was right, and for some strange reason he started to laugh. It really wasn’t all that funny, but Todd’s reaction and the whole situation were just too much for Ted and he couldn’t help himself, and soon both Taylor and Todd were laughing with him. Ted felt so much better. The stress was gone and he knew he still had his two best friends.

Part Four

When Ted got himself under control he said, “Thanks, guys.” Then he asked if one of them could go to his gym locker and get him some clothes to wear, because his other clothes were not fit to be worn. Todd said, “I’ll go get them but you know you still won’t have any pants to wear 'cause all you got in your locker is your spandex workout shorts and those would be no good for over a diaper.”

“Yea, I know,” said Ted, “But at least I will have a shirt and some socks and shoes and then when my mom gets here, hopefully, she will have a pair of pants for me.”

Todd said, “Okay, I’ll be right back.”

Taylor looked at Ted when Todd left and asked Ted, “So, how does it feel?”

Ted replied, “Kind of weird, actually, I never thought I would be back in diapers, I am not sure I can really do this.”

Taylor smiled and said, “I think your going to be okay, bud, and I think not only are you going to be able to do this but I think you’re going to be very bold about it as your doing it.”

Ted looked at Taylor for a second and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Well,” Taylor replied. “When you set your mind to something you do it all the way, and I can’t see a little thing like wearing diapers again hold you back. I bet you’re going to be as much of an exhibitionist about wearing diapers as you are about wearing spandex running tights and spandex workout shorts.”

Ted blushed slightly and said, “Well, neither one of you complained very much about the spandex.”

Taylor also blushed, grinned and said, “But neither of us would have done it first, that was all you, you didn’t let anyone stand in your way and nothing anyone said mattered to you at all, and now no one even comments about us wearing spandex anymore. That’s what I admire about you, Ted, you do what has to be done, what you want to do, regardless of what others think, say, or do in return. You set your sights on something and you just go for it.”

Ted didn’t know what to say to that so he just stayed silent. Taylor said, “You still haven’t answered my question, though-- how does it feel to wear a wet diaper?”

Ted was a bit shocked at the question and he blushed and said, “Well, it’s really pretty gross.”

Taylor said, “Naw, I bet it feels pretty good, 'cause my little cousin who’s 12, he wears diapers to bed every night 'cause he still wets his bed, and he says wet diapers feel really cool and he loves wearing wet diapers. Sometimes he wets his diaper on purpose just so he can have a wet one on, so tell me, really, how does it feel?”

Ted just stared at him and said, “I didn’t know Mark wore diapers, how long has he been wearing them?”

“Well,” said Taylor. “He doesn’t want a lot of people knowing he wears diapers if he can help it, but he has wet his bed all his life, so he has been in night diapers all his life. So tell me, how does it feel?”

Ted looked at his diaper and said, “Well, it’s warm, and wet, and kind of squishy, and it’s really snug.”

Taylor said, “That doesn’t sound very bad at all.” Ted looked at him and said, "Well, I guess it’s not really all that bad, at least I know I can count on you guys to back me up, so I know I won’t have to face this alone.

Ted didn’t understand why talking about how his diaper felt was making him so hard so fast. He couldn’t understand how wearing diapers could have so much of an impact on him so quickly, but there it was he was rock hard in his diaper, and just from talking about how it feels. He decided that this was something he would have to work out later in private.

Just then there was a knock at the door and the doc let Todd back in. Todd came back in with the clothes for Ted, and Ted asked the doc to please change him cause he had wet his diaper. Dr Kelly looked at Ted and said, “Yes you have wet again haven’t you? Okay, hop up on the table and I will take care of it for you, but this time I am going to have to put a much thicker diaper on you.”

“How come and how much thicker?” Ted asked.

Dr Kelly said, “Because I used the last thinner one I had on you already and this next one will be about four times thicker than the one you have on now.”

As Ted was getting up on the table Dr. Kelly told Todd and Taylor to wait out in the front office, but Ted said it was okay they could stay if they wanted to. Both Todd and Taylor decided to stay; they wanted to see Ted get his diaper changed. Neither wanted to admit it to even themselves but they were both interested and more than a little excited by all this diaper stuff, neither of them understood it but they were still interested.

While the doc was taking Ted’s wet diaper off he asked her why she had diapers in her office anyway. She told him that he was not the only boy in school who wore diapers. Ted was amazed and wanted to know how many others and who they were. They doc explained that she couldn’t tell Ted who the others were, but she did tell him that there were seven other boys that came in for regular diaper changes on a daily basis, for various reasons. She said that one boy who comes in just wears diapers for fun.

Ted was astounded. He had never considered that people who didn’t need diapers might want to wear them for enjoyment. In the back of his mind Ted was starting to form a plan; it wasn’t much of a plan yet but he would work on it.

Todd was shocked, the idea that you could wear diapers just for fun was an eye-opener; now all he had to do was figure out how to get into diapers without everyone thinking he was a total freak, Ted at least had a reason. He would have to work on it. Taylor wasn’t all that surprised his cousin had to wear diapers to bed and often wore them more just cause he liked them.

The doc was just finishing putting the lotion on Ted’s backside and she had him set his legs back down so she could finish the job. As Ted sat his legs down he could tell this diaper was much thicker than the last one. He could feel the extra padding on his bum. As the doc was putting lotion on Ted’s front he got very excited, this embarrassed Ted but the doc didn’t say anything about it, so neither did Ted.

When Dr. Kelly finished taping the new diaper on Ted he noticed how much thicker this diaper really was, “wow,” he thought, the last diaper was non-existent compared to this one. Ted wasn’t even sure he could walk in this diaper; it was so thick that he couldn’t even get his legs together properly, but he had to admit that it felt pretty good. Then a strange thought crossed his mind, he wasn’t so sure that he wanted to go back to that thinner diaper, he also noticed that this new diaper came up a lot higher on him, this one covered his belly button and was just as high in the back.

Dr. Kelly helped Ted sit up and said, “there you go all done, how does that feel?”

“This diaper is really thick and high,” said Ted, “but I guess its okay, I am not sure that I will be able to walk with this on, though.”

The doc just smiled and said, “You’ll figure it out, I’m sure.”

As doc Kelly was walking back to her office Ted said, “doc, thanks for all your help and everything today.” And he walked, well, waddled over to her and gave her a hug, he said, “Today would have been real different if you had not been here to help me, thanks again for everything.”

She hugged him back and said, “you’re very welcome, you’re a special boy and it is a real pleasure to help you.”

“Doc”, Ted said, “all those other boys, the ones you look after, well, please tell them about me and tell them I want to start a diaper support club, ask them if they are interested and ask them to come and meet me please.”

The doc looked at Ted and said, “you are a rare person, I will tell them, and you make sure that you let me know when and where the first meeting will be, because I will be happy to be the faculty advisor.”

Ted said, “That’s cool. Thanks, doc.”

After the doc left them Ted put on the t-shirt that Todd brought for him, which covered just the top inch or so of his diaper. Then he looked at the socks Todd brought and noticed that they were the long knee-length athletic socks he kept in his locker for a spare. He looked at Todd and said, “what did you bring these for? They are gonna make me look stupid.”

Todd looked hurt and said, “they were the only ones I could find, I’m sorry.” Ted said he was sorry and thanked Todd for helping him.

Ted tried to put his socks on and realized that he was having some trouble; his diaper was so thick and so high that he couldn’t bend right. Taylor and Todd saw the trouble he was having and they both started to laugh. Ted looked at them and said, “hey it’s not that funny, you know, I can’t bend right with this diaper on to get my socks and shoes on.”

Taylor said, “Yea I know we can see that, but it’s still plenty funny.”

Todd said, “here let me do that for you.” And he took Ted’s socks and put them on him, and he pulled them all the way up to his knees." Ted complained that this was not how he wore his socks and he knew it. Todd said, jokingly, “If I have to dress you then you will just have to wear the clothes as they are put on you.”

Ted just shrugged and said, “Okay, fine.” Todd then put Ted’s shoes on for him, and except for a pair of pants, which, Ted hoped his mom would bring, he was ready to go.

The three boys just sat there talking while Ted waited for his mom, they all hoped the sleep over was still on, cause even though whatever was wrong with Ted that landed him back n diapers, he wasn’t actually sick he felt fine, and it was still his birthday.

Part Five

A few minutes later there was another knock at the door and when the doc answered it the boys heard Ted’s mom. Ted’s mom Sara rushed over to see her son, and when she first caught sight of her son in his huge thick diaper, her breath caught in a gasp of surprise. She hugged Ted then she asked if he was all right, when Ted indicated that he was she asked him what he was doing wearing a diaper. Dr. Kelly interrupted them at that point and suggested that Sara come with her to her office where they could talk, and she would fill Sara in on all the details.

Sara gave Ted another hug and went with the doc, Ted was worried about how his mom would react to all of this, she tended to be over protective at the best of times and these were definitely not the best of times.

The boys talked about normal everyday stuff for a few minutes, then they heard Ted’s mom and the doc coming. Sara came in and gave Ted another hug and told him how sorry she was that this had happened to him, and that she would do all she could to help him get through this. Ted hugged his mom back and told her it was okay he was getting used to this whole thing, well so far anyway.

Then Ted wanted to get a question off his mind and have it settled right away, “mom” he asked, “can we still have our sleep over tonight?” “Oh, I am not sure if that’s such a good idea,” Sara replied. “Aww, come on mom, I am feeling fine and they both know what is wrong with me, they have both seen me in my diaper so there is nothing to hide. So please mom, can we please have the sleep over? It is still my birthday after all.” Sara looked over at the doc and she confirmed that except for the diapers Ted was fine. So Sara gave in and said the sleep over was a go. All three boys were very relieved, but she said, “We are going to push it back to 7pm tonight because now you and I have some shopping to do.” Ted agreed; after all, 7pm was better than not having it, Todd and Taylor agreed.

Ted then asked his mom the second most important question on his mind, “Mom, did you bring me a pair of pants to wear home?” “No,” Sara said, “I didn’t know that you needed a pair and I don’t think you have any that would fit over those diapers anyway.” “But what am I gonna do mom? How will I get home?” Sara just looked at Ted not wanting to say what was going to have to happen. Ted looked at his mom for a few seconds sighed and said, “well I guess I won’t have to worry about trying to hide the fact that I am in diapers cause if I am gonna walk out of here like this it’s gonna be all over the school by Monday. I guess I am going to have a bad week, next week,” Sara said, “I am really sorry, I should have thought more about it and stopped at home first, but I was just so worried about you that I got here as soon as I could.” “Its okay, mom, I think it will be better this way in the long run, at least I won’t have the added stress of worrying about people finding out.”

Sara hugged him again and Todd and Taylor said they would walk out with him, to make it easier. Ted said, “no, it’s okay, guys, you have to get to your next class, you’ve all ready missed one because of me. This is something I have to do on my own. I will see you both at 7 tonight, okay.” They both said okay as long as he was sure Ted said he was sure and they said okay see you at 7 good luck, and they both left for their next classes.

Ted looked at his mom and said, “I guess we might as well go, there is no sense in putting this off,” Sara said, “I’m so sorry honey, but I am very proud of you.” And they started out. Ted was very nervous about this, he had been in diapers for less than two hours and now the whole world was going to find out he was back in diapers.

He walked out into the hall with his mom and they headed towards the main entrance where his mom had parked. Ted had to waddle due to the thickness of his diaper. There were a bunch of students in the hall and silence and stares followed Ted, then came the whispering and the quiet comments about his diapered state. There must have been hundreds of kids heading for their next class that saw Ted, there was no doubt that everyone would know.

Ted was never so humiliated in his life as he was walking down the hallway in his school, but in a strange sort of way he also found all this public display a huge turn on, Ted couldn’t understand how he could feel this way about diapers so fast, but there was no denying it, he liked being in diapers.

Just as Ted and his mom were about to leave the school Ted thought he was home free, Amanda stepped up to him and said, “Ted, are you okay, what happened, why are you dressed like this?” for a second Ted was way beyond humiliated, here was the girl he loved (even if she didn’t know it yet) and he was wearing a diaper, then from somewhere deep inside himself he found the courage to talk. “I am not sure what happened, but I had an accident earlier and now I have to wear diapers until the doc can figure out what is wrong with me, I will be wearing them for awhile.” “Oh I’m so sorry, Ted.” She said, “I sure hope you get better soon.” Then she hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and whispered in his ear, “but you sure are cute in your diapers, I can’t wait to change you, and soon, I hope, real soon.”

That pushed Ted over the edge, already being overly excited just from being in diapers, add to that being out in front of everyone in just a diaper, and now getting kissed by Amanda the girl of his dreams, and told she thinks he’s cute in his diaper, and she wants to change him soon. It was too much for him, he exploded in his diaper, and he thought he might fall down or pass out it was so strong, somehow, though he managed to keep it together. Amanda noticed and whispered to him again," I see you like that idea, I am glad you do, I like it too, almost as much as you do. And please don’t get all embarrassed and tongue tied when you try to talk to me from now on, I think you’re sweet, and in those diapers you’re so cute." Ted blushed, he felt himself getting all flustered again.

Ted thought he would never have a better opportunity then right now, he somehow managed to ask Amanda if she would like to go out with him next Friday night, even though he would be in diapers. Amanda said she would love to go out with him, even though he would be wearing diapers. Then Amanda smiled a wicked little smile and looked at Ted’s mom and said, “If you ever need a baby sitter for your big baby here, just call me I would be happy to baby sit for you.” Sara said, “Why thank you I will keep that in mind.” Ted just blushed even more. Amanda said, “Well see you on Monday, you have a good weekend, and oh, by the way, happy birthday.” Ted said, “Thanks, can I call you later?” “Of course you can, I would like it very much if you did, see ya.” Ted and his mom headed out to their SUV while Amanda watched them go. All she could think to herself as he waddled out to the SUV, was, what am I doing, but he is so cute.

When Ted got in the SUV he sighed like he was in heaven, Sara looked at him and said, “Well a lot has certainly changed hasn’t it?” Ted just nodded. Sara said, “You know, I think those diapers just might be good for you. You certainly seem much more confident in them.” Ted just said yea, he didn’t care what anyone thought he had a date with his dream girl and she thought he was cute.

His mom broke him out of his revere by saying, “We have a couple of stops to make on the way home and then we can get you squared away.” Ted asked, “Where do we have to go and why can’t we stop at home first?” his mom replied, “Well as of right now the only diaper we have is the one you’re wearing, and it is already wet, and I bet you’re going to need more.” Ted looked down at his diaper and for the first time noticed that he had wet, he agreed that he would need more diapers. Sara went on to say, “At home and at night I want you in cloth diapers and plastic pants, because they are cheaper in the long run and better for the environment.” Ted just shrugged at that but asked, “What about at school and other things, like baseball?” Sara said, “For school and other times away from the house you can still wear disposables if you want to. And we need to stop and get you some new pants some that will fit over your diapers. And you will need to be sized correctly for both the cloth diapers and the new clothes.” “Oh, okay” said Ted, he didn’t really care now who saw him in his diapers, he was even willing to go to school on Monday without any pants at all, he just didn’t care, Amanda thought he was cute, that was all that mattered.

Ted started to think about what had happened to him today and basically how nice and understanding or how totally shocked everyone had been. He knew that by Monday the shock would have worn off and he knew he would get teased a lot. He started to worry that the rest of the people, like his mom and his friends might not be as nice or so understanding, and that maybe even his mom was disappointed in him but didn’t want him to know. He started to worry that maybe his mom was even going to be mad at him. He decided he should talk to his mom about this, so he would know one way or the other.

“Mom?” Ted said, “Yes honey” she replied. “Do you think less of me because I am in diapers again? It will mean a lot of extra work, and probably cost a lot of money, and I will smell bad a lot more now, and can you still be proud of a son who is back in diapers all the time, maybe for a real long time?” Sara had to pull over to the side of the road for this. When she stopped she looked at Ted for a long while before she spoke. Ted misunderstood her silence for disapproval and his emotions started getting the better of him, his eyes formed tears and he wanted to explain, to say something that would make her understand, but all he could say was, “I’m really sorry mom,” as he hung his head.

Sara looked at him for a second longer and said, “You don’t have anything to be sorry about, I love you so much and I have never been more proud of you than I am right now, it took a lot of courage and heart to get through today so far and you have come though it better than most ever would have. I will always love you no matter what. And just so you know, mister, you’re gonna be helping with the extra work too, you will have to wash your own diapers and plastic pants.” Ted was so relieved that he couldn’t speak, he just leaned over and hugged his mom, he couldn’t help it, and he started to cry. Too much had happened and was still happening to him, he just couldn’t take it anymore so he cried. His mom comforted him like she hadn’t done in years and years. When Ted was able to pull himself together he said he was sorry for acting like such a baby, he thanked his mom for understanding, she hugged him back and told him anytime. Then she pulled back out into traffic and they were on their way to the pharmacy to get his new supply of diapers.

Part Six

They pulled up as close as they could get to front door, so as to keep Ted’s exposure to a minimum. They got out of the car and headed into the pharmacy and Ted received a bunch more stares, but oddly once they got inside no one much seemed to bother about Ted being in just a diaper. They headed over to the incontinence aisle and Ted was amazed at how huge the selection available was. They had everything from disposable diapers to cloth diapers and so many different brands and sizes, they had bottles and pacifiers and bibs and shirts called onesies, they had baby lotion and baby oil and of course baby powder.

As Ted was looking at all the various items a clerk came up to them and asked if he could help them. Sara said yes he could and went on to briefly explain Ted’s condition. “Well” said Brad, (the clerk) “I am sorry to hear that but we can certainly help you, we have everything your going to need and maybe even a few things you’ll like as well.” Ted just looked at him. Sara explained what they wanted, Brad suggested that for their needs, they would want a minimum of three dozen daytime diapers, to be doubled up and two dozen night time diapers, to be added to the daytime diapers, they would also need at least 30 pairs of plastic pants. And for school and other activities at least two cases of the thicker diapers like Ted had on now and a thinner diaper for the times he wanted something more discrete so they would have an adequate supply on hand, because there is nothing worse than running out of diapers at 3am when nothing is open. The rest of the supplies they would need they could easily pick up on an as need basis.

Sara listened to Brad, and for the most part agreed with him, but she decided that a larger supply would be better. She thought about it and told Brad that she would go with ten dozen daytime diapers and eight dozen night time diapers and five cases each of the thick and thinner disposables, and 2 cases each of powder, lotion, diaper rash cream, wipes and baby oil, and about 200 diaper pins. He explained that she didn’t want to run out or do laundry every single day. She also said they would need about 100 pairs of plastic pants, if they had all that in stock. Brad assured her that they did and they he would have no trouble filling their order. Sara said that was good and asked Brad if it would be possible to have all that loaded into her SUV parked just out front. Brad said that would be no problem at all.

Sara said that she still needed to pick up a few things and she wanted Ted to go that it was a good idea, but he didn’t want people to think he was a baby, Brad asked, “Well, do you just have plain white underwear at home or do you also different colors and designs as well?” Ted smiled, Brad was right, he would pick out some of almost all there was, he decided to stay away from the very feminine looking ones, the ones that were pink and had ruffles on them. Ted picked out some white ones but also red, blue, green, orange, black, purple, yellow and gray and lots of different prints, everything from teddy bears to kittens and puppies, to space ships and airplanes, to his personal favorite pair, which was a baseball theme.

All in all Ted got at least three pairs of each except for the baseball ones he got five of those and about 15 pairs of just white ones. While Ted was picking out his plastic pants he suddenly messed his diaper, it was another large load and Ted couldn’t stop it no matter how hard he tried. Ted started to get upset and he was very embarrassed, Brad noticed what had happened and said, “Hey, its okay don’t worry about it, that’s what your diaper is for.” Ted was grateful for Brad’s understanding but he didn’t know what to do. Brad told Ted to finish getting his plastic pants and he would go talk to his mom for a minute. Ted agreed to this, he didn’t really want to walk around like this anyway. Brad was back in less than five minutes and told Ted that his mom was still busy shopping and that if it were okay with him he would change Ted’s diaper.

Ted readily agreed to this, he didn’t care who changed him, he just wanted out of this messy diaper. Brad told Ted to pick out a pair of plastic pants, because he would be changing him into cloth diapers, Ted didn’t even have to think about it, he grabbed a pair of the baseball plastic print pants, Ted looked at Brad but Brad just smiled and said, "Ok lets go get you looked after, and he led Ted back into the change room.

Walking in a messy diaper was different than walking in messy pants. For one thing the diaper kept the mess up against his backside and spread it around more, as opposed to when he messed his pants earlier where it just sort of sat in the bottom of his underwear. Ted felt his mess go further up his backside and he even felt it up around his nuts. The more Ted walked in his messy diaper, the more he decided that a messy diaper wasn’t such a horrible thing.

Brad had Ted get up on the table and take off his t-shirt. He then had Ted lay back and asked him to relax, he would be quick and gentle and Ted would be ready in no time. Brad untapped Ted’s diaper and peeled it back, he had Ted lift up and he removed Ted’s messy diaper. Now Ted could really smell his mess in the diaper, he was very embarrassed and he wondered how Brad could stand it, but Brad didn’t even seem to notice the smell at all, at least he didn’t say anything about it.

Brad got the wipes and started to clean the mess off Ted, finally Ted had to ask how Brad could stand the smell. Brad just laughed and said, “It’s not that bad and you get used to it.” Ted didn’t see how you could ever get used to this smell. “And besides,” Brad said, “I change my own dirty diapers everyday.” Ted looked at Brad with disbelief. And Brad said, “Yea I wear diapers all the time just like you will be doing.” Then Brad stepped back and took off his pants, he was indeed wearing a thick cloth diaper and plastic pants with fire trucks on them. Brad hung his pants on a peg and went back to work on Ted. He slipped two daytime diapers under Ted’s bum and started applying baby lotion to Ted’s skin. Ted was to shocked for words at all of this, when Brad started putting lotion on Ted’s groin area he got a huge hard on, Ted was even more embarrassed. Brad said, “Don’t worry about that, it’s perfectly normal, it happens to all us diaper boys.” “It does, really?” asked Ted. “Yup” said Brad, “It still happens to me every time even after all these years.” Ted asked Brad how old he was and how long he had been wearing diapers for and why.

Brad explained that he was nineteen and that he had been wearing diapers since he was twelve, he started wearing diapers because he liked them, but over the years he slowly lost all his control and now not only did he love his diapers, he also truly needed them full time. Ted was shocked here was a guy that stared out wanting diapers, and wore them just cause he liked them, and then made himself need them, and still he loved diapers. Ted wondered if he would ever come to love his diapers as much as Brad loved his.

Brad was now pulling Ted’s first diaper up between his legs and pinning it on, then the second diaper was pulled up and pinned on and Ted was surprised at just how thick this arrangement was, he thought it was maybe even thicker than the disposable he was just wearing. Ted also noticed that the cloth diaper was very soft and warm, he decided that he liked cloth diapers better, but he knew the disposables would be better for school and especially for baseball.

Brad pulled Ted’s plastic pants on over his feet and up his legs, Ted thought they were too tight but Brad explained that they had to be tight to keep the wetness inside and everything outside dry. Ted just nodded in understanding and Brad made sure that all of Ted’s diaper was inside the plastic pants, then helped Ted sit up these diapers were even higher than the disposable he just had on and to Ted they felt much thicker. Ted knew that until he got used to them he was going to have some trouble dressing himself, at least from the waist down.

Ted put his t shirt on and Brad said, “There you go all set, so how do you like cloth diapers and plastic pants?” Ted just sat there for a second then he stood up and he felt his diaper through his plastic pants, the plastic pants felt kind of slippery and they made a lot of noise when he moved, he looked at Brad and said, “They feel great, they are soft and warm and I like the plastic pants and the bulk of everything, I think I like them better than the disposables.” Brad just grinned and said, "I know exactly what you mean my friend.

Part Seven

Ted and Brad walked back out front, and found Ted’s mom waiting for them, she took one look at Ted and rolled her eyes and said, “I should have known, you’re still just as crazy about baseball.” Ted smiled and said, “Yup I am.” Then she looked at Brad and said, “So, you wear diapers, too, don’t you think you should put your pants back on?” Brad said, “Well I don’t always wear pants when I work. It helps boost sales in this department, so the owner actually prefers when I don’t.” Sara said, “I guess that makes sense, thank you for all your help, everything is loaded up in the SUV and it’s all paid for, thanks again Brad for everything.” “It was my pleasure, I hope you will shop here again soon.” Said Brad. Sara assured him that they would, and said good-bye.

As they were leaving the store Ted glanced back and noticed that Brad was just going about his normal routine still in just his diapers. Ted smiled and thought that he would be back to this store for sure. When they got out to the SUV Ted was surprised at how full of stuff it was and asked, “Is all that really for me?” “Yes” his mom said, “It takes up a bit of room doesn’t it, I can see we are going to have to figure out where to put it all when we get home, get in and we will go get you some new clothes for you to wear with your diapers.”

On the way to the clothing store Ted was thinking again about how fast he was getting into this whole diaper thing. He knew he needed them but he couldn’t understand how or why he liked them so much in such a short space of time, after all he thought this morning I had never even considered diapers at all and now I am stuck in them until doc Kelly figures this out, and I am loving it. Then a strange thought crossed his mind, what if the doc cured him and he didn’t need diapers anymore, would he give them up. That really made him think.

Ted said, “Mom?” “Yes” she answered, “Well,” Ted started, “See, I don’t understand something and I am confused.” “Its okay, honey, take your time I will help as best I can.” “Well, this morning, right I was fine and everything was normal and I didn’t need diapers and I had never even thought about them, I never even knew you could get diapers big enough to fit me, and well now cause of whatever happened to me well I am stuck in diapers for awhile and well, (Ted blushed at this part) I think I really like wearing diapers, they feel real good and soft and warm, and well mom I think I even like wearing them when I am wet and messy. I don’t understand how I could like them so much so fast, does this mean there is something wrong with me, am I a freak or something?” Ted looked at his mom with concern; he was truly worried about this and about how his mom would think of him because of it.

Sara glanced over at Ted and thought about it for a second. She said, “Well I guess I can understand how diapers would feel good especially for a boy, but I don’t think it’s weird that you like them at all, and I am very glad that you can get some enjoyment from this situation, that makes me happy. I think you are just going on sensation here and your body is responding to pleasant feelings, and that’s nothing to be worried about at all, and even if Dr Kelly can cure you, if you decide that you would just like to wear diapers for fun that’s okay with me too, because I agree with Amanda; I think you’re pretty darn cute in your diapers, I love you so much and I just want to be happy and if you can find some pleasure from all of this I think that’s wonderful.”

Ted was very relieved that his mom felt this way. It made all of this a whole lot easier knowing she didn’t think he was a freak or disapprove of him. Sara asked Ted, “How come you picked out so many baby print plastic pants in the store, not that I mind, but I am just wondering?” “Well, at first I didn’t know that they came in anything but white, and when I saw all the selections I figured that since I didn’t wear just plain white underwear why should I wear just plain white plastic pants, I mean some of my boxers aren’t really all that different from some of the plastic pants I just got.” Answered Ted. “I suppose that’s true.” Replied Sara.

They arrived at the clothing store that had been recommended to Sara by Dr. Kelly, they were not able to park very close this time and Sara apologized to Ted that he would have to walk so far, Ted said that he didn’t mind, being seen in his diaper it didn’t bother him anymore. Sara looked at Ted for a second then asked, “You sort of like being seen in your diaper, don’t you?” Ted blushed and said, “Yea I kinda do.” Sara laughed slightly and mussed his hair and said, “I thought so, I think that’s fine just don’t do it too much.” Ted smiled and said, “Okay, not too much, but every now and then.” And they both laughed.

They went into the store and were immediately met by a clerk and directed to the back corner of the store. When Sara asked how she knew where they wanted to go and what they wanted to get, the clerk responded that she had assumed that because the young man was in diapers that they would want the section of clothing that was designed with diapers in mind. Sara just raised an eyebrow at this and they wandered off towards some racks of pants that were the style Ted normally wore.

Sara had Ted try on a couple of pairs of pants and because he was in just his diaper he didn’t need to go to the change room he just put them on and took them off. This gave Ted a kind of thrill cause he thought it was like undressing in public, he just smiled at the thought. They found some pants in a size that would fit over Ted’s diapers and not be too noticeable. Sara got Ted a couple pairs of jeans and a couple pairs of khakis and some sweat pants and some wind pants, she also picked up some shorts as well as the warm weather was almost here.

Ted asked his mom, "Since we found everything we need and wanted out here, what do you suppose is back there where she tol

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