The Faire (Part Thirteen Posted)


Once again, Cassidy was completely at the mercy of her sister’s whims.

The hand holding persisted, of course, and she could only imagine what the pair of them must look like to the casual observer. If this were happening under normal circumstances, she would have been concerned that she and Audrey might be mistaken as a couple. Wrong for multiple reasons, namely the fact that they were sisters and Cassidy wasn’t particularly into girls. Instead, she had to deal with everyone making the assumption that she was Audrey’s little sister.

Despite Cassidy’s occasional request to stop for a bathroom break, Audrey seemed more interested in making the most of their time at the faire. Once or twice, she even made Cassidy hydrate by insisting on a big swig of water. Always in a patronizing way, with a hint of worry; it was frustrating enough that Cassidy tended to do as she was told just to make that kind of attitude stop. It certainly didn’t help the light pressure in her bladder. Eventually, Audrey did take her back to the front of the park, only to point out that the line was too long and they should come back later.

After trying to be civil for what felt like forever, Cassidy couldn’t take it any more. “AUDREY. I need to fucking pee.” She dug her heels into the ground, determined not to let herself be tugged farther away. Almost immediately, she failed, stumbling forward a step or two as Audrey kept her stride.

Her sister finally stopped. She swiveled around to face Cassidy, towering over the girl while keeping a firm grip on her hand. “Cassie. Language.” Narrowing her eyes, she continued, “Look, we can take care of you after the next show, okay?”

“But, Audrey–”

“Okay . . .?”

“Okay,” Cassidy mumbled.

After such a distant relationship with her sister, Cassidy had no idea how to handle her. Combined with height difference and the unexpectedly stern attitude, she couldn’t find the strength to push the confrontation. Especially not with how small she felt, both in the childish fairy costume and the fact that she had already let herself be pressured into playing the ‘little sister’ role in order to avoid the fate that happened to other lost girls in the area.

Besides, it was just one more show. That would take less than an hour, and then she would make a beeline for the bathroom with or without Audrey’s supervision.

It wasn’t until the craft presentation was underway, however, that Cassidy realized what a big mistake she had made. The last few drinks finally hit her, seemingly all at once, as she sat on the uncomfortable wood bench next to her sister. Before, it had just been a dull pressure in her bladder that she had tried her best to ignore. But now? It was closer to a potential dam burst, and she quickly clamped her legs together and tried to will the feeling away. Mind over matter, right? Maybe not.

‘Shit. SHIT.’

Cassidy looked left and right, slightly panicking as the urge to pee grew greater. They were seated dead center. If she went left, she’d have to awkwardly climb over or under the short wooden fence bars and make it down the uneven dirt hill. Everyone would be staring at her, and the probability of tumbling down and getting dirt all over herself and muddying the pink costume and her pale skin was higher than she’d like. If she went right, Audrey would make a huge scene and make her sit back down. Even if she could get out, Cassidy would have to sprint to one of the porta potties and force her way to the front of a line due to what would no doubt be an emergency by the time she got there. There was always the edge of the fair grounds, but the fairy outfit was a one piece. If she wanted to somehow find a private spot outside, she’d have to fully strip.

“Audrey . . .” Cassidy turned to her sister, whispering in desperation. She needed to get out. Now. It would take all her willpower, but she could make it. Hopefully someone would pity her and let her cut the line.

“Cassie!“ Audrey hissed. She stared daggers back, seemingly oblivious to her older sister’s plight. “You’re ruining the show. For me, and everyone around us. Just wait, sis. It’ll be over soon.”

“But, Audrey-OW!”

Cassidy softly yelped in pain as her sister gave a sharp pinch to her leg. A few nearby people glanced at her, but Audrey quickly and quietly apologized for her. “But nothing, Cassie,” she snapped back. Her voice was quiet, but sounded beyond annoyed. “Be quiet. And for the love of god, stop squirming around like a child.”

Against her better judgment, Cassidy did as she was told. While part of her wanted to stand up and push past her sister, she was nervous that the struggle itself might result in mortifying consequences. Audrey was younger. She was barely eighteen, for crying out loud. If Cassidy were thinking clearly, she would tell off her sister and simply leave. But she wasn’t thinking clearly. After the constant lectures about not ‘freaking out over nothing,’ and all the strangers around her trying to enjoy the show, Cassidy couldn’t help but try to act natural. She hadn’t even noticed all the fidgeting and squirming until Audrey pointed it out, but now she was keenly aware of every little movement she made.

‘Hold still. Control yourself. Just a little longer.’

The entire time, Cassidy coached herself. If anyone asked, she wouldn’t be able to say one thing about the last thirty minutes of the show. Not that she knew it was thirty minutes, since Audrey had possession of her phone. Every minute was agonizing. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the presentation was over. Everyone applauded for the artisans, and Cassidy watched with pure impatience as the crowd filtered out from the seats around them.

“Do you have something to say, Cassie?” Audrey asked. She blocked Cassidy’s path with a stern expression, crossing her arms to drive the point home.

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More, please…faster!!!

Patience! :slight_smile:

–Lady Lucia

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Working on it…gotten my panties in a wad over this one.

𝑬𝒙𝒄𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒕 𝘢𝘴 𝘢𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 :smiley::+1:

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I love this story.



Cassidy knew what her younger sister wanted. Under any other circumstance, she would have scoffed at the attitude being directed at her. But not this time. She was too desperate to get out of there. “I’m sorry, Audrey,” Cassidy muttered.

“Sorry for what . . . ?”

“ . . . for interrupting during the show . . . and for fidgeting,” Cassie awkwardly listed off what her sister harped on during the show, but received nothing but silence and an annoyed stare from Audrey in return. “I’m sorry for freaking out over nothing.”

“ALL DAY. You’re sorry for freaking out over nothing all day.”

“I’m sorry for freaking out over nothing all day,” Cassidy repeated. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. At this point, she was willing to say anything just to end the conversation and get moving.

“And what’s your name, sis? Until you can stop freaking out, at least?”

“ . . . My name is Cassie.”

Another long silence followed those words. Cassidy’s blush darkened as she reluctantly met Audrey’s stare. Never in a million years would she have called herself the childish name, but now she said it without a second thought.

“Well, Cassie, I’m glad you finally got something right,” Audrey rolled her eyes, “Now, what was so important that you kept interrupting earlier?”

“I- I really need to use the bathroom.” Before she even finished the sentence, Cassidy felt her cheeks get almost uncomfortably hot. No matter how badly she needed to go, there was no way to say it without it sounding immature.

“Wow. Just. Wow.” Audrey looked at Cassidy like she was absolutely helpless, and the older girl couldn’t make the blush go away to save her life. “How old are you again? Follow me, Cassie.” Letting out a heavy sigh, Audrey grabbed her sister’s hand and marched her all the way across the faire grounds until they were back near the start.

Every step was more stressful than the last, and Cassidy suddenly missed the comfort of sitting down. At least she could squeeze her legs together in the seat and focus on holding back the inevitable flood. But now she was moving, and it was a long walk. Her sister definitely missed a turn or two amidst the more heavily populated areas, and they ended up taking a more roundabout way back to the porta potties.

But that’s not where Audrey led her. Instead, they landed at the long line that ran along one of the outer walls of the fair. “Wait, Audrey!” Cassidy exclaimed. She saw the handicapped bathroom way in the distance as she and her sister stood hand in hand at the end of the line. “I need to go now! It’s an emergency!”

It was music to Audrey’s ears. Little Cassie hadn’t used the restroom since they woke up this morning, and it was nearly mid afternoon. Since then, Cassie had a large glass of juice at breakfast, a bottle of water in the car, and a few drinks as they roamed the festival. Her petite sister didn’t have the most impressive bladder, so Audrey knew Cassie must be getting close to her limits when the presentation started. All she had to do was pressure her older sister to wait. After a purposely long walk back to the bathrooms, there was no way Cassie could hold on much longer. It was written all over her face and her body language, not to mention her whiny voice.

This hasn’t originally been the plan. At the start, the main idea had been to strip away Cassidy’s physical maturity and trap her in a situation where she couldn’t easily undo the damage. Mission accomplished. Little Cassie had even been dumb enough to sit still and close her eyes long enough to get bangs. Taking off the fairy costume would be easy enough, but there wasn’t a lot to do about the hair except wait for it to grow back out. For the rest of the summer, Audrey would get to enjoy seeing her sister like that.

The pull-ups she had stitched into the pink leotard had mostly been to screw up Cassie’s confident strut. With a bit of padding between her thighs, the girl would look more like an awkward tween than a young adult. Of course, the knowledge her older sister was wearing the babyish underwear was a nice cherry. But now, a lot more seemed possible as Audrey improvised her way through the day. It was almost too easy. Thanks to how things had been framed again and again, it seemed that everything little Cassie said shouldn’t be taken seriously. Including this current development.

“You’re fine, Cassie,” Audrey snapped. She resisted the urge to smirk, “Come on, the line isn’t that long.”

The look on Cassidy’s face was priceless. It was pretty easy to read her mind. ‘It’s not about the length of the line!’ Something like that. Which, of course, was the entire point of taking her there. With everyone ahead of them needing to remove complex costumes before relieving themselves, as well as the actually handicapped people that were always allowed to cut in front of everyone, it was going to take thirty minutes minimum to reach the bathroom based on the current line.

No way her sister was going to last that long, not with the little potty dance Cassidy was doing as she shifted her weight left and right. Never in Audrey’s wildest dreams would she have imagined her stuck up older sister wetting herself in the middle of the day, but now it seemed very much within reach. As long as Cassie didn’t make a run for the other bathrooms, although that would honestly be amusing thanks to the bulky underwear.

“But, Audrey-”

“No ‘buts,’ little sis! Now, be patient and stop fidgeting.”

As expected, Cassidy complied. She was so desperate to prove that she wasn’t some whiny brat. Which, ironically, was going to be the very reason for what was about to undo her maturity in a much more damning way. Audrey hoped, at least.

Just a little longer . . .

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Amazing :smiley::+1:

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What a fantastic, well-conceived story, Lady Lucia. In the words of Oliver Twist…“More, please.”


How long had they been in line?!

Since Audrey was oh so helpfully holding onto all of Cassidy’s things due to how the childish fairy costume didn’t offer anything in the form of pockets or storage, the pink-clad girl had no idea how many minutes had passed. Every time someone stepped out of the private bathroom and the line inched forward, it brought a strange combination of nervousness and relief. It meant they were that much closer, but it was also a reminder of the excessive time each person needed before giving up the room to the next person.

Cassidy sulked in silence. Somehow, everything she did gave her sister an excuse to belittle her. It was beyond frustrating, especially since Audrey had always been the more immature girl between them. But thanks to Cassidy’s current getup, there was nothing she could do but let Audrey be the ‘older sister.’ Plus it was too late to do anything else but wait in line. Every little step risked breaking the seal she was actively concentrating on, which meant the journey to the normal bathrooms was now more dangerous than standing still and clenching her legs together.

There were only ten people left between her and the desperately needed restroom. Some easy math suggested at least twenty more minutes of waiting, although two minutes per individual was a pretty hopeful estimate. The other problem is that the line included a good portion of girls their age. Trying to cut ahead of a bunch of adults would be one thing, as blurting out that it was an emergency might do the trick. But Cassidy already felt self conscious enough that everyone believed on sight that she was so much younger than she actually was. Even though she didn’t know anyone but her sister, the thought of everyone staring at her was just too embarrassing.

All of her little justifications changed, however, when a small squirt of pee managed to escape from a crack in the dam that had been threatening to break for quite some time. Cassidy gasped, and turned beet red as the shock was enough to break her focus. Before she could help it, she began peeing for almost a full three seconds before managing to force the stream to a stop.

Trying not to panic, she looked down with wide eyes to see if her brief accident would be visible to anyone else. She could feel the mortifying warmth pressing back against her crotch, but luckily nothing had leaked through the leotard. The padding that Audrey had said was meant for gymnastics safety had felt awkward all day long as they walked around the Renaissance Faire, but Cassidy was finally grateful it was there. Apparently there was enough fabric down there to keep from showing the wetness that would definitely show through any number of other outfits and underwear. That was only one problem solved, however. There was still the more pressing matter to deal with. She needed the bathroom, and she needed it NOW.


“Oh my God, Cassie! I can totally see your nipples. Have those little things been poking out like that all day?” Out of nowhere, Audrey pinched both of Cassidy’s nipples through the leotard.

The nearby reactions were bad enough; it was easy to hear a giggle or two from the teenage girls standing a few feet away. Cassidy’s sister hadn’t made any effort to lower her voice for the comment. That paled in comparison, however, to the inappropriate touch that followed. “AUDREY.” Squirming away from the hands that had no right to be anywhere near her chest, and immediately flashing back to the way Audrey had done something similar earlier when teasing about Cassidy’s smaller size, Cassidy slapped the still too-close arms away just for good measure.

And then it happened.

The surprise and pain of her nipples being pinched caused her focus to slip again, and Cassidy’s own jerky movements afterwards meant that her legs shifted enough to disrupt the careful way she had been clamping her thighs together to keep her bladder’s urges at bay. With the recent bit of wetting, it was all too much. Her body seemed to abruptly decide that it was done being patient, and the dam broke entirely. Freezing in horror, Cassidy began wetting herself.

For real this time. “No . . .” she whimpered. Her voice did absolutely nothing to stop the trickle that quickly turned into a nonstop stream. Cassidy wanted to run, to save herself from the public humiliation, but her legs felt like jello as she stood there and had an ‘accident’ for the first time in her adult life. The faint hissing from below sounded painfully loud as she felt the disgusting warmth spread out between her legs, and Cassidy turned crimson as she waited for the entire line to turn and stare. If they couldn’t hear, surely they would see the puddle that was about to form at her feet like she had once witnessed back in middle school when an unfortunate girl got tickled to the point of no return at a sleepover.

Staring at the ground, out of both humiliation and a morbid curiosity as to what the damage was going to look like, Cassidy was surprised to see that nothing had escaped the girly leotard yet. The less pleasant surprise, however, was just how badly she needed to go. Her bladder hadn’t let up yet, and she could feel the bulk between her legs clinging to her in all kinds of uncomfortable ways as the flood continued. The leotard seemed to hold everything in place for the most part, though she noticed a faint sag while looking for visual evidence that any casual observer would see.

At least a full minute passed before Cassidy stopped peeing. While she was grateful and a little bit confused at the unexpected protection below, she was also mortified. She couldn’t believe that she just did that! And it wasn’t a little accident; she was soaked. And, to make matters worse, she finally looked up.

Audrey was standing right there, smirking.

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Wonderful…now not so long before the NEXT installment, please.


“Shame. Looks like you couldn’t make it, after all,” Audrey said.

Cassidy was too stunned to say anything. She was still dealing with the fact that she had just wet herself, in public, at her age. There were plenty of ways to justify that it wasn’t her fault, but at the end of the day she was still a college girl who just had a daytime ‘accident’ without standing up for herself or making a better effort to get to a bathroom in time.

The look on Audrey’s face made it all the worse. For starters, it was clear that Cassidy’s sister was all too aware of what just happened. Maybe she overheard the embarrassingly steady stream, or maybe it was the sag of the leotard along that gave it away. But it was more than that. Instead of the recent high school grad looking surprised or concerned, she looked amused. Wickedly so. Gone was the judgmental sister who was annoyed at Cassidy’s ‘immaturity.’ Instead, it was pretty clear that Audrey wanted this to happen, and had been stalling on purpose.

Finding her voice for the first time since losing control of her bladder, and cheeks burning at how stupid she had been, Cassidy started, “Audrey-”

“Cassie! Did you just WET yourself?!” It was easily loud enough for a good number of the surrounding people to hear, but the fake shock in her tone masked the fact that she was announcing it on purpose. Audrey grabbed Cassidy’s hand for the umpteenth time, and abruptly yanked her away from the bathroom line. “Ugh, that’s the second time today.”

As Cassidy was dragged off, the muffled giggles from behind her brought on a whole new wave of embarrassment. It was enough to keep her flustered enough to not resist her sister’s tugs, but walking with a squishing, sagging leotard was a lot different than when there was just that bit of dry, protective padding between her legs. When she finally came to her senses, Cassidy quickly pulled her hand free. “Audrey! What are you doing?!” There were a lot of meanings behind that question, so Cassidy immediately clarified so they could deal with the most pressing issue. They had been SO close to the front of the line, and it didn’t matter if she technically didn’t need to pee any more; now that she had wet herself, the bathroom would have been the place to get herself cleaned up. She was keenly aware of the disgusting warmth down there, and getting changed was her highest priority. “I still need the bathroom!”

“Oh, really? Looks to me like you totally emptied your tank, sis. Honestly, for a little girl, that sounded like it was a pretty big accident. Good thing I thought to include those pull-ups with your costume. Can you imagine if I didn’t? You would have pissed all over the ground and everyone would have seen! Hmm, actually, maybe I fucked up. That would’ve been hilarious, too!”

“You-” Cassidy’s eyes widened. PULL-UPS. She had been right. Leotards were supposed to be flush with the body, but Audrey had convinced her otherwise. The bulk between her legs wasn’t meant to protect gymnasts from hurting their tailbone; she had been wearing pull-ups all day! Just when she thought the hideously girly fairy costume couldn’t get any worse . . .

“That’s right,” Audrey giggled, “I stitched them into your leotard. Honestly, I didn’t think you’d actually go for it. You could have just not dressed up, you know? But cheap little Cassie just had to save a few bucks.”

“It’s Cassidy!!” As if that was the most important issue at the moment. However, this newest revelation, combined with the soaked underwear below, didn’t exactly put her at a place of authority. Even if she really was the older sister. “Audrey. We need to . . . um- we need-” she trailed off. Wait, if the pull-ups were attached to the costume, how was she supposed to get out of the sagging mess? They hadn’t brought a change of clothes.

Audrey just smirked again. “We need to get you home, don’t we?”

’Oh, God.’ Cassidy was going to be stuck like this for the entire drive home. If that wasn’t an awful enough thought, what if their parents were home? They’d want pictures, for starters, and every second of small talk would risk being discovered. Even if she somehow convinced them that Audrey had tricked her into the costume, there was no excuse in the world to explain how she had wet herself without simply finding a bathroom.

The wave of frustration passed pretty quickly due to her humiliating situation and the way Audrey was looking at her. In its place, there was only a desperation for a shower and to put this demeaning day behind her. “Uh huh,” Cassidy said, with a meek little nod. “Let’s go home.”


Cassidy might have felt defeated, but she wasn’t naive. Glancing towards her sister to make sure there wasn’t a phone being pointed at her, she begrudgingly said, “Because I wet myself.” Saying it out loud made it so much worse. A nineteen year old girl, confessing she had a daytime accident.

“Because you wet your pull-ups?” Audrey clarified.

Nodding again, Cassidy echoed, “Because I wet my pull-ups.”

Audrey placed a hand on her hip, looking down at her smaller sister, “Say the whole thing, Cassie.”

It had been easier when she was able to just repeat Audrey’s words. Cassidy figured it would be less fun for her if she simply did as she was told with no emotion or awkward arguing about it. But, as usual, her sister had a way of pushing her buttons. Just when the blush was almost gone, Cassidy could feel her cheeks heating up again as she said the words, “I wet my pull-ups, Audrey. Can we please go home?”

Pausing for a moment, probably to let the confession linger, Audrey stepped forward and placed her hands on Cassidy’s shoulders. “Of course we can, little sis. But first, what’s your name?”

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The story just keeps getting better :slight_smile: hope to read more of it! Great job!

Seldom have I looked forward to ANYTHING with the anticipation that I do for new chapters of “The Faire”…keep the good work coming.


“My name is Cassie.”

Cassidy didn’t want to say it. Partially because she didn’t want to give her sister the satisfaction, but also because it was just such an awful version of her full name. But what else could she do? After literally wetting herself in front of Audrey and a handful of strangers, Cassidy felt so defeated. She just wanted to go home and take a shower, and was already not looking forward to the journey. Walking all the way across the faire grounds in soaked pull-ups, and also sitting in them for the 30+ minute drive home? But there wasn’t any other option; not when her sagging underwear was literally sewn into her costume.

No, there was another option! She would just have to do the very thing that compelled her to put the fairy costume on in the first place–waste a bunch of money on a costume. Anything was better than wearing used pull-ups.

“That’s right, Cassie,” Audrey said, “And you-”

“I need to change!” Cassidy blurted out, “Like, now. Give me my wallet so I can buy something to wear.”

“Just come with me, little sis. I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.”

Because trusting Audrey had worked out SO well so far. But the smug eighteen year old was holding all the cards. She had Cassidy’s cell phone and wallet, and now held a mortifying secret as well. Until Cassidy was clean and back in her normal clothes, there was a risk of her ‘accident’ being outed to just about anyone along the way. That, and Audrey was also the one who drove, meaning she was the only one who could get Cassidy home.

So, for what felt like the hundredth time, Cassidy let Audrey hold her hand like they were big and little sisters roaming the faire together. Only this time, the walk was a lot worse. Every step seemed to draw attention to the sagging bulk between Cassidy’s legs as the wet pull-ups shifted this way and that against her, and she was constantly embarrassed about anyone and everyone potentially noticing her situation. Nineteen or twelve, a daytime accident was very much out of the ordinary.

For once, it seemed like Audrey was giving her a break. Instead of the roundabout route they had taken to the bathroom, this walk was more or less a direct line towards the front gate. Until just a couple yards away from two forms of visible freedom–the costume store, and the parking lot in the distance. Except at the last second, Cassidy was tugged in a different direction by her arm that was still connected to her sister’s.

“Hello! May I help you?” A dark haired girl around their age stood behind a desk with a clipboard.

“I’m here to drop my little sister off,” Audrey said, “There are a few R rated shows I want to see, and she’s not quite old enough for those.”

“Audrey, what are you doing?!”

Clearly used to such dynamics, the girl ignored Cassidy and simply picked up a small packet from the desk, “Of course. Just fill this out, and we’ll take care of her for as long as you need. Pay by the hour, by the way.”

“That’s fine. Do you happen to have any diapers in her size? She’s dry right now, but you never know.”

“Umm, maybe? I can check for you!”

“That would be great. Alright, we’ll get this filled out for you!”

Cassidy stood there in shock and embarrassment. On the one hand, Audrey lied about the status of her pull-ups. But she also brought attention to them! And, more importantly, the daycare tent?!

Once they were a few steps away from the girl, still holding hands, Cassidy hissed, “AUDREY.”

“Hush, Cassie!” Stepping right up to the petite girl and glaring down at her, Audrey said, “One more word out of you, and I’ll drive home and leave you here without your things. How fun would that be? Little Cassie in dirty diapers and no way home. Actually, that sounds more fun. Honestly. Should we do that instead? Ah, ah,” she held up a finger as Cassidy opened her mouth to protest, “I said ‘hush.’ You may nod or shake your head.”

Blushing deeply, and horrified at the thought of her sister leaving her in such a way, Cassidy meekly shook her head.

“Would you rather go to daycare?”

Cassidy nodded.

“Good choice. Now, sit.” Audrey pointed to the nearest bench. Then, after she saw that her sister was capable of being obedient, she filled out the form handed to her. Since Audrey was eighteen, that meant she was perfectly capable of being Cassie’s ‘guardian.’ Audrey handed over her own driver’s license and the completed form, shared a few quiet words with the girl at the desk, then beckoned for Cassidy to join them.

The next minute was a blur. Cassidy was still reeling from the fact that she had wet herself a few minutes ago. On top of that, the faire’s daycare center didn’t seem to question her false age in the slightest. Granted, it was designed for kids of all ages, for the very purpose Audrey was pretending to use. This way, adults and older teens could see certain shows while ensuring their younger relatives would have something to do in the meantime without getting lost.

Audrey didn’t even say anything. She just kissed Cassidy on the cheek, right on the sparkly butterfly painted there, and gave her one parting smirk before walking away.

“Cassie?” the desk girl said. With a much softer smile than Audrey’s, she opened the metal gate behind her, “Come on in.”

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Daycare. She had literally been put into daycare.

With Audrey’s threat still looming, Cassidy knew she couldn’t simply run away. Her feet felt like lead, anyway. Taking one nervous step at a time, she stepped through the gate. She jumped slightly when she heard it slam close behind her.

“Sorry,” the girl said, “It just does that.”

Cheap metal or not, the clanging sound had been effective in making Cassidy feel a bit more trapped than before. She was on this side of the fence now, and her startled little gesture no doubt added to the list of things that made her appear more twelve than nineteen. “It’s fine,” Cassidy mumbled. As badly as she wanted to burst into an explanation of why she didn’t really belong here, it dawned on her that there was no point in trying. If this is where Audrey wanted her to be, then she needed to stay put or risk being abandoned. Cassidy had relied on her cell phone for most of her teenage life, which meant the only contact info she still had memorized were her parents’ numbers. That wasn’t an option. Although, maybe there was another way . . . “Can I use your phone?!” she blurted out.

The condescending smile on the girl’s face wasn’t a good sign. “It’s the Renaissance Faire, sweetie. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to do here. And there are some girls your age here, too. This spot isn’t just for kids!” Pausing for a moment, she added, “Oh, and the service here is terrible. I can’t even use my phone most of the time.”

Cassidy knew exactly what the girl was doing, but wasn’t in a position to talk with her like an equal. The potential plan had been to use the borrowed phone to log into her own Insta and message a friend. As painful as it would be to let an old high school friend see her like this, it was just barely preferable to letting her sister constantly dangle everything over her head. The more Cassidy thought about it, however, the more holes there were in the idea. It would be a 45 minute wait, minimum, plus she’d have to pay the friend back for the ticket–especially brutal, since saving money had been the whole point of demeaning herself like this to begin with–and what if Audrey was the only one who could check her out, as her ‘guardian?’

Resigned to her fate, she just sighed. “Whatever.” A second later, she blushed at how immature the teenage word must have come across with her current appearance.

“I’m Margot, by the way,” the girl said, “And don’t be embarrassed, but your sister told me about your daytime accidents.”

“I-” Cassidy’s voice caught in her throat. Audrey said what? It was ONE time, and only because of an impossibly desperate situation she ended up being stuck in. Now Margot was apparently under the impression that it was a common occurrence. “It’s not like that . . .” she finally managed to get out. Sucking it up and staying in the restricted kids’ area was one thing, but Cassidy wasn’t about to let her sister get away with everything.

“Cassie. Are you wearing pull-ups right now?”

Whatever flicker of fight she had found vanished immediately. How could she claim she didn’t have accidents like that when she was literally wearing the babyish underwear Audrey had tricked her into? “It’s not like that,” Cassidy quietly echoed. Just like that, she found herself in a completely new predicament. Margot knew about the pull-ups, but she obviously didn’t know that Cassidy was wet. The squishy bulk between her legs was mortifying; was it better to ask for a change, and verify that she indeed had accidents during the day? Or should she quietly suffer to avoid the humiliation?

The former option meant actually being dry and clean, which made it a lot more appealing. But what kind of twelve year old wets herself? Even with seven years taken off her age, Cassidy’s middle school self would have never been in a situation like this.

Apparently, the choice was out of her hands. “It’s not a big deal,” Margot said, “Seriously, I babysit girls like you all the time.” As if that made it better. “Anyway, one of us will just have to check on you every half hour to make sure you’re still dry. That’s the standard routine for anyone wearing ‘protection;’ no exceptions. We’ll be discreet, don’t worry! None of the others will know. Promise!”

Would Audrey be back by then? Cassidy seriously doubted it. Before she could talk herself out of it, she lowered her voice to almost a whisper. “I’m wet right now . . .” If Margot or one of the others was going to find out anyway, then now was the time to fess up. What was the alternative? Be miserable for thirty minutes only to suffer the same embarrassment that she was about to deal with?

“Oh, Cassie,” Margot cooed. At least there was no mockery in her tone, like the other girls her age had in line earlier. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I . . . I don’t know,” Cassidy blushed. What was she supposed to say?

“Here, come with me.” Taking Cassidy’s hand, not unlike the patronizing way Audrey had been doing all day, Margot walked her away from the area where kids and tweens of all ages were participating in various activities. Despite the way she had basically just confirmed her sister’s lies in a way that was a lot more damning than simply wearing pull-ups, Cassidy was a little bit relieved. Not only was she going to get out of the sagging underwear, but going this way meant less time spent with ‘peers’ that would no doubt believe her false age as easily as everyone else had today.

As she was led to a corner with a few folding screens that explained how she’d be able to change in an otherwise somewhat public area, something struck Cassidy that she hadn’t considered when weighing her options a minute ago:

The only way to take off the pull-ups would be to strip completely naked.

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