The Faire, Part Eighteen


Margot came to the same conclusion.

“We’re going to have to take off your costume to get to the pull-ups, Cassie,” she said. The way she said it made it clear that she didn’t know the extent of the issue–in Margot’s eyes, it was simply a matter of Cassidy taking off the leotard so the babyish underwear could be accessed. Since Audrey had informed her sister about the stitching that had been done, however, Cassidy knew it wouldn’t be quite that easy.

Similar to the way she fessed up about being wet, she knew the only way forward was honesty. Anything less than that, and things would be more complicated and uncomfortable. Plus, Margot was a stranger. Cassidy would never see her again. While the personal humiliation was there, there was no long term risk to laying things out as they were. “Umm,” she mumbled. She pulled her hand free of the other girl’s, and then blurted out, “They’re part of the costume. I mean, the underwear . . . ” Cassidy definitely couldn’t bring herself to say ‘pull-ups’ herself, “ . . . My sister stitched them into the leotard.”

“Oh! Hmm. Never seen that before,” Margot said. She paused to give a good look to Cassidy’s simple fairy costume. “Here, why don’t you get started with the skirt and the wings? I’ll be right back.”

The moment Margot disappeared around the end of the changing screens, Cassidy let out a heavy sigh. How was this possibly happening to her? Somehow, over the last half hour, she had been reduced to an accident-prone tween who needed babysitting. Without her phone or wallet, Cassidy didn’t have the means to prove her real age to Margot or anyone else. This was the first real bit of alone time Cassidy had been given since she arrived at the faire with her sister, but she couldn’t even do anything with the solitude. Climbing over the nearby fence would be possible in a casual outfit, but with fairy wings, a tulle skirt, and bulky underwear? Maybe not. And what would be the point? Audrey had the car keys, and all of Cassidy’s other possessions as well.

She groaned in frustration and annoyance. There really was no way out of the kids’ zone, or whatever cheesy fantasy name the large tent had. Cassidy hadn’t been paying attention on her way in. “Fucking bitch,” she muttered to herself, in regards to Audrey.

Getting home meant waiting for her sister to check her out. And getting out of the sagging pull-ups meant letting Margot see her naked.

Accepting her fate, Cassidy pulled down on the skirt first. It didn’t take much to get the stretchy waistband over the padding of the pull-ups, and gravity did the rest of the work. Kicking the girly pink tulle material off to the side, not really caring about potential grass stains, Cassidy got right to work on her wings. The last thing she needed was to not be done by the time Margot returned, as that would no doubt lead to more patronizing help. It was awkward enough when Audrey carelessly manhandled her that morning to get the wings on. Since Cassidy hadn’t been given the chance to figure them out the first time around, however, it took an awkwardly long time figuring out how to loosen and untangle the straps that were mostly designed to be adjusted around her upper back. After a minute or two of blind tugging and guesswork, she just barely managed to get the glittery wings off by the time Margot made it back.

The dark haired girl didn’t seem to notice that it had taken the whole time she was gone for Cassidy to deal with the costume pieces. That, or she chose not to say anything about it. “Sorry that took so long, Cassie,” she said, “It took me a minute to track these down. Lucky you; someone had a pair we could borrow!”

The sewing scissors in Margot’s hand were no doubt from one of the nearby artisans. No wonder the girl had taken so much time. “It’s fine,” Cassidy replied. As badly as she wanted to be out of the dirty underwear, the next part wasn’t going to be fun.

Getting right to it, Margot instructed, “Okay, Cass. I’m going to need you to take the leotard halfway off so I can get you sorted out. Want to turn around, maybe?”

Obviously, Cassidy wanted that. The last thing she needed was Margot seeing her boobs. Cassidy had never been particularly proud of her chest, especially after Audrey’s completely unfair growth spurt. Normally, it was fine. Cassidy would wear outfits that accentuated her smaller curves, or sometimes wear bras that gave an illusion of a slightly bigger chest through the cleavage created. Wearing the leotard without a bra had been bad enough. But her bare chest? As much as she hated to admit it, Cassidy was sure it would sell the tween image even more after the costume, bangs, and pull-ups.

She pivoted 180 degrees and slipped her arms through the holes of the leotard after making triple sure that no one was even remotely in her field of vision outside the fence. Though no one was outside the faire in such a way, as the large canopy tent sat at the edge of the grounds, Cassidy was still paranoid about her potential exposure. She pulled the tight pink material down a few inches, then decided that was enough of her own efforts. “Okay,” Cassidy said. Cupping both of her small breasts with her hands, she glanced over her shoulder.

Margot picked up on the nonverbal request. Since Cassidy’s hands were busy covering herself up, Margot stepped forward and pulled the leotard the rest of the way down the petite girl’s upper half. “Hold still for me, Cassie. Hopefully this will just take a minute.”

Wincing at both the nickname and the summer air now brushing a lot more bare skin than it normally would, Cassidy did as she was told.

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Inch by inch, Margot pulled both the leotard and stitched in pull-ups past Cassidy’s waist and then gradually down her thighs.

The girl was being careful with the sagging underwear, but it inadvertently created a ton of suspense for the nineteen year old who was being stripped. Though no one else was around to witness her exposure, she was still topless outside. And about to be bottomless.

As the pull-ups were gently tugged over the upper curve of her not so impressive ass, Cassidy tensed up. She so badly wanted to yell at Margot to stop, and to grab the leotard to put it back on. But this needed to happen. It was either get completely naked, or continue the day in used pull-ups. The latter wasn’t actually an option, since there was no way the daycare tent girls would let her do something like that. Not that Cassidy wanted to continue wearing the disgusting underwear. Literally neither choice was good, which was causing her to mentally swipe through the less than ideal alternates. But, since Margot had basically already made the decision for her, Cassidy simply grimaced and let the girl continue.

It felt like an eternity, but it really just took around thirty seconds for Margot to work the pull-ups down while still keeping a grip on them so they wouldn’t fall after making it past the petite curves that had previously held them in place. Cassidy was hit with two things at once. One, the faint smell of her pee now that the pull-ups were open rather than tightly hugging her hips and held in place by the leotard. It would have been a lot worse indoors, but even the outdoor air wasn’t enough to fully eliminate the smell. That air was the second thing. The light breeze was even more pronounced on Cassidy’s lower half than the rest of her, due to her backside and private area being damp from the just removed underwear.

Cassidy’s hand twitched on her chest. She naturally wanted to drop one arm down to cover herself, but kept cupping her boobs instead. Mortifying as it was to be fully nude outside, using one of her hands like that ran the risk of touching her still dirty crotch and creating a whole new problem she would need to rely on Margot to help with. As deeply as she was blushing and as humiliated as she felt, Cassidy knew the damage was already done. Margot had already pretty much seen everything. Or was about to. And there wasn’t much Cassidy could do about it now that they had made it this far.

“Hold still,” Margot reminded her. Still maneuvering the pull-ups carefully, she made the effort to get the sagging bulk down Cassidy’s slim legs without brushing any of the mess against her skin. “Lift?” she said. Once the underwear was resting on the ground, Margot gripped Cassidy’s ankle and helped to slip the girl’s foot out of one of the combined pull-ups/leotard. Apparently she was going to help with the whole process.

Cringing at how shifting her thighs in such a way would show off her crotch a little bit, Cassidy allowed things to progress anyway. One leg, then the other. And, just like that, she was officially naked. Outside. Stripped by a girl that was probably closer to Audrey’s age, and seen as nothing but a tween who had daytime accidents. Normally Cassidy wasn’t so self conscious about her size, but her sister had made sure that today was quite an exception. The fairy costume was already a far cry from her normal university outfits, but being fully undressed also showcased just how immature her body looked, especially without make-up and with the childish bangs Audrey had given her.

“Umm . . . ” Cassidy mumbled. What next?

“Stay right there,” Margot said, “I’ll get you cleaned up a little bit now, and we’ll do the rest on the cot.”

Cassidy nervously swallowed as Margot referenced the fold-up cot a few feet away. The area behind the folding screens looked to be a makeshift area for sick kids. But instead of lying down because she was under the weather, Cassidy belatedly realized that she was going to have to do so to be diapered. “Wait, Margot-” she began. The whole time, Cassidy had been daunted by the prospect of being naked. She hadn’t even considered the idea that it wasn’t pull-ups that Audrey had specified at the check-in desk. It was diapers. As in, lying down and spreading her legs and getting wrapped up in even worse underwear than before. More exposure, and more humiliation.

“Cassie. Come on, we’re almost done. Just stand right where you are, okay?” Her voice was still coming from behind Cassidy, and it was difficult for the naked girl to see what Margot was shuffling around with. To move away the wet pull-ups, probably.

And then Cassidy felt it. She gasped and flinched at the cold feeling on her bare ass, realizing a second later that she was being rubbed with a wet wipe. It was SO awkward. Though there was a bit of material between her rear and Margot’s hand, it was still another girl cleaning her when that was something Cassidy had only ever done for herself. In retrospect, the dark haired girl had said that it would be happening, but that warning had been lost on her due to the way she had been distracted and mentally wrestling with the concept of being diapered.

She managed to hold still despite the continuous horror of being naked outside, as well as the feeling of being wiped. Cassidy actually closed her eyes for a few seconds, praying that this was all somehow some bad dream. But it wasn’t. Letting her eyes flutter back open, she continued holding her boobs and waiting for the cleaning process to be done.

And, the whole time, she internally cursed out her sister while thinking about how she would literally never live this down.

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Margot was being quite thorough as she cleaned in circles on Cassidy’s backside, though there was nothing remotely sexual about the girl’s touch. The bottomless girl was very much straight, although at this point would very much choose that variety of exploration over being treated like a little girl who had daytime accidents. Cassidy quickly shook those thoughts out of her head. She wasn’t like that, and also that kind of justification was ridiculous. She shouldn’t have to do anything as an alternative, because she didn’t need pull-ups in the first place!

“Everything okay, Cassie?”

Apparently she wasn’t that great at hiding her emotions. Or good at paying attention, for that matter. While Cassidy had been stewing on her frustrations, Margot had finished with the wipes and had circled back around to find whatever expression was sitting on Cassidy’s face. “Everything’s fine,” Cassidy sighed. She was literally older than this girl, but was being talked down to thanks to Audrey. “Can we just hurry this up? Please?” She belatedly tacked on the polite word. She knew channeling her annoyance towards her sister towards the girl trying to help wasn’t fair, but Margot was the only target at the moment.

Her flicker of attitude didn’t do her any favors. “Believe it or not, Cassie, there are a lot of things I’d rather be doing than cleaning up after a girl who’s too old to be wetting herself. Now, get up on the table. Please.” The parting word was a pretty clear mimic of Cassidy’s. Frowning a bit and not nearly as kind or patient as she had been before, Margot gestured to the cot.

“Fine,” Cassidy huffed. She knew that she should apologize, but couldn’t get over the fact that Margot was probably around Audrey’s age and was bossing her around just like her sister had been doing all day. Unfortunately, it was difficult to maintain an air of anything when she was literally naked without much dignity left. The only way out was through, however, so she reluctantly got up on the cot. Margot had laid down a towel earlier to clean her on, so the surface underneath wouldn’t get dirty, although Cassidy paid the price in terms of it not being particularly smooth or comfortable. This would also be a different kind of exposure, as Cassidy had yet to be wiped around her more private area. “I can clean the rest myself,” she said, suddenly feeling a lot more meek while the other girl was standing over her.

“Umm, yeah, no,” Margot replied, “Sorry, Cassie. I know this might be uncomfortable for you, but it’s only a big deal if you make it a big deal. Besides, you might miss a spot.”

It was similar language to what the girl had said before. The last bit was new, and implied mistrust on Cassidy’s part. However, it didn’t seem like she was being punished for her attitude. Margot was just falling back on her babysitting experience, and assumed that she would do a better job than Cassidy would. She was tempted to reply with an iteration of ‘make it quick,’ but at this point just wanted to move things along. Pursing her lips in annoyance, she lay back on the cot and tried her best not to be mortified that she was about to be splaying herself in such an inappropriate and embarrassing way.

Cassidy was nineteen, and yet Margot very much believed otherwise. To Margot, she was nothing but a tween who apparently still had accidents.

“This will just take a second,” Margot said. She placed one hand on Cassidy’s knee to spread her slightly apart, and used the other to wipe. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as the backside. The wipes were quick, and about as light and painless as they could be while still being awkward for the obvious reasons.

The naked girl couldn’t help but sharply inhale once or twice when Margot approached her most private area, but that was the spot that the girl avoided the most while still making sure to do a thorough job. Margot must have sensed the discomfort, since she never actually ran a wipe over Cassidy’s lower lips. Instead, she hit everything else before handing a fresh wipe to her. “Here,” Margot said, “You can do the last part. I’ll go get the diapers.”

Cassidy didn’t need to be told twice. It was definitely better than another girl doing it for her. She wiped her most sensitive area a few times with the cold material, then resisted the urge to slam her legs together for privacy. Margot had already seen everything, and the mental effort to open back up would probably end up worse than just staying in place until she was sorted out.


Ugh, it was so humiliating. It’s not like Cassidy knew she was putting on pull-ups when she put on the leotard Audrey had given her, but Cassidy absolutely would choose pull-ups over diapers if she had to make the decision for whatever reason. The former was at least a tiny bit like regular underwear, if only for the fact that they slid on in the same way. But diapers? Not so much.

And also . . . ‘FUCK.’ If Margot hadn’t been standing right there, and if Cassidy wasn’t currently naked and spreading her legs to the point where she could literally feel outside air on her nether region, she might have exclaimed the expletive out loud.

Audrey had planned this! To some degree, at least. That morning, she had suggested trying the fairy costume like it was some off the cuff idea, but her sister had admitted to stitching the pull-ups into the leotard the previous night. She could have told Cassidy about the mix-up when the costumes first arrived, as Audrey had obviously opened them then versus the morning of like she had implied. But was it more than that? Had Audrey somehow switched the order to begin, or did she just capitalize on the childish pink ensemble and make it even worse by adding the padded underwear?

Cassidy had been too mortified about wetting herself in public, as well as the realization that she had unwittingly worn pull-ups all day thanks to her sister. Now that she had a fleeting moment to breathe, however, she began replaying things in her head. The fairy costume had obviously been Audrey’s plan since the previous day, but if it went back further than that . . . Cassidy was going to kill her either way, but she was also kicking herself at the notion that she had been trying to save money that Audrey very well could have wasted in the name of this excessive prank to begin with.

Before she faced her sister again, or had any more time to think through how much of a gullible pushover she had been, Cassidy had to deal with the more pressing embarrassment.

“All done, Cassie?” Margot asked. At least her mood had softened again, but that didn’t change the fact that she was about to diaper a girl who very much didn’t deserve it.

Was it too late to backpedal? “Margot, wait,” Cassidy said. On the one hand, the dark haired girl was a stranger she’d never see again. But at the same time, admitting her real age would be a lot now that she had let herself be stripped and wiped like an accident-prone tween. And would Audrey’s unspoken threat become a reality if Cassidy came clean when she was supposed to be sitting around in daycare like she belonged?

Cassidy had no idea. About any of it.

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I’m enjoying the story but I’m waiting for part 20 to drop on your website, I’ve already read past the parts you’ve posting on ABDL Story Club at the moment.

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Margot merely interpreted Cassidy’s response as that she needed more time. Without knowing what all was going on in the naked girl’s mind, she said, “No rush! I’m ready when you are.”

Cassidy sighed to herself in frustration. The more she thought about it, the more she realized she couldn’t do anything but keep the ruse going. For starters, she wasn’t even sure she could convince Margot of anything. Without proof, it would be nearly impossible to get the daycare girl past Cassidy’s appearance and the fact that she had wet herself. What nineteen year old would be in this situation?

Also, she was still naked. That alone was a huge motivator. Waiting a few more seconds so Margot’s assumption seemed correct, Cassidy said, “I’m done.”

“Okay. Coming back around.” Margot turned the corner from where she had clearly been waiting just on the other side of the changing screens. The white padding in her hand was almost enough for Cassidy to impulsively shift gears. Diapers. The dark haired girl was about to diaper her. “Alright, this part will be easy. Just give me a second, and then you can hop back up.” As usual, Margot didn’t bat an eye at Cassidy’s lack of clothes. She simply walked over to the cot and spread out one of the diapers, immediately followed by a second one.

The whole time, Cassidy stood there with one hand firmly cupped over her crotch while her other arm hugged her small breasts. She didn’t care that Margot was clearly indifferent to what she assumed was a younger girl’s body; Cassidy knew her real age and still cared about her modesty despite how Margot had pretty much already seen everything. “Umm,” Cassidy muttered. She looked at the mortifying underwear on the cot, imagining that it was going to be just as bulky as the padding she had walked around in all day. God, she had been so oblivious. Audrey had lied about the gymnastics thing, and Cassidy had believed her despite knowing in the back of her mind that it didn’t fully make sense. “One should be fine?” she said, unable to help the uptick that came with her current embarrassment and lack of confidence.

Margot just shook her head. “No offense, Cassie, but you soaked those pull-ups. I know it probably won’t happen again, but it’s not worth the risk.”

That wasn’t fair! She had only wet herself so much because she had been holding it for so long and Audrey kept dragging her to more and more things without stopping for a bathroom break. Unfortunately, the truth of ‘my sister tricked me into pull-ups and purposely set things up so I’d have to wet myself’ would not sound believable in the slightest. Instead, Cassidy caved with a quiet, “Okay.” At this point, she just wanted to get dressed.

“Hop up?” Margot instructed. She patted the table and stepped aside to give her some room. That’s about all Cassidy was trusted with. Once the naked girl sat on the dry padding, Margot gripped Cassidy’s ankles and used them to maneuver the girl to lie parallel to the cot. “Lift?” Everything was offered as a suggestion, but that wasn’t exactly the reality. Margot was obviously in charge. She patted Cassidy’s hip to go along with the bit of instruction, and Cassidy blushed while raising her ass up a few inches while Margot adjusted the diapers.

Then it was time for the worst part. It had been bad enough that a girl Audrey’s age had seen pretty much everything there was to see throughout the wiping process. But that had been while Cassidy was standing, with her feet only slightly apart. Now she was lying down, and getting diapered–which was already humiliating enough in itself–would require splaying her legs and losing whatever ounce of modesty and dignity she had left. “Margot . . . ” she trailed off. The faire helper girl hadn’t even moved onto the next step yet or told Cassidy to do what was clearly coming, but it still felt like getting ahead of it was super important now that everything was sinking in.

Truly sinking in.

There had been plenty of instances where Cassidy knew staying quiet was the thing to do, and she was plenty aware that Audrey had the same threats and implied blackmail as before. But letting herself get diapered?! That would make things worse, not better. Right? Even though Margot had just reminded her about the soaked pull-ups, Cassidy still tried again with, “. . . I don’t need diapers. Really. It’s fine.” Partially sitting up with her hands still clasped over all of her frontal private areas, she quickly held still and stopped halfway through the motion when the cot slightly wobbled beneath her. It took her a moment to realize that it was because the legs were probably uneven from the ground below, rather than anything that was about to structurally give. Unfortunately, the fleeting panic of potentially falling caused her to lose the bit of resolve she had just found. “I mean, umm-” Cassidy stammered. She couldn’t remember what she had planned to say next.

Margot just sighed. “Come on, Cassie. We’re almost done.” A trace of a smile appeared on her face, and disappeared just as quickly. “Would you prefer your old pull-ups instead?”

’What?’ That didn’t make any sense. Cassidy absolutely caught the flicker of amusement, but hadn’t expected something like that. “That doesn’t- I can’t-” What was she supposed to say to that. “What?”

“One way or another, Cassie, you need protection. If you want, you could put on your pull-ups. I can toss a pad in or something so you’re not sitting on, well, you know . . . ”

As in, put back on used underwear? The idea was both shocking and disgusting, and it took a few seconds before Cassidy realized what Margot was trying to do. Of course clean diapers would sound more appealing than wet pull-ups. “That’s not-”

“Not fair?” Margot raised an eyebrow. “Neither is wasting my time, or making Paula and Sofia be in charge of extra things while I’m stuck over here. So, can we please just be mature and hurry this along?


“Choose, Cassie. Pull-ups, or diapers?”

Not a question Cassidy ever thought would be posed to her. And, as she and Margot both know, there was really only one answer. “Diapers,” she mumbled.

“Okay,” Margot curtly said. There was only impatience in her voice, which only made Cassidy feel more embarrassed and self conscious about everything. Because to Margot, this was just doing her job; obviously it was a lot more to Cassidy. Of course, she was the only one that knew that. Well, plus Audrey. If there was a silver lining to be found, it was that her sister wasn’t currently present to witness this or, God forbid, to take pictures or videos.

So far, unless Audrey had been sneaky, there was no proof that this day had happened. Best to keep it that way, somehow. But first, Cassidy had to deal with the humiliation of being diapered. She couldn’t put it off forever, especially with Margot’s current attitude.

Margot looked a lot taller now that she was standing and Cassidy wasn’t. And, as she stepped forward to do up the diapers laid out underneath Cassidy, she simply said, “Hold still,” before getting to work.

Cassidy did as she was told, closing her eyes and wondering how she had let things come this far. Audrey might have set her up, but Cassidy was the one who fell for it.

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Compared to the cleaning process, the diapering itself barely took any time at all. Margot seemed plenty experienced at the babysitting task, and had the first diaper taped snugly around Cassidy in a matter of seconds. Curtly shutting down the girl’s follow-up request that one was fine, Margot wasted no time in wrapping the second diaper around her and taping it just as tightly. “See?” she said, “Easy.”

Blushing a bit that she had waited until she was given permission to do so, Cassidy sat up and swiveled her legs over the edge of the cot. Maybe it was the fact that she was sitting on the padding vs. standing, but the bulk between her legs and underneath her ass felt like more than the pull-ups. Although she hadn’t known about the mortifying underwear when Audrey first gave her the costume; it could just be that literally seeing herself in diapers made it worse.

“Alright, Cassie, we need to figure a few things out,” Margot said, “Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to wear your old costume.” She explained that there really wasn’t anything to be done about the leotard. Short of cutting it down the middle and letting Cassidy wear the top half, there was nothing to be done. Sewing in the pull-ups had probably been fine when they were dry, but now they were dirty and impossible to work around.

Cassidy was torn. It’s not like she liked the fairy costume in the slightest, but she was also still naked save for the diapers. Continuing to cup her breasts with her hands, she just waited for Margot to come up with a solution. Twelve or nineteen, it’s not like Cassidy could walk around topless.

Thankfully, Margot at least had something for that. “We can start with this.” She held up a dark pink t-shirt that had a crest with a unicorn centered on it. “I think it’s about your size.” Handing it to Cassidy would require her to uncover, so Margot placed it down next to her on the cot. “Try that on, and I’ll be right.”

Normally, Cassidy would never be caught dead in such a shirt, but she was so far past standards like that. Anything was better than being half naked, and a childish shirt was nothing compared to diapers. Sighing to herself, she pulled on the t-shirt the moment Margot had disappeared around the corner. Unfortunately, ‘about her size’ didn’t mean ‘actually her size.’

The shirt was easily one size too small. Not only did the pink top hug her smaller breasts and show off her form down to the nipple just like the leotard did, but the hem also stopped about a half inch above her waist. Overall, it was basically like an immature crop top that did nothing to cover the diapers or give her any modesty without a bra underneath.

It took a few minutes for Margot to return. In the meantime, Cassidy was left to stew in the embarrassing getup. At least she was wearing something, but she still felt absolutely ridiculous. Putting her shoes back on had only highlighted how thick the diapers were, as every little movement was less natural than if she had been wearing regular underwear. Not only was there a faint crinkling as she moved about that was particularly noticeable in the solitude of the makeshift nurse station, but the padding between her thighs made it so pretty much everything she did reminded her that she was wearing diapers. Being bottomless didn’t help, either.

Margot was empty handed when she appeared again. “Sorry, Cassie. Not much in the Lost and Found,” she said, “But hey, looks like the shirt fits?” The uptick in her voice was enough to give away that she noticed the unfortunate tightness that Cassidy was already well aware of.

Frowning, Cassidy said, “I can’t just wear-” She cut herself off. The word itself would make the mortifying experience more real.

“I know,” Margot said, “How about your skirt? Did you try it on?”

“No. It won’t- I mean, it’s not enough . . . ” The pink tulle skirt was not at all the nice kind that would actually cover anything meaningful. Between the leotard and the material near the waistband, there had been enough to give Cassidy the modesty she required to go out in public. Even then, it was supposed to be a temporary costume. However, she doubted the skirt would fully cover her current underwear situation.

“At least try, Cassie. There aren’t really any other options right now, and I know you don’t want to join the others in just your diapers.”

Cassidy didn’t even register the embarrassingly possessive word; she was too distracted by the other part. “The others?”

“Mm hmm,” Margot nodded, “There’s a small group around your age here. We reserve the more mature activities for teenagers like you.”

“What about a rental?” Cassidy switched gears entirely. Considering her real age and life experiences, she knew full well that Margot was trying to placate her with a statement like that. To make her forget that she had literally been dropped off at daycare. Mature activities or not, Cassidy was way too old to be looked after in such a way. “I can pay you back.” Unfortunately, Audrey had her wallet. But the rental place was practically next door, and any of those selections would be better than the current t-shirt/diapers combination.

“Try the skirt,” Margot insisted.


“I’m on shift right now, and you’re not allowed to leave the area. Look, it’s up to you. Would you rather put your skirt on, or are you comfortable in just your diapers?”

It was literally the same logic as before, and yet Cassidy was just as trapped by it. Obviously she wasn’t going to walk around without anything to cover the humiliating underwear; the thought alone made her blush. “Skirt,” she mumbled. Walking over to where she had kicked it off earlier, Cassidy picked up the tulle garment and once again cringed as the diapers shifted as she lifted a leg to step into the skirt.

As expected, it was barely a fix. The skirt was plenty long, but that wasn’t the problem. It’s that the light pink fabric was practically see through save for the upper portion. Cassidy examined herself and concluded that the diapers would maybe be fully covered if she stood completely still, but anything else would risk them being seen.

Margot was pretty quick to dismiss that complaint. “That’s only because you’re looking for them,” she said, “I doubt anyone else will notice! Come on, you look fine. Ready to go?”

“But-” Cassidy looked herself over one more time. Even if the skirt managed to conceal the bulky underwear, the outfit itself was hideous with the mismatched pink. Plus, there was her chest to worry about. “My, umm- my boobs . . . ”

“What boobs?” There wasn’t a trace of rudeness to Margot’s tone, which almost made it more insulting. Still, she elaborated, “Sorry. I just mean, I’d wait until you develop a little more before worrying about stuff like that.”

At that, Cassidy blushed bright red. Margot truly did think that she was going through puberty or something, despite how the diapered girl had completed a year of undergrad and probably wouldn’t be growing any time soon. And ‘what boobs?!’

Ignorant to Cassidy’s internal offense and embarrassment, Margot just smiled. “Like I said, you look fine. Let’s go, Cassie.”

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