The End Of Times: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A few weeks earlier

Dio was woken abruptly by Fenrir, he looked panicked. Sweat was pouring down his face. Dio was always amazed that all the members of the imperial service looked like Jerick. The only way to tell them apart was from there scars or there voices.

“What is it brother?” Dio asked groggily.
“They have deciphered it they have deciphered it, they need you.” Gasped Fenrir.

Dio was up like a light and started for the command room. He knew exactly what Fenrir was talking about. Since he had been with the imperials they had been deciphering a prophecy. They had deciphered enough that they knew it was about him. “The one who survives the changing of hope, who lives because of a sacrificed brother is the key.”
At first they didn’t know what that meant. But after Dio told them the story of what happened in Peru, it was clear that the prophecy mean Dio. Tzentch is the God of Change and Hope to his followers. And Dio survived because Brother Jerick sacrificed himself for it. He hurried because this was important to him.

He always laughed at the chaos cultists. It was easy to think your right when you worship a Christian religion, they are basically all the same, but how could these people think they were right. Tzentch the lord of hope and change sounds good on paper, but it was anything but that. What the hope and change was that the earth would fall into total damnation bringing hope and change to those loyal to chaos. It was demanded of each and everyone of his followers to murder, steal, and defile anyone outside the cult. He remembered that day, how he changed. Before he was ruled by the coin and would do anything for money. But when he saw those children crying and screaming. Terrified, desperately trying to escape he had changed. He had something he believed in, he had a cause. A solitary tear leaked from his eye as he reached the temple.

“What is it great one?” Dio asked as he entered the temple.
“We know what you must do” Replied the great one, and began to read the prophecy.
“And the key shall find the one who he shares a bond with amongst the disgraced one. If the bonded one dies then blood will rise” read the great one.
“Oh they really know how to tell you things don’t they” sighed Dio.
“But we think we know who this disgraced one is. Christophe the defiler. He was disgraced when he failed to summon Khorne. It is important that you find him, he likes to corrupt people and frequents clubs. He was last spotted near a club called the wool shed. Go now brother, the fate of the world is in your hand” instructed the great one.

Dio knew not to question the great one. He went to his room and gathered the pistol that Jerick had left him and headed for the wool shed. He hoped that Christophe would return there. He stopped by the intelligence room and got all the info he could on Christophe.

He reached the wool shed at about 10.30 just as a fight broke out. It was between to patrons who were arguing about the out come of a rugby match. Dio slipped in past the bouncers trying to stay out of view as much as possible. He took a look around the bar and spied Christophe dancing with a sweet little girl about 18. She looked like she was on her first night out. She was small about 5 ft 3 and she had long blonde hair she had a lovely smile highlighted by braces. He kept an eye on him all night, charming his way into the girls life. Soon Christophe got into a taxi with the girl, and headed off in some direction. Dio followed the taxi in his car which was parked not to far away and had a newly appointed driver waiting for him inside. They followed the taxi to a restaurant. Dio decided to wait in the car as not to draw attention to himself. They had waited for what was almost two hours before Christophe and his date departed the restaurant and headed off in another taxi. Again Dio followed them. They soon pulled up to an apartment complex. Dio had seen enough for one day and decided to go home for the night.

During the coming days, Dio kept tailing Christophe. It was always the same routine, find a cute girl pick her up and then take her to a restaurant then back to the apartment. The girls he chose always had an air of innocence about them. The only thing that would change would be the club, he always brought them to the same restaurant and the same apartment, obviously his home.

One night Dio ran into one of the girls that Christophe had taken to dinner, it was the girl with the braces. She seemed different. It was hard to see unless you knew what you were looking for. But Dio could see it, she was twisted, changed, different, corrupt. This hit Dio hard, this sweet girl’s very soul had been corrupted. Dio was going to make the bastard pay. He knew that the girl he was looking for would be obvious. He could always tell which girl was important in the grand scheme of things. The brotherhood insisted it was a psyker gift but Dio insisted that he could read people.

He had been tailing Christophe for a few weeks now, and not one girl seemed important. They all seem to be a part of Christophe’s sick little game. So far every girl that Christophe had chosen, now seemed twisted. Dio wanted to break Christophe’s face, but knew that he had to find this girl or else someone else would take Christophe’s place and that could be nothing but bad news.

Dio had tailed Christophe to the wool shed again. He hated this place, the girls seemed more innocent here. That’s when he saw her. She was beautiful, stunning even. She radiated a glow that entranced Dio. This was the girl, he could feel it. He was about to walk up to her and try and convince her to leave with him. He was just within reaching distance when another girl approached this lovely creature. A verbal fight ensued. Dio listened to every word. that’s when it clicked. He knew what they had in common. It was his secret shame, he was fascinated with women who dressed in nappies, he wanted to take care of them. He had always wanted to take care of people, but his unruly greed had always made him give up the chance. When he heard that cow of a woman accuse that lovely girl of wearing nappies, and when that lovely girl failed to reply Dio knew what he had to do. He started to get closer when a fight broke out. He was hit from behind just as he saw Christophe approaching.

He turned around and smashed his assailant’s mouth in. He desperately tried to get to Christophe but he was accosted by two bouncers. He kicked one of them in the nuts with lightning speed. The towering bouncer started spewing up blood and collapsed. His partner through a ham of a fist and connected right in Dio’s eye. His vision started to blur, he lost all sense of being. Time slowed down and colours dulled. He was going to go out. With all his strength he lashed out at the bouncer and connected right with his wind pipe. The bouncer gasped for air and collapsed.

Dio staggered out the door of the club and managed to get to his car. He told the driver to find Christophe. Then he saw a sea of green and collapsed in the back seat of the car