The End of Times: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Nina was excited, very excited. She always got like this when she had a date. The preparation, the anticipation, thrilling. She had spent the last hour getting ready, and she still had a few minor touches to add. Emma, her cousin, had just arrived with two of her friends, Jessica and Sal. All three were into there thirties. Emma was beginning to let her years show, she was just 35 but some wrinkles and crows feet were very evident, and she could stand to loose 5 pounds. Jessica was 33 but looked about 23, she was very strict about her beauty treatments. She always got enough sleep, had facials on a regular basis, and had an intense exfoliating regime. She looked after herself. Sal on the other hand did not, she was fairly over weight. When she didn’t wear make up, she had a face as greasy as a deep fat fryer, but she scrubbed up well. The four of them did everything together, they were like d’Artagnan and the three musketeers.

“Hey cuz, are you ready yet?” Yelled Emma from the bottom of the stairs.
“You know me, com on up.” Yelled Nina back.
“You better be all nappied up, we don’t want you to leak everywhere.” Laughed Emma along with the other three musketeers. As everyone in Nina’s home town, they all knew about her being an infantilist. They always joked about it and in a weird way it helped Nina cope better. She knew that in the way they teased her that they were actually very accepting of it.

“Yeah your right, I’ll bring a spare so if I leak you can change me.” Said Nina as she stuck out her tongue.
“One of these days I will.” Smiled Emma as she greeted Nina with a hug. Nina just smiled back.

Nina always wished that Emma would make good on her threat, she craved to be a baby so bad it almost hurt. She had contemplated many times to wet herself when she was out, but always back out because she didn’t really believe that it would end up with her wearing a nappy.

Jessica was the designated driver, as always. She never drank, people thought that her parents must have been abusive alcoholics. That was the normal excuse for people who didn’t drink. That couldn’t be further from the truth, anyone who ever even seen Jessica’s parents would agree that they were absolutely lovely people, and you could tell it wasn’t an act. The reason why Jessica didn’t drink was two fold. Firstly she didn’t need alcohol to enjoy herself and secondly she didn’t like the toxins that alcohol would leave in her body.

The musketeers were off and on there way to the big city. First stop the wool shed. They were all looking forward to it. Nina because she had a date with someone her age. And the others because the wool shed was a young persons club, they were looking forward to sampling some choice young stud.

Emma and Sal had started to drink in the car already. They couldn’t get the men to buy them drinks like Nina could so the normally would get some cheap hooch for the car, to save some hard earned cash. There was a slight trace of resentment towards Nina because she only had to work a few hours a week. Emma and Sal would have to slave away Monday to Friday nine to five and would have to be very careful with there money. Nina got most her cloths and stuff from the men she dated. All the money she earned would be put into the bank and saved.

They arrived at the club at a little past half nine. Emma and Sal were already tipsy at that stage. It was the first time they had been there and where a bit disgusted that it was a sports bar. And Australian sports bar. They walked in and to there amazement there was karaoke in progress. They all had a bad feeling about this. They found themselves an empty booth and ordered a cocktail each, except Jessica who had a lemonade. They began to unwind and enjoy themselves. It wasn’t that bad, they normally wouldn’t have looked at a joint like this with such disdain, but they were expecting something special.

Nina was texting Steve, when a drink arrived at the table. She looked up and saw that it was Steve, with a big smile on his face. He was wearing a jacket and shirt, with baggy torn jeans. It was odd, but he looked good. He sat beside Nina and they started talking. The other musketeers left them to it. Nina was feeling very excited. It never went this well with a boy her age. The decided to go outside for a smoke. It was going great. Then she saw Alice.

“Hey what are you doing her baby.” Mocked Alice.
“Ahh fuck off Alice.” Shouted Nina.
“Such foul language, your mommy ought to wash your mouth out with soap.” Mocked Alice again.
“Hey lady why don’t you do yourself a favour and leave us alone” Warned Steve.
“Oh this is precious, did baby find a boyfriend, someone to change her nappies.” Laughed Alice.
“Don’t” Stammered Nina as a tear rolled down her cheek.
“Oh I will.” Grinned Alice as she turned to Steve. “You know what she likes to do for fun big boy, she likes to piss herself and wear nappies.”

Steve just looked at Nina, she could taste the disgust from his expression.

“Is this true?” Asked Steve
“Well, I , I ,I” Stammered Nina.
“Oh god its true, I knew I couldn’t score a normal girl, well fuck this I don’t want any part in your sick life you freak.” Spat Steve as he walked away

“You stupid, ugly bitch.” Sobbed Nina.
“Little girls shouldn’t use such bad language.” Laughed Alice as she slapped Nina across the face.

That was the straw that broke the camels back. Nina in a fit of stupidity rammed her finger into Alice’s eyeball. Alice screamed with pain. Her boyfriend, Tom, saw this, and he was very drunk. He approached Nina ready to hit her. The next thing Tom knew he was on his back and very dizzy.

Nina couldn’t believe it, Tom had been about to hit her, then out of no where a complete stranger came to her rescue and threw Tom through the air. Tom was with 3 of his friends, they all came to his aid. It wasn’t much of a fight this mysterious stranger had battered them as soon as the fight started. He grabbed Nina, gazed at her and she knew exactly what they had to do, they made for the exit and jumped into a Taxi.

This guy was a hunk he was tall, way taller then anyone she had been with. He had deep dark eyes, a face chiselled from stone and a body that Hercules would be jealous of. She was infatuated with him.

“Hey I’m Christophe, a pleasure to meet you acutance.” Introduced Christophe. His voice was hypnotizinly beautiful.
“Nina.” Returned Nina.
“I heard what that lady said about you, we have a lot in common.” insinuated Christophe
“Really?” Asked Nina inquisitively
“Yes, yes we do, where you like to wear, I like to take care of.” Informed Christophe.
“You get better every second I know you” Smiled Nina as she moved closer to Christophe
“I’m sorry for being so brutish, but I couldn’t stand by and let those vermin offend you.” Apologised Christophe.
“Its ok, you saved me, you’re my knight in shiny armour.” Smiled Nina.
“Heh, I have never been called that before.” Winked Christophe. “So where can I get this cabby to leave you?”
“Well id rather not be alone.” Hinted Nina.
“Well I don’t know about you, but I sure am hungry, how about I buy you dinner?” Asked Christophe.
“That would be lovely.” Smiled Nina

She was totally taken by Christophe. He was exactly what she wanted in a man. He hinted that he was into nappies as well, this was Mr Right! She texted the girls to let them know what had happened and where she was. She then rested her head on Christophe’s shoulder. Soon enough they had arrived at the fanciest restaurant Nina had ever seen. Christophe was definitely trying to woo her.

They sat down to dinner and had a wonderful evening. Nina had asked about the nappies and he told her he thought women belonged in them. She then described how she felt about them to him and every fantasy she had about wearing nappies. He seemed to be particularly interested in forcing her into nappies after her having an accident. Soon it was time for dessert and Nina ordered a piece of black forest gateaux while Christophe had coffee.

“Nina, I don’t think you should spend the night alone.” Said Christophe bluntly
“Neither do I.” Winked Nina
“Well then I think you should come back to my town house were I can take care of you” Suggested Christophe.
“That would be fantastic.” Replied Nina as she gobbled down some gateaux.
“Oh you made a bit of a mess” Smiled Christophe as he wiped some cake off of Nina’s face.

Soon it was time to head to Christophe’s, they got up and Christophe took care of the bill and they hoped into a taxi. The Taxi journey was quick. Christophe lived in the rich part of Dublin and they pulled up to a old Victorian town house. It was in great condition for its age. As they walked to the door, Nina got an idea. Maybe it was the alcohol, she had a few glasses of wine with dinner, or maybe it was the fact she felt so safe with Christophe, but she decided to pee her pants.

She started to fidget and grab her crotch.
“What’s wrong Nina?” Asked Christophe seeming genuinely concerned.
“I have to go potty.” Squealed Nina.
“Well we are almost there.” Informed Christophe.
“Oh no!” Cried Nina as she purposely peed herself. She sighed with relief then started to giggle. She was very nervous, she knew it must have been the wine that made her do that, she would never have been so bold. She hoped he would be cool with it.
“Oh no silly me, I guess we took you our of nappies to soon young lady.” Smiled Christophe as he grabbed Nina’s hand and led her inside the door

The End of Times: Chapter 3

It’s improved considerably since the prologue, but you need to work on your speaker tags. They are supposed to read as follows, “Quote,” said person. Notice that the “said” is separated by a comma rather than a period and is not capitalized. Also, whatever you use in place of “said” has to be a way of conveying speech. People laugh. They don’t laugh “hello.” Lastly, consider changing up the word order. Instead of a lot of instances of “_______ Nina,” why not through in a few “Nina_______”? I know this seems minor, but it’s really distracting.

The End of Times: Chapter 3

cool thanks for the info, i will work on that, i find speach fairly hard, even tho i have alot of it in ma stories