The End Of Times: Chapter 2 (Horrible Scenes)

Beware readers there are some horrible scenes at the end of this chapter involving sacrafice. Be warned

Chapter 2

Nina groggily came to in an unfamiliar room with a very familiar feeling. She looked around her surroundings and found the lamp switch. When the bulb in the lamp had warmed up, the familiar shade of pink from the walls reminded her where she was. She was at home in her own bed. Her attention went to that familiar feeling. She pulled off her duvet and saw she was wearing a very, very wet nappy. It bulged almost to her knees. She smiled contently, it ironically felt liberating to act like a baby. Something with not liberty. She wished she could find someone to share infantilism with, but she resigned herself the her faith of it not suppose to be.

She checked her phone, and it had one message. Normally after a night out she would have a few, her group were a protective bunch, but she had already dealt with the “How are you” and the “Last night was mad” texts. This one was new. She didn’t recognise the number. She opened up the message. It read like this “Hey this is Steve. I’m going to be at the woolshed tonight from 9. If your you and your thinking of going would you txt me your name so I can know who I get stood up by ;p”

She texted him back with her name, and how to find the club and set the date. She looked at her clock and it was only 3.30. She could wear her nappy for an hour or two more. She got out of bed and made a b line for her toilet., the hang over wasn’t totally gone, and she spewed everywhere. She really wanted some one to take car of her. She wished that somewhere out there that there was some man that would protect her and love her.

George Diophene, or Dio as he was known, woke up in a cold sweat. His muscles were quivering like a mass of jelly. He had the dream again. The same dream he had every night. The only thing was this wasn’t a dream. It was a memory. One he didn’t care for. It was a memory of the night his life had changed for ever. It had been fifteen years ago, he was twenty six and had been working as a mercenary in south America. He had been working with the Peruvian government at that time. And had been sent in with his team to investigate a ruin found in the middle of the Peruvian rain forest.

Normal circumstances wouldn’t have him investigate things, his team was killing machine. Shoot first, then again and if there’s time think about a question to ask. That’s how they worked. These weren’t normal circumstances. It was reported that a cult had enough been growing en mass and planned to over throw the Peruvian government. What was unusual about this was the type of grunt they threw at the Peruvian armed forces. They weren’t people. Well they were, just not like you and I, they were deformed. Some said they were touched with sin. Others said that it was people just living to close to uranium mines or nuclear power plants.

Dio didn’t know how true that could be, he knew little about Peru and its natural resources. He figured it was just horror stories that the cult had spread to scare locals. That was until his first encounter. The first ones he saw looked like men, but that had swelled with to much water. Then he saw true horrors, a people ran at him with tentacles instead of arms, beaks instead of mouths. Then, then it got worse. They were attacked by people who had human bodies but heads of beasts. It was horrifying. They lost ten men in that encounter. The upper brass said that there was cocaine in the air and they were hallucinating. That made sense as they had assaulted a cocaine farm, but it didn’t hold up, they had all been wearing gas masks.

On the day Dio’s team had been sent to investigate the ruin, Dio was over the moon. He had been promoted to sergeant and he was to lead his team in, and also it meant he got a bigger cut of the loot.

They had gotten to the ruin with little resistance. The ruin was that of an Aztec pyramid. The pyramid was covered over with ferns and sort of blended into the tree line. Dio thought it very strange, mainly because he knew that the Aztecs inhabited Mexico and the Incans inhabited Peru.

There was little fighting on the way up the pyramid. Half way up the pyramid sat an old man wearing a grey robe. He was totally bald and very wrinkled. He had grey eyes and was holding a long, crude staff which looked more like a large branch. Even though he looked decrepit, he had a strong larger than life presence.

“I wish to speak to the one they call Dio” Announced the man, as Dio and his team reached him. he had a strong Nordic accent.
“I am Dio” Responded Dio.
“Good good, I have been waiting for you” Chuckled the man.
"Really? Well I’m a busy man, what do you want? Asked Dio indignantly.
“What do I want? Ha ha, I lovely lass in my bed” Laughed the man.
“I don’t have time for this” Snapped Dio.
“No no your right you don’t” Sighed the man.
“Right so get lost” Barked Dio, he hadn’t come here, or spent the last ten years of his life being a mercenary to deal with an insane old man.
“I don’t think so, I need your help Dio” Announced the man.
“Everyone needs my help” Laughed Dio cruelly.
“Yes but I have travelled a long way for your help, would you not listen.” Demanded the man.
“Right you have ten minutes, first off who are you?” Seethed Dio.
“They call me Jerick, I am a servant to the god emperor of mankind. And I seek your service.” Introduced Jerick,
“God emperor of man kind??? What are you high? There is no god emperor” Sniggered Dio.
“Maybe not here, but through out the universe there is. Your planet was insignificant until recently, but through out the cosmos the emperor has united human kind under one banner.” Informed Jerick rather proudly.
“Yeah what ever, you’ve had enough of my time” Laughed Dio.
“If you help me you will be rewarded” Bribed Jerick.
That got Dio’s attention. “Yeah well what could an old coot offer us?” Asked Dio rudely
Jerick took out a leather bag from his robes and opened it, it was full of gold coins. Dio’s mouth dropped.
“Ok, you have my attention. What do you want?” Asked Dio a bit less hostilely.
“All I want is for you and your men to accompany me to the top of the pyramid, and if necessary to do battle for me, if you help me there is ten thousand dollars in that bag and I have more.” Informed Jerick.
“Hell you got a deal” Laughed Dio. He was ruled by money, he would do anything for it.

Dio and his men headed for the top of the pyramid following Jerick. Jerick was a likable man, despite being insane. Jerick and Dio got on like long lost buddies once Jerick started talking and joking with him. Soon the reached the top of the pyramid. It had a flat top with a large building at the top.

Jerick stared at the door to the room. There was a single blue symbol on the door. You could see the fear on Jericks face as he muttered one word. Tzentch. He took a deep breath and started for the door. Dio could see the look of fear on Jerick’s face, it was surprisingly un nerving.

They got to the door and fear gripped the heart of everyman present. They were greeted by monstrosities. Giant animals with two heads, Mean with mangled faces, and bodies like squids. And more of the same monstrosities they had encountered earlier. There was heavy fighting for the building. And Dio was down to 15 men when the had reached the heart of the building.

Jerick had fought like a bloody hero. They all would be dead if it wasn’t for him, many times. He had a large pistol, heavy and bulky, that shot explosive bullets. And a giant sword that burned the flesh where it struck.

When they reached the middle room, the floor was slick with blood and gore. They entered the room and what greeted them would make the most hardened of us run and scream. The chamber was filled with caged children, waiting to be sacrificed. The men charged in a brutal and bloody battle was fought. Monstrosities poured into the room and at least a hundred died in 2 minutes. There was one child at the top of the room about to be sacrificed. Each man fought with all there strength to reach the child. They had killed several people in the just before they had managed to sacrifice the kid. Jerick had just reached the child when a ceremonial dagger flew through the room. And planted itself in the child’s heart. The light faded from the child’s eyes as it died. There were five men and Jerick left at this time, and it was the last monstrosity which threw the dagger. It was quickly gunned down.

The men were gutted, they had been to late to save the child. But the wasted little time in freeing the other dozen or so children. Suddenly a giant blue portal opened over the sacrificed child. It was about 30 feet tall and 15 feet wide. It looked like it was made of water. Within seconds of it materialising a giant blue eagle stepped out of the portal. Well it was an eagle if eagles walked like men. Jerick dived through the air and got Dio into cover just as the rest of his team and the rest of the children vaporised.

“I have failed” Sobbed Jerick. “There will be three more, Slanesh Nurgle and Khorne. More shall contact you from my brother hood Dio, but for now take my gun and sword and flee, you must survive, only you can save the girl. The girl is the key Dio, look for her when the third is about to rise.”

With that Jerick dropped his weapons and ran at Tzentch, the beast from the portal. He pulled a grenade from his robe and leapt at the Chaos god. Tzentch seemed to be smiling, as if amused by hi own down fall. As Jerick reached Tzentch the grenade exploded and sucked Jerick and Tzentch into oblivion. Then the room was silent. And only Dio stood alive.

Dio had left the service that day. Shortly after he was contacted by men identical to Jerick. In the 15 years he had been with them, he had taken care of Nurgle and Slanesh. All he had left was Khorne.
The Blood God