The End Of Times: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Nina woke up in an unfamiliar room, with a very familiar feeling. She was hung over, the same every Saturday morning since she was sixteen. She was also aware of another familiar feeling. Someone was in bed beside her. An unfamiliar body for her familiar feeling. She looked round at the sleeping piece of meat. Easily thirty six. Reaching the top of the hill, his long, wavy dark hair was subtly beginning to bald, and although he had chiselled arms, his belly was much to be desired.

She vaguely remember his name, Martin or Michael or Mitchell, something like that. She slipped out of bed, she was completely naked. Her tan body, the end results of weeks of hard work on a tanning bed, was the most beautiful and soft thing in this dank room. She found her bra and secured it around her lush breasts. She couldn’t find her knickers, but had found her short skirt. The lusty beast in bed began to roll over, she was afraid it would wake up and ask for her number, so it was decided for her to go commando. She found her top, and shoe and quickly she dressed. She gracefully escaped from social responsibility of a second date and darted out the door, grabbing her bag as she left.

When she got to the door of the apartment complex she saw her reflection in a window. She was a state, her hair looked like it belonged to a 1980’s hair band lead singer crossed with a stray dog. Her make up was messy and smudged from the night of passion, if you could call it that, with that man, who though he had scored big, last night. She had panda eyes, and looked like an ageing drag queen. She checked the clock on her phone. It was 9.30. She could probably get to a fast food place and use the bathroom there to wash up. It was still early enough for no one important to see her this way. She walked out into the big city and luck was on her side today. She was directly opposite a McDonalds. She scurried across the road and made a B-Line for the WC.

She was on her own in the bathroom, she reached into her bag and took out the small bottle of face wash she always carried with her. She was used to having to sneak out of strangers apartments that she always carried spare make up and cleansers for the morning after. She quickly scrubbed her face paint and grabbed a roll of toilet paper from a stall. She dried herself off. She applied some mascara to her almond eyes, it complemented the green hue from her iris’s. She took out some red lip gloss for her pouty lips and some concealer for a spot that had formed on her button nose. Her face was always easy to fix, She had some good features, but there was still a plainness to her face that craved make up. Before she started to paint her face, no boy would even look at her. Now she was considered a slut. This didn’t bother her, she was addicted to the company of men, so once she got her fix, you could call her what ever you wanted, most guys did.

Her hair was always the hardest part to tame. Her golden locks had darkened a considerable amount. A few short years ago she had blond hair a super model would be jealous of, but after years of using harsh hair products, he hair had begun to brown. She had learned that with out having the use of a shower that she should always bring hat with her. Today she had a beret with her, it was a good choice, it made her look older, it made her look as old as the men she dated.

The men in there thirties were always the easiest targets. They normally had careers so could afford to buy her expensive drinks all night. She looked in her purse and confirmed that last nights game had treated her well, a little to well, she had twenty euro more then when she left. They were also easy to get into bed because most these men were approaching forty and missed there youth. Going to bed with a 18 year old would always give them a confidence boost. All Nina would have to do was look there way and they would be hers.

She had been dating men twice her age now for almost two years now. Although she enjoyed it now, it had made her feel despicable at first. She would have stopped if she had a choice. She was a hit with the boys her age until her 17th birthday party. She had gotten drunk and had kissed her best friends boy friend. Under normal circumstances that would have lead to a fight and that would have been the end of it. But they weren’t. Nina was an infantilist, both sexually and lifestyle. She had come to terms with it and had even confided her secret to her best friend, Alice. She was understanding and it had brought them closer. They had been inseparable for three years since Nina had come clean, but on that faithful night of her seventeenth when Nina had kissed John, it had deeply wounded Alice. She told everyone about Nina’s secret. As a result Nina was harshly bullied. She had no friends her own age. And no boy in her locality would go near her.

Her whole family had found out to, it was mortifying for Nina, but it had been the one thing to help her through the trauma. They had all been accepting of her, her Mom, Dad, three brothers (who had gotten into so many fights defending her honour since the incident) and her two sisters. Her aunts uncles and cousins who lived in the same area also accepted it. She felt truly blessed and family truly was the most important thing in her life.

She had tried to find boys her own age in the big city but there was always a someone who went to school with Nina at the clubs and it would always get to the boy interested in Nina what she was. Which would end in heart break for Nina.

Nina had begun to hang out with her elder cousin and had been accepted into the group. With some persuasion she had started to go clubbing with them and that’s how she had started to date older men.

She felt like she had done all she could at beautifying herself, her hangover was beginning to get the best of her so she decided it was time for food. She left the bathroom and qued up. She looked at the menu and was overwhelmed with disappointment when in big black letters it read breakfast only served un till 11.30. She wanted her happy meal, and not pancakes or sausage. She would have to flirt her happy meal out of them. She got to the counter. The cashier was about 19, he was slight and a bit greasy looking. He had a lot of spots on his face.

“How can I help you?” Asked the cashier.
“Can I have a Happy Meal please?” Asked Nina as she winked at him.
“I’m sorry ma’am but we are only serving breakfast at the moment.” Replied the cashier.
“Oh please.” Pouted Nina.
“I’m sorry but I cant” Replied the cashier sternly.
“Whets your name?” Asked Nina, as she licked her upper lip.
“It’ Steve” Replied Steve.
“Well Steve how about you give me a happy meal, and ill give you my phone number” Flirted Nina as she leaned in close to Steve’s ear.

Steve was amazed that a girl would give him her number for a happy meal, he knew that she was probably just winding him up, but heck he never got the girls number, he was going to give it a chance. He blushed a bit and went to the kitchen. Nina wasn’t sure what was happening, but he returned promptly with a happy meal. and winked at Nina. She was a bit amazed, she didn’t think it would be that easy, normally it took a bit more persuading than that to get her own way.

Steve handed her the happy meal and just looked at her expectantly.

“How much will that be?” Asked Nina
“Don’t worry, just your phone number will be enough.” Smiled Steve.

Nina was stunned, Steve had a heart melting smile. She stared at him for a second before she composed herself and wrote down her number on a napkin and handed it to Steve, normally she would use a fake number, maybe it was the hang over but she wanted to spend the night with a boy her age, it had been a while and she hoped that this time would be different.

“Here you go sugar, call me if you want to have some fun tonight” Flirted Nina softly as she gave Steve her number. She took her happy meal, winked at Steve and headed for the bus.

She started listen to her ipod when she got on the bus. She was wrecked she couldn’t wait to get home and bed. She was particularly looking forward to putting a nappy on before she went to sleep. It had been a while since she had babied herself. She was also looking forward to hearing from Steve. She didn’t know why, he wasn’t good looking and he smelled funny, but she still looked forward to it.

The End Of Times: Chapter 1

the other chapter was the prologue. dont worry it makes sense. ill be posting chapter two later today, although be warned its not a nice chapter. its a git grotesque