The Easter Holiday

Main character bio
Name: Rosie-Leigh Smith
Age: 11
Appearance long blonde, hair, blue eyes, is about 4 ft 4" and weighs roughly 80lbs
Personality: A generally shy girl when she is out or around new people whom she doesn’t know, but would soon warm up to them if she decided she likes them, but at home and with people who she knows, is very chatty,
She can sometimes be rude and naughty, like any child can, and often tries to manipulate her parents, sometimes she gets away with it (or thinks she does) sometimes she doesn’t.
Likes: Beans on toast and chips, that’s her favourite food, she loves to watch NCIS, although her parents prefer that she doesn’t
Dislikes: vegetables and most children’s shows
Anything else: know what punishment she would get if REALLY REALLY naughty, but it’s not that often that happens, except……

The Easter Holiday

“This is so not fair” Rosie pouted as her mother got her dressed.
“Rosie, stop that pouting now” her mother said as she put a dummy in her mouth “If you hadn’t got yourself suspended from school for fighting, this wouldn’t be happening now, would it” her mother continued.

“But it wasn…” Rosie started to deafened, pulling the dummy out of her mouth.
“Rosie enough we saw the video, you threw the first punch, I don’t care if she was calling you names… well I do, because it’s not nice, but me and your father brought you up better than that, and we don’t think you reacted in the right way, so you know the punishment, and since this is by far the worst thing you have ever done wrong, it’s going to last 2 weeks” her mother interrupted.
“2 weeks?” Rosie practically shouted.
Polly (her mother) put the dummy back into the young girls mouth “yes 2 weeks now go down stairs and sit at the table ready for breakfast, your dad should have finished cooking it by now” her mother said escorting her out of her bedroom, “and don’t even think of taking the dummy out until, I or your father says you can, you understand”.

“yesh mum” Rosie said in a defeated voice, with the lisp being because of the dummy.
Today Rosie was dressed in a pale blue lace skirt, a pair of white tights, a white lace blouse, and white sandals she also sporting a pink dummy and would soon be wearing a white sun hat, in this outfit she looked now older than 4 year old toddler, a tall 4 year old toddler, but a 4 year old toddler none the less, this was her punishment, she was still allowed to go out with her friends but would she want to looking like that especially since when the dummy wasn’t in her mouth it was hanging round her neck for everyone to see.

“Whash for breakasht daddy” Rosie asked as she sat down at the table.
“Bacon, egg, beans, sausage and toast” he replied adding “the usual Saturday breakfast”, not looking round “it will be done in 2 tics, so if you could get the cutlery out as it’s the only thing I haven’t done yet” he said this time looking round, “awww don’t you look cute all dressed up for the long day ahead of us” he said to here, adding, “I think I should get the bib out” more to himself as Rosie was no longer listening to him, as she was trying to work out what her dad had meant by long day.

“Don’t worry Dave, I’ve already got it” Polly said walking through the door, this time Rosie was listening, she looked up and saw what her mother was holding, she was about to protest the bib, but decided it wasn’t a good idea to argue with them as she’s already in enough trouble as it is, and knew knowing her some of her breakfast wouldn’t make it from the plate to her mouth, some of it would most probably end up either in her lap, or down her shirt, the in to her lap.
“Come here and turn around” Polly said to Rosie, who sulkily obeyed.
Soon they were all sat round the table eating breakfast, Polly had opted to put a towel over Rosie’s’ lap just as an extra precaution.

After breakfast was finished, Rosie was “allowed” to go and watch cartoons of her parents choosing, whilst they washed up and got things ready for the day.

Not long after, there was a knock at the door, normally Rosie would run to answer it, and then get told off by her mum for answering the door to a complete stranger. Within seconds Polly was opening the door.
“Hiya, perfect timing, we was just about to call you, to find out what time you would be here” Polly said adding “do come in, just go right into the lounge”.

Rosie sat there on the sofa frozen in fear at who would be entering the room. As it turns out it is her best friend Amber, and her mother.
Amber stares in shock at how her best friend looks, trying hard to suppress a giggle.“Don’t you look, so cute in that outfit” Ambers mum said
“It’s her punishment outfit” Polly said walking in behind them, “she’s being punished for getting suspended from school for fighting” she added. Rosie just sat there with the dummy in her mouth turning very red. “Any way I really can’t stay, I have to catch a plane in a few hours” Ambers mum said walking towards the front door, after giving Amber a hug and a kiss good bye, " now you be good for Polly over the next 2 weeks" she said as she was leaving. The 2 mums stood at the front door chatting for quarter of an hour, which gave Rosie the chance to explain to very confused and amused Amber as to why she was dressed like that. Amber thought she looked adorable, and wouldn’t have admitted it but was slightly envious.

“So girls, I have some good news for you, since it’s the Easter holidays and me and Dave have the next 2 weeks off work, we are all going to go down the south coast for a fortnight” Polly said.
“Cool, where bouts?” both girls asked at the same time. “well that is a surprise, any way we will be leaving in about 15 mins, so Rosie your suitcase is already packed, it’s in your room, be a good girl and go and get it please, I need a quick word with Amber” Polly said.
Quarter of an hour later, they were all in the car heading off for the holiday.
End of chapter 1

Re: The Easter Holiday

Not bad, But a few things. Watch your tenses (Verbs)
You go from present tense to past in the same sentence.
A 4 year old is considered a Pre-Schooler not a toddler,
and most have given up the Pacifirer.

The worst you do though is "Me and Dad, Me/I and Dave.
The Speaker Always goes last, Dad & Me/I, Dave and I.
When using I or me, think of this. Will the word Me work alone
in the sentence. Me will decide, or I will decide.

I do like the idea, and hope to see more.