The Duel (Halloween)

Hey there folks,
I think its been a whole year since I posted anything. Weirdly it is similar to last years offering but also different. As always comments are appreciated.

Tori rubbed the tiny gem in her pocket. Sure this was a mean trick to play on her friend but sometimes Teagen really needed to be taken down a peg or two. She was pretty damn good when it came to magic duelling, in fact she was probably top in the whole school, but the blonde girl was going down in the hardest way today.

“You realise that as it is Halloween that my powers will be considerably higher?” Tori smiled. “After all there are lots and lots of witches waving their wands about today.”
“Right, I’m sure the plastic wands and light up brooms will help you.” Teagen smirked back. “So you really want to do this?”
“Of course Miss Sorceress, the winner chooses the loser’s costume and sends them trick or treating.” Tori flicked one of her long black pigtails behind her back.

They were both far too old to be trick or treating being 16 and in Teagen’s case nearly 17 but that only added spice to the deal. The two friends trusted each other and the costume would be embarrassing but they would forgive each other by the weekend after all they were nearly sisters they have been friends for so long.

“Well then, let’s get started…” Teagen grinned.

Being a sorceress she didn’t need a wand like Tori did. Raising her hands she started to summon a spell. Standard battles against sorceresses always resulted in an attack attack attack methodology. But Tori knew this. They had battled loads and this was so fun especially with the Warlock’s Eye gem in her pocket. It would not help her in attack but like most witches Tori preferred enchantments over attack minded spells.

Teagen pushed the spell out from her finger tips and two large dogs appeared racing straight at Tori. The vicious dogs had bright red eyes and their coats shone like the night sky. Tori didn’t even flinch, she felt the gem in her left hand and with a swish of the want in her right her counter spell launched.
“Awe puppies!” She grinned as two glimmering pink handbags swallowed up the dogs before depositing them down as two tiny little chihuahuas

The sorceress’s mouth dropped open. “How?” She frowned. “Well try this!” Her hands shot above her blonde head and two radioactive fighter jets appeared and started to dive bomb Tori.

“Look at how fast they spin!” The dark haired witch grinned and with a quick flick the jets were suddenly tethered to the ceiling and spinning around like a children’s bedroom decoration. “Perfect.” She winked at her friend flashing her a confident smile.

Teagen threw her hands straight at the floor and from her fingers erupted a tempest-like flash flood of water roaring at Tori.

Tori’s smile didn’t even falter as she drew a box with her wand, and then suddenly the flood was doing nothing more than drawing a nice frothy bubble bath. “I think the temperature is almost right for you!” She giggled at Teagen’s red face.

Slamming her hands together, Tori could read the frustration across her deep blue eyes and furrowed brown, Teagen pushed forward and then up and suddenly a ferocious monster appeared in front of Tori. It was wild eyes, snarling teeth and evil breath.

With a thrust Tori placed her wand almost into the mouth of the beast. Suddenly it was inflating and stretching as it filled up. Spinning it around with her hand she showed Teagen the brand new plushie she had created.

The sorceress didn’t respond, visibly tiring she wrapped her arms around her shoulders and brought them forward. Starting to crackle with electricity Teagen sent out lightning at the black haired witch that stood opposite her.

Tori laughed, this was such a bonehead move by her friend, she was expending lots of energy on spells that most witches or wizards could counter easily. True it could be unexpected and potentially very potent but Teagen’s lightning ended up being sucked into two metal ports and they lit up the beautiful soft night light and started the soft lullaby playing.

“I think we are nearly done here, right Teagen?” Tori grinned at her as the sorceress looked ready to sink to her knees.
“Not yet, Pigtails…” Teagen panted as she started to sink to the floor. “I can still do this!” She launched her hand to the sky and ready another spell.
“Enough!” Tori laughed and with a single swish of her wand encased Teagen’s hands in mittens.
“Mittens?” She blinked.
“Yeah, you’ve lost, Teagen.” Tori explained and as she opened her mouth to debate the fact she zipped a pacifier into her opponent’s mouth.

The sorceress blinked again as Tori stalked over to her. She gave her a look like a lioness stalking an injured gazelle.

“So want to guess what you’ll be trick or treating in?” Tori smirked. She ruffled her long blonde locks and helped her to her feet. “That’s right little one. You are trick or treating in…diapers!” Sliding her hand down to the small of her back she tugged with one hand and in a flash her jeans and shirt were gone.

In it’s place was an extra thick Huggies diaper. Tori squee’d with delight.
“Yes, that is so perfect for you. Aren’t you precious!” She wandered around her. “But you need the rest of your outfit.”

A swish and a flick of her wand and the blonde girl was now also accesorised with a bonnet, booties to match her mittens and an oversized bib that said ‘Poops, I did it again’.

“Now you are ready for trick or treating.” Tori said.
Teagen removed the pacifier. “Ok, very funny, but I don’t need to wear the costume from until tonight do I?” She said trying to stand in a way that offered some sort of way to hide the Huggies.
“Of course you do, how else will be it wet before you go trick or treating?” With that Tori turned and left her beaten opened mouthed. “Don’t forget your pail, baby!” She said and a with a swish the bright orange pumpkin pail appeared in Teagen’s hand. “Have fun!”