The Diary of My Different Life Ch.6 (11/2/2013) *Furry

The Diary of My Different Life

Co-written by:

Padded Quill and C.S. Fox

WARNING: Has fur in it :stuck_out_tongue:


Lyra didn’t really give two shits about much of anything. She did all right in school, enough so that she wasn’t really bothered by her parents about her grades. She wasn’t ugly, although she wasn’t someone that you noticed first as you walked into a room. For all intents and purposes, she was just coasting through her teenage years, not really worried about getting attention or anything at all really.

She liked to draw, and she liked to write. She wasn’t completely friendless, but she also wasn’t the center of any social circles. She was simply someone who was there and didn’t really care that much if she was or was not. She was happy just being about as normal as she could possibly be, without being bothered or fussed over.

It was a school holiday, and like most 16-year-olds, she had intended to spend it doodling and surfing the web. Nothing to do, and all day to do it. She sat in her room, a pair of over-ear headphones on, a drawing tablet on her lap, in sweats and a hoodie. her hair went half way down her back, and like most things about her, she let it hang loose, not fussing with it.

Lyra was kind of drifting in and out of the here and now. She spent an hour drawing, not really sure what, she just put her pen to the tablet and after some shading, she had a building of some sort drawn. She wasn’t really an artist, yet.

By the time dinner rolled around, and after a quiet dinner with her mom and dad, she had managed to not really accomplish anything during the day, and she was fine with that. Life was easy, and she wasn’t about to complain.

Still in her sweats from earlier, she passed out about 11, she had school tomorrow, but meh, cool stuff happens at night, so she’d just be tired in the morning.

“Lyra!” was the voice of her mom that shattered her dreams and brought the girl crashing back into reality. Eyes still sealed shut by the stuff of dreams, the only thing she knew was confusion, noise, and the warmth of the light threatening to shoot it’s daggers through her eyelids into the back of her brain. “Lyra, get up and get clean or you’ll be late for school!” came the voice again, floating just at the edges of the awakening girl’s consciousness, “And for the love of god, take your trash out today? Your diapers are starting to smell all the way down the hall.”

Lyra groggily rolled out of bed, about as much grace as a crocodile rolling into a river… although her mother’s last comment rattled her head a bit. “Diapers?” she asked in a croaky sleep deprived voice. She stood up and untangled herself from her covers, heading an odd crinkle as she did, but ignoring it as she walked stiffly toward her door.

Oddly, there was a trash bin by her desk… she’d never had one there before, and this one was twice the size of the small one in the bathroom, with a pop-top lid. “Uh…?” She deviated from her door path and went to it.

Nervously, her tail twitched behind her as the lid popped open, and her whiskers wrinkled at the sudden smell of ammonia caused by stale urine. Reflexively, her ears flattened against the top of her head and she couldn’t at all suppress the little ‘chrrr’ of anxiety that roiled up out of the back of her throat. There was a little ‘popping’ sound as the claws of her toes dug into the carpet and then retracted, snagging on the little loops there. Sure enough, inside the pail was a small stack of pale green, plastic-looking rolled up balls of pee-soaked undergarments, much like the one she could see peeking out above the elastic of her sweatpants, some matted fur around the waist band where it’d pressed on her in her sleep.

Lyra quickly pushed the lid on the bin, hard. “What. The. Hell?” the hit to her nose was like a punch in the face. She’d never smelt anything so vividly in all her life. She could even smell some of the baking soda that had been put in that bin to try and cover up its foul perfume.

Lyra took a few slow steps back from the bin. One hand going to the diaper fringe that was peeking out of the tops of her sweats. She ran her paw along the top of it… and as her brain tried to reason why she was in a diaper, and why she had a bin full of used ones in her room… her mind stumbled upon something of far bigger concern.

She had paws. White paws. Why did she have paws? Wait, why did she have whiskers? A tail? She began patting and smacking herself in various places, taking in a detailed full body inventory in the span of 10 seconds, but everything… all the information her mind gathered was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. She was in her room, she was in her body, but her body was wrong.

Although Lyra had never been one for attention, or even anything dramatic, her body forced her to do it. She let out a shrill ‘yarl’ of surprise as her tail puffed and skittered down the hall to the bathroom, desperately needing to see a mirror.

“Woah there, Kitten!” Her father said, nearly knocked over the railing of the upstairs landing as Lyra ran past. The voice was familiar, but the wolfish face from which it emanated was totally foreign to her. “Is everything…” he was cut off by the door closing, “… alright.”

He finished, then sighed and turned, “Honey, I think something’s up with Lyra, could you check on her?” He called down the hall towards the bedroom, “It might be, uh, lady stuff. If you catch my drift.”

Lyra had her back pressed to the door inside the bathroom. That wolf had her dad’s voice. It knew her name. It was big like her dad, and white furred, but her dad wasn’t furred. Her dad was not a wolf. What was it doing in her house? She was doing her best to hold in her hysterics, a generally foreign problem for her.

It wasn’t till her heart stopped racing a moment that she even realized what she was looking at in the mirror. Usually when you see yourself, you recognize exactly what you are in an instant. It had been the hoodie and the sweats that Lyra was staring at, she knew them, they were hers… but… there was a white leopard of some sort wearing them. She was breathing hard, her back pressed to the door like she had Cerberus at bay behind it… and it wasn’t till she realized she was breathing every bit as hard as the cat in the mirror.

It was her. She was it.

She gulped and slowly brought a paw up to her face, watching the mirrored cat do the same. She had whiskers, and black spots with bits of gray at her neck and a bit on her back… a snow leopard? Was this a dream? She started to breathe hard again, she was hyperventilating, she’d never had trouble breathing before, she just… didn’t know what to do with what her sense were telling her. The best she could manage was to do something she hadn’t done since before her teenage years.

“…Moooommmm…” she mewled out, as she sank to her knees. Her mother was a calm ‘normal person’, she could count on her mom for problems like this.

A moment later there was a gentle, almost muffled knock at the door, as if the person doing the knocking were wearing gloves or the door was not entirely solid. The voice that followed was purring, a little bit more musical than normal, but Lyra instantly recognized it as her mother’s gently sing-song voice she used when she was trying to calm someone down.

“Lyra, honey? Is … everything alright? May I come in?” she asked through the door, her voice obviously low and calm, cajoling her daughter to also relax, “If something’s wrong, we can talk about it, alright? Your father will go downstairs and have his coffee, and we can sort it all out with just us girls.”

Lyra knew the voice, and she shuffled a bit on her knees, tears already lining the corners of her eyes as she reached up and opened the door, peering out. Standing outside the door, with a look of motherly concern, was a slightly taller, slightly older snow leopard. Lyra shrieked and quickly shut the door as quickly as she’d opened it.

“WHY ARE YOU A CAT? WHY AM I A CAT? WHY IS DAD A WOLF? WHY AM I WEARING A DIAPER?” she yelled out in one quick long burst. She would have also added 'why am I wearing a ‘wet’ diaper, but the other questions seemed more important at the moment.

There was a long silence, and the door knob turned, opening slowly as her mother poked her feline head in again. “Uh… Lyra? I…” she looked completely confused, but her motherly instinct kicked in, and she was soon inside the bathroom, arms wrapped around her kitten, tongue starting to lick roughly at her daughter’s cheek and forehead. Oddly, it was comforting, as Lyra’s body knew this was a good thing, but her mind was having a hard time coming to terms with, well, anything.

It was odd, but soon she was in the strange cat woman’s lap as she sat on the edge of the tub, as much as a teenager could be, and her mother was soothing the fur at the back of her neck.

“Calm down,” she was saying, gently, “Just relax, Lyra. There’s nothing to freak out about, just relax. Maybe you were having a bad dream, but you’re awake now….” It was obvious she had no idea what to really answer with but she was trying.

“You’re a cat because you got your genes from my side of the family, and your father got his from his father. I got mine from your grandmother, remember?” she was trying to explain this as if it were obvious, “And you池e… well, remember a couple of months ago you started having night time accidents? You asked for them after a few days when they wouldn’t stop, remember?”

There was a slightly distressed tone to her voice, and one paw felt for her daughter’s nose to feel for a fever, “Do you remember all of that, Lyra?”

Lyra sat in somewhat relative calm. For now. What her mother said somehow rang true to her. She couldn’t understand it, but somehow, she believed it.

As odd as all of this was, and as incomprehensible to her comfortable normality… what struck her as really out of place, was that she was in her mother’s arms. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d sought her mother for comfort.

“I… guess I remember?” she said after a long pause. She put her head down, and her ears lowered with it almost sheepishly. She’d made a teenage career of avoiding drama and being as ‘normal’ as someone could be. “Sorry mom, I just… woke up weird…” she said shuffling a little in the heavy diaper. Maybe apart from being in her mom’s arms, the diaper was the weirdest thing. She’d NEVER had a problem wetting the bed. And she couldn’t imagine in any sane circumstances why she’d ask for diapers.

“It’s quite alright, honey, everyone has those days,” her mother responds, lovingly, again licking at her daughter’s face and ears, while one hand slipped down and pressed at the front of the sweatpants, “If you think you’re going to be okay, you should probably change this and get ready for school. You’re soaked, but at least not leaking.”

With one more hug, she slowly, almost as if reluctantly, let her daughter take to her own paws, “Clean up. I’m sure this is just a phase,” again a pat to her padded rear, “You’ll be fine again in no time.”

She stopped, her hands still on her daughter, as if waiting to be told everything was fine, a worried little smile on her feline lips, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Lyra looked down at herself. Could someone who was a feline today, when she wasn’t yesterday be ‘fine in no time’?

“I… think I’ll find out…” she said, somewhat pragmatically. She gave her mom a quick hug, not even sure why, before she started walking stiffly and a little bowlegged back to her room.

“Okay, you’re a snow leopard now…” she said to herself as she quietly shut her door. Her whiskers twitched again as she smelt the tang of her bin. “Annnnnd you wear diapers to bed with apparent good reason,” she added, holding the back of her paw to her nose.

She needed to put her universe in order. Normality was only comfortable if she understood it. She looked around her room, everything was familiar and where it should be… with the exception of the large bin by her desk and the package of ‘Molicares’ under her bed.

She stared by losing her sweats and the diaper. Wrapping a towel around herself, she went to shower, not sure exactly how she was supposed to deal with pee fur.

After a quick shower, and feeling slightly better, although still VERY confused about her body, which for the most part was the same, just… furry, swaddled herself in towels again and went back to her room.

She got dressed in blue jeans and one of her favorite t-shirts. She made a point to hold her breath as she got the bag out of the trash bin and tried to get it the hell out of her room and into the garbage can in the garage. She had to pass by the breakfast table, where again her eyes went a little wide at seeing her dad, sipping coffee, reading the newspaper, looking to the world like he’d settled down after having eaten Red Riding Hood.

Her mother was at the table too, and although she didn’t realize it, Lyra’s fur was fairly poofy from the shower, she didn’t even realize any care she’d have needed aside from toweling dry.

“Lyra!” came her father’s sharp bark just as she moved out of the door frame, “No kitten of mine is going out looking like that. I know you don’t particularly like school, but take a bit of pride in yourself, dear.” He was stern, yet loving, same as always, but with a bit more growl to his voice than, well, ever.

Her mother seemed to agree, though, “He’s right, sweetie. I know it’s been a weird morning, but you really should groom your fur a bit. You’re sticking out all over, like someone’s stepped on your tail.” She chuckles at the little joke, “Really, it doesn’t take but a minute and you’ll feel better after, you know that.”

Lyra hefted the bag into the garbage can and shut the lid. She went back into the kitchen a bit confused. In her head she was wondering ‘what’s wrong with my fur?’ but she didn’t say anything she just went up to her room, and looked around her desk, finding that she did in fact have quite a few more brushes then she remembered having.

She grabbed a brush and went to the bathroom, standing with the door open as she eyed her foreign body in the mirror. “Okay, so, my fur needs to be brushed…” she looked at the brush, and then at herself in the mirror. How did someone brush their face? Or their tummy? I mean, sure she had long hair normally, and she still did, but it’s one thing to brush out your hair for knots, it’s another to try and smooth the hair on her your cheek when you’re pretty sure you’ve never had hair there before.

Lyra’s dad had finished his coffee and looked over at the clock on the microwave. “Our daughter isn’t going to make the bus if she takes much longer,” he suggested to his wife.

The elder leopard waved that off, “She’s just a bit out of sorts today, nothing major, I think. Her nose was a bit warm and dry, but probably from her little panic attack. I’ll send an email to her teachers, and if she doesn’t get her fur right, well, there’s always the old fashioned way.” she sighs, shaking her head.

The wolf sipped his coffee again, “She’s not a kitten anymore, you know that.”

“I know, and I hope this bedwetting thing lets up soon. She’s seemed so out of sorts the last few months…”

Lyra came down the stairs to get breakfast, not really keen on time since to her, the rules didn’t really apply the same way here… if here was here, and she was wherever she was in reality, and not some dream or… was she even making sense in her own head anymore? She just needed food, maybe a little food would help.

Lyra walked into the kitchen, having brushed fervently, but not really achieved any significant results and went straight for cereal and milk. The clock on the microwave said 7:50. Her bus came at 7:55; but it was literally the furthest thing from her mind at that moment.

A raised hand from her father stopped her as he snapped his fingers, “You better be grabbing a pop-tart to go, Lyra.” he motioned at the clock on the wall. “Bus in five minutes, so you’ll have to eat on the run.”

He looked up from his paper with those nearly yellow wolf’s eyes, “Maybe a not so relaxing breakfast will motivate you to get out of bed earlier, hmm?”

Lyra looked at him and then the clock. “School? Bus? Me?” she asked pointing a paw at herself. She looked to her mom with the same bewilderment she’d had all morning. In some ways this waking dream was the exact same as her regular world… just… furry.

“Do I have to go?” she asked after a moments thought, hand still half-reached toward the cereal. She wasn’t sure how she did it, but her ears went down and she looked up with big eyes at her dad.

It didn’t work. Years of raising a cute kitten had hardened the old wolf to certain things, apparently, and begging to get out of going to school was right on that list.

“Yes.” He said, with a tone of finality, “Your grades aren’t super stellar, so I think not missing class is a very good idea.”

Lyra huffed and made a quick grab for a package of pop-tarts, unwrapping it on the move, not saying anything else as she stuffed it in her mouth and ran back toward her room for her bag. She had a pop-tart still in her mouth, not supported by her paws as she was running out the door; hair pulled back into a loose pony tail and looking quite a bit more ‘kitten’ the usual.

Running to the bus stop, Lyra made it just as the bus was pulling up. She was surprised to find that the bus stop regulars were all furs… but thinking on it, she shouldn’t have been. She didn’t even have time to say hi or talk to anyone as she tried to swallow half her pop-tart whole and get on the bus for school.

Riding the bus, for the first time all morning, was business as usual. She took a seat in the middle, which she had all to herself, and she was able to sit and fade a little to be alone with her thoughts while she rode the familiar journey.

Once the bus rumbled to a stop in front of the school, and Lyra got off, she heard another of those familiar voices that she knew when she turned around would not have a familiar face.

“Hey, Lyra!” came her friend Gypsum’s voice. There was a bit of a ‘yip’ to it, and with a slight wince and bristling of whiskers, Lyra looked. A collie was bounding up to her, well, as much a collie as she currently was a leopard, but one none the less, and somewhere in the back of her mind Lyra couldn’t help but think how fitting it was. Gypsum wasn’t a bad girl, just a little too naive and bouncy, much like the animal she seemed to be half turned into in this weird new world.

“Lyra!” She called again, tail wagging as she fell into step beside the displaced girl, then lowered her voice, “So, how’d it go last night? Still waking up like you wanted?” The question was a bit leading, as if the overactive pooch was waiting for a specific, hidden, somewhat taboo answer.

“Last night?” she asked, a little confused at first. Lyra was still trying to wrap her head around how different but yet exactly the same her friend Gypsum was. She wasn’t sure what she was talking about so she just went with what she did know. “I uh… woke up a bit on the wrong side of the bed. My whole day has been a bit… weird.”

The dog’s ears drooped and she closed what little gap was left between the two of them, her voice lowering even more, “Oh? So… you woke up dry? Well, crap, that’s a setback, huh?”

Then she shook her head a little bit and smiled, “It’s okay, I bet it just all takes time to get it going every night. I mean, four in a row was good, but it couldn’t last.”

Lyra’s ears shot up and her tail poofed a tiny bit. “I… …. you… you know about, that?” she tried to sort out if she would indeed tell her friend about this. “Wait, what do you mean four in a row is good?”

Now it was Gypsum’s turn to look confused, and though the features were alien, somehow Lyra was picking up on the body language easily enough.

“Well, yeah, I mean… that’s what you wanted, right?” she asked, confused and trying to figure this out. “I mean, you spent like, a lot of money on that stuff to help you start wetting yourself without waking up…”

Lyra’s ears lowered and she closed her mouth, blushing. That made zero sense. It made even less sense then this whole world. “I…” she looked at her friend and tried to think of something to say. She tried to sputter out an acknowledgement, to go with the flow of things as she’d tried to do all morning, but that was a bit much. The best she could come up with was, “Going to be late for class, gotta go!” she said breaking into a jog.

Her diary. As soon as school was over, she had to check her diary. If this was her, she sometimes kept a diary, only for important things, like how her drawing was coming, or complex thoughts she wanted to remember and revisit later. Apparently this world was ‘almost’ the same as her usual one, but there was apparently one BIG difference she needed to check on.

School was, as far as she could tell, normal business as usual… Except that everyone was, well, animals. Other than that, it was the same boring old subjects, even down to the social studies and world affairs classes. At lunch, she was approached by Gypsum again, though the collie was tentative and cautious.

“Hey, Lyra? Is everything okay? You seemed really weird this morning. I mean, are you … uh… did I ask the wrong question?” the girl seemed even more like a faithful puppy than ever, her ears lowered and approaching with her side towards Lyra in a show of appeasement or caution.

Lyra looked at her friend and although she wasn’t used to this world just yet, her body seemed to know just how to express visual emotions with her ears and tail; and it was apparent that she was nervous and a bit unsure.

“Have you ever… like… woken up and everything is different?” she asked her friend.

The collie tilted her head and rubbed her chin, “Well, when I turned sixteen it was kinda like that, but that’s mostly because when I woke up my aunt had posted ‘Sweet Sixteen’ decorations all over my room while I was asleep. Is that what you mean?”

Lyra sighed and shook her head. “I… just think I’m stressed maybe… I know we had yesterday off and everything, but I dunno, I slept really oddly, I mean, waking up was…” and she tried to figure out how to say it. “Weird.”

Her ears lowered and she sank down in her chair a little. “And I didn’t wake up dry,” she said quietly, having wondered most of the morning why that would be a good thing according to her friend, and why ‘she’ would have bought ‘something’ to aid in that.

Gypsum tilted her head to the other side, ears picking up some, “Oh, so you were wet. But weird…? OH!” She sat down next to her friend quickly, leaning forward and keeping her voice low. “Did you… uh… leak? Or something?” It was an honest question, and it seemed like the collie was more curious and clueless than anything.

“I mean, well, I really dunno much more than what you told me a month ago, so I dunno if that’d be bad or not. What was weird about it, though? I mean, the first few nights you said you just went right on the bed, so…?”

Lyra blushed hard and tried to suppress an immediate ‘eeewwww’. “I… don’t really want to talk about it at the moment,” she said after a moment’s pause. Whatever was happening, she didn’t know enough about it to talk with Gypsum right now. “It’s just been a weird day, I’ll be fine tomorrow,” she added, trying to allay the concerns of her friend. She was quick to change the subject after that, trying to highlight her drawing, and check to see if Gypsum was still into music the way she was supposed to be in Lyra’s memory.

As with just about everything else, and though she seemed a little confused, Gypsum was in all other ways the same old Gypsum, even down to the class schedule, which this year was unfortunately mutually exclusive with Lyra’s. After lunch, they parted ways with Gypsum offering a few reassuring words to her obviously addled friends, reminding Lyra about cheerleading practice after school.

“… so I won’t be on the bus. Is that okay?” It was about the umpteenth time she’d asked if something was okay, not sure how to deal with what was going on with her friend.

Lyra nodded and gave her friend a hug, moving to get on with the rest of her day. Although things were very similar to how her mind remembered them, she couldn’t get over how just slightly ‘wrong’ things were. Still, the furry her, like the human her, was good at fading into gray and being quiet and unnoticed in most of her classes. She managed not to seem too out of place for the rest of the day until she made it back on her bus headed home.

In her thoughts, all she kept thinking was about her diary. She had to get home and hope that this furry her kept a diary, and that maybe she could find some clue as to why she was purposefully trying to wet the bed.

Getting off at her bus stop, she ran into the house, sweeping past her Mom and barely saying hello before shutting her bedroom door and beginning a search for the diary she usually kept between the mattress and baseboard of her bed.

The Diary was right where it was supposed to be, though oddly it was sealed in a zip lock baggie, though considering the stains she noticed on her mattress as she was searching, was probably a good idea. Of all the things that were different, the diary was the most off. While a lot of the early entries were familiar, if tainted by talking about odd anatomy but otherwise the same, until the entries from around where Lyra had starting writing about boys.

Things there got a little odd, as instead of focusing on dating or going out, the diary diverged. There were entries talking about going to the mall and looking around the Cubs’R’Us store, some odd mentions of feelings of not being fully grown and wanting to go back to the start, and most disturbingly, the last few entries, detailing thoughts on making pointed moves in that direction.

Lyra read the diary, almost not believing the disturbingly familiar handwriting. She sank to her knees, leaning her back up against her bed and pouring over her own writing with fervor. Lyra tried to find the root of it, specifically what Gypsum had said about purchases. What had she purchased and what was she trying to accomplish? She found it, dated about a month and a half earlier.

"Dear Diary,

Today, I’ve decided that I can’t go on anymore. I’m tired of growing up, and after a lot of reading, searching, and deep consideration, I’ve decided to try and go through with a plan that will bring things to where I want to be. Today I ordered some custom hypnosis files off this site on the internet. They promise that they’ll help me start wetting the bed without waking up, so I’ll just have to see if that’s the case. Even if they don’t, I’m definitely going to start tonight with it. I’ve got my cell phone alarm set to vibrate at 4am, to give me plenty of time before my parents get up to ‘go’. It’s gonna be weird. I don’t remember ever having peed anywhere except the toilet, not even by accident, so claws crossed on being able to get over that and, if all goes well, I will PEE IN MY BED!

Then it’s all about the waterworks to convince my parents it was a real accident. Good night, Diary."

Lyra’s mouth dropped. She had to re-read the page twice. She was pissing herself… on purpose. Why would she just decide to do that? It felt like someone just deciding they there going to wear their clothes inside out from then on. She couldn’t figure it out, she re-read some of the earlier entries, trying to figure out the talk about maturity and not wanting to grow up, but it just… didn’t seem like her.

Sure, growing up and maturing wasn’t the highest of her priorities. She had an easy life and was plenty happy with that. She liked not being fussed over or bothered that much. This… …. this plan seemed to be heading in exactly the wrong direction. She read forward a bit, checking to see the progress so far of this furry Lyra’s plan, how far had she already slid?

The next few entries were a couple of short blurbs, mostly about the feeling of ‘letting go’ in her bed, how she couldn’t get back to sleep, and the like. Three days later there was a ‘successful’ entry of managing to wake up, pee, and then fall back asleep for a while so that her mother ‘found’ her in the wet bed. Then, this:

"Dear Diary…

The hypnosis files are working, I think. Today was the first time I woke up after having already started wetting the bed, which was surprising enough I nearly fell out of bed! (Note to self, maybe falling out of bed eventually? <3) I’m… actually a little worried, diary. What if I’m going too far? What if I can’t stop wetting the bed if this keeps up? Having second thoughts. On the plus side, I’m going to have a sit down talk with mom tonight and see if she’ll buy me “protection” for the mattress. Hoping for diapers, might get a sheet, but going to tear it up a little and go for diapers. They won’t be the cute babyish ones they sell online, but it’s a start.

Well, going to bed now. Will see if I sleep through peeing again. Goodnight, Diary."

The next entry was a couple of days later, and written in a somewhat quick style, squiggly and rushed.

"Dear Diary,

DIAPERS! Well, the crappy kind, and they’re not really all as comfortable as I wanted, but diapers! Mom finally broke down and brought some home, saying I needed to be responsible and wear them, even if they’re embarrassing. Hah! Anyway, I haven’t peed completely in my sleep again, though I did wake up mid-way again last night. Listening to the hypnosis thing again to see if more listens helps more. Also loaded it on my phone, been listening on the bus. Got to go now, its bed time, and I have a diaper to put on! EEE! <3!"

Lyra let out a long slow breath. “Woooah boy… this is…” she wasn’t sure what to do with the information. It was like the blueprint for a train derailing and apparently she’d been the conductor.

Putting the diary down a moment she went to her closet, looking at the package of diapers. She’d emptied the bin earlier, there’d been at least a dozen diapers in there, so, she’d been in diapers for maybe 2 weeks now at night, and from the looks of things, successfully using them. She went to sit by her diary and check the last entries she’d made just to confirm whether or not it was an actual problem for her now.

The last entry in the diary was dated the day before last, and was… ominous, at best.

"Dear Diary.

Things are going, well, okay I guess. I’ve had a few false starts, some waking up, but the last four or five nights in a row I’ve woken up completely soaked without waking up while going. Kinda weird, that, and a little scary, but exciting at the same time. It feels like a little step in the way I want to go, not knowing whether I’ll be dry or not when my alarm goes off. It’s … fun. But worrying. I’m nervous, but, well, disappointed. I’ll explain.

I was sort of hoping I’d be able to talk my mom into ‘helping’ me get ready for bed, or in the mornings. I mean, little kids don’t put their own bed wetter diapers on, so why should I? This is frustrating, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any further with this if mom or dad aren’t at all willing to do anything. Plus, even if I try to back out now, I’m scared that I won’t be able to stop. I want to push forward, but there’s got to be a way to get them involved and think that they NEED to be involved. I can’t let them know I -want- to be a kitten again.

Ugh! Diary, this is so FRUSTRATING! I just want to go to sleep, dream it all away, figure it out, let someone else do it or something. If I could just find a way to not have to worry about getting my parents involved, to sleep until, I dunno, someone intervened. That’d be great. I can’t stand this anymore! I want to just not have to worry about it anymore.

Anyway, it’s late, and I’m already ‘ready’, on my own, of course, and going to bed. By the time I wake up, I’ll really need something to have happened."

Lyra’s eyes went wide and the pit of her stomach dropped as she finished reading. “Until someone intervened,” she read softly to herself. Part of her knew that her usual course of action for anything frustrating was to let other people handle it, so it was a very ‘her’ type answer. At the same time… she had a sneaking suspicion that she was the answer to her own diary’s pleading.

The entry in her diary was the only thing that seemed to remotely ‘click’ as to why she was here in this world. Slowly, and with a slight uncertainty, she went to her desk and took the diary with her. She set it down and got out a pen.

“Dear Diary…” she wrote… and then stopped, scratching out the diary part and writing ‘Dear Me…’ she paused a moment before continuing, “I do not understand. Fur, bedwetting, diapers?” she tapped her pen on the paper a bit. “Will you even remember writing this?” she added. “Will I?”

She looked at the page once more and frowned, it looked like she was mad, or high, and scribbling rambles. She decided to take a different approach, scratching out what she had just written.

“This morning I woke up wet and very confused. I had a bit of a freak out in the bathroom and mom had to come get me. She hugged me and … uh, licked my head… and… it actually felt kind of nice. I don’t know why, or what was happening, but, it was the first time I’ve had a moment with mom like that since I don’t know when.”

She left it at that. Not really sure what she was writing, but on top of the oddness of the day, the moment with her mother this morning had struck her as odd. She closed the diary and stuck it back in the plastic baggie. She stuffed it under the bed and looked around for her cell phone. Hopefully Gypsum was done with practice by now. She needed to ask a few quick question as to just what she had shared with her best friend.

“Hello?” was the perky voice of Gypsum, with that bit of collie bark in it, “What’s up? Just got done with practice, so sorry if I’m a little out of breath,” And she was, actually, panting. Like a dog.

“Hey Gypsum, do you have a moment to talk? Like, somewhere that no one else is going to hear you? It’s about my uh, thing… the uh, night thing.”

There was a long pause, more panting, and then a little yip. “Sure! Let me get cleaned up and changed, then we can meet out back of the slides at the park, y’know, near those little trees that we used to go to as kids?”

Lyra knew them well, as she’d used them for privacy many times in the past. It was private, and knowing that even with all this crazy going on, being able to go to that place with her friend to talk was comforting. A little island of the familiar in a sea of what was becoming nothing but crazy.

Twenty minutes later she was out and sitting with her back against the tree. She had another hoodie on, surprised to find that the hood had slits in the top for her ears to poke through. She didn’t give much of a wave to her friend as she came to meet her, instead shyly getting up and with tail tucked between her legs, she got right to it.

“Sooo I called you out here because, well, about that thing… you don’t find it weird? I mean, it’s been a bit of a blur to me. Would you mind uh, refreshing my memory on what we’ve talked about with it? I mean, I haven’t asked you to uhm…” and she let the question hang there because she wasn’t at all sure just what this other her would ask.

The collie again cocked her head to one side, her fur still a little damp from having come right after her cleaning up, which to Lyra was odd, considering how her first thought was… tongues.

“Huh? You mean …OH!” she seemed to get it, “I thought it was weird when you first brought it up! I mean, how many people our age want to go back to being a little kid? And really, hypnosis? I thought that stuff was weird, or for creepy guys with bushy eyebrows.” The collie waggled her own. “Lyra, really, what’s going on? You’ve not been yourself at all today. Are yah having second thoughts? Can you… not stop wetting yourself?” she asked, and immediately her eyes went to the leopard’s crotch. “Did you, uh… are you…?”

Lyra quickly crossed her legs and put her paws to her crotch. “No, I didn’t and no I’m not. Not during the day,” she said, feeling a bit ashamed that it would even come to that. She glared at her friend a moment, but then seeing the dumb innocence, her glare softened her and ears went down again. She had to admit, if Gypsum was willing to stick by her, even if she’d told her something as crazy as what was in the diary… it said a lot of her friend. “I mean… I don’t know… I’m so confused right now Gypsum.” She let out a long sigh. “This may sound strange, but uh… have you ever stumbled upon someone else’s secret?”

Gypsum rolled her eyes, and shook her head, “How do you think we got to this point? You and your ‘art’ these days. Remember? You sent me the wrong link to that picture of the girl wearing a diaper?”

Blushing, Lyra let out a surprised ‘oh’. She made a mental note to check whatever the equivalent of deviant art here was to see just what she’d been drawing.

“Well I mean… have you ever seen someone’s secret wish, and like… you could make it come true? Like say if you found the blue prints to build something and you think you could, but it’d be a really, really, REALLY embarrassing thing to do…” and she fell short of breath there. Was she actually considering what was in that diary? Shouldn’t she be separating herself from this? Her face went through about four emotions at once.

“Uh……” Gypsum seemed at a loss for words, something unusual for the hyper collie, in this universe or the other. “I… don’t follow.”

Carefully, she put an arm around her friend’s shoulders and tried to ease her back down into the grass. “Why don’t you slow down, back up, and make some sense, okay? I’m worried about you, Lyra. I mean, I’ve been worried ever since you told me about your whole ‘baby’ thing, but I support you. But now you’re just acting weird.”

Lyra nodded. “I know, and I feel weird. I think I just need to sleep it off,” she said with another sigh. “Thanks for meeting me out here,” she said, not sure what else to talk about.

Gypsum looked confused still. “C’mon, Lyra. We’ve been friends since we were… okay, that’s a bad way to put it right now. Look, we’re friends. If something’s bothering you, seriously, you can tell me about it.”

“I know I called you out here, but I … well,” Lyra looked to Gypsum, like, really looked at her. “Okay… … I woke up this morning wearing a diaper and I don’t remember ever wanting too and I also don’t remember ever having fur or my dad being a wolf or this entire world just being weird and wrong and your still you, but you’re a dog, and I’m a snow leopard and nothing makes sense and I have my diary filled with stuff about how I’m TRYING to end up in diapers and I… I…” Lyra broke down crying.

For a long moment, the collie sat staring at her friend, not at all sure what to say or do about this. “Uh… There… there?” she said, putting an arm around the leopard’s shoulders, trying to be comforting. “What do you mean you don’t remember any of it? Like, amnesia? Do you remember who you are? You are Lyra. Do you remember that?” she tried, totally not at all getting what the hell was up here. “Okay, forget that. Tell me what you DO remember. I don’t get it, so tell me so I can help!”

Lyra tried pushing the tears back into her eyes with her paws. She wasn’t one for crying, or really any drama.

“I know I’m Lyra, and I know you’re Gypsum,” she sobbed. “And I remember everything about like our slumber parties and that time at band camp and stuff, and I know who my mom and dad are, and everything’s normal… but not. Like, do you uh… know what a human is?”

Gypsum nodded quickly. “Of course! Everyone does! I was hoping to get one for my last birthday, but mom and dad say it’s a big responsibility…” she said, a little dejected. She fished out her phone and started fiddling with it, eventually bringing up a picture of an asian woman, naked, curled up in a little pet bed by a fire, smiling at the camera. Other than being tiny, it was a person. “This kind. I just LOVE their eyes, and they’re a little smaller than the pale white kinds.”

Lyra’s mouth hung open. “Okay… I was… not expecting that,” she said looking at the photo, then seeing Gypsum’s face, “I mean, that you’d want uh, that breed.” She shook her head. “Well, I guess… uh… this whole weirdness is just that I had a dream that I was a human… like a LONG dream,” she said, although in her mind she knew it wasn’t a dream.

Lyra managed to stop all the tears and threw her arms around Gypsum. “I’m sorry if I worried you… I’ve just been… off…”

The phone slipped from the collie’s hand into the grass, and she quickly put her arms around her friend, hugging tightly, “No no, it’s okay! I have dreams like that too…. Well, okay, never that I was a HUMAN, but more like, just the long ones that seem really weird, y’know?” With a chuckle, she gently nuzzled her friends’ neck, flicking a tongue out to lick at her fur to try and smooth it down. “LIke, the other day in class I daydreamed this entire thing about flying in a hot air balloon, and it seemed like HOURS, but was only a minute or two.”

The conversation kind of switched from there, two girls just chatting a bit and Lyra trying to just slide back into her comfortable normality once more. She could talk to Gypsum, and it seemed, no matter her form, Gypsum understand, and that at least, was very comforting.

They chatted for another 30 minutes or so before Lyra went back home since it was getting close to dinner.

She wasn’t in much of a talking mood by then, and the sight of the big wolf being her ‘father’ was still a bit hard to stomach. She hung in her room until her mom called up for dinner.

“Sorry about this morning…” Lyra said when she’d finally sat down to her parents.

Her mother was the first to respond, giving her father a little ‘I have this’ look, “It’s alright, dear, really. Sometimes things just… don’t seem right, especially after a bad dream. Next time, feel free to talk about it, since sometimes that makes it all seem a little less crazy, you know?”

A moment later, her father 'Wuff’ed gently, “And try not to push your old man down the stairs again. I’m not as spry as I used to be, y’know.” He joked.

Some part of Lyra expected the meal to be cat food. Or raw meat. Maybe even a cute little lamb that she’d have to rip apart with her claws before she could chow down, but it was… normal food. Well, seemingly normal, anyway. She had no idea where the meat came from, but it tasted like chicken and wasn’t hard to eat, though the idea that it might have, in this world, been a once thinking ‘person’, or some dumb ‘human’ variant did churn her stomach a little. So, she stuck to her veggies.

After dinner, Lyra retreated to her room. She had one last mystery to check on before passing out. It was only 730, but she was already really tired. It was literally the most unsettling day of her life.

Opening her laptop, she checked her browser history and loaded up deviant art, which was surprisingly the same in this world… but with a very different subject matter. Her login and password were the same… but her joined groups and followers were VERY different.

Picture after picture of teenagers in various juvenile situations, being diapered, using diapers, in cribs or high chairs, and, well, all sorts of weirdness like that. Worst of all, it was unmistakably her own art, her style. Apparently her fantasies.

But at the same time, not hers at all, even though somehow she could feel that she was the one who drew them. She could almost remember the motions her hands went through to create these, the feeling of familiarity hard-wired into her body and mind. She looked between the art, the place where her diary was hidden, and then to the closet where ‘her’ diapers sat.

Lyra sighed. She actually wasn’t as surprised at this art as she thought she’d be. She was a little curious as to why her art had so many more favorites then it usually did with this subject matter, but she shook her head and shut the laptop off.

Even though it was barely 8pm, she crashed on her bed and didn’t even bother to change out of her hoodie, or to put on a diaper. This wasn’t her world after all, and diapers were not something she was ready to accept like some pill she had to swallow.

About an hour later, her mother poked her head in the door, “Lyra, I’m going shopping tomorrow, do you need any more di—” but cut herself off, surprised to see her daughter already asleep. With a little smile and a roll of her eyes, she shut off the light and left her alone. She’d apparently had a stressful day.

In her dreams, Lyra was floating on a wide ocean of fur. There wasn’t an end in sight, and buildings kept drifting by, familiar ones, though she couldn’t at all put her finger on what made them so. Just a strange dream. There was a constant droning in her mind, some formless speech making no sense, but it was relaxing, and it was speaking to her comfortingly. The droning voice reassured her that everything was fine, and it felt good, and that just letting herself go was completely natural, because if that wasn’t the case, why would cubs be born doing it and had to be ‘trained’ to stop?

In the dark, in her bed that wasn’t her bed, Lyra’s body rolled over from her side to her stomach. Slowly, she shifted her legs a little, spreading them. One hand unconsciously gripped her pillow, the claws puncturing the pillow case, and with a contented, sleeping sigh, Lyra wet the bed.

Re: The Diary of My Different Life

Y’all are off to a really great start! I read this on FTT first and I was gonna ask if y’all were gonna post more but since its posted in the Board Members Stories section over here I can consider that question answered.

I don’t have any real critisism at this point so I’ll use the old fallback question: when will y’all post more?! :wink:

Re: The Diary of My Different Life

Great story please write more soon.

Re: The Diary of My Different Life

The Diary of My Different Life

Co-written by:

Padded Quill and C.S. Fox


The loud buzzing of her alarm clock roused the girl early the next morning, and she reached out with one fuzzy paw to slap at it blindly. She wasn’t really tired, mostly due to having gone to bed as early as she had, but she was cold, and coming out of her deep sleep was proving difficult.

She was also wet, pretty much from her stomach down to her knees, and her feline nose immediately identified a particular odor. There was a moment of confusion, and then a knock at her door and her father’s voice in the hallway.

“Lyra, kitten, time to get up. I heard your alarm, just don’t want a repeat of yesterday’s little rush.”

There was a fwump as Lyra tumbled from her bed. “Ow…” she mewled. She managed to somehow land on her front paws and knees. “I’m up…” she said, hoping that he wouldn’t barge in.

Sitting in a bit of a disheveled heap, Lyra realized that she was still feline. She had also managed to wet her bed, or more accurately, soaked it. Her ears lowered and she blushed as she tried to untangle herself from her wet sheets.

“Guess this kitten’s a bed wetter now,” she grumbled to herself. She started to try and gather up her sheets, thankful at least that her mother had apparently put on a mattress protector. Heaping them all in a pile, she was a bit surprised when the alarm went off again, letting out a yowl as she dropped the bundle on the floor. Stupid snooze button.

As she leaned over the bed to reach for the alarm’s ‘off’ switch, the door opened, giving someone a quite clear view of her soaked pants and rear. There was a polite clearing of a throat, and then her mother spoke up.

“Lyra… Did you not wear your diaper to bed last night?” The question was obviously rhetorical, and the elder leopard continued speaking, “When I agreed to buy them, you promised I wouldn’t have to do any more laundry until this… phase got better.”

“I… I…” Lyra was at a loss for words. The diapers weren’t her thing. She’d read the diary, she knew that the other Lyra wanted them… but she’d been too tired to think that she’d actually NEED them.

There was a slight tug at the girl’s tail as her mother gently pulled at it, “Now stop waving your rear at anyone walking by, and get this stuff down to the laundry before breakfast. And open your window to let your room air out, it smells horrid in here right now.”

With ears still down, Lyra quickly stood up straight, with one paw going to the back of her pajamas and holding her shirt bottom down. She managed to get the window open, and then grabbed up all the sheets on the floor with one arm.

Standing to the side Lyra’s mother watched all of this with folded arms, sighing. She was a bit surprised that her daughter was having this kind of setback and obviously needed to be in those diapers at night, at least for a bit longer.

Lyra stuffed everything into the laundry. She took one of the clean towels folded nearby, and she stripped herself down, throwing her wet PJ’s and panties in with the sheets, wrapping herself in a towel.

“Guess showers are going to be a morning thing,” she said begrudgingly.

As the washing machine chugged along its merry pee-cleaning way, Lyra chugged back up the stairs and into the shower, trying to slink as silently as she could through the house, hoping to avoid any parental confrontations while she was, again, clad in only her towel. A shower did feel rather good, since most of her fur was matted and crusty with foul smelling urine, and afterwards she remembered to actually groom her fur down a bit better than the day before, her body going through the motions of its own accord.

Once that was all out of the way, she found herself back in her room, feeling the cool morning air from her window playing across her still slightly damp fur as she searched for something to wear.

“Lyra,” her Mom’s voice again from the door, “Hurry up and get dressed, the bus will be here soon. If this…” she paused, letting it go unsaid, “Happens again, I’m going to start doing a check before you go to bed. You’re better than this, but if that’s what it takes to save your sheets, I’ll do it.”

It was clearly a warning.

“I’ll be fine mom,” she called down, trying hard not to blush. She dug into her drawers and pulled out some panties and a bra. In just a few quick minutes, she was rushing into the kitchen with jeans and simple tee on.

“Pop-tarts again kitten, I warned you about time yesterday,” her dad chided from behind the newspaper.

Lyra’s ears fell once more and she made a sad mewling sound, paw half reaching into the cupboard for a box of cereal. She glanced at the clock on the microwave and with a unsatisfied grunt, she grabbed a package of uncooked pop-tarts and ran for the door and her backpack to make the bus in time.

The bus ride to school was much the same, and once again she was greeted as she stepped off by Gypsum, who came up with quite a bit less enthusiasm than she had the previous day, almost looking cautious or scared.

“Heeeey Lyra,” she started, dragging out the words carefully, “Are you, well, feeling any better today? Everything, well, alright now?”

Lyra blushed a bit. “I wet the bed,” she said quietly, not really thinking about the comment.

The collie was clearly confused, and she looked around to see if anyone was close by before continuing this conversation.

“But…. that’s good, right?” she asked, not quite understanding this sudden change of heart by her best friend, “It’s what you wanted, yeah?”

Looking over at her friend, Lyra realized her misstep. “Oh right, uh… yah… yay me,” she said, without actually having that much enthusiasm over it. Gypsum looked at her a bit more concerned and she quickly tried cover, “Oh, sorry I just… progress is slow. Things aren’t really where I’d want them to be,” she said; which was an understatement.

The collie smiled cheerily and took a few bouncing steps around her feline friend, tail wagging. “Well, if there’s anything at all I can do to help, or speed things along, or, well, anything, you let me know!” she barked.

“I’m really fascinated by this whole thing, y’know? Never heard of someone wanting to be a baby again.”

‘Neither had I,’ Lyra said inside her head.

The two of them headed up and into school, forced to go their separate ways due to their different schedules. School classes alternated each day, so that there were two sets. Today Lyra had her homeroom, followed by P.E. And although she was somewhat athletic, she wasn’t the biggest fan of wasting energy for the sake of education.

Her mind wasn’t really in it anyways. Even as she changed out in the locker room to her P.E. shorts and t-shirt, she was only moving around on auto-pilot. Her mind was focused on her wet bed that morning and her best friend who was only too happy to help with whatever problem she had, self-caused or not.

By the time classes let out for the day, Lyra’s phone had received no less than 10 text messages, most from Gypsum, though there was one from her mother saying that she’d put the clothes in the dryer, and they’d best be folded by dinner.

The messages from her friend, however, were more ‘support’ than anything. A lot of little "You’ll get there!"s and “Let me know if I can help!” and even one “Don’t forget not to fall asleep in class!” with an emoticon showing sarcasm. Sure, it was obvious her friend was trying to cheer her up, but it was a constant reminder of the problem which currently presented Lyra.

More worrying, though, was that things didn’t seem to be correcting themselves at all. Humans were still pets here, and she was still covered in fuzz, not to mention having to re-learn how to use these new parts of her, as they sometimes seemed to have their own ideas of what to do in certain situations. And then there were her real parents and friends, who had to be missing her, or wandering what was wrong with her if this Lyra had gone into her body the same way she’d come into this one. It was all very troubling.

Getting off the bus, Lyra made a point to fold her laundry and remake her bed as soon as she was home. Even after the washing, she could tell the sheets had seen quite a bit of abuse. As she pulled one of the sheets over the mattress corner, she brushed her hand over her diary. With a weary sigh she pulled it out and went to sit at her desk. She needed to get out her thoughts, if only to continue what the other her had started.

“Dear Me, I am still very confused. I discovered Lake Superior had relocated to my bed this morning. Bedwetting…successful? Mom caught me trying to change the sheets. She wanted to know why I didn’t wear a diaper last night.”

Lyra sat back and looked at her little entry. It wasn’t really in tune with the other entries in the diary. It was kind of obvious that a separate person had been writing it.

Oddly, her eyes were drawn back to that last entry by this other her, the bit about not waking up until something changed. It seemed oddly powerful, a statement of a completely self-absorbed individual wanting the world to bow to their wants without any effort on their part. It just seemed so bizarre that the night before all of this mess started was when that entry had been written.

A thought suddenly struck at the back of Lyra’s mind, an absurd one, but in some strange way, it made sense. What if this other ‘her’ WAS still asleep, and in her refusal to wake up from some strange dream, the universe had decided to dump a similar consciousness into the body of the dreamer. It was all way too sci-fi for Lyra’s tastes, but at a base level it made some sense, but not a whole lot.

She looked back over the entry she’d just written, and she mumbled the word ‘change’. In her screwy rationale, she needed to leave this place leaning more toward what the diary wanted then when she’d entered it. Sighing, she tapped her pen on the paper.

“Mom said that if there was a repeat this morning, she’d start checking me to make sure I wear diapers at night. I’ll… see that it happens.”

Lyra shut the diary and stuck it under the bed, not sure if she was going crazy… but she was getting a little low on ideas and anything sounded better than nothing.

“Dinner!” her mother called up the stairs, startling the somewhat dazed girl out of her stupor.

Taking a seat at the table, Lyra looked over to her mom and her dad. She wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to her dad being so… so…. Wolfish. He smiled at her a bit toothily.

“Evening kitten.”

“Hi daddy,” she said, almost a bit shyly.

The look didn’t escape the canine’s notice, but he said nothing, taking a sip from his cup. Something had been off about his daughter for the last couple of days, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. It was almost as if she smelled differently, or was uncomfortable in her own fur. It was odd.

Lyra was quick to look over to her mom, trying not stare too much at her dad. “Um, what’s for dinner mom?”

“Meatloaf, actually,” her mother said, setting out the plates of food before taking her own seat, “Your favorite kind, with the brown gravy,” she shot a look at her husband, “Even if your father prefers the tomato based kind. You seemed like you could use a little cheering up.”

Here was a welcome similarity. Lyra’s ears perked up and she smiled in spite of herself. Happy that at least something was the same. She managed to eat two helpings, and was so happy to have something familiar that actually tasted exactly as it should, that she didn’t even notice the bits getting in her whiskers or the slight bit of gravy staining the white fur around her muzzle.

“Please, dear, I know you like it, but at least eat like a civilized animal.” came a low rumble of a reminder from her father, “We’re not base humans.”

Lyra blushed, looking at her dad. His face was clean. She crossed her eyes, looking unintentionally childish as she inspected her own whiskers. She got a napkin and was quick to rub it over her mouth, getting the gravy off.

“Sorry, just really enjoyed it,” she said feeling the weight of her parent’s attentions once more.

As soon as she’d finished, Lyra excused herself from the table and went back to her room. She had a little bit of homework to get done, but it didn’t take all that long. Gypsum also called again, making sure everything was all right and reinforcing her encouragement.

About an hour later, Lyra changed into some PJ’s. It was only 8:30 but Lyra was tired, which was unusual for her in any world and it’d been the same way last night. Perhaps it was just stress of being out of body. As she crawled over to bed, she stopped and thought about the diapers, looking toward the closet.

She made the decision not to wear them.

A shaft of nearly blinding light pierced through the hazy darkness of Lyra’s sleep, and there was a sound of soft footsteps across carpet. Something was off, the lights were dark, and the room was still cold, which meant it wasn’t at all morning yet. There was a gently warm feeling around her crotch as she laid on her back, and a bit of weight to her pajamas, but things were awfully confused.

Something soft suddenly pressed against her crotch, and there was a sigh, and her mother’s voice cutting through the darkness. “Lyra, what did I tell you this morning?” she asked, another hand shaking her shoulder.

“Now you get out of bed and put on your diaper this instant. Good thing I came to check, a mother’s instinct is never wrong, and you’ve already dribbled in your pajamas.”

Lyra got up groggily, not realizing that she could actually see somewhat well in the dark, even though things were a slightly different tint of color with less light. She staggered over to the package of diapers, reached a paw in, tugged one out, and made a tired return trek to bed. Somewhere midway across the room she started pulling her wet pajama bottoms off, letting them fall lazily down to her ankles. She was too tired to care as she had to shuffle the last foot or two to her bed.

Looking at her mom, and then at the diaper, there was a momentary confusion about what to do, and not thinking, Lyra just unfolded the diaper and stuffed it into her damp panties before flopping on her side in bed.

“Lyra!” her mother’s tone was sharp, almost a hiss of displeasure, “Do I have to diaper you like a kitten? I thought you were better than this.” she said, and without waiting for a response, yanked her daughter’s soiled undergarments off and took the diaper in her hands.

What followed was a rather quick but efficient diapering job, the tapes going snugly on the leopard’s groggy hips and with a gentle pat to her daughter’s stomach, the older leopard sighed.

“I really thought I could trust you, honey…” she said, then leaned over and kissed her daughter’s forehead, “But a mother’s job is never done it seems. Sweet dreams.”

The alarm went off again at its usual time. Lyra’s hand crashed down a few inches away from it, fumbling and slapping the counter to get it to turn off. Her face was buried in the pillow, and her mind was awash with the problems of the day before.

The first thing she knew was that she’d wet the bed again. She could feel it between her thighs, and almost to her knees. She lifted herself up slowly, groaning… and came to realize that she had hands. No paws, but hands.

Lyra sat up quickly, patting at her chest, her face, her hair. She didn’t have fur, or cat ears, or a tail. She was a human again! She hugged herself. Feeling whole and complete for the first time in three days.

Until she realized that she was sitting in a very wet bed… one that didn’t have a rubber sheet under the covers. Lyra jumped out of bed and looked back at it bewildered, and then down at herself. Her pajama pants were soaked. Her bed was soaked.

“No… no… no… nooo…”

Quickly, she stripped the sheets, opened a window, and grabbed for a long clean night shirt. Laundry. It was like the day before, but this time, no one could know. She crept out of her room.

Bumping the door open with her hip, she once again nearly ran into her father, her normal human dad, and he stumbled to one side to let her pass. “Woah, there, pumpkin. What’s the rush? Everything… alright?” he asked, looking at the wadded up sheets in her arms, an eyebrow raised. Lyra let out an eep, having tried to be sneaky, but apparently doing horrifically bad at it.

“Oh uh, nothing daddy. Just a sudden urge to do laundry!” she said moving in a half spin around him like she was doing a dance by herself. She was already half way down the stairs before he even had a chance to reply. The moment she was in the foyer she made a dash for the laundry room by the garage entrance. She didn’t care if her long shirt fluttered a little, even less about the lack of things under it. She just needed to get this taken care of.

With everything shoved in the wash. She worried next about what to do with her bed. It was wet. It smelt like pee. She looked around the laundry room, Lysol for a start maybe? Another shower for herself?

In a run with the Lysol tucked in an arm, Lyra tried to get back to her room.

“Lyra?” Her mother’s voice came from the top of the stairs, right near her room, and there she stood beside her daughter’s open doorway, “Is… there something we need to talk about?” She asked, though she motioned for Lyra to go into the room, out of sight, as she spotted what she was wearing and could only guess at what she wasn’t.

Lyra stopped midway up the stairs, her eyes going wide as she looked up at her mom. “Umm… not really? Can you stay out of my room actually?” she asked slowly moving the rest of the way up, one step at a time and keeping eye contact with her mother. “Just felt like straightening up this morning.”

Her mother gave her a rather flat look, “Does straightening up include drying out and cleaning your mattress? I hope it does.” she said in a serious tone, crossing her arms in disappointment at the attempted hiding of this by her daughter.

“I know the smell of a wet bed when I sniff it out. You were just a tyke once, it happens. Just be honest with me and try not to hide it, alright?”

Lyra knew that if she had cat ears, they’d be flipped back in shame. She looked at her mom and found her mouth a bit dry. She tried to speak but all that came out was a weak croak. Instead, she just nodded, moving past her mom and not bothering to hide the can of Lysol now. She shut her door, at least wanting to take care of her shame in private.

After propping her mattress up by the window to dry and after spritzing it liberally with Lysol, she went to grab a shower. She had to make it quick, as with every other day this week so far, she would be cutting it close to make the bus. She had to get dressed in a hurry.

Once that was taken care of, it was another pack of pop-tarts and a jaunt to the bus stop at the last minute again. Pulling out he cell phone, she started to text Gypsum, to see what sort of response she’d get, but the date at the top of the screen struck her.

It was Tuesday. Again. So on top of all the bed-wetting, being some sort of animal person, and every other embarrassment, she now had to endure nearly an entire week of school. Again.

Lyra shut her phone, and slowly got on the bus. This was unsettling. She rode the whole way to school in absolute silence. Was all that just a dream? She couldn’t remember ever having dreamed something so real, a complete two days, with fur.

When the bus pulled up to her school, she didn’t even have to look, she turned to her right and waved to Gypsum, who was coming toward her, just as she’d been two days ago.

“You’re not going to ask me about how last night went… are you?” she asked, worry written all over her face.

Gypsum stopped short at that, her mouth half opened as her face slowly fell, a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

“Well, I was going to ask about all day, not just last night, but… okay, I guess I won’t. Something bad happen?” she asked, her personality matching nearly perfectly with the collie counterpart, though without the ears and wagging tail.

Lyra thought for a moment, looking into her friend’s worried face. “Just… stressed I think. Nothing happened,” she said at last. She took Gypsum by the arm and started walking into the school. “I haven’t shown you any of my artwork lately either right?”

The other girl blinked, really not sure what to make of this all of a sudden, and she shook her head. “No, nothing really. Seriously, what’s up? You’re acting all weird like. You’re not… on drugs are you?”

Sighing, Lyra shook her head. “No, I’m not, I just had a bad dream,” she said, although deep down she knew it wasn’t a dream. She’d still double check her deviant account to make sure nothing of that world beyond a wet bed had bled into this one.

Her school day was exactly as it had been. The events proceeded just as she’d remembered, she’d even managed to answer a question she wouldn’t have known from her teacher if she hadn’t remembered the answer from the class before.

She felt in the right place, and she felt like she was really herself, but at the same time, having experienced most of this before, she still felt wrong. She suspected that Wednesday would be the same as well.

The next day did go much as the ‘other Wednesday’, save for one major difference… That being that she woke up in a completely, bone dry bed. It was a welcome sensation, though Lyra’s mother did come in and check while her daughter was in the shower. Things seemed to be returning to normal throughout the rest of the day, with not much changing between the ‘other’ world and this one. If she hadn’t known better, or felt it so deep in her core, Lyra may have been able to write the whole thing off as a very vivid dream, but there was just something so visceral about the entire situation.

By Thursday, things were almost back to normal. She was in a ‘new’ day, one she hadn’t been through before, and the day started off pleasantly with another dry bed. She shared as much in diary, and thankfully for the sake of her sanity, the diary contained no extra entries about hidden desires she’d never remembered writing or wanting.

Gypsum was still a bit worried about her, but after a few hugs and reassurances that it was just a very ‘off’ week, things were just about back to normal for her.

There was a bit of tension in the air going into Friday, and the first thing Lyra did (as she had the last few mornings) as she woke up was feel around her crotch for wetness, then around her rear for a tail. Neither were to be had that morning, and Lyra actually had time for a proper breakfast before heading out to school. The day was long, and even Gypsum was too busy to pester her.

Arriving home, the poor girl nearly collapsed onto the couch, sighing loudly as she let her books drop to the floor and spread out, exhausted from the stress of the extended week, classes, and general feeling of going insane. She flipped on the TV, listening to the afternoon drone of the boring basic cable talk shows, court dramas, and whatever else was on as she flipped the channels. It was very nearly one of the most boring afternoons ever, and partnered with her stress, Lyra soon found herself dozing lightly on the couch.

That was, until her mother’s sharp reproach split the air. “Lyra! What do you think you’re doing to my couch?”

“Uhm, enjoying my favorite part of the week?” she said groggily. She sat up on her elbows and looked over the back of the couch. “It’s the longest possible amount of time before I have more… schoo…”

The words died out in Lyra’s throat as she lost the ability to say them coherently. Her mother was feline. Her own ears fell, and she slowly snaked a hand around her back to find that she had a tail once more.

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.2 (12/16/2012)

Loved it! Please keep this train rolling!

I will admit that I didn’t expect to see Lyra turning back into a human this early on. That’s an inventive plot device!

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.2 (12/16/2012)

Great story can’t wait for her to be babied in both worlds.

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.2 (12/16/2012)

Soooo…….you didn’t get past the 5th line right? ;D . Its not for everyone, though it sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences with Furries.

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.2 (12/16/2012)

I really like this story i hope it continues. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.2 (12/16/2012)

The Diary of My Different Life

Co-written by:

Padded Quill and C.S. Fox


Back to feline… and worse, Lyra could feel the clammy wetness between her legs and on the couch.

She let out a startled mewl, and jumped off the couch. With her tail puffed up and ears down, she planted one paw to her crotch, and the other paw on her wet bottom. She ran awkwardly down the hall and up the stairs to her room. Leaving her confused mom in her wake.

“No… no… no… no…” she chanted quietly to herself. The week had almost ended on a high note. She was almost sane again. This couldn’t happen now. She was so close to convincing herself it hadn’t happened in the first place.

She shouldered her door open and was quick to kick it closed. Once inside, and once alone, she sank to her knees, patting herself down just to confirm that she was once again a snow leopard… and she was. With wet pants.

After 10 minutes, Lyra slowly crept down the stairs to find her mom again. She had swapped the jeans she’d worn to school for a pair of more comfortable sweats. She’d also changed her underwear.

“Mom…?” she asked, remaining just around the corner to the living room and not wanting to venture in just yet.

The older leopard was scrubbing at the couch, but it appeared the worst of it was over. She looked up slightly as her daughter approached, and put on her best smile, “I’m sorry I snapped at you dear. I just didn’t know that something like a short nap would cause you to do that. Are you alright?”

Lyra still wouldn’t come all the way into the room… She worried that wetting the couch while napping might count as bed wetting? Had she been fully napping?

“I’m okay… I…” she took a slight step forward and held her elbow, looking a bit distraught. “I’m sorry, it just kind of happened.”

With a deep intake of breath, followed by a long sigh, Lyra’s mother stood and held out a hand. “Come here, honey, I think we should have a talk, alright?”

Lyra hesitantly took another step forward, taking her mother’s paw.

“It was just an accident,” she said softly. Although she had a suspicion that before she’d ‘arrived’, it might not have been.

Smiling, the older woman led her daughter to the loveseat and sat down. “Look, Lyra. I know the last few nights I’ve been… well, helping you get ready for bed, but you have to also try and look after yourself.” Her words were kind, loving, but sounding a little strained.

“If you start to get tired and there’s even a hint that you might fall asleep, try to get ready for it, alright? That’s all I ask.”

“Get ready for it?” Lyra asked.

Nodding, Lyra’s mother indicated the damp spot she’d just scrubbed on the couch. “Yes… like how we get you ready for bed.”

Lyra’s eyes went wide a moment. She tried her best to just nod. “… it won’t happen again,” she said, referring to the couch.

She needed to check the diary. She slowly tried to ease herself away from her mother.

Before she could get away, however, she found herself pulled into a warm, fuzzy hug, complete with a few licks to the fur of her ears. “It’s okay, honey. We support you, but it’s a matter of responsibility. If I have to keep reminding you to put your diapers on every time you look a little tired, I might as well just do it myself.”

Lyra’s ears went flat at that comment and she blushed rather deeply. She held the hug only as long as it took to not look ungrateful and tried to wriggle her way from free from her mom.

“Thanks… mom…” she said. “I’ll be back in my room till, um… dinner.” she said with a tail wag and then leaving at a quick trot back up to her room.

The very moment she was inside, she shut and locked her door, and made for the diary. She needed to catch up on just what she’d missed… or possibly what the other Lyra thought about what had happened earlier in the week.

The first entry was…. odd. To say the least. It was dated Thursday.

“Hello? Who’s there?” it started, “I’m… not sure what’s going on, and I’m scared. I went to bed Monday night and woke up Thursday morning, but it looks like I was awake. Or someone was. There’s these entries I didn’t write, but it looks like me. Doesn’t read like me. Something’s… happened. I’m not sure what, but my sheets have been changed, and tonight my mom insisted on PUTTING ME IN DIAPERS before bed.” This last part was double underlined.

“She said something about not forgetting, and she’d be helping me for a while until she felt I would remember on my own. Wow. That’s… the feeling… it was… Something else. I loved it. It’s good. Whoever it was that was me, thank you.”

Reading the entry over again, this confirmed a few things for Lyra. There was another her, and apparently while she was here, she was taking over the driver’s seat of Lyra’s body… or her own body, or fur… whatever. She was in another world either way.

She took out the pen and stared at the paper. She was going to write to herself. Literary masturbation of a sort…

"Dear… Me.


I’m you. Or another you, I’m not really sure. Either way, I had the reins for those ‘missing’ days and I’ve tried not to mess things up too bad. Apparently this isn’t a two way street, since I ended up repeating those days in my life. Oh, and about our mom getting us ready for bed, I guess that was me, but not really intentionally. I was tired, and I’m not really sure about this whole diaper thing. And it just sort of happened. Ditto with the couch thing, er… peeing yourself on the couch. That wasn’t me. It just happened, and Mom had a sit down talk with us.

Blah, this is confusing. Let me just say this. I don’t know what’s happening, I’m a little scared too, and I’m not wholly on board with your diaper thing… but last time, I couldn’t leave apparently until something ‘changed’. Sooo… yah.

Sincerely, -your mentally unstable self who’s still not sure why she’s here….

Lyra shut the diary, and sat just staring at her desk and the room in general without really looking at anything. This was sooo some twilight zone or outer limits thing… and it was happening to her. She sighed and put the diary back between the mattress and flopped down on her bed. Hopefully things weren’t too different with Gypsum. Would she understand if she ‘told’ her friend that she was Lyra, but not Lyra?

After a few moments, Lyra became acutely aware of something digging into her leg, not exactly hard, but noticeable. Sitting up, she moved her thigh and something small and colorful rattled to the floor. It had apparently been half tangled up in her blankets, and her flopping on the bed had disturbed it. Leaning over the edge of the mattress, she spied a pacifier, with a little note attached via a piece of string.

Lyra looked around, lifting up the blankets to make sure nothing else was trapped within and leaned down to pick it up, reading the note.

“Hey! Other me!” it said, “Forgot to put this in the diary, but if… well… I mean you got mom to diaper me… See what you can do with this! I’m going to go take a nap on the couch.”

Lyra dropped the pacifier with note still attached… she quickly shoved it under the pillow, shaking her head, as if an invisible her would see her doing just that and understand ‘you’re asking too much.’

She laid in bed, doing a quick check of her phone, seeing that most of the text messages she’d received were roughly the same as she remembered them being. There were one or two from Gypsum that were a little different, but Thursday and most of Friday were apparently the same.

She wasn’t sure that was much of a comfort though. She spent the rest of the time in her room just moping about, re-familiarizing herself with being a feline, and trying to sort through her jumble of thoughts. She was barely aware of the time when her mother called up to her.

“So…” her father said as they sat around the dinner table, “How was school?” he asked, carefully keeping his eyes on his food and not his daughter. There was a tension in the air, like a gorilla in the room, and it was obvious that her mother had told her father about the couch.

“School was fine daddy,” she said half-heartedly. “Just, been a very odd week.”

Her mother sighed a little, and poked at her food. “And your friends? How’s that nice collie girl you’ve been hanging around with?” It was an odd barrage of questions, as if they both were desperately avoiding talking about the fact that their teenage daughter had just that day peed on the couch like a toddler.

“Gypsum’s fine. She’s been talking with me about… well… my problem. She’s a good friend,” she said, mostly to herself. "I want to try and hang out with her some this weekend, she added.

The adults exchanged glances, and it was Lyra’s mother who broke the ice with the pertinent question. “At her places or ours? You do know if you go over there, you’ll have to… well, make sure to not cause any problems for her parents…”

Lyra blushed at that response. “I guess I’ll invite her over here,” she said, not wanting to make things any more difficult after realizing what they meant.

She mostly pushed her food around the plate, falling quiet after that. She’d give Gypsum a call tomorrow, and maybe they could talk about her being a little bit out of body at times.

That evening Lyra was ‘relaxing’ in her room, spinning the pacifier over her fingers, contemplating things when there was a gentle knock at her door. There was enough time to shove the pacifier under her pillow before the door opened a crack and her mother’s whiskers peeked around it.

“Time for bed, honey…” She said, not wanting to upset her daughter, “Go ahead and lay down and I’ll get you ready, yes?”

There was a moment where Lyra wanted to protest, since this wasn’t necessarily what SHE wanted, but remembering the pacifier and the diary, she knew that she was really a ‘guest’ and so with lowered ears, she folded her paws over her chest and laid back, looking up at the ceiling.

“Sorry about all this Mom,” she said quietly.

She could distinctly hear the sounds of the bag of diapers in her closet rustling as her mother moved over there to them, then back to her bedside, leaning over her daughter with a smile as her hands went to work, tugging at the sweats.

“You could have at least taken these off, Lyra. Making me do all the work, hmm?”

Lyra blushed. “Oh sorry, I didn’t,” she fumbled with her paws to try and reach her sweats before her mom did, but wasn’t quick enough. She didn’t realize there was a ‘routine’ to it now. She just blushed and bit her lip, feeling even more childish then she had a moment ago.

The older leopard sighed and patted the girl on the stomach, reassuringly, though it seemed to make her feel littler. “Don’t worry, I’m your mom. I spent a few years doing this lots of times a day, once a night isn’t going to kill me.”

She pulled the girl’s panties off with the sweats, then spread the diaper out with a bit of a frown and a sniff, “Though you really ought to have cleaned up better after your accident this afternoon. If you get a rash, it will be awful to get to go away.”

“A rash?!” Lyra said, propping herself on her elbows to look down at her mom as she was midway through. The hygenics of the whole thing hadn’t even occurred to her. “But… what… I mean, if I go at night, is there… … I don’t want a rash!” she said in a slight panic.

Her mother gently pushed the big kitten back down onto her bed. “Well, clean a little more thoroughly and you won’t. I’ll remember to knock first if you’re in the middle of it, but there’s always a full shower as well if you need it.”

She finished pulling the diaper up between her daughter’s legs and taped it at the hips securely, running a finger around the legs for good measure. “There. That should hold you for a bit, at least.”

Lyra sat up, flinching a little at the crinkle of the cheap diaper. “Thanks…” she said. She reached off the bed for her sweats, awkwardly pulling them up her legs and over her diaper while still laying back on the bed.

“I’ll call Gypsum tomorrow night and see if she can stay over, I want to see if we can’t… figure this out.”

There was a puzzled silence. “Figure what out, hon?”

Looking at her mom, Lyra stumbled for a second. “Oh… I mean, this…” she said pulling at the diaper fringe poking out of her sweats. “Peeing while I sleep? Erm, stress? Boys? …fur and humans? I don’t know, I just want someone to talk too.”

The older leopard gently patted the front of her daughter’s diaper and smiles, leaning over to kiss her on the forehead. “It’s alright, honey. Sleep tight, and… well, try not to think of boys.”

She turned towards the door, then paused, looking a bit confused before looking back. “And you know your father is allergic to humans, so no you can’t have one, even if Gypsum is getting one.”

Lyra looked confused a moment but then remembered what humans were in this world. “Right… I… I know, and I don’t think I’d want one, they’ve just, been on my mind, never mind, it’s nothing.” Getting up, Lyra ushered her mom out and went to her bathroom, crinkling down the hall, to brush her teeth.

“I hope Gypsum has an answer…” she said softly to herself as she looked in the mirror. “Cause I sure don’t.”

She hit the light and wandered back to her room, intent on making it an early night. Tomorrow was the weekend, and she had a weak hope she’d wake up a human, but given what happened last time, she doubted it.

The next morning came early for Lyra, light streaming through the windows at some seemingly ungodly hour to light her face and bathe her bed in warmth. Thankfully, it was a dry heat, but the pleasant twitching of her ears in the morning sun reminded the poor girl that she had not, in fact, woken up in what she would consider her own home, despite all appearances. Even as she rolled over she could feel the soggy squish of the padded garment between her thighs, and she acutely smelled the distinct odor of urine in it.

It was already looking to be a GREAT day, but at least this time she wasn’t going to be late for school. Rolling out of bed, Lyra stretched and let out a feline slow yowl. She frowned and wrinkled her nose a bit, looking down at her sweats, bulging around the wet diaper taped to her waist. She tugged them down and carefully untapped the soaked night diaper, balling it up and putting it in her ‘pail’ by the desk.

Pulling her sweats back up she snuck off to shower, figuring to start the day clean. A few minutes later and she was in fresh sweats, with panties underneath, coming down to find an actual breakfast, rather than just more pop tarts.

“Well, I see someone finally joined us…” her father said over his news paper, already up, dressed, and seemingly not tired, as normal. Except for the wolf part. “Make sure to take your trash out today before you do anything else, kitten, it’s smelling up the whole house.”

There was a roll of the eyes from her mother at that, “He’s just being overly sensitive, dear, but yes, take out the trash.”

Lyra’s ears lowered a bit as she sheepishly joined the table. She mumbled an agreement to do as they asked.

She ate in quiet, looking at her dad again with the same bemused fascination. It was just so odd to see a dignified wolf. Eating breakfast, drinking coffee, frowning at the paper, pretending to read sports when he’s really looking at the comics. He was the same father she always knew… just… not.

She looked to her mother, tilting her head to wonder a bit. Her mother was feline. Her father was canine. Lyra was feline. Shouldn’t she be half canine or something? She looked between the two of them and kept silent in thought. Maybe they had the same story of how her parents in the other world met?

One slitted eye turned towards Lyra as her mother caught her staring. “Something on your mind, dear?” she asked, taking a bite of toast and keeping an eye on her daughter carefully.

Lyra fumbled a moment with a spoon. “Oh, nothing, I was just thinking about Gypsum. Is it all right if I invite her early enough for dinner?” she asked, quickly blushing a little and not looking directly at her mom as she’d been doing.

The parents shared a look, then her mother shrugged. “I don’t see a problem with that. I can order out, or we can eat in, it’s up to you girls.” Then she got up and started gathering up the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, “Really, it’s not a big deal at all.”

Lyra nodded and finished her food in a few very quick bites. She excused herself from the table, leaving her dishes behind in a rush to get back upstairs. She’d call Gypsum sooner than later, she decided.

She speed dialed her best friend, holding the phone by her shoulder to her ear. The moment she’d come into her room, she’d gotten a reminder via slight smell of what she needed to do. So waiting for the call she pulled out and tied up the garbage bag, heading back down the stairs to the can in the garage.

There was a loud yawn, and finally. “Hello?” from the other end of the line, and some sounds of someone pulling themselves out of bed slowly. “Wha’z up?”

“Hey Gypsum, any chance I can interest you in sleeping at my place tonight? I have uh… stuff to talk about,” she said.

There was the sound of her friend waking up a bit more, then a little bark. “Sure!” the collie on the other end of the line replied quickly now, more fully awake. “What time should I be over?”

“Dinner time? We’re going to order out?” she said to Gypsum, but also making it loud enough that her Mom could hear as she passed the kitchen.

Lyra’s mom nodded and then pointed her trash-toting daughter towards the garage.

“Sure, sounds great! I haven’t had Chinese in FOREVER!” she woofed, and Lyra could tell her friend was getting things into high gear, moving about her room and opening or closing drawers. “I’ll pack a few movies and other stuff, too!”

“See you this evening then,” she said hanging up the phone and disposing of the bag. She ran back up to her room, intent to straighten it a little, and perhaps re-read the journal entries again just to double check her bearings.

The journals were pretty clear on what was going on. The other version, the really furry one, knew that someone had been in the driver’s seat of her body, and had left her a little note or two. They were mostly just bits about being glad whoever it was had gotten her mother to diaper her at night, and thoughts about how to move forward.

And then… there was the pacifier, with its little note as well, asking for Lyra to “do something with it”. The whole thing was still a bit much. Lyra fetched the pacifier, turning it over in her hand.

Sticking the pacifier in her pocket, Lyra thought that maybe carrying it around might count as ‘doing something with it’, at least maybe enough to free her back to ‘home’ once again.

One thing that didn’t seem to change from this world, was that felines behaved just about how you’d expect them too. After the week she’d had, Lyra found herself falling asleep before noon. She passed out on her bed, listening to music, and after just half an hour, she got the urge to get up and go downstairs, where she promptly passed out on the floor while propped up against the couch. It felt really good to spread her naps around, maybe sleep in warm comfy spots around the house.

There was a nudge against her stomach not long after she’d found a nice, warm spot in the living room, and her father hovering over her. “Dear….” he warned, though gently, “If you’re going to do that, please… take precautions? We don’t need a repeat of yesterday.”

Lyra cracked an eye open. “Huh? Do what daddy?” she asked sleepily.

The old wolf sighed and knelt down to ruffle his daughter’s hair. “Puddles on the floor, dear.” he said, trying to be tactful, but he’s a dad and dad’s don’t really do tactful.

“If you’re going to sleep all day, then you need to be ready for it all day.”

Lyra’s ears perked up and her other eye opened. “All day?!” she asked, jumping up. Her paws shot to her bottom, checking to make sure she hadn’t made a puddle. “I’m awake! No need!” she said in a slight squeak.

Her father nodded once and stood up. “Just so we’re clear on things.” he said, and moved on about his way, as if that hadn’t just happened.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Lyra went back up to her room, feeling a little disappointed in the situation and herself. Apparently her standing in this world was not very high. She sat down on her bed, doing a quick pat down of herself to make sure she was bone dry once more.

Laying against her pillow, Lyra thought about Gypsum coming by later and how best she’d word her explanation of everything. … she was still tired though, and before long she was napping once more on the bed, rolling over to curl up a little, not even realizing the pacifier slipped free of her pocket.

She slept a bit longer then intended. Jumping worlds left her tired, but there are some sensations that, no matter how much self-training you’ve given yourself to sleep through; even your bladder releasing, you just can’t ignore. The sensation that brought Lyra out of her nap was the feeling of something pushing against her groin. Her damp, warm groin. Whatever was pushing against it was pointed, somewhat stiff feeling, and quite intrusive.

“Wow…” came a familiar voice, piercing the veil of grogginess fuzzing over the cat’s mind, “I didn’t really imagine… I mean, you’d said…”

The poking turned into the feeling of a hand running over her thighs as the owner of the voice seemed to over examine Lyra. There was something familiar about the voice, and something extremely invasive and strange about having someone probing the warm, wet feeling around her thighs as well. It made her shudder as she tried to fight back to full wakefulness.

Lyra pulled her legs in on herself a little, curling into a fetal position and grumbling at the intrusion. Her mind not completely processing it at first. She whimpered in a mewling ‘still sleepy’ noise, hoping that the persistence would ease off and not force waking just yet. She cracked an eye open, trying to spy around to see who or what was invading.

All she saw, however, was the rough, red and black, slightly shiny tongue that was starting to lick at her face. A few wet, sloppy brushes of that tongue, and then the presence pulled back.

“Lyra!” Gypsum’s voice came through clearer now, “Get up! You gotta change before anyone sees! Ugh, I hope you’ve got a plastic sheet on the bed at least.”

Then the licking started up again, and the feeling of someone ‘shaking’ the mattress of the bed by bouncing on it.

“Gypsum?” she asked with a sudden sour face, trying to paw away the wetness of her friends tongue on her cheek. Somehow, she understand that this was how dogs showed affection, but was it appropriate when Gypsum was more than just a house dog?

Sitting up and still pawing at her cheeks, Lyra was at a loss as to what was going on. “What time is it?” she asked, “And what do you mean plastic sheet on my bed?”

The other girl sat back on her haunches, tail wagging off the foot of the bed and her ears perked up in a cheerful manner. There was still light outside the window, so it couldn’t have been too late in the evening, and through the half open door Lyra could hear movement.

Gypsum spoke up, a little bark in her voice. “It’s like, five thirty. Your mom said you were up here so I came on in to get you and find out what you wanted on your pizza.” Then she smiled, frowned, and smiled again. “Oh, and you peed your bed a little. It’s not a lot, but I think you should get cleaned up before you go downstairs.”

Lyra jumped up and off her bed as soon as her friend’s words processed in her mind. She looked at the wet spot on her crotch, and then to the spot on the bed, and tried to stutter out an answer. “I… it was an accident,” but then she kicked herself mentally, knowing of course it was an accident. Gypsum knew about the accidents, but seeing as her friend had just been feeling up her wet hoo-ha, she probably REALLY knew about it now.

Lyra slowly got to stripping her bed, before starting to pull down her wet bottoms. “I know I told you about all this… but uh… we need to talk Gypsum.”

The teenaged collie nodded and moved quickly off the bed, trying not to laugh a little. The spot wasn’t all that large, mostly on Lyra’s clothes than the bed, but the larger, older series or stains on the mattress itself spoke volumes for what had been going on.

“Yeah, it’s cool. I was kinda curious to see it for myself, anyway. I mean, the last time I watched someone pee the bed was when my brother was still a puppy. At least you’re not crying about it, but…” She shrugged, “I guess that’d be stupid, since you want this anyway.”

She then laughed, and knelt down by the bed as something rolled off the sheets while Lyra pulled them off. Spinning it on her finger by the ring on the mouth guard, Gypsum smirked and waggled the pacifier at her friend.

“Besides, if you did, I see just how to make you aaaaaaaalll better.”

“To make it all better?” she asked, not catching what Gypsum picked up. “But the problem is kind of that I don’t… really want… I mean, the other me wants…” Lyra stumbled a moment thinking best how to brooch the topic as she stepped out of her panties and tried to find a clean and dry pair. In this world or the other world, Lyra was comfortable enough with her friend to not mind her presence, even as she got half naked.

With a chuckle, Gypsum stepped forward and without any warning or hesitation, shoved the pacifier into her friend’s mouth and nodded. “There. No talking, I’ll get you some fresh little panties.”

Lyra let out a startled umph, as the paci was put in her mouth. She tried to protest, but Gypsum just held it there a moment, looking at her like this was good fun, but at the same time, like she was doing her a favor. Obviously, the canine was enjoying this far too much, acting like it was all some sort of elaborate joke, but never the less, she went to the dresser and pulled out a fresh pair of undies. Tossing them onto the stripped bed, avoiding the wet spot, she then nodded once and turned towards the door, pushing it closed just in case.

“Look,” she said, turning back once that was done, “We can talk after we eat. I’m STARVING! I practically ran all the way here when it was time to come over, and I need to eat. Whatever it is, it can wait.”

Lyra relented. letting her friend pull out a pair of dry panties, and then stepping into them as her friend held them out. She was so focused on how to talk to her friend, that even as the pacifier stayed unmoving from her maw, she didn’t take it out as she put on another pair of shorts and went to unlock the door. She didn’t care what type of pizza they had, she was only marginally hungry, and more concerned about how to deal with the thoughts running through her mind.

“Ahem” Gypsum cleared her throat, stopping Lyra before she could go out of the room. Lyra looked back at her, mind still churning over everything she wanted to talk about. When she turned, though, she immediately saw Gypsum’s hand coming towards her face, and she instinctively flinched back.

“Tsk tsk,” her friend chided jokingly, “I know you want your widdle paci, but it’ll be hard to eat with it in. Besides, I’m your friend, but I don’t wanna get caught up in you ‘coming out’ to your parents quite like that. AWKWARD!”

Lyra blushed again. “We’ll talk later,” she said backing away from Gypsum and the pacifier, unable to believe for a moment that she’d let it remain in her mouth that long. She opened the door and led her friend downstairs.

“Uh… half cheese, half meat lovers?” she asked her mother. Already knowing the usual order her friend made. If her mother noticed she was in different clothes, she didn’t say anything.

“Of course,” her mother said, rolling her eyes at the somewhat odd order, but she nodded towards the living room, “I figured you’d be alright with that, you usually are.”

The pair got out of the older cat’s way and moved into the living room to wait. While Lyra’s mother didn’t say anything about her daughter’s change of clothes, her father wasn’t quite so discreet about the matter, glancing at the two girls, and giving the air a tentative sniff.

When he spoke, he kept his voice calm, conversational. “Lyra, didn’t we talk about that earlier today? If this is going to continue to be a problem…” his voice wasn’t threatening, or overly disappointed, just a bit warning.

“We talked about it… and its uh… not going to be a problem,” she said, quickly trying to bury the subject in front of her friend. She motioned with her eyes toward Gypsum so her dad could see. “We’re actually going to go back to my room, we’ll take care of everything and just let us know when the food’s here,” she said grabbing Gypsum’s paw and dragging her friend back toward the stairs and past her mom.

“Hey!” Gypsum protested, trying to stop the pulling, “What’s the rush? I was sorta hoping you’d let your room air out while we were waiting for food.”

Blushing even harder, Lyra just kept dragging her friend. Gritting her teeth as she said “we’ll open a window.” She didn’t want to worsen the perception her parents had toward her any more this afternoon. “We can talk while we wait for food,” she said, needing to get this out sooner than later.

Back in the room, Gypsum just rolled her eyes. “Well, jeez, what is wrong with you? You were fine most of the week, and now this? I mean, really, what has gotten into you?” Then she tilted her head a little bit and lowered her voice, “Are you in heat? Is that what the mood swings are about?”

Lyra screwed up her face. “Heat? Wha? No. At least, I’m pretty sure no,” she said, trying to recall how estrus and other stuff worked for cats, and maybe any latent memories this body might have for previous experience. She shook her head. “No, that’s not it, we need to talk about… other things,” she said going over to the window and letting in some air.

“I’m just going to try and get this all out in one go. Do you believe in other universes? Like, imagine a world where everyone’s a human, and dogs and cats are pets? And… maybe I’m from there, and not really the Lyra you know, but I know another you, and the Lyra from here wants to be a big toddler, and I’m not so keen on the idea, but I think I’m stuck here till I make it happen… and uh… …” Lyra tried to catch her breath and held herself a bit awkwardly.

The collie’s ears twitched during all of this, and she managed to keep a straight face, all up until Lyra took a pause. Then, slowly, she began to chuckle, which turned into a full blown laugh.

“Haha! Lyra, that’s pretty great! I know you’re still up in the air on what you wanna do in college, but fiction writing may be a good way to go.” She waved a hand as if trying to catch her breath, “But, like, you could have just told me you liked writing fantasy stuff. Or sci-fi. No need to try an’ pitch me a plot.”

Lyra sighed and took a seat on her bed. She hung her head. It was a bit farfetched, and even for someone as whimsical as her friend, it may be a bit much.

“I guess…” she tried to think how to redirect it to something her friend would understand. “I’m just scared. I think I’ve passed a point of no return. I wet whenever I’m asleep now, either a nap, or bedtime… it just happens. I can’t help it any more. You saw how I was earlier.”

At this, there was a moment of confused silence. It seemed to drag out for far longer than it really needed to, and when Gypsum finally spoke up, it was a little awkward, as if not sure how to approach this.

“I… thought that was the point,” she said, tentatively, and then nodded at where they’d left the pacifier on the nightstand, “And then there’s that. I mean, it’s a little late to be changing your mind, isn’t it?”

Lyra looked up at her friend. “Gypsum, have you ever done something for someone else? Not because you wanted too, but because it was apparently very important to them? Even if it… kind of adversely affected you?”

The collie thought for a moment, then nodded. “Like, this one time, I let Bonnie borrow all my week’s lunch money to buy a gift for her boyfriend. Y’know, before he cheated on her, but I was -starving- for the whole week. Something like that?”

“Yah… something like that,” Lyra said looking over at the spot on the bed. … and a few of the faded spots next to it. She sighed again. “Well, yah, thanks for listening to my Sci-Fi tale or whatever. Heh, humans… right?” she said. She got up and took the pacifier looking at it as if studying a fossil.

Gypsum watched, and then took a step forward, putting her paw over the one Lyra held the pacifier in.

“Okay, look, something else is really bothering you. I didn’t mean to laugh at your… uh… story thingy, but really…. What the heck is going on?” She looked towards the bed as well, then tried to offer a smile.

“I mean, seriously. You gotta tell me everything that’s going on, or you’ll just… I dunno. You seem like you’re going to explode half the time.”

“Well… how much do you trust me Gypsum? Like if I told you the absolute truth about something, no matter how weird it was, would you believe it?”

The collie took a deep breath. “Why do I feel like you’re about to tell me you’re adopted or–” but that’s as far as she got when the doorbell rang.

“OO!” she jumped and clapped, “Okay, tell ya what. When my tummy’s full, then I’ll believe anything you wanna tell me.”

Lyra just followed her friend out of her room, both of them watching from the top of the stairs as Lyra’s mother answered the door and found a Giraffe as the delivery man. His head was actually somewhere above the door frame. Lyra tilted her head, marveling at one more oddity in this world.

While her mother paid the man, the two girls slowly made their way to the kitchen.

“Uuuuugggghhhhh….” Gypsum moaned, half an hour later, splayed out on the end of her friend’s bed, well away from the still drying spot in the middle. “Why, Lyra, did you let me eat sooooo much?” she whined, though her tail wagged contentedly, if a bit languidly.

Slowly, she propped herself up on her elbows, her face a mask of effort. “You were gonna say something?”

Lyra was a bit of a stress eater herself, and she was wedged against the bed with her butt on the floor, tail laying flat and feeling a little over full as well after a full half of a XL pizza. “Yah… I wanted to tell you about that story earlier… it wasn’t really a story,” she said, still tip toeing about how to present it. “I know you have to have seen some … odd … things with me lately. I’m not really Lyra. Well, I am, but I’m not the Lyra you usually know. If that makes any sense.”

The collie nodded, playing along with that, and then rolled over onto her back again, “Okay, so, if you’re not Lyra, then who are you? And why do you look and sound and act like her, and have all her memories an’ stuff?”

“I’m just a different Lyra. I live in this house, I have a best friend named Gypsum. And for all intents and purposes I’m the same girl… but… I’m not really feline…?” she held off on that thought for a moment. “Actually forget that part, that’s not the important big difference. The important thing is that one of us wants to be a toddler, the other does not. I’m the not. I was brought here to help the Lyra you know realize her dream… I think… maybe… either that or I’m just plain crazy.”

In the interest of being open, and that she’d made a promise to her friend, Gypsum didn’t say what was immediately on her mind. Instead, she just nodded and brushed some hair from her face.

“Okay, well, then… what does that mean? Are you gonna do it? Help uh… the Lyra that belongs here out? I mean, if that’s the case, what’s the harm? You help, and then go home, right?”

Lyra thought for a moment. “It’s kind of like I’m being held hostage I guess… I mean, last time I didn’t go home until I’d changed things here a little… well, I got mom to start having to diaper me before bed… and that seemed to be enough to send me home. I dunno, did you see a change in me at school at all? From quiet and reserved to crazy ecstatic or something? I’m like 98% sure that there’s another Lyra, the other 2%… is me with a very bad psychosis that I can’t completely rule out.”

Gypsum put on a little thoughtful look. “Weeeeeeeeell… You were really happy about the mom putting your diapers on bit, but otherwise you seemed okay….”

Then she nodded once, “Come to think of it, though, you didn’t seem to remember meeting me at the tree like we did, which I thought was sort of odd, but you were distracted that day.”

“Well… I’ve been communicating with the other Lyra via our diary. And… yah, I guess I am going to help… but the problem is that it’s affecting me. I mean, when I was home, in my world… I started wetting the bed. It’s like… collateral damage. So yes, I want to help this Lyra out, but I don’t want to end up living the same life back home. Does that make sense?”

Gypsum nodded quickly, then stopped, and shook her head. “Nope! Not even a little bit!” she barked cheerily, “But… you’re my friend. And uh, well, okay, so maybe not YOU you, but Lyra… um… MY Lyra is. So that makes you my friend to, so I wanna help any way I can.”

Then she tilted her head and rolled over to her stomach, a bit of an over-full groan escaping her lips as she did so, “But… um… you’re gonna have to tell me what ‘helping’ means, really.”

“Well… I’m not sure at the moment. Basically I need to be more of a baby… I think… so that Lyra will be happy when she gets back.”

The collie giggled, “So you’re just kinda renting her body, and fixing it up the way she wants?”

“I think that’s a good way of describing it, but I don’t want to inadvertently do anything to my body back in my world. Sooo… nothing like super permanent that I can’t retrain or recover from?”

Gypsum nodded at that, and then tapped at her muzzle, “And that’s… what the pacifier is for?” she asked, quizzically. “I mean, you, well, the you from here, hadn’t ever said anything about that. She was just into the bedwetting at first, but, uh….” she trailed off, and kinda looked away.

“Not to be offensive or anything, but I was sorta convinced she was too chicken to do anything else.”

Lyra looked confused for a moment. “Too chicken to do what else?”

The collie shrugged. “Anything. Heck, I was convinced after she told me of her plan to piss her pants at night that she’d NEVER go back to it. Heck, I’d always pictured her using a litter box before doing that, but… here we are, I guess.”

Then she blinked, her eyes going wide and she crawled forward, keeping her voice low. “Do ya think that’s what this is about? She’s too scared to do it herself, so you’ve kinda… gotta do it for her?”

“That…” Lyra blushed and then remembered the diary. “That may just be it…” she said. “I mean, she wrote in her diary that she wanted help because she didn’t think she could do it on her own… but I know she must have taken the first steps on her own. You wouldn’t believe how that diaper pail by the door smelt when I first got here. It was FULL.”

“No. No, I get it. I understand. Trust me.” she then shook her head, “Okay, so, yeah, I think it’s like… well, Lyra that -I- know can’t ever seem to go through with anything. She talks big, and starts big, but then backs out and sort of fades away.” To Lyra, it sounded like a fairly accurate description of most of her life.

It can be a little tough hearing something that is essentially true, but maybe not the most complimentary. Lyra nodded. “Yah… right… I, well, she can have problems with that.”

Lyra went over to her closet and took out the pack of diapers. “Thank you for at least believing me. I know it’s weird… but it’s my reality right now.” She held the package of teen diapers and sighed. “What do you think I should do? How can I dig a little deeper?”

“Well,” Gypsum said, thinking, “I dunno. Crawl? Drool on yourself? Cry a lot? You’re not giving me much to go on here. You act like you’ve not been here since you got your mom to diaper you, so what was the difference there? Like, how’d you get back to your other you after?”

“It just kind of happens when I fall asleep. Like I go to bed here, and I wake up there and vice versa. What changed last time was that I got my other mom to think I couldn’t diaper myself. Like I was… too helpless. Or would forget, and wet the bed… kind of like this afternoon with the nap. Also, I don’t know if I need to crawl and drool. I think the other Lyra wanted to be in diapers full time, I’m not sure she actually wants to go through a complete second babyhood,” she said, blushing a little, imagining it hard to make it through school if she was crawling and thickly diapered.

There was a moment of silence, and then Gypsum nodded. “Then that sounds like your ticket, don’t it. How about……” she thinks.

“GOT IT! When she comes to diaper you all up like the kitten you are,” she giggles, “You have it in? Or at least, sitting out. Start trying to make it more visible?”

Blushing a little at the Kitten comment. “I guess we could leave it out for her to see… but… are you okay with this? You’ve been really understanding so far, is it all right that your friend is going back to diapers?” she tossed the package in her hands toward Gypsum. “Mom and dad know I invited you over so I could talk about this. They’re… worried. Understandably.”

The collie snatched the bag of diapers out of the air and hugged them in her lap. She thought about that for a minute, looking between the pack of teen sized protective undergarments, then back to Lyra.

“Like I said, Lyra, regardless of which one, is my friend. If it’s what you, she, wants then I’m cool with it.”

Then she pulled one of the diapers out and laid it on the bed, patting it, “So long as I get to babysit.”

Lyra knew that the other Lyra would probably like that. She wasn’t sure her exact feelings on it.

“I’m going to go get some sheets,” she said after a few minutes. “You fine with the floor and a sleeping bag? Or should we both take over the couches in the living room?”

It was a little hard to read her friend’s canine expression at that, but eventually decided that Gypsum was grinning.

“Go get your sheets. I’m not sure your parents want to risk the upholstery, from how your dad sounded earlier. And, uh, if it’s okay, floor is fine. I don’t think you can pee enough to get me wet there.”

Lyra went to grab the sheets. Dancing around her dad who was at the top of the stairs for some reason. “Just uh… need… more sheets… for Gypsum,” she said, hoping it worked well enough as an explanation. Her paws skittered a little on the floor as with puffed tail she tried to get back into her room as quick as possible.

She could still try to salvage this as a somewhat normal sleepover.

As she re-entered the room, Lyra nearly tripped over her Mom, who was standing there making small talk with Gypsum.

“But I’m glad your classes are going–” she was saying, but then cut off as Lyra bumped into her, “Ah! There you are, kitten. Good thing you grabbed some sheets. We’ll get them on after we get your bedtime pants on you.”

Letting out an eep with her tail up, Lyra wasn’t quite prepared to run into both her parental units in quick succession. She dropped the sheets in a pile on the floor. “I… it’s…” she looked to Gypsum and couldn’t help but stutter and stumble around by the door.

Her mother didn’t even skip a beat, and grabbed her daughter’s hand, pulling her towards the bed and the diaper Gypsum still had laid out there. With a quick flick of the wrist and a gentle motion, the older leopard had her daughter laid gently on her back on the bed, and her fingers working to pull at the waistband of both her shorts and the underwear beneath.

“Gypsum was just telling me about how her classes were going, Lyra,” her mother made small talk, “Sounds like she’s been having a good year so far. You girls always were some of the smartest I knew.” The words came out very much like a mother praising a much younger child.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lyra could see the pacifier still sitting on the nightstand, easily within her mother’s line of sight as she went to work. Soon she was laying there, naked from the waist down, and Gypsum hadn’t even been asked to look away.

Blushing, Lyra tried to focus on the ceiling. Her friend was in the room, she was getting diapered in front of her. Part of her almost hoped she’d turn invisible, and maybe her mother wouldn’t see the pacifier and ask about it. While she wanted to help out the other Lyra, she was a bit nervous and did happen to have the same problem of following things through… even if motivation was readily available in the form of not being able to leave.

“We’re… doing well in school,” she said awkwardly, trying her best to sound conversational and like there was nothing abnormal about a teen getting diapered before bed.

“Good girl,” her mother cooed, then half-way through taping the diaper on, her eyes fell upon the pacifier and she paused. There was a moment of silence, of stillness.

Gypsum cleared her throat, “Yeah, and the tests this year aren’t all that hard or anything, so things are going a lot better, at least until we get to finals…” she tried, hoping to alleviate the awkwardness.

“That’s… nice,” the older leopard spoke haltingly, finishing up her diapering job, “You girls don’t stay up too late, yes?” she said, then stood, looking at the pacifier once more.

Lyra blushed, and sat up, her diaper crinkling a bit. “We won’t,” she promised. Looking over to Gypsum and nodding along with the collie.

Slowly, carefully it seemed, Lyra’s mother smiled and turned, leaving the room without another word. Both girls turned to look at the pacifier sitting out in the open, then at each other.

“Well…” Gypsum started, hesitantly, “Guess the kitten’s out of the bag on that one.”

“Very punny,” Lyra said with a roll of her eyes. “But… yes… she saw it. And I’m not really sure what she was thinking.” Lyra’s feline ears lowered and hugged her knees. “This is the right thing… right? Lyra wants this? The other … me… wants this…”

There, in the silence, both girls stared at the pacifier. Gypsum broke it first, with a slow nod.

“Seems like it. I’m not sure about all this, but if I had my guess,” She slowly turned to face her not-friend friend, “It looks like you’re on the express train to babysville.”

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.3 (1/22/2013)

Great chapter look foward to more!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.3 (1/22/2013)

Very good chapter Fox. The internal conflict has me on the edge of my seat. Also curious to know if the same thing is going on in the other Lyra’s world. Specifically is that Lyra’s mother aware of the pacifier as well? Looking forward to more.

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.3 (1/22/2013)

please don’t forget this story its one of the best here, please continue i love your story!!! :slight_smile: ;D

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.3 (1/22/2013)

The Diary of My Different Life


The girls had a good chat before bed. Being careful to keep the volume down so as not to disturb Lyra’s father, who without sleep could get to be somewhat of an actual big bad wolf. The pacifier didn’t move from its spot on the bed, remaining as the white elephant in the room while the girls slipped into easier topics like boys, and Gypsum’s sports. … but as the hours went by, and it got close to midnight, Lyra admitted to being too tired to continue and flopped over in her bed with a crinkle from her underwear, which were mercifully dry at the moment.

The collie sat for a while on the floor, watching her friend drift off to sleep, her mind reeling with the revelations the day had brought. She had never been exceptionally intelligent, but she was loyal and wanting to help, though she just couldn’t puzzle out how. Carefully, she eased her elbows up on the bed and stared at the face of the sleeping Lyra.

“Hmmm… she looks the same. Wonder if she’ll wake up the same,” the canine thought to herself, ears twitching and tail drooping tiredly. Again, she wished she could help things along, and she was turning away when her eyes spotted something that made her tail start to wag again.

With a grin, she snatched the pacifier and began to gently work it between the leopard’s lips. Once it was firmly in place, Gypsum patted her friend between her ears and grinned.

“There we go. One helping hand, courtesy of yours truly,” she said quietly, then turned back to her sleeping bag, circled it a couple of times, and laid down to wait for the morning to come.

Around two in the morning, Lyra’s CD Player alarm clock kicked on for its nightly dose of a special CD. The music was soft, quiet, and had been on so much that Lyra didn’t even wake. She just snuggled into her sheets with a sleepy purr, sucking her paci and completely soaking her diaper without even waking up.

Gypsum’s ears perked a little, but given how tired she was, it wasn’t enough to stir her from slumber. The soft suggestions in the music weren’t enough to affect Gypsum either, she’d need a few weeks of it to really take hold. She did however, have some pleasant dreams, sleeping in her sleeping bag at the foot of her friend’s bed.

Morning came too quick, but being the weekend, there was no reason to get up early. Lyra’s mother went ahead and made a late breakfast when it was almost 9, but the girl’s hadn’t shown signs of life yet.

“I swear,” the elder leopard muttered as she padded nearly silently up to her daughter’s room, “If those girls slept any more, I’d think we had sloth somewhere in the family.”

Without knocking, she turned the handle and pushed the door in, intent on making sure her daughter and her friend were at least awake. The first thing she saw was Gypsum on the floor, her feet twitching lightly and ears flicking as if she were having some pleasant dream or other. Then she turned towards the bed, facing her daughter’s back.

“Lyra, it’s time to get u—p…” she paused as she stepped closer, looking down at the sleeping form, and seeing quite clearly the pacifier’s colorful mouth guard nestled against the girl’s muzzle. The scent of wet diaper was heavy in the air, sending a wave of strange nostalgia through the older feline. For a moment, she could say no more, staring down at a familiar yet still odd site.

Lyra was out cold. If there was one thing she couldn’t seem to get enough of as a feline, it was sleep. Even the sound of her mother’s voice, was only enough to make her ears twitch and curl in on herself a little more.

Gypsum remained sprawled out on the floor. She had started the night in a curled up ball, but had somehow transitioned like a bud into a blooming flower, arms and legs splayed well outside her sleeping bag on her back. Her maturity was not looking that high either, but obviously not so low as Lyra’s.

Clearing her throat, Lyra’s mother reached down and gently shook her daughter’s shoulder.

“Lyra, honey?” she said, a bit of worry seeping into her voice, and trying not to wake Gypsum, “I think you should get up and let’s get you cleaned up before you friend, okay? Dear?”

With a grumble and a stretch, Lyra slowly came to life, rolling onto her back and rubbing her paws at her eyes. She looked sleepily up at her mom, chewing on something and frowning at how tired she still was. “Dew we haff too?” she asked, her words mumbled. She could already feel she was wet, but she was also super comfy in bed.

It took everything in the world she could muster for the older cat to not immediately “Awwww!” at her daughter’s pacifier altered speech, but she steeled herself against the urge, reminded that a teenager should not be suckling on such a thing.

“Lyra, dear, get up and take a shower, please. I’ll…” She paused, not sure really where to go with her daughter at this point. At first it was just the bed wetting, and now this.

“I’ll be downstairs. Breakfast is getting cold,” she finally said, perhaps a bit of confusion induced abruptness in her tone, but she had to step away and consider what she’d just laid eyes upon.

As her mother left the room, Lyra slowly got up to her elbows and finally sat up, stretching her arms above her head and trying to get the kinks out of her body after a good sleep. It wasn’t until she had a good yawn that the pacifier dropped from her mouth and fell into her lap.

Working her jaw absent mindedly for a moment, Lyra looked at the pacifier and puzzled over it. It seemed out of place. It had just fallen into her lap… but from where? She ran a tongue over one of her feline teeth and suddenly her eyes got wide. She looked from the pacifier to the door where her mother had just left and then back to the pacifier again.

The pacifier made a wet bounce off of Gypsum’s head. “Gypsum!” Lyra said, her voice squeaky and high pitched in her shock. She knew her friend had to have done it.

The collie groaned slightly and kicked a leg again, but slowly opened her eyes, licking her lips and rolling over. Even first thing upon waking, her tail began to swish absently as she forced herself up to look over the edge of the bed tiredly at her friend.

“Hmm? What’s up?” Gypsum asked, blinking her eyes free of the dreams she’d been running through, but even a cursory sniff brought a new thought to her mind.

“Oh, are you grumpy when you’re wet or somethin’? My little cousin gets that way, and he throws a fit all over the place.”

Lyra’s pillow followed behind the pacifier, plopping on Gypsum’s head. “I’m not throwing a fit!” Lyra said, while throwing a fit. “Mom… saw!” she said, her face blushing so hard that it was obvious through her white fur. “She woke me up and I was talking to her with a pacifier in my mouth, a pacifier I didn’t put in my mouth!” she added with an accussing glance at her friend.

Gypsum blinked tiredly again. “Do you want it back?” she asked, confused, “You seem kinda … upset? Did it fall out? I can help you find it. Will that help?”

“But… I…” Lyra’s steam seemed to fizzle as she sank back to a less agitated state, her bottom squishing a little as she sat back on her soaked diaper. Her ears drooped at the feeling. “No, I don’t need it back,” she said, a bit calmer. “But just so we’re clear, that was you right? I’m not going crazy and babying myself at night right?”

The collie chuckled at that, suddenly happy that her hard work had been noticed. She hopped up on the bed and pulled her friend into a one-armed hug.

“Of COURSE it was me! I’m trying to help, and it seemed like, y’know, the next logical step! I mean, it was in the note and everything!”

Lyra went limp a moment, letting herself be hugged. Gypsum was big on tight friendly cuddles, and the effect was amplified as a collie. She thought for a moment though, her face still blushing red at the idea her mother had seen her like that, and yet, this is what the other her had wanted.

“I need to change my diaper,” Lyra said, albeit more seriously a moment later, trying to untangle herself from Gypsum. “And take a shower.”

Gypsum let her go, though her head tilted to one side questioningly.

“Change? Into another one?” she asked, curiously, “That’s a pretty big step.”

Lyra was quick to shake her head, pushing her paws against Gypsum. “No no no no. I meant, just like, change out, get rid of,” she said covering her midsection with her arms. “Its kinda gross feeling. And… well, my bottom’s surrounded by pee, my fur feels yuck. I can’t just lick it clean,” she said, although she couldn’t recall if dogs and cats actually did that here in anything other then the gesture her mom sometimes did when she licked her head.

“And Mom said breakfast was waiting downstairs too.”

The collie made a face. “EWW! Why would you lick that?! Gross!”

With a wag of her tail, she hopped up and headed for the door, “But I’m not gonna miss your mom’s breakfast. Yeesh, cats do the grossest things…” she was heard to mumble on her way out, tail wagging.

Lyra sighed. “It would be gross,” she mumbled in an echo of agreement. She picked herself out of bed, gathering up a small bit of clothing to bring to the bathroom. She shut her door, untapping the bloated diaper, and rolling it up to leave in her bin. She snuck into the shower down the hall, holding her long nightshirt down to cover her bottom.

She took a quick shower, hoping that by the time she got out, her best friend hadn’t eaten the best part of the meal. A few minutes later she joined Gypsum in the kitchen, dressed in a pair of shorts and printed tee. She was careful not to meet her mother’s gaze right away, quietly just taking a seat.

Sure enough, there was quite a bit of breakfast still left over, her mother having been fighting her denial with more cooking of sausages and oatmeal and eggs and toast and biscuits and cinnamon buns and… well, quite a large pile of breakfast goodies. Likewise, the elder leopard could not bring herself to look at her daughter, ether, but she did at least try to have a conversation.

“So… have a nice sleep?” she asked, tentatively.

Lyra nodded, stuffing her face with a cinnamon bun to prevent having to actually talk about what she knew her mother was probably thinking on. She took a sidelong glace to Gypsum, who was happily muching away on a full plate.

So intent on not speaking to her mother, Lyra had a cinnamon bun half way in her mouth, a sausge on her fork, a glass of OJ in her other hand and somehow she was trying to eat and drink them all at once. Gypsum even managed to stop eating for a moment and giggle at her friend, which brought her mother’s attention with a bit of a frown. “Lyra, honestly, you’ll end up choking,” she said with a shake of her head.

Lyra tried to chomp the cinnamon bun in half, leaving her mouth and whiskers caked a bit in glaze. She mumbled a sorry, and continued on, trying not to focus on her mother. “Creek after this?” she asked Gypsum, between bites.

The collie’s hears perked up, and she nodded quickly. “Sure thing! I’ll go shower while you finish up eating and be back in a bit?”

Without even waiting for an answer, Gypsum did just that, bounding up the stairs to get herself cleaned up and to pack her bags. After a moment of standing in Lyra’s room looking around, she grinned and grabbed the pacifier off the floor, and retrieved a couple of diapers from where she’d seen them the night before, also shoving those into her backpack.

“Ready!” she barked, trotting back downstairs to meet her friend.

Lyra’s mother was a bit surprised, although she was starting to think she shouldn’t have been as she cleaned up after breakfast. “You’re going to the creek?” she asked. Not entirely sure why older teenage girls were going out into the woods behind the house.

“Uh, yes, just hang out a little. Its a nice day outside and its either this or the mall. Do you want to drive us to the mall instead?” Lyra said, trying to stage a bluff. Her mother was quick to relent, shaking her head as the two girls left the house a few minutes later.

“Sorry, I just needed to get out of the house a little bit. I can’t stop blushing under mom’s stares, and I don’t know if I’m following the diary or not,” she told her friend when they were out of earshot of the house.

Gypsum nodded slightly as she walked along, listening, and then she reached over and tapped Lyra on the temple.

“Well, are you still the same person in there? I mean, if you didn’t go back, obviously just having her SEE it wasn’t enough,” she nodded. As they neared the little creek in the back yard, the collie slung her backpack off her shoulder and fished around in it, producing the object in question.

“So, maybe you should, I dunno, like the last time with the diapers, get them to, uh, go along with it?”

Lyra looked at Gypsum holding up the pacifier. “Why’d you bring that out here? And how am I supposed to just get her to go along with this? I mean, wetting the bed is one thing, that’s like a medical problem that people can have. A pacifier? That’s more a… uh… psychological problem? Oral fixation? I don’t know, I think its too suspicious. Wetting the bed one day, using a pacifier the next. What next? Should I just tell mom I’ve come down with a case of the baby disease?”

The collie rolled her eyes and shook her head at that, holding the pacifier out to her friend.

“I hardly think it’s ‘one day this, the next that’. You’ve been peeing your sheets for, what, a few months now? Geez, don’t tell them anything if you don’t wanna, just try and act like it’s normal.”

There was an awkward pause, and Gypsum sighed, “What I mean is, don’t make a big deal of it personally, and maybe they won’t, either. I’d be more worried about your dad than your mom anyway.”

Lyra sighed, looking at the paci once more and then at her friend. Her ears lowered, and she wondered if this was going to be her ticket home this time, as apparently it had to be different each time. She was quiet as she leaned forward and opened her mouth. Gypsum pressed the pacifier in and gave her a pat on the head.

Hesitantly, Lyra looked around to make sure there was no one else in the woods with them. Her ears perking back up to scan as well. “I’ll leave it in and won say anyting to mom,” she said behind her paci, satisfied the two of them were alone. She wondered if her mother would just not respond if she started wearing it without explaination. She turned back to Gypsum and noticed her backpack. “What’d you bwing?” she asked, realizing that’s where the pacifier had come from.

With a grin, the collie also produced the diapers, waving the folded, plastic-protected padding at her now pacified friend.

“I grabbed a couple of these, just in case,” she chuffed, maybe a little teasingly, “I mean, you said down by the creek, and lord knows the sound of running water makes me need to go like nobody’s business.”

Lyra waved her arms, trying to get Gypsum to put the diapers back. “I’m fwine, I don’t need those right now,” she said with a huff. The creek wasn’t the ideal spot to practice continence, but she did just wake up a little while ago and she didn’t need to go to the bathroom yet. “One step at a time,” she said, helping Gypsum put them back in the bag. “And why’d you get two? How bad do you fink I’ve gotten?”

With another laugh, Gypsum put the diapers back in her backpack and shook her head. “It was just a joke! Yeesh. Besides, you; well, the you who belongs here; wants it. I mean, have you read through your own journal thingy on that art site? It’s all about how much you, she, wants to be a full on kitten again. Like, totally. I’ve never met a baby who was great at ‘holding’ it.”

Her tone was teasing, but the words themselves struck deep, being pretty much true all around. Lyra had read the website, and knew that if things kept going they way they were, and her other self here in this world kept on running from doing anything herself, she may end up having to go all the way.

Lyra blushed and looked at the water. “I can’t be so transpawent. Mom and dad will think I’m having a break down,” she said. She thought a moment and then looked at Gypsum. “Hold my paw,” she said, almost pleading.

Gypsum complied, tail wagging but face questioning.

“We’re going to tell mom… I fell in the creek,” Lyra said, quickly shutting her eyes. She wasn’t sure about what she was going to do, but what Gypsum had said sparked an idea. Chewing a little on her paci, her body seezed up, and then as her ears went back in embarrassment and she forced down on her lower half, a wet spot grew on her shorts, and rivlets of liquid streamed down between her thighs.

Gypsum tilted her head slightly, but then nearly jumped back as she realized exactly what was going on.

“Lyra!” she barked, loudly, and then danced from foot to foot, not letting go of her friend’s paw, but obviously not sure what to do about this, “Wow, that was… What the… And… I mean…” she sputtered, looking around, ears flat as if she’d been the culprit of this.

It puddled a little bit in her shoes, and really, as Lyra cracked an eye open, she knew that telling anyone this had been caused by falling in the creek would look ridiculous… but that was kind of the point. She needed to look like she was hiding this, or at least, she thought she did.

She looked over at Gypsum who was still holding her paw but avoiding the small puddle below her.

“Sowry, it was just kind of a spur of the moment idea, to umm… help things along,” she said, blushing.

The collie’s eyes were wide, and she was casting furtive glances around the deserted woods. She shook her head quickly and tried to again dance a little away, still holding her friend’s hand.

“Are you crazy?” She asked, suddenly, not having counted on seeing anything like this from her friend, despite everything, “Your mom and dad will TOTALLY smell that on you! It’s nothing like creek water!”

“But…” Lyra was a little confused now. “This was pwactically your idea? You even bwought extra diapers and said you didn’t know many babies who could hold it,” she said blushing and feeling a bit sheepish now, like her friend was scolding her for doing something a little more bold then what she’d done before.

Gypsum shook her head quickly, and then nodded, and then sighed heavily. The smell was perfectly clear to her, and she wrinkled her nose slightly, but then stopped, hoping that Lyra wouldn’t be offended at that.

“Well, yeah, but… I mean…” she was still at a loss for words, then took a deep breath (through her mouth) and calmed down.

“I didn’t expect you to just stand there and pee in your panties. I mean, I -guess- if you want your parents to think you totally need diapers all the time, yeah, but… wow.”

Lyra blushed and found it hard to look at Gypsum now. “Can… can you do me a favor? Can you… lead me back home? Like hold my hand and when Mom sees, say I fell in the creek?” she asked, trying to play the mental scenario out in her head. She figured this would go far toward the other her’s goal, but at the same time, she wasn’t sure she could honestly look her mom in the eye like this… bit late to take it back now though.

There was a gentle squeeze on her paw.

“Are you sure about this?” Gypsum asked, squatting a little to look her friend in the eyes from where she was staring at the ground, “I mean, I can, it’s no big deal, but are you sure?”

The question was obviously weighted, meant to confirm that this was a mental step that Lyra was willing to take. To be lead back to the house by her friend, pants wet with what would obviously be NOT creek water, and even then lying on top of it.

“What if… well, don’t think about that. Are you sure?”

Lyra was sure she had gone crazy, but then again, she was also a snow leopard at the moment, and that in itself, was certifiably insane from her old life.

“What if… what?” she asked, looking up to Gypsum, still not letting go of her paw, holding it like it was the last link to her sanity.

Then, with just a shake her head, Gypsum simply squeezed Lyra’s paw once more, and started heading back up to the house, a little smile on her face.

“Nothing. Let’s go get you into some clean pants, hmm?”

“Okay…” Lyra said softly, by way of acknowledgement that even though she wasn’t entirely sure, she felt this might be the step she had to take. She kept the pacifier in her mouth, and looked mostly at her own feet, frowning a little at her slightly wet shoes as they headed back to her house. She did give Gypsum’s paw a squeeze back, expressing her thanks for going along with this charade.

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.3 (2/25/2013)

Great story, I really enjoy the concept (Although im not really a great fan of furry stories).
Is it you intention for the pacing to speed up as it has done?

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.3 (2/25/2013)

please more!!! love this story!!! ;D :smiley: :wink:

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.5 (6/11/2013) (*Furry)

The Diary of My Different Life

Co-Written by:
Padded Quill and C.S. Fox

Chapter 5

“What if… what?” she asked, looking up to Gypsum, still not letting go of her paw, holding it like it was the last link to her sanity.

Then, with just a shake her head, Gypsum simply squeezed Lyra’s paw once more, and started heading back up to the house, a little smile on her face.

“Nothing. Let’s go get you into some clean pants, hmm?”

“Okay…” Lyra said softly, by way of acknowledgement that even though she wasn’t entirely sure, she felt this might be the step she had to take. She kept the pacifier in her mouth, and looked mostly at her own feet, frowning a little at her slightly wet shoes as they headed back to her house. She did give Gypsum’s paw a squeeze back, expressing her thanks for going along with this charade.

Once they were back at the house, Gypsum dipped her ears once in concern, then opened the back door, leading her friend inside. They stuck to the hardwood floors while the collie sniffed the air lightly, trying to scent out where her friend’s mother was. Catching a whiff from the kitchen, she cast one final look at Lyra before tugging her towards that direction. Lyra quietly pocketed her paci. They went in the far end, as if just passing through, passing the elder cat as she was washing dishes. Even over the pine scented bubbles and the sound of the water running, Lyra’s mom sensed something was off. The two girls were almost through the kitchen before a soft inquiry stopped them in their tracks.

“And just what, exactly, happened?” the older cat said to the pair of friend’s back, and slowly, with one more little hand squeeze, Gypsum slowly turned the pair to face her, exposing fully the dark stains being sported by her daughter’s pants.

Lyra realized in a singular moment of clarity, that this had been a very stupid idea and there was no way it was going to work, and she was stupid just for even thinking it. She looked with wide eyes toward Gypsum, working her mouth to try and answer her mother, but instead just taking in big gulps of air like a fish flopping on the dock before a seagull. Her tail curled behind her and wrapped around her own leg and her knees came together in a shoddy attempt to conceal what she’d purposefully done. The claws on her paws dug into Gypsum’s hand a tad as she struggled to come up with a new story on the spot.

Gypsum was first to speak up here, “Oh! We were going for a walk by the river, and well, uh… Lyra just sort of slipped and fell in. Well, sat in. She’s fine, but we came back here to clean up a little bit, y’know… because uh…”

The older cat looked her daughter up and down, skepticism in her eyes and obvious, then she nodded once. “Lyra, why don’t you run upstairs and…. clean up. I’ll be up to talk to you in a bit.”

The two girls started to turn, but were stopped as Lyra’s mother continuing on. “I said LYRA should go upstairs. Gypsum, hang out here, please dear?”

Lyra heard the command from her mom and the request that her friend not follow her and for a moment she just stood there, contemplating whether or not she wanted to give up Gypsum’s paw. Slowly she let it fall and was only then able to verbalize a protest. "I… " she was about to say fell in a stream, but instead she just ran, quickly moving down the hall and up to her room where she shut the door behind her and stood looking down at herself with a boding feeling that she’d just dug a grave. She at least started to take off her wet clothes.

As Lyra ran off, her mother turned to Gypsum, who also was feeling rather like a deer caught in the headlights suddenly. The feeling didn’t decrease any at all as the older snow leopard crossed her arms and looked the collie over for a long, silent moment.

“So what really happened out there, hmm? I’ve seen what my little girl looks like when falling in some water, and I’ve also seen a lot of other things, and that looks less and less to me like the former.”

Gypsum’s ears flattened, and she looked away, searching for an answer, but she knew deep down there was no way she could lie to anyone. It just wasn’t in her nature. A quick moment of thought later, she decided to tell the truth, if not all of it.

“Ma’am,” She started, trying to sound polite, “We were walking, and talking, and then suddenly Lyra started to, uh, wet herself. She was really upset about it, and next thing I know there’s this pacifier in her mouth and she was calming down, so I brought her back here to get cleaned up, and then you saw us!”

“Of course,” Lyra’s mother said, seeming to accept this, though she still kept her arms crossed, “I was sort of afraid of this. Thanks for telling me the truth, Gypsum, but I think you should get on home now. Lyra and I need to talk.”

The collie nodded and tried to look optimistic. “Don’t be too hard on her, 'kay? I don’t think she’s been feeling really herself lately. I’ll just… let myself out.” And then she scooted, stopping only a moment at the front gate to peer back over her shoulder towards her friend’s upstairs window. Inside, Lyra’s mother made her way up the stairs slowly, mulling things over, and then paused outside her daughter’s door, paw raised to knock, but hesitant.

Lyra had managed to strip off her wet things and had them sitting atop the lid to her ‘pail’, since it was plastic and she didn’t want them on the floor. She has managed to get a long t-shirt on herself and it was currently the only thing she was wearing as she hugged herself and paced a trail through the middle of the room.

Even though she’d only been in her room a minute or two, the uncertainty of her best friend being interrogated by her mother was getting to her and she crept to the door, opening it and intending to listen from the top of the stairs, but instead stopped short seeing her mother’s paw just a few inches from her head. She stared up at her mother in a loss for words.

“Well,” the elder said, surprised at the door opening, and slowly lowered her par, “I see you got mostly changed. Good. Lyra, honey, we need to talk, hmm?” She waved at the bed, indicating they should sit.

Lyra pulled her own paw off the door, taking a step back. She looked from her mother to the bed, and quietly went to take a seat. She tucked her knees under her and pulled her shirt down, still a bit embarrassed, even if she wasn’t wearing anything wet any more.

The other her better appreciate this.

“Where’s Gypsum?” she asked, worried she’d somehow gotten her friend in trouble.

“Gypsum…. went home. Dear, she told me what happened, and I’m starting to get worried,” the older cat eased down next to her daughter. “Why didn’t you tell me you were having control issues during the day, too? And what about… that?” she waved at the pacifier sitting on the floor near her discarded clothes. “Really, Lyra, I know it’s embarassing, but if you need the protection, maybe wearing them during the day wouldn’t be a bad idea? This is the second accident you’ve had in two days like this!”

Lyra sucked in a sharp breath.

Wearing during the day.


School happend during the day.

She’d be wearing at school.

Well the other her would.

“I fell in the river,” Lyra said, trying not to sound like it wasn’t so much of an outright lie. She was blushing and couldn’t meet her mother’s gaze. She didn’t even look at the pacifier. “I… don’t know what to say beyond that,” she added. And really, she didn’t know what to say. This whole thing was crazy. She was just doing what seemed like it might get her home.

There was a long sigh, and then an arm around her shoulder, “Dear, you don’t have to say anything, I only want to keep you safe and well, and, well, if that means a little bit of protection until we can figure out what’s going on, then that’s what it means, okay?”

“What about… school?” Lyra asked after a little hesitation. “Does this mean all the time? Like ALL the time?” she asked again, her voice picking up a bit more tempo. “What’ll people think… what will Dad think?” she shuddered, thinking about the old wolf. She looked at the closet where the offending item was at… and wondered if there was even enough to survive the rest of the week.

Her mother’s eyes darted towards the closet as well, then back to her daughter, “Well, that I was going to sort of, I suppose, leave up to you. I don’t want to be too controlling, or have to check your pants like a kid, so I’m trusting you to take care of this on your own.” There was a momentary pause, and then, “But I don’t want you ruining your pants, or being embarrassed when out of the house. I just… well… I suppose you’re a big girl…” though her eyes swung back towards the pacifier, “So you need to deal with this without my needing to get involved. I’ll explain things to your father if we need to.”

Lyra nodded slowly and broke her stare down of the closet to turn toward her mother. She still couldn’t look her in the eyes, but she threw her arms around her mother, having appreciated the paw on her shoulder and the fact her mother wasn’t exploding about all this. She couldn’t fully believe that her mother was accepting the situation and she let out a soft purr. “I’m sorry, for all this,” she said quietly, sniffling once.

There was a soft chuckle as a response, and then, “That’s what mothers are for, honey. Now, you just get yourself calmed down and… redressed. If you need help with anything, let me know.” She got up and scooped something up off the floor, coming back and pressing the pacifier up to the girl’s lips. “And if this makes you feel better, well, I won’t judge.” Though the tone underlying the statement made it a little obvious she was judging, but trying really hard not to.

Lyra’s eyes shot to her mother, and her ears went down as her blush intensified, but she didn’t say anything and just took the pacifier. Perhaps this had worked too well.

A moment later, she got up, slowly letting her mother’s arm slide off of her and walking on unsteady feet toward her closet. Her tail wasn’t tucked between her legs anymore and it lifted her long shirt to show her bottom and that she was really only wearing the shirt. She took out one of the diapers, and walked back to the bed, starting to unfold it for herself. This was more mechanical then anything, like something she’d do as she first woke up in the morning. The diapers were cheap, but functional. And in her mind she hopped that following this, she could take a nap and that’d be end of this stint in the furry world.

“Well.” Her mother said, matter of factly, standing as her daughter laid down and began to diaper herself in the middle of the day, “I’ll just… get started on dinner. Or cleaning. OH!” she snatched up Lyra’s wet things, “Laundry. Yes. Laundry. If you need anything, just find me. Doing laundry.” Then she stood nervously for a moment longer, and swiftly made her way out the door.

Lyra watched her mother leave, still blushing. “That wasn’t awkward…” she said in a bit of a deadpan voice around her pacifier. She looked down to her naked lower half, now sitting on a diaper. “Not awkward at all…” her sense of self was slowly returning with the exit of her mother. She wasn’t so much in ‘flight’ mode and scared out of her mind at what she had wrought by wetting herself.

“The other me gets diapers during the day now,” she said starting to bring up the front and tape herself into the diaper. She was by no means very good at the task and it was a bit loose as she got up. She took out her pacifier, gently setting it on her pillow before going to the journal.

Dear me,

I made a large personal sacrifice today. Gypsum knows most of what’s going on, but I’m not sure she believes me. Either way, you can wear diapers during the day now, but your mom’s a bit worried… I think. I’m actually a bit worried. Be careful, we don’t need to bring this much further, right?

There was no reply from the diary, as usual, just the soft crinkle of the cheap diaper as Lyra shifted uneasily in her seat.

Lyra dropped the pen, closed and hid the diary once more. She picked up the pacifier, walked over to her bed and flopped onto it. “Okay,” she said to the pacifier. “I’m going to nap, and I want to be human again when I wake up.” She stared at the pacifier a long few moments before putting it back into her mouth. She was crazy now. It was a official. She was also a teenage snow leopard in diapers, if that counted for or against anything.

A few minutes later, she was purring softly in her sleep, curled up on her bed in just a t-shirt, diaper, and pacifier.

“Lyra!” Came a familiar voice from nearby, shocking the girl into awakening. She blinked her eyes open, and from the light pouring through the windows of the living room, it seemed it was still late afternoon, though she could have sworn she hadn’t laid down on the couch after her little talk with her mom. Regardless, her mother was calling her now, and she slowly sat up, careful not to kink her tail that… wasn’t there!

“Lyra!” her mother called again, sounding impatient, “Are you just going to nap all afternoon, or are you going to take the trash out like I asked you? I swear,” the voice trailed off as her mom moved through the house, “It’s like having a cat around sometimes with this girl….”

Lyra blinked her eyes a few times, and even as she heard her mother, and registered what she was saying, the more important issue that sped to her mind was to feel herself up and confirm that she was once again human.

And she was.

Sitting on the couch in the living room… with wet shorts.

Her mind reeled a little. This had happened before. It was Friday. She was about to get caught for the same crime twice.

“I’m on it mom!” she said in a sudden rush. She got up awkwardly squeezing her legs together and trying quickly to flip the couch cushion which had a rather obvious semi-circle on it. Thank goodness they had a tacky plaid couch, comfy as it may be. She tried to sneak her way toward to get the trash, trying to put herself behind as many objects as possible in case her mom came in. Couch arm, chair, wall…

Unlike the last time this happened, though, Lyra’s mother didn’t seem to possess the preternatural sense of smell that her fuzzed-up counterpart did, and Lyra found herself making her way down the driveway with a bag of trash covering the front of her pants. A few more steps and she could dump the plastic bag, then a couple more steps and she’d be back inside and to her room, cleaning up, and trying to figure out what was going on.

It was about that time, though, that she heard an all too familiar, perky voice, tainted faintly by general disgust.

“Oh, yuck, Lyra, I -hate- it when the garbage leaks on me, and you’ve got it all over your, uh… yeah there.” Gypsum stood just on the blind side of Lyra’s neighbor’s hedge row, a couple of bags of groceries weighing her arms down.

Lyra let out a slight gasp and rigidly turned her head to her friend. “Oh, yah, it … sucks… and the bag smells,” she said feigning disgust. She looked down at herself and tried her best to pull out a spot performance of someone who’d just had the indignity of getting trash juice on herself. “I’mma go change,” she said in a rush. “You… delivering groceries?”

The other girl; girl, not collie; tried to shrug. “Just picking up some things for my mom. We’ve got family coming over this weekend, so we needed a few things. I really wish I could get out of it, honestly. I hate babysitting.”

Tilting her head, Lyra tried to think. Was that a mirror of what had happened in the weekend she’d already been too?

“Today’s Friday right?” she asked, just double checking that her intuition was on.

Gypsum nodded slowly, as if wary of her friend. “Hence…. family for the weekend? You okay? You seem a little out of sorts.”

Lyra nodded. “Fine. Sorry, just need to shower and change,” she said waving as politely as she could as she started heading back toward her house. “You’re welcome to come spend the night with me!” she called over her shoulder. “I won’t turn down the company,” she added, hoping that keeping the weekends as similar as possible she could predict the outcome… or at least, tailor it to be a little different, since she had no intention of involving a pacifier or purposefully wetting herself.

Her friend’s eyes lit up at the offer, and she quickly nodded. “Sure! Let me just drop off this stuff and make sure it’s okay with my folks, and then I’ll txt you to let you know alright?”

“Okay!” Lyra said practically running insider her house. She could at least claim trash juice as she tried to make it unhampered back to her room. She’d probably need to lysol or do something to the couch cushion later. “Trash is out Mom,” she called, when she was back in, trying to gage where her mother was so she could move without bumping into her.

“I see that,” came a voice from nearly directly behind her, and she spun, seeing her mother coming out of the front sitting room just inside the door, “And, well, I see other things as well.”

Her mother looked her up and down and she was quick to bring her legs tightly together.

“Trash… juice….” she said, looking at her mother and feeling an odd shame. There was almost something missing. She felt like she should have her ears lowered and her tail tucked, but she knew she didn’t have these things, and she knew it’d only been a few days. “We need to get trash bags that aren’t so cheap,” she said after a pause, trying on her best pokerface.

Lyra’s mother seemed unimpressed, and crossed her arms over her chest. “Juice, hmm? Cheap bags, hmm?” She asked, giving her daughter that ‘I don’t know exactly, but have a good idea’ stare that all mothers are required to master before their children reach the age of six.

“Honey, this wouldn’t have anything to do with your little night-time problem, and the fact that you were taking a nap on the couch, would it? I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have put any large amount of liquid in the trash. That stuff goes down the sink.”

There was a moment as Lyra did a somewhat guilty looking dry swallow. “It’s… not what you think,” she said, trying her best to say an outright lie to her mother’s face, which was a damned hard thing to do. “I… …” she blushed bright red, “Just had a little nap… nothing big, and the bag…” she looked over at the door, trying to stare anywhere but at her mother, “I just need a shower, really, it’s nothing big, I’ll change clothes.” It was easier to offer solutions then to admit to any sort of problem.

The older woman sighed deeply, and nodded once. “Fine, and clean up the couch, as well, before your father gets home and sits in it. Really, Lyra, this can’t go on unchecked.”

Lyra didn’t answer, just moving past her mother to get upstairs and get in the shower. If she didn’t actually admit to having done anything wrong, she could at least pretend this hadn’t really happened. She didn’t realize she was breathing hard until she was in the bathroom and undressing.

Ten minutes later, and wrapped in a towel, she retreated to her room, doing her best to put her thoughts to right. She’d have to be more careful. She didn’t want to help herself to ruin. She changed, and dressed in another pair of shorts and a tee, she went down to get the couch cushion and try scrubbing it out. As she did, she told herself there wouldn’t be any more slip ups.

After a bit, her phone tweedled out a little alarm, letting the girl know she had a waiting text message. Gypsum, it seemed, was going to be free to come over for the evening, and would be around in a little while.

Trying to sink back into reality, Lyra plopped the fresh cleaned cushion back into place, and took up residence on the one next to it, turning on the TV to veg. If her mind wouldn’t stop reeling, maybe the mindlessness of entertainment news would help. She wasn’t usually one for celebrity gossip, but it was vapid enough to help get her mind off things.

She was so lost in thought, that when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her upper shoulders and a voice hissed into her ear.


Lyra let out an eep, and turned her head back to get a face of Gypsum’s hair as the girl was leaning over the couch.

“Juice yourself,” she said, sticking out her tongue. Smiling a bit, glad at least to see her friend. “Didn’t realize you had family coming and stuff, you sure it’s cool to be here?”

The other girl hopped over the back of the couch, plopping on the previously wet cushion, blissful in her ignorance more than likely. She flopped a little exasperatedly, sighing and pressing the back of one hand to her forehead.

“Oh, woe is me! It is a wreck at my house, Lyra. We’ve got rugrats, muchkins, aunts, uncles, cousins… The works. There’s more than enough of the pack bustling around that they’re not going to notice me missing. Besides, my mom said that so long as it gets one more thing out of her hair, she’s fine with it.”

“The pack?” Lyra said with a slight twitch of her eyebrow. She shook her head. “Well, glad to have you over,” she said throwing her arms around the other girl and giving her a hug. “Blah, it’s been a rough week and the last thing I needed to end it was… … trash juice,” she said with a bit of a huff. “I can probably get Mom to order something, would you be all right with a movie night? I kind of want to stay in,” and near a toilet she thought.

Gypsum just kind of shrugged and grinned, “You know me, I’m good with just about anything. Pizza and a movie sounds good, if you’ve got anything new to watch.”

With a little beseeching of her mother, Lyra got some food ordered. She asked for a delivery from the local deli, since she’d sort of had Chinese recently, well maybe not her, but the other her. She didn’t actually have ‘new’ movies to show, but she covered that up with enthusiasm and trying to force a bit of regular talk and gossip. Sports? Friends? Weather? News (which she wasn’t really known to pay attention too), fictional relationships, she almost couldn’t stop talking. Or at least, was trying not to.

By the end of the night, the two girls found themselves just hanging out in Lyra’s room, dressed down for bed when Gypsum waved a hand to cut off more of Lyra’s babbling.

“Okay, stop. Lyra, you are NEVER this talktative. It’s usually like pulling teeth to get you to out with even a little bit of conversation, so what the heck is going on with you? Like, all the last couple of weeks you’ve been really off.”

“Just felt like talking?” she offered as an excuse. “Sorry, it’s been an odd week, and I’m just really happy to talk to you,” she added with a smile and practically throwing herself into a hug with her best friend.

If there was anything both Gypsum’s had taught her, it was that she was a true friend, and no matter what she could count on the other girl. For now though, she was going to do her best not to complicate things more. Furry Gypsum know what furry Lyra was trying to achieve and so it made sense to clue her in, but this Gypsum was not aware and so Lyra wasn’t sure what to do with that.

Returning the hug, Gypsum didn’t seem any less confused, and maybe even a little more so. “Right. Uh… cool, I guess. Better than the usual old lackadaisical you. I mean, y’know, not that I didn’t like you. You know what I mean!” She tries to laugh it off.

“C’mon, let’s get some sleep. My ears are worn out.”

Lyra went about her usual bedtime prep. Teeth, hair, pajamas. She made sure to pee before bed too, and for a moment she hesitated and thought about setting a late night alarm to pee again, but she figured she could forgo it. She’d been careful on her beverage intake. She should be okay.

She offered Gypsum another smile as she settled into her bed, and her friend took up the sleeping bag on the floor. She couldn’t help but giggle a little at the memory of the ‘puppy’ her other friend was.

Birds chirping, cars driving by, the BEEP BEEP of a garbage truck somewhere in the distance, Gypsum’s gentle snoring and the sound of a TV showing the morning news programs downstairs were Lyra’s companions as she slowly woke up the next morning. With a yawn, she stretched, rubbed her eyes, and rolled over straight into a large wet, cold patch right in the middle of her bed.

Lyra felt the cold patch and quickly tried to move away from it. Not entirely awake this resulted in her rolling right off the bed, moaning “Oh no, ack, I didnohgodowwfuck,” as she took half the comforter with her and collided with her best friend, cheek to cheek. The whole thing happened in less than 10 seconds.

“Well,” Gypsum blinked, having been jostled into full awakening. “Good morning to you too, I guess. Problems?”

“I woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Lyra replied, groaning and trying to untangle herself. She frowned and shuddered, realizing her pajama pants were wet. She was quick to scoot off Gypsum, trying to through the comforter back on the bed and over the wet spot, happy at least that no one around her possessed super smelling abilities even if their eyesight was fine.

“What, the underside?” Gypsum asked, sitting up and then letting out a, “What the…?!” of surprise. There, where Lyra had been pressed against her, was a damp patch on her pajama pants. “Where’d this…” and her eyes tracked up to Lyra.

“Holy hell, Lyra! Did you… pee your bed?”

Lyra let out shushing motion. “Shhh, I didn’t do what you probably think I did,” she said, hoping her mom didn’t hear that. She looked pleadingly at her best friend. “Even if I did, I don’t need mom knowing or thinking it,” she said, with no offering further explanation for denying what was obvious.

Gypsum scrunched her face up and shook her head at that. “You totally did pee your bed,” she hissed back, “How is that not what it looks like?”

Lyra was still too groggy. “The other you was cool about this,” she grumbled, finally freeing herself from the comforter and piling it atop the wet spot on her bed. “Fine. I wet the bed, please, let’s not make a big deal about this,” she said, in a quiet voice.

Gypsum was not super awesome in math, but she could put two and two together. “Wait, so yesterday… not trash juice? And… ‘other me’?” she asked, not making a big deal of the wet bed, but totally and completely bewildered now.

Lyra sighed, “Never mind,” she said, wondering if perhaps foresight from having gone through this Saturday before was really going to help at all. She left the sheets where they were and started pulling down her pants, not caring her friend was there, and not really mindful of modesty.

Gypsum politely turned away. “Fine. We’ll cover this up. If your mom finds out, I’ll take the blame and call it stress from my family being in town.”

Lyra’s arms were suddenly around Gypsum. “I knew you’d understand,” she said breathing out a sigh of relief and knowing she wasn’t wrong about her friend. Her bottom was still bare, and there was an awkwardness too it, but she didn’t care at the moment. So long as she didn’t need to explain further.

“Please don’t pee on me!” Gypsum squeaked, out of pure reflex, it seemed, then relaxed a little bit and returned the hug. “Uh… there there?”

“I won’t pee on you, cut me some slack,” Lyra said, getting the sheets piled together and starting to try push them on her friend, dry side first. “If we sneak downstairs, we can maybe get this set before mom’s up,” she said, going to get a pair of clean panties as soon as the sheets were off. She’d had waaay too much experience with this lately.

There was a moment of uncertainty in Gypsum’s eyes, but she nodded slightly. “Well, I’m used to dealing with my extended family, and usually when one of them has just peed the bed and is running around with their diapers on, it ends up with SOMEONE peed on.”

Lyra poked her head out of the room. “Clear,” With the bundle of laundry, she snuck out of her room and into the hall, trying her luck and heading down the stairs with the hope that no one else was awake. “No one will be peed on,” she said in a sharp whisper to Gypsum. “I promise. This isn’t something that happens all the time,” she tried to explain.

With a glance towards the main areas of the house, Gypsum asked in a sincere tone, “Really? You seem to know what you’re doing with wet sheets, y’know. Like you’ve done it before.”

Lyra could sometimes forget how on the ball Gypsum was, even if she seemed spacey to most who didn’t know her. “I’m a good… uh… babysitter, I’ve helped others,” she said, hurrying the two of them around to the laundry machine and starting to stuff the sheets in. “Being knowledgeable about laundry does not make me guilty of being someone who does this all the time,” she said, totally not sounding guilty at all. “And anyways, just how many of your family end up peeing on each other?” she asked, trying to change the subject. For some odd reason, she couldn’t help thinking of puppy Gypsum, and a family of tail wagging dogs ‘marking their territory’ or some craziness.

That actually gave the friend pause, and she stopped dead in her tracks. “Well, last weekend Billy peed on uncle Nigel, and then Stephanie had a blow-out in her carseat a couple of months back…”

Lyra shook her head. “Sorry I asked,” and shut the laundry machine door, starting the cycle. “Phew… I think we’re in the clear,” she said nodding happily to her friend. She was still running around in just a short t-shirt and a clean pair of panties, but she was dry, and aside from a damp mattress upstairs, there was no proof of last night’s accident. She grumbled, thinking she’d write something in the shared diary about this later.

Lyra got a weird couple of looks from her parents in her undressed state, but otherwise no questions about what had gone on the night before. Soon after eating and helping get the laundry into the dryer, Gypsum was needed back at her own place and excused herself, leaving the girl alone to deal with what had happened. Despite the rude awakening, however, the rest of the day went pretty solidly, and Lyra made sure to make as many trips to the restroom as needed.

Monday morning at school, however, found Lyra a complete wreck.

She’d set her phone alarm to wake herself up every few hours to use the bathroom, to try and avoid any more wet beds, and by morning had still managed a noticeable wet stain across her overnight panties, though it didn’t seem to have transferred over to the sheets at all. Like a college student with a bad hangover, she slogged her way through her classes and chores at home afterwards. Her mother noticed her exhaustion, and recommended a nap, but the girl pushed the thought aside, fearful that in her current state she’d wind up wet anyway.

By the time Thursday came around, Lyra’s mother had had enough of this. After seeing her half asleep child off to the school bus, she made a couple of phone calls and waited.

“Honey,” she started, over a dinner where Lyra was clearly about to pass out into her spaghetti, “I’m worried about you. You’ve seemed very tired these last few days. Now, I’m your mother, so I worry, and because I worry, I’ve gotten you an appointment at the doctor’s office tomorrow to try and figure out why you haven’t been sleeping well. No arguing, we’re going.”

Lyra recovered from a quick nod, head snapping back. Was she that tired? She blinked a few times and focused on her mother, trying to make sure she’d heard her correctly.

“Huh? Doctors?” she shook her head, trying to shake the sleepiness from it. “It’s nothing, just a little insomnia,” she said, or really lied.

The older woman pointed her fork at her daughter, “I said no arguing. So tomorrow afternoon I’ll get you from school and we’re going to see a physician.”

Lyra huffed a little, blowing some hair out of her face. She wasn’t in the best position to contradict her mother, so she settled for grumbling and pushing her food around. It was the closest she could get to accepting her fate without actually acknowledging it. She took her plate, half finished, without asking to leave the table a minute or two later.

Again that night she set her alarm, though with her mother getting worried she almost didn’t do it. It didn’t matter, she was damp again. Friday morning she found herself dragging through the day, only snapping to herself when the bell rang between classes. In fact, she was drifting off in math class, being bored nearly to sleep, when the intercom sounded, asking her to come to the office. Jumping up, Lyra’s first instinct was to clamp down on her bladder, which had begun to tickle ominously like it was about to release, and rush out of the room before the crackle of the speaker faded from the otherwise quiet room.

Lyra had a pretty awkward gate to the bathroom, thighs practically glued together. She muscled her way through the crowd until she saw salvation, breaking into a run. In her haste, her body let out a short spurt of pee, enough to dampen her panties and between her thighs, hopefully no one noticed.

As she was seated on the stall, she rested her chin on a knuckle. Damn it, bedwetting should be restricted to beds. Not just wherever she happened to fall asleep. She tried to use some TP to dry her panties, and capri pants, but there was still a faint dampness that wasn’t going to go away quick. She could just take them off and hold them up to the handwarmer, but this was a school restroom, and wouldn’t that make quite the scene if someone walked in. She resigned herself to carrying her bag in front of her to block any obvious signs of what happened.

She met her mother waiting at her car out front and got in, still awkwardly holding her bag in front of herself.

“Well, are are all ready to go?” the older woman asked cheerfully, not waiting for a response as her daughter got in and she popped the car into gear and drove off. “Get comfortable, it’s a bit outside the city, so we’ve got a while.”

Lyra frowned at that. If she said no, would it matter? She kept her backpack awkwardly in her lap.

“What do you mean outside the city? What’s wrong with Dr. Wineman’s office?”

“He’s not a sleep specialist, dear. Just go with it. I’ve seen how you’ve been dragging all week, it can’t be healthy. Now not another word, just relax and we’ll get you all sorted out soon.” And with that, she flipped on the radio to, of all things, easy listening, which combined with the sound of the wheels on pavement, relatively few stop signs, and the gentle bumping of the car, was really forcing Lyra to struggle with staying awake.

Lyra did her best to try and relax, and forget about what had happened toward the end of class. With her bag propped up in her lap, chin resting on it, it was only a few short minutes that she found her eyes struggling to stay open. The sleep she’d missed was making a strong comeback, and before too long, she was out, drooling a little on her bag.

“Lyra, honey?” Her mother’s voice purred at her sometime later, a soft hand scratching between her drooped ears, “C’mon, we’re here. Time to get up, the doctor’s waiting.” Yawning, she felt something bounce off of her chest and into the foot of the car, down past the skirt she had decided against wearing that morning, beneath which she could feel the slightly damp padding of… a diaper.

“Did… I fall asleep?” she asked, confused a moment, until things started to fall into place. Lyra let out a slight meep. Looking to her mom as she could smell the familiar calming scent of the older feline. The pacifier that had just been in her mouth resting on the floor next to her sandled paw. She sucked in a breath. Realizing where she was. “Is it… still Friday?” she asked, probably mewling the end of Friday out, and sounding a bit out of it as she tried to gain her bearings on when and where she was.

The older leopard rolled her eyes as she opened the car door for her daughter. “Well, we certainly didn’t drive over the international dateline, so I’m going to say yes.”

Lyra got shakily out of the car, her backpack hadn’t been in her lap, it was at her feet. She reclaimed it and looked herself over and smoothed her skirt out. She blushed as she felt the crinkle of her underwear. The furry her had not worn capris, and was possibly going diapers full time now. She didn’t bother to pick up the pacifier, instead looking to her mom and with the same confused voice. “Are… we at a sleep specialist now?”

With a tilt of her head, the woman looked at the younger girl, confused. “No, honey, we’re here to see why you’re…” and she reached beneath the girl’s skirt without warning, patting the diaper there, “Wet, again. At least you were dry when we got you from school.”

Suddenly, unbidden, Lyra had a sense of trepidation, nervousness, about school, as if something had happened there that hadn’t been entirely super pleasant, but the memories of it were just gone. All she had was her own memories, a wet diaper between her thighs, and her backpack.

Lyra’s eyes went wide. She’d been so focused on her week, on avoiding the side effects and losing sleep, that she hadn’t even thought about what the other her had been doing. For the first time falling into this new furry her, she was completely unsure what had happened the few days previous, as apparently the two realities were going in somewhat different directions now.

With a slight whimper, Lyra grabbed onto her Mom’s paw, holding it tight. Unsure she wanted to find out if the other her had taken a mile when she’d given an inch. At least to her mother, she did look like she was genuinely worried about whatever was happening to her.

“Well,” the older woman let out a little purring chuckle, “That’s something I haven’t felt since you were a little girl. C’mon, we’ll get this sorted out and fix it. Why don’t you just work on your homework while we sit in the waiting room?” She then led her daughter into the doctor’s office, a plaque on the entrance listing this as a multi-office building for specialist, including a urologist and a sleep specialist, and they followed the signs to the former’s office instead of the latter’s.

Inside, the waiting room was full of either young children or the elderly, and Lyra was almost knocked off her feet as a wolf pup cavorted with a panther cub, playing airplanes. Sitting heavily in a corner chair, behind a plant, Lyra pulled out her books to bury her embarrassment in them. Packed in-between history and math, was the diary.

Turning her head to shyly look at her mother, Lyra quietly and as unobtrusively as she could, pulled out the diary, her paws shaking a little as she slowly opened it to try and catch up on what she’d missed. She also dug out a pen, set on adding a passage or two about collateral damage for the other her to ponder on.

Today… I woke up in a diaper from a nap. My mom said something about wetting my pants, and I had my pacifier, which no one really mentioned, so I’m not sure how that works right now. THANK YOU, whoever you are! <3 My mom and I had a talk this evening about what to do with this whole mess on Monday at school, and all I could do was sort of act sad and not look at her. I don’t even know what this ‘whole mess’ is, but now she’s saying I should either stay home or go protected. I, well, agreed to go protected. It’s gonna be weird, other me, wearing diapers at school I think. For now, I’m gonna try and sleep. Tomorrow… well… I don’t know. Scared, but loving it!

Dear, well, me? Other me?

Today … I don’t even know how to put it into words. I got up, wet, and showered, then put on a new diaper. My hands were totally shaking and I almost didn’t get the tapes on right, but I managed. School was really weird. I knew everyone was staring, even if they weren’t, and I was so nervous I almost couldn’t GO! But, in math class, I finally managed, and it felt so guilty and so babyish, peeing myself right there in front of everyone. Then I stood up. Leak. MY LIFE IS OVER! I don’t know if I can keep wearing them tomorrow. This is horrible! Other me, please, help!

Two days ago, my life was over, and now I’m… still wearing diapers all the time. I haven’t pooped in them or anything, but I haven’t peed in the toilet since sunday night. My mom’s really worried, and sometimes she asks me if I’m wet, and I pretend not to know. School is really different now, and the only person who’ll talk to me is Gypsum. I dunno if they know if I’m sick or a freak or what. I’ve been using my pacifier at home, and told my mom it helps with stress, and it kind of does? I dunno. Maybe that’s all in my head, but I put a spare one in my backpack in case I get too worked up at school. Or maybe I’ll use it anyway, just to see how people will react. Blah. If I were at a nursery, no one would care about that stuff. I wish…… Other me, I wish….

Today’s the day. Gotta go to the doctor after lunch. Mom is worried I might have some sort of nerve damage. Other me… I can’t lie to the doctor, but I don’t want to have to give up diapers! HELP! PLEASE!

The pen in Lyra’s paw fell to the floor. Her mouth was open and her eyes wide as she finished reading the entry.

In her fervent desire to wear diapers and be treated like a toddler, the other her had commit social suicide, and damn be the consequences. She was even imploring her to continue torching the last vestiges of adulthood.

It was too much, continuing down this path was practically firebombing her own life. When she got here, the real her would be sitting in the doctor’s office across the hall trying to lie about why she was suffering insomnia in wet panties, while the furry her was diapered and reveling in it.

The little wolf pup playing on the ground was quick to snatch up Lyra’s dropped pen, carrying it like a prize over to his playmate. Lyra barely even noticed, looking down at the diary and wondering if she shouldn’t just shut it and try throwing the breaks on this train before it completely went off the rails. She nervously hazarded a glance at her mother out of the corners of her eyes. The only problem with not moving forward, was that she didn’t seem to leave until she had. What the hell would she tell a doctor about her foreign body anyway?

She mewled out to her mom in an embarrassed whisper, ears down. “Mommy, do we have to through with this?” she asked, blushing a little as she didn’t know where the mommy bit came from.

The older woman sat down next to her daughter, putting a hand on her paw. “What’s that, dear? Do we…?” she shook her head, then nodded. “I know you’re scared, kitten, but it’s far better to know what the problem is, than to not know and have it possibly get worse. Who knows, there may be some sort of cure or something we can do to stop your accidents.”

Lyra sank a little deeper into her seat, a slight crinkle coming from her. She slowly stuck the diary back in her bag, telling herself she’d write a long detailed entry later. At the very least, she’d fill in the other her about exactly what had been happening to her in the other world. She sat in quiet, half dozing and waiting for her name to be called, mulling over the possible things she could say.

“Lyra?” came a somewhat musical call from the other side of the office as a woman who could be nothing other than a blue jay stood by an open door. “Lyra, the doctor will see you now. This way please?” She motioned the young snow leopard towards the door.

Lyra gulped loudly, and got up slowly. She had to waddle a little bit, and the two pups on the floor giggling a little as they saw what was under her skirt. She looked at her mom, hoping she wasn’t doing this alone, and to ensure it, she took a step back and grabbed at her mom’s paw, trying to tug her in with her as she followed the blue jay in.

“Can I go with my daughter?” the mom asked, standing to follow Lyra, but the nurse shook her head.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, the doctor would like to talk to you two separately, to get an idea of what you’ve seen and done lately, before talking to you together. Not that anyone’s done anything wrong, but sometimes there’s things that, well, young people would rather not say in front of their parents?”

With a soft whimper, Lyra let her mom’s paw go, ears down as she reluctantly faced the unknown alone. She followed the blue jay in, padding quietly and a little sullenly.

“You um, get a lot of girls my age?” she asked of the blue jay, quite aware her underwear was being noisy enough for anyone with above human hearing to know what it was. “This is a simple fix right…?”

The lithe bird led her down a hallway and into a small examining room, “Not a lot your age, and not many with the types of, well, problems you’re mother indicated you were having. Right in here, please, and the doctor will see you shortly.” And then left the leopard to her own thoughts.

Sighing, Lyra hopped up on the table, sitting and looking around the room. It was like a normal doctor’s office, but there were posters about health and common causes of issues for various species on the wall. ‘Glands of the world’ was particularly odd, next to a comedic ‘don’t piss off your urologist’.

As she waited, she snuck a paw under her skirt to check just how wet she was. Her diaper felt a little warm and since she’d napped in the car, she hoped that was all that had happened.

After a few minutes, the door opened, and Godzilla entered, wearing a white lab coat and spectacles, a stethoscope over his shoulders. Well, it wasn’t really Godzilla, but it was some sort of lizard, and his tongue flicked out as he saw the girl sitting on the examining table.

“Sssso,” he hissed, in what could only be described as the most friendly way imaginable coming from a reptile, “You’re Lyra, hmm?”

Lyra froze and let out a slight shriek. Her tail stood on end and she was pretty sure her diaper was warming again. “I… I….” she stared stock stupid at the ‘doctor’, eyes like dinner plates.

Lyra did not intend to stare, or maybe she did. She certainly didn’t intend to be rude, she had just never seen a… whatever the doctor was. And she was already nervous enough as it was.

Suddenly confused, the doctor turned and looked nearly 180 degrees over his shoulder, then looked back at the leopardess. One eyebrow rose, and he tried to smile disarmingly, showing rows of small yet surprisingly pointed teeth lining his long maw.

“You… you…” he said, with a chuckle, “What? You’re Lyra? You’re happy to see me? You’ve got to go to the…” he trailed off on his last joke, one (and only one) eye lowering towards her waist as his forked tongue flicked out, “Sorry, I see you may have already. Bad joke.”

The lizard man waved a clawed hand, and it was clear he’d gone to great lengths to file down the claws to safely rounded points. He put his hand on her shoulder. “Relax Lyra. We’re just going to talk for a little bit, and then I’m going to maybe give you a quick look over, alright?” He said with his pointed teeth.

It was a little too much, Lyra tried to keep herself together and nod at the reptile man, but the color was already draining from the spots on her cheeks and with a soft ‘whomp’ she flopped on her side on the examination table. She hadn’t said a word, the teeth had done her in.

“Lyra!” the doctor yelled out, surprised, then turned again over his shoulder and called out for a nurse, checking her pulse, her ear temperature and nose moisture.

Sometime later, with her mother, the doctor, and the nurse hovering over her, Lyra came too. She was laying on her back, feet slightly elevated. The doctor spoke first, actually cutting off the girl’s mother.

“Lyra? Are you okay, kiddo? You had a bit of a spell there, I think.”

Lyra’s eyes fluttered open and she froze, prone, looking up at the doctor. She let out a little mewl, “I’m… okay,” she said through gritted teeth, but it was obvious from tail and ears she was quite a bit nervous.

She tried to slowly bring herself up on her elbows, looking around at the nurse, her mother and the doctor. “I… was just surprised.”

The girl’s mother swooped in, licking between her daughter’s ears and trying to smooth her tail out, hugging and being excessively motherly in the process. “There, there, honey. It’s just a doctor’s appointment, no one’s going to hurt you, I promise.”

Nearby, the doctor was ‘smiling’ at her again, and his eyes indicated that he was really trying to be more reassuring than hungry looking, “Yes, just a checkup. Are you feeling better? I’d like to carry on with the examination, now more than before…”

Clutching a little unintentionally to her mom, Lyra nodded slowly. “Sorry,” she said, her ears lowering a little sheepishly. “Just nervous. I know you’re not going to hurt me,” she said, hoping to sound convincing enough that she believed it. This was way worse than her father the wolf.

Lyra tried to sit up a little straighter, getting off her elbows and bringing her legs to hang over the side with a crinkle.

The doctor nodded slowly, then spoke quietly to the nurse and Lyra’s mother, but not so quietly that Lyra couldn’t overhear him.

“I think she’s just a little upset. If this happens again, though, I’d like for her to spend a night in the hospital for observation. Please, sit out in the hallway and if anything happens I’ll call you, alright?”

Lyra’s mother, however, was anxious, obviously not wanting to leave her daughter, “Are you sure? I want to be here if–”

“Ma’am,” the nurse interjected, taking the woman’s paw and pulling her gently towards the door, “Doctor Frenk is very good, and very gentle. Lyra will be fine, so please, come with me…” and then they were out of the room, leaving the little leopard alone with the reptilian doctor.

Lyra gulped, watching her mother go, and sat a bit apprehensively on table. “Sooo reptile…” she said stupidly, wondering for the first time just how species diversity went in this world. She hadn’t seen any reptiles at school, but perhaps they were just not common to this part of the world? Like how you don’t see a lot of Eskimo’s outside of Alaska? It at least gave her something to think about and not worry so much over the visually unsettling sight before her.

With another disarming chuckle, the doctor placed a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s quite alright, kitten. I know things may seem a little odd, me being a male doctor and you a girl, but no need to get that anxious about it. I promise to be discreet.” Obviously, this was not the issue that needed addressing, but he continued on, “And please, call me Doctor Frenk, or just Frenk. Reptile is my species, yes, but I like to think we can all overcome.”

Then he pulled up a chair and sat down, below Lyra’s eye level, and looked up at her, “So, start at the beginning? When did these problems start, and how… severe have they become?”

Lyra blushed, mind switching gears from just who she was talking to, to what she was talking about. “It started at night a few weeks ago,” she said, thinking back to when this whole mess had occurred. “And… just kind of got worse.”

She told him the basics of being a teen bedwetter, and blushed her way through the steps her mother had taken. She did her best to keep it more in line with her ACTUAL life, since the non-furry her needed help, and the furry her didn’t want it.

“It’s not just at night recently. When I take naps and a few times during the day… I….” she kind of trailed off, and even now, she was sitting in soggy padding.

Nodding through the whole thing, and taking notes, the doctor then looked up, flashing that toothy smile again.

“And, Lyra, what do you think caused it? You can be honest with me, and I promise that I won’t tell your mother anything she doesn’t need to know. Tell me, have you been sexually active? Too much stress? Taking drugs?”

Lyra quickly shakes her head. “No sex or drugs… I’m still a v… v…” she just holds up her paw to indicate a V since she couldn’t seem to say it to a guy. She also wasn’t sure that she could say ‘self-inflicted’ as a cause, so she just gave a very confused and blushing shrug of her shoulders, “I don’t know why it’s happening.” Although with ears down and tail puffed, she was still not the most comfortable with sharing this.

“Hmm…” the reptile hummed, then stood and waved at the examining table.

“Could you please lay back for me? I’d like to see if I can find anything physically wrong here, okay? I promise to be gentle.” He kept reassuring, possibly afraid of another fainting spell.

“So, nothing at all that you can think of that would have caused this?” he asked one more time, one eyebrow cocked as he began to press on the girl’s abdomen, “Your mother mentioned something about a pacifier?”

Lyra was unable to stop a rather intense blush, and although she should probably have her arms at her sides, kept them resting over her chest as she was prodded. “It’s… calming…” she said, unable to really explain it further, or come up with a better excuse. “I tried to tell mom it’s not really a big deal, the accidents or the um… stress,” she said, trying not to dig herself any deeper.

“Mmhmm,” Frenk intoned, nodding slightly as he finally got to the area covered by the sodden diaper, “And so you have no control over any of this?” he asks again, feeling around the girl’s inner thighs near the leg bands of the diaper. “I’m not trying to accuse you of anything, Lyra, but if you want to get better, you’re going to have to tell me everything. Don’t be nervous,” he kept on, obviously having been on this side of the ‘don’t tell the doctor all the facts’ play far too many times.

“I have some control, I haven’t had a #2 accident,” she said, holding up her paw again to show the number, and emphasize her other self had at least not sunk that low into her little plan. “But I… wet… a lot,” she blushed again. “I’m not sure what you want me to say,” she tried going for broke. “I’m already the laughing stocking of my school, everyone knows what I’m wearing” she recalled the journal, “And one day I even…. leaked.”

Another sigh and a nod. “I see. Well, I’ll need to talk to your mother, but it may be best for stress reasons to change your school situation,” he muttered, feeling the girl over gingerly, then helping pull her up into a sitting position.

“Lyra,” he started, moving over to a cabinet on one wall, “Do you think I might be able to get a urine sample from you while I talk to your mother? Take your time, and when you get done, I’ve got some spare protection for you to wear home.”

“You can’t just squeeze it from my underwear?” Lyra said half-heartedly, hopping off the table. She wasn’t sure what to make of the ‘school situation’ comment. She waited patiently for whatever the doctor had for her.

There was that little hissing chuckle again, and the reptile pushed a small plastic cup and lid into her paws. “Just hurry back when you’ve got it filled, hmm? Don’t worry if you feel ‘out’, just relax and try okay? We’ll wait.”

Lyra took the cup, looking a little unsure, but leaving the room for the bathroom indicated. She locked the door, put the cup on the sink, and then pulled up her skirt to look at her diaper. It wasn’t soaked, but it was certainly wet. She pawed at it once or twice with a frown. Did she even have to pee?

Lyra undid the tapes on the diaper, picked up the cup again, and awkwardly held it under her as she took a seat on the toilet. This was not the best time to be pee shy, but she was a little afraid that the doctor had actually scared the piss out of her.

She waited and relaxed, and waited, and tried putting a little pressure, and she was able to go a little bit, filling the cup like a quarter of the way. It wasn’t a lot, but it was something. She put the cap back on, and then wiped herself. Standing up, she looked at the sodden garment on the floor. The doctor hadn’t given her something else to wear. She balled it up, tossed it in the trash, and then holding a paw to keep her skirt down, she cracked open the door and poked her head out, hoping to catch either her mom or the nurse… preferably not doctor fangs.

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.5 (6/11/2013) *Furry

This is a great story and I hope you continue with more chapters soon.

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.5 (6/11/2013) *Furry

yes please it is great maybe both hers’ will become diaper and/or baby dependent. ;D ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley:

Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.5 (6/11/2013) *Furry

It has been over a month since I last commented on this story. I love it and don’t want it to disappear in some dark corner. Can’t wait till next chapter, on the edge of my diaper with anticipation. Please continue soon. :stuck_out_tongue: :-* 8) ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

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Re: The Diary of My Different Life Ch.6 (11/2/2013) *Furry

The Diary of My Different Life

Chapter 6

“All done?” the nurse asked, stepping out of a supply closet with a paper-wrapped package in one hand. With the other, she gently took the little cup from the girl and then ushered her back down the hall towards the examining room.

“Now, why don’t you, well, put this on and wait. The doctor is having a talk with your mother and will be back in after a while. Once you’re re-dia-- dressed, crack the door a little bit so we’ll know you’re ready to go.” The nurse smiled, wiggled her beak gently, and passed over the paper-wrapped disposable diaper.

Lyra offered a quick nod and took the offered package. “I’ll just, get to it then,” she said. She was discovering it was easier to deal with this alternate reality by imagining it wasn’t reality, that the embarrassment here, was not something she’d have repercussions on back home.

Alone in the room, she unwrapped the diaper and awkwardly diapered herself back up while sitting on the exam table. She got up and did a quick check that it was on snug enough under her skirt before going back to the door and cracking it open to call to that blujay nurse.

“Knock knock?” came the hissing voice of the lizard doctor as he gently pushed the door open, “Are we decent? Good.” He smile down at the teenaged leopard and motioned back at the examining table. “Please, can we have a seat? I’d like to continue our conversation from earlier, if you’d be ssssso kind.”

Lyra nodded slowly and went over to the table. She couldn’t look directly at him, just a little too squeamish of reptiles like that.

“Did you talk with my mom?” she asked a little hesitantly.

The doctor nodded and took a seat on a nearby stool. “I did. Now, why don’t I hear your sssside of it, hmm?” He smiled, hopefully disarmingly or reassuringly, trying not to show all his teeth. “Now, your mother said that you’ve not shown any signs of sickness or discomfort, so I don’t think you have any sort of infection, and I’m betting our tessssts on your urine sample will confirm that. So, what’s going on, Lyra?”

Breathing in a little, her ears lowering, Lyra kept her gaze down at her feet. “I don’t know, I just started wetting the bed, and …” she took a moment to think on it. She wasn’t sure she could tell him, not someone who could undo what had already been done. Would she be allowed to go home if she did? Could she scrap all the work she and the other Lyra had started?

She certainly didn’t want to find out the end result if continued through the rapids in the diaper canoe she was up a creek in.
“I think it’s going to get worse,” Lyra said, not expanding on it further.

The doctor shook his head slightly at that. “Well, Lyra, I can’t make you talk to me, but I’d like to help in any way I can. This can’t be good for your ssssocial life or your ssself-esssteem. I could recommend you to a good psychologist if you think this is stresssss related, but you have to help me help you.”

Lyra sighed, and then nodded. Half-truths could work. “It’s caused some issues at school, yah,” she said, shifting a little in her crinkly padding. “I know some of it has to be stress, most nights I hardly even sleep over worry that I’ll…” and she played with the hem of her skirt. “That I’ll wet again and not now it.” She remembered what she’d been doing in the car, and what had been in her mouth. “I have some comfort items, they sort of seem to help.”

The doctor’s eybrowridge quirked at that. “Comfort items?”

Lyra blushed. She was going to try and frame this just right. She couldn’t say ‘I’m doing this for someone else, please help me help her’ and she also couldn’t say ‘I’m human, this is nuts, don’t eat me’…. so instead she just blushed. “A pacifier.”

The doctor nodded again, slowly this time. “I… see. And that helps, does it? And do you think that, well, more ‘comfort items’ would help more?”

Lyra looked up slowly, surprised he’d suggest that. “Uh… I guess? I mean, I kind of just want the whole thing to sort itself out quietly,” she said. Her ears were still down, the blush remaining. “I’m in high school, wearing diapers.”

Again there was that slow nod. “Indeed you are. I dare say that’s fairly abnormal.” He sat back and crossed his arms. A glint of intelligence sparkled in his eyes as he slowly tapped his claws on the counter next to him. “Given the lack of physical evidence so far of any internal issues, I come up with two options. The first is that, as you are saying, it’s stress and that your ‘comfort items’ help you maintain calm, but from what I’ve heard from your mother, there’s very little stress in your life as it is. Which brings me to the other idea, that you’re doing this on purpose for some reason.” He leaned forward again, resting his elbows on his knees, steepling his fingers. “Now, some people find, hmmm, carnal satisfaction from these sorts of things, others do it for other reasons, but it’s not unheard of for people to WANT to use diapers and, ‘comfort items’. I’m not here to accuse you, Lyra, but I do want to help, and I need to know if I’m looking in the right places.”

Lyra gulped. Should she play dumb? Should she try to say…

“I… know of some people, or really someone who likes that,” she said, mind fixed firmly on the diary and the other Lyra. “I… I don’t know if it’s something she,” and she used air quotes, “can admit too though.” She looked up a little more resolute, but somewhat squeamish, and although she didn’t want to admit it, she kind of wanted the pacifier about now. She didn’t like lying on someone else’s behalf.

“Mmhmm…” the doctor nodded, “So ‘she’,” he mimiced her air quotes, “Enjoys this sort of thing, and is having these ‘accidents’ to try and get what she wants by making people around ‘her’ think she can’t help it? I think I understand.” He stood up and ruffled the hair between the girl’s ears. “If you’d like, I can speak to your parents about this. I don’t think it is inherently unhealthy, but I also think that making people worry isn’t quite fair, either.”

Lyra shook her head. “No, I don’t think you’re supposed to tell them,” she said, a little unsure of how the status quo worked. She certainly wouldn’t want her actual mother thinking she was into this. She looked down again. “This is for someone else… I can’t explain it better, and some of my accidents… I really can’t help. Like this ‘person I know’ might have gone too far, but it’s kind of what she wants,” she said looking a little more conflicted now.

With that, the doctor nodded once. “Well, then, I have no choice but to run the tests and deliver the results that you’re physically fine to your mother. What you tell them is up to you.” he said, standing and offering her a hand.

Lyra stood up and worriedly shook his paw. She wondered if this would be enough to go home. The scaly medical practitioner took the girl’s hand and led her back out to the main lobby, crinkling along the way, and then smiled at her. “Why don’t you go wait by the toy table, kiddo. I just need to have a quick word with your mother and then you’re free to go.”

Lyra nodded, waddling out slightly and spotting the wolf pup and panther cub still out and about in the playroom. She didn’t pay them any mind and did as the doctor suggested, kneeling by the toy table and keeping a nervous eye on the door. Hopefully this would be over soon. It was likely the most dangerous time for the other her’s plans.

The quiet conversation that took place between the older leopard and the lizard lasted roughly five minutes, full of furtive glances in Lyra’s direction, but as it came to a close, the two nodded at each other and shook hands. Lyra’s mother came over and held her hand out to her daughter, squatting a little and smiling.

“Come on, honey. Let’s get you home, okay?” She said, gently leading the girl back out to the car without a further word.
Lyra took her mother’s hand, looking a little surprised, but nodding, just happy to leave. She offered a bit of a shy wave back to the doctor. She’d probably have a nightmare over that sharp toothed smile, but at least his intentions seemed good.

Taking her backpack and holding her mother’s hand all the way out to the car, Lyra took the opportunity to try and press her luck a little to speed up going back to her own world. As she took a seat in the front passenger side she retrieved her pacifier and put it back to her lips.

There was a slight pause before her mother started the car as she noticed her daughter’s return to pacifier suckling, but she said nothing at first. The two rode in silence for a while, but eventually Lyra’s mother spoke, softly at first, gently as if afraid to startle her passenger.

“So,” she started, “The doctor tells me that he’s going to run a few tests and that we should have some results in tomorrow… How are you feeling, honey?”

“Tired… stressed,” Lyra mumbled behind her pacifier. “I think I just want to go home,” she added, and genuinely meant it. She was hoping at least that her handling of the doctor’s office would be sufficient for the other her to continue her current lifestyle without affecting Lyra’s human life too much.

There was a nod, “And, you know you can talk to me about anything, right? No matter how weird it seems?”
Lyra’s ears perked at that. She looked at her mother out of the corner of her eyes without managing to turn head. She sucked a little harder on her paci.

“I just want to get home,” she said blushing.

The woman sighed gently, but smiled and drove on. “Sure thing, honey.” And the rest of the drive was in silence. As Lyra got out of the car in the garage, her mother came around and gave her a long hug with a pat on the back.

“Go relax for a little bit. I’m going to get dinner started, alright?”

Lyra nodded, returning the hug, purring a little and just glad to be done with the visit. She took her backpack and headed for her room. No sooner was she in it then she whipped out the diary and sat at her desk.

[I]Dear Me,

I’m questioning your sanity. Even during school? You know you committed social suicide right? I mean you’ve got guts, I don’t think I could have carried it that far, but I guess I did, or you did… blah… okay, I went to the doctor for you, I admitted nothing, but I’m pretty darn sure the doctor knows this isn’t a medical issue and relayed as much to your mom.

I’m a little worried other me. I want to help you, I want to think you’d have done the same for me if I had something I really wanted and our positions were reversed… but I… I’m a little unsure. I’m wetting the bed in my world. It’s not just sometimes, it’s every night. And my mom is worried about me now. If this continues, I’ll end up in diapers there and here… which is not really something ‘I’ want. So I’ll help you, because I think its the only way I can get back, but I implore you, don’t take this too far, it’s causing collateral damage. Instead of going to a urologist, the me that I am is going to a sleep specialist since Mom’s worried about how I’m handling wetting the bed.

Sincerely, you.[/I]

Closing the diary, Lyra put it back in its usual hiding place and then flopped on her bed, kicking her shoes off and grabbing her pillow to hug. Oddly the pacifier hadn’t left her mouth. She sighed, her mind zooming around a bit to try and figure this out… and somewhere in the stress of the day, and the fact she hadn’t really been sleeping as a human, she passed out.

Sleep came easy. Lyra was exhausted, both physically and mentally. She’d been starved for sleep lately, and even with the short nap in the car rides, she passed out the moment her head was on the pillow.

She woke up maybe an hour later. She wet again in her sleep, and the diaper from the doctor’s office had apparently leaked a little. It was cheap medical grade stuff. Sleepily she groaned, and slowly forced herself out of bed. The pacifier was still in her mouth, and with heavy steps, she let out a weak mewl for her mom. “Lyra? Are you awake?” Her mother called from just at the foot of the stairs, having heard the sound but not sure what, exactly, it meant. Worried none the less, she started slowly up them, one stair at a time, ears perked. “Is everything alright, dear? Dinner will be ready in about an hour…”

“Mommy?” she asked, waddling out of her room. She was groggy, but she was just doing what came to mind.

Just as the girl was coming out the door, her mother was cresting the stairs, and her whiskers twitched as she saw her daughter, pacifier, droopy and stained shorts, and hair a tussle near-waddling towards her.

“Lyra?” her voice was a little concerned, “Oh, honey, you leaked a little bit. Toss those in the wash and I’ll run some after dinner. Maybe the smell will come out after a time or two through.” Then, she took a tentative step forward, ears lowering slightly as if she were almost embarrassed about asking, but her motherly instincts were strong after having gotten no news from the doctor. “Do you need any help?”

Lyra hesitated, but then nodded. She took her shorts off right in the hallway, wiggling a little with a crinkle to let them land at her ankles, and then walking back in her padding to her room, to lay pre-emptively on the bed.

Still sucking her pacifier, a small voice in Lyra’s head questioned what she was doing. As she woke up a little more, she realized she’d just pulled off some very convincing acting, but at the same time, she didn’t remember trying to act. That worried her a little.
Curiously, her mother walked forward and picked up the discarded shorts, holding them with her fingers gingerly, to avoid the wet spots, then saw her daughter laying down on the bed. With a bit of a chuckle, more for her own sake than anything, she followed and laid the shorts in with her daughter’s other dirty clothes before stepping over to the closet to retrieve the diapers from where they had been kept, out of sight.

“Well, at least I didn’t have to chase you down like I did when you were a kitten,” the woman said, sitting on the edge of the bed and getting to work, pulling at the tapes on the diaper. She noticed where the girl had leaked on the bed a little as well, and sighed, now glad for the waterproof under-sheet they’d put on there weeks ago. “But really, Lyra, do you need me to do this for you? You were doing fine two weeks ago…” she trailed off, unable to stay angry at her daughter, especially with the pacifier between her lips, as she gently wiped away the lingering urine along the girl’s thighs and rear.

Lyra blushed, mumbling a non-committal answer behind the pacifier. She lifted her legs and let her mother slide the new diaper under her, being helpful in at least that small way, and reflected on the irony that she was accepting being diapered, to try and get out of being diapered back home. If that made any sense.

The older leopard was silent for a moment as she adjusted the diaper beneath her daughter, taking far longer than the act really should have. Calmly, though the twitching of her tail belied her suspicion, she asked “What was that hun?” as she finally pulled the fresh garment into place.

Lyra knew the doctor had to have told her mother something earlier. She’d been making shots too close to the rim with her questioning.

“Nothing,” she said behind the pacifier.

With her paws pressing, rubbing at the now sealed tapes of the fresh diaper, as if securing them but really just not able to think of anything more to do while she looked down at her daughter, Lyra’s mother thought. It was a long, silent moment, an uncomfortable wait, but eventually the older leopard spoke. “Dinner will be ready in an hour hun, I’ll check you before dinner and change you if you need it.”

Lyra nodded slowly. Not sure if this meant what she thought it meant. Selfishly, she wondered if this would be enough. She took the pacifier out of her mouth, and unsure exactly why, she sat up and threw her arms around her mother.

Although this world was not her world, it was oddly very comforting that her mother wasn’t flipping out at the whole situation. The older feline held her daughter for a long time, though her mind was reeling. Eventually, she slid back and put her hands on Lyra’s shoulders, looking her in the eyes.

“Why don’t you take your laundry down to the washer while I finish dinner, hmm? I… well, I think it might be best if I talk to your father after we eat, and we’ll figure all this out, alright?”

Lyra nodded quietly, her ears perking a little. This might not be a complete crash and burn. She got up, and was about to get her laundry bin, when she saw her sheets and had her mom help her strip those off. She put on some sweats over her diaper before scurrying down to the laundry room, her mom smirked a little as the fringe on the diaper still poked up above the back.

Lyra’s father arrived home shortly before dinner, but Lyra didn’t see him until the meal itself. True to her word, just before dinner, Lyra’s mother found her, and she let out a little yelp as she tugged on her sweats to check her diaper. Lyra blushed her way through it, but didn’t rebuke her mother for it. During the meal, the girl’s fuzzy parents exchanged a few nervous glances, but said nothing, though it was quite clear that Lyra’s mother had said something to her father before dinner, but it wasn’t clear what. The meal passed in relative calm, though, and afterwards Lyra’s mother shooed her away.

“Why don’t you go work on your homework, honey, while your father and I take care of cleaning the kitchen?”

Lyra got up, and thinking on it a moment, she walked over and gave her mom another hug, and kissed her dad on the head. She left quietly after that, crinkling and heading up to her room, going right for the diary.

[I]-- Your mom is checking you like a toddler and thinks she needs too. Dice have been thrown, you owe me.

Sincerely, you.[/I]

Downstairs she could hear her parent’s voices as they talked, but neither one got loud enough to actually make out. After about an hour and a half, the front door opened and closed, and the sound of a car engine firing up and going away from the house could be heard. A few minutes later, her mother’s voice called out from downstairs.

“Lyra, honey? Can you come down?”

Lyra had been sitting worried in her room. She had taken her pacifier once again to help with her nerves and hearing her mother, she got off her bed and slowly went down to join her mom.

“Yes mommy?”

The elder was sitting on the couch, a little smile on her face, and she waved her daughter over. “C’mere, honey, I just want to talk.” and as Lyra got closer, she suddenly found herself pulled onto her mother’s lap, arms around her waist, like a small child.

“I spoke to your father about some thoughts I’ve been having, dear, and we’ve come to a decision,” her mother said, reaching for something sitting on the table beside the couch. Lyra looked confused a moment as her mother produced a baby bottle of milk. It was small, and she vaguely remembered that bottle having belonged to her, years and years ago. “Found this in the back of the cupboard,” she explained. It seemed unreal, shocking, but her mother kept on. “We just want you to be happy kitten. If this is what it takes… so be it. Your father is going out to pick up some more ‘supplies’ and we’ll make arrangements with the school.”

Lyra’s mouth hung open, almost unable to believe what she was hearing. Her mother took the opportunity to plant the bottle in her open maw. Lyra let out a slight meep, going cross-eyed to look at the bottle, and her mother just smiled and looked at her expectantly. There was hesitation, but she worked her jaw a little, it was just like her pacifier, only this nipple was very small. Slowly milk dribbled out.

Her mother purred, leaning her daughter back and cuddling her close. “That’s my kitten. Finish your bah bah and we’ll get you changed for bed,” she said with a warm lick to Lyra’s head. Lyra looked up at her mother, before quickly blushing and looking away. This had to be it. This was everything the other her wanted. Lyra kept rhythmically nursing on the bottle, her mind reeling. As she felt the warmth and rumbling purr of her mother, her eyes slowly started to lilt close. The last thing Lyra remembered before falling asleep in her mother’s arms, was a wet warmth in her diaper.

There was nothing for a while, just sleep. Sleep more peaceful then Lyra could really remember having. It was her mother’s voice that pulled her out of it.

“Lyra?! Honey! Are you okay? Is everything alright?!” As she came to her senses, Lyra was staring at the inside of their car, which appeared to be sitting in a parking lot, with her mother’s hand patting at her cheek.

Being pulled to a completely different place, and the obvious worry of her mother, she blinked and shook herself, hugging her mom.

“I’m back,” she said, in a muted whimper, happy that it had happened as quickly as it had.
Confused, her mother could do nothing but return the hug, patting her daughter on the back and trying to comfort her.

“You were dead asleep hun… and it seems you had an accident,” her mother said, looking a bit worried about her daughter. Perhaps this was more than just a sleep issue.

“I…” Lyra tried to stammer an explanation, but her mother just seemed to wave it off. “I think I have a track jacket in the trunk. We’ll cover this up,” she said. Lyra soon found herself walking into the medical offices once more. Her mother had managed to fish out the jacket and she was wearing it tied tightly around her waist to try and hide what had been another accident that day. Her mind was a little foggy, but it seemed like she’d only been gone maybe 6 or 7 hours… it was the shortest amount of time she’d been in the furry world. In just those few hours, the other Lyra was now a baby… being bottle fed, changed, and tucked in to
sleep. Godspeed to her, now Lyra just had to work to avoid a similar fate.

The appointment was in many respects similar. After more poking and prodding by a doctor who looked less like a Japanese monster movie villain, Lyra was sent home with “Monitor your sleep with this little headband and come back in a month,” for their troubles. Lyra had gone through the motions. She knew why she wasn’t sleeping, she wasn’t about to tell anyone in this particular world though. Her mother briefly tried to bring up her accidents, but Lyra was quick to start coughing and explain to the doctor it was nothing, just a bit of stress, nothing needed to be prescribed or worried about.

“Hun, I don’t want you staying up late tonight. Let’s have a light dinner, and then get to bed early. Okay?”

“Okay…” Lyra nodded, willing to agree to get her mom off her case. Lyra was both comforted and afraid by how caring her mother could be. She knew from experience that her mother had it in her to take her back to a much younger age should she wish it… which the real here did not.

Over the following days, Lyra’s sleep did not improve much, but… her accidents started to stop. By Wednesday, she woke up dry, and repeated the same on Thursday and Friday. Her sleep got a little better after that. Another week went by and she stopped setting her nightly alarm, able to sleep a whole night without wetting the bed. She was zealous in forming a routine. Making sure to go light on liquids after 6, and always use the bathroom before she lay down. Nearly two weeks after the doctor’s visit, she was almost feeling herself again. She hadn’t gone back to the furry world, she’d only had one night time accident, and she was starting to get hopeful that the whole thing was behind her. Maybe after she’d successfully gotten the other Lyra what she wanted, the task was complete and things went back to normal. She could just write the whole thing off as a bad dream.

All that changed though, all it took was one morning.

Sitting up in her bed, Lyra yawned happily…. but something was wrong. She sat up to a vaguely familiar wetness, and felt something drop to her lap as she sat up. Her smile quickly faded. “I’m back?” she said, suddenly losing the good feeling of a full night’s sleep. She threw off her covers and found her midsection wrapped in a thick disposable diaper. Her hand gave it a gentle pat to confirm her fears. It was wet.

“Why am I here again?” she asked herself, but then, the pit of her stomach dropped as she realized that the hand patting at her diaper was hers. It was a human hand. Not a furry one. “No….” she whispered. Slowly, Lyra brought the hand up in front of her face and inspected it. She was human. She wasn’t the furry Lyra. Something was very very wrong. Getting up and out of bed, Lyra crinkled over to her cell phone, hand shaking as she held it up.

It was 6:30am, Friday … but that didn’t make sense. She’d gone to bed Monday of last week. What had happened in two weeks?

Lyra couldn’t find her diary fast enough. Pillow and comforter flung to the floor.


I’m selfish, I know, but maybe you’ll understand some day. You really helped me. The last few weeks have been the best ever. But… I realized something. Apparently you’ve been trying hard on your end to undo what you helped bring in mine. You gave me the courage to take destiny into my own hands. You may not like this, but I’m going to push my agenda. I’ll get our worlds back in sync.


Lyra didn’t even realize she’d taken the pacifier that she’d woken up with and stuck it in her mouth. She needed something to calm her. She was shaking all over. Was this how the other her had felt when Lyra had visited? It felt like she’d been cheated of her time with someone else driving her around.

Oddly, as she thought about it, she realized she could remember. There were memories, but they weren’t hers, not totally. They were things she’d done, but also things she hadn’t remembered doing. It must have been the same when things were reversed. She remembered laying in bed, purposefully peeing herself and then going to her mom and fake crying. She remembered getting online and blowing her savings on an assortment of things for an overgrown toddler. She even remembered putting a CD in her alarm radio. Lyra spun around and popped the disk top of her alarm clock.

Sure enough, there was a CD in there, the words ‘Real Lyra’ written in sharpie marker with her own handwriting. She checked the settings. It was playing at 2am. This was how the other Lyra had trained herself for accidents. She knew it now. She was sure of it. Turning back to the diary, Lyra flipped the page. The next entry was last Saturday.

[I]We’re bedwetting again. Hopefully this means I will be in my world too. I’m sorry me, but… I love this too much, I want to add permanency to it. Hopefully, by the time you read this, I’ll have done a good job wrecking our potty training. Its okay, diapers are great. I love being a kitten. You should see my room in my world.

Love, you.[/I]

Lyra pushed the diary off her bed, suddenly wanting to be away from it. It wasn’t her, it was wrong, it was a death sentence. How? How could the other her even think of doing this?!

Memories were there for her to search. Wetting the bed every night, doing almost exactly what she’d done for the furry her, telling her mom, goading her into believing this was a problem with one cure… telling Gypsum, finding her friend accepting her not as a best friend, but almost a baby sister. Lyra shook her head, trying to clear it. She lifted up her nightshirt once more, looking at her diaper. It was large, childish, and had a colorful top and four tapes on the side. It was a fetish object, you couldn’t get these at the pharmacy.

Lyra flopped on the floor, immediately finding an open diary page and writing in big bold letters: “STOP IT. I’M NOT A BABY. I AM A TEENAGER. I DO NOT WANT DIAPERS. STAY IN YOUR OWN WORLD NOW.” She dotted her period so hard at the end of the sentence that she punctured through the paper.

She was going to fix this. She would find a way.

“Hun, are you up? You’re going to be late for school, do you need me to change you?” her mother asked from behind the door. Lyra blushed, this would take some work.