The diary of an adult baby (TO BE REWRITTEN)

Hey guys, this is my first ABDL-story I write, so I hope you enjoy it. The idea is that this will be about the daily life of an adult baby and his partner, who is also an adult baby, in a world where this is, not normal, but “socially allowed”. Because it is supposed to be a diary, I have no idea yet just how far or long i will take this, or how regularly I will update it. This story is set in the UK, but as I am not actually British myself, I apologise in advance for making any mistakes towards the culture, and I am eager to accept your advice. Finally, let me make it very clear that this is NOT real, it is fiction. Anyway, here we go:

Chapter 1: How it all began

Dear diary,

My name is James Bates, but you can call me Jim. I am currently a thirteen year old boy, living alone with my mother, in London. These are just the basic facts, but there is something about me that I have never told anyone, because it is something that society still regards as unnatural and weird, and to be honest, it really is kinda weird. It is something that I struggle to understand myself, but it is there, and I doubt that it will ever leave. You see, I would like to be a baby again. There! I said it. I want to go back to those simple times, when I literally didn’t have to worry about anything, not even peeing. I don’t know how this started, or why I want this, but I do.

So some months ago, I decided to see what Google could tell me about this. I do not remember what exactly I was trying to find, or how I got there, but in the end I came across the term Adult Baby, so I googled that. Long story short, I found out about the existence of an entire community of people just like me, who wanted to be kids again. In the days and weeks that followed, I kept looking it up, and I even registered on an online forum. All of this made me realise that I wasn’t alone in this, and that it may not be that weird after all.

Soon after, I began searching the house for old baby items from when I actually was a baby, and I collected a couple of old pacifiers, some bibs, and even some old diapers that miraculously still fitted me. I started using these items, being very carefull to keep everything hidden from my mother, as I didn’t know how she would react. After a couple of weeks, I even went a step further: I bought a new baby bottle. It was weird, buying something that is supposed to be used by kids that have not even celebrated their first birthday yet, knowing it would be purely FOR MYSELF. But I did it anyway. For some time, I used these items like any baby would, and it made me happy. I hid all this in a bag under my bed, believing it to be a secure hidding place.

But one afternoon, when I got home from school, my mother was sitting at the table, waiting for me. She said she wanted to talk to me. I had no idea what this was about, but everything about her, her face, her posture, and her voice, told me this was serious. “I went to clean your room today, and I found a bag under your bed, filled with baby paraphernalia, and I was wondering what meaning these have to you?” She said. She did not look angry though. Just kind, and a little concerned. So I knew that it was safe to tell her. I didn’t have much choice anyway. So I told her everything. I told her how I wanted to be a baby again, and how I had tried to emulate that feeling. I even told her how hard I had been trying to keep it hidden from her, because I was afraid of her reaction.

When I was done talking, she remained silent for a while. It was probably only a couple of minutes, but it felt like an hour. When she finally spoke, she said “If you really, sincerely, wish to be a baby, then you can be a baby.” This stumped me for a second. Was she serious? “really?” I asked. She said “Yes, if that is what will make you happy, then I see no reason not to. It is not like I can stop you anyway, is it?” I did not know how to react. Luckily, I didn’t really need to either, because she started talking about getting my old crib from the attic, and setting it up in her room, so she would be able to keep an eye on her baby. Having done that, we also brought down the old changing table, and set that up as well. It turned out we even had two packs of diapers left. “Those will have to do untill we can get you some bigger diapers.” That evening, mom spoonfed me my dinner, and then gave me a bottle of milk. Wearing one of my old diapers, I almost fell asleep lying against her in the couch, sucking my pacifier. She then said “Time for bed little one!” She lead me upstairs, and proceeded to give me a bath. After that, she put another diaper on me, put on my most babyish looking pyjama’s, and put me in my crib with a pacifier and Booboo, my favorite stuffie. That night, I slept like a baby!

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While this may seen minor, skipping a line every time a different person speaks makes it a lot easier to keep track of who is speaking. Also, I know that this is a point that has been done to death, but: Spell checker. (e.g. There are two L’s in both “really”, “actually” and “literally”, and the first person pronoun “I” is always capitalised.)

As for the story, it is an OK beginning, but I had a little trouble reconciling your description of ABDL being “socially allowed” from the introduction with the description from the story itself of it being “something that society still regards as unnatural and weird”. Those two descriptions seem to be a bit at odds with each other. (Not that this affects the actual story, but it made me go “hmm”.)

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[QUOTE=gummybear;68358]While this may seen minor, skipping a line every time a different person speaks makes it a lot easier to keep track of who is speaking. Also, I know that this is a point that has been done to death, but: Spell checker. (e.g. There are two L’s in both “really”, “actually” and “literally”, and the first person pronoun “I” is always capitalised.)

As for the story, it is an OK beginning, but I had a little trouble reconciling your description of ABDL being “socially allowed” from the introduction with the description from the story itself of it being “something that society still regards as unnatural and weird”. Those two descriptions seem to be a bit at odds with each other. (Not that this affects the actual story, but it made me go “hmm”.)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for replying. Now for that “inconsistency” in that description, there is a very simple explaination: this part of the story is before it became acceptable. And sorry about the spelling, i will keep it in mind.

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Hey guys, thanks for reading my story! I know this chapter is not very good, but I do find it necessary. I promise the other chapters will be better.

Chapter 2: Shopping

Dear diary,

In the following days, mom proceeded to make a list of all the items we still needed, or that we had to buy again because what we had was either too old or too small. That weekend, we went shopping. First we went to the local Tesco’s. We quickly gathered the other stuff we needed, and then continued to the baby aisle. Mommy told me to go choose some pacifiers, while she went for diapers. I picked out a nice purple paci from MAM. It was meant for kids over 16 months, which technicly, I am! I also found a set of two red NUK paci’s for kids between 18 and 36 months. Lastly, I also picked a pair of Avent night-time pacifiers, this time for 6 to 18 months. It was the biggest size they had.

When I got back to mom, she had picked up two packs of Pampers Cruisers, size 7, and also a couple of packs of pull ups, just to be sure I would fit them. As we proceeded, mom also got a pacifier clip for me, to fix my paci to my clothes. We then went on to the bottles. Mom picked up a starter set of Avent bottles. As we got to the baby food, she asked me if I had any idea just how young or old I wanted to be. “Well, I haven’t really thought about that,” I said, “but I know that I want to be a baby.” I know this is not a very precise answer, but it was the best I could do. Being the brilliant mother that she is, she then suggested: “Shall we decide item by item then?” I agreed, and we decided that we would do both spoon- and bottlefeeding, so we bought two packs, each containing in turn two cans of baby food. We also got soft spoons and some bibs. Although these are not necessarily for babies, we decided it would be best to also bring both a sippy cup, and a potty, in case I wanted to try it out. Finally, we got to the toys. Mommy told me I was allowed to choose three toys. She explained that we still had plenty of toys at home, so there was really no need for more. I chose a set of rattles, which apparently only counted as one, some sort of an activity learning cube, and one of those fit-the-pieces puzzle game.

When we left Tesco, I told mom that the diaper I had been wearing, was on the brink of leakage, so we decided to go home first. At home, we first brought everything inside, and then mom changed me into one of the new diapers. We realised the Pampers might be a little too tight for everyday wearing, so we decided to only use those at night. So I put on one of the pull ups instead. After putting everything were it now belonged, mom asked me if I thought we could continue with the baby furniture we already had, or if we needed to get a new, bigger, one. I said: “The crib works, but I don’t think it would be comfortable to use it every night. The highchair still does the job, but I can’t get in or out of it without taking of the tray, so the question is if that is worth it. Then again, I suppose that goes for every highchair. The playpen stillworks perfectly though. The changing table sure seems big and strong enough to use, but we might need to get a new changing pad.” After some delibaration, we then decided to keep the playpen, changing table, and the highchair, but to go get a bigger crib, and a new changing pad, after lunch.

Lunch was simple: mommy made me a sandwich, and cut it into small pieces. She then fed me one piece at a time, while I was in my highchair wearing a bib, like a real baby. She then put me in the playpen while she had lunch of her one. After a quick diaper change, we were then of to the other shop, which was dedicated specialy to the caring for babies. Once there, it didn’t take that long to choose, as the selection of cribs that were big enough to fit me comfortably was not that big, and the selection of cribs that could fit me, AND that looked good was even smaller. Eventually we landed on a nice big white crib that was not too expensive. But we then realized that we also needed a new crab matress, and other crib bedding. So we got all that along with the crib and the new changing pad.

Back at home, we first decided to make my room into a proper nursery with everything we bought today. After a couple of hours work, my old bed was relocated to the attic, where my old crib used to be untill this week, and my room looked like it was outfitted for a 9 month-old. Which in a way, of course, it was. We had decided to keep the old crib in my mothers room, so I could use it if I so chose. After all that I needed a change, which reminded mom that the Pampers were not optimal for everyday wearing. Because they were meant for potty training, we found the pull ups more difficult to change, so we decided we needed something better. As we were not going out of the house anymore today, mom put me into a Pampers anyway, and then went online to find better diapers, leaving me in my playpen. It did not take long for her to come across some good Adult Baby diaper companies, and she ordered a bag of several brands, in order to compare, and make a choice later. When dinnertime came, I was again strapped into the highchair, and, to make sure I had eaten enough, I was first given a smaller portion of the “adult” dish, although still with a spoon. After that, mommy spoonfed me one of the cans of babyfood. I then had to stay in the chair untill she was done eating. We spend the rest of the night watching TV. Around eight PM, mom gave me one more bottle of milk, and then prepared me to spend the night in my new crib. By the end of the weekend, though it was clear that we still had to work out the details, I was effectively a baby.

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Hey folk! If you are still here, i can only assume that you like it. BTW guys, please don’t think i have anything against nerds, because i don’t! I mean, i AM a nerd myself!!! Here we go:

Chapter 3: School

Dear diary,

Over a year has passed since my last entry. In that time mom and I developed a system to combine the baby lifestyle with our everyday life. At school, I am my regular teen self, without paci, bottle, or even diapers. When I get home from school, mom is usually still at work, so I put on a pull up, put my paci in my mouth, and take my sippy cup up to my room to make my homework. When mom gets home, she changes me into an actual diaper, and feeds me a bottle of milk. Then she puts me in the playpen, while she makes dinner. For dinner, I eat the same as mom, in order to get sufficient nutrition, but she does spoonfeed me. After dinner, we usually sit in the couch, reading or watching TV. By eight PM, mommy feeds me another bottle of milk, and then prepares me for the night.

The next morning, she wakes me to feed me another bottle, and then changes me. Not into another diaper, but into my regular teen self. I then get some quick breakfast, and go to school. And we pretty much repeat that cycle every day. Except during the weekends. I am usually allowed to be a baby all weekend. But what with my friends and family? My close family, like my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and an couple of my mothers friends, know about this, and they just play allong. They find it adorable! And rest just doesn’t get invited at home. My own friends do not know about this. I would like to keep it that way, so I am very carefull to keep them from finding out. What about the girls? Fourteen is supposed to be the age one starts being romantic, but not for me. I honestly don’t care much for girls, and I’m not planning for that to change.

Anyway, something intersting happened at school today. In English class, we each had to do a presentation about anything we wanted. I myself spoke about the Uomo Universale, Leonardo da Vinci. It went great, but that is not what I want to talk about. One of the others who was on today, was a girl called Clara Klein. While she is a nice enough person, being always very kind and polite, but she is one of those people who is only satisfied with the very best, and cries if she gets any less. Believe it or not, she actually did her presentation about ABDL.

She started by explaining how there are people out there that who need to go back to their childhood. She told us how these people suck on pacifiers and wet diapers, and even play with toys. When we all pretty much understood what it is, though of course I already knew, she tried to explain why these people are like this, and what makes them feel like that. Up untill that point, I thought she was doing a pretty good job. She was a little bit superficial, but that’s okay, as we didn’t get that much time for our presentation. But then, she went on to explain to us all why ABDL is a bad thing, and why it needs to be stopped!

She told us that most of these people have had a traumatic experience, and regress because they lack any good coping mechanism. She also tried to convince us all that the practice is gross, and very bad for the environment, due to all those diapers. She even said that adult babies are pedophiles who should be imprisoned! Now as I am of course a member of this community, I know a thing or two about the subject, and I could have debunked all of her arguments. The problem is that I wanted to avoid awkward questions about how I could know all of that, and why I cared so much. Do you see the problem I faced? So I just said nothing, while Clara went on breaking down the community. So I can only hope now that the topic will not come up again, because I will not be able to avoid it for ever. Before today however, I never knew that Clara Klein was such a bitch!

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I see you’ve managed to root out the typos. This is good. Another thing you should also avoid is mixing tenses. Don’t mix the present tense and the past tense. It makes the text very confusing for the reader.

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My biggest hesitation with this story is that it doesn’t read much like a diary. If it were a straight narrative that the protagonist were telling to another person, it would be fine, but it feels like there’s too much straight exposition for a real diary. Most people use diaries or journals to record how they felt about things or specific details, rather than just “here’s what happened today.” Or, you might use a diary entry as a construct where the protagonist writes to the diary like it’s another person, but there should still be more self-awareness or self-consciousness of what they’re doing in that case. The switching tenses is part of the problem, too.

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Right, i will look out for the tenses. Thanks for replying!

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Yes, i should clear this up (this might be confusing): even though it is called “diary”, and i start every chapter with “dear diary”, it’s not supposed to realy be a diary. You should not imagin Jim Bates sitting at his desk writing all of this in his diary. The whole diary-idea is just a way for me to present the story. But i always meant it to be more of a first person narrator telling the story, almost in real time, rather then writing about his thoughts after the fact. To me, a diary felt like the perfect way to combine telling the “real time” story with the more long term explanations. I also thing another reason i dont focus on feelings that much, is because i myself am a very stoic kind of guy, and i am also not that good at psychology and stuff like that, so to me, imagining other peoples feelings does not come naturaly. But i will certainly keep it in mind, and try my best to add the emotional side none the less. And thank you very much for reading and replying, i realy apreciate it!

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Hello there! It’s been a while, even though in the story it has only been a couple of days. Now i am aware that those first couple of chapters have been nothing like what i promised in the beginning, but we are getting there. I just feel like those chapters are necessary, because it is where everything comes from. Anyway, if anyone is still following this story, let us continue:

Chapter 4: Revelations

Dear diary,

I was wrong. Something happened for me to change my opinion. But let me start at the beginning. In the past year, I have built up a rather large collection of pacifiers of all brands, colors and kinds. This morning, my mom told me that she had seen that our local Tesco’s now had a new collection of NUKs, and she thought I would like them. As the choice had been pretty big, she hadn’t known which one to buy, so instead, she gave me money to go buy one myself after school. So fast forward a couple of hours. When school was over, I went on my way home, alone, as usual, and hopped in to Tesco’s.

I went straight to the baby aisle, where the pacifiers were. I was excited to see that there were indeed a number of designs I had not seen yet. There were abstract designs with lines and circles, but also ones with cute animals and cartoon characters on them. Since their recent merging with Bibi, NUK had also started to produce the classic “I love mama” designs, that used to be Bibi’s staple. Now because I am a rather old baby, I know I was going to get a pacifier of the biggest possible size, but just for the hell of it, I decided to have a look at the smaller ones as well, because they often have unique designs. They were so awesome that for a second I actually considered getting one. Then I moved on to the bigger ones. When I found out that NUK had now also started to produce the horoscope designs Bibi used to make, I knew instantly what I would get. Although I do not believe in astrology, I am very fascinated by it, so I located the biggest size of the horoscopes, picked out the one with my own constellation, and without further ado, went on my way to pay.

Unbeknownst to me, when I joined the cue, Clara Klein entered the store. At this point, neither of us know the other was there, let alone why. While I waited patiently for my turn, Clara went to choose what she would buy. I never knew when exactly she joined the line, but by the time I was done paying, she was at the end of that very same cue. As I was leaving, our eyes met. Naturally, we both looked at the items the other was buying. When I looked into her eyes again, I saw an expression of uther suprise. After a quick stuttering “Hey”, I rushed to the exit. On my way out, I started pondering what just happened. Clara had definitly seen the pacifier, and there was no explanation as to why I would be buying one. Given her presentation some days ago, I knew she knew about ABDL, and I could not risk the possibility that she might suspect the truth.

But before I could put together a good excuse, I realised she had been buying a pacifier as well. Now I cannot say I know everything about Clara, but I think I know her enough to know that she too had no immediate reason to buy a pacifier. Of course it was possible that she was buying it for a child in her family, that I wouldn’t know about, but there had been something weird about her face when she saw me. She had been suprised when she saw me, almost scared. So I decided to wait for her. We needed to talk.

When she came out, I went to her and said “We need to talk”. “I think we do.” She said. So we started walking. Without having the faintest idea where we were going, without even discussing it, we just walked. We quickly found ourselves walking towards the park, so we collectivelly decided to go there. We didn’t really notice though. I was too busy trying to figure out what to say, and I assume she was as well. Finally I said “So. I noticed you bought a pacifier”. Perhaps she had a good explanation? Her face turned more red then I had ever seen it. With a hint of embarassement on her face, she started to stutter. “Take your time”, I said. She started talking, slowly. “Alright then. There’s no point pretending is there? It’s for myself” she said. Turns out she had been in the same situation as me.

So we talked. She told me she had felt like she wanted to be a baby again for a long time. She had fantasized about wearing a nappy again, and using a pacifier. She had tried sucking on her thumb, but she felt it just wasn’t the same. She was on the brink of crying. So I comforted her. I first told her it was not a bad thing, and that I felt that way too. I would have told her she wasn’t alone, but she already knew that. So I asked “What was that presentation all about then?” She told me “Oh. That was more for myself then for the others”. She had been trying to convince herself that this was wrong, but clearly, it hadn’t worked. I asked why she thought it was a bad thing. As it turns out, Clara was raised in a very conservative household, and though she had not asked them yet, she knew what her parents would think about it, so she hadn’t been brave enough. I had completely misjudged Clara, and I intended to make it right. “Tell you what, you should come over this afternoon. Call your parents, and tell them you’ll be studying at my place today. Then, we will be babies together for a bit. And then you can decide what to do. Deal?” She agreed, and we then took the bus to my house.

When we got there, mom was already home, so I explained what happened. Mom quickly agreed to have another baby today, and so we changed. First I was put in a nappy, I got to wear a onesie, and then mom put me in the playpen with my new pacifier. Then, it was Clara’s turn. Naturally, she was a little embarrassed for being changed into baby gear by my mother, but we assured her that she would be taken care of. When I told her that being partly nude is part of being a baby, and that she had to see it from that point of view, she relaxed. What followed was a lovely afternoon, in which I basicly taught Clara how to be a baby, while mom took care of us. By the end of the afternoon, Clara decided to go home, so we changed her back into her regular teen self. Just before she left, I asked her one more thing: “Do you still think being a baby is a bad thing?” “How could I?” Was her reply.

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Hey guys! I know its been a while, but here is another chapter. Now i know that this is nothing like what i promised, but hang in there, i promise we’re almost there. I just think it is important to include these chapters, because this is how it began. Also, please let me know what you guys think. I want to know, so i can learn and improve. Anyway, here we go:

Chapter 5: Confrontation

Dear diary,

In the weeks that followed this revelation, Clara and I became very close friends. At school, we often just hang out together, talking about life as a baby. Of course, people don’t know what we talk about, so many people have started to think that we are a couple, which we are not. But as we had no intention to tell them the truth, and this rumour actually justifies why we are together so much, we didn’t bother correcting them. Clara now came by my home for babytime regularly, and she even had her own pacifier, bottle, and even some onesies there. One thing still bothered me though.

“Have you told your parents yet?” I asked her one afternoon. We were sitting in my nursery for playtime. We had finished our homework hours ago, and were now playing with blocks. “Not yet.” She said nervously. “I’m scared, Jim. What if they don’t understand? What if they want me to give it up?” I knew what she meant. Her parents were extremely conservative, and they were known to be opposed to anything that deviated from their norm, and wanting to be a baby very much did. “They probably will, but they need to understand that this is who you are, and that there is nothing wrong with that.” I replied. This didn’t seem to comfort her very much. The fear in her eyes was obvious, and I even noticed her picking up a teddybear. “Clara, you will have to tell them sooner or later. If you don’t, you will have to hide it for the rest of your life. You will be living a lie.” I told her. I knew how scared Clara was about telling her parents, but I also knew that not telling them was a bad idea.

Looking at her face, I saw the girl who had, over the past weeks, become my best friend. In the course of a couple of days, she had told me so much about herself, without much hesitation. When our eyes met, I realised that Clara had opened her soul for me, and that I had helped her to accept herself. That is when it hit me. “Do you want me to come with you?” I asked. “What do you mean?” She replied. “Tell you what, tomorow, after school, we go to your parents together, and we tell them.” I explained. Clara would not be able to do this without me, and I was determined to make this work, one way or the other.

And so we did. When school was out, we went on our way together as always, only this time, we were not going to my house, but hers. Mr. Klein was not an agressive man, and I knew that he had nothing to say about me, but still, I couldn’t help being nervous. This had been my idea, and I had insisted upon it, even though I knew Clara did not like this. I was scared for Clara. What if this went wrong? What if he forced Clara to quit? What if he made this public? This was a big risk, but I knew we had to take it. If we didn’t, we would never be able to live an honest life. When we got there, Clara left me in the sofa, while she went to get her family. Of course my presence was questioned, but I could only say that I was merely there for moral support. “I know what this is about. You’re in love, arent you? Well, it’s not going to happen. You are far too young, and …” Mr. Klein began, but I stopped him, and said simply “We are not a couple Mr. Klein. I am just here to help.”

When everyone was finally settled, I urged Clara to speak up. She started to speak, but all that came out was nervous stuttering that didn’t make any sense. “Slowly dear. Take your time.” Mrs. Klein said kindly. Clara then began talking. Slowly but surely, she told them everything. She told them how she had always felt the wish, even the need, to be a baby again. She spoke of how she had met me, and she had accepted it. Her dad had sat there all the time, showing clearly how he disagreed, but at least showing the respect of letting her talk. But then, he cracked. He spoke up with an angry voice, yelling about how this was unnatural, and that he would not allow his daughter to be so dispicable.

Meanwhile, Clara was just sitting there, terrified of her own father. I had to say something. “With all due respect sir, she’s not doing anything wrong.” I said. I managed to stay calm, but I was furious with him. He had not the faintest idea what he was condemning, yet he opposed it as if it was a mortal sin. “Excuse me? How DARE you …” He began, but I stopped him. “She is not harming anyone by wanting to be a baby, sir. Everyone needs something to calm their nerves, and for your daughter, it’s being a baby. How would you feel if I told you your cigarette was something disgusting, evil even?” I asked him. “Why, I would tell you you were being ridiculous!” He replied, and before he got the chance to continue, I went on. “Well the exact same thing goes for this. This is part of your daughter, and it will not go away, so you will need to accept that! Whether you like it or not.”

It didn’t shut him up for long. “My daughter has had her time as a baby, and it is gone now! She will have to find something else, something more apropriate, because I am not going to do it all again!” He said angrily. He was not giving in, but I felt we were making progress. “Nobody is asking you to, sir. All we ask, is to accept it. Can you please do that? For your daughter?” I said calmly. This is it. If he said no, there was nothing left to say, but that he would have to, because his daughter was not going to change. He did not seem likely to accept, but before he got the chance to say anything, Mrs. Klein spoke. “Of course we can. You will always be our little girl.” She was speaking directly to Clara, beckoning her for a hug. As she took Clara in her arms and started craddling her, Mr. Klein just looked at them. First he looked furious, and like he wanted to forbid his wive to do this. But then he seemed to change his mind, and he just said “Allright then. If you must. But I am not changing diapers!” And the Mrs. said “Don’t worry dear, I’ll do it.”

I felt that my work was done, so I decided to just leave quietly. As I made my way to the door however, her dad joined me, to walk me to the door. Evidently, he wanted to see me leave with his own eyes. When I was outside, I turned around. “I just want to thank you for accepting her, Mr. Klein.” I said. I meant it. “Please, call me Peter, kid.” He replied. At that moment, I thought I could almost see him surpress a smile. I awkwardly smiled, and as I turned around to leave, he spoke agian. “Are you sure you two are not a couple?” I laughted. This was unexpected. I told him “No sir, we are nothing but good friends.” He replied “Because I wouldn’t mind if you were. You’re a good kid. Not many people have managed to change my mind, but you did it. I think you will make it, boy.” And with that, he closed the door.

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Okay, i know this story is nothing like i promised it to be, but just hang in there. This is just the origins of how it all came to be. I just need like two more chapters to really get to that point. Anyway, everything is about to change.

Chapter 6: Change

Dear diary,

It’s been a while since my last entry, and things have really changed. Clara and I have been a couple for about two years now, but there is more. Last year, the BBC aired a documentary about ABDL in prime time, which means that pretty much the entire country, possibly the whole world even, has seen it. It didn’t do much at first. We had a discussion at school about the pro’s and con’s of being an adult baby, and that was the end of it. Of course, me and Clara kept ourselves on the background, terrified of accidentally giving anything away.

Only it wasn’t. After that, more documentaries came along, and it snowballed. Within two months, there were articles in newspapers and magazines about it, and interviews with adult babies. Soon, celebrities and “commoners” were coming out about being adult babies. That documentary changed something, or maybe it was just another result of a bigger change in society, but it doesn’t matter. ABDL is out of the taboo-zone. It is being talked about. People often think it’s weird, but they do think about it, and I have good hopes that soon, they will accept it too.

In fact, we talked about it in class recently, and it was obvious to me that, while they did not understand it, they wanted to. They were curious, and wanted to know more. So last week, Clara and I made a decision. Before class, we got up, and made the announcement. We told everyone that we are adult babies. As a result, the entire first term was spend talking about ABDL. We explained it and they asked questions. I’m not sure how much of those questions were out of curiosity, and how much was just to avoid learning, and I don’t care either. We talked about it, and now they know. That’s what matters.

That evening, we were summoned by the headmistress with our parents. At first, she thought we just needed psychological help, and maybe we do. But we convinced her that, regardless of psychological help, this was not something that would ever vanish, and forbidding it would only make us go underground. In the end, we made a deal. We are now allowed to wear pull ups to school, and ask the school nurse to change us. We can also use a pacifier during tests and such. We got into the habbit of bringing a stuffie to school as well, though it only comes out at recess. At lunch, we use a sippy cup as well.

The people around us are amazingly supportive. We were afraid of being bullied, but with our friends with us, they won’t do anything. Our friends often play with us, feed us even. One of my friends actually told me that thanks to us, she now knows what she wants to do for a living. She wants to have a daycare. I have even started noticing other people wearing bibs, or using pacifiers at school, and even in public. Is that because of us? Maybe. Probably not. But things are definitely changing.

Re: The diary of an adult baby

I’m not trying to be snarky or snide, but comming, decission, anouncement, Wetold, forbiding, habbit and definitly. Typos like these give the reader a bad impression of your work, regardless of the actual content. Most word processors have a spell checker. Please use it. Misspelled words are like accidental discharges with firearms: An embarrassing and avoidable thing that reflects poorly on you.

another chapter, and this is last one before the fun begins, kinda. anyway, enjoy…

Chapter 7: A new beginning

Dear diary,

It’s been two years since my last entry. I have been way too bussy with school, to write a diary. Also, in all honesty, I kind of just forgot about it. But yes, school has been an awfull lot of work. After secondary school, we started our GCSE’s. Because I’ve always been a history buff, I mainly chose subjects in that area, like history and ancient languages. Clara however, focussed on the more social subjects. She told me she wants to be a therapist, when she grows up, so it does make sense. The sad part is that this also meant that we weren’t in the same classes as much anymore, so we didn’t get to see each other as much. we only had two classes together, so at school, our time together was mainly limited to recess. But we still spend every break with our old friends, who still treat us like babies. You might have expected the urge to be a baby to have grown smaller, or even vanished, as we got older, but it really didn’t. If anything, it only grew stronger. Our friends as well, have only become more supportive over time. Not only do they feed and change us, which they have become really good at, by the way, they also walk us home, and organise real baby birthday parties for us. Sarah, my friend who said she’s going to work in a day care, even became our regular babysitter.

But it is only when we get home that we can fully be babies. After school, Clara and I usually went to either of our homes to study, after which we play. Over the years, we have both collected a good amount of baby toys to play with, but our moms, and sometimes Clara’s brother, also play real baby games like peek-a-boo with us a lot. Even her father is getting used to our infancy. He actually bought me a stuffy for my birthday last year. He still won’t let us regress further then toddler-stage though, but that is hardly the end of the world. Occasionally, our moms even take us to the playground in the park. You would think that’s weird, but we really aren’t the only children there, who have a little more experience. There’s this 20-year old girl, called Lilly, who’s really a kindergartner, and also a 40-year old guy called John, who is also a 6-month old baby. We play together in the sandbox a lot.

Unfortunately, because of our GCSE’s, there was more and more work, and less and less time to play. We got a lot of homework, and tests, and because teachers are aparently unable to communicate, we get it all at once. We had this task that was for both English and history, where we had to write an article about our favorite historic character. I wrote mine about Jonathan Armitage, earl of Rochester. Armitage was a very excentric nobleman in the 18th century, and he is known to have been the first adult baby in history. He was so rich that he was able to spend all of his time and money on baby stuff. He had an entire adult nursery built, and hired servants to take care of him, including a wetnurse to breastfeed him. His subjects hated him for it, but every adult baby envies him. My article was later published in the schools newspaper, and even made its way into a local magazine for history enthusiasts. We also did a play about William Shakespeare, which I wrote the script for. In the play, Shakespeare is suffering from a writer’s block, and desperately trying to write another play. I personally thought it was pretty good.

But after all of the hard work, came even harder work. When the final exams came along, we had to be big for a very long time, so you can imagine that when it was all over, we were babies for days on end. However, the big news today is that we graduated! The ceremony felt like I was being rewarded for five long years, and even though I knew next year will be worse, it also felt like a huge accomplishment. Unsurprisingly, my mom cried when I recieved my diploma. But enough about school. Let us look towards the future. Clara and I have both been accepted into Oxford University, where I will, obviously, be studying history, and Clara will be doing psychology. We will be away from home, so we’ll have to take care of ourselves, and because we follow different courses, we will also be in different colleges. However, Sarah is moving to Oxford as well, to become a nurse. Her goal is, as I said, to have a daycare, so she will be living with her aunt, who has a daycare where Sarah will be employed to gain experience. Though I believe she has a lot of experience already. We spoke about it, and agreed that we are allowed to come over there to be cared for as well. The future is looking bright.

More in the immediate future, is our journey to Crete. This summer, we are going to Crete with the gang. The gang being of course Clara, myself, Sarah, my best friend Robin, and his boyfriend Simon. This will be our first vacation together, and without our parents, so it’s pretty exciting. We have rented a little holiday home just outside the town of Zaros, and we’ll get a rental car as well, so we’ll be in the middle of nowhere, so we can relax, but simultaneously we’ll be close to all the big atractions, so we are free to do whatever we want. I know the ladies are more in favor of staying by the pool, but I myself think it would be an absolute shame to be in Crete and not visit anything. Needless to say, I’m already reading up on my Minoan history. Though it’s really exciting, and I’m really looking forward to all of this, it’s also scary, because things are about to change bigtime, and I won’t know what it will be like, untill I’m there experiencing it. Yes, lots of things are about to happen, and it’s very exciting.

Alright guys, i’m gonna abandon this thing, and i’m just gonna rework it. I was gonna change the “incomplete” to “abandoned”, but i cant seem to find how to do that.

I was gonna change the “incomplete” to “abandoned”, but i cant seem to find how to do that.

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