The Diapered Sky Sailor

“Come on dear let’s get you ready,” Melanie said as she led Chloe into the nursery. Since James and Melanie began treating Chloe as their adult baby, they replaced many of her normal activities with more babyish alternatives. However, the one exception to this was her flight training for a private pilot license which they insisted she continue. Today’s flight was a simple VFR cross-country. Melanie sat Chloe on the changing table and told her to sit tight. Chloe laid down while she patiently waited. She was wearing a blue baby dress with frills. Her matching onesie was supporting her sagging cloth diaper which was wetter than a spring rain shower. On her cute legs she had blue knee-high socks and her favorite patent black mary janes. While she waited she looked around admiring her nursery. It was a pastel pink with white trim and little yellow moons and stars on the ceiling. The changing table was conveniently located against the wall to the right of the door, the closet was in the wall beyond the changing table and in the corner left of the door was her crib, situated under the window. A couple minutes pasted as Melanie picked out a new outfit for Chloe. Then she changed Chloe into a fresh disposable diaper with a stuffer for the trip. “Ok time to get you dressed dear. We want you to look your best today. Come on, one, two, three, weeee!” Melanie said as she playfully lifted Chloe into the air and set her on her feet. Melanie directed Chloe toward her crib where she had laid out her outfit. Chloe froze mid-step when she saw what Melanie had in mind. Red tights, a white corset, and a sailor onesie. On the floor were a pair of cognac knee-high boots with wedge heels that Melanie had pulled out. Melanie saw the look on Chloe’s face as the little thing stood like a statue beside her. “Something wrong dear?” Melanie asked. Her gentle hand pressed into the rear of Chloe’s diaper, coaxing her towards the crib.

“Do I have to wear this?” Chloe asked.

“Yes,” Melanie said calmly as she began undressing Chloe.

“But I will look ridiculous!”

“Don’t be silly, you will be adorable. Mommy’s little sky sailor!”

Chloe had not had lunch yet and she could see why as she felt the corset cinch her waist. “Ugh, that’s too tight,” Chloe complained.

“Stop whining and help me pull,” Melanie replied.

Chloe squeaked as Melanie put her foot to Chloe’s back and yanked the last inch out of Chloe’s waist. Then came the red tights and onesie. The onesie was white with a blue collar and skirt, and a red ribbon tied below the neck. Melanie did Chloe’s make up and hair, finishing off with another big red bow in the back. She stood there looking at herself in the mirror thinking she looked like she stepped out of a comic book. “Well Mommy has somebody looking her cutest this morning,” James said walking into the nursery, “Ready to go fly sweetie?”

“No, I don’t wanna wear this,” Chloe replied.

“Stop whining. I am not going to tell you again,” Melanie said sternly.

“But people will know I’m wearing a diaper! Why can’t I just wear jeans?” she continued to pout, stamping her heels.

“Fine, maybe people should see how much of a baby you are!” Melanie replied with frustration, “Dear, can you get her mittens on?”

“Sure,” James said, grabbing Chloe’s mittens from a shelf under the changing table. They were pink with straps at the wrists and locks to keep them in place. James grabbed each of Chloe’s hands and slipped them in their mittens, locking the straps tight. Melanie handed Chloe a baby bottle. Her mittens were fingerless with thick padding which forced her to use both hands to hold the bottle. “Drink up! If that isn’t finished when we get to the airport I’m dumping it in your diaper,” she said as she grabbed their purses. Then Chloe felt as a strong hand slid under her padded bottom and hoisted her into James’ arms. She was barely 5’9”, and even with the advantage of her heels, they towered above her at over 6’2” each. She was also very light so James frequently carried her like a toddler, her legs dangling around his waist. He carried her out to the van and buckled her into her car seat. They packed a couple of things in the trunk then James and Melanie got in and they drove to the airport. Chloe did not want to start her flight with a wet diaper, so she drank her bottle as fast as she could. The ride to the airport took about thirty minutes. When they got there, the motor on Chloe’s door began to whine as it slid open with Melanie standing right outside, holding a bib and jar of baby food. “Wow looks like baby was thirsty!” she said taking the bottle from Chloe. “You’re probably hungry too,” she added fastening the bib around Chloe’s neck. It was a large pink bib with a pony character on the front of it.

“No please, people will see,” Chloe pleaded. Although this fear was mostly her imagination. James had parked the car in a portion of the parking lot which had very little traffic. The only creatures which could see her were the birds foraging through the hedge running along the parking lot.

“Well that’s too bad. You decided to act like a baby,” Melanie replied. She offered the spoon again but Chloe defiantly shook her head. “Have it your way. Your going to get a bigger punishment and I’m not letting you out of your seat until you finish. Come on, here comes the airplane,” she cooed. Chloe still refused, her face red with embarrassment. She could not get out of her car seat without help because the latch was guarded by a cover which only allowed a key to release it. “Young lady, this is the last time I’m going to tell you, either eat your lunch or you are going to spend the rest of the day in that diaper, understand?” At that, Chloe nodded and relented. Melanie was intent on making this as humiliating as possible, each spoonful was accompanied by her mimicry of a plane talking to air traffic control. A couple times she pretended Chloe missed and smeared the baby food across her face or dropped some on her bib. “Just a few more bites, you’re almost there,” Melanie said as she scraped up the last of the baby food. Melanie put the empty container back in a cooler she had in the front seat and returned with another bottle. “Good girl, now finish this and then you can go fly,” she said shoving the bottle in Chloe’s mouth, “And don’t stop or whatever is left goes in your diaper.” Chloe didn’t think there was any room left in her stomach but was determined to fit it in rather than have a wet diaper for the whole flight. She sucked that bottle dry in record time and Melanie seemed pleased as she turned to fixing Chloe’s make up. Then Melanie helped her out of her car seat and started unbuttoning her onesie.

“What are you doing?” Chloe asked alarmingly.

“You keep fighting with me so this is the next part of your punishment,” Melanie said. She had Chloe face the oncoming traffic and stepped behind her. She asked James to lift up Chloe’s onesie and skirt, while she tugged on the waistband of her diaper, like she was giving a thorough diaper check. Chloe shivered and her heart melted as she felt a freezing wet paste fill the back of her diaper. Melanie had taken a container of oatmeal from the cooler and dumped all of it into her diaper! She left Chloe standing there while she put away the container, then she began resituating Chloe’s diaper and tights. James fetched a pair of locking panties from the trunk, which he had Chloe step into and Melanie secured over her tights. “You’re not big enough to use the ladies room so you’re going to wear these today to make sure you don’t try,” said Melanie. James took off Chloe’s mittens while Melanie redid her onesie and skirt, massaging the bulge in her diaper slightly to get the onesie buttoned. Chloe whimpered as she felt the mess spreading around her bottom and between her legs. “Aww, don’t cry sweetie,” Melanie said, giving her a hug, “I know it’s hard, but we have to do this so you will grow to be a good girl.” Then Melanie and handed Chloe her Rainbow Dash doll. “Here, take her with you. She will be your copilot. Good luck dear and remember you’re our diapered sky sailor,” she said.

She handed Chloe her purse and some aviator sunglasses to wear. Then they gave her hugs and kisses and sent her inside. She watched from inside the FBO as they drove off then turned her attention to her flight. The airport was a moderately large county airport. It had a single paved runway and ramp with small white hangars dotted all over. The majority of traffic was private pilots flying single and twin-engine aircraft like Cessnas and Pipers. Between the stuffer and oatmeal in her diaper, there was very little room left for her bottom. Every step was turned into a difficult decision of whether to fight her bulging diaper or slightly waddle and risk losing her balance in those heels. The oatmeal was a discomforting mass that made her feel cold and wet. She got her rental plane, a white Cessna 172 with a light blue stripe over the nose and along the side. She worked through preflight trying to ignore whether anyone was noticing. How could they not though, she thought to herself, A girl walking around dressed in a sailor onesie and carrying a stuffed animal? Her mind was running wild with exaggerated imaginations. Although her mind found some relief in that she had Rainbow to comfort her. She stopped for a few minutes to cuddle with Rainbow before bucking her into the right seat for departure. The skies were clear and the wind was calm at the airfield, so she expected the flight to be relatively easy. That was true on the way out, but on the return flight the air became turbulent. Each oscillation squished her bottom into the messy diaper. At one point she was concerned that it might force the mess to escape into her tights, but she could not dwell on that thought long. She had another problem growing. Her bladder was filling up. She had stopped at the other airport and went to the ladies room, hoping to use the toilet, but Melanie fastened those locking panties tight enough around her waist that there was no danger of them coming off. She lost another half-an-hour trying to slip them down her hips before giving up hope. Those panties were making good on her punishment and would see that her crotch stayed padded for the whole flight. Now she had been holding it over two hours, which was a lot to ask of a girl who for months had been trained to let her bladder run free. She was hoping to let it go on the drive home, but the seatbelt and turbulence were working hard against her. Her corset compressed her to the point that her bladder hardly existed let alone had room for the two bottles working through her body from earlier. Then one strong gust rocked the plane sharply and her bladder had had enough. Her body overrode her best attempt to hold it and sent a warm flood spreading through her cold diaper. The diaper absorbed it without an issue but both it and the stuffer swelled considerably, spreading her legs further apart as the diaper took over for her draining bladder.

She landed back at her home airport about three hours from when she departed and taxied to the ramp where James and Melanie were waiting. She finished her post-flight procedures then went to join them. They were happy to see her and asked how the flight went. “Okay” was the best reply she could come up with that was not a complaint. Melanie gave Chloe a diaper check, which Chloe thought was unnecessary but held her tongue. “Alright, let’s get you home so we can change that,” Melanie said.

“Wait let’s get a picture of you with your plane,” James said motioning towards the aircraft.

Chloe really wanted to get a diaper change but went along with it. James took a few pictures and swapped with Melanie. She stuck a pacifier in Chloe’s mouth and posed with her for a few more, then swapped with James again. He noticed she wasn’t smiling and tried to cheer her up. He tickled her, picked her up and encouraged her to imitate him waving at the camera for the last embarrassing pictures. Chloe took out her pacifier afterwards and handed it to Melanie. Melanie took Chloe’s hand and the trio started heading home.

James picked Chloe up when they reached the van. “You really filled that diaper didn’t you?” he asked bouncing her in his arms. She ignored him, blushing at the question. He buckled her into her car seat and put her mittens back on. When they got home, James led Chloe inside to give her the long-awaited diaper change. He changed her into her baby dress to put her down for a nap while Melanie put her clothes back in the closet. Then they both gave her a kiss and gently laid her down in her soft crib. They turned off the lights as they left the room, closing the door behind them. Chloe breathed a sigh of relief. She felt glad to be back in the safety of her crib and a dry diaper. She lay there thinking, it was a really embarrassing experience, but now that it was over, she kind of missed being the Diapered Sky Sailor.

If you made it here, thank you for reading! I’ve spent a couple months writing it and I hope you enjoyed it. This is my first ABDL story and advice is welcome! :slight_smile:

I liked the story I would love to see more however and would love if you continued it more.