The Diapered and The Dead Ch.9

The Diapered and The Dead Ch.9

As the hot sun baked the pavement outside their makeshift headquarters Winslow found himself at odds with the situation before him. Just yesterday they had set down ground rules for dealing with outsiders and new comers they might encounter going forward and Corey was sticking to protocol, only these were not outsiders, they were classmates and he had given them false hope by bringing them here only to be turned away. The mind games had Claire written all over them.

Then again this was the new world order. The world had changed drastically since the incident at the bus. Now it all came down to survival of the fittest and the supplies were only finite. Ron would probably make an excellent addition to their camp and Fran would have probably been alright were it not for her hot headedness. The other two, well that was another matter entirely.

Max was walking Zombie bait. It was truly a wonder he’d made it this far at all and as for Lily well… the camp already had enough people pissing themselves as it was. Still to turn them out like this just didn’t feel right.

“Let them prove their worth.” Winslow found himself saying as the tension between the crowd rose.

“Yeah, let them do a supply run. If they can bring back a few useful items they should be allowed to stay.” Added Dean Vidal and a few others voiced their approval of this new plan as well.

Cameron shrugged when Corey looked to him for support and Claire was pre-occupied taking Sophia in with the other girls. It was odd how she moved the traitor away so quickly as if wanting to dismiss any second guesses the new girl might suddenly have.

“Alright,” said Corey finally at ease in front of the small group of new comers. “We’ll try raiding the Sports Authority again,” he began issuing his command to the others first before looping his attention back to Ron and his small group. “They can come along or they can find someplace else to wait for help.”

Within the hour they were across the plaza and standing in front of the Sporting goods store. They were eight in all. Corey, Dean and Cameron were armed with the old rifles, they’d picked up back at the farm Winslow had never been a big fan of firearms and even now his contempt still held out. Ron, Max, Fran and Lily did what they we’re told by the others, complacent but not without contempt.

On their first day at the shopping center they’d learned a valuable lesson about the Sports Authority. On the surface it was a more suitable sanctuary than the Bed, Bath and Beyond and apparently they we’re not the only ones to think so. Everyone had noted how odd it was that this little strip of civilization had remained uninhabited after everything that had happened. They soon discovered they were not the only ones who had come to the strip seeking shelter. The previous refugee’s had in fact taken up residence in the Sports Authority only to fall victim to the outbreak most tragically.

“Alright listen up,” began Corey. “This is how things are going to work. You guys are going to each be responsible for bringing back a duffle back full of supplies.” He added “You can go in as a group but you will each have to prove your own worth here…got it?”
“Oh, we got it” replied Corey with a scowl.

“Good. We’ll be out here. When you think you’ve got enough to earn your keep you can come back and we’ll decide.”

“How do we know how much stuff to bring?” asked Max

“That’s for us to know and you to find out” answered Corey. “Just think about what you’d use for yourself and how it can best benefit the rest of us.”

“We need more camping supplies and food,” said Cameron “You know like propane stoves and protein bars and shit. You can save the exercise equipment unless you want to start using it yourself tubby.” He was smug in his remark.

“Alright,” said Fran “Let’s just get this over with.”

“Exactly” Corey stated “You can get in through the left front door. It’s locked but if you give it a good push it will come off its hinges.”

“It’s just like breaking and entering.” Joked Fran as the four of them turned to head toward the building.

One by one Winslow watched them disappear into the storefront. They stood a good chance of making it out alive if they didn’t get stupid.

“We should have told them what they’re up against.” He said turning to his friends.

“Nobody told us,” said Dean

“Let’s move” stated Corey rather suddenly following the direction the others had taken a moment before.

“You can’t be serious?” said Dean then.

“Yep, they may make it they may not, either way it’s exactly the distraction we needed.” Replied Corey as Cameron fell in behind.

“Distraction from what?” Winslow asked, he wasn’t about to enter the sports authority again without purpose.

“From us, the Zombies go after them, we get our hands on more firepower, now let’s move.”

Bile rose in Winslow’s stomach as Corey’s words sunk in. He found himself following the others out of instinct of not wanting to be left behind yet he felt distant from them morally. None of this felt right, it went against protocol and if this was the new world order he wanted nothing to do with it.

It felt as though he was watching himself from outside his own body in the moments that followed. The boy’s entered the same way the group before them had. The store was eerily quiet as they made their way toward the shooting sports section. They moved like ghost, special ops sniper agents across an isle of roller blades. They were half way down the swimsuit isle when the screaming started.

“There’s our distraction,” said Cameron in a hushed voice. “Which one do you think it was?”

Winslow didn’t want to think about it. No one said a word until the rifle counter came into view and they went into action.

“We’re only gonna do this once,” said Corey pulling down a large camo rifle bag. “Let’s grab what we can and get the fuck out of here.”

No one else said a word as they went about stuffing the bag with every gun and box of ammo they could get their hands on. The security case had already been shattered by the buildings previous refugees yet there was still a remarkable amount of weaponry up for grabs.

Winslow put aside his distaste of firearms as he checked the safety on a pair of twelve gauge shotguns before sliding them into the bag. Their haul was quite impressive and with the bag thoroughly stuffed Corey gave the order to move.

“This is good, let’s get out of here.” He said lugging the bag over his shoulder. Finding it a bit heavy as they moved he passed off to Cameron to free up his hands.

The floor was no longer as quiet as it had been. Whatever distraction the other group had provided was gone as the boys turned down the bicycle section only to meet a hoard of hungry Zombies awaiting them on the other end.

“Shit.” said Dean holding up his old gun to fire.

“Don’t!” exclaimed Corey, “You’ll only bring more down on us.”

"Well what the fuck do we do? Asked Cameron trying his best to not crumble under the weight of the sack.

“Run for the back entrance, it’s our only fucking way.” Said Corey.

Making a break for it proved less successful than they’d hoped as more Zombies came after them as they neared the rear exit. Winslow got a good look at them then, a few were more Monster than man now, as if mutated by the virus that had taken their lives to begin with.

Suddenly all four of them were trapped like rats as they made it through to the back loading bay. A large locked gate separated them from the outside world.

“Give me the guns.” Yelled Corey, the creatures we’re still coming at them, slowed by the presence of sunlight yet driven by their hunger to feed.

“We’ll have to squeeze through, quickly.” Said Winslow.

“We are not leaving these guns behind” said Corey “Cameron you go first.”

“Guys!” yelled Dean, drawing their attention to a pair of Zombies heading straight for them.

“Fuck” said Corey as he helped his friend through to the other side of the fence. Yet no sooner did the word leave his mouth than did one of the Zombie’s fall face forward with an arrow sticking out of its skull.

Ron appeared before them transformed. He’d left their group to go with the others a simple classmate willing to prove his worth. He returned to them now, a warrior clad in clothing ideal for survival, a brace of throwing knives hung from his left leg while on his right he wore a quiver of crossbow blots. On his back he wore a small backpack no doubt filled with all manner of important supplies any of them would have over looked.

As the boy they’d once picked on from their secure status as football stars back school, felled Zombie after Zombie before their very eyes, one thing became incredibly clear to Winslow. If anyone out of Ms. Smith’s twelfth grade honor’s biology class was going to survive this mess, it was going to be Ron.

“We’ve got to go back in.” Said Ron catching his breath after having saved their lives.

“Come on Winny, it’s your turn to go through.” Said Corey ignoring Ron’s request and before Winslow could say a word in protest he found himself forced to squeeze through the Iron Gate Cameron and Dean had already come through.

“The others are still in there, we can help them.” Said Ron pleading to Corey as the jock began his own trip through the gate.

“We’ve seemed to come out all right.” Corey replied as he made it through to the other side. "Everyone has to carry their wait bro. We’ll meet you back at the parking lot.

Just then another Wave of Zombie creatures burst forth from inside.

“Come on man, We can circle around and go back for them on the other side.” Said Winslow suddenly.

“Fuck that,” stated Cameron hefting the gun back over his shoulder. "I’m going back to camp " and with that he started on his way.

“Seriously, man just slide through the gate it’s easy.” Said Dean.

“We have to go back for them.” Ron pleaded

Corey said nothing, he merely followed after Cameron with Dean at his side.

Ron turned his attention to the approaching Zombies, leaving Winslow to follow suit with the others. It was not a moment he was proud of, it was simply the way of the new world order.

“Fuck you, you fucking cowards!” Cried Ron from behind him.

Corey stopped in his tracks, turned and made a bee line back to the gate, raising his rifle as if to fire. Winslow had seen him do this a hundred times before, Corey’s temper was truly something to be mindful of and there was no more surefire way to piss him off than to call him a coward in front of other people.

“What did you just say?” growled Corey between breathes as he came up to where Ron stood on the other side of the gate.

“A coward,” replied the other boy without flinching as he raised a small handgun dead center with Corey’s chest.

The piece was not something they would have found among the sporting goods. It was something Ron must have been caring on him the entire time so far. The thought of it sent a chill down Winslow’s spine.

“You’re going to get everybody here killed on account of you being such a fucking coward. Why don’t you stop being so fucking stupid.” Said Ron

Winslow had never seen Corey truly beaten before, not like this, and for a moment it actually looked like his friend and teammate was going to cry in front of all of them. It was only for second however as suddenly the doors behind Ron burst forth with an overwhelming wave of new mutant Zombies.

“Who’s the stupid one now?” asked Corey with a sly smirk as his courage returned to him.

“Fuck you,” said Ron as cool as ever as fired a single shot from his handgun into the lock that had been keeping the gate closed.

Some of the Zombies baked in the sunlight as they spewed forth from the opened chamber. Some didn’t. They had each been mutated by death in a hundred different ways; none of which Winslow cared to examine up close.

He ran side by side with Corey, Dean and Cameron no longer caring for the well being of Ron as the monsters poured in around them. The parking lot had become one long life or death sprint, with little sanctuary awaiting them on the other side. It was the most scared he’d been since the bus, and as his trousers grew damp and warm with his piss he regretted not helping Ron when he could have.

“Guns! Get the Guns!” Yelled Corey to his friend Cameron.

“No! Don’t stop!” exclaimed Winslow to the others as they paused to open the Gun bag before even getting it off of Cameron’s shoulder.

In haste for his life, Cameron lost his balance and fell leaving the others to scatter back.

“Help!” he cried when the first creature got to him. “Corey!” He called out before crying loudly in pain as more of the creatures fell upon on him.

“Cameron! The Guns!” cried Corey as he fell to his knees.

“Run!” said Dean helping him in the way he could not for Cameron.

The monsters were all on their fallen comrade now. Opting for the easy meal, instead of the chase allowed the three survivors to get away amid the screams and gurgles.

They didn’t go straight back to camp. Winslow led them to an empty shoe store where they could gather their nerves for a moment.

“Hell, man, just straight up mother fucking hell,” said Dean “That’s what we are in right now.” He added taking a seat.

“The others will have questions,” stated Winslow.

They both looked to Corey for guidance then, what they got was something else. Something Winslow had not seen in a very long time and certainly never before from the schools top football star. What they got was unmistakably, undeniably…a temper tantrum.

Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch.9

I finally got a chance to read this. It’s still pretty good, and I am enjoying it. I noticed you don’t get a whole lot of comments, but I’m sure people are reading this.

If you want some advice I suggest slowing down a little. The pacing of the story feels a little bit rushed. The characters aren’t very distinct, and sometimes I mix them up. I know from experience how hard it is to make distinct characters, and unfortunately I have the same problem in my own writing so I can’t offer up any real useful advice here.

I hope to see more of this interesting story. There aren’t enough ab/dl stories like this, so I really hope you continue.

Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch.9


Yeah I don’t really get a whole lot of comments on the story but don’t worry there is still plenty more to come.

And thanks for the advice as well, I’ve found things a little hard to pace at times simply because the story is so large in scope. To be honest I haven’t really gotten to the good stuff yet…but it’s just around the corner. I suppose the story is unique in that diapers aren’t really the main focus at all. They’re really just element to one of the main characters, however could imagine the comments this would get if I posted it on a Zombie fan story forum?