The Diapered and the Dead Ch. 7

Hey all, sorry for such a long delay in posting, don’t worry the story shall continue! This next chapter probably isn’t the best one to post after such a long absence but it is a part of the story that needs to be told. Enjoy and get ready for more soon, after all it’s October isn’t it!

The Diapered and the Dead Ch. 7

The long narrow stairway leading up into the mangers office provided the perfect place for Corey to just let it all out. He’d been forced into this nice-guy leadership role somehow and now that he finally had a moment alone after everything that had happened he knew he was starting to crack. He did not want the responsibility any more.

Jeff had been one of his best friends and now the image of his mutated corpse was etched into the back of his mind, haunting him whenever he closed his eyes. The image of his former team-mate falling to the ground from a gunshot wound was not going to be easy to forget.

Leaving the barn yesterday had proved to the wrong move. Not long after they had fled, they came upon a massive hoard of hungry undead along the back roads of the farmland. There must have been at least a hundred of them. It was Winslow who saw them through. His friend’s steel reserves and focus came in handy as the little pick-up truck plowed its way through the legion of hungry zombies eager for their flesh.

Corey remembered the overwhelming sense of dread he’d felt in the passenger seat. He remembers the screams of his classmates in the truck bed. Somehow they had all made it through, although the truck did not last long after that.

Winslow drove it fast and hard. He’d managed to get a solid hour away from the Zombies before the truck finally gave out. The group set out on foot then, much like they had after the incident at the bus only fewer in number and more lost than ever.

They found the shopping center just before night fall. If ever a Bed, Bath and Beyond had been a sight for sore eyes it was this one. After finding away in, they got settled. Much of Today had been spent searching the other buildings among the daylight.

The place was a ghost town. While they had managed to get the radio working the message was still the same. There was no electricity, no phones and no internet but it was shelter and it was safe. Now they seemed content to stay put and await rescue. Sooner or later something would come along and they had everything they needed to wait this whole mess out. Not a single Zombie had been seen since their arrival however Cameron and Dean had reported the nearby sporting goods store over run with and plans were now being made to investigate further. It was not something Corey was looking forward to. Never the less the group had come up with guard shifts and a schedule for other duties. They had food and water but they needed to careful with it.

There was also the matter of descent among the ranks. Roger was intent on getting back to the farm for the others. It was a foolish notion after what they’d witnessed on the Road yesterday, but others we’re slowly coming around to it as things got more settled at their new sanctuary.

Corey felt sorry for Melody, but he knew he couldn’t face another fright like yesterday. Playing at being fearless and brave in the face of danger was getting old and he didn’t want to do it anymore. Roger would have to be dealt with…Claire would know what to do.

She found him with tears in his eyes just outside the office. Claire had taken up residence in the management office away from the rest of the class. She’d moved in during the afternoon while everyone else was out gathering supplies.

“Corey, what’s wrong?” she asked leading him in to her private chamber.

“I can’t keep doing this Claire, I can’t keep pretending I’m not afraid.”

“Oh,” she said to him them. She’d taken to wearing her Cheerleading uniform once more as though it empowered her to get what she wanted.

“That asshole Roger is pushing me too far… he wants to go back to the god damn farm for the others.” Said Corey taking a seat on the futon couch they’d found in the room when they got there.

“So let him go” said Claire taking a seat next to him “If he wants to go play hero he can go and get himself killed, and anyone else who wants to go him can be my guest. We don’t have time for that kind of shit now, all that matters is us…”

Corey said nothing as Claire wrapped her arms around him.

“Why do you think I wanted to be away from everyone. If we’re going to lead them we can’t let them see us afraid.”

Corey suddenly found himself yearning for Claire’s embrace as she ran her fingers through his hair. Still he said nothing as the girl slowly slipped out of her top and rested his head on her bare breasts.

“Let them sleep out on the floor, and let them be the first to know when the Zombies show up, we’ll be safe in here…I promise.”

She took his head and forcibly brought his mouth to her nipples. Without much thought at all Corey began to suck on them as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He’d never done anything like this but now with everything that had happened it felt right. He felt safe.

“Good boy,” Claire said as she started to pet him softly. “You’re such a good little boy.”