The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 4

The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 4

The Sunlight seeped through the window sill in rays of bright light that almost seemed to hold some kind of purity element within it. Claire awoke in a bed of soft white linen that smelled cleaner than anything she’d ever woken up in before. It was the kind of freshness that only came from clean living, farm living, and that’s when the events from the day before came back to her.

The horror seemed to rock her awake at once, despite the serenity of the environment she found herself in. She sat up gasping for air.

They had been making there way from the bus and those…things, when again all hell broke loose and the class broke apart. She ran then, following Corey and the others away from the danger as the other less fortunate classmates were slaughtered. She remembered running with her hands pressed to her crouch in a feeble attempt to keep from wetting herself to no avail.

She remembered the puddle that formed at her feet when she paused to catch her breath. How the bloomers of her cheerleader uniform felt all damp and warm as she shook with terror. She remembered how out of control she felt by it all, as she stood there helpless. She remembered the wetting and the fear, and the shock and how it all went away when the blundering figure of Maxell Barnhart caught up to her gasping for air.

She knew then that she wasn’t going to die, and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let anyone know she’d pissed herself as if she were Lily Hamilton, especially the fattest kid in twelfth grade. How could she die and Max live? That wasn’t right, the world simply didn’t work that way. The world loved her, everyone else was just bait.

When Max ran up to her short of breath desperate to rest his ham-hawked thighs, she bolted without a second thought for her double chinned classmate. She left him then and there all sweating and despite for help, as if he meant nothing at all because the truth of it was…he didn’t.

She caught up with Corey and the rest of the group in no time after that never letting on how close she’d come to losing it. They’re band was Eighteen in all. Nearly half the class by Corey’s count and thankfully the better half by Claire’s reasoning.

Cynthia, Jackie and Regina we’re on the squad with her and Melody was one of her best friends, even though she’d somehow managed to win Homecoming Queen last fall instead Claire. Sure they’d been a little on rocks since then but it was all but ancient history now and when the chaos subdued she was thankful to find her oldest friend among the group.

Corey, Dean, Winslow and Cameron all fit into things nicely as well. Sure she’d dated each of them over the course of her time in high school, but there was one thing Claire knew how to handle it was a jock and here she had more than enough to do any heavy lifting that might be required. The only one missing from the boys group was Jeff, Melody’s current boyfriend, but he’d no doubt show up sooner or later. Having Corey around was just the icing on the cake, she knew he was smitten with her and that he’d do anything she asked of him when it came down to it. Yes, Claire felt safe indeed.

The rest of the group was made up of others Claire would hardly of given the time of day to had it not been for the brutal events that had brought them together to wonder through the back county roads after dark.

It was well after midnight when they arrived at the empty farmhouse further on down the road. Tired, shaken and desperate for some kind of refuge from the nightmare they had all just been through the group took shelter inside despite finding the place vacant of any owners.

For all intents and purposes the house was dead. There was no electricity, no internet or phone or even running water for that matter. The group speared out into its empty rooms resolving to use the vacant home as a safe haven from the horrors they had fled from until the owners showed or they could strike out in morning.

Now, as Claire woke and re-processed the events of everything that had taken place a sense of dread filled her. What if this was the home of the people who had attacked her last night? Or what if the people who lived had been the ones who attacked them? A number of different nightmare scenarios played themselves out in her mind then, each one more terrifying in its own way.

Corey was awake and had somehow managed to scratch up some breakfast for her. She had shared what was most likely the master bedroom of the house with the senior football star last night. The pair of them had left the others to fend for themselves while they enjoyed each other’s company. Not a word was spoken against it, and Claire was all too happy to have the fittest member of the group sleeping next to her after everything that had happened.

“Morning, Sleeping Beauty.” Corey said handing her a bowl of cereal. “It seems you’re the only one who actually got some decent sleep last night…I don’t know how you did it to be honest.”

“Is everyone okay?” asked Claire before eating her cereal.

“I guess so all things considered.” replied Corey.

His answer was less than satisfactory and Claire pressed him for more.

“Most of them were up all night puking their guts out and we think Melody wet the bed though she won’t admit it,” answered Corey.

“Is Lily Hamilton here?” asked Claire with a snicker in her voice

“That isn’t nice,” replied Corey. “Half our class is still out there somewhere, and if I do recall you yourself were all too eager to get out of those damp little panties of yours when we got here last night” he added motioning to where Claire’s bloomers hung over the back of an old chair, bone dry but sporting the tell-tale stain of her mishap from the night before.

“Shut up” Claire snapped throwing a pillow at him.

The pair of them goofed off for a bit as youths of the opposite sex are prone to do. They laughed, and played in spite of it all, until their horseplay was cut short by a call from downstairs.

Leaving Claire to get dressed Corey made his way to the others, where she later caught up with him in only a long flannel farmer’s shirt that hung just above her knees.

The rest of the group was worn and tired looking, yet oddly safe in each other’s company as the crowded around an old radio Winslow had somehow managed to get working. Claire felt a sting of pride all too familiar from once again being the best looking person among the gathered; though her heart did go out to Melody, who looked absolutely horrible.

The radio broadcast was choppy and hard to hear yet somehow Winslow had managed to get a signal. Corey it made it a point to brush the others out of the way so everyone could hear."

“This is not a test the police department has officially ordered…Quarantine…Infection…Outbreak…Fatal…” the words that could be made out hung in the silence of the group as they all listened intently. “……Curfew….Night….Indoors until…” The signal went static after that despite Winslow’s more brutal efforts to keep it going.

“Fuck, its Zombies I knew it!” exclaimed Roger Dandridge one the other boy’s Claire didn’t really know and didn’t really care to.

“Shut up.” Replied Dean Vidal “You don’t know shit.”

“I don’t know man, it makes sense to me,” said Winslow chiming in as he tried to pick up the signal once more.

It was all a bit too much for most of them and even Claire found herself following Melody out to the back porch to get away from the tension of the moment.

Wet bed or not her friend had not passed the night well. Claire could tell she had been crying and was sick with worry.

“You alright?” she asked when the two of them were alone.

“It’s Jeff…I lost him last night when everything happened. He never caught up with us either,” Melody began before her speech gave way to tears. 'What if what Roger is right…what if— Oh. Claire–"

“Hey” said Claire cutting her off. “Jeff’s an Ace on the swim team, I’m sure he’s fine wherever he is at the moment, in fact he’ll probably find us here now that it’s daylight.”

Claire sat with Melody on the patio for a good long time. She noticed it had turned into a pretty nice day as she looked out over the yard where a beat up old pick-up truck sat rusty and still.

“I didn’t wet the bed” said Melody out of nowhere suddenly. “I know everyone thinks I did but I didn’t I swear,” she fought to hold back her tears then “or least…I didn’t mean to I swear” again the sobbing picked up as she confessed to her nighttime accident.

“It’s not my house,” said Claire putting her arm around her friend then. Melody had always been a little on the dramtic side so her emotional confession came as no surprise to Claire as they sat together. “Explain what happened to the people who live here when the show up” she added “If they ever do.”

After some time passed Corey joined them eager to show off his new discovery. A bolt-action spring field hunting rifle he found inside the house.

“Check it out” he said showing off the weapon all too awkwardly for either of the girl’s comfort.

“Where the hell did you find that?” asked Claire as Melody cowered away from the weapon with a nervous fear.

“It was in the closet of our bedroom” said Cory in a rather nonchalant way. "It’s an antique but it still works, and apparently Cameron found a pair of R8’s in the basement earlier.

“Are you crazy?” asked Claire then.

“I know how to handle these things, and if any more of those freaks show up we’ll be ready this time,” stated Corey this time more confident in his words.

Melody seemed absolutely terrified by the thing and Claire didn’t like it either but as she realized the truth in Corey’s words she knew it might be for the best that they had some kind of means to protect themselves.

Just as calmness’ came over Melody more excitement broke out from inside the house. The three made their way back indoors only to find Cynthia and Regina eagerly moving toward the front door.

As they followed they were met with an ear piercing scream as more of their comrades joined them in the front yard.

“Help!” came the voice from the down the hill. It was male but high pitched, as though the person it belonged to was screaming at the top of his lungs. “Somebody please Help Me!” he cried suddenly sounding familiar.

For a brief moment Claire exchanged a glance with Melody with the hope that voice belonged to Jeff. Yet that hope dashed before them as they caught up with Cynthia and Regina only to discover the wounded figure of Bill Dunham, another of their classmates hurrying toward them.

“Bill!” Roger called motioning Dean to lower the more modern looking fireman he’d gotten from Cameron. “Jesus are we happy to see you,” he said as his friend approached them nearly collapsing on the spot.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck , fuck, fuck,” Bill fired out as he limped forward holding his leg where a large gash soaked his jeans red with blood. “Fuck” he let out one more for good measure.

“What the hell happened to you?” asked Corey examining the new arrival.

“Me, Martin and Jeff lost you guy’s last night” began Bill between breathes. “We thought we could catch up but it got so late, we slept out in the fields’ maybe a mile from here, I had no idea we were so close.” He was leaning on Roger barely able to walk up the hill toward the house.

“They found us early this morning. Just before dawn,” tries started to well up in his eyes as the group neared the house. “Fucking Zombie’s man…those things are actually Zombies.”

“I knew it” stated Roger with an excited flair.

“They got Martin…” said Bill swallowing hard “They got Jeff…” as he spoke his gaze met Melody’s and she fainted on the spot, right into Corey’s arms.

Bill went on to explain more of the details from his flight but Claire wasn’t listening. Focusing instead on the scene playing out between Corey and Melody as though she weighted nothing at all, Clare felt the sharp pang of jealousy hit her hard and cold. It was completely inappropriate given the situation, but it was there none the less.

“I managed to get way but one of those Fucker’s bit me right on the leg. I think I might have twisted my ankle as well, but I fucking made it.”

“Holy shit man,” said Roger helping his friend. “That’s badass”

The farmhouse was a flurry of activity after that. A short while later Melody came around to find Corey, Dean, Cameron, Winslow, another boy named Marcus and even Cynthia and Regina on hand to attend to her every need. As she woke she made it a point to tell everyone she hadn’t wet herself though Claire had her doubts.

Nearly everyone else set to taking care of Bill who was in much worse shape. Some of the other girl’s who actually paid attention in biology set to cleaning his wound while Roger and someone else did their best to wipe away the blood and sweat.

When the opportunity presented itself she took Corey aside for word.

“What was all that about?” she demanded selfishly.

“What?” asked a puzzled Corey.

“You were all over her, back there and she ate it right up!” stated Clare.

“Oh Claire now is not the time for this,” replied Corey.

“I don’t care.” Clare retorted.

“You can’t be serious. I was just trying to help her out, she is your friend isn’t she?”

“She’s the god-damn Homecoming Queen and there are plenty of others who could have helped her—”

“Oh for goodness sakes! Are you still—” Corey began only to be cut off from his defensive by Dean’s sudden arrival.

“Dude, we need you out front, quick,” interrupted the other boy energetically.

“What is it?” asked Corey then, turning his attention away from Claire for a second time.

“Come on” was all Dean said as he led his friend out to the front, leaving Claire to stew in her anger.

It boiled over soon enough and the Senior Cheerleading Co-Captain marched after the boy’s intent on getting her way. She slammed the front door of the farmhouse behind as she entered the yard to find Corey, Dean, Winslow and Cameron armed with rifles they barely knew how to use yet clearly meaning business as they stared down from the hilltop.

A set of binoculars had been among their finds at the farm and Winslow was putting them to use as Claire stepped forward in a huff. Not a single one of them turned to meet her as she approached them.

"Just what the hell—"she started to demand only to be cut off by all the boys at one time.

“Claire, please shut the hell up” said Corey before returning his attention to the matter at hand.

Claire followed his gaze then. She saw them at once, still distant but moving forward, slowly, just like the one at bus yesterday, only now there were two.

“Oh my god” she gasped covering her mouth as hung wide taking in air.

“Winslow, go fire up that beater truck in the backyard and bring it around here,” said Corey with a stern air of authority “We’ll do what we can and then get the hell out of here.”

“Good idea bro,” replied Winslow, “I’ll go tell the others the plan.”

“No. you won’t” said Corey coolly. “Go get the truck and bring it out here.”

“What the fuck man?” replied Winslow. “We can fit at least half the group in the bed of that thing. We can bring back help for the rest.”

“Yo Corey, be cool man” interjected Cameron then. He was shaking badly and the rifle certainly wasn’t helping but something had to be said “Let’s go take care of those Goddamn Zombie Freaks and figure things out.”

Winslow didn’t wait for further instructions. He handed off his binoculars to Claire and made for the yard. Dean went in the opposite direction. Gun lowered, he stepped down the hill toward the road as if he knew his actions would set off a testosterone alert in Corey forcing the football star to take point.

All Claire could do was watch and try not to piss herself as the two parties slowly merged toward each other. Despite all the reasons not to she brought the binoculars’ up her eyes and watched the confrontation unfold.

Her heart skipped a beat when she realized Jeff was making his way toward the boys. She saw that Corey knew it to as he dropped his weapon to welcome his old friend.

Only it wasn’t Jeff at least not anymore, she saw it as soon as she laid eyes on the other stranger with him. That one was missing half a face and still it kept coming toward them. In an instant the scene changed as the boys raised their guns to fire.

She tried to call out to them only her yell was lost in the Gun fire. Dean scored a shot right in the chest of the stranger, leaving Cameron to blast it’s brains out as it feel to his knees. Corey fired off two shots into Jeff’s chest yet still the corpse came forward. For a moment Corey seemed panicked and frozen on the spot as he tried to reload and Jeff neared him. Dean managed to fire off another shot only to have it skim off Jeff’s back. He staggered but kept coming.

In another instance Jeff was on him. All Corey could to defend himself was hold his rifle out poking his one time friend right in the neck. As Corey fell to the ground he somehow pulled the trigger and in a flash Jeff’s inner organs sprayed out into the clear blue sky.

Any chance they’d had at sneaking away ended with Corey screaming bloody murder as the inanimate corpse of Jeff fell on top of him. In no time at all, the all-star lineman was back on his feet and making his way back up the hill with Dean and Cameron.

The fading echo of gun shots brought others out from the house just as Winslow drove out from the backyard. It was a clunker of a thing, but it was running.

“What’s going on?” asked Cynthia of Claire then.

“We’re leaving” answered Corey as the boy’s the group. He was a mess with blood that wasn’t his own and ripe with anger. “At least some of us are. We’ll be back with help as soon as we find it” he stated handing off his antique weapon to Roger who in turn handed it off to someone else.

He rattled off the names he wanted in the truck making sure to include, Claire, Jackie, Cynthia , Regina, Melody, Dean, Cameron and Winslow along with a few others, it was a little more than half the group. No one questioned his call as bags we’re gathered and the Truck, although Melody arrived confused and all the paler from the excitement.

“Oh she can’t travel” said Claire pulling her away from Corey as he fell into the front with his friends to exhausted to stick up for the girl.

“Wha…what? Why?” said a confused Melody half in a daze from everything.

“You need to go lay down, take a nap.” said Claire sweetly. “You’ll be alright here, We’ll come back with help I promise.” She added passing her off to one of the other’s staying behind.

“If she’s not going than I am,” said Roger suddenly stepping away from helping Regina into the truck bed.

“Don’t you want to stay and help your friend?” Claire asked and Corey suddenly perked up from the front seat.

“He needs real help, they all do… and someone has to make sure it gets back here for them.” Roger answered keeping his eyes on Corey as he said it.

“Fine, whatever…let’s get going already.” Said Claire climbing into the back after making sure Cynthia had grabbed all their things.

Her eyes met Melody’s one last time before the truck lurched forward and suddenly she didn’t feel jealous anymore.

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Great chapter you definitely have the knack for writing zombie/horror as usual I’ll be waiting for more.

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Glad to see this continued. Check your copy, the term is “intents and purposes” not “intensive purposes”.


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