The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 3

The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 3

Lily ran through the corn field till her legs gave out. She tripped and landed with a squish as the contents of her soaking disposable underwear pressed against her jeans. By now it seemed as though the protective undergarment she’d been wearing was fit to burst at any moment.

She’s first wet it shortly after lunch at the bio lab. She’d meant to change before the class left only time had gotten away from her and she couldn’t find a private bathroom to do so. She would have been fine had the bus not been delayed; however about an hour into their trip back she’d had another accident while sitting in traffic. Still things were alright despite the having to sit in her urine for bit. Truth be told it was an all too common occurrence for the eighteen year old car-crash survivor, who’d been back in diapers for a few years now.

She still cursed herself for wearing a pull-up this morning when the first signs of leakage started to show up on her pants back at the bus. Back then she’d made a note to wear something better suited for longer wear next time even if it meant dealing with diaper bulge.

Now however, Lily had an entirely new set of worries and priorities as she rose to her feet and brushed herself off. As she stood up she felt her bladder muscles uncontrollably release for what was probably the fifteenth time in the past hour. She knew her pull-up was at capacity even before its contents spilled down her legs like a waterfall of stale urine that soaked through pants and into her shoes.

The horrors of the past two hours played themselves over again in her head. First Ms. Smith, then the bus driver, then the two boys from her class, it all felt like some nightmare she desperately wanted to wake up from only she wasn’t going to any time soon.

They had been attacked by Zombies. She had trouble even processing the idea but what else could it have been? She’d seen one Zombie movie in her life and it had given her nightmares for a week. Now as far as she could tell she was living through that nightmarish scenario in real life. Her mind was racing with the possibilities.

What if that’s what caused the panic at the bio lab? What the traffic was all backed up because of everyone trying to leave the city? What if she was already infected? What if her family back at Eagle Ridge was too? What if this was the end of the world? The questions raced through her head at an alarming rate.

The sun hung low as the sky turned a brilliant orange all around her. The wet Pull-up she wore kept her from being able to walk with any real speed so Lily did her best to waddle her way through the field. She’d of given anything for her bag at that moment. She’d left it along with the fresh pull-up she’d packed and even a change of clothes back at the Bus.

With no direction in mind Lily waddled along her way releasing more wetness down her legs with each step. With no sense of her surroundings she could only hope that sooner or later she’d find some sign of civilization, or at least decent cell phone service.

When the waddling got to be too much for she resolved her pull-up had run its course. At this point it hardly mattered if she’d had another accident and at least she’d be able to move without a giant wade of soaking cotton begin her legs.

Her thighs were a little red signally the onset of diaper rash as she pulled down her pants. The pull-up hung down to knees as she stepped out of her wet pants momentarily standing there in nothing by her t-shirt and soaking undergarment.

A sense dread came over her when she heard the sound of movement nearby. All over again her heart began to beat rapidly in her chest. She was wet, alone and it was getting darker by the second. If one of those Zombie things had found her all the way out here she was done for.

She tried to call out as the Corn stalks moved around her but her voice got caught her in throat. All she could do was slowly back away dropping her pants to the ground as again the contents of her pull-up overflowed. Once more she tripped and fell she knew it was all over.

“Are you alright?” came a voice through the stalks. It was familiar and somehow friendly.

Lily looked up to the figure as it pushed aside one final row of corn and stepped in front of her. She was at once relieved and
surprised as Ron McAvoy appeared over her.

He looked as worn and tied as she felt, yet somehow stoic and collected as the sweat oozed from his pours to soak his clothing almost as bad as hers was. He was encumbered and weighted down with several backpacks, yet still he stood tall and offered Lily a hand.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said helping her back to her feet. “Everything’s gone crazy, you’re the first person I’ve seen since-”

Lily didn’t say anything she was too shocked and exhausted from it all. Normally she would have been freaking out over being discovered in such a soiled state. Yet at the exact moment she was simply comforted at the thought of being around someone else, even if it meant letting him she her in a leaky pull-up.

Suddenly even Ron seemed at a loss for words as he caught sight of Lily in full. The pair of them shied away from each other as Lily grabbed her pants up off the ground and slide them back over her diapered torso no longer concerned for the state of her pull-up.

“I’m sorry,” said Ron after a moment. “I really didn’t mean to sneak up on you like that. I think one of these bags might actually be yours” he added sliding the load of his shoulder. “After everything went down I circled back for supplies. I think one of these has your-”

“Thank you” Lily cut in. She saw her bag from the three he had gathered up and knew inside of it would be some clean clothes and a fresh pull-up. “What happened back there?” she asked gathering up her pack.

“Hell on earth.” Replied Ron, those people who attacked us we’re out of their minds. “There was even more of them when I went back. We may be the only ones who made it out of there alive”

His answer sent a chill down Lily’s spine but she knew he wasn’t joking. “What happens now?” she asked.

“I think we should get back to the highway. We’re not far from it now and hopefully we can get some help there.” answered Ron looking about as if trying to gain his bearings.

“What do you mean ‘hopefully’?”

“This whole thing could be county wide, may be even State. You remember all that craziness that went down at the Lab right? Why do you think there was so much traffic on the way back?” Ron stated suddenly lowering his head in a moment of despair. “What I wouldn’t give for an old ham radio right now.”

“You’re scaring me” said Lily then.

“Sorry,” said Ron “Didn’t mean to, they don’t train us for stuff like this in the ROTC”

Lily said nothing.

“If you want to get changed I won’t look… I promise. The Highway shouldn’t be far we can make it there together.”

“I’m fine” Lily lied, but she wasn’t about to let someone tell her when to change, it was one of the pet-peeves she had about her condition, and she especially wasn’t going to strip in front of solider boy again, even if he promised not to look. “Let’s just get going

“Fine by me, with luck we should be able to get there a little after dark”

Lily took another one of the packs from him as they set out with an actual destination in mind. Ron took the lead while Lily did her best to waddle along beside him. Luckily one of the packs contained a few protein bars to keep them satisfied as they moved.

It didn’t take long for dusk to settle in and a short while later the pair found themselves traveling under the cover of early darkness. Everything seemed spookier to Lily and the distant sound of thunder didn’t make it any easier.

“Oh great, thunder.” Said Lily breaking the silence that had come between them “That’s all we need right now”

“I don’t think that was thunder,” said Ron “At least not the kind that comes with rain.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing, come on we’re nearly there.”

The last leg of their journey proved to be the most brutal. By then Lily was certain her Pull-up was destroyed yet she said nothing as she trailed behind Ron. Her thighs burned from the irritation of her wetness yet she kept pace until she absolutely couldn’t any more.

“Please, I need to stop for a second.” She said then as Ron started up a small hill.

“Come on we’re nearly there. It should be just over this rise” stated Ron not wanting to slow down.

Lily did her best to keep up, taking larger steps to avoid having her thighs touch each other. This in turn caused the pull-up to swing from her crotch like a water balloon. It was not a pleasant climb.

“If we’re so close then how come I don’t hear any cars?” she asked then.

This time it was Ron’s turn not to answer. He let the site that spread out before them do it for him. The highway had been turned into a disaster zone. Up ahead it appeared a horrible crash had taken place recently. Three cars were nearly piled on top of each other blocking the lanes from traffic on both sides where an over turned Semi Truck had fallen.

Behind empty vehicles sat for miles as far as the eye could see. There we’re many cars but no people, this struck Ron and Lily as odd.

“Hello?” Lily called out then as she and Ron made their way down toward the road. There was no reply.

“This isn’t good” said Ron. “We shouldn’t have come here?”

“Is anybody here?” called Lily again. “We need help!”

This time her call was answered. Snarls and gurgles rose up from the cars around them as the Zombies rose to the scent of fresh meat.

“Get behind me” said Ron pulling out a small knife from his belt.

“Where did you get that?”

“Never mind, you see that camper up ahead on the right?” Ron asked motioning across the lanes of parked cars.

Lily nodded.

"Get over there as quickly and quietly as possible. Got it?? Ron whispered

“You can’t be serious?”

“I am. Don’t worry about me just get to that camper, I’ll meet you there.”

On the count of three Ron shot forward into the oncoming threat as Lily darted to the side and out of the way. His instructions to her were to stay quiet but Ron himself did the opposite of that.

Lily heard him making all kinds of noise as she weaved around the cars and debris. She dared not to look back for fear of seeing something terrible. She focused on the Winnebago before her sneaking quietly through the darkness avoiding everything she could.

Caught off her she near ran right into one of the Zombies, but somehow it didn’t see here. She had no time to pounder her fortune as she came within a few yards of her goal.

The camper was old and oblong when she got to it. The doors were locked so she made her way around the back of it to small ladder. She had another close call then, nearly bumping into the rotten flesh of a female Zombie the stench of which nearly turned Lily’s stomach. Yet she made it up to the roof of the RV without incident.

From there she got a real sense of the danger she was in. Every few yards it seemed like a Zombie was waiting in the shadows ideally shambling down the road in search of its next meal. She spied Ron getting closer while trying to outrun a pair of Zombies hot on his heels.

When that failed, the senior ROTC officer buried his knife into the skull of one of them dropping it on the spot for the other feast on. It was a sick sight and this time Lily lost the contents of her stomach she had been working so hard to hold down.

Losing no time at all Ron made it to the RV and up the ladder to find Lily safe and sound. With luck they were able slip in through the sun roof and stowed-away without hassle.

The camper was empty. Gone were its former occupants along with everyone else stuck on the highway. All the signs showed whoever had been there before them had left in a hurry, but for the moment Lily was simply glad for some shelter with walls and a roof over her head.

Collapsing from exhaustion she nearly fell to the floor of the RV with thud were it not for the cold squish of her pull-up. Ron motioned for her to stay quiet as a shadowy figure shambled past the window and she dared not to breathe.

“It’s not much but if we keep quiet we should be alright for the night.” Said Ron after some time had passed in silence. “We’ll strike out again in the morning or with luck maybe help someone will find us who can help.”

“Okay,” answered Lily in barely more than a whisper.

After a few more tense moments, the pair of them settled in for the night and whatever sleep they’d be able to get. Given the state of her clothing Lily stripped from her pull-up and pants and opted to sleep with a towel around her waist. Although they managed to find some skin cream in a first –aid kit she thought it best to save her spare pull-up for the next day.

Ron, ever the gentleman gave her the privacy she needed while he fiddled with the camper’s radio to no avail.

“How did you know they wouldn’t chase me?” Lily asked coming up beside Ron in the sole bed located in the rear of the RV.

He made no reply, at first Lily thought him uncomfortable by the situation of sharing the bed with her so she did her best to stay as war to one side as possible.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way,” Ron said as the pair of them laid next to each other in the darkness. “But I think your scent might of the thrown them off.”

Lily laid awake for a long time after that. The moonlight cast shadows from the figures as they moved along outside unaware of her presence. When they finally stopped she got up from the bed and fashioned the towel into a diaper around her waist. She’d survived an ordeal straight out of her wildest nightmares, she didn’t know what the next day would bring but she knew there was a pretty good chance she’d still wet the bed before sunrise.

Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 3

Still good. My only issue is that Zombies don’t usually eat other Zombies. Have you created a new type of zombie for us? If so that’s a neat twist.


Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 3

As Lizzy said, this is still good so keep it going. :slight_smile: I do have a few negatives for you, but since it’s your story you can write it however you want.

-You really need to work on proofreading your work. I found way more spelling mistakes in this chapter than in the first two combined. For me it is getting to the point where the frequency of errors is becoming an issue for readability.

-This chapter seemed to go in the complete opposite direction of the last one you posted in regards to diaper content. In the last chapter you said that diapers weren’t too big a part but that they’d be coming and then in this one the majority of what you’ve written is about the state of Lily’s pull-up. My concern is that if you continue to have the focus be on what’s going on with her diapers that the integrity of your unique story will be compromised.

-This is just my personal feeling and you can ignore it if you like, but it seemed like this chapter was lacking in content that would progress the story and you used diapers to fill that void. If you don’t have enough story to fill up whatever space you’ve got in mind as far as chapter length then wait to post the new chapter until you do, rather than padding with diapers. :slight_smile:

Like I said, these are my feelings and if you feel I’m wrong then by all means ignore me, it won’t hurt my feelings. I do like this story and I think you can make it into a great thing if you push yourself to avoid falling into the habit of using diapers as a crutch or a plot device. Please continue your story and don’t take any of my criticisms personally.


Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 3

Your comments and critiques are always welcome.

I thought I did a pretty good job of cleaning this chapter up before I posted but after reading it again. I do see a lot of things I missed, thanks for pointing them out, and please don’t pull any punches.

Yes, these Zombies are different then the typical Zombies you mind find in a program like The Walking Dead or 28 Days Later Think more along the lines of Resident Evil but always expect the unexpected :wink:

This chapter was heavy on the diaper, to be honest I don’t know that the others will be as bad as this one but then again some might be worse. I’m trying to tell the story through the viewpoints of different members of the class as they go through this ordeal. Lily happens to wear diapers. (Read chapter 1. for the back story on why, if maybe you missed it :wink: ) other’s don’t it’s all a matter or prospective at this point.

More to come soon, Although I will admit, it seems that each chapter I post gets fewer views than the one before it. Not going to lie that’s a little disheartening :-[

Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 3

I wouldn’t worry too much about the fewer views per chapter thing for two reasons. First: to some, the title may have been misleading and many started reading only to realize that its a zombie story with diapers in it. Not everyone likes zombies. The idea of the dead returning to life with a craving for flesh is a scary one and many people are uncomfortable thinking about it, regardless of how much diaper content you “pad” it with. This isn’t a normal story with a plot that hasn’t seen much originality since the nineties, its much darker and scarier. Several of the protagonist’s classmates have already been munched for heavens sake! So at this point you’re really getting down to the true zombie fans in this crowd, and weeding out the rest. The second reason is that there have been a lot of posts in other stories lately and that could be drawing some readers away……for now.

Don’t get disheartened and keep writing. We’ll read and comment. :slight_smile:

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Still great and waiting for more!