The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 11

The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 11

The Babies R Us proved easier to break in to than The Loft back at the shopping the center. Lily was able to squeeze in through a small gap in the loading bay then let the others in through a small back door. They were able to secure the building in no time at all. Its location was perfect and the building appeared practically untouched by anyone at all. Among the supplies Max had found at the Sporting goods store were several battery powered lanterns they were able to use as they crept slowly through the empty department store.

It was three stories in all, and not a person living or dead appeared to have set foot inside of it since the outbreak. It wasn’t as practical as the Bed, Bath and Beyond the others had set up in, but it was as fine a shelter as any for Lily and her friends. They settled in on the top floor away from the windows, Ron came up with the brilliant idea of stacking as much of the crib bedding as they could find together along with a few soft blankets and pillows for a somewhat communal sleeping quarter. It was a cozy space by the time they’d figured it all out. However before she could truly turn in for the night, Lily needed to take care of a few things.

Certain the building was secured she took her leave from the others for a moment of privacy while she went to clean up. The protective underwear she’d been wearing since they’d set out that morning was beyond destroyed. She’d first wet it before they’d even arrived at the plaza hours ago, and had thoroughly saturated it probably a dozen times since. There was no hiding it at this point. The shorts she’d been wearing were ruined and she stunk something aweful, Lily had never been more eager for a diaper change in her entire life, and in an odd way The Babies R Us was some insane stroke of luck she was most certainly thankful for. Now she just needed to worry about her rash.

A wall of diapers lined the back corner of the first floor. It was a welcome site to the incontinent young adult as she made her way down to it. The Baby diapers she’d taken to wearing back at the RV had proved useful enough for the situation at hand, and now she had a near lifetime supply towering of her.

She scanned the various packages with one of the lantern’s the group had taken as though she were an archeologist searching for some ancient secret. The largest baby diaper on the market were Pampers Size 7 and while they were actually pretty hard to find in most places Lily spotted a whole stock of them nearly dead center on the wall in front of her and ready for use, but really struck gold when she happened to glance over the walls bottom right corner.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the packages in the darkness. Goodnights were designed to fit kids with bedwetting issues up to one hundred and twenty five pounds, Lily hated them, but out of all the various products available to her, they were probably her best bet. Several packages of the XL sizes laid tucked away at the very bottom of the shelf, as if distancing them from the actual baby diapers made them less babyish by default. Pulling a pack out she held it out in front of her as if contemplating what to do next……

Lily’s first day back at school following the infamous Car Accident that had taken the lives of her classmates and rendered her incontinent had come all to quickly after weeks spent in intensive care and physical therapy. When she woke that first morning she wished silently under the covers of her bed that she’d been one of the one’s taken in the crash, rather than face her other friends while having to wear a diaper.

Back in those early days’s she wore what the doctors in the hospital had given her. The diapers were green, bulky and cheaply made yet absorbent enough to keep her dry in the event of any accident she’d have during the school day. Most of her teachers and the school nurse had been notified of her new condition. Even her cheerleading coach knew about it, but absolutely none of her friends had figured it out, even after all the visits they had made while she was in the hospital and for that she was eternally grateful.

That first day back was hell, yet Lily endured it diapered and all despite the overwhelming paranoia she felt over someone noticing her new required underwear. Mostly everyone was just happy to have her back, she sat with Claire, Melody and the other members of her cheerleading squad at lunch that day and for a brief moment even forget all about her diapered state as the girls gossiped over which of them was going to get to attend the upperclassmen spring formal next month. Not a soul gave her a second glance that first day back, even after she’d begun to fidget uncomfortably from wetting herself half way through her fifth period history class.

Her second day back was a little different. She made her first trip to the nurses’ office that day after having two full blown accidents before the end of her third period English class. At lunch all eyes were on her after a senior track star, gave a note to Melody to give to her. It was all a bit unsettling for someone who had spent most of her time in shadows of her friends.

The note had been an invitation to the upperclassmen spring formal, and was the topic of their lunch room for the next two days.

That third afternoon back brought cheerleading practice and with it a world of anxiety and doubts as Lily headed to the locker room after school.

“Clarie, I don’t think I can make practice today,” she’d said to her friend as they made their way to the school’s gym.

“Are you serious? Everyone’s counting on your big comeback at the Pep rally next Friday, you know who has got his eye on you.” Said Claire not taking No for an answer.

“I’m not ready, it’s all too soon,” said Lily trying her best to weasel out of having to change in front of the other girls.

“You’ve already missed so much this year. You can’t miss anymore I won’t allow it.”

“Maybe I could just sit and watch.”

“Oh come on Lily, don’t be such a baby,”


“No one’s expecting you to be back at 100% yet, we’re your friends remember, you’re on the squad whether you want to be or not.”

Something about those last words struck confidence in Lily, she had no reason to doubt Claire, and she’d kept her little secret long enough.

When they got to the locker Lily’s heart was racing. She wanted to turn back and tried every excuse she could not to change in front of the other girls. Claire was somehow able to thwart her at every turn producing an extra set of gym clothes and even some Advil when Lily said she wasn’t feeling well. The locker room was a flurry of chatter and small talk as the teenage girls got ready for their after school activities. Not a single person said a word other than “Hey” or “Hello” to Lily and Claire as they made their way toward their usual changing spot.

Lily contemplated trying to change in one of the bathroom stalls as Claire greeted another member of their squad and proceeded to get undressed. Over the course of her recovery from the accident before going back to school, one of the hospitals specialist had given her some advice on her new life in diapers…“Get used to it, and don’t let other’s bother you about it…it’s honestly no big deal and the sooner you get over it, the better off you’ll be.” It had been a few of the sage words passed on to her from the medical professionals that had attended to her in the previous weeks, and suddenly it all made sense.

Keeping those thoughts in her head, Lily took a few deep breaths to calm herself before taking her top off. The tips of her green diaper actually poked out from the skirt she was wearing that day. Lily half expected the room to go silent upon her slight exposure, but not even Claire, seemed to notice.

Everything seemed to slow down after, as if Lily had crossed the point of no return simply for taking her shirt off in front of the other girls. Though her heart felt fit to burst she kept forward with her mission to change in public.

She slipped on the slim fitted gym shirt, stamping her as property of Eagle Ridge High School’s Varsity Cheerleading team, before even daring to remove her skirt. It took all the nerves she had not to just call it quiets right there, and leave without further undressing. Yet still no one noticed. Claire kept up the chatter between her and the other girl while a group of junior varsity soccer players hurried on their way to the field so as not to be late for practice.

As she unbuttoned the waste of her skirt one lone maniacal thought entered her head before she let it fall to the floor. She was one of the most popular girls in the school, everyone knew about the car accident, and everyone knew about how she’d been asked to the big dance next month by one of the hottest guy’s in the senior class. She was only a sophomore, but she’d already seen more action as a Varsity cheerleader than half the girls who were older than her. With Claire as her friend, she was unstoppable, and not a single person would care what she had to wear under her clothes. She was hot.

Claire kept up the chatter as Lily stood next to her clad in only her gym shirt and puffy green diaper. The other girls went about their business eager to get where they needed to be before running the risk of being late. Not a single soul said anything to Lily and she breathed a long sigh of relief after bending down to pick up her fallen skirt.

Then a voice called out from behind her.

“Oh my God, she’s wearing a diaper!”

Suddenly the locker room grew quiet, as Claire turned in shock at the sight of Lily standing next to her.

“Lily!… What the fuck!?” she said taking in the sight of her diapered friend.

Laughter seemed to wash over the room then. Lily stood in silence letting the well of anxiety bubble over inside of her.

“You can’t be serious?” said the other girl then.

“Holy shit!” said someone else.

“Is that a diaper?”

“That’s messed up!”

“What a freak!”

“I told you there was something off about her.”

The attention was too much, Lily felt her bladder give way out of nervousness right in front of Claire and the other’s who’d gathered around her.

“The Car Crash,” was all she could muster in defense of her state as the girls swarmed around her.

It took the arrival of the girl’s lacrosse coach for the teasing to stop. Lily had never felt more abandoned in her life as she was brought into the coach’s lounge to change back into her clothes before going home. She cried then, and didn’t stop for some time.

The day’s passed and the rumors swirled. Some were truly disgusting, and soon enough the boy who asked her to the dance found someone else to go with instead. She stayed home for most of the week after that. Despite the words of wisdom from the hospital specialists, Lily was fairly certain her life was over after all.

When next Friday Claire came over despite Lily’s objections. With the pep rally scheduled for that afternoon the visit was something of a surprise, Claire’s perky attitude and sunny disposition as she entered Lily’s pissed stench bedroom was almost commendable, almost.

“Coach told us about your condition,” she began once Lily relented to letting her in. “Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

“I tried,” was her answer “Everything since the crash has been a nightmare, I can’t show my face back in school with everything that’s happened.” Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke.

“It’s not that bad,” comforted Claire, “You should come to the rally today.”

“Yeah right, I look ridiculous in the uniform wearing a –” she couldn’t bring herself to finish the statement.

“What’s ridiculous is you missing out on another pep rally, you’re one of the best on the team…Everybody loves you,” said Claire rummaging around her duffle back for a moment.

“No way, everyone knows about me now. I can’t Claire…”

“You can actually,” said Claire producing something from her bag “Here…this should fit you no problem.” She held out the folded Garment for Lily to take. At first her friend was resistant.

“Are you kidding? I’m not gonna wear a pink pull-up with flowers on it.” Said Lily “Where did you get that? Are you babysitting again?”

“Oh God no,” said Claire forcing the simple pink undergarment into her friends. “It’s not a pull-up it’s a Goodnight, it’s for bedwetting.”

“It’s not funny Claire.” Said Lily pulling the Goodnight apart an examining it’s sides.

“I’m not laughing…Can you keep a Secret?” Claire asked

Lily said nothing, she was actually quite intrigued by this new type of protection. She knew she’d have to start looking for new types of products to use once her supply from the hospital ran out, but she hadn’t heard of these before. It was childish yes, but it was also much thinner than anything else she’d seen so far.

“Up till maybe a year I go I wet the bed pretty regularly.” Said Claire meeting the stunned look on Lily’s face as if it was nothing at all, “These actually work pretty good, and aren’t bulky at all.”

“Are you serious?” asked Lily.

“Why do you think I didn’t go to the squads sleep over last year? I’ve gotten a lot better since then, last time I woke up wet was maybe six months ago.”

Lily was shocked, Claire’s heartfelt confession was comforting and surprisingly out of character for the girl.

“Now seriously…put it on and get dressed. We’re gonna be late!”

The Goodnight worked out great, it was discreet enough that Lily wore it under her Cheerleading uniform with confidence that no one could really see it, unless she flashed them. The pep rally began wonderfully. Lily and Claire were greeted by the other members of the squad, and not a word was spoken about Lily’s underwear.

The school cheered as they ran out to kick off the afternoon festivities. Lily kept up with the routines she knew, and sat out the ones she didn’t. A few times she noticed the judgmental eyes of her fellow students covering their mouths as they whispered about her from the bleachers but she didn’t care. The rally was the happiest she’d been since the car accident, but it all went sour in a matter of minutes.

As the track team took the stage to soak in the admiration of their peers, the boy who’d asked her to the dance a few days ago looked right passed her. She stood with Melody and a few of the other girls, as he stepped forward to get his senior varsity letter and award. The boy made a show of bravado before taking a deep bow. With a wink he blew a single kiss toward the direction of Claire.

What happened next was etched into the far reaches of Lily’s memory and haunted her to this day. As the track team sprinted off in a display of pride and sportsmanship, her one time suitor made a pass at her best friend. He scooped Claire up into his arms, and planted a swift kiss on her lips in front of the whole school. The crowd of students cheered wildly at the display as the teachers pulled them apart.

"Lily…"she heard Melody say her name but she was too transfixed on what had just taken place, the sting of betrayal fresh in her fragile young heart.

“Lily…you’re leaking” said Melody placing her hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

The warm wet sensation of urine running down her legs snapped Lily out of her trance almost at once. As other’s noticed, laughter broke out.

“Lily,” called her coach then “Get off the field and get yourself cleaned up.” It was a direct order and it lead to a monumental walk of shame Lily had yet to forget……

…The whole incident seemed like a lifetime ago now. Lily had adjusted to her new life well enough, she’d found better protection and vowed never to wear Goodnights again. She’d learned to ignore the stairs and rumors about her and spent most of her junior year building up a different persona about herself. When the popularity stopped she found herself focused more on her grades and school work. She was never going to be head cheerleader, but she stood a damn good chance of finishing as the head of her class. Until of course, the world had decided to end.

As she stood there holding the unopened package of Goodnights, she thought back on those early days of incontinence and school. She never spoke to Claire again after that day, though she did find out that her former best friend had in fact planned the leaky goodnight from the start. It had nothing to do with the actual product, Claire had poked tiny holes in the garment before forcing Lily to wear it. Now faced with a limited supply of products that would actually fit her, Lily figured the time had come to give them another shot.

Startled by the sound of movement from behind her she turned just in time to see Fran step into the lamp light looking as worn and dirty as she did. Though the other girl’s jeans had dried well enough the tell-tale stain of her own recent wetting accident remained even in the dim light.

“Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” Said Fran stepping forward “The boy’s were getting worried but didn’t want to come down here in case you were…uuuhhhh.”
“I’m okay” said Lily tucking the package under her arm. “Just need to find something to clean up with.”

“Yeah, I was kind of hoping you’d know the best stuff to use…” said Fran looking down at her own feet in embarrassment. “Any luck?”

“Just these,” answered Lily patting the pink package under arm. When Fran motioned to see what they were Lily playfully tossed it over to her.

“Will these work?” asked the girl unfamiliar with the product.

“They fit up to a hundred and twenty five pounds actually.” Said Lily as she went about examining the wipes and oils section.
“They make baby diapers that big?” asked Fran turning the package around to examine it.

“They’re not baby diapers. They’re for bedwetting” stated Lily deciding on a few premium supplies to complete her changing needs.

“Oh,” said Fran opening the package up “Sophia could of made good use of these.”

A moment of awkward tension passed then as Lily examined the array of changing supplies also at her disposal.

“I hope she’s alright, I mean I can’t say I blame her for what happened.” Said Lily as he selected one of the more premium brands.

“Yeah me too,” Fran stated as she pulled one of the Goodnights out of the package to look it over further. “We’ve all been so scared, I guess I can’t hide it anymore huh?” she added looking down at her crouch.

“It’s natural, I mean with everything that’s gone it’s not like pissing your pants is the worst thing in the world.” Said Lily “Trust me on that one.” She added as a joke.

“It just happens and I can’t control it. I feel so foolish…No offense.” Stated Fran rather sheepishly

“It’s nerves and muscles and even a bit psychology,” answered Lily “The world’s gone crazy, we’re literally fighting for our lives out there. Thank goodness for Ron and Max.”

“Yeah, they’re pretty good I guess.” Fran had the Goodnight fully unfolded and was seeing how far she could stretch the waist now.

Lily let her continue her examination as she stripped down and did her best to get clean. The wipes felt nice on her reddened skin, and cream she found numbed the areas of her rash with a cooling sensation helped by a bit of powder. She took one of the Goodnights out of the bag on her own; she didn’t need to examine the pink fairies printed along the absorbent material. Instead she unfolded it and stepped into the garment before pulling it snuggly to her waist. The dry padding felt comfy and nice thanks to the added steps she’d taken. Standing in front of Fran was a little awkward but they’d already been through so much at this point, modesty took a backseat to comfort.

"That doesn’t look bad at all…"said Fran taking in the sight of her. “Looks like they fit pretty good?”

“Yeah, and they’re actually pretty absorbent. More than most of the other diapers anyway.” Said Lily.

“Do…do you think I could try one?” asked Fran rather suddenly.

Lily cranked a small smile.

“I mean I don’t want to use up your supplies of anything.” Said Fran in defense.

“Go ahead, I won’t tell anyone.”

The two girls shared a laugh as Lily walked Fran through the process of cleaning and changing. Slightly taller than Lily, she had some trouble getting the garment to fit right but she was able to get it on after a little bit wiggling.

“I suppose we should go find the boys,” said Fran after she’d finished secureing her new protected state.

“…And maybe some pants?” joked Lily.

“Yeah, that to.” Said Fran and with that the pair of them made their way back upstairs.

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Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 11

This was a great chapter. I thought you did a fantastic job with the look back. I actually felt a little emotional when Lily was being teased about her condition. Keep up the great work.

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