The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 1

The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 1

The musky stench radiating off the worn leather seats was one thing. The fact that the air seemed still and thick as it crept in through the slim school bus windows another. However what finally drove twelfth grade honor’s biology teacher Madeline Smith over the edge was the insistent bitching of Claire Dupree.

“Miss. Smith are we almost there? We’d better or else Couch Kat is going to be very angry. Why is it so hot? Can’t you get the bus moving? Why did you have to bring us on this stupid trip anyway? I swear if I miss cheerleading practice because of this Ms. Smith….” It seemed like there was no end to the girl’s wining. It was getting annoying.

“Claire take a seat.” Said Ms. Smith "Traffic seems backed up for miles around the city, “There is nothing the bus driver or I can do about it, I am afraid you’re going to miss cheerleading practice. Life will go on” as she spoke she wondered how the girl could go on and on about how hot it was when out of everyone in the class, she was wearing the least amount of clothing. It was great to take pride in being a cheer co-captain however it was quite another to wear your uniform nearly every other day of the week.

She felt sorry for Ronald McAvoy another of her students. The senor ROTC leader sat by himself in full regalia, long coat, dress slacks and enough polyester to smother a cow, reading an enormous door stopper fantasy novel. Sweat seemed to just ooze from his shaved head yet still he sat engrossed in his book occasionally looking around and chiming in with other classmates. He was a friendly boy, would probably go far after gradation despite being odd at times and a bit of an outsider. Ms. Smith was thankful for him now as Claire and the a few others kept up their endless drowning.

“Ms. Smith, I really need to go to the bathroom,” said Fran Hayworth, the self appointed queen of the Goths at eagle ridge high school. Fran would of been dying in the all black get-up’s she normally wore but luckily the girl and her other Goth classmates had enough sense to dress for the warm weather.

“Hey I’m pretty sure there’s a short cut up the road a bit” stated Dean Bayfield, the know it all car guy of the class.

“Clare’s not the only one with practice you know Ms. Smith, we got a big game this week” called Cory Weatherman from the very last seat in the back, Cory was a Varsity lineman on the football team, jocks rarely made it into her honors class and as it was Cory was barely maintaining a C minus. The same could be said for some of his friends. The principle had placed a handful of the school’s star senior athletes in her class in hopes of giving the boys an edge when it came to college recruitment. Corey was the only football player among them although as the group sat clad in their varsity jackets at the bus’s rear they pretty much all looked the same to her.

“Mr. Weatherman why don’t you use a little of this time to study and maybe do some homework, it will be tough to play if you flunk the next exam,” replied Ms. Smith.

There were a few more protests and complaints, mostly from Claire as the teacher made her way up and down the center aisle, simply unwilling to sit in the stagnant bus. At one point she had to break up a pair of underclassmen boys who had suddenly gotten slap happy sitting next to each other. The Heat did strange things to teenagers.

She made her way up to the bus driver after that. The bus had been traveling at a snail’s pace for most of the last hour. It was odd to get so much traffic this far out of the city and at this time of day. She wondered if maybe a major accident had happened.
“So how are we looking Chuck?” she asked politely.

“Not so good Ms. Smith,” said the old bus driver kindly. “Traffic’s back up as far as I can make out and this kind of wear and tear on the bus’ engine ain’t good.” He added.

“Any Idea what the holdup is?”

“No idea, radio’s gone screwy on me, usually I can pick up a good signal from here, sometimes I can even get on the county frequency, but right now I’m getting nothing. Whatever it is, it’s not good.”

“Well I’m open to suggestions if it’ll get us back sooner,” Stated Ms. Smith looking forward into and endless sea of nearly immoveable vehicles in front of them.

Normally the state bio lab trip was one of the highlights of the school year for her. The Student’s always loved being out of school and to be honest, so did she. This year however would perhaps haunt her nightmares for some time to come. The lab had relocated over the winter to a sizeable distance several county’s from eagle ridge which had in turn required her and her entire twelfth grade honors biology class to meet at the school two hours before anyone else. The trip there had been long but pleasant enough as most of the students slept. However upon arrival at the lab, things got down right disappointing, the tour consisted of a quick run through the new facility a small lunch and then they were all politely bid good-bye. It was odd really as if something had suddenly come up and the entire lab went into crisis mode. Thinking back on it now Ms. Smith was a little curious, pity really, the kids would have probably liked the excitement.

“There’s a smaller road off to the left about a mile or so up ahead,” the bus driver began. “It will take us further away from where we’re trying to go but with this traffic…”

“Do it.” Ms. Smith cut in. Normally bus drivers were required to stick to state roads and highways during field trips out of town, but given the state of things Ms. Smith was hardly one to blow the whistle.

The bus driver nodded in agreement as the bus continued ever forward at a death like pace. Ms. Smith turned from him focusing the attention back to the hooligan class she’d been stranded with. Her heart sank a little then remembering and spotting shy reclusive Lily at the very front seat of the bus peering over a note book in a seat by herself.

Lily was by far her brightest student. The girl was on track to graduate at the top of her class as far Ms. Smith knew and all the teachers loved her, although the thing about Lily was she didn’t have many friends. At least she didn’t in biology class and the few times Ms. Smith had spotted her around campus she’d been alone. It was a shame really, Lily was good looking underneath her glasses and straight black hair, the pale skin didn’t do much for her complexion but with a bit of make-up Lily would probably be capable of giving Claire a run for her money. Ms. Smith couldn’t say such things though, and she knew why Lily was the way she was.

“How are you holding up?” she asked taking a seat next to the girl.

“I’m alright” said Lily “It’d be nice if we were back”

“We’re going to be moving soon although it may be a while before we get back to school,” said Ms. Smith “Will you be able to make it?”

“I hope,” said Lily then, and without saying anything she softly motioned with her eyes down toward her waist. Ms. Smith followed her gaze, and there on the inside of the girls leg was a tiny quarter sized wet spot on the crotch of her jeans. A tell tale sign of Lily Hamilton’s biggest secret.

She was eighteen now, but Lily had come to eagle ridge a bright-eyed freshmen some years ago and had managed to score a spot on the varsity cheerleading team her sophomore year. She had everything going for her then, good looks and brains to match she had been vice president of her class freshmen year and had set an academic record in her second semester. Everything had changed when she was sophomore however. By her senior year Lily had become something of mystery to the rest of the school and the truth behind it all was really quite tragic. Everyone on the staff knew the details, and a lot of the student body pretended that they did as well.

One night after a district championship basketball game, Lily and a group of other students had set out to celebrate in true teenage fashion. Alcohol had been involved and what had been one of the school’s finest moments on the basketball court had turned into one of the surrounding communities most tragic. Lily had been the only survivor the accident had left three upperclassmen cheerleaders dead along with four of the team’s top basketball players. It had left her in the hospital; the doctors said she was lucky to be alive and even luckier that she could walk after a few months of intense physical therapy. The girl’s life had changed that night thought, with neruoucal damage to much of her lower body, Lily now had quite a bit of trouble making it to the bathroom in time.

She was fully capable of taking care of herself, probably more so than anyone on this bus. She’d grown accustom to having to wear “special” underwear and as such knew exactly how to take care of it. The thing of it was she let it get to her; the fact that she wore diapers was a sensitive subject.

“Oh dear” said Ms. Smith her eyes widening at the sight of Lily’s mishap. “Will you……” she was at a loss for words.

“If we get back soon I’ll be alright,” said Lily “Or if maybe we could stop off somewhere so I could change real quick, I’m sorry I should of changed before we left the lab. I just didn’t think we’d…” as she spoke the Bus reached the turn off for the secret road the bus driver spoke of and the rest of the class cheered wildly as it picked up speed.

It was great to be moving again; even Lily seemed relived despite the fact that they were still hours from their destination. With any luck the bus would make it okay as it clinkered down the winding country road. Over the next half hour the road became increasingly empty and the bus increasingly less dependable.

“afraid we’re going to have to pull over and let the engine cool,” exclaimed the bus driver “we’re making good time now but all that wear and tear back on the highway has over heated the bus,”

His announcement was met with a wave of despair from just about everyone including Ms. Smith yet there was nothing to be done for it. The bus pulled off to the side of the road as steam began to pour from the hood of it and a loud hissing sound ensued.

There was nothing to do but wait once more, it beat sitting in traffic but not by very much. Luckily the sun was no longer directly beating down on them. They were surrounded by farmland.

At one point something odd happened. As the bus slowly cooled a lone figure came shambling down the road at a slow pace. It was man, wobbly in his stance and alone. He made his awkward way toward the bus and as he approached it became clear the man was in need of assistance. He looked sick from where Ms. Smith could see him, and the last thing she needed right now was something bad to happen to her students on this god forsaken field trip so before he got too close Ms. Smith did the only thing she could; she went out to meet him.

“Hello,” she asked upon exiting the bus to go over to where the man was. They were both visible though thankfully out of earshot from the students, it would be better this way. “Are you ill?” she asked as the man got closer.

He was indeed ill it was quite clear when the pugnet smell of rotten flesh finally hit Ms. Smith’s nose. She put her hand up as if bidding him to stay back then, only it was too late, the man still said nothing inching his way toward her as Ms. Smith slowly began to step back. He snarled once and suddenly his grotesque façade met her shock filled eyes and a feral rage sprang forth.

There was nothing she could do. In a single instant he was on her, his sharp jagged teeth biting deep into her soft pink flesh. Warm blood poured from her shoulder as he began gnawing on the biology teacher. Unwillingly the contents of her bladder emptied soaking her pleated skirt as she let out one long final scream.

Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 1

You have a decent start here, and I’d definitely like to see more of this. Some things to watch out for that I noticed:

-Capitalize proper names. “eagle ridge” should be Eagle Ridge.

-“Couch Kat” was I’m guessing supposed to be Coach Kat…or maybe not, perhaps we have not been introduced to the character of Couch Kat. :stuck_out_tongue: Now I just want there to be a character named Couch Kat in this story. :slight_smile:

-Make sure you capitalize when you start a new sentence/line of dialogue. I only caught it once in the chapter, but it stood out to me. It was the bus driver saying that they’d have to pull over and let the engine cool.

That’s all I’ve got. Overall it’s not a bad effort, you’ve done a good job of introducing your characters and setting the scene for what’s to come and as long as you don’t rush it you should be fine. I’ll keep reading until I see a reason not to. :slight_smile:

Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 1

Thanks for the critiques.

I’m glad you liked the story.

Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 1

Always love a good zombie story. Nice start.


Re: The Diapered and The Dead Ch. 1

Neat a story with zombies and diapers and correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think this has been done before so good luck.