The Diaper Girl

Author’s Note

The following is a work of fiction. All names, places, people and environments described in the story are of the author’s imagination. There are however some factual elements of truth to this story where the character of “Diaper Girl” is concerned. I will try and shed some light on this in my Introduction.

Most, if not all of us who are part of the Sissy/AB lifestyle have at one time or another dreamed of finding themselves in a submissive role where their particular desires and fantasies are concerned. This is also true of myself.

For those of you who have had this opportunity to live their fantasy, or whatever you choose to call it, I am happy for you. This however was not the case for me. So… the following story depicts what it would have been like for me to live the lifestyle dressed as an 18 month baby girl for a dominant female(s) to do with as she pleases.

The Diaper Girl

In a Coffee Shop, a young man in his early thirties and with a somewhat youthful appearance, sat across the table from an older woman. Not quite ten years older then he. His eyes drawn to the woman’s full figure. She noticed his gaze and looked back at him, his face flushed red. This didn’t go unnoticed.

“Do you like what you see?”

"Y-yes , I do, very much.

He was honest if not somewhat embarrassed she thought.

“How are you?” she said.

“Oh, I’m good, thanks, you?”

“You got my parcel and followed my instructions?”

“Yes” he said sheepishly, taking another drink from his coffee cup.

“Than, you have some idea what this is all about?”

"Yes, I think believe so?

“And how do you feel about that?” she asked.

“Hard to say, It’s kind of like wishing for what you want and not sure how you feel when you get it.”

“Do you think you will be ready fir it when it comes?”

"Excuse me ma’am, can I refresh your drink?

“Please, and thank you.”

“For you young man?”

“Sure, why not.” The conversation resumed.

“So, do you think you will be ready when it comes? I’m very serious about this, I want to be absolutely sure about the person I choose. They have to be able to met my needs as well as those of say, your. own. It has to be a total commitment on your part, do you understand that?”

"Yes ma’am, I believe I do. "

“Good, sit tight and I’ll be back in a bit.”

The attractive woman excused herself leaving the young man to ponder his thoughts. He thought he knew what he was getting himself into, but wasn’t entirely sure if that’s what he really wanted. Several minutes later, the woman returned and took her seat in the booth.

“Do you think you could become what I want you to be?” she said.

“I hope so, I really want to.”

“Well, we’ll have to wait and see about that.”

“Excuse me ma’am, I’ll be right back.”

“Alright then,” she said. She knew where he was headed as he got up to leave. Once the young man had vanished from view, the woman placed a folded note beside the half empty coffee cup. Picking up her purse, she headed for the door watching her former guest head back to the booth. Finding it empty, he picked up the note waiting for him on the table.

About this time, the woman got into her care, closed the door and drove off. "I shuld have known, she thought, another pretender. "

Seeing the woman gone, he picked up the paper, unfolded it and read: “I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you. You aren’t the right candidate for what I need at this time in my life. Please do not contact me again.” The note was unsigned. Confused, the young man headed for the door to leave. Stopping by the cashier, he inquired about the bill.

“I’m sorry sir, your friend paid the bill and left a few minutes ago.”

"Thanks. " he said and headed out into the evening. Wondering to himself, if this could have been been what he’d been looking for or if it was just another trip down the garden path. He’d had a few of those before too. “Doesn’t really matter” he thought. Turning left onto the busy thoroughfare, he headed home.

The Diaper Girl

Winter was giving up its hold on the ity of Cleveland. It was early March and most of the snow had melted off, leaving the streets wet but manageable. I was well into my last Semester of School. I was looking forward to getting my Degree in Business Administration. I made some good contacts during my Internship last summer. There was however no guarantee that a job would be waiting for me. I would just have to wait and see how tings panned out. There was something else was occupying my thoughts and I would follow up on that when I got home. I have two classes to deal with this morning and all my focus was now towards that end.

Before heading home, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up what I needed to get through the weekend. I didn’t want to have to go out until I had to. It was going to be cold for the next several days. I was standing in line behind a Mother and her baby girl, not quite two years old if that. The little pink dress was pretty and high wasted affording me a view of her diaper filled plastic panties. For a moment, I saw myself in the same outfit, but in my size. It wouldn’t have been the first time I had imagined myself in such babyish attire.

“Sir” the cashier said.

“Oh, sorry, I was lost in thought.” I put my purchases on the counter noticing the Mother pushing her cart out of the store. “Got a few days of R&R coming on and I’m looking forward to that.”

“I bet you are” she said with a smile. Taking the bags, I headed for the car and the drive home.

Arriving home that afternoon, I shed my coat and hung it in the closet and put my case on the floor by the large desk and went into the kitchen, to fix some lunch. I’d have some studying to do, but there was plenty of time for that. Today was Thursday and didn’t have another class until Monday. “Three days to play” I thought to myself. I was going to make the most of them.

First things first, a nice long soak in a tub full of bubbles and perfume would get things off to a good start. I stripped down to my now visible pink plastic panties covering the super plus disposable underwear. I liked to refer to them as adult sized pull-ups. I put an extra pad going front to back offered additional protection. They had done their job because they were now quit wet and were discarded.

The concept of bladder control had for some time been in a grey area. Yes, I was okay if I was near a bathroom, and could get there in time. Sitting in classes lasting one hour and others longer, didn’t afford me the opportunity to run to the restroom. I have a progressive condition involving my cervical spine. There was spinal compression causing nerve damage. No doubt it was this that was causing me to gradually, over a period of time be robbed of my control. I knew it would only be a matter of time, several months or a year or so. There was really no way to know for sure. One thing I did know is that eventually, I would end up in diapers and plastic panties. Not that this bothered me, I was hoping this wouldn’t be too much of a problem where my potential work was concerned. I had also been put on diuretics about a year ago after having a kidney stone removed and was told I would be on them as a precaution to ensure my kidneys functioned properly.

Going to my closet, I got diapers and plastic panties that I would wear until tomorrow morning. I always use odor controlling spray and lots of baby powder. Securing my diapers in place for a snug fit, I pulled on a fresh pair of plastic panties also in pink. Returning to the closet, I selected a very short pink baby dress with a little teddy bear appliqué on the front. Frilly white socks and Mary Jane shoes completed the outfit. My hairstyle was all little girl with short bangs and lots of curls in a chestnut brown. Applying a little makeup, I walked to the mirror and was delighted with what I saw. The image looking back at me was picture of a sweet baby girl. It was a good thing I was wearing diapers because I was now wet, and would most surely be much wetter as time went on. In the proper frame of mind, I put a protective pad on the chair and sat at the computer.

Time to check my feMail account at I’ve had an account there for years. It was here that I’ve been waiting for a response to a “personals” ad from a woman looking for a live-in full time baby girl. The message read in full:

“I am an older female in the Cleveland area looking for mature males only who want to experience an alternative lifestyle as a baby girl. No frauds or fakes and no scene play. Your intentions will come out in the wash. Only serious candidates need apply. If selected, you must be willing to relocate. Send photo and relate any lifestyle experience you have had in the past as well as any medical conditions you presently have. Photos become my property and you will not get them back.”

Now, I have seen posts in the past and sent replies to those in the general tri-state area. Some of the ads require the responder to send an unspecified amount of cash. These went unanswered. This one was different in that no “up front” payment was asked for or required. Best of all, this woman was somewhere in Cleveland. This made it extra special and I took the time to put together a detailed account of my own experiences. I also related my progressive loss of bladder control and the fact that I took diuretics.

I learned long ago not get my hopes up only to have them dashed as they had been so many times in the past. There it was a reply to my message four days ago. I guess I really didn’t expect to hear back from this lady, but there it was.

It was difficult to hide my excitement at the thought of getting a response. I did not yet know if it was positive or otherwise. The fact that she answered me at all had to be a good thing. I opened the message to reveal its contents. It read as follows:

“Dear Diaper Girl, (this has been my screen name for as long as I can remember.)
A very appropriate name for you given your style of dress in the attached photo. Have you other photos like this? I would like to see more of you dressed as you are in this one. The look you present is ideal for what I am looking for, and what I want my baby girl to look like, whoever it may be.”

Wow! She really liked my photo and yes, I did have more like this one, lots more. I could feel the warm wetness spread throughout my diapers as I continued to read.

“My name is Candice. For now, you may address me as Ma’am. Do you understand?”

Almost without thinking, I said out loud, “yes ma’am”, and continued reading.

“The fact that you live in Northern Ohio and in Euclid specifically earns you extra points and puts you in the same general area as myself. For now, I will tell you that I live on Cleveland’s west side and have a fully stocked adult sized Nursery in my lovely home. Perhaps, you will have the opportunity to experience it for yourself.”

This was all too much and more than I had hoped for. I read on, wondering how much more she would reveal.

“Most of the other candidates only wear diapers by choice. It would appear however that you will be wearing them sooner perhaps then later out of medical necessity. Is this correct? Please give a little more background on this for me.”

I would be sure to do that.

“I require a response by the time you go to bed tonight. The hour of your bedtime will be eight o’clock this evening. If you comply with my edict, you will receive additional instructions via email at some point tomorrow.”

Glancing at the clock I saw it was nearly five thirty, giving me a little more than two and a half hours to fashion my reply. After a quick bit to eat, I wrote a somewhat detailed email as I was directed to. I enclosed three photos of me in different outfits and sent my reply. It was now a little past quarter after seven when I clicked the send button. Not long after that, I put on a short babydoll that did nothing to hide my plastic panties. I welcomed a good night’s sleep.

The morning sun filled my bedroom, but that’s not the only thing that had roused me from my sleep. The bulk laxative I had taken the day before was now making its presence felt. I tried to control myself like a big girl but ended up filling my diapers full like a baby girl would be expected to.

After a shower and fresh diapers, I put on a pink ruffled romper with a white top underneath. It was one of my favorites. I spent the day doing some housework and laundry. Around noon, I finally received the email I had been waiting for. The message as a whole was positive and did much to help move things along. The message read in part;

"The photos are simply adorable! I just love the way you look. I hope you enjoy this style of dress, because this is what I have in mind for my baby girl. I’ll bet you are wet too. It would seem that the gradual loss of bladder control will ensure that you will at some point in the not so distant future find yourself in diapers and plastic panties permanently!

She was right about that. I would eventually end up in diapers full time. Not that I was nearly there already, the message continued.

“I suggest we get together and talk. You know of the Kopper Kettle, the coffee Shop on Detroit Ave? I will be sending you a parcel in the mail within a few days. I trust you will know what to do with the contents inside. Be sure to follow the instructions I have included for you. Let me know when the parcel arrives. Until then, keep those diapers close at hand. You will need them.”

It was really going to happen. I was going to meet this lady. My head was swirling imagining what I might expect. I could do little more than wait. I also wondered what might be in the package I was to receive I would just have to bide my time and wait for things to unfold.

The Diaper Girl
The Encounter
Part One

The past few days had come and gone all too quickly. I had another email from
this lady I had contacted. For now, I was to address her as Ma’am. Things were certainly were looking good to meet her. The fact that I would be receiving a package in the mail did much to imagine what its contents might contain. All of this however was pushed to the back of my mind. It was Monday and I had my studies to deal with.

There was one element of truth to what this lady had suggested. That being that I would most likely end up in diapers. If things progressed as they have, I was prepared to make the most of it. That being said, I dressed for the cold weather putting on a bra under my shirt. The sweater I put on made it difficult if not impossible to detect what I was wearing. Diapers and plastic panties were essential while sitting in lengthily classes. It was going to be a busy day.

The next couple days played out pretty much the same. I looked to see if the package arrived when I got home. One day turned into three and then a week went by. I began to wonder if this lady was really on the level. Arriving home one afternoon, I saw it. The box was on the porch, not overly large but enough so that I could put it under my arm. Once I had the door open, I got everything inside. It was good to get out of the cold. I was pretty wet too and needed a change.

Freshly diapered and plastic panted, I put on a short little dress and turned my attention to the box on the table. Upon opening it, there was a folded piece of paper laying on some pink tissue paper. I picked it up and read:

"Baby girl, you will be expected to put the items here to use when we meet this Saturday at the Kipper Kettle. When you arrive, let the waitress know that you are here to see “Miss. Candice”. You will offer yourself up for inspection by me as proof that all items contained in this box have been used as directed. Be sure to take your diuretics as directed and drink 16 oz. of water. I expect you to be wet upon arrival. See you at eleven o’clock Saturday morning. Do NOT be late. "

Today was Thursday and Saturday would be before I knew it. I put the note aside and removed the tissue paper to reveal the contents of the box. The first item was a pink babydoll very short in length. The filmy panties normally to be found were not there. Instead, a pair of full cut matching panties with four rows of white lace across the seat. These panties were plastic lined. Much like the style baby girls are known to wear. There was a pink underwire bra, the size was 36-C.

There was a smaller white box within the larger one. Placing it on the table I opened it and found a note on the tissue paper, it read. "I trust you will know what do do with these. I put the note aside and unfolded the paper. I couldn’t believe what I saw. A pair of silicone breast forms, no doubt to fit inside the bra. I had a pair similar to these but these were slightly larger then the ones I used. Yes I thought, I knew exactly what to do with them.

There was a large plastic bag in the box A short note taped to the bag read: "Saturday morning after you shower, put the diapers on followed by the soft pair of plastic panties and then the other pair. In the plastic bag was an overly padded disposable diaper and two pairs of plastic panties. The first pair was a soft vinyl pink in color. Upon unfolding the other pair of plastic panties, I know these would be very crinkly while I walked. I also knew that the diapers would be very noticeable.

Two other items of clothing were in the box, a pair of black pull-on women’s pants. They were the kind that didn’t have a zipper in the front. No need for that I thought. The other item was a pull on pink top, decidedly feminine to be sure. There could be no doubt that I was to be dressed as this woman chose for me. I would do all I could to comply with the instructions I was given.

Saturday dawned cold but clear with bright sunshine. I was very wet as was the babydoll I was wearing. It wasn’t long afterwards that I felt the need to fill my diapers. It would be pointless to try and remove my diapers and use the bathroom. After all, baby girls who wear diapers have no reason to use the bathroom. So, I gave in and filled my diapers full.

After a refreshing shower, I took the diuretics as directed and drank the required amount of water. I then set about the task of dressing for the day. First the diapers, they proved to be considerably bulky and made it difficult to put my knees together. I pulled on the soft pair of pink plastic panties followed by the second pair. As I thought, these plastic panties were very noisy. Every time I walked, you could hear them crinkle. I put on the bra and fastened it in the back and noticed that the cups filled out nicely once I placed the breast forms in the bra cups. I loved the natural feel and bounce I got when I walked. The pink babydoll was incredibly short and did nothing to hide my diaper filled plastic panties. Pulling on the matching plastic lined panties made the look complete. I had to admit I liked what I saw in the mirror. The black slacks went on easily over my diapers but only served to enhance the fact that I was wearing diapers. The top was on the form fitting side and really showed off the pseudo figure I had. I put on some white socks and found a pair of black patent Mary Jane shoes I had in the closet. Looking at my watch, I saw it was a quarter to ten, and I was wet again.

I had time for a quick cup of coffee, juice and English muffin before I left the house to keep my appointment at the Kopper Kettle. I chose a three quarter length leather coat as it would conceal my diapered condition; I went over the instructions in mind once again to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Convinced I wasn’t, I made the twenty minute drive to the Kopper kettle. It was now ten twenty five. Good thing too. The rush hour was long over and the roads were dry and clear.

Pulling into the parking lot at the Kopper Kettle, I want inside. Good timing too, it was a quarter to eleven as I approached the counter. My coat still buttoned from the cold concealed my style of dress underneath.

“Good morning sir, can I help you?”

“Yes ma’am, I’m here to see a Miss. Candice.”

“Yes, she is expecting you, please come with me.”

The Diaper Girl
The Encounter
Part Two

“Hey Candice, your eleven o’clock is here.”

Candice rose from where she was sitting looking me over. “Thanks Stacy, please have Barb stop back in a few. We’ll be ready then.”

“You bet,” giving Candice a wink.

Candice extended her hand to me. “Glad you could make it.” I extended my own and shook hands, our eyes locked. "I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.

“I have been looking forward to meeting you as well.” I removed my coat. Candice put her hand out to take it.

“I’ll put it here beside mine.”

For the briefest of moments I resisted giving her the coat. The look in her eyes told me I had better do as I was told. I relented and extended her my coat. Her demeanor was one of smiles and warm affection.

I like what I see so far." Candice’s gaze fell to my well diapered appearance and took in my chest. “Are you wet?”

“Yes Ma’am, and noticeably too” I answered. “I hope you approve of my style of dress. I’ve done all that you asked of. me. I wanted to do all I could to please you.”

“It would appear that you have indeed. I think you will be doing a good bit more than that for me as well,” she smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“Not to worry sweetie, when it’s time you will know.” That was all to be said about the subject.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Please, you may now address me as Miss. Candice.”

“Yes Miss. Candice .”

I looked at Candice. She was perhaps a few inches shorter than me, and I was about five, ten. She was attractive if not beautiful and exuded an air of knowing what she wants and how to go about getting it. Her hair, a strawberry blonde fell past her shoulders with lots of wave to it. Candice wore a black dress that came to just above the knee with a flower print. I could tell she was wearing hosiery of some sort. A pair of black pumps completed the look. I have to say that I was drawn to her in some way. I blinked then.

“Come, sit down and let’s chat.”

We sat across the table, a glass of water in front of me.

“I took the liberty of getting you some water. I thought you might want some. Be a good girl and drink up.”

I took the glass, put it to my lips and drained half the contents. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I detected a subtle aftertaste, but like I said, I wasn’t sure…

“Come on now, bottoms up. You don’t want to disappoint me now, do you?”

I looked at her than at the glass in my hand and drank it dry, putting it back on the table.

“That’s a good girl, we wouldn’t want to get off to a bad start now, would we?”

"No ma’am, I mean Miss. Candice, I don’t suppose so.

"Of course not, have a look at the menu and decide what you want. You must be a bit hungry. "

“Yeah, I didn’t get much of a breakfast earlier this morning; I wanted to make sure that I got dressed according to your instructions. I wanted to make a good first impression, you now how important that can be.”

“Indeed I do. If you followed my instructions and dressed accordingly, I believe you should make a very good first impression. I am counting on that very much.”

We sat in silence for what seemed to be an eternity looking at the menu. I never saw the woman approach the table. I wasn’t prepared for the warm wetness that spread throughout my diapers either.

An attractive woman approached the table where the two of them were sitting. “Hey Candi, Stacy asked me to stop by, what’s up?”

“Oh hi Barb, my guest and I are going to have a little lunch.”

“What do you think?”

“Mmmm, the double-or-nothing sounds good to me Barb, thanks. Why don’t you make that two, one for each of us.” This was a soup and sandwich combo.

Barbara turned her attention to me. Seeing the bra I was wearing. Barbara stepped a bit closer. “Well now, what have we here? Is that a bra you’re wearing honey?”

I sat there dumbfounded not knowing what to answer.

“Well, be polite and answer the nice lady.”

“Yes ma’am, I am wearing a bra.”

“Do you know what cup size you are?”

I didn’t hesitate to answer her this time. “Yes ma’am, I think it is a size 36-C, I can’t remember now.”

“Perhaps I can check the size for you myself later if Candice doesn’t mind.”

“Oh, not at all, perhaps when I dress her down for her inspection later.”

“Why is it that you are wearing a bra?”

“Miss. Candice instructed to me to wear a bra.” I said. My face must have been red because it felt warm.

“Well now, I wonder what else you might be wearing, and what other secrets you might be hiding?”

Candice answered for me. “Oh, I have a feeling you will get the opportunity to discover that for yourself soon enough Barb.”

“Sounds good to me, let me know when the fun begins.” She left the two of us then.

The Diaper Girl
The Encounter
Part Three

Barbara returned setting things on the table along with two cups of coffee. The soup and sandwich looked good and I was hungry now. It was to be a leisurely lunch. Candice now turned her attention to me.

“You know why you are here don’t you?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I believe so. You are looking for someone to be your baby girl, yes?”

“True in part sweetie. You understand that this isn’t going to be an on again off again kind of thing, don’t you?”

“Yes, I believe I do. Are you saying that you want me to fill this role for you?”
I drank the last of my coffee and noticed I was wetting again, only heavier than usual. This could of course mean only one thing. Candice had put a diuretic in the first glass of water I drank earlier. No wonder she was insistent I drink the entire glass.

“Miss. Candice?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“Did you put a diuretic in my water glass? It feels like I’m quite wet.”

“Of course you are and you will get much wetter as the afternoon goes on. Those diapers you are wearing are perfect for the occasion. To answer your other question, that depends on how things progress. If I’m satisfied with your performance, you will be the baby girl I always wanted but could never have.”

“So, you can’t have children?” I asked.

“No, sadly, that was decided for me much earlier in my life and that’s all I will say about the matter. What about yourself?”

“You should know that I am in my last Semester and will get my Degree this Spring. I…” Candice broke in

“Of course, it is important that you complete your Degree program. If you like, I will be happy to come to your graduation. I understand that you have Spring break coming up in a few weeks, don’t you?”

“Yes, mid April, I’ll have ten days of off time.”

“Good, you may be spending that time with me in my home. Sorry I cut you off a moment ago, you were saying;”

“I also had a girlfriend; we going together before I started school. We were together for a little over two years but we separated a little over a year ago.”

“Why, did she know you liked to be a baby girl?”

"No, she got a better position out of state. She knew I was a crossdresser early in our relationship and had no problem with that. We would go shopping for lingerie together and always wore pretty lingerie under her clothes. She even encouraged me to do the same, although I didn’t need much prodding to do so. "

“Did you love her?”

“I loved being with her. I think our relationship was more of a physical one. She loved to have sex and it seemed like she couldn’t get enough. We used to eat out a lot too. Sometimes, I would meet her after work.”

“What did she do?”

“She was a Nurse at Lakewood Hospital.”

“Interesting, that’s where I had the bulk of my fertility testing done. I know the place well. What was her name?”

“Sandy, she was an attractive girl, and looked good in anything she wore. Especially in her lingerie. She had a good figure and it was difficult for me to keep my hands off of her. We even went to a Halloween Party during our time together arranged by some of her Nursing friends.”

“What did you go as?”

“The first year I went as her French Maid. She dressed me for the occasion and even made me wear a Kotex Overnight pad in my panties, she said I might need it later that evening.”

“Did you?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, later that evening when we arrived at my place, she stripped down to her lingerie and put me on my knees in front of her, having tied one of my plastic aprons around my waist. She trained me how to give her pleasure in her private place with my mouth. She liked that very much and made me do that to her often. She made me take all of her orgasm. She said that would keep me submissive to her.”

“I’m so happy to hear this. I’ll have to keep this bit of information in mind, you may have the opportunity for some refresher training. What did you go as the other time?”

"I convinced her to let me go as a baby girl. I went dressed like the photos I sent to you. She even made me carry my diaper bag. It was a heavy pink padded vinyl with block letters; it had BABY on one side and GIRL on the other. She filled it with fresh disposable diapers, plastic panties and all the other supplies I would need. Sandy told me that I would need them before the evening was over. She was right about that because it turned out she gave me a laxative the day before, but never knew it. I remember her telling me; “If you are going to the party as my baby girl, I will see to it that you are dressed like one and use your diapers as any baby girl would.”

Later that afternoon at the party, I ended up filling my diapers full in front of the other women. Not only was I totally humiliated, I ended up having my diapers changed by two of the other Nurses. Sandy saw to it that I was the center of attention and was pleased with my performance. By the time we left, I was quite wet and loved the experience. When we got back home, she put me on my knees and made me take all of her orgasm like a good baby girl. She called it my formula feeding.

We continued to see each other for several months after that with me as her submissive plaything as she liked to refer to me. She did tell me that she was going to take a position at one of the hospitals in Chicago. She said it was good for her career and I wished her the best. That was the last time I spoke to her."

“Did you have another girlfriend after that?”

“Yes, her name was Dawn, I met her at College. We went out for a while.”

“What happened?” Candice asked.

“Well, when we made love for the first time, she discovered my secret about wearing lingerie.”

“How did you feel about that?”

“I was embarrassed and I told her so. She called me a sissy and that only sissy males wore such things. We saw each other for a few more months until…”

“Until what?”

“Until she discovered my baby girl things. She said that was just too much for her and she left me.”

“How did she find out?”

She was staying at my place for a few days and intercepted a package containing some plastic panties I had ordered. She opened it without my permission and called me out on it. I told her she had betrayed my trust by doing that. She told me I was a pathetic excuse for a man and that no woman would ever want me. We never saw each other again."

“I’m sorry to hear that, is she still in the area?”

I wondered why she would ask such a question but responded “yes, I believe so. Last I heard, she was working at a trendy woman’s wear shop on the west side.”

“Well, that’s all behind you now. Only good things to look forward to.”

“I hope so Miss. Candice. I just couldn’t go through another experience like that.”

“I don’t think you will need to worry about honey. It sounds like you may be just the person I have been looking for. From everything you have told me, you are perfectly suited to meet my needs and those of my girlfriend you met at the table a short while ago. She will be very happy with what I have to tell her. You may get the chance to experience some of these things you described to me. I think you may enjoy that.”

This wasn’t so much a question as it was a statement of fact, and understood her meaning. I was beginning to understand something else as well. I was feeling the faintest stirrings that told me that something else would happen sooner than later. I looked across the table.

“Miss. Candice?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“Did, did you feed me a laxative?”

“And what if I did?”

“I certainly wasn’t exp…” Candice dismissed my feeble protest with a wave of her hand.

“Let’s see if you can control yourself like a big girl. Can you try?” Candice pushed a few buttons on her cell phone and put it back in her purse.

“Yes Miss. Candice, I will do my best.”

“That’s my good girl. I think it’s time for a proper inspection of your attire.” As if on cue, Barbara was at the table again.

“It’s time?”

“Yes, it’s that time. Why don’t we adjourn to the office,”

“Sounds like an excellent idea.”

Coats and bags were gathered from the booth and all three made their way towards that back of the room. Barbara pushed on a wall panel that opened up to reveal a large office replete with furniture, tables and a large desk and cabinets. Kind of like a retreat from the hectic day’s business. Walking further into the room I noticed a door that led into what was probably a bathroom.

“Alright girlie, let’s get those clothes off so Barbara can see what other surprises you have in store for her.”

I hesitated perhaps just a bit too long.

“Let’s disrobe this little girl and see what else she has to show us.”

Before I could resist, both women were fast at work Candice grabbed the waistband of my pants and Barbara grasped my top and both pulled in opposite directions. With shoes and socks removed, my outerwear was tossed aside leaving me standing my pink babydoll and my diaper filled matching panties, my mouth agape wide open in shocked surprise.

Candice took advantage of the opening and stuffed a large pacifier in my mouth tying it securely behind my head.

Barbara clapped her hands and squealed with delight! "Oh my, you are wearing diapers, aren’t you. How perfectly sweet! Do you think he oh sorry, I meant to say she is wet?

“I don’t know, she might be. Why don’t you check her diapers for me.”

“I’d be glad to.”

Barbara took in the sight of the baby girl standing before her. My eyes took in both women, my most intimate secrets as well as my infantile appearance, now fully exposed for both of them to see. The pleased expressions on their faces told me they were enjoying this every bit as much as I was. This is first time that anyone had ever seen me dressed like this. For it to happen in this fashion with these two women made it even more humiliating.

“What a sweet little baby girl you are. I’ll just bet you are enjoying this very much, aren’t you? Oh I forgot, you have your mouth full.” She removed the pacifier.

“Yes Miss Barbara, I’m so very excited.”

"I’ll just bet you are baby girl. Perhaps we can do something about that later if you are a good girl.

“Yes Miss. Candice, I will do what you want.”

“Of course you will my baby girl, and so much more.” Candice’s smile said much as she took her hand and ran it over the front of my diapers. Soon, both women had their hands all over me inspecting my attire. Seeing my heightened state of excitement, both Barbara and Candice stopped, patted me on my well diapered bottom and kissed me in the cheek.
Looking at Barbara, I had to admit that I liked what I saw. She had good taste in clothing, the ivory dress she wore came a couple inches above the knee with a flounce that trimmed the hemline giving a bit of a swirling motion when she moved. Barbara’s hair was a chestnut brown falling several inches down her back. She like Candice wore hosiery of some sort. And a pair of bone colored two inch heels.

“Would you like to be our wet baby girl?”

"Yes Miss. Barbara,

“Yes what baby girl?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I would like to be your baby girl, especially when I am wet.”

“Are you wet now?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I’m very wet.”

“I’ll just bet you are baby girl. Perhaps I’d do what Candice suggested and check those diapers of yours for myself,”

"Barbara turned her attention to my frilly panties… Six rows of ruffled lace across her seat, leg openings and waistband. “We’ll have to pull your panties down so I can better get to your diapers.” Inserting her thumbs into each side of the waistband, she pulled them down to my knees, leaving my pink plastic panties in plain view.

“Oh, how sweet, they are plastic lined too, just like the kind that little baby girls get to wear. These are just perfect for her.”

Turning her attention to my other pair of pink plastic panties, she slipped a couple fingers under my leg band and confirmed what she knew to be true. “Oh yes, she is very wet, but I think she’ll be okay for a while yet.” My plastic panties were pulled back up, and the waistband snapped back into place.

The Diaper Girl
The Encounter
Part Four

“I want to see that pretty bra you’re wearing, you don’t mind, do you?” As if I had any choice in the matter. Barbara slipped the ruffled shoulder straps down my arms revealing my pink bra and the silicone breast forms that filled the cups full.

“I had a question Candi.”


“Why is such a sweet baby girl wearing a big girl bra to begin with, don’t you think she’s just a little young for such a thing?”

“As you and I both know, a bra is a ‘girl’s only’ item. They are also appropriate for little girlie girls like we have before us. Whenever she feels the fabric constricting around her chest, this will reinforce her girlishness. It also helps to reinforce her sissy status among women.”

“When you put it that way, it makes perfect sense. I can’t say much for “her” hairstyle though,”

“I don’t much care for it either. You said that you stopped by the Salon the other day?”

“Oh yes, I nearly forgot to tell you that Kathy had it ready for me. I’ll get it for you.” She walked to the large desk on the other side of the room, returning with what could only be described as a black wig case about eighteen inches in height. Opening the case, Candice withdrew a plastic form with a lovely hairpiece fitted to the top. It was similar in color to her own hair only this was styled in the manner more befitting a little girl. Placing the hairpiece on my head, she arranged it for a proper fit securing it with a few bobby pins hidden from view. I could not yet see what I looked like now but had a pretty good idea.

“There now, I think this hairstyle is more befitting a pretty baby girl like you. Don’t you think so Barb?”

“Absolutely, I don’t have a full length mirror but the one in the bathroom will do for now. I bet our little diaper girl will like what she sees,” I was led to the mirror to see the results of their work.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, it was easy to see the immediate change in my appearance. I had to admit that I loved the way I looked, and felt. I also think these women knew it too. It was something of an irony standing in the bathroom, unable to use it for its primary purpose. It is getting more difficult to hold off what was certain to happen very soon now. We returned to the office proper.

“You never told me where you got these darling plastic lined panties. Candi.”

"I got them from eBay some time ago and paid more than I thought they were worth, but they are perfect for this prissy sissy baby girl. I would like to have more made.

“Absolutely! She looks so precious in those puffy pink diaper filled panties.”

“What was it you called her earlier? I wasn’t sure if I heard it right.”

“You heard me right, I called her Diaper Girl.”

Candice looked at me with a satisfied smile, “Yes, I have to agree, the name is perfect for you. Do you like your new name Diaper Girl?”

I looked down at the floor and Barbara placing two fingers under my chin raised my gaze to look into the faces of these two women.

“From this point on, your name will now be Diaper Girl, do you like that name?”

"Yes Miss Barbara. As it happens, Diaper Girl has been my screen name for years.

"It was Candice’s turn. “Do you like what we’re doing to you Diaper Girl?”

“Yes Miss Candice.”

“It doesn’t really matter if you like it or not. I think you’re apt to find that you have little if any opinion as to what happens to you from this point forward.” Barbara then slipped her fingers under the leg band of my plastic panties. Oh my, our little Diaper Girl is just so wet, how precious!

It was getting to the point where I could barely control myself. It took every bit I had just to maintain control.

“Why are you fidgeting Diaper Girl?”

“I c-can’t .”

“Can’t what baby… can’t control yourself like a big girl?”

Candice gave me a sharp whack on the seat of my diapered bottom that I wasn’t expecting. With my concentration now broken, I felt a spasm shudder through me and I could no more control my bowels than I could keep my diapers dry. Slowly at first, I felt the contents of my bowels find their way into my diapers, followed seconds later by another spasm as wave after wave of worm soft mass invaded my diapers filling them full. By this time, both women were laughing hysterically enjoying the present state of affairs I found myself in.

“Thought you were a big girl, did you?”

“No Miss. Barbara” I could barely lift my face to look at her.

“No what baby girl?”

“No Miss. Barbara, I am not a big girl.”

“She sure isn’t behaving like one, is she Barb?”

Barbara answered in the affirmative and continued. “Well then, what kind of a girl are you?”

I was forced to admit the obvious and said, “A baby girl.”

“And why are you a baby girl?”

“Because, I wear diapers and plastic panties?”

“That’s right pretty girl” Barbara said as she patted my diapered bottom.

I was forced to spread my legs as Candice’s hand slid between them. As she slowly withdrew it, I squirmed with the new sensation between my legs. “That’s my good baby girl; the laxative you drank earlier seems to have done its job very nicely. You’d better get used to wearing diapers too, because they will be the one constant unchanging thing in your life.”

“It looks like we have a very wet and messy baby girl on our hands Barb.”

“Sure does, but let’s have a little fun with her before we change her.”

“Sounds like fun. Let’s finish what we started earlier. I think Diaper Girl would enjoy that, don’t you?”

“She seemed to enjoy it earlier.”

Both women worked slowly to bring me closer and closer to what would be another loss of control, only this time it would be much more enjoyable.

“Do you want us to continue?”

“Oh yes Miss Barbara, please.”

“Would you like to be my little Diaper Girl?”

“Oh yes Miss. Candice, very much.”

"Good because you have passed your final test by filling your diapers full like a good baby girl in front of the two of us.

I lost control then and enjoyed the most intense pleasure I could have imagined as my baby girl cream found its way into my diapers. It felt delicious, and wanted more.

“Did you enjoy filling your diapers for us?” Barbara said.

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I love to fill my diapers like a baby girl.”

“Of course you do baby girl, your actions and behavior tell me you do. I think it’s time you were changed.”

After a refreshing shower, I was put into fresh diapers and plastic panties. Once my babydoll and plastic lined panties were back in place, I put on the clothes I wore earlier that afternoon.

“I hope you enjoy wearing those big girl clothes, this is as close as you will ever come to being a big girl and the last time you will wear them. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss. Candice.”

“Now be a good girl and thank Barbara for all she has done for you. You will be seeing a lot more of her.”

“Yes Miss Candice. Thank you Miss. Barbara.” As both women kissed me on the cheek, my bladder slowly emptied into my diapers. I was wet again, and I loved that most of all.

“We’ll have to do this again Barb.”

“Oh that’s for sure, I think our little Diaper Girl has so much to look forward to. Especially when she stays with me in a few weeks, I just know she will love her new Nursery. You’ll just love what I’ve done with it.”

As I put on my coat to leave, Candice told me that she would be in touch and that she would begin making preparations for my stay with her during Spring Break. I walked out of the Kopper Kettle, got into my car and made the drive home.

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The Diaper Girl: Spring Break Part One

Thank you everyone who has read my story so far. Here is the next part of the story with lots more to come. Please feel free to make any constructive comments.

The Diaper Girl
Spring Break
Part One

The time had passed fairly quickly leading up to Spring Break and true to her word; I received an email Thursday afternoon when I got home. It was short and to the point. “Do you still have the outfits you are wearing in the photos I have?” I replied that I did. A short time later, I received a reply indicating that Candice would contact me Friday morning as to what I was to wear for the trip to her place.

Candice returned to the table where Barbara was sitting, some photos lay out on the table.

“Does our little Diaper Girl have these outfits?”

“Yes, she says she does.”

“Good, let’s have a look at them and decide what our baby girl will be wearing when we pick her up tomorrow.”

Both women turned their attention to the four photos lying on the table. The first showed me wearing a pretty pink romper with a white puff sleeve top, my diapers filling out the pink panties. The second showed me in an overly short pink baby dress with a pretty nursery print on it; my pink plastic panties were easily visible. The third photo showed me in yellow baby dress with an eyelet bib on the chest and trimmed in white eyelet lace, my yellow plastic panties on full display. The fourth photo was of me in one of my pink babydolls with pink plastic panties.

“Which one do you like the best Barb?”

“This one, she looks just so sweet.” Barbara pointed to the photo of me in my yellow dress.

“Yeah, that works for me too, it’s perfect! She’ll wear that on the drive over when we pick her up tomorrow morning.”

I looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was a little after seven and I was soaking wet. A hot shower was what I needed, along with fresh diapers and plastic panties and a pair of shortalls. After a bit of breakfast, I want to check my email. A message from Candice with a photo attached one of me I had given her some time ago. The message was short and direct. “You are to dress as you are in the photo. Put the clothes you wore home from the Kopper Kettle into a bog. I will be by abound ten o’clock to pick you up. Please be ready when I arrive.”

I want to my closet and took out the yellow baby dress I was to wear. I put this and a short white petticoat on the bed. I removed the outfit I was wearing and put on a bra and filled it out with the forms Candice gave me. Switching out the pink plastic panties for yellow, I pulled on the white petticoat. It was so very short, but so was the yellow dress I put on and arranged to its best effect. I was wet again as I put on the white socks and my black patent Mary Jane shoes. I had looked forward to today but wasn’t sure what I might expect.

I was sitting at the computer when the door bell rings. A glance at the clock told me it was nearly ten o’clock. Candice was here and I went to the door to let her in. Barbara followed close behind carrying the black wig case and closed the door behind her.

“Hi baby girl, are you ready?” She didn’t wait for an answer. Unzipping the case, Barbara removed the wig and arranged it on my head. “That’s better; you look just like your photo only sweeter. Oh and you are wet, aren’t you?” Barbara withdrew her fingers from the elastic leg band of my plastic panties. Candice suggested that we be on our way, taking the plastic bag in hand. We headed out to the car and the drive to Lakewood to Candice’s home.

We drove through a quiet neighborhood turning onto a tree lined street, the car pulling into a driveway moments later. The house was a two story Colonial, a soft gold tone with white trim and contrasting black shutters. The house had lovely curb appeal as did the others in the neighborhood. Candice pushed a button and the garage good opened and the car slid into the open space in the garage. Candice flipped a switch on the wall and two things happened. The garage door began to close and a panel slid open about three feet and we went inside.

“Hey Candi, when did you have that door switched out? I think it’s the bomb.”

"Thanks, I had it done a few months ago. Makes getting groceries inside without that door hitting me in the butt all the time. It has been some time since you’ve been here Barb. We’ll have to put an end to that soon enough.

At first glance, the inside of the house was much like any other one might expect. The floor plan was open so that the large kitchen opened onto the dining room and spacious living room with a fireplace on the far wall. Lots of natural light filled the open space and gave a warm inviting feeling. A half bath and corner office completed the first floor. The floors were hardwood with a large area rug to add a little more color.

“Barb, I’m going to fix some lunch for us and a bottle of formula for our house guest. Why don’t you take her upstairs and show her where she will be sleeping.”

“It will be a pleasure sweetie; I just know our Diaper Girl will love it.” With that, I followed Miss. Barbara up the stairs to the rest of the house. This floor held an oversized Master Suite at one end of the hall that was most likely Candice’s. Another large bedroom with an attached full bath was at the other end of the hall. About half way between the two was another bedroom. It was this room that Barbara was heading for.

Barbara pushed the door the rest of the way open and guided me inside. My eyes took in the large wooden crib on the opposite wall, a good bit larger than a twin size bed but a little wider and longer. The mattress was elevated so that when Barbara stood by it, the mattress was at her waist level. There was a closet on the far wall with its door closed and a large dresser across from that. The room was made over for a baby girl with pastel pink walls and pink draperies with white lace sheers behind those allowed lots of sunlight in. My mouth was agape and I looked at Miss. Barbara.

“Yes baby girl, this will be your own Nursery. I just know you’ll just love sleeping in your very own rib. It will be perfect for you. If you are a good little girl, I bet Miss Candice has some other surprises for you too.” I wondered what those surprises might be and wasn’t sure if I wanted to experience all of them.

“Come now, lunch is waiting and I think there’s a nice full bottle waiting for you too. Let’s be heading downstairs.” As we descended the stairs, I felt more warm wetness flow into my diapers. I was indeed wet but not so much so that I wouldn’t need to be changed for a good while yet.

It was early afternoon when we sat down for lunch. As the ladies sat down to sandwiches and soda, Candice placed a large oversized baby bottle in front of me with explicit instructions to drink it all. I began to do as I was told but found it difficult for the taste of the contents inside. I wasn’t sure what it was but it tasted overly sweet and had another taste I couldn’t describe.

“Be a good girl and finish your bottle. You’ll be getting a more appropriate feeding later this evening, and one you will become accustomed to while you are here. Your pretty little Miss. Barbara and I will be showing you some of the other things you have to look forward to. You’ll be getting some crib time while the two of us talk over some things concerning your upcoming training we have planned for you. We also have some girl stuff to take care of while you ponder what might be in store for you.” A little while later, the lunch things were taken care of and I was reaching the end of my bottle under the watchful eye of Miss. Barbara.

“It’s time to give our little Diaper Girl a proper tour of her new surroundings. Let’s get that wet diapered bottom of yours upstairs into your Nursery so we can show you what you will be wearing while you are here. Would you like baby girl?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I would like that very much.”

“Yes, I’m sure you will.” Candice gave me a sharp swat on my diapered bottom getting me moving towards the stairs. Barbara was first to ascend the stairs followed by me with Candice close behind me. Reaching the top of the stairs, Barbara took me by the hand guiding me towards the Nursery and Candice went to a drawer, opened it and withdrew a pile of nylon webbing with plastic and metal fittings attached to various parts of it. Barbara lowered the rail of the crib and Candice placed the pile on the mattress of the crib. Near the foot of the mattress was a lengthy strip of webbing similar to the harness. It was secured to the underside of the steel frame with an eye bolt on each side. The nylon webbing passed through a steel ring that lay on the mattress, one end a steel spring clip attached.

“Let’s get you fitted into your baby harness.” Both women untangled the pile of webbing and laid everything out. The various items included an eighteen inch length of webbing with adjustable loops on each end, a small “D” ring in the center.

An additional set of webbing longer in length with an adjustable loop on one end and a metal clip on the other as well as two shorter lengths about 12 inches long with fixed sliders on one end. There were two additional lengths of webbing. The longer had a clip on each end and the other had an adjustable slider on one end and a small loop on the other. Candice took the harness in hand and moved towards me

“Now be a good girl and put your arms in front of you.” I did as I was told and slid my arms through the large opening and draped the harness over my shoulders into place. The baby harness was simple in design but very practical made of white nylon webbing, a length of webbing went around my upper chest and attached in the back with a two piece plastic clip. A “D” ring was affixed to each side of the waist belt. Set half way between the front center of the harness and the “D” rings on each side, there was a length of webbing sewn to the belt with a slider on one end and nothing on the other.

Candice connected the two ends together with a CLICK and adjusted the fit snugly around my chest. The shoulder straps were adjusted for fit with the plastic slider on each side. Candice then selected the length with the slider on one end and the small loop on the other. Sliding the loop end behind the front of the harness, she threaded it through the top of the slider and then through the other and moving the slider all the way up leaving a length hanging between my legs. She then picked up the end passing it through my legs and pulled it up to the buckle in the back. Detaching the two pieces she slid the loop over half of the buckle then connecting them together again. Moving to the front of me, Candice moved the slider in a downward motion until the strap went snugly between my legs. . I was feeling somewhat confined.

It was Barbara’s turn as she retrieved an overly padded set of thumbless mittens from another drawer. The mittens had a satin lining on the inside and finished on the outside with the same satin making them very slippery. There was a “D” ring in the inside of each mitten. Barbara turned her attention to me.

“Please Miss. Barbara, I don’t want to wear those mittens, please don’t make me.”

“It’s not about what you want baby girl, the sooner you understand that, the easier it will be for you.”

“But I don’t wa…”

“I don’t care about what you want girlie” Candice said in a stern voice. “I think it best we put and end to this straight away.” Candice left the room briefly returning with something in her hand. “Open your mouth baby girl.”

I hesitated and Barbara gave me a sharp whack on my plastic panties and Candice pushed the object into my mouth before I could react. My mouth closed around a very large rubber nipple that nearly filled my mouth with a small hole in the front. Candice drew the two straps together fastening them securely behind my head, effectively silencing my protests.

"Better get used to the way that pacifier feels Diaper Girl, because it will be filling your mouth much of the time. I was wetting again as Candice continued. "Your new pacifier will serve a duel purpose. “Firstly, the pacifier gag is very breathable so you will be able to wear it both day and night. Secondly, you will take all of your formula feedings in this manner. There are slits in the nipple so formula will pass easily through. You will have no choice but to take whatever formula either of us decides to give you.”

Barbara stepped forward again mittens in hand. Taking one hand, she fashioned my fingers into a fist and slit the mitten over my hand. It came well up over my wrist and Barbara took one of the shorter lengths with the fixed slider. Wrapping the length around my wrist, she threaded the loose end through both sides of the slider and adjusted it for a snug fit around my wrist threading it back on itself through the first opening. Barbara did the same with the other hand rendering my hands useless. Barbara then selected the eighteen inch length of webbing and removed my shoes. Slipping my foot through one of the openings, the strap was adjusted so I could not remove it from my ankles. As with the straps on my wrists, the ankle restraints were threaded in the same fashion. First one foot and then the other, my shoes were replaced.

“I think we should put that pacifier feeder to good use Candice, don’t you?”

What an excellent idea. Why don’t you secure out baby girl in her crib and I’ll get the other things together."

“With pleasure” Barbara replied. Taking first one wrist, she brought it flush against my belt and Barbara deftly threaded the loose end through the slider pulling it snug around my wrist then passing the end through the one remaining opening and pulled tight as she had done with the straps around my ankles. Removing the rest of the harness, Barbara grasped my ankles then swinging them to the left and up onto the mattress of my crib. Grabbing the other end of the steel clip, Barbara connects it to the “D” ring of my ankle strap. Picking up another piece of webbing, Barbara attaches one end to my harness and the other to an eyebolt attached at one corner of the crib, its twin in the other corner. I was secured to the crib with no way to free myself.

About this time, Candice came into the room with a bag of formula in hand, its size being one quart. I eyed the bag and wondered what effect its contents might have on me. Candice hung the bag on a hook on the wall and connected one of the tubing to the bag and the other she secured into the breathing hole in my pacifier. Stepping back from the crib, Candice raised the rail of the crib in place than started the flow of formula through the long flexible tubing slowly filling the nipple of my pacifier gag. There was no way to stem the flow of formula and had no choice but to collapse the nipple forcing me to swallow it. I looked over and saw both women hands on hips looks of approval at my present situation.

“This is how all of your formula feedings will be administered baby girl. Weather it be here in your crib like this, or in the high chair I have for you. Perhaps pretty Miss. Barbara will show it to you tomorrow, you would like that, wouldn’t you?” Barbara stepped forward placing her hand on the front of my plastic panties. “If you are a good girl in the morning, I will have a special surprise for you.”

I lay there in the crib wet and looking up at her, my eyes trying to express what I wanted to say or what I felt at that moment, totally helpless restrained in my crib, to do with as she pleased. Lovely as she was, I was drawn to her. I’m not sure if it was supposed to happen like this, but wasn’t complaining. I just wish the flow of formula would stop soon. The contents of the bag would have their way with my body and I cold do noting to stop this from happening.

Barbara smiled contentedly as she felt the warm wetness invade my diapers again. “Yes, sweetie, I think you will be a very good girl indeed for me. Perhaps I’ll introduce you to ‘the girls’ tomorrow. We’ll be back in a little while to check on your progress. Be a good girl and finish your formula.” With that, both women left me to my thoughts and walked down to Candice’s bedroom.

Candice walked over to the bed sat down and kicked off her heels motioning Barbara to come join her. Both women sat on the side of the bed, shoes on the floor, the bedroom door stood open.

“I think our little baby girl rather enjoys your attention.”

“There’s no doubt about that, I think she delights in it.”

“That she does, I think it is safe to say that she likes you more than just a little bit. Wouldn’t you say?” Candice gave her girlfriend a smile.

“I’m certainly not going to do anything to discourage her, that’s for sure. You are right you know. I do have a soft spot for her. I’ll never forget when you told me about this for the first time, I’d never heard of such a thing before Just when you think you’ve seen it all… I’m going to enjoy this immensely, thanks so much Candi.” Both women kissed and shared a warm embrace.

“Then you must know that I’ve been preparing for this for some time now. Diaper Girl will have a nice layette with what I have here. We’ll have a look at the baby clothes she has at her place and bring them here. She’ll be dressed just like an eighteen month baby girl in diapers and plastic panties permanently. She’ll have absolutely no toilet privileges under any circumstances. I want her filling her diapers on a regular basis, at least once a day to be sure.”

“I don’t see that as much of a problem, I can’t wait to get her into that high chair and feed her puréed baby food laced with a laxative of some kind. We’ll see how she takes to filling her diapers. Oh Candi, I’m going to enjoy having some fun with our little Princess.”

“As will I, remember that bottle I had her drink earlier?”


“She doesn’t know it, but I added a stimulant laxative to her bottle of formula. I suspect it will do its job overnight giving her a wet and full diaper by morning. This behavior will help to reinforce the fact that she is best kept a well diapered and plastic pantied pretty baby girl.”

“I promised her that I would introduce her to ‘the girls’, she’ll enjoy that very much.” Barbara slowly swept her hand across her chest indicating her meaning. This wasn’t lost on Candice.

“I’ll just bet you did girlie, we’ll have to train her in the art of pleasuring the female. You know what they say about practice… she’ll be getting plenty of that. I plan on starting diaper girl on one of the more important aspects of her training.”

“That being,” Barbara asked.

“Anal training, it goes hand in hand with diaper training.”

“You have some toys for her? I’d love to see what you have.” Barbara’s senses were now heightened, her eyes beaming. She felt the stirrings of something deep inside of her.

“Sure, why not.” Candice walked to the closet and returned carrying a small box placing the contents on the bed. There were three items in all. The first was a thick pink butt plug, the second appeared to be a rubber dildo about six inches in length and a bit on the slender side. The last was similar but a good bit thicker around, all had flanged bottoms. Barbara picked up the last one of the three examining it a little more closely. “This is perfect; I can’t wait to get this inside of her. I have a feeling it will fill her full.”

“That’s what I want as well Barb, to keep her secret place open as wide as possible and as often as possible. Let’s have a closer look at this.” Candice got the two plastic halves apart and the dildo spilled out onto the bed between them and Barbara picked it up examining it more closely.

“This is solid rubber, yes?”

“It better be; that’s what I ordered.”

Barbra had a long look at the item holding it in her hand. “Yes, I believe this will be perfect for diaper girl’s anal training keeping her penetrated. We won’t have to worry about her expelling it either.”

“I believe both dildos are long enough that they will stay put. She will be wearing them while she is in cloth diapers and plastic panties.”

“I wonder if she has had any experience with this sort of thing?” Barb mused.

“Well now, that’s something we’ll have to discover for ourselves.” The items were put back into the box and stored away.

Candice turned towards Barbara taking her hands in hers. “We’ve been best friends for a very long time now, and girlfriends too, yes?”

Barbara was somewhat perplexed. “Well yes, I was working at the Kopper Kettle when I first met you. You took a chance and hired me on while I was still in High School. It was the Summer between my Junior and Senior year, a waitress back then thinking about what I was going to do with my life when I got out of school. I never figured on eventually managing the place. What does that have to do with all of this?”

“Nothing really, except with me and baby girl here, I could really use your help around here, so I thought I would make you and offer you better not refuse.”

“I’m all ears.”

"Why don’t you get out of that one bedroom place you have and share my home with me? You’d be closer to work, and best of all, you could come home and have some fun with our new baby doll. Not to mention the money you’d save on rent, utilities and the like, what do you think? "

“Well… when you put it that way, it would be hard to say no. The house is big enough for the three of us and it would be nice to have our own laundry girl. I just hate doing laundry; it’s such a chore, don’t you? I think I will train her how to hand wash all of our delicates for us. Perhaps some training in domestic homemaking would be appropriate. We wouldn’t have to worry about her taking potty breaks throughout the day.”

“Now, that’s my girl, I like your way of thinking. If we put our heads together, I think we can find plenty to keep our baby doll occupied. I just know it will work and have some very definite ideas of what I have in mind for Diaper Girl’s training. With your help, it will be so much more fun and enjoyable. Why don’t you put in your thirty day notice at the end of the month? That should give you plenty of time to get things together and I’ll be glad to help.”

Lying in my crib, I caught bits and pieces of conversation but nothing to put together and make any sense. I was too busy swallowing the formula that just seemed to keep coming. Would there ever be an end to it. I felt so full and was now in need of being changed. As I sucked on the pacifier, I thought about Miss. Barbara, wondering what she would look like in a pretty baby doll. I hoped I would get that chance.

“So, are you up for getting out of that place of yours and moving in with me and baby girl?”

“I’d love to share your home with you.”

“Perfect! We’ll get the bulk of your stuff moved after baby girl goes home for the last time. Once he or perhaps she finishes School, the Nursery will become hers permanently! I think you will find the other bedroom to your liking.”

“It’s all this girl could want, and so much larger than what I have now, very comfortable too. Thanks Candi, you are the best. I’m really looking forward to this; it’s going to be so much fun! Why don’t we walk down to the Nursery and see how baby girl is doing with her formula.” Both women kissed deeply sharing a long embrace and headed down the hall.

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Re: The Diaper Girl: Spring Break Part Two

Thank you to all who have read my story so far. Here is the next part, a little shorter than the last but there is much more to follow.

The Diaper Girl
Spring Break
Part Two

"How’s my little Diaper Girl? Barbara looked lovingly at me in my crib, now soaking wet and needing a change. “I see you’re nearly done with your formula, did you enjoy it? Oh, I nearly forgot, that big pacifier in your mouth makes it difficult to answer, especially when it is filled with formula. I believe Miss. Candice prepared it especially with you in mind. Perhaps you will get the chance to thank her later. Now, let’s have a look at those wet diapers of yours as I think you will need a change. Would you like that?”

I tried to nod in the affirmative as I heard the sound that told me I had reached the end of my formula. Candice left the room and returned a few moments later with a clear cup with water in it. Walking over to the now empty formula bag, she emptied the water into the top of the bag. I was told the water would help clear the tube of formula and rinsing the inside of the nipple. Barbara lowered the side rail and Candice removed the hose from the pacifier taking the assemblage down to the kitchen leaving Miss. Barbara in the room with me.

Unclipping first my ankle strap then the strap attached to my harness, she slipped the two ends of the strap over my feet and put it to the side inspecting me more closely. “Oh my, you are one very wet baby girl, aren’t you? Perfectly appropriate behavior for a little diaper girl like you. Let’s get these wet diapers off of you and get you into some dry diapers and plastic panties.” In short order, I was stripped down to my diapers and these were removed and disposed of. Barbara gave special attention to my private areas cleaning and applying cream and baby powder to my diaper area for added protection.

Laying the supplies out that Barbara would need, she pulled on a pair of latex gloves and turned her attention to me working Vaseline into my bottom causing me to squirm under her control. Next came three suppositories each going deep inside me, the pacifier in my mouth prevented me from voicing my objections. This was followed by a liquid laxative. Barbara took a tampon, pushed the applicator home leaving it in place inside me. Barbara gave a gentle tug on the exposed string. “Now it’s time for a nice big diaper for my baby girl.” Barbara laid out a thickly padded disposable diaper and two pairs of plastic panties.

“Hey Candi, Where’s that spray you told me about?”

I think it’s in the tub room next to the Nursery."

“Thanks.” Barbara went to where Candice said the spray would be and after a moment returned with bottle in hand. The plastic bottle read Fresh Again. It was in truth an odor control spray and from all accounts was very good at what it did. Barbara returned to the Nursery applying it liberally to the disposable diaper.

I was instructed to roll over so my bottom was positioned on the disposable diaper. Barbara sprinkled baby powder on my front. “We need to make sure that your ‘girlie thing’ is always where it belongs, down between your legs.” pulling the diapers up between my legs fastening them tightly in place forcing my legs apart,
Shaking out a pair of milky white plastic panties she pulled them up and over my diapers covering them completely followed by a lightweight pair of yellow plastic panties to match my dress.

Standing by the side of my crib, I tried to hold back the flow of wetness that found its way into my diapers. Barbara slipped the petticoats over my head back into place and did the same with the baby dress I had on arranging it nicely around the petticoats zipping it up the back. Barbara fit me into my harness securing it in back then put the ankle strap back on followed by white frilly socks and my Mary Jane shoes. My hair was brushed out and a small white hair bow was put on each side.

“Would you like to see what a doll you are?” I nodded my head yes and was led over to the open door facing into the hall closing the door to reveal a large mirror that covered most of the door leaving a small border around the mirror. The image that looked back at me was precious. I loved what I saw and so did Barbara. My ‘girlie thing’ strained against the folds of my diapers as I took in the baby girl looking back at me, my reverie broken by Barbara’s voice.

“Come on baby girl, let’s go downstairs and show Miss Candice how pretty you are, she will be so delighted!” The aroma of dinner cooking in the kitchen filled the air as Miss. Barbara brought me downstairs into the kitchen. I caught eight of something that wasn’t there before. An adult sized wooden high chair with a pole attached to the back of the chair with a hook protruding from the top. It sat at the end of a table with two place settings across from each other.

“Good timing Barb, dinner is just about ready, want give me a hand putting things on the table?”

“Sure, I’ll put our little Princess into her high chair for her feeding.” Barbara removed the tray and I was instructed to take my seat in the high chair. In doing so, she fastened me in replacing the tray locking it into place. A large terry cloth bib was tied into place behind my neck, the letters spelled out Baby Girl in pink script lettering.

Candice served up dinner for both women while Barbara cut up everything on my plate into small pieces. Barbara removed my mittens setting them aside then removed my pacifier allowing it to hang loosely in front. I was permitted to feed myself while both women enjoyed their dinner, each with a glass of red wine.

“That’s my good girl; you finished your dinner, now it’s time for your formula feeding.”

“Please Miss. Candice, I want to be a big girl and drink out of a cup like you.”

“I’m sorry baby, you much too young for such a grown up thing. That’s what your pacifier is for.” Candice reached for the pacifier hanging around my neck.

“But I don’t wa…” Mo objections were muffled as Miss. Candice pushed the large nipple into my mouth filling it full. Barbara deftly secured my mittens in place on my hands securing them safely out of the way. Candice removed the plate from my tray returning moments later carrying a very full bag of milky white formula hanging it on the top of the pole attached to my high chair. Barbara attached the tubing to the opening of my pacifier and Candice adjusted the flow rate. It would take two hours to drain the contents from the bag. Having completing the task, both women stood facing me, Candice spoke first.

“Now that I have your attention, I thought I would tell you a little about what you can expect as our new baby girl. I know how you melt under the touch of your pretty Miss. Barbara, I’m quite sure she will make her feelings known towards you as well, if she hasn’t already. If things progress as I believe they will, the two of you may have something special to look forward to.”

“Do you like your formula diaper girl?” Barbara stepped forward putting a finger under my chin lifting my gaze to meet hers. The nipple collapsed in my mouth and I was forced to swallow more formula. “It doesn’t matter one way or the other, as my eighteen month old baby girl, you have no say in anything that might happen to you at the hand of Miss. Candice or me.”

Looking at Candice Barbara asked; “What did you put in the formula?”

“Glad you asked Barb,” turning her attention to me. “Your formula will be whatever we decide to feed you. You will be fed regular baby formula warmed with whatever else I decide to add to it. You will never know what is in your formula until the effects are felt by you, and there is nothing you can do to prevent these things from happening.”

“It looks like you have lots to think about while you drink the rest of your formula. You have a little over an hour left until the bag is empty. I’ll be back then to let you out of your high chair.” Barbara kissed me on the cheek and left the room with Candice. I swallowed another mouthful of formula wondering what it would do to me. As I watched the two women leave the room, I felt myself wet again.

“What did you put into that formula Candice?”

“I added a diuretic to her formula to keep her wetting; I mean to take her bladder control away from her permanently!”

“Not that she had much of any control to begin with.”

“I want nothing less than complete urinary incontinence for her, a total loss of bladder control.”

“If it were up to me, I’m for taking away her bowel control as well making our little diaper girl wholly incontinent. After all, anyone in diapers and plastic panties has no business using the toilet for any reason whatsoever.” Barbara replied.

“I would have to agree with you, I’m inclined towards giving you that opportunity. Once our baby girl moves in permanently, she will never sit on a toilet again. I have everything I need to ensure she remains in diapers and plastic panties on a full time basis. Are you up for a little more wine?”


“Good, why don’t you take care of that for us?” Barbara filled their wine glasses again and returned to the sitting room handing one glass to Candice. The conversation continued for the better part of an hour returning to the kitchen to check on my progress. It seemed like the longest hour of my life, but the bag of formula was finally empty and I was feeling very full.

“What a good girl, for drinking all of your formula.” Candice poured some water into the bag. As I drank it down, the hose and pacifier were clean of any formula. I was released from my high chair and taken up to the Nursery.

“Let’s see if we can’t find something pretty for baby girl to wear for her first nights sleep in her crib.” Candice said as both women quickly stripped me down to my diapers, plastic panties and bra. Barbara put me into a very short pink baby doll while Candice shook out a pair of pink plastic panties. “These will be perfect for you” she said as Barbara pulled down my yellow pair. "I see you’re just a little bit wet, but you will be a lot wetter by morning. The pink plastic panties were pulled up and over my diapers. Barbara put me back in my harness and helped me into my crib. Candice clipped one strap to the D ring on the back of my harness then attaching the ring on my ankle strap to the ring on the strap going from one side of the crib to the other anchored to the underside of the crib.

Barbara kissed me on the cheek and raised the side rail of the crib. “I’ll see you in the morning baby girl; you have so much to look forward to.” Candice slipped her arm around Barbara’s waist saying,“Come on, lets go have a little fun while our diaper girl contemplates her new surroundings and what she has to look forward to.”

Barbara slipped her arm around Candice’s waist in response as the women left the Nursery closing the door behind them leaving me secure in my crib. As the last vestiges of daylight begin to fade, I continued what Miss. Barbara started. It was difficult with the padded mittens on my hands, but my efforts were rewarded with a deliciously intense orgasm as I filled my diapers with my baby girl cream. As I lay there, I wondered what Miss. Candice and Miss. Barbara were doing. As I began to drift off to sleep, the warm wetness that found its way into my diapers felt wonderful. I slept like a baby that night.

The first rays of sunlight poked through the high clouds announcing the start of a new day, but that wasn’t what roused me from my slumber. The fact that I was quite wet didn’t surprise me wither, I was something of a chronic bed wetter with little if any control over my bladder at night, there wasn’t anything I could do to change that either. It was nearly dawn when I felt the first cramps mild as they were deep within me, they passed quickly. As I lay in my crib half awake, I heard a toilet flush and knew others were up and about. I felt the cramps again, a little stronger this time and there was no mistaking the fact that eventually I would have to relieve myself, but not in the manner of my choosing.

Barbara arose from the large queen sized bed stretching and yawing, looking forward to the day ahead. She got a quick shower and freshened up dressing in rose bra and panties followed by a flirty matching baby doll that floated away from her body. Barbara was feeling quite the girlie girl as she put the FDS spray on the bathroom counter and stepped through the bedroom door into the hall, as she did so, she saw Candice, dressed for the day coming down the hall.

“Good morning Barb, you look absolutely delicious, come here and let me give you a big hug.” Barbara padded down the hall in her bare feet coming to stand in front of Candice who embraced her friend. “I’m so happy you’ve decided to move in with me and baby girl. We’re going to have such fun together you and I” Barbara was about to reply but Candice kissed her deeply; She offered little if any resistance towards Candice’s actions.

“That’s my girl, I like you dressed like this.” Candice’s hands found the rose pantied bottom of her friend pulling her closer kissing her again full on the lips. Barbara’s body tingled returning the kiss then holding each other at arms length. “Good morning Candi, glad you approve of my attire. I love it too. I thought I’d let our diapered Princess have a peek at the ‘girls’ this morning, I’m sure she will be getting to know them much better.”

“I just bet she will, they are just begging for attention, aren’t they?” The tracings of Candice’s finger over the fabric of the bra told her so. Barbara’s involuntary response told her everything she already knew. Something else happened she didn’t expect. Barbara experienced an involuntary orgasm, the front of her panties now quite wet. This was not lost on Candice.

“What have we here?” Candice eyed the growing wet spot on the front of her friend’s panties.

“Oh no, it’s happened again.”

“And what would that be?” Candice replied.

“Oh I never told you and didn’t really give it much thought, but I have a small problem with having uncontrolled orgasms from time to time.”

“How long has this sort of thing been going on?”

I would have to say for at least the past couple of years now."

“Wow! What a lucky girl you are. Most women would love to experience this for themselves.”

“Maybe so, but I pay for it in another way.”

“What do you mean?” Candice replied.

“My periods are very intense and last longer than most women’s with very heavy flow for most of my period.”

What do you do for it?"

I use Kotex Overnight pads all the time as they are the most absorbent. I also have to use Tampax super plus tampons with the pads. It works for the most part"

“I hope so for your sake Missy. We’ll have to do something for those spontaneous orgasms. I suggest you start using those Kotex pads in those panties of yours to keep them dry. Unless you prefer diapers and plastic panties” Candice giggled.

“Diapers, you can’t be serious.” Barbara gasped.

“Come now, just kidding but it could be arranged if need be.”

“You want me to wear Kotex ALL the time?”

“Yes, all the time. We don’t want our diaper girl to see you in wet panties, now do we?”

“No, I suppose you’re right. I’ll have to get a good supply of them though.”

“No worries Barb, I’ll order a case of Kotex Overnights for you but you will need to get some at the store for now.”

“I’m going to put some coffee on and will be up in a bit, have fun.” As Candice headed downstairs, Barbara slipped out of her wet panties and put a fresh pair on putting a Kotex pad in her panties for protection. She then turned towards the door that led into the Nursery wondering what condition she might find her baby girl.

As I lay in my crib, it became clear to me just how helpless my situation was. I was tethered to the crib wearing a diaper harness and thickly padded mittens on my hands making them all but useless with a pacifier filling my mouth. It was clear, I wasn’t getting out of this crib until Miss. Candice or Miss. Barbara let me out. Even if I could, I had yet to see a bathroom since I had been here, not that I would be using one anytime soon.

I had no idea how much time had passed as there was no clock or time piece of any kind in the Nursery. Perhaps a half hour or so perhaps more, but I had no way of knowing for sure. I guess it wasn’t such an important thing. I had something more immediate to deal with. My cramps were growing in intensity, and it was only a matter of time before my body had its way with me.

Barbara changed her mind stopping long enough to slip on a pair of black heels and headed downstairs to join Candice in a cup of coffee.

“I thought you were going to the Nursery?” Candice took note of the fresh panties and the outline of the Kotex pad they contained.

“I thought so too, but decided otherwise. Our little diaper girl isn’t going anywhere, and I thought I’d join you in a cup of coffee while things play themselves out up in the Nursery.”

Candice poured 2 cups of coffee adding cream and sugar to both. “Our baby girl will be so happy to see all the pretty clothes I have for her to wear.” The two women sat in the kitchen chatting about this and that and what they might have planned for their baby doll. Not quite half an hour had passed as the two ladies ascended the stairs towards the Nursery.

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Re: The Diaper Girl: Spring Break Part Three

Here is the next part of the story Thank you for reading along in the story so far. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I enjoy writing it. I am in the midst of writing another part. So be assured, there is lots more to come.

Spring Break
Part Three

The sound of the bedroom door opening broke my concentration. Almost immediately, my body had its way with me. The tampon that had been holding everything in was easily expelled, as I began slowly filling my diapers full. As I lay on my front, legs spread apart knees slightly bent, I could feel the contents of my bowels as they emptied themselves into my diapers, helpless to stop what was happening to me. The feeling was incredible, and I absolutely loved it! I watched as both women entered the Nursery and approached the crib.

“How’s our baby girl this morning?” Candice said as Barbara lowered the side rail. “I don’t think she will be able to answer you Candi” Barbara padded the seat of my pink plastic panties pleased to find what she expected feeling the large soft mass that filled my diapers. She slowly worked the soft mass into the seat of my diapers.

“Be a good girlie and roll over so I can remove your pacifier, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I would, and I gingerly turned myself over onto my back now lying in squishy wet diapers. Barbara reached down and removed the pacifier from my mouth, I was glad to have it out.

“Did you fill your diapers like a good little baby girl?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I couldn’t control myself.” I looked longingly at her standing in front of me in her pretty baby doll and matching panties. My eyes told her what I wanted and I think she knew it.

“It looks like the laxative I fed you yesterday made short work of your bowel control. I think I’m going to enjoy this aspect of your diaper training.” Candice padded the front of my plastic panties feeling my excitement contained in my diapers.

“I think baby girl has a little problem that needs tending to, perhaps you should look into it Barb.”

“Not to worry, I’m sure I can find a solution that will satisfy us both. Be a good girl and spread your legs so I can get a better look at things.”

I complied and did as I was told, opening my legs for her.

“That’s my good girl, lets see how well you filled your diapers,” working the soft mass slowly up between my legs, patting my plastic panties firmly. The scent of her perfume coupled with FDS filled the space between us. As Barbara bent to kiss me on the cheek, I could see the fabric of her bra under her baby doll; she looked and smelled so feminine.

“Do you like what you see diaper girl?” Barbara’s hand moved slowly over the front of my plastic panties.

"Yes Miss. Barbara, I think you are ver…., my body stiffened as another cramp seized me pushing another warm soft mass into my diapers. All I could do was lay there as my bladder relaxed as the warm wetness emptied into my diapers. Truth be told, I was now one very wet and messy baby girl!

“You fill those diapers full for me girlie, and I’ll have a special surprise for you later and perhaps a special treat for you now. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes Miss. Barbara, very much, what are you going to do to me?”

“You’ll have to do what I want to find out.”

“Well now” Candice put in; I think this is going to be a lot of fun. I think it’s time to handle that delicate problem Barb. "

“Be a good little sissy for Miss. Candice and me and finish filling those diapers baby girl. That spray really makes a big difference; it really keeps down the odor.”

I complied, forcing the last of the mass into my diapers, the experience made even more humiliating, because it was done under the watchful eyes of Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice. The sounds of clapping and chants of “good girl” told me they were pleased with my performance.

Candice stood by the head of my crib and Barbara at the center her hand moving slowly over the front of my plastic panties moving my ‘girl thing’ down between my legs telling me; “Baby girls like you should always keep your little ‘girl thing’ in a downward submissive position.”

“Do you like what Miss. Barbara is doing to you?” Candice didn’t wait for an answer, pushing the bulbous pacifier back into my mouth, instinctively closing around it. Barbara kept massaging the front of my diapers seeing I was in a heightened state of excitement.

“I think our girlie girl is getting close to the point of no return but I think we’ll take our time. I wouldn’t want the fun to end too soon now, would we?” Barbara brought me close to the edge than would stop for a bit.

“I know you’re enjoying what’s happening to you.” Candice said; "This will be your reward for filling your diapers like a good little baby girl. Since using the toilet is odiously not an option for you, you can expect to find yourself in wet messy diapers on a fairly regular basis. She stood next to Barbara, arm across her shoulder, fingers tracing the fabric of her bra.

“I think you’re enjoying this every bit as much as she is.”

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t.” Barbara said, resuming her actions from before. This time, she slowly brought me to the point of orgasm, then just a little bit further. Weather by accident or by design, it was the best thing I had ever experienced as what felt like waves of orgasm one after another gushed out of me and into my diapers. I had experienced this many times, but I had a feeling I would be the recipient of the pleasure at the hands of my Miss. Barbara as well as Miss. Candice. I felt my body go limp as soon as it was over.

"It looks like we have a wet messy baby girl on your hands.

Let’s get her into the tub and get her cleaned up and into fresh diapers and plastic panties. Then, we can open the closet and show diaper girl all the pretty baby clothes she gets to wear. I’ll go downstairs and get things started for breakfast, and you can get her dressed for the day. She’ll need a formula feeding in her high chair and some breakfast too."

“Alright baby girl, let’s get you out of these wet and messy diapers.” I was helped out of the crib, much in need of a change. My mittens were removed and placed on the mattress along with my harness, and we headed for the tub room.

The tub room was in actuality a well appointed bathroom large in size with plenty of space. This one however had some modifications done to it… The room was done in neutral tones set off by the cream colored walls. There was a large soaking tub and separate shower adjacent to that. Next to the shower, a long elevated chest with drawers in the front with a pad covering the top. The vanity sat next to that, a mirror on the wall.

I looked around taking in everything. There was one thing that I didn’t see; there was no toilet to be found. I looked at Miss. Barbara questioningly; she removed the pacifier from my mouth.

“What’s wrong baby girl?”

“I don’t see any toilet.”

“I hardly think you’re capable of using one, do you? Your current state of affairs should answer that question for you. After all, baby girls in diapers and plastic panties have no need for a toilet, do they?”

I could not bring myself to answer the question.

“That’s okay Barb, her silence is answer enough. That’s why I had the toilet removed and the plumbing capped and tiled over. It was located next to the shower but the large changing table occupies that space and more. You’ll find everything you need in those drawers, diapers both cloth and disposables, plastic panties and other essentials. I’ll get things started downstairs. Be sure to call me before you put her in diapers, it will be time to introduce our baby doll to another aspect of her training.”

“You bet, I’m looking forward to that;” she said and Candice headed downstairs. Barbara took matters in hand stripping me down to my diapers and plastic panties. These too were carefully removed; the diapers had done their job keeping the plastic panties clean.

Barbara ran a bath adding a little Skin So Soft, making lots of bubbles with a lovely scent. As I stepped into the tub, the water was just before being overly hot. I lowered myself into the tub, as I did so, I felt the water envelope me, and it felt wonderful.

“I want you to be soft and smooth when you’re done.”

That was fine with me. I didn’t have much body hair to begin with, and what I did have was somewhat fine. After a refreshing soak, my skin was so soft and completely devoid of hair, save for the hair on my head. I felt wonderful. Barbara had gathered what she needed for a diaper change and set it aside.

Ok baby girl, let’s have a look at you, out of the tub and dry off."

I did as I was told stepping out of the tub. Barbara handed me a large towel and I patted myself dry handing it back to he, my pacifier still in my mouth. I now stood on the small rug totally exposed facing Miss. Barbara.

“You must know right from the start that eighteen month old baby girls such as yourself do not have any modesty of any kind while in the presence of those of the fairer sex. Do you understand?” Barbara plucked the pacifier from my mouth.

“Yes Miss. Barbara, but I feel so exposed.”

“Of course you do, but so does any baby girl before she gets fresh diapers and plastic panties. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

It’s not as if I had a choice in the matter and answered in the affirmative.

“That’s my good girl; now lay on the changing table face down. I think Miss. Candice has a special surprise for you.” I hesitated only a moment and Barbara took that opportunity to put the pacifier back in my mouth. Giving me a sharp swat on my bottom, I did as I was told. I noticed Barbara had laid out fresh diapers on the large table for me and laid down on my front. Barbara left the room cautioning me to stay as I was and left.

"Hey Candi, "

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“It’s that time.”

“Okay, I’ll be there straight away.”

As Barbara entered to the tub room, Candice stopped into her bedroom and retrieved the two dildos arriving in the tub room as Barbara applied lotion and baby powder to my bottom; it felt good to have her hands caressing me like that.

“Well, is out little Princess all nice and clean and ready for diapering?”

“I would say so, but I think it’s time you introduced our diaper girl to a new facet of her training, I’m sure she will enjoy it.”

“It’s not as if she has a choice in the matter now does she? She is in a rather compromising position and a situation I intend to take full advantage of,” turning her attention to me. “It’s time to introduce you to the delights of anal training for you, the thought of having you penetrated while in cloth diapers and plastic panties is absolutely perfect for you. As far as I am concerned, diaper training and anal training go hand in hand and you will be getting plenty of both”

I heard a drawer open as Candice removed some things then close it again. I watched as she pulled on a pair of latex gloves. My body reacted as the cool Vaseline was pressed against my private place then the pressure of something firm pressing against me. Slowly at first, the object entered me and I took it fairly easily having done this countless times myself. This was different because I never knew when to expect it.

“Hey Barb, I think our diaper doll has had some experience with this sort of thing, she took the slimmer dildo rather easily. I have a feeling our little Princess isn’t quite the virgin as I thought she was.”

“That’s delightful; perhaps we should try her out on the larger thicker dildo now.”

“Yes, I agree,” with that, she took the dildo in hand and began sliding it in and out of me filling my bottom full. My reaction was quick my ‘girl thing’ was getting all excited but neither of them noticed, at least not yet. She pushed the dildo home fully penetrating me.

“You like that baby girl, don’t you?” Barbara asked.

I tried to answer but all I could manage was Mmmugh.

“I thought so; we’re going to have some fun with you now. Roll over on your bottom so we can get you into these diapers and get you dressed for the day.”

In short order, I was put into diapers and plastic panties feeling the dildo filling me full. My bra was put back on and the cups filled out. Barbara adjusted the waistband of my plastic panties. I had a feeling I would be penetrated for as long as it pleased the women looking at me.

“Come on baby girl, time to find something pretty for you to wear.” Miss. Barbara took me by the hand and the three of us walked the short distance to the Nursery.

“Before we gat our diapered Princess dressed, I think we’d better take a complete set of measurements so we have them on hand. You’ll be sure to transcribe them on the computer so we have a record of them later Barb?”

“Consider it done” Barb said.

With that, Candice produced a measuring tape and all manner of measurements were taken from the neck down to the feet with Barbara recording each onto paper to be entered into the record later. Once this was completed, Candice swung wide the closet door revealing all that was there. Candice thumbed through the hangers and withdrew an article from the closet holding it up for all to see.

“I have something pretty for my baby girl to wear; I just know you’ll love it!”

“What a great choice Candi. It’s pretty, it’s pink and it’s perfect for our diapered little Princess here.”

The dress was as Barbara said it was high wasted with a short full circle skirt, delicate white collar with puffed sleeves and attached white sash to tie in the back. Barbara stepped forward with the dress instructing me to lift my arms so she could slip the dress over my head.

“Hold on Barb, I think you better put this on first.” Candice reached into the closet retrieving a short petticoat. The underskirt was stiff netting, the overskirt several layers of soft chiffon giving a full effect while worn. With my arms raised, Candice slipped the petticoat over my head, pulling over my bra setting it in place. It was Barbara’s turn as she slipped the dress over my head and into place over the petticoat.

“Let’s finish getting our little Princess ready for the day.” Having said that, Candice retrieved the harness and fashioned me into it slipping the strap between my legs adjusting for fit. White frilly ankle socks were put on my feet than Barbara fashioned the ankle strap into place putting my black patent Mary Jane shoes on my feet. My hands were once again confined in the thick thumbless mittens making them all but useless.

"I don’t know about you Barb, but I’m up for some breakfast.

“Me too, let’s head downstairs and do something about that.”

Once in the kitchen, I was put into my high chair and fastened in. Candice locked the tray into place and kissed me on the cheek fastening my hands safely out of the way unable to interfere with anything…

Barbara withdrew a bag of formula from the refrigerator, hanging it on the pole behind me, its contents a milky white. Candice attached the hose to the bag and then to my pacifier opening the valve slightly allowing the formula to flow down the tubing and into the bulb of the pacifier. Instinctively, I collapsed the nipple and swallowed its contents. The taste was a bit chalky with a hint of sweetness, I wondered what might have been added to the formula, and I’d just have to wait to find out.

“That’s my good girl, nurse your pacifier while we fix a little breakfast for you.” Barbara slipped behind me taking the bulb in hand releasing the pressure and pumping it rhythmically with the valve open expanding and contracting the toy inside me.

Candice began preparing breakfast for herself and Barbara emptying the contents of a small saucepan into a bowl adding milk and sugar stirring it in.

“Hey Barb, want to give me a hand?”

“Sure, be right there.” I was left to take the formula while the intruder inside made its presence felt.

“Want to put this on her tray and feed her while I fix breakfast for us?”

Sure." With that, she placed a bowl of cream of wheat on the tray closing the valve on the hose removing the pacifier from my mouth. The bag was still nearly half full, I would finish it before I was let out of my high chair. I eyed the contents of the bowl suspiciously, wondering what surprise it may contain. It was the oldest trick in the book, adding bulk laxative to oatmeal. I was hungry and knew I had little choice but to eat what was in front of me. As I thought about this, I felt myself wet again.

“It’s time for breakfast baby girl.” Barbara said as she tied a large white terrycloth bib around my neck tying it in place, the large pink letters spelled out BABY GIRL, perfectly appropriate for me. Stirring the contents of the bowl, Barbara fed me one spoonful at a time. It tasted good enough, but I had to know if anything was added to my food.

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Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello, I’d like to thank everyone who has read my story so far. Here is the final part of this section of the story. No, this is not the end of the story. just a transition of sorts as the story continues. Happy reading.

The Diaper Girl
Spring Break
Part Four

“Miss. Barbara.”

Barbara paused briefly, “Yes baby girl.”

“Did Miss. Candice add anything to my cereal?”

“I heard that girlie.” Candice stepped towards the high chair looking at me with one of those no nonsense looks turning her attention to me, hands on hips. “When it comes to your nourishment, you must know and understand that you have no opinion or input as to what we decide to feed you both in food and drink. If either Barbara or I decide to add various supplements as it suits us, you will never know what we decide to do. As to your question, I’ve decided not to tell you. You’ll just have to wait to find out, now won’t you?”

Having been admonished never to broach this subject again, I looked up at her and answered; “Yes Miss. Candice.”

“That’s my good girl, now let Miss. Barbara finish feeding you.”

I complied as Miss. Barbara fed me the rest of the cereal wiping my face with a wet cloth replacing the pacifier nipple in my mouth securing in place. Attaching the tubing again, she adjusted the flow rate and the formula began to flow again.

“Now be a good little girl and finish your formula while Miss. Candice and I have breakfast.”

It’s not like a whole lot of choice but to take the formula, whatever it may contain. I watched as the women sat down to omelets, toast, juice and coffee. I had to admit that looked and tasted better than what I had.

The meal passed with talk between both women; Candice was going to do some shopping and run some errands in the morning and Barbara having to pop into the Kopper Kettle to check on things and would be back around three o’clock or so.

“Barb, would you be dear and clean things up here, if I’m to be back by early afternoon, I need to get started pretty soon.”

“Sure, I think I’ll put our diaper doll to work cleaning up the breakfast things. This will give her a little taste of the domestic training she has to look forward to. She does have so much to learn,”

“What a great idea.” With that, Candice disappeared into the house and Barbara released me from the high chair removing the mittens from my hands but leaving the pacifier in place. A vinyl apron was tied onto me covering my baby dress. I took my place at her side as she gave me instructions as to what was expected of me. We were done in about twenty minutes in time to see Candice come back downstairs into the kitchen.

“Did you help Miss. Barbara put things in order baby girl?” She patted me on the bottom of my plastic panties and noticed I was wet. I nodded my head yes and Candice said “that’s my good girl.” She pushed on my plastic panties again slowly. This caused the dildo to slide easily deep inside of me and again when is slowly moved back out. The sensation was delicious. I also knew there was no way I could expel it

“Well, Barb, I’m off, I’ll be back soon.” She gave her girlfriend a hug, kissing her on the mouth. Barbara took me by the hand we headed towards the stairway with Candice calling after us; “have fun”. We reached the top of the stairs and turned towards Barbara’s bedroom. The thought of what was to come made her very wet.

Barbara unfolded a large pad placing it near the center of the bed with one of the corners hanging over the side. “Now be a good girl and sit on the pad for me.” I did as I was told and she removed the large pacifier from my mouth.

“Are you my good little baby girl?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara,”

“Yes you are; kissing me on the cheek; you did what I wanted you to do and filled your diapers for me like a good little baby girl. I’m going to enjoy keeping you in wet diapers and plastic panties, they will keep you soft and submissive for me, that is what you want, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This lady knew how to push my buttons and knew just where they were. We’d been together for such a short time yet I’d fallen so hard for her and I think she knew it too. I had the feeling she was looking deep inside me to where my deepest secrets and desires lay. Whatever it was, I loved her for that, and so much more.

Looking down at my baby dress and plastic panties brought me back to the present. It was then I felt the tears well up in my eyes. I looked at Miss. Barbara, stretching out my arms towards her. She came to me drawing me to her, my face buried in her chest, her scent enveloping me, I felt secure in her arms as she stroked my hair.

"Yes my baby girl, you’ll become everything I want you to be. You would like that, wouldn’t you?

“Y-yes Miss. Barbara” That’s all I could manage through the tears freely flowing down my face coming to rest on her softness. Thee was no doubt that at this point, I gave myself over to Miss. Barbara totally and completely. I felt myself go limp in her arms. After a long moment I regained my composure what little there was of it and lifted my face to look at her. She took the fabric of her baby doll and wiped the tears from my eyes. We embraced again kissing me softly on the cheek.

“When I was a little girl, I had had a Betsy Wetsy doll to play with, whenever I would feed her a bottle, she would wet her diapers. Who would have ever thought that one day I would have a real live Sissy baby doll to dress up and play with, just like I used to, but this time, it’s going to be a whole lot more fun! What more could a girl ask for?” Barbara popped the pacifier back into my mouth and continued.

She undid the straps that held my hands next to the sides of the harness removing both mittens, followed by my shoes, Next, Barbara removed my baby dress and slid the petticoats down my legs and stepped out of it one foot at a time leaving me in my pink bra, diapers and plastic panties.

Barbara went to a chest of drawers pulling one open, she found what she was after removing a pink baby doll and panty set returning to me. "I think this pretty baby doll will be perfect for you for what is to come next. She spun the filmy panties around her finger saying; “I don’t think you will be needing these,” she tossed them aside then put the babydoll on me, it’s hem doing nothing to hide my diaper filled plastic panties…

“I’m going to turn you into a pretty baby girl.” Barbara led me to her dressing table setting me on the small bench. Stepping towards the dressing table, Barbara took a moist cloth removing the oils from my skin feeling clean and ready for make up. Barbara set to work making me pretty.

“I’m going to apply a light foundation to your skin followed by a soft rose blush on the apples of your cheeks; you’re going to be so pretty for me, now for a little soft pink lip gloss for my baby girl.”

Barbara stepped away telling me “I’ll be right back.” She was true to her word returning shortly with a round case in her hand. Placing it on the bed out of my line of sight, she unzipped the case removing the hairpiece from the case and turned her attention to me.

“Now it’s time to do your hair.” You remove my new hairstyle from the foam head and fashion it into place properly framing my face. The hair color a soft strawberry blonde, soft curls falling to nearly shoulder length with bangs for a more childish appearance. Barbara secured the hairpiece to my head with a half dozen bobby pins insuring it would stay in place.

“Perfect! You’re going to look absolutely adorable for Miss Candice when she gets home in a few hours, she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you. Let’s finish you off with a little spray of perfume.” Barbara selected a small bottle from the dressing table applying the perfume in a couple different places filling the air with a soft floral feminine scent.

“Now, I’m going to have some fun with my baby doll while she learns how to take care of my ‘girls’ for me.” Taking my hand, Barbara led me back to her bed setting me on the large pad. I watched intently while Barbara slid a finger under each strap of her baby doll slowly sliding the straps over her shoulders and down her arms allowing the filmy garment to flutter to the floor around her feet in a soft pile of satin and lace. Barbara kissed me on the cheek and disappeared from view I never felt the movement in the mattress as she slipped comfortably onto the top of the large queen size bed.

“Hey baby girl, come here so Miss. Barbara can give you kisses.”

That’s all the encouragement I needed. As I rolled over onto my side to my knees, Barbara grabbed the corner of the pad pulling it towards her with me nearly on top of it coming to rest within the softness and warmth of Barbara as se drew me to her smothering me with kisses.

“Now, it’s time to meet your twin Sisters, they like lots of love and attention.”
Removing the pacifier from my mouth, Barbara continued. “I have something much better for to wrap those pretty lips abound.” Saying that, she removed the pacifier from my mouth and drew me close kissing me deeply as I surrendered myself to her warm embrace. Barbara grasped the lace edging of her bra pulling it back on itself revealing the object of my desire. She offered it to me as a mother might offer her baby a warm bottle. I accepted, taking it into my mouth closing around it. Barbara guided my hand coming to rest atop the fabric of her bra that held its twin sister.

As I nursed, I fantasized that her breasts were heavy laden with milk imagining how sweet it would taste. After a while Barbara switched me from one breast to the other telling me they both need tended to. While my attention was focused on her breasts, her hand slipped to the front of her panties her fingers slipped into her warm wet place and her breathing quickened as she brought herself to orgasm. It never took much for her, it never did.

“I have a special treat for you Princess.”

I let her nipple slip out of my mouth and turned towards her as she kissed me again.

“Be a good girl and open your mouth for me, I think you will enjoy this.”

Her fingers now soaked with her sweetness slid into my open mouth. Instinctively, mo mouth closed around them and licked them clean, her sweetness lingered on my tongue.

“Such a sweet girl, did you like that?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, can I have some more?”

Barbara was pleased with my desire to taste more of her and gladly complied offering me all she had. She was also looking forward to advancing my training in providing a very personal service of an intimate nature.

“Miss. Barbara?”

“Yes my sweet diaper girl;”

I love musing at your breast."

“They are yours to nurse at any time you want Princess.”

“I wish they were full of breast milk, it’s always been one of my desires, to taste breast milk as your baby girl.”

Barbara thought for a moment. If her diapered Princess wanted to have breast milk from the source, she would have to would have to talk to Candice about this. Perhaps her friend Anne at the hospital might be able to help. “I’m going to see if I can help turn your desire for breast milk and make it real for you Princess.” She pulled me close to her again, my head buried in her softness as she kissed me again. I felt more wetness fill my diapers and I loved the way I felt.

“Is my little Diaper Girl enjoying this?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara” I replied.

“That’s my good girl.” She slowly pushed on the seat of my plastic panties causing the dildo to enter me further.

“Be a good girl and push it out.”

I did as I was told and Miss. Barbara pushed the dildo deep inside of me and I would push it out again. She established a slow rhythmical pattern, in and out in and out. The feeling was quite incredible So much so that Miss Barbara could sense my heightened state of arousal I wondered how long this would go on until I ended up gushing my baby girl cream into my diapers It wasn’t long after that until Miss. Barbara pushed me over the edge and waves of pleasure coursed through my body sending wave after wave of orgasm into the soft folds of my now wet diapers.

“That’s my good girl. Do you like what I’ve just done to you Princess?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I like it very much.”

“I knew you would. Once you have moved into your Nursery permanently, plan on giving you some private lessons on how to properly take care of my intimate needs with that pretty little mouth of yours. I’m sure Miss. Candice would enjoy receiving the same from you.”

“Miss. Barbara?”

“Yes baby doll?”

“You look so pretty dressed like this; I wish I could be a big girl and wear big girl panties like you.”

“From the way you’re dressed right now, I just don’t think that will ever be an option for you, now, or at anytime in the future.”

She was right and I knew it. If I allowed myself to sink deeper into my role as her baby girl, I knew I would end up forfeiting my bathroom privileges forever. After all, I hadn’t used one in the last ten days and once I moved in permanently, both women would ensure that I would never use the bathroom again to relieve myself in an adult fashion. My thoughts were broken by Miss. Barbara’s voice.

“Candice will be back soon, so we need to get you dressed again.”

Barbara gathered herself putting he babydoll back on and freshened up with some FDS and perfume. Stepping into her two inch pumps, she turned her attention to her baby girl getting her dressed again and into her harness fastening it securely. Next came the padded mittens secured in place then the Pacifier Gag was replaced. Patting her bottom pushed the dildo deep inside of her. They headed for the stairs. It was now late afternoon and Miss. Candice would be home any time now.

The door slid back and Candice bags in hand strode into the kitchen as the door closed behind her.

“Hey Barb, I’m back.”

Descending the stairs Barbara led Diaper Girl into the kitchen towards her high chair while Candice placed the bags on the counter.

“I took the liberty of stopping by the store and picked up a package of Kotex Overnights for you. I have a feeling you may need them.”

“Thanks Candi never thought I’d be wearing these as often as I am but sometimes, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Too bad our baby girl here won’t ever get the chance to experience such intimate feminine things we big girls get to.”

“No doubt about that. It doesn’t look like she’ll be ready for potty training any time soon. Not that she’ll ever get to experience that either, will you Diaper Girl?” The pacifier that filled my mouth prevented me from answering. Not that it would have mattered anyhow.

Miss. Barbara held up the 28 count box of Kotex Overnight Pads for me to see. I was very familiar with such tings as I always kept a supply of the same kind of pads on hand. It was common practice for me to keep a pad in my panties at all times. The thought of never wearing such things again filled me with disappointment but then there really wasn’t anything I could do about that as I felt more warm wetness in my diapers. The truth was that I would never get to be a big girl ever again either. I was just going to have to get used to that.

“Hard to believe our little Diaper Girl only has one more day here and to think I was just getting used to having her around.” Candice said.

“I know. I was thinking the same thing, It’s going to be different not having her around. There was so much I had planned for her and so much for her to look forward to.”

“It’s only temporary Barb, in another six weeks she will be back here again and this time she will be here permanently. It will give us time to think about Diaper Girl’s continuing training. You and I will have sit down and come up with some core rules for her. I am thinking of drawing up an agreement of sorts, something that will more specifically define her role in our relationship.”

“Kind of like a contract of sorts eh?”

“Yeah, you could say so. Don’t forget, we still have to get you moved from your other place to here, which could take a couple days but should go smoothly. Why don’t you get out little diaper doll into her high chair for her dinner and formula feeding while I get dinner started.”

“That sounds good to me.”

Barbara guided me into my high chair. Before placing the tray in place, she clipped my hands together in front of me placing them in my lap. She then secured the tray in place and locked it into position, my hands safely out of the way. Barbara stepped away and retrieved a formula bag from the refrigerator. Hanging it on the pole behind me she attached the hose to the front of my Pacifier and adjusted the flow. It wasn’t long before the nipple was bulging with formula and I was forced to collapse the nipple and swallow its contents.

As the two women ate dinner and talked, they would occasionally cast their gaze towards me as I took my formula feeding. Their talk about agreements, rules and contracts sounded unsettling to me and wasn’t sure what kind of rules might be imposed upon me but could only speculate. Tomorrow was to be my last full day here and would be returning to my place sometime the following day to finish out my Degree program. The reality was that I would find myself right back in this same highchair drinking the same formula if I was unable to find a job. Somehow, I had a feeling this was not going to be an option for me if Miss Barbara and Miss. Candice had their way about things. Yes, I believe they had plans for a very different sort for me.

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Re: The Diaper Girl

Hel again, I hope everyone is enjoying this story so far. Here is the next part of the story. It acts as the title implies, a transition of sort.

The Diaper Girl
The Transition Begins

“Good morning baby girl, it’s traveling day for you much to my sadness. I’ve enjoyed having you here these past several days but it’s back home for you today. Miss Candice and I will be dropping you back by your place for the last time later on this morning so let’s get you out of those wet diapers and into fresh disposables and plastic panties.”

I stirred in my crib knowing I would be heading home and back to what I thought was a normal life for me, but was it really. All I was doing was filling time to graduate from College. In my mind I knew I would be right back here in a few short weeks to resume my life as their baby girl. Was this to become normal for me? I had to admit that it probably would but couldn’t fully acknowledge to myself, at least not yet.

Would I be prepared for a full time lifestyle as a baby girl for Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice? It was after all what I wanted for so long, wasn’t it? I had to be honest and say that subconsciously I knew this to be true, I just knew it and I think these women knew it too. Barbara got me cleaned up and inserted a Tampax super plus into me and pushed the applicator home. She then put me into my disposable diapers and two pair of plastic panties, the outer pair pink of course. She finished dressing me in pink bra, breast forms pink baby dress, socks and my Mary Jane shoes.

It was breakfast time and I was in my highchair and another formula feeding, my last one before the drive home. I wondered what surprises awaited me this time but I knew better than to ask. Being as I was in disposables, I had a pretty good idea and let it go at that.

“I trust you have an adequate supply of diapers and plastic panties at your place?” Candice asked.

I nodded my head “Yes.”

“Good, you will need them over this next handful of weeks. I want you in diapers and plastic panties constantly while you live out these last six weeks at your place. I’ve a good mind to make that toilet of yours inoperable but can’t afford to risk any damage to it for the next tenant.”

It was Miss. Barbara’s turn now. “You’d better take full advantage of sitting on the toilet like a big girl. It will be the last time you ever sit on one again Diaper Girl. Do you understand me?”

Again, I nodded my head"yes."

“Good, just so we make ourselves clear.”

“I think I have a solution to keep her from using that toilet over these next few weeks while she’s away from here” Candice said.

“Awesome, what did you have in mind Candi?”

"I have some duct tape in the garage. It’s really super strong. I can seal the lid of the toilet tightly to the seat and porcine bowl with four long pieces. I can take a couple photos of it so we know how the strips were applied. If our little baby girl here tries to remove or tamper with it, we’ll know.

“Oh Candice, that’s a perfect solution. Her diaper training will go on uninterrupted. It would be a shame to break her training after she’s gotten off to such a good start here. You’d like that, wouldn’t you Diaper Girl?”

It was more of a rhetorical question than anything else and did not require an answer on my part. Not that I had any say in the matter of what these women did to me where any training of mine was concerned.

“Yeah, my thinking exactly, I want our baby girl to understand that using a toilet like a big girl is simply no longer an option for her. Diapers and plastic panties are perfect for you Diaper Girl. You will never ever sit on a toilet again, do you understand?”

I nodded my head yes in response. Oh no I thought, I wouldn’t even be permitted to use my own toilet while at home. These women were serious about never using the toilet again. No matter I guess, once I returned I’d never use one again anyhow. I drank the last of the formula in the bag and Miss. Barbara disconnected the hose and removed the Pacifier Gag

I had no choice but to answer in the affirmative and both women were pleased with my response.

“It’s done then, I’ll be sure to grab the roll of tape.” Candice went to the garage and did just that.

Shortly after that, Barbara got dressed and we made the drive back to my place. We parked at the rear entrance to the apartment building and Candice unlocked the door with my key. We made the walk up to my floor and opened the hall door. A woman let herself into her place down the hall but I went unnoticed. Opening the door to my place, Candice went straight to my bathroom followed by Barbara and myself. She closed the lid to my toilet and held the roll of tape in her hand.

“You won’t need the use of this anymore, will you Diaper Girl?” Barbara gestured towards the toilet.

“No Miss. Barbara, not anymore.”

“That’s what we wanted to hear.” Candice said pulling a long length of tape from the roll and placing across the top of the seat and well down each side. She repeated the process placing a piece the same length straight up and down the one crisscross each way. Just for good measure, Candice turned off the water supply to the toilet and flushed it completely dry.

“Well now, I don’t think she will be using this anytime soon” Barbara said pleased with the result. She took a camera from her purse and took several photos from different angles as evidence.

“Remember Diaper Girl, any attempt to tamper with this and we will know. You won’t try and remove the tape, will you?”

“No Miss. Barbara, I will be a good girl and use my diapers like I am supposed to.”

“That’s my good baby girl, that’s what I expected to hear.” Candice remarked. With that both women kissed me on the cheek and said they would be in contact with me via email during my absence from their home. A bit later they left leaving me standing there in my wet diapers and plastic panties to think about what would be in store for me in the very near future. The reality set in for me that from this point on, I would never again sit on a toilet to relieve myself like a grown adult. After all, that just wasn’t going to be possible dressed the way I was. Later that afternoon, my suspicions were confirmed as I felt the cramps build in my bowels and a short time later nature took her course and once again, I filled my diapers full.

One day blended into another and one week followed another. The time passed that way as I worked my way through my final semester of school. During my absence, Candice helped Barbara move out of her place as she put in a change of address and tied up loose ends. Barbara took all of her clothing, intimate apparel and personal care items and some of her other things. The rest of the furnishings were left behind and later picked up by a second hand store for resale.

As promised, I received emails from Miss Barbara and Miss. Candice giving me updates and instructions on what I would be allowed to keep and what would have to go. I submitted a change of address form so I could get the last of my mail, mostly phone and electric bills to be marked final. Final exams came and went. A few days before graduation, I picked up my cap and gown and would wear them to the ceremony from my home.

Barbara and Candice arrived at my apartment early on the morning of my graduation. I was penetrated and put into cloth diapers and plastic panties and dressed in a pair of non descript black woman’s pull on pants with no zipper, pink bra without my breast forms with a pink baby doll over that. I put on a pink top with a low cut neckline and a pair of black flats, the ones worn to the Kopper Kettle where all of this started. I put on my graduation gown and Candice zipped it up the back. The gown was open slightly in the front but did not reveal the feminine top I wore and coming to my ankles concealing the diapers I wore. I could feel the fabric of my bra around my chest reminding me of what I was wearing.

"I would much prefer you to be wearing a short baby dress with matching plastic lined panties under your graduation gown. This will be the very last time you will ever wear big girl clothes again, do you understand?

“Yes Miss Candice,”

“Good, I hope you enjoy pretending to be a grown up for the last time. In a few short hours, you will be appropriately dressed as our eighteen month old baby girl. Perhaps in the future, we will have another type of ceremony for you to attend. You would of course be the center of attention with your lovely Miss. Barbara and me playing key roles. Would you enjoy that baby girl?”

“I uhh, I …”

"Yes, I thought so; we’ll have to give some serious thought to this Barb.
“We’ll need tome time to pull something like this together. Perhaps this could happen in time. It would give our baby doll time to get adjusted to her new lifestyle as our baby girl.” Nothing more was said about this.

Graduation went off pretty much as planned with me being aware of the dildo penetrating me and my increasingly wet diapers. All of this went unnoticed by everyone around me. Except of course by Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice, they were keenly aware. Tassel turned and degree in hand, the exercises cane to a conclusion. There were plenty of good byes, hugs and hand shakes all around. I lost myself in the crowd making my way towards the door stepping outside where both women were waiting for me. Before getting into the back seat, I slipped off the gown and tossed it on the seat beside me and we drove back to my apartment.

Miss. Barbara wasted little time in stripping me of my outer clothing and checked my diapers for wetness.

“She’s wet but not overly so. She’ll be fine until we get back to the house and will need a change before bedtime. I think I’ll keep her penetrated and in cloth diapers and plastic panties” Barbara said.

“I think a formula feeding will be in order later this afternoon as well” Candice replied.

Barbara went to my closet thumbing through the baby clothes there selecting a pink nursery print baby dress with plastic lined matching panties and a short white petticoat. She also found a handful of vinyl items and several one piece nylon shells. Turning her attention to me she asked; “What are these for?” holding up one of the shells.

“Oh, I wear that under my vinyl rompers and baby dresses so I don’t get body oils on them.”

“Very practical, we’ll need these in the future no doubt.” On the floor, she also found something else.

“Hey Candi, look what I found! It’s an adult sized diaper bag for a baby girl, it’s so perfect for our Diaper Girl, and you just have to see this.” Candice joined Barbara as she unzipped all the compartments revealing the bags contents while I looked on knowing what they would find.

“What do we have here, looks like a well stocked diaper bag.” Several well padded disposable diapers filled the main compartment along with some additional inserts for added absorbency. There were two side compartments. The first contained several pairs of plastic panties and a few vinyl bibs. The other compartment held a small jar of suppositories, a four count box of liquid glycerin, small jar of Vaseline and a box of Tampax super plus tampons. There was also a roll of white duct tape and a large container of Johnson’s Baby Powder as well.

“If I didn’t know it Barb, I think our baby girl has been keeping a secret from us, don’t you?”

“Sure looks like she has. I think our baby girl enjoys filling her diapers. I think I’d better ask her, just to be sure.” Barbara stepped in front of me putting her finger under my chin raising my gaze to meet hers and that of Miss. Candice.

“Do you enjoy filling your diapers full? It’s okay, we promise not to tell anyone, at least not right away” Both women had a good laugh.

My response was not immediately forthcoming and Candice pressed me for an answer. "Be a good baby girl and answer Miss. Barbara.

I looked into the eyes of Miss. Barbara and said “yes.”

“Yes what baby girl.” Candice chided me.

“Yes, Miss. Barbara, I like to fill my diapers.”

“Can you tell us why you enjoy filling your diapers?” Miss Candice asked.

“Because it’s what baby girls like me are supposed to do. It makes me feel so babyish and infantile.” I replied.

“Yes, that is very appropriate behavior for an eighteen month baby girl like you. We’ll have to make sure you get lots of practice doing that, don’t you Candice?”

“Yes, as she will be in diapers and plastic panties permanently, this can be arranged. How humiliating it will be for you when you fill your diapers full in front of our female guests we have over for tea. Just think of it Barb, our own little serving girl on display for all to see, especially when you end up wetting and filling your diapers full in front of all of our friends. Won’t that be fun for you Diaper Girl?”

“I have a feeling she would love that sort of attention. We’ll have to see that she gets plenty of it. Here is the outfit for her to wear.” Barbara said.

“Good choice Barb, she can wear that on the drive back home. Be sure to grab that diaper bag, our baby girl will need that on her public outings.” Barbara zipped the diaper bag closed and set it aside.

I was put into this outfit and white ruffled socks and my Mary Jane shoes placed on my feet. My mittens and Pacifier Gag were secured into place as I felt more warm wetness find its way into my diapers.

Arrangements were made to donate most everything in my place to Good Will. I really didn’t need all the furnishings anyhow and all the other stuff like kitchen goods could be used by someone who needed the stuff. The only things I was allowed to keep were to include my baby girl clothes, diapers, plastic panties and other related items. These of the woman’s choosing would find their way into the Nursery. I had previously given my thirty day notice as requested and paid my last rent on the place. The only thing left to do was to give the place one last walk through to ensure I hadn’t missed anything.

Before leaving, both women went into my bathroom and examined the duct tape on the toilet. Finding the strips of tape still in place, Candice removed them and turned on the water supply flushing the toilet and doing one last walk through. Barbara gave me the diaper bag telling me; “Miss. Candice and I have out purses and you can pretend your diaper bag is your purse too.” She handed it to me and we headed towards the door closing and locking it behind us. .

As I walked towards the car carrying the pink diaper bag, an attractive young blond girl in her early twenties walked towards us heading for her own car and stopped dead in her tracks. Upon seeing me, she broke out into gales of laughter. “Hey! I know you; you’re the gu… well the person who lives in Four-B across the way.”

“Oh my god” I thought. I did recognize this girl. I had seen her in passing a few times at the college. I remember thinking she was really hot. We had spoken a few times in passing and she told me that she was in her first year and still had one more to go, of all the people to run into and now.

My face burned red with shame and embarrassment and I wanted to make myself become invisible. All I could manage to do was stand there and wet again. I looked at Candice with pleading eyes hoping she would whisk me into the car but she thought pensively for a moment and stepped forward sizing an opportunity to deepen my humiliation.

“Hello young lady, my name is Candice and this is Barbara. Do you know each other?” Candice extended her hand to the girl.

“Hello Candice, please forgive me, I just couldn’t stop laughing. My name is Heather and I have seen him I mean her err around here quite a bit. We also go to the same College and have seen him there sometimes. I had absolutely no idea he was into dressing up like a baby girl, that’s just outrageous!”

“No apology needed honey; our little diapered Princess here has just vacated her apartment and will be moving in with us across town. He never told me such a pretty thing lived just across the way from him.”

“So he really is wearing diapers, can I see if he I mean she is wet?”

“Absolutely, I don’t think she will put up much of a fuss, not with that big pacifier in her mouth.”

Heather got a good laugh at that remark as she proceeded to slip two fingers under the leg bands of the pink plastic panties I was wearing and withdrew them almost immediately. “Wow, she really is wet. I wish I would have known about you sissy. I would have been more than happy to change those wet diapers of yours. Maybe Mommy will change them for you when you get to her house. I only wish I could have had the chance to change you before you leave but that’s okay.”

“Who knows Heather” Barb said. “You may get a chance to do just that. Why don’t I get your phone number and perhaps I’ll call you sometime.” Barbara took out her cell phone and entered Heather’s number in it for safe keeping.

“Thanks, both of you. I’d love that very much. I have a class to get to now. Just wait until I tell Julie and Kelly all about this. It’s really going to blow them away. By the way, what’s your baby’s name?”

“Just call her Diaper Girl Heather.”

“How appropriate, see you round Diaper Girl.” Heather got into her car and drove off with the sound of her laughter ringing in my ears. It was a good thing I had just graduated as the chances of seeing her again were slim to none, or so I thought at the time.

The three of us got into the car with me in the back sear in my babyish attire. We made the drive over to the rental office. Candice got out of the car and went inside leaving Miss. Barbara and I alone in the car. .

“Good morning John, how are you?” The name plate sitting on the desk read John Harrison. He was in his late fifties with graying hair and sharp chiseled features. He rose extending his hand to the woman across the desk.

"Mornin’ Ma’am how’s things?

“Good, thanks, I wanted to make sure you got these.” She took the keys from her purse handing them to the manager.

“Everything all set then?” he inquired.

“Yes, the place looks to be a good shape only some small stuff we couldn’t get done, cosmetic stuff.”

“I understand. What about the security deposit, where should I send it?”

“Don’t worry about the security deposit. Should you get a renter who needs a little assistance, be a kind soul and help them out. That’s all I ask.”

“Why that’s mighty gracious of you Ma’am. Thank you so much. I’ll do just that.”

“Take care John, have a great day.” With that, Candice headed back to the car, got in and made the half hour drive to her Lakewood Estate, the office visit with John lasting all of five minutes.

It was really happening now; we were on the way to Lakewood and back what was to be my home from now on, back to a life with these two beautiful women and especially Miss. Barbara who I felt so deeply for but in a different sort of way. Back to what would be my lifestyle of their submissive baby girl forever in diapers, plastic panties and baby clothes? This was all I could think about as my diapers got wetter.

We turned off the main road onto her private Estate and Candice pushed a button on the front panel that opened the garage door guiding the car inside, the door closed behind her. It was nearly four o’clock by the time the car was unloaded and my things brought up to the Nursery. With every step upstairs, the dildo slowly penetrated me deeply. In and out it went repeatedly until we reached the top of the staircase. My baby clothes were hung in the closet added to those already there. Diapers, cloth and disposables as well as the additional plastic panties were added to the supply. Everything was as I remembered it. It was as if I hadn’t ever left.

“Okay diaper doll, lets get you back downstairs and into your highchair for a formula feeding and something to eat.”

Heading back downstairs I felt the dildo repeat the process feeling it slip in and out of me again and again. I was secured in my highchair and my formula feeding was started while Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice prepared and ate dinner. After a time, I was put into thick cloth diapers and plastic panties. My bottom had been filled with liquid glycerin and suppositories and sealed with a tampon. I was secured into my crib and given a bottle before Miss. Barbara kissed me on the cheek and turned out the light joining Candice in the hallway and headed towards her bedroom. I eventually drifted off to sleep and wet heavily again.

“You want to unzip me honey?” Barbara reached up finding the zipper on Candice’s dress and slowly pulled it down sliding the dress over her shoulders as it slid down the length of her body ending up on the floor leaving her sanding in a black nylon lace teddy stockings garter belt and matching panties and bra and black heels which she kicked off.

“Thank you sweetie, I was getting a little warm in that dress. I should have let you remove it earlier for me, I feel so much more comfortable in my lingerie.” Candice found the thin straps of Barbara’s babydoll sliding them down her shoulders allowing it to flutter to the floor leaving her in her bra and panties. Barbara could feel the stirrings within her. She’d felt them before with her girlfriend but was unsure of how she felt. She looked up at Candice as she was a few inches shorter than her. Candice smiled down at her slipping her arms around Barbara’s waist she bent down and kissed her deeply on the lips.

“That’s my good girl, have you ever been with another woman before?” Candice asked.

“No, never thought I might consider the possibility. Especially when dating men is no longer important to me.” She was surprised at Candice’s reference to her as a “good girl” Did she feel subconsciously submissive to Candice? This was a question she had never thought about before. Perhaps there might be some truth to this. She would have to explore her feelings and allow things to take their course between them.

Candice stepped away retrieving a bottle of perfume and pumped it once between her cleavages. Putting it on the table, Candice stepped behind Barbara slipping her hands around her waist sliding them up to cup each breast fondling them gently. Barbara began to breathe deeper now.

“Do you like what I’m doing to you?” Candice asked.

“Yes, very much I never thought something like this could feel so good.” She had to admit to herself that she did enjoy the attention and wanted more. Candice kept at it increasing Barbra’s pleasure to the point where her body shuddered and she felt the feeling she knew so well. Moments later, there was release and her Kotex pad was wet with her orgasm. She felt herself go limp in Candice’s arms. She turned Barbara around and kissed her again her hand falling to the front of Barbara’s pink panties and finding her Kotex wet. “Better take care of that later Barb, you’re going to need a fresh pad.”

Instinctively, Barbara allowed her hands to find their way over Candice’s nylon clad body finding her pleasure spots and their lips met again in a passionate kiss. Barbara couldn’t believe she was doing what she was but then she offered no resistance to Candice’s advances toward her. Maybe, she even welcomed them. Yes, perhaps she was or even felt submissive towards her older girlfriend. Barbara decided she was okay with that idea.

Back downstairs, both women settled themselves on the couch glasses of wine in hand. “I’m so glad you’ve finally made the move out of your place and it is also nice to have our Diaper Girl back here. I’m looking forward to the fun we will have with her. I’m especially going to enjoy having your company Barb.”

“I’m going to be very happy here with you and with our prissy baby girl as well. I can’t wait to get her training started. I told you at the Kopper Kettle that the next candidate that walked through the door would be a keeper, and I was right.”

“Yes you were, and I’m very happy you’ve decided to share all of this with me. I couldn’t have pulled this off without you.” Candice lightly caressed the nipple of Barbara’s breast through the cup of her soft bra kissing her gently. Barbara felt herself melt under her touch and wanted release. Candice could sense this and knew how to push her buttons.

“Come on Barb; let’s retire upstairs where it’s more comfortable.” Once in Candice’s bedroom, they resumed what was started downstairs with Candice bringing Barb to the edge of orgasm again and again until Candice pushed her over the edge causing spasms throughout Barbara’s body as wave after wave of orgasm gushed out of her and into her Kotex, her panties now wet with her orgasm. This did not go unnoticed by Candice as she collected some of her girlfriend’s cream on her fingertips putting them to Barbara’s lips. She parted them allowing them to slide into her mouth just enough for her to lick them clean. Candice smiled and was pleased as both women enjoyed a restful night together.

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Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello again, hope everyone is enjoying the story so far. here is the next part of the story with another posting next week.

The Diaper Girl
The Contract Part One

It was early June and the day dawned worm and sunny. I had no way of knowing, but it was a little before seven O’clock when I stirred in my crib. I was very wet, the firm dildo making its presence felt. I was more than ready for it to be removed but would have to wait until Miss. Barbara did so. It had been nearly two months since I vacated my old place having made the move to my new home and Nursery. I didn’t hear the soft padding of her feet as Miss. Barbara strode into the Nursery

“Today is going to be a big day for you Diaper Girl. Now that you are here on a permanent basis, it is time to establish some ground rules for you. Miss. Candice and I will take an active role in ensuring that your training continues. We have had an opportunity to discuss some new ideas and enhancements for you to experience. I’m going to make you up extra pretty today. I’ll bet you want your little friend taken away, yes?”

I could say nothing but nodded my head yes as I took in my lovely Miss. Barbara. She wore a lovely pink babydoll with matching full figure pink bra and pretty pink panties. I thought I noticed the outline of a Kotex pad in her panties. I had often experienced the pleasure of wearing a Kotex pad in my own panties so many times before. Her scent was intoxicating, coupled with the scent of the FDS she used. She lowered the crib rail and released my Pacifier Gag kissing me softly on the lips. She hadn’t done this before and I melted under her touch. I knew I would do anything she asked of me.

“We better get you up and downstairs for some breakfast.” I was quite wet but was dry on the outside.

“Can you please take out the dildo Miss. Barbara?”

“Yes baby girl, after breakfast. We’ll put you in fresh disposable diapers too.”

With that, I was led downstairs and fastened into my high chair, the dildo penetrating me deeply. I couldn’t wait until it was removed. My padded mittens were removed and I was fed pancakes and sausage and a bottle of juice but no formula feeding, only a bottle of something but had no idea what it was. After breakfast, it was back upstairs and Barbara was good to her word and got me out of my wet diapers and plastic panties. A perfumed bubble bath was followed by a warm towel and I was led to my changing table. I saw the large padded disposable diapers waiting for me along with two pair of plastic panties. The first was a heavier white pair and the second a soft lightweight pair of pink plastic panties. Miss. Barbara always used two pairs of plastic panties whenever she diapered me.

“Okay girlie, up on the table, time for fresh diapers for you.”

I complied lying on my back. Barbara told me to roll over on my front. In doing this, I had a good idea of what was to come. I was not wrong in my thinking. I heard the snap of latex gloves as Miss. Barbara pulled them on. I felt her spread my bottom and felt the first of four suppositories enter and go deep inside of me. Next, I felt the warm glycerin enter me followed by a small amount of warm soapy water. All of this was kept inside of me with the use of a Tampax super plus. Miss. Barbara inserted it inside of me deftly pushing the applicator home sending the tampon to its resting place holding all the contents deep within my bowels.

“Now that we have that little matter handled, let’ get these diapers in place.” With that, she applied a liberal dusting of baby powder and pulled the diapers up between my legs securing them snugly. She wasted no time in pulling on both pair of plastic panties. “Pink is a perfect color for you.” she told me. I had to agree. It was after all my favorite color. Only then was I helped down from the changing table and we walked back to the Nursery.

Once in the Nursery, I was helped into a pink soft cup bra and my breast forms inserted into the cups. Miss. Barbara went to the closet and threw open the doors revealing its contents. She thumbed through the numerous outfits looking for something special for me to wear. She withdrew three hangers from the closet. The first held a white nylon shell of which I had several, some in white and some in pink. It was overly large and she had me step into it at the top and guided my feet through the two holes at the bottom. Drawing the fabric up my soft smooth body, she both hands through the holes at the top. The garment reminded me of a one piece romper type thing but it served another purpose. My pink bra and pink plastic panties were easily seen through the soft nylon fabric.

The next item of clothing Barbara held up for me was one of pure confection and sweetness. I’d never seen anything like it before. It was a pink vinyl high wasted baby dress with a very short full skirt. It was trimmed all around in two inch white vinyl ruffles around the sleeves, neckline and on the hem of the short skirt. Attached to the dress was a white vinyl pinafore with a contrasting pink vinyl trim. Long vinyl ties hung from each side of the pinafore that could be tied in a large bow in the back. The dress was absolutely adorable but that wasn’t all there was to it.
Barbara slowly unzipped the back of the dress and laid it aside. The other item handing on the hanger was a pair of matching panties for the dress in the same shade of pink. There were two layers of vinyl to these panties. An inner layer of slightly heavier vinyl that proved to be crinkly and the outer layer made of the same vinyl as the dress. Like the dress, the panties were trimmed in the same two inch white vinyl ruffles around both legs and around the waist. On the back of the panties, there were six rows of white vinyl ruffles completely covering the back of the plastic panties. Barbara slipped these off the hanger and laid them aside with the dress.

The third and final hanger contained a white vinyl petticoat slip. It was an adult sized version of the style that little girls would wear under a little girl’s party dress only this one was much shorter and was made especially for the baby dress. This petticoat had one characteristic similar to the long flowing floor length petticoats worn by women under fancy gowns. That being, that there was sewn into the hem of the garment a circular hoop of wire that held its circular shape at its fullest. There, the similarities ended. This petticoat was incredibly short and a perfect match for the baby dress. There were two layers to the skirt portion of the petticoat. The underskirt was of white vinyl with the hoop sewn into the hem and an overskirt with additional gathers to give it bounce and fullness. Barbara set this item aside and took the panties in her hand shaking them out and stepped towards me.

“I am going to dress you in this outfit and can’t wait to see how you look in it. Do you like what I’ve shown you?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I can’t believe what I am seeing. I have a couple vinyl things in my collection but nothing as pretty as this.”

“Like what? Do tell me.”

“I have a couple pink Nursery print rompers and a couple bib panties sets in vinyl as well. These things are a little on the expensive side and cannot always afford them being a College student.”

“Oh, don’t I know that. I paid good money for this but worth every bit I paid. You are going to look adorable in it. Miss. Candice hasn’t even seen this yet. I can’t wait to see her reaction when she sees you in this outfit. I didn’t know you liked wearing such things as vinyl baby attire?”

“I do, but don’t have much in the way of this sort of thing. What I have is very limited. I have to be somewhat careful with these things are I’ve had them for some years now and they are showing some signs of age. I wear them very sparingly now. Until I can afford to get replacements and don’t know when that will be.”

“Well, I have done some research and do know of a few companies that specialize in this sort of thing. You are right in saying they are a bit more expensive but worth the investment if the wearer takes pleasure in wearing them. Perhaps we could look into the possibility if expanding your vinyl wardrobe for you. Would you like that?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, very much thank you.” Standing there like I was, Barbara took me in her arms, hugged and kissed me passionately. There was no doubt in my mind that I loved her very much. Dressed as I was, Miss. Barbara took me to her bedroom and sat me down in front of the mirror at her make up table. She set to work applying a light foundation with dusting powder. She added some blusher to my cheeks and did my lips in a pretty pink. My nails were done in the same shade of pink, allowed to dry and it was back to the Nursery.

“Come now, let’s get you into this lovely dress and show you off to Miss. Candice.”

With that, she set to work. Still holding the plastic panties she had me sit on the side of my crib putting first one foot than the other into the leg holes of the panties. Now, standing by my crib, Barbara pulled them up into place. The crinkle of the panties was evident as the slipped up my smooth skin and came to rest around my waist. These plastic panties had been altered with six small rings sewn into the waistband. They had been distributed evenly, three in the front and three in the back. A small delicate chain was threaded through the rings around my waist and Barbara drew them together at the back. She adjusted the chain for fit and inserted a small lock through the two rings snapping the lock home.

All this did was to further increase the bulkiness between my legs. She adjusted the legs of the nylon shell so they came a couple inches below the leg bands of the plastic panties. Sitting on the mattress again, Miss. Barbara put a pair of white ruffled socks on my feet followed by my black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. Things were slowly beginning to come together.

Next came the petticoat, this was slipped on over my head and zipped up the back. The shoulder straps were adjusted and the skirts of the petticoat were fluffed out for maximum fullness. The garment came a little below the waistband of my plastic panties and did nothing to hide the fact that I was wearing diapers. The dress came last. Again, this was slipped over my head and both hands fitted through the arm holes and the dress was zipped up the back. What I didn’t know or take notice of was the small ring sewn into the top of the dress where the zipper came. Barbara passed another lock through the opening of the pull piece of the zipper and the ring and snapped the lock closed with a click.

I was now fully aware that this outfit was locked onto me and I would not be able to remove it by myself. Barbara adjusted the hem of the vinyl dress so it lay evenly over the short white petticoat. The hem of the dress was perhaps an inch longer than the petticoat and the vinyl pinafore was a lovely touch. I allowed her to fuss over me, not that it mattered much. She was going to have her way with me as was Miss. Candice. I just had to get used to that. The bottle I had earlier that morning was taking effect and I wet heavily into my diapers. She must have laced it with a diuretic. Something else that was becoming normal for me.

Now fully dressed or so I thought, Miss. Barbara turned her attention to my hair. She retrieved the black case and withdrew the auburn little girl style wig brushing it out and placing it on my head securing it in place with four bobby pins hiding each with hair from the wig so they couldn’t be seen. Barbara stepped back to look at me clapping her hands with delight!

“Almost done baby girl, just a couple more things then we can show you off to Miss. Candice. You’d like that, yes?”

“Oh yes Miss. Barbara, I hope she will like the way I look. I can’t wait to see myself when you are done.”

“You’ll get a chance to see how you look soon enough and you can bet that Miss. Candice won’t be able to keep her ands off of you.” Barbara took the long ties and brought them together in the back and tied them into a nice big bow.

She retrieved a small white satin collar and tied it around my neck in the back and arranged it in front. This dress was much too delicate for a full harness so Barbara selected a thin nylon webbing belt and slipped it around my waist under the white vinyl pinafore locking it onto me in the back. There was a D ring on each side of the belt. Next came the pacifier Gag and this was also secured into place. Finally, Barbara retrieved a set of padded mittens but these were also different. Instead of the satin outer lining, they were of a white vinyl with pink vinyl trim around the wrists. These mittens were also secured with nylon webbing straps and locked onto my hands. They were indeed very thick and were clipped to the sides of the belt around my waist. I was now fully and completely dressed and was taken to Miss. Barbara’s bedroom to stand in front of a full length mirror.

The image looking back at me was beyond words. I couldn’t believe how short the dress was or how it felt on me wearing it. My diapers and plastic panties were so totally exposed and I was forced to stand with my legs apart for all the diapers and vinyl panties I was wearing. I had also noticed that on the short walk from my Nursery to Barbara’s room every step I took, I could hear the crinkling of the plastic panties I was wearing. The little collar Miss. Barbara tied abound my neck was a fitting touch. It had my name in pink block lettering and read “DIAPER GIRL” how appropriate I thought.

Looking at my reflection I felt so infantile and babyish. The perfect image of an eighteen month old baby girl, now dressed as I was. I knew I was sinking deeper into my role as their baby girl for these two women. I also knew at some point later today, I would end up filling my diapers in this outfit as well and both Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice would take their pleasure in watching me perform like this for them. The helplessness I felt only served to further remind me of who I was fast becoming and once again I could feel the warmth as I wet heavily again.

“Okay Diaper Girl, time to show you off to Miss. Candice. She can’t wait to see and she’s in for quite the surprise.” With that, she sprayed me with her perfume. She also applied some FDS to the cups of her bra and her panties as well. I just loved the way this smelled on her. Barbara kissed me again and we headed downstairs.

It was nearly eight thirty when we descended the stairs. The smell of fresh brewed coffee and breakfast cooking on the stove filled the air. Hearing Barbara’s heels hit the tile floor; Candice turned to see what awaited her and delighted in what she saw.

“Oh Candi, I just can’t believe it! Our Diaper Girl looks so absolutely adorable! Wherever did you get such an outfit for her and those panties are simply just too much! You never told me you got such an adorable outfit for her, it’s made of vinyl, yes?” Candice stepped forward inspecting my babyish attire noticing the well diapered condition I found myself in.

“Turn around slowly so Miss. Candice can see your pretty outfit.”

I did as I was told slowly turning for the pleasure of both women. Miss. Barbara had put me on display for them both and they were taking full enjoyment in this.

“Oh, those panties are over the top as is the whole outfit! Can you get more stuff like this? I just love the look of it on her. It had to cost a small fortune.”

“It was a bit on the expensive side well over one hundred dollars but well worth it. I asked if she enjoyed wearing clothing made of vinyl and she said she does. I think we should expand her vinyl wardrobe, don’t you?”

“Yes, absolutely, I never knew they made stuff like this before, wherever did you get it Barb?”

“A place in California, the company is called Vinyl Confections. They specialize in making adult baby clothing in vinyl. You can pretty much have anything made that you want. I’ll have to show you their website sometime. You will love what you see.”

“From the sounds of things, I’m sure I will. I want to see what else they have available. They may just get a good piece of business from us. The quality and craftsmanship of this outfit is excellent. Good girl, Extra points for you.”

“Glad you approve Candi, I wanted to show her off to you before I took her upstairs for her formula feeding.”

“Excellent, breakfast will be waiting when you return, don’t be too long.”

Selecting a bag of formula, Barbara guided me back upstairs into the Nursery. She hung the bag on the pole behind my crib and proceeded to remove my dress and petticoat leaving me in my white nylon shell and matching panties. With the mittens still locked onto my hands, I was secured into the crib and Barbara connected one of the hose to the formula bag and the other end to my Pacifier adjusting the flow rate. She kissed me on the cheek telling me to be a good girl and take my formula. I looked up at her as she raised the crib rail back into place and headed back downstairs to Candice and a leisurely breakfast.

“You’ve outdone yourself Barb; I can’t believe you found such a confection for her to wear. I simply must invest in a complete vinyl layette of baby clothing for our eighteen month baby girl. I’m not really concerned about the cost just as long as I can get top quality for my money. Can you show me this website on the computer?”

“Sure, we can do that after breakfast.”

“Good, I see you took care to put baby girl in thickly padded disposable diapers.”

“Yes, she is already wet and will be much wetter as the day goes on. I’ve put her on a slow drip that will take a few hours to complete. I’ve added a diuretic and stool softener to her formula as you asked. Between the formula feeding she’s taking now and the one you gave her last night before bedtime, this will ensure she has a very wet and very full diaper later on this afternoon.”

“Perfect, I love the idea of her becoming totally incontinent especially where her bladder control is concerned. Not that she has much of any to begin with. Total bladder incontinence will ensure she stays in diapers and plastic panties on a full time permanent basis. As for her bowel control, that’s a different issue. I would like us to determine when and where she fills her diapers.”

“What do you mean?” Barbara said.

“That’s where her dildo training comes in. I intend for it to continue on a long term basis. That’s why I want her penetrated as often as possible while she is in cloth diapers and plastic panties. Her ability to take the slimmer one tells me that she has had s certain amount of experience with this in the past, bonus points for her.”

“I have an idea then, why not start her on the thicker model as soon as possible?”

“Excellent idea Barb, when you put her to bed tonight, put her in cloth diapers and uses the same dildo. We’ll start her on the thicker one soon enough. The more she can accommodate, the further it will stretch her little muscle and it will eventually loose its ability to contract.”

“If I follow your line of thinking, eventually things will begin to break down and she will no longer be able to have the so called control over her bowels she thinks she has. We could give her some formula, put her in disposable diapers and put her to bed without a tampon inside her. The idea would be for her to fill her diapers in her sleep without her even knowing it.”

“I couldn’t have put it better myself. Talk about her being totally incontinent, perfect for a baby girl like her. She can look forward to wetting and filling her diapers at any time or anywhere of our choosing and I do mean anywhere. Can you picture it, Diaper Girl down at the Salon for the afternoon with all those other ladies and their young Daughters getting their hair and nails done?”

“Wow! Talk about being publically humiliated in such a place and in such an infantile state of dress. It would be a real hoot for everyone. Especially when one of the younger girls asks her Mother, “oh Mommy, can I check that big baby girl’s diapers? I want to see if they are really wet.” You have to know her Mother would gladly allow her to do so, I certainly would.”

“Not to mention when the time comes when baby girl starts squirming and fighting because she finds it harder and harder to stop what will soon happen to her. She’ll be begging us to take her back home but of course that can’t happen because you still need to have your nails done.”

“Yeah, when she finally realizes she won’t be able to leave she’ll have no choice but to endure the ultimate humiliation while she ends up filling her diapers in front of us and all the other women and girls in the Salon. Oh Candice, the fun we’ll have with our little Diaper Girl.”

“I’m with you, now be a good girl and help me with the breakfast things so we can go upstairs and have some private ‘girl’ time between us. I figure baby girl has a little over two hours before she’s done with her formula.” With that, both women ascended the stairs walking toward Candice’s bedroom.


Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello again and thank you for reading my story so far. Here is the next part of the story as it continues from the last part. Ihope you find it as enjoyable as I enjoy writing it.

The Diaper Girl
The Contract Part Two

“Now that our baby girl is safely secured in her crib for the next few hours, it’s time for some girl fun. I’ve put something on you bed, why don’t you go change and meet me here in my bedroom” she told Barbara. With that, Barbara headed towards her bedroom to see what she might find for her to wear.

Entering her room, she left the door open. “No need to close it, it’s just us girls here.” Before surveying the items on the bed, she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and hung it in the closet, followed by her slip tossing that in the laundry basket. Standing in her panties and bra, she took in the items laid out on the bed.

The lingerie was lovely. A black satin French Maid’s teddy with a white satin apron with ties, white satin hairpiece and four garters drew her attention. Black panties, bra and stockings completed the outfit. There was also a freshly wrapped Kotex pad by the black panties. She wondered why Candice might want her to wear such a thing as this. Was Candice tapping into her subconscious? Did she know something about her, perhaps had always known? Barbara thought back on their earlier time together and how Candice had brought her to orgasm so easily and how delicious it felt. Yes, perhaps she felt submissive towards her girlfriend, at least in the bedroom where intimate matters were concerned.

Whatever it was, Barbara let it pass and slipped out of her underthings discarding them in the laundry basket and freshened up. Panties and bra were first to go on as Barbara pressed the Kotex pad into place in her panties for protection. Next, she slipped into the black satin French Maid’s teddy adjusting the straps and arranging the apron neatly in the center. Sitting on the side of the bed, she put her stockings on attaching them at the garters for a secure fit than slipped her black heels on. She arranged the hairpiece on her head with bobby pins. A little perfume and FDS sprayed in all the right places, she took a look at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw.

On her way to Candice’s bedroom, Barbara stopped to look into the Nursery to see her baby girl taking her formula feeding. She noticed the bag was not quite full and knew it would be some time before the bag was empty giving the two women all the time they would need. Candice caught sight of her girlfriend as she entered the room. Candice herself wore a pink satin baby doll with matching bikini panties sat on the bed. A bath towel folded in half lay on the floor at her feet.

“Oh Barb honey, you look absolutely adorable in the sweet little French Maid’s outfit and it’s perfect for this occasion and what I have in mind for you, I think you will come to enjoy it.”

Barbara looked at her girlfriend and thought about the last time they were together and the pleasure she experienced. Her mind didn’t have to travel far to envision what Candice might be thinking about.

“You will have to forgive me but this sort of thing I mean intimacy with another woman is still quite new to me and I’m not sure of my role in all of this. I remember the last time and have to admit that I enjoyed it very much. I’m a newbie at this sort of thing and you will have to take me by the hand if you know what I mean. That’s okay, isn’t it?”

Candice patted the bed beside her and motioned for Barbara to join her. She did.

“Absolutely, that is perfectly okay and yes, I will be happy to take you by the hand and introduce you to a side of yourself you have always wondered about. By your own admission, you have already said that dating men is no longer important to you. Yes?”

“Yes, especially after my last encounter some years ago. As far as I’m concerned, the closest thing to having a male in my life is our little baby doll down the hall drinking her formula as we speak, and I hardly consider her a male.”

Candice laughed “you got that right girl, and that’s why you are sitting on the bed next to me dressed the way we are. If you are ready, I’d like to take you by the hand as you asked and we will begin a sensuous journey together. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Good now stand up for me and we’ll get started.”

Barbara complied and Candice slipped her hand between Barbara’s legs finding the three snaps keeping her teddy closed. Unsnapping then, she slipped her panties down noticing the fresh Kotex in place in her panties knowing she would need that soon enough. Reaching behind her, Candice brought a slim box and opened it removing a penis shaped vibrator. Seeing Barbara already wet with anticipation, Candice slipped the vibrator into Barbara’s secret place redressing her snapping the teddy back together.

Barbara began to speak but Candice put a finger to her lips silencing her. “Don’t pretend you don’t know about such things. I’ve seen evidence of a few of your toys at the office at the Kopper Kettle. A girl knows about these sorts of things you know. So fess up girl, what say you?”

It was true; Barbara was very familiar with these sorts of things. Her face went red with embarrassment. “Yes, you have found a few of my secrets. I do have a few toys I use for playtime.”

“Now that the truth has come out, we can have some real fun.” With that, Candice removed a small object from the box and pressed a button. The look on Barbara’s face was priceless as the penis deep inside of her came to life with a soft but gentle purr. Candice kissed her girlfriend deeply on the lips. “I want you to do something for me.”


“Be a good girl and remove my panties for me.”

Without hesitation, Barbara knelt at Candice’s feet. Reaching up, she lowered the pink panties to her knees than her ankles. Candice stepped out of them and they were tossed to the side. Now sitting on the bed, Candice motioned for Barbara to take her place in front of her on the bath towel. Barbara complied and did as she was told kneeling in front of Candice her knees spread wide apart exposing her womanly area, the sent of FDS filling the air between them.

Barbara lifted her head looking into Candice’s eyes questioningly. “Why is it that I feel somewhat vulnerable and very…?”

“Submissive?” Candice finished her sentence for her. “That is because in intimate matters such as these, this is what you wanted without asking me, isn’t it?” Candice pushed the button again and the vibrator increased slightly in speed, increasing in intensity sending spasms through Barbara’s body. Moments later she had an incredible orgasm finding its way into her Kotex. She was glad she pressed it into use.

Barbara looked up at Candice with passion in her eyes, she now knew why she was dressed the way she was and it excited her. Candice tapped a button on the remote dialing the intensity back down to a gentle purr. She wanted to bring her along slowly and heighten her next release. “You know what it is I want you to do, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Your eyes tell me you want this, don’t you? Even though I know you have never done this sort of thing before, much less with another woman. I’m right, aren’t I?”

Barbara’s breathing had changed but only slightly as the penis vibrator purred away deep inside of her. Candice was right, she knew she was. Barbara had never done anything like this before to anyone but drawn as she was to her girlfriend, she felt ready to give herself to her.

Candice had her right where she wanted her. She had Barbara on her knees in front of her dressed in French Maid lingerie in a very submissive posture to be sure. Candice liked what she saw and knew she was getting wet with what was to come. Barbara looked up at Candice with love in her eyes as Candice smiled down at her returning that love.

“You want this, don’t you?” Candice pushed a button and the vibrator returned to the speed where it was before. Barbara’s reaction didn’t go unnoticed by Candice.

Barbara’s eyes never left hers and answered simply saying; “yes.”

Barbara positioned herself and leaned forward slightly, finding Candice’s private place and she felt her knees close on both sides of her head holding her there.
Candice gave her instructions on what to do and how to do it. Slowly at first, Barbara began, her tongue tasting Candice’s wetness as she pushed forward forcing Barbara’s tongue deeper inside of her. It only a matter of moments before she found Candice’s pleasure zone achieving the results she wanted.

Candice thrust her hips forward involuntarily She held Barbara fast to her as she felt release as her, orgasm gushed out of her finding its way into Barbara’s open mouth. Barbara took it all while being on the edge of a constant state of orgasm herself. Candice turned the vibrator to its highest setting. Within seconds Barbara began to release copious amounts of orgasm into her Kotex pad soaking it thoroughly. Both women were now completely spent. Barbara retrieved the pink panties pulling them up her girlfriend’s legs back in place Candice and Barbara gathered themselves and took a seat on the bed.

“I hope those panties of yours are dry girlie”

“I think so, I desperately need to change my pad, and it’s really wet.”

“I hope so, that was my intention, that vibrator did what I wanted it to. Why don’t you get a fresh pad and remove that little toy.”

“Thanks, don’t mind if I do.” With that, Barbara excused herself and went into the adjoining bathroom removing the vibrator and replacing her pad with a dry one joining Candice on the bed.

“My late husband and I used to have great sex life and I always enjoyed it when he would pleasure me in the manner you did just now. It would then be my turn to return the favor and go down on him. I never thought I would have another woman on her knees in this fashion, but you look so sexy in that little outfit you are wearing. You may find yourself in it from time to time.”

“You think so?”

“Oh I know so honey. By offering yourself to me like this, you have confirmed what I have always known about you, that being your desire to take a submissive role in certain matters in our relationship. This is by your own admission. So, when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom, I want you to be my girlie girl. Is that what you want too?”

The more Barbara thought about it, she knew Candice was right. Her actions showed it, dressed in the outfit she wore confirmed her submissive tendencies. Barbara decided she was okay with that and would offer herself to her. Barbara answered in the affirmative. "Yes Candice, apparently you know more about me that I know about myself or at least that I am willing to acknowledge to you.

“I know more about you and your wants and desires. Together, we will explore and expand on them. I am going to enjoy having you here with me. I have a feeling you will enjoy it too. It’s nearly noon and I feel like a glass of wine, how about you?”

As Barbara and Candice enjoyed a glass of wine, I lay in my crib finally having finished the formula while getting wetter as the morning progressed. I thought about Miss. Barbara and what she might be wearing. I was sure to find out soon enough, but while I waited, I let my mind wonder thinking about being with her. It wasn’t difficult to think about what she might want of me and knowing I would most likely comply. While thinking about all of this, I worked towards achieving orgasm. Because of my thick diapers and padded mittens, it always took longer than I wanted but the extra time was worth the pleasure as I filled my diapers with my baby girl cream.

Still wearing her French Maid lingerie, Barbara slipped quietly into the Nursery to find her baby girl lying in her crib. “Let’s get you ready for some lunch and this afternoon’s activities.” I was taken downstairs to the kitchen where Miss. Candice was preparing lunch. She looked very pretty in her pink baby doll. I think both women knew I enjoyed seeing them in lingerie. “How’s my sweet baby girl?” Candice gave me a bottle of formula while she and Miss. Barbara had lunch. Because of the vinyl dress I was wearing, I was permitted to be out of my highchair.

“My sweet Diaper Girl” Candice began; “you have been here now for nearly two months and have began to develop a routine here with us and while this is good, the time has come for some changes to that routine. The first change will be to set in place a set of rules that Miss. Barbara and I have drawn up for you. Once signed, they will take effect immediately. Do understand what is about to happen where you are concerned?”

“Yes Miss Candice, I think I do but what if…”

“There are no ‘but what if’s’ where you are concerned baby girl. As you are about to find out, you will have no say in what happens to you from this day forward. You are our diapered and plastic pantied baby doll to dress up and play with however it pleases us. Remember when you and I talked at the Kopper Kettle?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I do.”

“I told you then this was going to be a full time lifestyle for you and you told me that this is what you wanted. This is still what you want more than anything, yes? You must tell us both that this is truly what you want.”

It was, and I knew it. I had this feeling things were going to change for me but I wasn’t exactly sure and I found that to be a little unsettling. I was at a point where I couldn’t back out, not now. I had absolutely nothing to my name but some diapers and baby clothes and I wasn’t going to get very far with that. I had no money, no job and nowhere to go. I was totally dependent on these two women and for that matter quite dependent on my diapers and plastic panties.

I looked up at these two women. I could feel a single tear begin to toll down my cheek and told them; “Yes Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice. I want very much to be your baby girl in diapers and plastic panties. I am uncertain of what you have in store for me. The only thing I ask is that no physical harm comes to me.”

Candice looked at me than at Barbara who stepped forward towards me wrapping her arms around me and holding me to her chest the smell of her captivated me and I felt myself begin to relax in her arms. I could feel the warm wetness as it spread throughout my diapers."

“Not to worry my sweet baby girl” Barbara told me. “We’re certainly not going to let anything like that happen. You can however expect some surprises and you may find yourself in situations and places of our choosing. Both Miss. Candice and I have very definite ideas where your training is concerned.” Barbara glanced in Candice’s direction in affirmation to disclose a few tidbits of what might be in store for me. Candice nodded briefly and Barbara continued.

“I have a good idea about the kind of attention you crave, and we will see to it you get it. Public exposure in controlled situations in the presence of other females will be a part of your training along with humiliation will help keep you submissive, not that you already are. The rules we have laid out for you, will become part of your training as well. You have already been following several of them already without knowing it. So you see things are going to get a lot more exciting for all of us, especially for you because you will never know what to expect. The one thing you can count on is that you will be dressed in the manner you presently find yourself, in wet diapers and plastic panties.”

“I think it is time for a reading of the rules. Barb, you want to prepare our baby girl?”

“Sure.” With that, Barbara took my now empty bottle putting it on the counter. She put my padded mittens on my hands and locked them into place securing each to a D ring at each side of the nylon webbing belt that was locked around my waist. Next, she secured my Pacifier Gag filling my mouth full securing it in place. Barbara patted the front of my diapers finding them to be quite wet. She did the same to the back finding the same result. I felt the slightest signs of stirrings in my bowels and knew what would eventually be in store for me but had no way to stop it from happening.

Both women stepped back taking in the image of me, their diapered and plastic pantied baby girl in a very helpless state totally dependent on them both and on my diapers too. I now found it much more difficult to control myself. Not that I had much hope of that anyhow. Miss. Candice began the reading of the rules.


The following is a formal agreement to cover the living arrangements between Diaper Girl, the Submissive, and the women Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice. The foregoing set of rules has been agreed upon and is set fourth below. Be it known that this is a legal and binding contract

The Rules

  1. You will wear diapers and plastic panties on a permanent full time basis from this date forward at ALL times no exceptions.

  2. You will have no toilet privileges for any reason and will only be allowed in a bathroom under adult supervision.

  3. You will willingly, freely and without reservation give over total control of your bladder and bowels to Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice to do with as they see fit. They may be part of your physical body, but you will no longer maintain control over them.

  4. You will be dressed in the manner befitting and eighteen month baby girl. You will have no opinion as to what you will wear. You will wear whatever is chosen for you by Miss. Barbara or Miss. Candice, or any other female in whatever setting you may find yourself, either private or in a public setting.

  5. You will sleep in an adult sized baby crib and be secured in it at all times. You will take all your meals in an adult sized high chair. Bottle feedings are permitted wherever and whenever administered by either Miss. Barbara or Miss. Candice or any other female. You will take all formula bag feedings while in your crib or in your highchair. These formula feedings will be administered through the use of a Pacifier Gag.

  6. You will wear as it suits Miss. Barbara or Miss. Candice a locking baby harness or other manner of restraining device as a means of control. You will also have your mouth filled with a Pacifier Gag whenever it pleases Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice.

  7. As you are now full time in diapers and plastic panties, you will undergo regular and ongoing dildo training. You will be penetrated whenever and wherever it pleases Miss. Barbara or Miss. Candice, or any other female. This will generally take place while wearing cloth diapers and plastic panties.

  8. You will be trained to do all manner of housework and laundry as directed by Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice, or any other female. You will act as Maid, Laundress or Serving Girl to please Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice or any other company that may come to call.

  9. You will be trained to pleasure the female in whatever manner this may take. Because you are in diapers and plastic panties, you will never be permitted to penetrate the female in the normal manner. As you are also the Submissive in the household, you will offer yourself to Miss. Barbara or Miss. Candice or any other woman for that matter for the sole purpose of satisfying their intimate needs.

  10. As appropriate, you will be taken out in public for any reason wherever or whenever as directed by Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice, or any other female.
    You will have no opinion or say in where you are taken or for what reason. As their baby girl and will experience whatever form of humiliation or embarrassment either in public or private.

Disclaimer: These are my rules. I have read them and understand them all. Having done so, I freely give my consent to follow them in their entirety. I affix my signature below as proof thereof.

Lady Of The House: Miss. Candice

Girlfriend: Miss. Barbara

Submissive: Diaper Girl

Miss Barbara was right about one thing, I had indeed been following some of the rules already for some time now. But now, there were these other rules, ones I would have to learn and others I would have to get used to. The thought of being taken out in public was a little scary but exciting at the same time. I was prepared to give myself over to these two women totally and completely, even if it meant facing uncertainty about what they had planned for me from this point on.

“Now, all that’s left to do is for everyone to sign this document. As lady of the house, I will sign first. Barbara, you will follow me and Diaper Girl, you will sign last with the two of us to witness your signature. These rules will go into effect immediately upon signing this document.”

With that, Miss. Candice affixed her signature, than Miss. Barbara. Before I could take my turn, another stronger spasm came over me and the tampon holding everything inside was pushed out of me and I stood there helplessly filling my diapers in front of both women as they looked on approvingly as I wet heavily again. Miss Barbara stepped forward removing my mittens handing me the pen. I stood over the paper and signed my name below hers and put the pen down. Moments later, another warm soft mass was pushed out of me into my already full diapers.

"That’s my good baby girl; you did exactly as we both hoped you would. I told Miss. Candice that by this afternoon, you would have a very wet and very full diaper, and indeed you do.’ Candice watched approvingly as Barbara worked the contents of my diapers throughout my diaper area. I was now her wet and messy baby girl and it wasn’t long before she pushed me over the edge sending wave after wave of orgasm into my diapers. Yes, things would change for me, I was sure of that. I had no idea just what to expect next.

“Come on Diaper Girl, let’s get you upstairs and get you changed.” With that, all three of us went upstairs to the Nursery for a bath and fresh diapers and plastic panties.

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Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello again, here is the next installment of my story. There is lots moe to come so hope you find it enjoyable. Thanks.

The Diaper Girl
Domestic Training Part One

It has been over a week since the agreement had been signed by all parties concerned and things were going to change for me. I had overheard Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice talking about starting me on my new training, not that I had already been undergoing training of one sort or another but this was to be different. I didn’t know it yet, but I was going to find out later this morning as Miss. Barbara come into the Nursery to get my day started. I was soaking wet and wanted a change.

“How’s my wet baby girl this morning?” She didn’t wait for an answer as none would be forthcoming because of the Pacifier Gag filling my mouth. “Sit up girlie and Miss. Barbara will remove that Pacifier.” I did and she removed it freeing me of the bulbous object.

“Thank you Miss. Barbara, can you change my diapers for me?”

“Of course baby doll, you’ll get fresh diapers, plastic panties and a pretty baby dress to wear. You’re going to learn how to do some new things today.”

“What kinds of things?”

Miss. Candice and I will show you later this morning. After we get you dressed, we’ll have some breakfast. Than, you will find out what we have planned for you." With that, I was bathed, diapered, dressed and taken downstairs for breakfast in my highchair. As I ate my breakfast, the two women talked about the days events.

“I think it’s time to start Diaper Girl on her Domestic Training. What do you think Candi, laundry or housework?”

“Housework for sure, the place could use a good going over. When we’re done with breakfast, put her in thick cloth diapers and plastic panties. Oh yes, be sure she’s penetrated with the larger dildo as I think she’s more then ready for it. She’ll be doing a lot of bending and stooping while the house gets cleaned. The carpets need vacuumed and furniture dusted. I need to go into the supermarket and do some grocery shopping this afternoon so you can give her instruction on washing fine delicates.”

“Of course, be happy to. She’ll need the large drying rack for the delicates and lingerie to dry. There will be plenty of space for her to work in the laundry room. She will be most of the afternoon as the lingerie has piled up. It will be nice to have them hand washed for a change. I’ve got to go to the Kopper Kettle this morning. There are a couple girls interviewing for waitress positions.”

“Oh, nearly forgot, can you give Diaper Girl a special formula feeding early this afternoon for her lunchtime? I’ve given her a bottle his morning with her breakfast.”

“Yes, don’t forget to pick up those things I told you about in the baby care isle.” Barbara replied.

“Right, thanks for reminding me.”

I sat through all of this exchange listening to what these women had planned for me. Some of which I was looking forward to and other aspect, ell not so much. I had a feeling what the special formula feeding might contain and what results it may produce. Whatever the case, I had no say in what Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice chose to do where I was concerned. Candice secured the Pacifier Gag filling my mouth full again.

“Okay baby girl, let’s get you upstairs and into fresh diapers and plastic panties. You have a busy day ahead of you.”

Miss. Barbara released me from the highchair and we headed up to the Nursery. True to Miss Candice’s wishes, Miss. Barbara prepared my bottom with Vaseline reaching for the new dildo. “Is my baby girl ready for her new toy?” No answer would be forthcoming as she began to slowly insert the anal toy into my private place. In than out, a little deeper each time as I moaned into my Pacifier Gag. My feeble protestations were useless as Miss. Barbara worked the last of the six inch dildo deep inside of me. Instinctively, I pushed against her forcing it to slide out of me and she pushed it back inside me. We repeated this little game until the shaft sled easily in and out of me. I think she was surprised at how easily I took it. I didn’t see the pleased expression on Miss. Barbara’s face as she positioned me over the diapers on the changing table.

I was put into thickly padded cloth diapers and two pair of plastic panties. The first pair was a heavier white and I had several of these that were modified with small rings sewn into the waistband with a light weight chain threaded through the rings. Barbara pulled the ends together and clicked a small lock into place locking my plastic panties onto me. She pulled the second pair of pink plastic panties around my waist and I was led back into the Nursery. I was in diapers only a few minutes and found myself wetting heavily. I knew the reason and also knew I would be much wetter as the day went on. Miss. Barbara went to my closet thumbing through the hangers looking for something sweet for me to wear returning with two hangers hanging them on the rail of my crib.

The first item was one of my short white petticoats vests made for my high waited baby dresses. The second item was a pastel pink baby dress with matching plastic lined panties with rows of ruffles across the seat. Miss. Barbara pulled the panties up my smooth legs over my diapers arranging them around my waist. The petticoat vest was next. Miss. Barbara slid the delicate item over my head, the soft nylon vest sliding over the soft cups of my bra and settled high on my waist, achieving the desired result. She fluffed out the petticoat for maximum fullness followed by the baby dress which flared out nicely putting my matching pink panties on display for all to see. My outfit was completed with white ruffled socks and my black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. Miss. Barbara arranged my hair with white hair bows on each side. She tied a small white satin apron around my waist and the final touch was my white satin collar with the words DIAPER GIRL in pink block letters. Miss. Barbara had her way with me. I was penetrated, in wet diapers and plastic panties and dressed in prissy baby girl clothes. I loved the way I felt and I loved Miss. Barbara too.

“Okay baby girl, it’s downstairs with you as Miss Candice will be giving you instruction in some of the domestic training you will be learning. You are going to learn how to clean her lovely home under her supervision.”

As we walked along the hall, I could feel the thick dildo moving inside of me. I felt it slip in and out of me as we descended the stairs to the first floor to the approving smile of Miss. Candice. The look on her face told me she was very pleased with my attire.

“Oh Barb, what a pretty and practical outfit, it’s perfect for the day’s activities and she looks so sweet in it, and those panties, they are simply adorable! Are you wet Diaper Girl? Come here; let Miss. Candice check those diapers of yours.”

I nodded my head yes and Miss. Barbara patted me on the bottom guiding me towards her girlfriend. Candice pulled my matching panties down, the crinkling of plastic as she did so. She slipped two fingers under the leg bands of both pairs of plastic panties finding the soft folds of my wet cloth diapers pulling the other pair of panties back up into place.

“I’m glad to see she’s already wet.”

“Did you expect otherwise?” Barb said.

“Of course not, she couldn’t stay dry for five minutes, could you baby girl?”

I had no answer for either of them. All I could do was stand there and feel more warm wetness find its way into my diapers. The diuretic Candice put in my bottle earlier was in full effect now. I was their wet baby girl and they both knew it. Barbara excused herself going upstairs to get dressed. She returned fifteen minutes later looking very professional in a paisley print dress coming to just above her knees wearing pantyhose and black heels, she looked lovely.

It was nine thirty when Barbara picked up her purse and kissed Candi on the cheek. “I’m off and will be back in a few hours.” Barbara then turned her attention to me. “Be a good baby girl for Miss. Candice, she has lots to show you. When I come back, I want to see a nice clean house.” With that, Barbara left leaving me with Miss. Candice and the work that needed to be one.

For the next few hours, I was schooled in the ways of keeping a clan home. Miss. Candice supervised my efforts as I vacuumed the carpets and mopped the floors. Every time I bent from the waist or knelt to pick something up from the floor, I felt the dildo penetrate me deeply than slowly slip back out as I stood up. I cleaned the bathrooms under Candice’s watchful eye as she reminded me that I would never be able to use the bathroom like a bog girl. I was reminded of this as I wet myself throughout my work. Yes, by the time I was done, I had cleaned the house from kitchen to bathrooms and I was considerably wetter by the time Miss Barbara returned home.

“Hey Candi, I’m back and hired one of the girls, she’ll start next week. How did out diaper doll do this morning?”

“I’m going to enjoy having our little cleaning girl and best part of it, she doesn’t have to take potty breaks. She did a good job for her first time. Glad you hired one of the girls, who?”

“I agree, the fact that she will never need to use the toilet again suite me just fine, diapers and plastic panties are perfect for our little Diaper Girl. Oh yes, I hired Tammy, she has had some experience working at other restaurants. I think she will work out just fine.”

“That’s good, why don’t you have Stephanie work with her starting next week so Tammy can get the lay of the land. Now that you’ve returned, I’m going to freshen up and head to the Supermarket. I’ll leave our wet little baby girl in your capable hands. No doubt you’ll be in something much more comfortable as well”

“Oh yes, you can be sue of that. There is a pink satin babydoll with matching panties waiting for me upstairs. I’m sure we will have lots of fun together this afternoon. Baby girl has a lot to look forward to and I will enjoy teaching her all she needs to know about laundering such delicate items as lingerie and other fine washables.”

“I bet you will Barb, don’t forget fresh Kotex, you may end up needing them this afternoon.” Candice flashed Barbara a smile before making her way upstairs to freshen up a bit. She returned a short time later with purse and car keys in hand. As the garage door closed, Candice turned onto the street and headed off to run her errands.

“Why don’t we go upstairs so I can slip into something more comfortable, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Barbara stepped forward and removed my Pacifier. “Yes Miss Barbara, I would like that very much.”

She took me by the hand and we ascended the stairs. With every step, I felt the dildo go deep into me sending shivers of pleasure through me. I felt the need to fill my diapers with my baby girl cream and hoped Miss. Barbara would make that happen. Reaching the top of the stairs, we went down the hall to Barbara’s bedroom stopping by my Nursery to get one of the large bed pads used in my crib. Barbara placed the pad on the bed.

“Would you like to help me get undressed baby girl?”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I would do anything for her. I answered in the affirmative.

“I thought that would be your answer. Why don’t you unzip my dress so I can remove it?” I reached up finding the zipper pulling it down and the dress slowly slipped over her shoulders and fell slowly ending up on the floor leaving her standing in a soft white nylon slip. Barbara slid the thin straps over her shoulders and it too ended up as a puddle of nylon on the floor at her feet leaving her wearing pristine white panties and bra. Her baby girl took in the vision before her.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I think you look very pretty. Maybe one day, I can wear big girl panties like you.” She took me in her arms pulling me close, my head resting against the soft pillows of her beasts. I took in her scent lost in my reverie. I was on the edge of release and never noticed as she slowly pushed the dildo deep inside me at the same time messaging the front of my plastic panties. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body as my baby girl cream gushed into my diapers followed by a heavy stream of wetness. Miss. Barbara pleased with my performance kissed me softly on the lips. .

"Oh my sweet Diaper Girl, I don’t think you will ever again wear big girl panties. You would have to keep them dry and that isn’t going to happen any time soon. That’s why you are my pretty baby girl in diapers and plastic panties. You like being Miss. Barbara’s baby girl, don’t you?

“Yes Miss. Barbara,”

“Of course you do, now how would you like to help me pick out fresh panties and bra for me to wear with my babydoll?” She already knew the answer and walked me over to her large dresser and opened one of the large drawers. Its contents full with piles of pink and white nylon panties and bras.

“What color should I wear with my pink satin babydoll?”

“Pretty pink” I said.

“Yes, the perfect choice.” She selected a pair of pink panties with pink lace overlay and matching bra with soft nylon cups. Closing the drawer, she walked over to the bad and laid them beside the babydoll.

“Would you like to do something for Miss. Barbara?”


“That’s my good girl. Could you please pick my slip from the floor?”

I walked over to where the nylon slip lay on the floor. As I knelt to pick it up, the dildo went deep inside of me and slid back out to where it was before. I handed the slip to Miss. Barbara and she had me repeat the process picking up her dress and handed it to her. She knew what would happen if I did as she asked. I knew it too. She hung the dress up in the closet and tossed the slip onto the laundry basket with the other delicates.

Now, you get to watch as I slip into fresh panties and bra." She slipped off the panties letting them fall to the floor and unfastened her bra letting it too fall to the floor as well. Picking up the pink panties off the bed, Barbara pulled them slowly up her legs and adjusted them around her waist. Doing the same with the matching bra, she fastened the hooks and adjusted it for fit. Stepping into her bathroom Barbara took a Kotex pad and returned to where I was about to unwrap it.

“Miss. Barbara” I asked?

“Yes baby girl.”

“Are you having your period?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“That’s a Kotex pad, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but what would you know about such things Diaper Girl?”

“Well, when I pretended to be a big girl, I used to wear Kotex Overnight pads in my big girl panties all the time. I just think they are so girly and feminine.”

“Well, you are right about that. They are a big girl’s item only and they definitely are feminine. I wear them all the time now too.”


Barbara thought for a moment and said; “Well, Miss. Barbara has a little problem too. It’s one some woman would enjoy having.”

“What would that be?” I wondered why she would have to wear a Kotex pad all the time."

Should I tell her the real reason or should I… She decided to put it out there. “You see baby girl, sometimes I have uncontrolled orgasms, kind of like you having no bladder control.”

“So that’s why you wear Kotex all the time, I’ve noticed you wearing them in your panties before lots of times during the month.”

Barbara considered her statement. She would know how to spot such things having worn them herself as a sissy girl for so long. After all, the outline of the pad was plainly visible, that much was true. She thought how best to answer her.

“Yes baby girl, you could say my Kotex pad is kind of like a diaper for my big girl cream. You wouldn’t want your Miss. Barbara wearing wet panties, now would you?”

“No, then you would have to wear diapers and plastic panties just like me.” I couldn’t help but think of how my Miss. Barbara would look in diapers and plastic panties.

“We couldn’t have that now, can we?” she said. With that, Barbara pressed the fresh Kotex pad into place in her panties. She picked up the pink babydoll and matching panties and put them on. Applying perfume and FDS in all the right places, gathered me in her arms again and I could smell her scent and she placed my hand inside of her secret place and told me what to do. I complied willingly and I could feel her wetness as she began to move towards her own release. Moments later, she removed my hand my fingers were wet with her big girl cream. She told me to lick my fingers clean like a good baby girl and did as she asked She slipped her hand inside of her panties and withdrew them, her own fingers glistened with more of the same, her Kotex now wet with orgasm." Open wide baby girl so Miss. Barbara can feed you."

I complied and she slipped her wet fingers in my mouth and was told to lick them clean. I did and she withdrew them. It was just a little taste but I had the feeling I wanted more of her big girl cream. Although, I wasn’t sure I could admit that to her.

“Did my sweet baby girl enjoy that?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, can we do this again?”

“Yes my sweet baby girl, we can do this again soon. You made Miss. Barbara very happy and helped me have a wonderful orgasm. Now you know why I have to wear a Kotex pad in my panties. Come along now, it’s time for us to head downstairs for your formula feeding.” With that, she took me by the hand and led me downstairs. With every step, I felt the dildo move in and out of me in a rhythmic motion.

Once in the kitchen, Miss. Barbara fastened my padded mittens on my hands and clipped them together in front of me than put me in my highchair locking the tray in place. My mouth was filled with the Pacifier Gag and the hose connected. She turned a knob that started the flow of formula into my mouth forcing me to swallow its contents. It took about twenty minutes to finish the formula

While I was taking my formula feeding, Barbara went upstairs stopping by the Nursery to pick up a plastic bib apron. She retrieved her laundry basket of lingerie and brought the basket and apron down to the laundry room placing the basket on a shelf by the pair of stationary tubs, one to wash and one to rinse. She hung the apron on a hanger and set the large drying rack beside the tubs on the tile floor.

Seeing the bag empty, Barbara led me into the laundry room removing both my mittens and Pacifier Gag. She set them on the tray of my highchair and returned to me. Taking the plastic apron, she slipped the loop around my neck and tied it in the back. The apron was clear vinyl and covered my dress. “We don’t want your pretty dress getting wet while you wash my lingerie now do we?”


“Of course not, you will always wear a plastic apron when you tend to either Miss. Candice’s or my delicates. We used to put these things in the washer and dryer, but now, you will be washing all of it by hand for both of us.”

Barbara added laundry detergent to the first tub and filled it with warm water adding a cap of water softener. To the other tub of warm water, she added some fabric softener. Once both tubs were ready, I was given instruction in how wash each item thoroughly, rinsed and hung on the drying rack. Each time I bent to pick an item out of the laundry basket, I felt the dildo penetrate me again and again. It didn’t help that Miss. Barbara enjoyed humiliating me while I tended to her intimate apparel telling me that only big girls could wear such pretty panties and that I would never be able to keep such pretty panties dry thus my need for diapers and plastic panties.

It was well past four O’clock when Candice pulled the car into the garage and switched off the engine, the garage door closed silently behind her. Grabbing a couple bags, she activated the door to the kitchen and it opened allowing her to set the bags on the counter.

“I’m home Barb, want to help me with the groceries?”

Barbara appeared looking lovely as ever. “Sure, Diaper girl is just finishing up in the laundry room. She’s had quite a busy day. Looks like you have too.”

“Sure did, come here girlie, you look so sweet in that babydoll.” Candice took Barbara in her arms and pulled her close. She could smell the lingering scent of FDS and perfume. As they kissed, Candice’s hand slipped down to Barbara’s pink panties feeling the still wet Kotex and smiled.

“Did you have a fun day honey?”

“Yes, I’ll tell you about it later when our baby girl is secured in her crib. Come here baby doll, be a good girl and give Miss. Candice a kiss.”

I emerged from the laundry room, my work now done. The two women watched as I approached still wearing the plastic apron. Barbara stepped behind me and untied it and hung it over a chair.

"Come here baby girl; let’s see if you’re wet. I complied and Miss. Candice slipped two fingers inside my plastic panties. “Yes, we have a wet baby girl who’ll need changing soon. Why don’t you put her in thickly padded disposable diapers after dinner Barb? Give her a light formula feeding before you put her to bed. She doesn’t know it now, but she will be a very wet and messy baby girl tomorrow morning.”

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Re: The Diaper Girl

Thanks so much for reading my story so far. Here is the next part. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

The Diaper Girl
Domestic Training Part Two

Dinner came and went with me just a little bit wetter. Miss. Barbara led me to my Nursery for a diaper change and true to Miss. Candice’s request; she put me in thickly padded disposable diapers. Miss. Barbara filled my bottom full of liquid glycerin and suppositories followed by two ounces of warm soapy water and inserted a Tampax Super Plus tampon into me. The soapy water caused the tampon to swell in size forming a tight seal insuring none of the contents inside of me escaped.

My diapers were secured snugly around my waist followed by two pair of plastic panties, the second pair was locked on in the usual manner and I was put into a babydoll and secured into my crib. Before leaving the Nursery, Barbara gave me a quart sized baby bottle of formula telling me she would be up in a couple hours to check on me. She left the night light on and headed back downstairs.

Barbara took her place on the couch next to Candice now wearing a powder blue satin teddy with white lace insert in front. Two glasses of wine sat on the coffee table. So how did things go with Diaper Girl today Barb?"

“I think she got one over on me.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, I took her upstairs and offered he the chance to be my little assistant. I let her unzip my dress and even choose fresh undies for me to wear. She noticed the Kotex in my panties and asked if I was on my period? Of course I wasn’t and had to explain to her about my little problem. By this time, I had pushed her over the edge and she filled her diapers with her baby girl cream. She just loves that you know.”

“Yes and go on” Candice prodded. She knew there was more to the story.

“Well, I had to explain to her that my Kotex was kind of like a diaper for my own big girl cream. I think she was satisfied with what I told her.”

“Yeah, I’m sure, who knows, there just might be a little bit of truth in that statement, but you’re keeping the best part from me, I just know it.”

“I was getting to that, really I was. Anyhow, I allowed her to slip her fingers into my private place and gave her instruction on what to do. Of course, I didn’t take long for her to discover the results of her efforts as I filled my Kotex full. Here’s the best part Candi, I filled my fingertips with a good bit and told Diaper Girl to clean my fingers like a good girl. She did such a good job that I think she wants more. I asked her if she liked the way I fed her, and she said yes.”

"“I hope you are going to reward her for doing such a good job.”

“Of course I am. I’m thinking of implementing another one of her rules. You know the one about pleasuring the female.”

“Kind of like when you wore that sweet little French Maid’s Teddy Barb? Oh, you looked so delicious in that and I loved the outcome. We will have to do that again soon.”

Barbara blushed red with the remembrance of that occasion. “Yes, I think that would be perfect training for her. I don’t know if she has ever done anything like this before.”

“I don’t know what’s taken you so long to get around to this aspect of her training. I think you’d better gat that submissive baby girl on her knees and teach her what that pretty little mouth of hers is for. I would make sure she is penetrated in her cloth diapers and plastic panties for maximum pleasure. I can tell you this. When I was talking with her at the Kopper Kettle, I do recall her saying something about having a girlfriend some years ago. Apparently, she went to a Halloween party as a baby girl and ended up in very wet diapers. She told me that girlfriend put her on her knees and made her satisfy her is the same way. Diaper Girl may need a little refresher training. I think she will take all of your orgasm if you let her.”

“Let her, it will be my pleasure. I’m thinking of putting her on something of a feeding schedule. After all, a baby girl as young as her needs to be fed regularly, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, by all means, I think you should begin this sooner than later” Candice replied. Oh by the way, guess who I ran into at the Supermarket this afternoon?"

“Who’s that?”


"How old is her Daughter now, five?

“She’ll be five this October. I’m thinking of having them over next week for tea. Perhaps we’ll let Amber watch our baby girl. It will be good babysitting experience for her. Who knows, she may get a chance to change her diapers!”

“What a hoot that will be. Does Christine know about Diaper Girl? After all, she’s not your average eighteen month baby girl.”

“Yes, I’ve been bringing her up to speed on these things. I think it’s time for baby girl to be put on display in front of other women and young girls and humiliated in wet diapers.”

“Yes, I think our baby girl has lots to look forward to. We’ll have to think about her first public outing as well.” Both women headed off to bed with Barbara stopping into the Nursery to check on me. Barbara smiled contentedly looking forward to what she had planned for me. More warm wetness found its way into my diapers as I slept soundly.

As I stirred in my crib, the formula feeding me had yesterday had its effect on me. I offered no resistance as I helplessly filled my diapers and wet heavily again. I could feel my babydoll was wet as were the outside of my plastic panties. I felt myself drop off again and never heard Miss. Barbara enter my Nursery placing her hand on my diaper filled plastic panties.

“I see the formula feeding I gave you worked very nicely as you have a very full diaper. For being such a good baby girl, I have a special treat for you later today.” As Barbara began spreading the contents of my diaper around, I felt another small mass push its way into my diapers and Miss. Barbara noticed this as well. She turned me on my back, and slipped her hand between my legs spreading the mass up between my legs and brought me to a wonderful orgasm as I filled my diapers with my baby girl cream. This was my reward for filling my diapers full like a good baby girl.

"Come on baby girl; let’s get you cleaned up and into fresh diapers and plastic panties. A warm soak in the tub of perfume and bubbles was very delightful. I was dried off, powdered, penetrated and put into thick cloth diapers followed by the normal two pair of plastic panties. My outfit for the day was a pink vinyl nursery print baby dress and a pair of matching panties. Barbara finished dressing me and did my hair than we headed downstairs for breakfast. As I headed downstairs, I could hear the crinkle of my plastic panties and baby dress as well as the dildo deep inside of me. Miss. Candice watched as I entered the kitchen.

“Doesn’t our baby girl look adorable this morning? Your lovely Miss. Barbara tells me that you filled your diapers this morning. Were you a good girl for her?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I filled my diapers like she knew I would. I was very wet too. She said I was a good girl and I filled my diapers with my baby girl cream.”
“Do you enjoy being rewarded like that?”

“Oh yes, very much, I love what Miss. Barbara does to me.”

“That’s my good baby girl. I understand Miss. Barbara has a special treat for you later this morning. Do you know what she has planned for you?”

“No Miss. Candice, but I hope I will like it.”

“Oh, I think you will enjoy it very much Diaper Girl.”

“Remember when you were upstairs with me and you helped pick out some pretty things for me to wear?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I loved what you did to me and the way you fed me your big girl cream.”

“That’s good my sweet baby girl because today, I am going to give you your first full formula feeding. Miss. Candice and I have decided it is time to begin this aspect of your training. You remember the rule referring to pleasuring the female, don’t you?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I want to please you and Miss. Candice very much.”

“I know you do baby doll, so you will have your first lesson this morning with me in my bedroom. I have been looking forward to having you do this to me for a long time.”

“I think it appropriate for you to ask Miss. Barbara if she will feed you in this manner, you may ask her now.”

“Miss. Barbara;”

“Yes Diaper Girl.”

“Would you please feed me your big girl cream?”

“Yes baby girl, you will get all you want. We’re going to have breakfast first and you are going to get a formula feeding and yummy breakfast too.” Barbara secured me into my highchair and started my formula feeding.

“Lucky girl Barb I see baby girl is properly dressed in her vinyl baby dress. You will have to report back to me on her performance. She may very well be doing the same for me.” Candice came over to where I was putting her hand on the back of my plastic panties finding my diapers wet. She also found the dildo filling my bottom full and slowly pushed it inside of me. I pushed it back out and we played this game for a short time getting me very excited.

“Candi, I’m going upstairs to freshen up for Diaper Girl’s training later this morning.”

“Take your time; breakfast should be ready in about half an hour.”

While Barbara was upstairs preparing for my intimate encounter, I sat in my highchair taking my formula. Candice prepared breakfast for all of us. A short time later, Barbara joined us looking fresh and feminine in her delicate lingerie. She looked lovely as always.

“Do you think our baby girl is ready for the next phase of her training as she learns how to provide a very personal service Barb?”

“I have a feeling that question will be answered soon enough. If my institution is right, I think our baby girl will be a very willing trainee. I will be sure to report back to you as to her performance.”

“Wonderful, I anticipate a positive report from you. If her performance achieves the desired result, I will most likely have her perform the same service for myself as well. It will be nice to have our diapered baby girl provide such an intimate service for both of us.”

It was late morning when Barbara took me by the hand and led me upstairs. With every step, I could hear the crinkle of my plastic panties and dildo as it slipped in and out of me. By now, I was wet and getting wetter as the diuretic in my formula was now in full effect. Reaching the top of the stairs, we turned right and walked past my Nursery and into Barbara’s bedroom at the end of the hall.

“Are you ready for your training Diaper Girl? Candice tells me you have some experience in giving pleasure in this way, yes?”

“Yes Miss. Barbara, I used to have a girlfriend a few years ago and she used to make me please her like this. One time she took me to a Halloween party dressed as a baby girl. She even fixed it so I ended filling my diapers full at the party in front of the other Nurses When I got home that night. I was wet and she made me service her again and made me take all of her orgasm as she always did.”

“I think it only fitting than that we reinstate this form of training for you. If your performance is as expected, I have a feeling you will be taking care of the needs of me as well as Miss. Candice. The thought of having a sweet baby girl to take care of our intimate needs is very pleasing to me. Now, be a good baby girl and kneel at my feet and remove my pretty panties.”

I did as I was told kneeling at Miss. Barbara’s feet the dildo pushing its way deep inside of me. I looked up at her smiling down at me as I slowly pulled her pink panties down past her knees as they fell softly to the floor. She stepped out of them and took her place on the edge of the bed motioning me to come closer. I could smell her scent and the FDS she used as it filled the air around me.

“That’s my diapered baby girl; let’s see if you can make Miss. Barbara a happy girl so she can feed you all of her big girl cream, I want you to have it all girlie girl.”

It didn’t take long before the training with my girlfriend came back to me and I found Miss. Barbara’s special spot working slowly to build her pleasure. As she thrust forward my bottom was pushed backward forcing the dildo deeper inside of me. I pushed it back out and she would push forward again. As the dildo inside of me began to move smoothly in and out of me, we fell into a rhythm and my efforts intensified as her knees held me in place she held me fast to her with her hands. I didn’t even feel the stream of worm wetness as it found its way into the folds of my diapers. Miss. Barbara encouraged my efforts and working more feverishly bringing her to the brink of orgasm backing off just enough and than bringing her back to the edge again.

“Yes, oh yes baby girl, time for your feeding.”

I pushed the dildo back out, and closed my mouth around her secret place now wet with anticipation. Miss. Barbara had reached the point of release; nothing could bring her back now. As I prepared to receive her sweet girl cream, she thrust her hips forward forcing my bottom back sending the dildo deep inside of me. She squealed with delight as she expelled copious amounts of her orgasm into my mouth forcing me to swallow it which I did. She released me, and I felt myself wet again.

It took Barbara a few moments to compose herself stepping into her pink panties pulling them up into place. She came to me and helped me onto the bed, and drew me to her breast offering it to me. I took it in my mouth and did what any baby girl would do and this pleased her too. Barbara found the seat of my plastic panties slowly pushing the dildo inside of me and I pushed it out for her and we kept this up for a time. It was I who needed release now and Barbara knew this. It wasn’t long until I ended up filling my diapers with my baby girl cream. It felt so wonderful laying there in her arms her tending to my own needs. I was happy to be her diapered and plastic pantied wet baby girl.

“Miss. Barbara” I asked?

“Yes baby girl.”

“I just love it when you feed me like this, you taste so delicious. I only wish you could put some in my bottles or in my other formula feedings. You know the ones with my Pacifier.”

Barbara was dumbfounded by what she had just heard and had to think for a moment not knowing what to say than turning to me. “Do you want Miss. Barbara to put some of her sweet nectar into your formula baby girl?”

I nodded my head in the affirmative conveying my desires to her.

“I’m not sure if something like that would be possible, I will have to look into that and see if anything like that can be done.” She would share this with Candice and see about the possibilities if any.

“Come on Diaper Girl, let’s go downstairs and have some lunch. I do believe it’s time for a formula feeding of a different sort for you too. I will be sure to let Candice know all about your performance this morning and how you brought me such pleasure.” Barbara secured my padded mittens back in place and secured my Pacifier Gag and went down to the kitchen for lunch.

“There’s my sweet baby girl, ready for a formula feeding?”

“Yes she is Candi, she got a very special treat this morning, and so did I for that matter.”

“I trust all went as you hoped it would?”

“That’s putting it mildly. Our little diapered Princess sent me into orbit this morning with the pretty little mouth of hers. I didn’t think she could do it, but she brought me to one of the best orgasms I have ever had. She is such a good girl for taking it all too. I think I’m going to enjoy putting her on a regular feeding schedule as we talked about before.”

“It sounds like she enjoyed herself too, yes?”

“I should say so, I’m glad you had me penetrate her before putting her in diapers. I think that really stimulated her and increased her pleasure as well. I took her to bed and nursed her at my breast while I brought her to orgasm filling her diapers full of her baby girl cream. Yes, I think we both had a very enjoyable time together. If you ask her, I think she will tell you she is looking forward to more encounters like this.”

Later that afternoon when the two women were alone, Barbara shared Diaper Girl’s desires to have her formula laced with female orgasm but was at a loss as to if such a thing was possible.

“I have a friend at Lakewood Hospital who may be able to shed some light on this for us. Perhaps I’ll have her stop by the house so the three of us can talk about this.”

“That sounds good to me, the sooner the better.”

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Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello everyone, we’re entering into a new exciting phase of the story in three parts. Here is the first of three parts. Hope you enjoy it.

The Diaper Girl
When Company
Comes To Call
Part One

The morning dawned overcast as I stirred in my crib. My diapers were soaking wet from the formula feeding the night before and my babydoll was wet too. I positioned myself on my back and worked the dildo in and out of me working myself into quite a state of excitement. It wasn’t long before I was filling my diapers full of my baby girl cream. Not long after that, I felt myself wet again, I hoped Miss. Barbara would cone in soon and release me from my crib so I could get a nice hot bath.

"All wet are we? Miss. Barbara said as she checked my diapers. She knew what to find upon entering my Nursery. The formula feeding produced the desired result and she was pleased. Standing over my crib in her bra panties and matching baby doll, she looked lovely as ever. I wanted to wrap my lips around the nipple of her breast and nurse. It brought us both pleasure and hoped I would get the chance to do so.

Releasing me from my restraints, Barbara removed the Pacifier from my mouth and brought me into the tub room as there was no toilet for her baby girl to use. I was tripped down and my wet things disposed of accordingly. Once the bath had been run, I was instructed to get in and was washed head to toe, dried off and liberally powdered. I felt refreshed.

I was instructed to get on the oversized changing table face down. I knew what was coming as Miss. Barbara filled my bottom with suppositories, glycerin and warm soapy water sealing everything with the usual Playtex Super Plus tampon. I was put into thickly padded disposable diapers and plastic panties. Freshly diapered, I was taken back to the Nursery and Miss. Barbara finished dressing me for the day. She filled out my bra, and then put me into a loose fitting white nylon shell with arm and leg holes brimmed in ruffles.

Next, Barbara selected a pair of pink nursery print bib panties with vinyl straps that crossed in the back. The panties were pulled up over my diapers and snapped into place. The bulk between my legs forced me to waddle and there was no mistaking the fact that I was in diapers, a fact not lost on Miss. Barbara as she fastened my tickly padded mittens on both hands and secured my Pacifier into place. She drew a nylon webbing belt around my waist with a D ring on each side and one in the back by the locking buckle. I was helped into my crib and the ankle restraints were applied. I was secured into my crib as first one lead was fastened to the ring that ran along the cord that connected my ankles and another lead was connected to the D ring on the back of my waist belt. Miss Barbara then secured both of my hands to the corresponding D rings on each side of my restraint belt.

I was totally at her mercy as she left, secure in the knowledge I wouldn’t be going anywhere. She returned a short time later carrying a budging bag of formula which she hung from the IV pole behind my crib. I could not see it from where I was and that was the intent. A long piece of clear plastic tubing was attached to the formula bag and the other to the opening in the front of my Pacifier. Miss. Barbara adjusted the flow rate and the bulb in my mouth began to fill. I had no choice but to swallow its contents as Barbara kissed me on the cheek telling me to be a good baby girl and drink all of my formula. As she padded down the hall to Candice’s bedroom, I felt warm wetness as I wet heavily and swallowed another mouthful of formula.

“That should keep baby girl occupied for the next couple of hours” Barbara said as Candice took her in her arms and kissed her girlfriend deeply. Barbara returned the kiss feeling the involuntary release of pleasure from her secret place as her Kotex did its job and absorbed it all. “Come on Barb, I’m hungry for some breakfast and some coffee.” AS the two women descended the stairs, I pondered what lay in store for me that day.

“I think it’s time for our sweet baby girl to be exposed to a little controlled public humiliation.”

“And you intend to accomplish this how?” Barbara asked.

“Remember us talking about a get together with the girls?” Candice said.

“Why yes, that would be a great idea and our little Diaper Girl could be our little serving girl. What a wonderful idea. That’s to go off this afternoon, yes?”

“Exactly, I’ve invited both Anne and Stacy over this afternoon for a light lunch and a little fun. They will be here around one thirty. I’ve told them both I have a sweet baby girl that they just have to see.”

“But doesn’t Ann know that you can’t have children? After all, she was there for much of your testing at the hospital, right?”

“Right on both questions, that’s why it’s going to blow her away when she sees our darling baby girl!”
“As I recall, wasn’t it Stacy that brought baby girl to your table?”

“Yes, you are right about that. That was the only contact she has had with her, until now. Stacy has absolutely no idea about the events that have transpired since then.”

“Won’t she be surprised to know that unbeknownst to her, the patron she brought to your table has now become a submissive diapered baby girl? She has absolutely no idea what to expect.”

“Exactly, I also recall something about another girlfriend; I believe her name was Dawn. Things didn’t go so well between the two of them after she discovered his baby girl side. I think it would greatly increase his humiliation if this woman could be found. I’m told she is still in the area somewhere. But enough about that, we have a fun afternoon to look forward to.”

“You did put some laxatives in her formula last night Candice?”

“Oh yes, she’ll be feeling the effects of those later this afternoon.”

“Good, the stool softener and diuretics I put in her formula this morning will help to produce the desired result we’re looking for. I can’t wait to see the reaction from Anne and Stacy when our Diaper Girl performs for us.” Both women had a good laugh as they cleared up the breakfast things."

“Who knows, perhaps our baby girl may be asked to perform another service for our female guests this afternoon.” Candice said.

Back in the Nursery, Barbara found me as she left me and Candice is pleased to see the bag emptied of its contents. She flushes the line with water and removes the hose from my Pacifier. The past two hours or so have ensured the contents Barbara filled my bottom with have worked themselves deep inside of me as they always do. I was released from my crib and my diapers inspected for wetness.

“Is our baby girl wet?”

I nodded my head in the affirmative, the pacifier still filling my mouth.

“That’s a good girl” Candice said. “They will be a lot wetter by the time they are changed. You are going to be our little serving girl this afternoon for the two of us and a couple of our girlfriends, won’t that be fun?”

Until now, I had not been exposed to anyone except the two women now standing before me. I should have known this day would come but would I be ready for it? It didn’t matter one way or another, today was to be that day and I was to be the center of attention. Both Barbara and Candice would see to that.

“Okay baby girl, before we go downstairs, we’re going to put you into a pretty baby dress so you will look adorable for our company as they will be arriving shortly.” My ankle restrains were removed as were my vinyl bib panties and hung up in the closet. Candice selected a pink vinyl nursery print baby dress with matching panties and soft white petticoat. First, the panties were pulled up and into place. Barbara fitted the petticoat vest in place followed by the baby dress arranging it for maximum fullness. The dress did nothing to conceal my visibly diapered condition. Candice fastened the nylon webbing restraint belt around my waist securing it in back. Barbara added two more items. The first was a small white satin apron she tied in back in a big bow. The second was a small matching collar with the words “Diaper Girl” embroidered in pink lettering.

Before heading downstairs, Barbara slipped into a tight fitting top and skirt showing her figure to its full advantage. Stopping in the Nursery, she collected the padded mittens attaching a clip to each one. All three descended the stairs to the front room. Barbara slipped the mittens into a drawer keeping them out of sight for now. She knew they would be needed later.

It was a quarter past one and I was told to go into the kitchen and begin preparing lunch. It was to be tuna salad with lettuce and thinly sliced tomatoes each cut into half on whole wheat and white bread with potato chips and sodas. I was told not to leave the kitchen until I was called by either Barbara or Candice.

I had been working for nearly twenty minutes when I heard the door bell and I knew one of the guests had arrived although I didn’t know which one. Candice answered the door and welcomed Anne into her home.

“Hi Anne, so glad you could make it this afternoon, come on in.” Anne’s heels clicked along the hardwood floor as she entered the foyer as they made their way into the spacious living room. Upon hearing the door bell ring, Barbara rose from her sitting position in one of the oversized easy chairs and rose as the two women entered the room.

“Hey Barb, I want you to meet Anne, a long time friend. She was there when I really needed her.” Barbara took her hand and greeted her warmly. “Hi Anne, Candice told me how you helped her through those difficult times, I’m glad to meet you.”

Anne stood about five feet six inches with strawberry blond hair about half way down her back and just a little on the heavy side if such could be said but still pleasing to the eye. Anne was in her mid to late forties and looked good in the flower print dress she wore coming down just past her knees wearing light brown pantyhose and three inch black pumps. Her make up and nails looked well, every bit the professional working woman.

They had barely finished introductions when the door bell rang again. Barbara answered the door welcoming Stacy in with a warm kiss on the cheek. “I’m so happy you could make it this afternoon. It promises to be a fun time for all of us.” Barbara walked Stacy into the living room where the other women were talking. Another round of introductions was made and all four women sat down to talk.

Stacy was a strikingly beautiful woman about five feet eight inches tall with long flowing chestnut brown hair. She carried her weight well even if she was just a touch top heavy. The powder blue dress she wore came an inch or so above her knees affording a view of her sun drenched long shapely legs. White lace accents adorned her dress. The fabric hugged every inch of her form and she looked gorgeous.

From the kitchen, I could hear everyone talking and knew my fate was sealed. Whatever was going to happen would and I was helpless to alter the course of events. One thing was for sure. Miss. Barbara made sure I would be filling my diapers at some point this afternoon and nothing could change that. It’s funny how you fantasize about things happening to you like this. Such was the case here as I had often imagined finding myself in a situation very similar to this and now that my fantasy had become my reality, I had no choice to act out my fantasy to its fullest. Lunch preparations were nearly complete when I thought I heard Miss Candice call “Diaper Girl.” I froze knowing things were about to get very interesting.

“Barbara, how did you meet Stacy?” Anne wanted to know.

“I hired her as a Hostess at the Kopper Kettle many years ago. She’s really become my right hand and something of an assistant to me when I need her.”

“Oh, you’re too modest Barb” Stacy replied. The kudos go to Candi, she really holds the place together." Now it was Candice’s turn to chime in. “I may own the place, but it’s the two of you I really depend on to make the place run. Without the two of you, there would be no Kopper Kettle.”

“Now who is being modest,” Ann chimed in. “So what’s this I hear about you having a baby girl? You and I know you aren’t able to have babies of your own. Did you adopt?”

Barbara saw that smile on Candice’s face as she looked in her direction. The non verbal communication spoke volumes and wasn’t lost on Anne.

“Alright you two, what gives? You’re keeping a secret from the rest of us?” Anne wanted to know. It was Stacy’s turn now “Stop keeping us in suspense Barb, I’m dying to see the little angel.”

“Okay you two; we have been keeping this something of a secret until we felt it was the right time to introduce her properly. Barb honey, you want to bring baby girl in and show her off to everyone?” Candice asked.

“I wondered when you were going to get around to asking me.” Barb said playfully. She rose from her seat and headed towards the kitchen. I heard her enter as her heels clicked on the kitchen floor.

Barbara took a long look at me. Yes, my diapers and plastic panties were fully visible and my appearance was that of an eighteen month baby girl. “Come on baby girl, time to make your first public appearance for everyone. They are looking forward to meeting you.”

I wanted to voice my objection at being put on public display for all of them to see. I could say nothing with the large Pacifier gag filling my mouth. Barbara took my hand firmly in hers and led me towards the living room.

With a triumphant smile Barbara announced; “Anne, Stacy, I want you to meet our new baby girl!” Both women looked in her direction and couldn’t believe what they saw. Uproarious laughter filled the air as I was brought to the center of the room on full display for all to see.

“Oh Candi, I can’t believe it, she’s such a scream” Anne said trying to keep herself together. “So this is the secret you’ve been keeping from me. How long have you had this diapered little princess? Those have to be diapers she’s wearing, aren’t they?”

“Oh yes Ann, she is definitely wearing diapers and plastic panties, your eyes don’t deceive you. I would have to say this whole thing with her started last March.” About that time, Stacy began to remember an unusual encounter at the Kopper Kettle turning to Barb for confirmation.

“Yes Barb, you remember that guy came into the Kopper Kettle? You know the one; I brought him over to Candice’s table that day. Please don’t tell me this is the same person because if it is, I had no idea what was going on.”

“Yes Stacy, he or should I say she is the same person you saw that day. Candi and I had to keep this a closely guarded secret for reasons we will explain over lunch. We’ll fill you in and bring you both up to date on everything, I promise.”

“You better” Anne admonished.

“We want to have a good look at your pretty baby girl before lunch.” Stacy put in.

“No hurry on lunch girls, she’s all yours” Candice responded.

“Come over here baby girl, let’s have a good look at you” Ann said.

I hesitated and Barbara gave me a sharp swat on my bottom telling me to “be a good baby girl and do what the nice lady asked.” I started walking across the floor the rustling and crinkling sound of my diapers and plastic panties obvious to all in the room.

“What’s your name baby girl?” Anne asked.

“Oh stop being silly Anne” Stacy said. “The poor thing has a big Pacifier in her mouth and can’t answer you.”

"You are right Stacy, I nearly forgot, how silly of me.

“Hey Candi, can we take the Pacifier out of baby girl’s mouth?”

Candice thought for a moment. No, not just yet, the Pacifier is appropriate for now."

“But we want to know what her name is” Stacy put in.

Looking at Stacy, I could clearly see the tops of her stockings and the garters that held them in place thanks to the abbreviated hemline of her lovely dress. She did look beautiful I thought.

“Just look at the lovely collar she’s wearing, that will tell you what you want to know” Barb said.

Both women cast their gaze on me and my collar announcing to them both my name. “Diaper Girl” Anne shrieked and both women broke out in gales of laughter. My face burned red with embarrassment. “The name is perfect for you” Stacy said.

“How can you be sure she’s a girl?” Anne said knowing the obvious.
“Oh come on Anne, this one has Sissy written all over him. Besides, no real man would ever allow himself to be subjected to such degrading and humiliating treatment at the hands of women” Stacy said.

“You are right about that Stacy. Perhaps I should check her diapers; maybe she is wet and needs to be changed. Those are diapers and plastic panties you’re wearing, aren’t they?”

Unable to answer, I nodded my head in the affirmative.

“I thought so Diaper Girl now let me check those diapers of yours.” Anne slipped her fingers under the nylon shell finding the elastic leg bands of my plastic panties. Slipping her fingers into my diapers, she withdrew them almost immediately. “Oh how sweet, she really is wet.” “I think we need to be sure” Stacy retorted and repeated the process on the other side and confirmed Anne’s findings. “How appropriate, I love that she’s wet, do you think she will need to be changed?”

“No, those are very thickly padded disposables she is wearing and should last long into this afternoon” Candice said. Both women ran their hands over the bulk of my diapers and decided Candice was right. I wouldn’t need changed for a long time.

“Alright ladies, let’s sit down to lunch. Our little serving girl here has prepared a nice lunch for us, haven’t you Diaper Girl?” I nodded my head and went into the kitchen to bring things to the table as the women took their places. As promised, both Barbara and Candice went into great detail about how it came to pass that I became their baby girl, including my so called final test later that afternoon at the Kopper Kettle.

“You’re kidding” Stacy said. “You made her mess her diapers right there in the restaurant and I never knew it? Wow, I’m totally bummed.”

“As I said, we had to keep all of this very secretive until I found the right person to fill my needs. Don’t worry, you will both be in for a treat a little later this afternoon” Candice said.

“This whole lifestyle thing is new to me and me too” Stacy said. “Does she live like this all of the time?”

“Oh yes, ever since Spring break during his or should I say her last semester of college. She spent ten days here with the two of us. When we brought her back to her place to finish out the semester, we sealed the toilet closed with duct tape and took photos as evidence in case she tried to tamper with it.”

“And did she?” Anne asked. “No, she was a good girl and used her diapers as instructed. To this day, I don’t know if she used the toilets at school. I’d rather think not as this would only impede her diaper training.” Both Stacy and Anne had a good laugh at my expense regarding the diaper training remark was concerned.

“So you’re telling us that she hasn’t sat on a toilet to relieve herself since say late March, early April?” Anne asked.

“Yes, that’s about the size of it” Candice replied.

“So you make her do,” Stacy stopped unable to complete her sentence. Barb finished it for her.

“Yes Stacy, to answer your question, we make her do everything in her diapers. After all, how many eighteen month old baby girls do you see using the toilet?”

“Well none of course, that’s why they wear diapers and plastic panties.”

“Of course and it’s the same for this baby girl as well.”

“Do you think she will ever be potty trained?” Anne asked.

It was Candice’s turn now. “No, I think not. We have no intention of ever potty training her. The truth of the matter is that the words potty and training should never be used together in the same sentence where this sissified baby girl is concerned. No, it is best that she be kept in diapers and plastic panties on a permanent basis for the pleasure of other women.”

Everyone had a good laugh at my expense watching me in my infantile state taking delight in my humiliation. My bladder opened and more warm wetness escaped into my diapers. I couldn’t believe I was allowing myself to be subjected to such humiliation but then this is what had been planned for me and I knew my torment was far from over as lunch came to a close and I was instructed to clear away the table and tidy up in kitchen before I was allowed to rejoin the others

After the better part of an hour, Barbara came in to check on my progress. Seeing things wee as they should be, she suggested I join the others in the living room for more fun. I had no real way to object. Subjugated, I was taken in hand back into the living room, my worst feeling were confirmed as I felt the first stirrings deep within me. I could control myself for now, but for how long remained to be seen.

“Hey Candice, can we remove that Pacifier from her mouth, we have questions that simply must be answered” Anne asked.

Candice nodded her head in Barbara’s direction and she removed the Pacifier much to my relief. I was happy to have it removed although I could still feel its presence for a time.

“I’m going to ask you again, what is your name sissy?”

I hesitated again and this was rewarded with a swat to my diapered bottom suggesting I had better not do this again. I answered; “Diaper Girl, my name is Diaper Girl Miss. Anne.”

“Why are you called Diaper Girl?” Stacy wanted to know already knowing the answer but wanting me to humiliate me further.

“Miss. Candice has put me back in diapers and plastic panties on a permanent basis.”

“Why sissy?”

“Because I am their baby girl and that’s what baby girls wear.”

“Yes, I agree. Diapers and plastic panties are very appropriate for you baby girl. I’m told you enjoy this form of treatment very much, is this correct?”

“Yes Miss Stacy,”

“Yes what sissy.”

“Yes Miss Stacy, I love being a baby girl for Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice.”

“That’s good Diaper Girl, because that’s all you will ever be” Anne said mockingly.

The questioning continued for a while longer as the cramps inside of me intensified. Finding it more difficult to control myself, both Stacy and Anne realized what was happening. It was difficult if not impossible for them to hide their pleasure as my struggles to control myself became more difficult.

"What’s wrong baby girl, are you having a hard time controlling yourself? Anne asked.

"Did Miss. Barbara put a laxative in your bottle this morning baby girl? Stacy chided.

“Please Miss. Barbara; please don’t make me fill my diapers in front of Miss Anne and Miss. Stacy, please don’t make me?”

I was cut off abruptly by Candice. "You are going to do what we want whenever we want, do you understand? I wasn’t given a chance to answer as Candice fitted the Pacifier securely in my mouth fastening it securely behind my head. Barbara retrieved the padded mittens as both women secured them onto my hands clipping them to their respective D rings on my restraint belt. I was effectively rendered helpless and at the mercy of all four women in the room now enjoying my helpless state of affairs.

“Let’s see if you can control yourself like a big girl” Anne laughed.

“Control herself, huh, she’s soaking wet and about to mess her diapers like the sissy baby girl she has apparently so willingly become” Stacy added.

“We all want to see you mess your diapers like a good little baby girl”

“Does anyone have a camera? We need to get some photos; this is way too precious to miss.”

Candice excused herself briefly returning moments later carrying a digital camera in her hand. She took a few photos as evidence and on the third one, I lost the battle as the tampon was expelled and the soft warm mass forced its way into my diapers. My shame and humiliation now complete as all four women witnessed my utter lack of control and helplessness.

“Go ahead and mess those diapers like a good little sissy baby girl.” Stacy laughed hysterically and Anne chimed in as well. “You’re right about one thing Candice; it is obvious this baby girl belongs in wet diapers and plastic panties. She’s just shown us all of her total inability to control herself in front of all of us here. I don’t think potty training will ever be an option for this little Diaper Girl.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself Anne. Barb, why don’t you get a few more photos of her now that her diapers are wet and full?” Barbara was eager to comply taking more photos showing my now full diapers.

“Don’t you think she should be changed” Anne asked.

“Not just yet” Barb answered. "It’s time for her reward for being such a good baby girl for us. "

“What do you mean” Stacy asked.

“Why don’t you demonstrate for them Barb,” and she did. As the others looked on, Barbara worked the soft mass throughout my diapers bringing me to the edge of orgasm and back again and again. Candice took additional photos of this activity and it wasn’t long before Barbara pushed me over the edge causing me to explode in wave after wave of delicious orgasm filling my diapers with my sweet baby girl cream. Everyone in the room broke out in laughter pointing in my direction telling me what a sissy baby girl I obviously was.

“I wasn’t kidding when I told you that our baby girl does everything in her diapers, and I do mean everything.” This was met with another round of laughter by all. “Now, it’s time for our wet and messy baby girl to get her diapers changed. Would you ladies like to see her Nursery?”

“Oh yes, I bet she just loves it.”

“Yes, it’s perfect for a sissy baby girl like her” Barbara explained.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello again, Thanks so much for following my story so far. Here is the next chapter of the story. I have several parts already written and writing more at the time of this post. Enjoy!

The Diaper Girl
When Company
Comes To Call
Part Two

Everyone ascended the stairs to where my Nursery was, voicing their approval seeing a Nursery fit for a baby girl. I was stripped down to my diapers and plastic panties and my outfit lay on my crib. Ann noticed I was wearing a bra and asked; “Isn’t she a little young to be wearing a bra Candice?”

“Normally, I would agree with you. As we all know, a bra is a girl’s only item. In the case of Diaper girl here, she is clearly a sissy and insists she be exposed to such pleasures. Whenever she feels the soft fabric constricting around her chest, it is a constant reminder of her proper gender and offers an additional element of control over her.”

“Works for me” Anne said. “She was wearing a pretty pink bra when she came into the Kopper Kettle that day” Stacy remarked.

“Barb, why don’t you get her cleaned up and changed and into something pretty and join us back downstairs. I have something to share with the others without baby girl being present.”

“No problem, be down in about an hour.” While I was getting cleaned up and changed, Candice was downstairs with the others filling them in on another aspect of my training.

“I can’t believe what you’ve done with her” Stacy said.

"Believe me; it wasn’t difficult to get her to the where she is now. She has always exhibited submissive tendencies towards females. She has had other encounters with women in the past. Each in her own way has helped to contribute to her present state of mind. There are three basic types of training she is undergoing. You both have just seen the results of the first and most important part, that being her ongoing diaper training.

There is another facet of this training you will discover soon enough. The second aspect of her training is her domestic training. This pretty much speaks for itself in that she keeps things neat and tidy around the house. The added benefit to this is that we don’t have to worry about doing our laundry anymore. This is all done by her. Barbara and I have given her instruction on how to wash delicates such as underthings and lingerie by hand. She enjoys this aspect very much. She receives much humiliation in that she is often reminded that she will never be able to wear such pretty panties as she could never keep them dry." This brought a laugh from the other women. "

Finally, there is the third aspect of her training. It is this aspect that I could use both your help on if you both would consent."

“I’ll be more than willing to help in any way I can as I’m sure will Stacy, what sort of training are we talking about Candice.”

“This type of training is much more intimate in nature and one I feel she will need a great deal of practice in. It has to do with her ability to properly satisfy a female in the way she enjoys best, done by a sissy, in this case, a diapered baby girl.”

Both women’s eyes got wide as saucers upon hearing this. “I can’t believe what I’m hearing, can you Stacy?”

“I’m absolutely elated Candice. I simply can’t believe how far you’ve brought her along. I will be happy to take part in this aspect of her training if that is what you need. What about you Anne?”

“I’m happy to assist as well, but with my schedule, it would be difficult but I can be called on from time to time.”

“I knew I could count on the two of you girls. Stacy, your schedule could be made more flexible for this purpose, just get with Barb and she will make the necessary accommodations. I’m counting on you where this is concerned.”

“Don’t worry Candice, it’s whatever you need, I’ll get with Barbara on this one.”

“Good, now there are a couple things I need to advise you of where this is concerned. Firstly, our willing trainee will be positioned on her knees in front of you as an act of submission to either of you, or to any female for that matter, no matter their age. She does have one request and I am willing to grant this as it makes it easier for her to achieve the desired result, that being bringing you to orgasm.”

“What’s that?”

“All I would ask is that you keep yourself closely cropped so there is no more obstruction then necessary. This will give her better access to well…, you know.”

“No problem here” Stacy said. “It’s about as close as it gets without it all being gone. When can we help with her training?”

“Does this afternoon work for you both?”

“You don’t have to ask me twice” Stacy said.

“What about you Anne?”

“Can I get a rain check on this one Candice? I really am needed back at the hospital on a few consults. Besides, looks like I will need to do a little trim job if I am to do this. Perhaps we can schedule for another time. I’d like to stay until Barbara brings her back down, but I really need to be on my way.”

“I do understand honey. I am so glad you could meet our new baby girl.”

“Before I forget Anne, I need to share with the two of you something I have recently learned as regards our baby girl.”

“That being” Anne said.

“It appears that baby girl loves the taste of female orgasm and just can’t get enough.”

“No problem, I’ll give her all she wants” Stacy said.

“Here’s the thing, she has expressed an interest in having it added to all of her formula feedings and I’m afraid that may not be possible.”

“Not necessarily” Anne said.

“That’s why I’m sharing this with you Anne in hopes that you might have some ideas on this.”

“Well, there may be a way to solve this problem and make this happen.”

“That being…”

“There is always the possibility of synthesis.”

“Synthesis how does that work?”

“Almost anything can be synthesized. There’s synthetic urine to fool drug tests, synthetic drugs and synthetic motor oil for cars. Almost anything can be synthesized, why not female orgasm?”

“Wow! That’s outrageous, but how would you go about such a thing?”

“Like anything else, you would need a sample to work with. How much is best left so someone more knowledgeable than I on these matters. I do have a contact at the Genetics Lab at the Cleveland Clinic who would be able to help you here. His name is Raymond Coltier I have to warn you though, He’s a crusty old bastard but he knows his stuff. You’ll have to go through his assistant Mary. Just explain to her what you want and she will put you on the fast track. I’ll contact her and give hear a heads up. She owes me some favors professionally speaking. I’ll put the contacts on the back of my card for you.”

“Thanks so much Anne, now I owe you one.”

“No worries honey, just have me over when I can get here for more fun with that sweet diapered Princess. That’s thanks enough.”

“Anytime Anne, that’s for sure.”

With that, Ann said her good byes and headed back to the hospital.

While all of this was happening downstairs, Barbara was busy cleaning me up. I got a quick shower and it was back on the changing table for fresh diapers. Only this time, I was penetrated, put into thickly padded cloth diapers with an extra panel as these would have to carry me throughout the night until morning. Two pair of plastic panties, the outer pair pink. This time, Barbara selected a plain pink vinyl baby dress to math my plastic panties. I was dressed with white frilly socks with pink trim and put into my black patent Mary Jane shoes and taken downstairs.

“She looks absolutely adorable Barbra. Come here Diaper girl and let me see that pretty dress you are wearing” Stacy said. I did what I was told embarrassed to have her see me like this. I didn’t know it then, but I would be seeing a lot more of Miss. Stacy.

“Where’s Ann?” Barbara asked.

“I’m sorry honey; she had to return to the hospital. She had some consultations she had to tend to. I thanked her for stopping by and meeting our new baby girl. I do hope she can stop by from time to time.”

“You aren’t going to run off, are you Stacy?”

“Oh no Barb, not me” she said with a gleam in her eye.

“Good, I wouldn’t hear of it.”

“Stacy, why don’t you keep Diaper Girl occupied while I bring Barbara up to date on the afternoon’s activities. I’m sure you can think of something enjoyable for the two of you” Candice said flashing Stacy a big smile.

“With pleasure Candi, I’m sure to do just that.” Candice updated Barbara on what had been planned. “I’ve laid out Diaper girl’s training to both Ann and Stacy, including the aspect of her more intimate training where pleasing the female is concerned. Stacy has offered to assist and is eager to help. You are okay with that, yes?”

“Absolutely, I’m guessing that is the activity for this afternoon?”

“You guessed right honey, good thing you put her in one of her vinyl dresses. Makes for easy clean up if need be. I have also talked to Anne about satisfying baby girl’s appetite for female orgasm. She has given me some ideas about having it sanitized. She has given me some contacts for me to get started. Oh yes, I thinking of including Stacy in our little circle.”

“Great idea, she’ll love it.”

Once back in the living room, the afternoon’s activities were openly discussed much to the pleasure of everyone there, including their baby girl.

“I should tell you Stacy that our baby girl’s pleasure is heightened by seeing young attractive women such as the three of us wearing only their underwear and lingerie. Barbara does this for her all of the time and she just eats it up.”

“I’m happy to help feed her pleasure, although I have to admit I’m not used to doing such things outside of my own home. But then, I certainly am not used to doing what I’m about to do where Diaper Girl’s training is concerned. Although, I suppose there is always a first time for everything.”

“Exactly, it’s just us girls here, nothing anyone hasn’t already seen before.” Barbra put in. Candice went over to Stacy and whispered something in her ear and resumed her place.

“Before we begin, Stacy has something she would like to ask you Diaper Girl.” Candice waved her hand as if giving the floor to Stacy.

“Candice tells me that you mess your diapers almost every day, is this true? Be a good baby girl and tell Stacy the truth.”

“Yes Miss. Stacy, they make sure I fill my diapers almost every day.”

“Do you enjoy messing in your diapers like a baby girl?”

I thought for a moment and said “Yes Miss. Stacy, I do like filling my diapers very much.”

“Did you enjoy messing your diapers and plastic panties for me earlier?”

“Yes Miss. Stacy, It was very humiliating for me because I have never filled my diapers in front of anyone else except Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice. Being made to fill my diapers in front of you made me feel very infantile, just like the baby girl I have become.”

“Do you enjoy being humiliated Diaper Girl?”

“Yes Miss. Stacy, Miss. Barbara says having other women humiliate me is very appropriate for my submissive training.”

“Yes Diaper Girl, that’s exactly what baby girls like you do. I’m happy you told me the truth because I enjoyed watching you mess your diapers very much a little earlier. With a little help and planning, I’m sure I can come up with many ways to thoroughly humiliate you. By your own admission, it’s something you need very much. Yes, I think I’m going to enjoy spending lots of quality time with you, with of course the blessing of these two lovely ladies here.”

“Oh, you have all of that and a good deal more” Candice was quite clear about that. “I also have a feeling you will have many more opportunities to have fun with our Diaper Girl. As a matter of fact Stacy, I want to welcome you into our little circle. It’s just the three of us so far. I hope to find at least one more like minded female who shares in such things as this.” Candice said.

I couldn’t believe it; Stacy was now going to be part of all of this. Worse still, I had just disclosed such an intimate aspect of my life to her. Someone I hardly knew but then, I had this feeling this wasn’t the last time I would be seeing her.

“Are we ready to help Diaper Girl in her training?” Barbara asked.

“Has she answered your questions satisfactorily Stacy?”

“Oh yes, I’m very pleased with her responses to my questions.”

“Wonderful! Since you are the newest member of our little circle, I will let you have the pleasure of furthering her training. Both Barbara and I have already had this pleasure several tomes before.”

“With pleasure, Diaper Girl, would you be a sweet baby girl and help Miss. Stacy unzip her dress please.”

I walked over to Stacy’s side feeling the dildo move in and out of me when I walked. At her instruction, I gently slid the zipper of her short ivory flower print dress slowly down until it came to a stop. Stacy slipped the dress off of her shoulders and down her arms allowing it to flutter softly to the floor around her feet. Next, she did the same thing with her soft nylon slip and it joined her dress on the floor around her feet. Stacy gently stepped out and to the side standing in her pristine white panties, bra, garter belt, stockings and black two inch heels, her breasts filling out the cups of her bra very nicely.

“Why don’t you have baby girl pick up your things and fold them neatly for you.” Barbra said.

I followed Barbara’s suggestion without being asked. First, I picked up Stacy’s pretty slip than her lovely dress. Each time I knelt to pick up an item, I felt the dildo penetrate me deeply, this being the desired effect Barbara was looking for. I folded both items neatly and l placed them on the loveseat.

“Come stand in front of me baby girl” Stacy said.

I complied taking her pretty form that what she was wearing. I was getting excited again, my baby girl thing reacting inside my wet cloth diapers.

“Do you like what you see Diaper Girl?”

“Yes Miss. Stacy, you look very pretty.”

“Candice tells me that you enjoy seeing attractive women in their underwear and lingerie is this right baby girl?”

“Yes Miss. Stacy, you look very feminine and so pretty.”

“Do you like my pretty panties sissy baby? If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you kiss them for me.”

“Yes, they are very pretty too, it’s been such a long time since I’ve worn big girl panties.”

It’s highly unlikely that you will ever get a chance to wear such pretty panties again. I’m afraid you would never be able to keep them dry like a big girl. I’m afraid the only panties you will be wearing will be pretty pink plastic panties full of warm wet diapers. I’m right about that, aren’t I?"

“Yes Miss. Stacy, I’m in wet diapers almost all the time now. Miss. Barbara says that is where I belong.”

“I would have to agree with her. If it were up to me, you would never ever get to wear big girl panties again. You are best kept a diapered and plastic pantied sissy baby girl. If there is anyone here who agrees with me, please raise your hand?” both Barbara and Candice immediately raised their hands.

“The vote is unanimous as I knew it would be. Now that we have that settled, how would you like to be a good baby girl and please Miss. Stacy?”

I looked at Miss Barbara apprehensively.

“It’s okay Diaper Girl, Stacy knows all about this aspect of your training and has graciously offered to help you. You may answer her question.”

I paused for a moment looking at the pretty female in front of me and answered “Yes Miss. Stacy, I would like that very much.”

“That’s my good baby girl, I hoped that would be your answer.” Stacy took her purse removing a tube of pink lipstick applying it generously to my lips making them a pretty pink. I was told to stay put while Stacy walked over and spoke with Candice briefly.

“Yes, I know exactly what you mean and what your needs are. I have the perfect place for this to take place. It will be perfect for this occasion and it’s where Diaper Girl often finds herself for training of this nature.” As Barbara and Candice headed towards the stairs, Stacy took my hand and followed behind them.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello everyone and thanks for reading my story to date so far. This is the final chapter for this section of the story. Not to worry though, next week starts an exciting new facet of the story. Thanks again and enjoy!

The Diaper Girl
When Company
Comes To Call
Part Three

“Okay girls, we are going to adjourn to the bedroom for this afternoon’s activities. Stacy, why don’t you take baby girl’s hand and follow us upstairs, I think she will be more comfortable there as will you.” Before Stacy and I went upstairs, she had me gather her clothes and carry them upstairs. Turning left at the top of the stairs, we all headed to Candice’s large bedroom. I laid Stacy’s dress and slip on a chair and Candice placed an absorbent pad on the bed so it hung over the side. “That’s just to protect the satin comforter” Candice explained. No problem Stacy said, it might prove useful." “Oh, I assure you, it has before” Barbara explained and Stacy smiled.

“While the two of you are getting more intimately acquainted, Candice and I are going to slip out of these clothes and get more comfortable and have a little fun ourselves, you don’t mind, do you Stacy?”

"Not at all Candice, we’re all girls here enjoying some afternoon playtime and pleasure. I know one sweet baby girl who is enjoying being in the company of three beautiful attractive women modeling their pretty underwear for her.

Stacy watched as the two women embraced. Barbara was working the zipper on Candice’s dress and she in turn was undoing the buttons on Barbara’s top slipping it off her shoulders tossing it on a chair by the bed. Candice’s dress was a puddle of fabric on the floor around her feet. Next, she unzipped Barbara’s short skirt and it too ended up on the floor as both of their slips followed. Kicking off their heels, they now stood clad in only their panties and bra, Candice in black and Barbara in pink.

I simply couldn’t contain myself. Here I was in a room with three beautiful women all dressed in the way I loved best. “You all look so pretty, I love what you are wearing. I think you are beautiful.”

“Do you like what you see Diaper Girl” Barbara asked?

“Yes, pink is my favorite color.”

Barbara padded into the bathroom and took something from the medicine cabinet returning to join the other. Taking the top off, she liberally sprayed both cups of her bra, then pulling the waistband of her panties out a bit sprayed around her secret area as well as on the front of her panties. It was the unmistakable scent of FDS Extra Strength.

“Is that FDS you just sprayed? I normally use that stuff when I have my period.”

“I use it all the time on my underwear Stacy; Diaper Girl just loves the scent. I can tell you that it produces wonderful results for what is about to happen between the two of you. You really should give it a try; you will be pleased with the outcome. I have a good supply so help yourself.”

“Don’t mind if I do, we’ll see if you are right about good results and all, toss me the can.”

Barbara did so and Stacy caught it spraying herself liberally in all the right places taking care to apply more to her secret place. Satisfied, she laid the can aside on the bed and took a position in front of the pad on the bed.

“Come here Diaper Girl” I did as I was told and Stacy took me in her arms and held me in a warm embrace. I felt myself wet and it felt wonderful. “Are you wet baby girl?” "

“Yes Miss. Stacy, I’m wet.”

“Do you like being wet?”

“Yes, very much, I can’t help it though because I have no bladder control. That’s why I am kept in diapers and plastic panties.” Stacy glanced at Barbara to confirm this. She did so by saying; “When it comes to wetting, Diaper Girl is incontinent.”

“Now tell me the truth Diaper Girl and you and I are going to have a lot of fun together. Have you ever thought about being made fully incontinent?”

Wow I thought, I hardly knew this girl and she already knew how to push my buttons. Yes, it was true that I had often fantasized about being a baby girl made to be fully incontinent with no bladder of bowel control. I was already half way there. Did I dare answer her honestly? I thought it best that I do and looked directly at her.

“Yes Miss. Stacy, I have often fantasized about being a totally incontinent baby girl in my diapers and plastic panties with no bladder or bowel control.” It was out there, I couldn’t believe I had admitted to a thing. Both Barbara and Candice had stopped what they were doing to listen to my admissions.

“Since you have fantasized about this, would you like to see if we could help make this happen for you baby girl” Stacy said?

Secretly, this is what I had wanted for a long time now; I couldn’t really explain it in words but knew I had to experience this somehow. I broke down and confessed my most intimate and infantile secrets to Miss. Stacy and cried as she drawing me close, my head resting between her ample soft breasts.

"That’s my good baby girl; I hoped I could get you to admit that to me, and to the others in the room. I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun together. Now, since you were such a good baby girl and told me of your wants and desires, it’s time to have some fun. Stacy picked up the can of FDS and applied more to her panties and bra placing the can back on the bed.

Standing by the bed in front of the pad, I was directed to get on my knees.

“I want you to look at me when I am talking to you baby girl.”

I lifted my head to look at her, she towered above me and I felt small and submissive towards her.

“Oh yes Diaper Girl, this is a very appropriate position for you. On your knees before me is where you belong, A position I know you are very familiar with, isn’t it? It is a position that only serves to reinforce your submissiveness to women. If I am satisfied with your performance, this won’t be the last time you find yourself in this position, I can assure you. Perhaps you and I will get to know each in a very intimate manner. You would enjoy that, wouldn’t you baby girl?”

As I took my position before her, my eyes were at waist level and truth be told, I did feel very submissive towards Miss. Stacy. This activity wasn’t lost on either of the other women either. They watched with pleased expressions at how Stacy took complete control over me and how I willingly allowed her to do it. I hadn’t known Stacy for a handful of hours and already she had me completely under her control and she was enjoying it very much.

“Wow Barb, she’s a natural, I can’t believe how easily she has taken complete control over baby girl, let’s see what she does next.”

“How badly do you want to please me Diaper Girl?”

“So very much Miss. Stacy. What can I do to convince you?”

Stacy thought for a moment. “Yes Diaper girl, there is a way you can demonstrate your affection and desire to please me. Be a good baby girl and kiss the front of my pretty panties with those lovely pink lips of yours.”

By this time, both Candice and Barbara had made their way to the other side of the bed making sure to stay behind me where I could not see them but where they could watch everything that was happening. Stacy noticed this and gave me no indication that anything had happened. Stacy stepped forward inches away from me. I could smell the FDS she had used and this heightened my senses.

“Show me how much you want to please Miss. Stacy and kiss my pretty panties.”

I complied eagerly inching myself closer to her loveliness. Placing my whole mouth squarely on her pristine white panties where her secret place should be, I pressed my pink painted lips firmly into her panties and kissed them repeatedly taking in her scent. As I did so, Stacy could feel herself getting very wet in preparation of what was to come. "That’s my good little baby girl sweetie. For good measure, Stacy took both hands placing them behind my head and held me securely in place as the other women looked on delighted at what they saw. She held me there for about ten minutes until she finally released me.

“That’s my good little baby girl, I’m very pleased with your initial performance. There is something else I require of you before I will allow you to continue.”

As I looked up at her, I could plainly see the pink imprint of my kissing efforts plainly visible on the front of her panties. Candice and Barbara also noticed and shot Stacy an approving smile. “I will do whatever you want Miss. Stacy.”

“I know you will Diaper Girl because that’s part of your submissive nature, isn’t it?” You don’t wait for an answer and continue. “Now, you must ask permission to be allowed into my secret garden to taste the sweetness that it contains.”

“Miss. Stacy,”

“Yes baby girl.”

“May I be allowed to enter your secret garden so that I may please you?”

“Yes Diaper Girl but if you aren’t able to satisfy me in the manner I desire, you will never be allowed into my secret garden again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss. Stacy, I will do all I can to be sure you are pleased and satisfied.”

“Good girl, you have my permission to remove my panties and enter my secret garden.”

I comply and slowly slide your panties down your legs until they fall to the floor and you step out of them taking a seat on the pad. "Remember, the better your performance, the better your reward will be. You spread your legs wide so I can take my place between them. I feel your legs close in on both sides of my head holding me in place as I begin to probe the opening of your secret place. The combination of the FDS Spray and your own scent is intoxicating and need little coaxing to proceed.

I thrust my tongue deep inside of you looking for that special spot that told me I had hit her point of pleasure. I knew I was successful when I heard your moans of pleasure. We worked ourselves into a rhythm you thrusting forward than back again. Each time this happened, I felt the dildo slide smoothly in and out of me heightening my own excitement. It wasn’t long before you was soaking wet and I tasted you on my tongue every time. I could tell you were getting close to the point of release because you grasped my head with your hands and held me form. I knew it would be only moments before your release and then it happened. I opened my mouth as wide as I could fully cover your opening anticipating what was to come. Then, it did and my mouth was filled with your warm sweetness. I tried to pull away believing we were finished but was prevented me from doing so.

“Oh no Diaper Girl, we’re just getting started. I’ll give you a moment to swallow the formula I just fed you and then you may resume your place.” I willingly did so swallowing it all wondering if there might be more, once again taking my position as you hold me secure. You give me encouragement as I continue to taste you, your scent envelopes me. I am oblivious to the torrents of warm wetness that fill my diapers as my bladder empties.

Your continued moans of pleasure only serve to heighten my own state of arousal as I caress you with my tongue wanting more of you. You are wet again, but only this time more so and I can’t wait for my next formula feeding. Back and fourth we go as the dildo inside of me continues to slip easily in and out of me. My baby girl thing craves release. Again, you hold me fast to you as copious amounts of your sweet cream gushes out of you, only much more this time. I lock my lips around you wanting all of you. My mouth is completely full of your orgasm and I love it! It is all I can do to keep from gagging as I swallow every bit of it.

“Oh my sweet baby girl, I am nearly spent but wonder if you might play one more time in my secret garden for me. You would make Miss. Stacy very happy if you did.”

I couldn’t believe it; I somehow felt drawn to this woman not imagining that could ever happen, but it did. Here I was on my knees before her performing such an intimate act and somehow it felt natural and wonderful at the same time. Barbara often had two orgasms when I serviced her, but never three. If Miss. Stacy wanted me on my knees before her, I was happy to submit to her.

“Yes Miss. Stacy, if you want me on my knees before you to bring you pleasure, that that is where I belong.”

“That’s my good little Diaper Girl. I have a feeling you will find yourself in this position whenever we get together. Now be a good little diapered princess and if you are successful, you will get one more formula feeding. Would you like that?”

“Yes Miss. Stacy, oh yes. I would like that very much.”

Once again, I took my place and resumed my efforts. My mouth ached from being stretched as it had been but the reward was well worth the discomfort. It took a little longer this time, but my efforts were rewarded with another mouthful of her sweet orgasm which I took with pleasure. Only then did Miss. Stacy allow me to pull her panties back up into place. Taking me by both hands, she pulled me up to her holding close and kissing me deeply. I let her take the lead in whatever she had in mind.

Repositioning the pad on the bed, she invited me to lay down at Candice’s insistence. I looked over and both Barbara and Candice entangled together kissing and making out. Stacy noticed this too and smiled to herself. I did as Stacy asked and positioned myself on the large pad and Stacy slipped in beside me. There was plenty of room for all four of us.

“Were you pleased with my performance Miss. Stacy?” I asked once we were settled in together.

“You are such a good baby girl and have made me very happy more than I could have expected. Now, it’s time for your sweet reward” Stacy said. You slide one of your bra straps off your shoulder and slip our arm out of the strap exposing one of your lovely breasts, the nipple swollen from your arousal. You offer it to me and I gently take it in my mouth and gently nurse.

You slide your hand over the seat of my pink plastic panties discovering I am wet and this pleases you. Upon further fondling, you discover something else as well and this gets your attention. “What do we have here? Did Miss. Barbara fill your bottom with something before she put you in diapers and plastic panties?” She looked over at Barbara for confirmation about this.

“I see you have discovered another one of Diaper Girl’s secret pleasers. I keep her penetrated whenever she is in cloth diapers and plastic panties.”

Smiling, Stacy thanked her for the new revelation and decided to play a game with her baby girl.

“Does baby girl like to be penetrated?” I stopped long enough to answer in the affirmative.

“That’s good. We’re going to play a little game babydoll, every time I push your play toy in, you push it back out for me, okay?” I was very familiar with this game and was happy for Miss. Stacy to play it with me. We fell into a slow rhythmical pattern as my pleasure began to build. Miss. Stacy massaged the front of my diapers with her free hand driving me even closer to my release but backed off time and again. In short order, Stacy brought me to the edge again and pushed me past the point of no return. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body as my sweet baby girl cream gushed into the folds of my now wet diapers again and again until there was no more. Now spent, Stacy cradled me in her arms as my lips found her other breast and took the nipple in my mouth and caressed it with my tongue taking it into my mouth. I was totally content, without a care in the world. Stacy passed her hand over the front of my plastic panties as my bladder released its worm contents into the diapers they contained. “That’s my sweet Diaper Girl” she said softly as we lay together.

One thing led to another, and later on that evening found the three women sitting around the kitchen table talking about the day’s events during dinner and drinking wine with me in my highchair taking a formula feeding.

“I’m impressed” Candice said, “I never knew you had a Dom side to you.”

“How did you get baby girl here to share such intimate secrets about her wanting to be made fully incontinent, she never shared these things with either of us.”

“To answer your question Candice, when I was in college, I met up with some young women who were into the D&S scene otherwise known as dominant & submissive lifestyle. They asked if I wanted to try it out, so I did. I hooked up with this guy and tried plying my new found interest but discovered he wasn’t into that sort of thing. We drifted apart and I never did anything with it since, until now.”

“Perhaps you can teach me a few things about that” Barb said.

“Sure, it’s pretty easy to pick up if you’ve the knack for this sort of ting. As to how I discovered Diaper Girl’s little secret, I played on her fantasies asking her leading questions. Once I got her to admit that she enjoyed messing her diapers, I took it to the next level thinking about being incontinent. It was a natural progression for her to want to experience total incontinence as she told me she already had no bladder control and you yourself confirmed this. Her fantasy as she told it to me was for her to be a fully incontinent baby girl with no bladder or bowel control. I would strongly encourage you to take this out of the realm of fantasy and make it very real for her. It is after all, it’s what she wants.”

Later that evening, Stacy rose to say her good bye’s "I’ve enjoyed spending the day with both of you and meeting precious little Diaper Girl. I’m looking forward to having more fun with her. I’ll have to share some of my ideas with the two of you.

“Wonderful! We’re looking forward to that” Candice said. “Yes, and I’ll start doing some research on the internet to see about the possibility of turning Diaper Girl’s fantasy into reality. I think she would love that very much even if she won’t admit it to me openly” Barb said.

“Hey baby girl, come give Miss. Stacy a hug and kiss, I’m heading back home but I’m sure it won’t be too long before I see you again.” She hugged me close kissing me and patting me on my wet diapered bottom. There were hugs and kisses all around and Stacy headed out into the evening, got into her car and made the drive home.

It was getting late and Barbara took me upstairs and secured me into my crib for the night. I had lots of memories of the day and played them over in my mind. Before Barbara secured the Pacifier in my mouth, she had one question for me.

“Does my baby girl want to know what it feels like to be totally incontinent?”

I didn’t hesitate to answer her. "Yes Miss. Barbara, you know I have no bladder control. I haven’t had any for months now. It has always been my fantasy to be your totally incontinent baby girl with no bladder or bowel control like I told Miss. Stacy.

“That’s my good baby girl, that’s what I wanted to hear you say. I will turn your fantasy into reality for you then.” With that, she secured my Pacifier and kissed me good night. Heading down the hall towards Candice’s bedroom, she told Candice of my admissions and Candice was pleased. “Come on Barbara, let’s go to bed. It’s been a long day.”

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello everyone, it’s time to enter the next phase of the story with a six part offering. Remember that old saying: Be careful what you wish for… You know the rest.

The Diaper Girl
When Fantasy
Becomes Reality
Part One

The past couple weeks had gone by uneventfully. Business at the Kopper Kettle was good; Barbara and Stacy kept busy while life at home progressed in the normal routine. It was Saturday afternoon. Barbara was at home in the study on the computer doing some research.

“Hey Candi, come here, I think I’ve found something interesting.”

“What did you find Barb?”

"Take a look at this, I found it under Effective Diaper Training, an article I came across on the Net.

Candice pulled up a chair next to Barbara and read what was on the screen, it read;

Open Butt Plug: This is something I call the incontinence plug. The plug should be as large as possible with a hole in it as large as possible. Insert the plug firmly in place before putting your Sub into disposable diapers and plastic panties. Have the sub take some laxatives and a stool softener. Now, it’s time to play the waiting game. Sit back and watch her try to control herself, it will be impossible for her to do so. The plug will stay in place but the mess will pass through without moving the plug providing the feeling of total incontinence with the wearer experiencing a feeling of sheer helplessness. The plug comes in two sizes, Medium, and Large.

“This is exactly what we need to render our baby girl completely incontinent. She has no bladder control and this will ensure she has no bowel control. Whenever she wears disposable diapers, she will wear this plug. You’re fantastic Barb.”

“Thanks, I went giddy when I stumbled across this article. I never imagined anything like this existed. I’m going to get both sizes. We’ll start her on the Medium one first and see how she does. Hopefully, she will be able to move up to the large size in time, looks like our baby girl has a surprise awaiting her. I’ll have the package delivered to the Kopper Kettle.”

“Excellent idea, Stacy and Anne will be elated. Speaking of Anne, I think I’m going to make some phone calls regarding that other little matter regarding baby girl’s other desire. There is another thing I want you to do for me as well Barb.”

“What’s that?”

“Remember that company you got that lovely vinyl dress Diaper Girl wore when she signed that contract?”

Barb thought for a moment. “Oh yes, I believe the company was called Vinyl Confections. I have to tell you though, they are a bit on the expensive side but their quality is second to none.”

“Yes, that’s the one. I want to get our baby girl a complete vinyl layette for her to wear. I think we talked about this before some time ago but now would be a good time to do it. I’m going to have to wait until Monday to call Mary and see about setting up an appointment to discuss those other matters.”

“Why don’t I log onto the Vinyl Confections website and see what they have to offer.”

The Home page read Vinyl Confections; Ready Made and Custom Made baby clothes for the adult baby, serving the AB/DL Community providing high quality and personalized service. Thee were two phone numbers, one local (209) 227-4779
And, a toll free (800) 747-7922. There was a side menu that contained various selections to choose from. Barbara saw it then. Be sure to check out our most popular line The Sissy AB Collection.

“That’s got to be it Barb, let’s check it out.” Barbara did and a new page popped up with another side menu with lots of choices including plastic panties, rumba panties baby dresses, rompers, bib panties and a half dozen or so other choices.

“Are you ready to spend some money Candice?”

“For what we or I should say our diapered Princess needs, I’m ready to drop a couple grand.”

“Good, our diapered Princess will be busy for the next couple hours taking her formula feeding so we can see what they have to offer.” For the next hour and a half, Barbara and Candice made their selections from the Sissy AB Collection. High wasted baby dresses with matching panties in solid and Nursery prints were added to the list as well as rompers and bib panties. The set of measurements Barb and Candi took ensured the right sizes were being ordered.

“Let’s look under the Accessories” Candice suggested.

“Oh look Candi, vinyl pinafores and petticoat slips. These are an absolute must for her! Better get a couple sets in white and a couple sets in pink. This way, she will always have a set to wear when the others are being washed. These should be a lovely addition to her layette, don’t you think?”

“Yes, and so are these thickly padded mittens with a heavy gauge vinyl covering, I like the attached D rings and adjustable Velcro strap to keep them in place. We’ll need a half dozen pairs of these in prints and solids. I also like these adjustable vinyl belts with the same type of Velcro closure. I also like the D rings on each side and one in the front and back, a very effective form of restraint to be sure. Candice saw there was also a lead that could be attached to the D ring on the back of the belt. She threw a few of these into her order as well. We’ll be able to secure her hands to the sides of her dress or directly in front of her, we’ll be sure to pick up plenty of these.”

“Let’s call in our order as I have a couple questions regarding items I don’t readily see here.” Moments later, the phone was ringing.

“Vinyl Confections, this is Amber, can I help you/”

“Good morning Amber, this is Candice and I have an extensive order to place with you but have a couple questions first.”

“Hi Candice, how can I help you.”

“Well, I am looking for plastic panties that are especially crinkly and can’t seem to find them anywhere. I’m also looking for locking plastic panties of the same nature”

“Look under Hard To Find Items; I think you will find what you are looking for there.”

There they were, solid color and Nursery prints both with and without vinyl ruffles across the seat. All advertised as very crinkly plastic panties. There was also a selection of locking style plastic panties Candice added several pairs of both styles of these plastic panties to her order in both prints and solids, all with vinyl ruffles on the seat.

Candice gave Amber a detailed list of all of the items she wanted including the addition of the crinkly plastic panties.

“I’ll say, that’s quite the order, it does qualify for free shipping five to seven days.”

“Do you have all the items in stock in the sizes I require?” Candice asked.

“Let me check for you, yes we do, how soon do you need everything?”

“I’d like to have everything by Wednesday or Thursday by the latest. I’m having company and want my diapered Princess to model some of your fashions for the girls.”

“Sounds like fun. Why don’t I ship everything via UPS? The order will go out today and you should have it by Wednesday to be sure.”

“Excellent, how much is all of this going to come to?”

“Well, let’s see, Seventeen hundred fifty four dollars and seventy seven cents. How would you like to pay for this?”

“Put it on my American Express Card.” Candice provided the information and the transaction was completed.

“Can I help you with anything else today” Amber asked?

“Yes there is. You see, I have a white satin collar trimmed in pink satin ruffles with the words DIAPER GIRL in pink block lettering that ties in back. I would like to have something similar in white vinyl with a pink vinyl ruffle around the edge and the words DIAPER GIRL done in pink lettering; can you do this for me?”

Amber thought for a moment before answering. “Yes, I don’t see why we couldn’t do something like that for you. Tell you what; I’ll have it ready when your order goes out. I’ll even throw it in as a comp for you, how’s that? After all, your order is the largest we’ve ever filled by far. I’m happy to do it. Will there be anything else for you today?”

“I think that will do it, you’ve been very helpful, thanks so much. Bye.” Candice hung up the phone and turned to Barbara. “We’re good; it came to under two grand. I think we’ll be pleased with what we’ve ordered. The package should arrive Wednesday and I’ll need to sign for it.”

“Awesome, I can’t wait to see our baby girl model some of the items for us. The other package will be arriving at the office this coming week too. It’s shaping up to be a nice weekend.”

“It’s going to get even better, I want you to tell Stacy to pack an overnight bag and have it with her Friday. She’ll be our guest this coming weekend.”

“She will be happy to hear that, I think she enjoys humiliating baby girl, I also think she in turn eats it up and can’t get enough. I also have a feeling that she will take to Stacy the same way she took to me”

“That’s good; I certainly hope she does, because she’s apt to get a lot more of this sort of treatment at the hands of all of us. Why don’t you check on her progress, I’m sure she has drained the formula bag by now?”

I was in the Nursery having finished my formula feeding and in wet diapers and plastic panties, a condition I often found myself in and one that I was more than used to when Barbara came in to check on me.

“How’s my sweet baby girl? A bit on the wet side but you’ll be okay for a while before needing a change. Since it is Saturday afternoon, it’s laundry day and. Candice and I have some things that need tending to while you do out delicate laundry.” With that, you take me by the hand and bring me downstairs to the laundry room where a large basket of lingerie is waiting to be washed. You fill both stationary tubs with water adding detergent to one of them and tie a vinyl apron abound my waist telling me you will be back in a while to check on my progress.

As I bend to take items out of the basket, I can hear the crinkling of my disposable diapers and plastic panties. I am also aware of the tampon filling my secret place and know what will eventually happen as I feel the earliest signs telling me that there is no stopping what will eventually happen. The locking plastic panties covering my diapers ensure I can do nothing to interrupt that process. It’s a game I like to play with myself thinking I can be a big girl and hold off the inevasible but both Barbara and Candice know that I will always end up filling my diapers. They also know that this is something I enjoy doing very much and indulge me on a regular basis.

With each pair of panties of yours I wash, I think back on those days when I used to be able to wear such pretty panties. I feel the soft nylon slip through my fingers and catch your scent. The fragrance of your womanhood mingled with the subtle scent of FDS tells me these are Barbara’s panties pink and lacy. I submerge them into the warm sudsy water washing them thoroughly then rinsing and wringing them out before hanging them on the drying rack along with the other delicates. I’ve been at it now for a little over an hour and am nearly done with only a few more items to wash. I’m wetter now and the cramps are getting more noticeable and harder to ignore.

My thoughts are diverted from what is happening as I take the last pair of panties and look at them. I can tell where there was once wetness in the front of the panties and now dried. These are Candice’s because Barbara wears Kotex to protect her panties from this sort of thing. I want very much to be on my knees in front of Miss. Barbara, my tongue buried deep inside of her as she fills my mouth with her sweet orgasm again and again. I want it in the formula she feeds me in my highchair and crib. I want it deep inside of me filling my bottom full before she penetrates me as she pushes the dildo deep inside of me over and over again until I can take no more and she pushes me over the edge filling my diapers with my baby girl cream. My euphoria is interrupted when I hear Candice enter the laundry room in to check on my progress as I am hanging the last item on the drying rack.

My domestic duties were far from over as Miss. Candice brought me back into the living room with instructions to vacuum and dust all the furniture under the watchful eye of both Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice. I had elected to do the dusting first and was preparing to start vacuuming the carpet when I was reminded of what I knew what was coming soon as another cramp drove that point home to me. I knew it wouldn’t be long at all now and it wasn’t. Both women were watching me intently as first my bowels than my bladder gave way as I helplessly wet and filled my diapers uncontrollably.

I was a very wet and messy baby girl as I looked at both women unable to voice my need for a change because of the pacifier filling my mouth full. Candice must have known what it was I wanted. Both women were all smiles and were very pleased with what I had just been made to do in my diapers.

“Uh oh, did our baby girl fill her diapers full?”

I nodded my head in the affirmative.

“Would you like to be changed?”

Again, I nodded my head.

Candice turned to Barbara; “Do you think we should change her?”

Barbara thought about it for a moment; “No, not yet, she seems to enjoy filling her diapers for our pleasure and her own I might add. Let’s keep her in her wet and messy diapers until she has finished the housework. If she does a good job, we may give her a nice reward I know she will enjoy very much.”

“Good idea, I think she’s got the better part of an hour until her work is done.”

Candice was good to her word. About forty five minutes later, Barbara and she took me upstairs to the Nursery. Candice secured my mittens on my hands and clipped them to the sides of my restraint belt as both women took to spreading the mess throughout my diapers as I wet again. As Candice massaged the mess through the seat of my diapers, Barbara was slowly bringing me to the peak of pleasure backing off again and again building my release.

Candice paused long enough to remove my pacifier from my mouth. I was glad to have it out but I had a feeling this came with a price having to answer some very humiliating questions no doubt

“I know you like filling your diapers, don’t you?”

“Yes Miss. Candice” I replied.

“Yes what baby girl?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I like filling my diapers very much.”

“Why baby girl?” Barbara asked as she gently rubbed the front of my diapers.

I had to think for moment as to how I would answer. “Because I know you like when I fill my diapers and it really makes me feel infantile and babyish. Just like the baby girl that I have become.”

“That’s good baby girl because the time is coming when you will be made to fill those diapers of yours in a very public setting and in a most humiliating fashion. We are in the process of planning your first public outing. I know you are looking forward to that, aren’t you?”

As incentive to answer, I was brought to the peak of pleasure and both women brought me back from the edge. The thought of being taken out in public dressed in such an infantile manner filled me with excitement and a little apprehension because I was afraid I would be seen by someone who might see through my façade and recognize me for who I was. My feeling of excitement at being taken out in public outweighed any other concern and answered “Yes,”

“Yes what baby girl? Tell us what you are saying yes to so we can hear it from you.”

“Yes, I want you to take me out in public to put me on display for your pleasure. I am excited about what it might feel like and a little scared too because I am not sure what to expect.”

“I’m glad you told us how you feel about being taken out in public in diapers, plastic panties and dressed like a baby girl. Not that it would have mattered to use if you wanted to or not. You see, being taken out in public will soon become what you might call normal for you. I am looking at some of the medical supply stores to see if they carry an adult sized stroller, kind of like the butterfly strollers that fold up. I haven’t found one as of yet, but you can be sure that I will find what I am looking for soon.”

It wasn’t difficult for me to imagine myself buckled into an adult sized stroller dressed as an eighteen month baby girl with my diapers and plastic lined rumba panties in full vies for all to see. The image of me in a stroller pushed by Miss. Barbara or Miss. Candice while I have either my pacifier filling my mouth or while drinking from a bottle of formula is somehow very exciting to me, even if it means enduring humiliation at the hands of others who might be out and about.

“Don’t worry my diapered Princess; we’ll start out with some controlled public exposure public humiliation. It is what you want after all, isn’t it?” Barbara said as both she and Candice finally pushed me over the edge. My knees buckled slightly as I exploded sending wave after wave of my baby girl cream into my already wet and messy diapers. I was truly spent as I began to go limp with Barbara catching me in her embrace kissing me softly on the lips.

“Come on baby girl, let’s get you all cleaned up and into fresh diapers and plastic panties.” With that, both women prepared me for a nice hot perfumed bubble bath. I always enjoyed bath time in a tub full of perfume and bubbles leaving me clean and refreshed. Miss. Candice penetrated me and stuffed me into cloth diapers and plastic panties. I was put into a baby dress and matching frilly panties and taken back downstairs as it was getting close to dinner time.

The balance of Saturday and Sunday passed uneventfully and Monday morning once again found me in wet diapers and plastic panties. I was fed, changed and dressed for a day of domestic activities while Candice retreated to the study to make some calls.

Candice makes an appointment with Mary.

Candice retrieved the business card that Anne had given to her on her last visit and dialed the phone number listed waiting for an answer.

“Genetics Lab of Northern Ohio Mary speaking, can I help you?”

“Good morning Mary. My name is Candice and I was referred to by my friend Anne Hollister. She said you may be able to assist me in my needs.”

“How is it that I may assist you Candice?”

Candice thought for a moment as what she wanted was not the kind of thing that could be discussed over the phone. “Let’s say that it is a bit on the delicate side to be discussed over the phone. Can we set up a time for me to come in and talk with privately?”

Mary wasn’t surprised as she had already been given advance notice of Candice’s needs from Anne but choose to keep this aspect to her for now. She would of course disclose this to Candice when she came in. “I agree, perhaps we should discuss this privately as you suggest. Let me see now, how is this Wednesday around nine thirty?”

Candice checked her day planner and decided this would be a good time. “Nine thirty sounds like a good time for me Mary. Thanks for taking the time to see me, I certainly appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome, we’ll see you then.” Candice hung up the phone. She was looking forward to providing her baby girl the “special formula” she so desired. Barbara was also pleased this was one step closer to becoming reality.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello everyone, it’s time for part two of this facet of the story. Thanks to all who have read the story so far and hope you enjoy the latest addition.

The Diaper Girl
When Fantasy
Becomes Reality
Part Two

Candice parked the car and took the elevator to the fourth floor where the offices of the Genetics Lab were located. A sign read “Press buzzer for admittance” Candice did so and a female voice responded.

“Can I help you?”

“Hello, this is Candice; I have a nine thirty appointment with Mary.”

“Oh yes, just a moment.”

Moments later, the door was opened by a young woman in her mid twenties wearing a cream colored silk top and black skirt coming just above her knees with brown pantyhose and black heels. Her auburn hair cane well past her shoulders with lots of wave and curls, she looked very attractive.

“Hello Candice, I’ve been expecting you. I’m Mary. Let’s step into my private office where we can talk privately.” She extended her hand and we made our way to her office to talk. “Anne called me explaining what your needs are. Can you give me a little background on this?”

“Sure, you see, I have a submissive sissy male who is kept as an eighteen month baby girl. I’ve brought a couple photos of him or should I say her so you can see who the recipient of this will be.” Candice placed two photos on the desk before Mary. The first photo depicted a well diapered sissy baby girl in a pink baby dress with matching panties with her hands in mittens secured to the sides of her dress and a Pacifier secured in her mouth. The second showed the same baby girl secured in an adult sized baby crib in a pink babydoll with the same mittens and Pacifier.

Mary tried to stifle her laughter but was unsuccessful. “Oh Candice, this is simply outrageous, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. If I hadn’t seen these photos, I would have never thought such a thing possible. So this is the diapered Princess that Anne told me about and the recipient of the result of your request today?”

“Yes, I understand this is something of a highly unusual nature and I’m wondering if this can actually be done.”

“Let me get Raymond on the phone and have him join us. He’s the chief of the Genetics Lab and will be able to let you know what will be needed to make this happen. You and I already know what is necessary, but protocol must be followed here.” Mary punched some buttons on her desk phone. “Can I speak with Raymond please, thanks? Hi Raymond, this is Mary. I have a consult for you in my office, can you join us please?” Mary placed the handset back on the phone.

Within a few minutes the buzzer rang and a voice announced itself. “Yeah, it’s Raymond, it’s your dime.”

Mary ushered him into her office and introductions were made. “This is Candice and she was referred to us by Anne from Lakewood Hospital. Candice has something of an unusual request and told I her you could assist her.”

Raymond Coltier was in his late fifties with close cropped salt and pepper hair and wire framed glasses. He was a highly respected member of the hospital staff and had over thirty years in the medical field. He turned his attention towards Candice.

"Mary tells me you need to have something synthesized, is this correct?

Candice thought for a moment about how she was going to put this request into words. She cast a glance in Mary’s direction looking for any assistance she might get. Mary shot back a smile as to say “You’re on your own on this one.”

Candice decided to put her cards on the table for what it was worth. She gathered her thoughts and continued. “Yes, my request is highly unusual and one I hope you can accommodate. You see, I have something of a sissy at the house and he developed a taste for female orgasm.”

Raymond gestured towards the two photos on the desk in plain view. "This is the lucky recipient?’ His deep throaty laughter filled the room. “You’ll have to forgive me Ma’am, but I find all of this to be somewhat well… amusing and just a little far fetched if you ask me.”

“I told you it was a highly unusual request.”

“Lady, I don’t know what your kink is, but it’s pretty far out there.”

“Can you do this for me?” Candice asked.

“Yeah, your money is just as green as Mary’s here or anyone else’s for that matter. It’s going to cost you though and I’m going to have to keep this on the QT. If the brass gets wind of this, my ass will be in a sling for sure, and I don’t need that.”

“I certainly don’t want any repercussions from all of this or for you to take any heat. How much are we talking about?”

“Like I said Candice, this isn’t going to come cheap and I’m also considering the nature of your request. You’re probably looking at around twenty five hundred dollars. You got that kind of scratch?”

“That’s not going to be a problem. My only question is how large of a sample will you need?”

“Not much, just enough to extract a sample of Mitochondrial DNA, that’s all. It’s best if you can submit a few samples in case we have any problems. By the way, this is going to be done at an off site Genetics lab. I don’t want any of this coming back on the medical facility, safer that way.”

“Do you require payment now?”

“No, when you bring the samples in to this office. Mary will give you the stuff you need to collect the samples. You can leave her the samples and your payment. You will get a receipt for services and will be contacted when the work is done. The additional samples will be kept secure in a Cryogenics vault. By the way, how much will you need?”

“How much can you produce?”

“As much as you need, just let Mary know when you bring the stuff in. Another thing, you don’t know me and we never had this conversation, got it?”

“Not a problem, I’ve forgotten about all of this already.” Raymond Coltier took his leave and closed the door behind him leaving the two women alone in the office.

“Can you get three samples” Mary asked?

“Yes, there is myself of course and there are two young women who have volunteered to provide samples as well.”

I’ll bet they have she thought to herself and so will I. Mary kept this to herself.

“That’s all we need then, here are three containers. When can you get the samples back to me?”

“I can have them to you Monday morning, better make that Tuesday as Monday is a holiday.”

“Good enough, just between us, how much do you think you will need? I can notate it for you now.”

"Candice gave this some thought before answering. “Yes, please combine all three samples and provide me with as much as you can. My baby girl will have this added to all of her formula feedings. I may from time to time administer this as a formula feeding by itself in smaller amounts or give it to her in a baby bottle so you understand I will need this in volume if possible. I will also need to know that it will be possible to have more made as needed?”

“Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem. That’s why the extra samples are stored to be accessed later.”

“Good, I’ll see to it that you have an adequate sample from each of us. By the say, how long should this process take?”

“I’d say a couple weeks, depending on the schedule. I’ll expedite this one for you if you like.”

“That would be great, thanks so much. You’ve been most helpful. My diapered Princess will be a happy baby girl.”

“All of this special treatment is going to cost you though.”

“How so, it’s already costing me a good chunk of change.”

“Let’s put it this way, you can’t just drop two photos of this well diapered sissy on my desk and expect that to satisfy my curiosity. What I want is to see “her” up close and personal. I want to see those diapers and plastic panties for myself.”

“I’m sure that could be arranged. I’d love to show off our little Diaper Girl to you. Why don’t we arrange to have you over once the product has been delivered and pressed into use? That would be a perfect opportunity.”

“Sounds good to me Candice, I’ll look forward to seeing you Monday with the samples and your payment, we’ll get the ball rolling then. Before I forget, here are the photos, they look adorable.”

“Thanks, keep one for yourself to hold onto so you can see what you have to look forward to in a couple weeks.”

“Thanks, I like the one of her in the babyish pink dress. She’s such an absolute sissy, I can’t wait to see her, and I’ll see you in a few days then.” handing the other photo back to Candice.

“Sounds like a plan to me” Candice said and the two women shook hands and Candice left Mary’s office and headed home. It was nearly eleven thirty and Candice would be home in time for the delivery from Vinyl Confections at two o’clock this afternoon.

Mary slipped a fourth container into her purse with the intention of adding her own sample to the mix. She amended the notes to read "four equal parts to be combined together. Mary looked at the photo again and knew exactly what she had in mind for this little diapered sissy. Mary felt a tingling deep inside of her just thinking about it.

On the way home, Candice stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things before heading home. She made one more stop at the Dollar General to pick up a couple dozen plastic hangers as well, these would come in handy later this afternoon. Barbara would be putting some lunch together and she wanted Diaper Girl to do some laundry later that afternoon. Candice pulled the car into the garage an hour later and brought all the bags into the house, the door sliding closed behind her.

“Hi Candi, I’m feeding our baby girl some lunch and then it’s formula feeding time for her. When she’s taking her formula, we’ll sit down for some lunch of our own. How did it go this morning?”

“It went better than I thought but we’ll talk about that later. I want Diaper Girl to have a short nap after her formula feeding than perhaps she can do something special for us. Would you like that baby girl?”

I had no idea that they had in mind for me but thought it best to answer in the affirmative. “Yes Miss. Candice, what would you like me to do?”

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?”

Barbara finished feeding me the last of my lunch and hung a bag of formula on the pole attached to my highchair. She secured my pacifier gag firmly in my mouth, attached toe tubing and started the flow of formula. My hands incased in my padded mittens were chipped together in my lap with the tray locked in place making then useless. I began swelling the formula while both women sat down to lunch of their own. The two women retired to the study leaving me to take my formula. I wondered what surprise they might have in store for me.

“I thought it best that we talk in here safely out of earshot of our diapered Princess, as much of this does concern her. I had a nice chat with Mary this morning at her office at the Cleveland Clinic/”

“And” Barb was anxious to hear more.

“She called Raymond into her office. He’s the head of the Genetics Lab there and you should have seen me trying to lay out just what it was that I wanted. When I finally managed to put it out there, you should have heard him laugh. He was like “hey lady, that’s kind of kinky and way out there if you know what I mean.” I thought he was going to piss his pants he was laughing so hard.”

“So, is he going to be able do what we want?” Barb asked.

“Yeah, it will run me a good chunk of change but it’s well worth it. Mary and I talked some more. You should have seen the look on her face when she saw the photos of Diaper Girl. I told her we’d be sure to have her by to see her. Who knows what that might lead to? At any rate, we’re going to have to provide some samples if you know what I mean. I have containers for you, me and Stacy. I told Mary I would have the samples and payment to her Monday morning.”

“We can take care of that over the weekend when Stacy is here. How long is it going to take to get everything back?”

“Mary said it could take a couple weeks, but she is going to expedite things for us. Raymond owes her a few favors, so it might take less time. Oh yes, I want to have a good supply to start with and the remaining samples will be properly stored so we can have more made when we need it.”

“Wonderful, I was going to ask you about that. Sounds like out baby girl is going to get what she wants. I think it would be appropriate to fill her bottom full before she gets penetrated and put into cloth diapers and plastic panties. Then we could put her in her highchair and give her a formula feeding laced with the stuff.”

“That would be perfect! She’ll be taking it from both ends and loving it I’m sure.” Both women had a good laugh at Candice’s remark. Candice glanced at her watch, it was a little after two o’clock. “The box from vinyl confections should be here any time now. Why don’t you check on our diaper doll, I think it would a good time for her nap time.”

Warm wetness spread throughout my diapers as Barbara came in to release me from my highchair and bring me to my Nursery.

“Now that you have a nice full tummy, I think it’s time for a nap.” I could say nothing with the bulbous nipple of the Pacifier gag filling my mouth. We went upstairs to the Nursery and Barbara secured me into my crib kissing me on my cheek. My disposable diapers crinkled as I shifted position in the crib. Barbara locked the side rail in place telling me that I had a surprise to look forward to later that afternoon. Barbara left the room closing the door behind her and headed back downstairs. I felt the tampon inside of me and knew the longer I lay here, the deeper the glycerin and suppositories would make their way up inside of me. I knew I would be filling my diapers but didn’t know when.

Candice saw the UPS truck pull up in the circular drive stopping at the front door. She opened the door as the young man approached carrying a large box putting it down just inside the foyer. “I have a delivery for a Ms. Candice Rodgers.” he said producing an electronic tablet. Candice took the pen and signed her name handing it back to the driver. “Thanks now, have a nice day.”

“Oh, I will, thanks so much, you too.”

She watched the man walk back to his truck. As he drove away, she closed the door and turned her attention to the large box on the floor carrying it into the living room setting it on the large oak coffee table. Barbara returned from the study with a letter opener carefully splitting the tape on the top of the box. As she did so, the two flaps sprang up indicating the box had been tightly packed. Opening the box the rest of the way, a piece of paper lay on top. Candice removed it unfolding it, it was the packing slip listing the contents therein, setting it aside.

A plastic bag on top contained all the vinyl restraint belts and attachable leads. The belts were two inches wide and of a heavy gauge vinyl. Next to come out were several pairs of the padded vinyl mittens, all bulky and well padded. Barbara picked up a small zip locked plastic bag. She could see the word GIRL in pink lettering. Opening the bag, she unfolded what she knew to be the collar and showed Candice.

“Oh Barb, it’s absolutely adorable. We’ll have to make sure she wears it with her new vinyl outfits. It will be perfect for her.” Barbara put the item back into the bag and set it aside for later.

Barbara pulled out a pair of Nursery print plastic panties shaking them out. “Amber wasn’t kidding when she said these were crinkly and these are the locking kind.” Candice examined the thin chain threaded through several small rings positioned around the waistband of the panties. “Look at those darling ruffles too. I wonder if there are locks and keys or if we have to provide our own?”

As Candice pulled out several more pairs of plastic panties, she found a small box and pulled it out, opening the box to examine its contents. “Here they are, looks like a set of locks and keys.” She dumped the contents of the box on the coffee table. All the locks were the same and there were twelve of them and twenty four keys. As it turned out, all the padlocks were keyed the same with plenty of spare keys. The items were placed back into the box and set aside.

Next came all of the clothing items. High wasted baby dresses with matching panties with ruffles across the seat. The rompers and bib panties had a miniature key ring sewn into the top of the so that when they were zipped up, the zipper and ring could locked together with a small lock so the outfit could not be removed.

“I don’t recall ordering any of these” Candice said.

“Here, let me see that” Candice handed the item to Barb and she shook it out. It looked like a Nursery print vinyl top. “I see, it’s a babydoll style top, it’s really cute. There has to be three or four here.” Candice picked up the packing slip scanning it to see if she could find the item. “Here it is, item; babydoll top quantity; four price; complementary.”

“That has to be one of the biggest orders they have ever had to fill. Perhaps they threw them in additionally. I certainly thank them” Barb said. The last items to come out of the box were the pinafores and petticoat slips. Barbara pulled out one of the petticoat slips and shook it out. It had the attached vest with adjustable Velcro straps that crisscrossed in the back like little girls wore under their party dresses. Only these were of the high wasted verity.

“I just love how incredibly short that petticoat is, and these pinafores are darling. I love the ruffles all around the edges. I like how they will slip on over her head. Well, that’s everything I think. Why don’t you pick out an outfit for baby girl to wear, whatever you want” Candice said.

“Wonderful! I really want to see her in one of these cute Nursery print baby dresses with one of these petticoats. We can also see how the locking plastic panties and mittens work. You realize we’re not going to get all this stuff back in the box?”

“Right, let’s bring everything up to our room and we’ll put everything in the Nursery later.” Barb was surprised to her Candice refer to her bedroom as “our” room" but then the two of them had been sharing her bed for the past several weeks. It had been just as long since she had slept in the bedroom at the other end of the hall. She smiled to herself and realized she wanted to get more comfortable. She would do that when they got everything upstairs.

After a couple trips to the bedroom, all traces of the delivery had vanished. Candice took the box to the garage to go out with the trash next week. Checking to see the door was secure; Candice made her way upstairs where Barbara was laying out an outfit for Diaper Girl to wear for the rest of the day. She had stripped down to her panties and bra.

“A little more comfortable are we honey?”

Barbara never heard her girlfriend slip into the room behind her. “Yeah, that’s for sure, couldn’t wait to get comfy, your turn.” Candice slipped her hands around Barbara’s waist as their lips met in a sensuous kiss. Barbara worked the buttons on her girlfriend’s blouse allowing it to slip to the floor leaving her in her bra.

“You’re going to finish what you started, aren’t you Barb?” Candice smiled. Barbara’s fingers found the button on the side of her girlfriend’s skirt undoing it and sliding the zipper down. She then slid her hand around Candice’s waistline allowing her skirt to drop to the floor around her feet. Her lacy half slip quickly followed as Candice stepped outside the circle of fabric around her feet leaving both women in their bra and panties kissing passionately.

“Feel better?”

“Much thanks.” Candice took Barbara by the hand and led her to the empty side of the bed and they snuggled resuming their intimacy together.

Barbara’s fingers found the fabric of Candice’s bra and caressed the nipple of one of her breasts through the nylon fabric." She was very wet and Candice’s probing fingers returned the favor sending shivers through Barbara’s body as her fingers found that special place of Candice’s sending waves throughout her own body. Orgasmic pleasure overtook them both as they lay in each other’s arms for a time.

“I hate to end this, but it’s time to play dress up with our baby doll” Candice suggested.

“Yes, I do suppose you’re right about that.” With hat, both women freshened up adding a little perfume and FDS. They gathered the outfit their baby girl would be wearing and headed towards the Nursery.

I was laying in my crib when the door opened and I saw both Candice and Barbara walk in wearing only their bra and panties carrying some things on a hanger laying them over a chair and walked over to my crib lowering the side rail smiling down at me and patted the front of my plastic panties.

“Hey baby girl, how would you like to model some pretty new baby clothes for us?” Barbara asked reaching around to undo the Pacifier removing it from my mouth.

I was released from my crib and Barbara removed my Bib Panties and white top leaving standing in my pink bra and pink plastic panties. I was pretty wet but I knew I would be a lot wetter before I was changed.

“Oh look Barb, our baby girl is dressed almost like us. She has a pretty pink bra, but her panties are a pretty pink plastic.”

“She does look so sweet. It’s too bad she can’t wear big girl panties like us big girls. You would never be able to keep them dry, could you baby girl?”

“No Miss. Barbara, I haven’t worn big girl panties in so long.”

“I don’t think you will ever wear big girl panties again any time soon” Candice said.

“What do you have for our Diaper Girl to wear Candice?”

“Well, we have a pretty new baby dress and matching panties for her. Oh look, there is also a lovely petticoat, it is so darling. I just know she will love wearing it.”

“Are those new padded mittens, they look really cute” Barb put in.

“Yes, she will just love these, let’s get her dressed in her new outfit and take some photos of her.” Candice went to the closet and removed one of the white nylon shells adding it to the other items. Before they started, my Pacifier was secured firmly in place.

I was instructed to step into the nylon shell and Barbara helped pull it up into place followed by the pink Nursery print plastic panties. As Barbara shook them out, I heard the plastic crinkle as she pulled them up my legs and around my waist pulling the ruffled nylon leg gathers through the leg bands of the plastic panties. Barbara gathered the two ends of the chain bringing them together. Seconds later, I heard the CLICK of a padlock and knew I wouldn’t be able to remove my plastic panties until I was released from them.

“Put your arms over your head Princess.” I did and Candice lowered the white vinyl petticoat over my head and arranged it to its maximum fullness. It came down to just below my hips. This was followed by the baby dress as it was arranged over my short petticoats. It was the same Nursery print as my plastic panties. Barbara took the vinyl restraint belt slipping it around my waist from behind adjusting the Velcro for a secure fit.

Candice picked up the padded mittens giving one to Barb and both women secured my hands in the mittens making them useless. Seconds later, both my hands were safely secured to the sides of my restraint belt. Sitting on a chair, white frilly socks with pink ruffles were put on my feet followed by my Mary Jane shoes. My ankles were connected together with an eighteen inch piece of pink leather cord forcing me to take small delicate steps.

Candice retrieved my pacifier securing it firmly in place behind my head allowing my hair to hide the strap that held securely in place. The last thing to be added was the white vinyl collar trimmed in pink with the words DIAPER GIRL in pink block lettering. Barbara tied this in place arranging it so it fell smoothly across the material of my dress.

Once downstairs in the living room, Barbara took the digital camera and took several photos of me in my new vinyl outfit. With every step I took, my plastic panties crinkled loudly, making me feel even more babyish and infantile.

Re: The Diaper Girl

The Diaper Girl
When Fantasy
Becomes Reality
Part Three

It was just past one o’clock in the afternoon as Barbara parked her car in the lot at the Kopper Kettle. She had some administrative stuff to take care of and would take a few hours. Grabbing her purse Barbara stepped into the restaurant busy with the lunch rush. She saw Connie behind the counter taking care of a customer with two others waiting to be seated.

Looking around, she noticed Stacy speaking with one of the servers and caught her attention as both women moved towards each other.

“Looks like a good lunch crowd. Things are going well I trust?”

“We’ve had a pretty good turnover the past couple hours. Things will slow down pretty soon. By the way, a package arrived for you this morning.”

“Awesome, I’ve been waiting for this one. I need you in my office” Barb said with a smile." The two women headed back to the office in the back closing the door for privacy. A small box sat on the desk in the corner.

“Remember when you and Anne were visiting a few weeks ago?”

“How could I forget, your diapered little Princess really made an impression on me and quite a good one I might add. Truth be told, I can’t wait to see her again.”

“Yeah, and you recall how you got her to reveal one of her secrets to you about wanting to experience total incontinence?”

“She’s already half way there; all we need to do is finish the job. Did you ever get a chance to do some research about that?”

“As a matter of fact, I did.”

“And, what were you able to find out?”

“Well, you’re going to want to see this Stacy. I believe I have found the solution and it is in this box.”

“Are you going to keep me in suspense? Go ahead and crack the seal and let’s see what’s inside, I can’t wait!”

“That makes two of us” Barbara said taking a letter opener from desk and splitting the clear tape holding the box closed. Moments later, she had the box open and placed two items on the desk.

Stacy picked up one of the items as did Barbara and said; “What is this?”

“This is referred to as an open ended plug, but it is also known as an incontinence plug, take it out of the plastic and I’ll show you how it works.” Barbara opened hers up and removed the plug and Stacy did the same.

“As you can tell, the plug is clear and is open in the center all the way through. Once our diapered Princess is penetrated with this plug and she is in disposable diapers and plastic panties, it’s time for a formula feeding laced with laxatives and stool softeners.”

“This is incredible Barb; I never thought such a thing possible. It’s easy to see how this would be very effective in keeping her wide open unable to clamp down with her butt cheeks to stop herself from messing her diapers.”

“Exactly, the plug stays firmly in place and all the mess passes through the center hole. That’s why it is referred to as the incontinence plug. Our diapered Princess doesn’t know it yet, but her fantasy of being totally incontinent is going to become reality for her. I’m going to start her out on the Medium sized plug and see how she does. Hopefully in time, she will be able to use the large size”

“I would love to be there to see how she reacts; you’ll have to tell me how it goes.”

“You needn’t worry about that, because you will be our guest for the weekend, Candice is expecting you, so better pack an overnight bag, bring it to work tomorrow. It’s going to be a fun weekend, that’s for sure.”

“You’re the best Barb; I absolutely love you and can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon.” She embraced her girlfriend giving her a passionate kiss. Barbara welcomed Stacy’s advance and pulled her close returning the kiss. “We’ll have time to play later; we’ve the rest of today and tomorrow to get through. Then it’s fun time” Barb said.

“I’m going to hold you to that Barb” Stacy said.

“I know you will, now let’s look like we work here” Barb giggled and both women went back to work for the rest of the day. Later that evening, Barb shared with Candice the contents of the package she brought home as well as Stacy’s invitation to spend the weekend as their guest.

“Yes, I should think these will be very effective in removing baby girl’s bowel control now that I know how they work. We’ll have to put them to use this weekend. I’m happy to hear Stacy accepted our invitation for this weekend?”

After dinner I was put into cloth diapers and plastic panties and a pink babydoll joining Barbara and Candice in the living room for a quiet evening while I watched TV with a warm bottle of formula. A little before ten o’clock Barbara took me upstairs and put me to bed in my crib kissing me good night. Not long after that, both Barbara and Candice retired as well.

Friday morning found me soaking wet but wasn’t changed until after breakfast of eggs and bacon and a formula feeding given to me by Barbara. Candice went into the Kopper Kettle that morning and would be back around noon. Once I cleaned up the breakfast things, I was taken upstairs to spend some time with Barbara in her and Candice’s bedroom.

“Now that you’ve had your formula feeding in your highchair, Miss. Barbara wants to gave you another formula feeding, but she needs some help stripping down to her panties and bra. Would my baby girl like to help her do that so she can feed you?”

That was all the encouragement I needed. Miss. Barbara looked lovely in her black skirt coming a couple inches above her knees and her silky cream colored blouse and off black pantyhose and heels.

“Why don’t you start from the top and work your way down.”

I did exactly that as I began undoing the buttons on her blouse. Reaching the last one, she removed it and tossed it on the bed revealing her lacy white soft cup bra, my fingers gently caressing the soft fabric until I found her nipple as it became erect under my touch.

“Do you like what you see baby girl? It gets better, why don’t you finish undressing me and we can have some fun together.” She bent forward kissing me on the lips while at the same time her hand caressed the front of my plastic panties. Barbra knew exactly what she was doing as she began to push my buttons.

She knew I loved to undress her like this. It was kind of like foreplay for me as I got to discover what secrets she had waiting for me when I was done. Barbara kissed me again as I found the clasp and zipper on the side of her skirt. I first pulled the zipper down than undid the clasp allowing her skirt to flutter to the floor.

“That’s a good girl” she said as I lowered her lace edged nylon half slip to the floor followed by her pantyhose. I had to drop to my knees to finish the job tossing her pantyhose to the side. I looked up at Barbara smiling down at me. She took my hands and helped me to my feet as she stepped outside the circle on the floor leaving her in her pristine white panties and bra. I could see the outline of her Kotex through the front of her panties.

I was oblivious to the wetness that spreading throughout my diapers as Barbara put me on my knees before her. It was a position I knew well and was very accustomed to as she told me to remove her panties as she sat on the edge of the large king sized bed. Her scent, coupled with the FDS that hung in the air between us was more than intoxicating and was all I needed as Barbara encouraged me to take her with that pretty little mouth of mine.

She was already wet as my tongue began to probe inside of her secret place. Slowly at first, I didn’t want to bring her along too quickly and have her release too soon. I could hear her breathing change as she moaned her pleasure wanting me to bring her to orgasm. I took her to the brink and back a couple times knowing that the next time I wouldn’t be able to bring her back from the edge. I felt her hands o the back of my head pushing me into her and I knew it would only be seconds before she exploded so I opened as wide as I could ready to receive her sweet formula and she gave it to me filling my mouth full.

Barbara released me now completely spent wanting only to pull me to her and cuddle together in her panties and bra and me in my wet diapers and plastic panties. My mouth was full of her swollen breast nipple nursing contentedly as she gave me my reward for draining her of all of her orgasm. It wasn’t long after that before she had me filling my diapers with copious amounts of my own baby girl cream. After Barbara took a shower, I watched as she got dressed again so she could go into the Kopper Kettle this afternoon.

True to her word, Candice was back a little before noon and we all sat down to lunch that Barbara had prepared for us. The two women sat at the kitchen table and I was put into my highchair. While we ate lunch, Barbara was filled in on this morning’s doings at the Kopper Kettle.

“How were things for the two of you this morning?”

“After our diapered Princess got things cleaned up, the two of us spent some quality time together, she even got a special formula feeding.” Barbara’s smile wasn’t lost on her girlfriend.

“It sounds like it was a very good morning for the two of you. Perhaps we’ll have some private girl time this evening after our baby girl is put down for the night. You’d like that wouldn’t you Barb?”

“Yes, very much Candi.” She knew what her girlfriend had in mind and she was very receptive to the idea.

Candice turned her attention to me. “Did Miss. Barbara feed you earlier this morning baby girl?”

I felt my face flush as I answered. “Yes Miss. Candice, she did.”

“Do you like when she feeds you?”

I must have turned a deeper shade of red as I answered. “Yes Miss, Candice, I can’t help that I like taking her special formula.”

“That’s okay baby girl; we both know how much you love it, don’t we?” She didn’t wait for an answer. Lunch now finished, both women got up from the table and I was released from my highchair. As I cleared the kitchen table of the lunch things and cleaned up the kitchen, Barbara prepared to head out as Candice kissed her deeply with the promise of what was to come for her later that night.

The late afternoon was bright and sunny with a warm breeze. It has been a long week and both Barbara and Stacy were glad to see it come to an end. Not so much that it was Friday but they were both looking forward to a fun weekend together with Candice and their diapered Princess. Stacy threw her overnight bag into the back seat of her car and followed Barbara on the drive back home. Barb had called Candice letting her know they were on their way. Candice had suggested that they come to the front door and ring the bell.

It would be after five o’clock by the tome the girls got home fighting the rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon. Candice had a meatloaf in the oven that was beginning to small good. The rest of the meal would come together soon enough with everything ready in about an hour.

I was doing some light housework cleaning the kitchen, washing the counters and tiding up. Before finishing up, I swept and mopped the floor. Candice had me dusting and vacuuming in the living room under her direction. As I went about my work, I thought I heard the sound of a car door close and then a second through the open window. Moments later, the doorbell rang. This took me by surprise and I looked at Candice afraid to be seen by someone I didn’t know.

“Be a good baby girl and answer the door, I’m expecting company.”

I hesitated unsure of who it might be and afraid of that they might say when they saw me. I want to the door and opened it as Barbara and Stacy walked in carrying her overnight bag. Barbara closed and locked the front door. Both women were very attractive in short summer dresses coming a couple inches above the knee wearing hosiery and heels.

“It’s so nice of you to open the door for us baby doll. I brought Stacy with me and she will be staying the weekend, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Don’t be silly Barb; she can’t answer you with that big pacifier filling her mouth full.”

“I nearly forgot, perhaps we’ll remove it after her formula feeding in a little while if she’s been a good girl.”

“How’s my diapered Princess, is she dry like a big girl?”

“Ha-ha, you’ve got to be kidding; she couldn’t stay dry if her life depended on it. Why don’t you check her diapers for us Stacy” Candice said.

Setting her bag down, Stacy stepped towards me kissing me on the cheek. Slipping two fingers under the leg band of my plastic panties, she withdraw them saying “she’s wet but she’ll be okay for a while.”

"Barb honey why don’t you bring Stacy upstairs and show her where she will be staying. It’s almost time for dinner. I’ll put Diaper Girl into her high chair for her dinner and formula feeding.

Both women headed upstairs with Barbara showing Stacy what used to be her bedroom setting her bag on the large queen size bed. “This is lovely, I’m impressed, but where is your room/”

“You know that Candice and I are girlfriends and lovers, she’s open minded about things and she knows that the two of us are like girlfriends too. That’s why she’s invited you into our little circle. Candice and I share her room. This will be yours whenever you’re here. Just so you know, you’re welcome here anytime girl.”

"The two of you are so sweet, thanks so much. I hope Candice won’t get jealous if we want to play a little, you, kissing and the like?

“No, I don’t think she will mind. You never know with her, she might want to join in the fun as well. Like I said, she is open minded about these things”

“I’m happy to hear that” Stacy said.

“Come on, let’s head back downstairs, I’m ready for some dinner. Afterwards, we can get more comfortable for the evening” Barbara said as the both her and Stacy headed back downstairs to the kitchen where their baby girl was in her highchair eating her dinner.

“Barbara’s got you all set upstairs?”

“Yes, thank you. I must say, you have a lovely place here, and nice and clean too.”

“Thanks, we have our baby girl to tend to the household cleaning and other domestic matters.”

"How wonderful, I might want to borrow her to give my place a through cleaning. It’s an older place and the landlord doesn’t do much to keep it up. If things don’t change soon, I may think about looking elsewhere to live. I’m tired of paying rent for a place that needs work.

“Yeah, I know what you mean” Barb said. “Mine was an older place too and very small and didn’t have much room. I had a running battle with pests and not much help from owner of the place. I wasn’t the only one with the same problem wither.”

“You’re one lucky girl and were able to get out from under yours, I should be so lucky. Some of the other tenants have been talking about banding together and filing an action of the owner of the building and going on a rent strike. If that happens, we will have to pay our rent to an escrow account with the Cuyahoga County Court.”

“I have a feeling that things will get better for you soon Stacy” Candice said as she cast her glance in Barbara’s direction. The three women enjoyed a lovely dinner drinking glasses of wine talking about their plans for the weekend.

While all of this was going on, I was finishing up my dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and vegetables. I was even allowed to have a Sippy cup of milk to drink. I was also getting quite wet and would need a change in an hour or so. I also wondered who would end up changing my wet diapers.

“Why don’t you girls go upstairs and get comfortable and I will start Diaper Girl on her formula feeding. That should keep her busy for about an hour and I’ll join you upstairs then. I’ll have our baby girl take care of these things a little later on after she gets changed.”

With that, both Barbara and Stacy headed upstairs as Candice put my plate and cup with the other things to be washed later turning her attention towards me.

“Are you my wet baby girl?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I am a very wet baby girl.”

“I thought so; you will be getting changed after your formula feeding. Then, we’ll all have some fun.” With that, my pacifier was secured in place and Candice hung a bag of formula on the pole attached to my highchair. Kissing me on the cheek, she adjusted the flow rate telling me to "be a good girl and drink all your yummy formula and we’ll all be down after a while. Seeing that everything was as it should be, Candice headed upstairs.

As Stacy was getting herself situated, Barbara was now comfortable in her panties and bra with a fresh Kotex in her panties as Candice walked onto the room. Pulling her girlfriend into an embrace kissing her fully with Barbara welcoming her advances, she found the zipper of Candice’s dress and slid it down helping her out of it. Both women sat on the bed arms around each other.

“You did put laxatives in her formula tonight?”

"Yes and a little extra besides. I want her to know what it feels like to have no bowel control whatsoever. I think they should take effect sometime tomorrow afternoon. I’ll give her a stool softener and diuretics in her feeding tomorrow morning.

“Good, now remind me where Stacy lives?”

“She lives on Lorain Avenue, near Forty First Street.”

“No wonder she is having the problems she’s having. It’s not exactly what I would call an up and coming neighborhood” Candice explained.

"More like been and gone, but at the time, it’s all she could afford. I really would hate to see her go on a rent strike and all of that. Even then, there’s no guarantee anything will change there. I’d really like to see her get a nice place but that takes a good chunk of change, especially to find something in a nice neighborhood.

“There is one option that I would be open to that is worth some consideration and one I believe would work out very nicely for all concerned.”

It was like a light went on in Barbara’s head and it downed on her where
Candice might be going with this train of thought. She looked at Candice. “Wait a minute, you’re not thinking about what I think you are, are you?”

"What do you think I am thinking about honey?

“Having her share your home like you offered to me?”

“If you stop to think about it, Stacy is kind of like family. She’s been with me at the Kopper Kettle almost as long as you have. She was only the second person that I hired after you when I took over the place. I believe her title is Assistant Manager and you referred to her as your right hand, yes?”

“That’s for sure and I count her as a dear and close friend. I would love to have her here if that is truly your intention. I also think out baby girl is taking quite a liking to her as well. After all, you saw how Stacy had her eating out of her hand so to speak and wanting more. Our diapered Princess wouldn’t be starving for attention, would she?”

“That’s for sure, and someone would always be here to supervise her activities, whatever those might be. She’d also have additional laundry to do but then that is part of her ongoing training. Living space wouldn’t be a problem and she would have the bedroom she currently occupies now.”

“I think she would love it here but after all, this is rightly your home and your ultimate decision to make.”

"I think it would be a good fir for everyone. It gets her out of the present situation she is in now and we can always use her help where our diapered Princess is concerned. I would ask no more of her than I have of you. That is, that she help with the household expenses. She would come out ahead financially as you have these past several months and we all would enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. "

“Is it decided then” Barb asked?

“Yes, I believe it is” Candice said.

“When should we break the news to her?”

“I was thinking about tomorrow afternoon. I have something I need to discuss between the three of us that concerns out baby girl.”

“What is it?”

“Well now, that’s my secret to tell. All I will say for now is that it will be enjoyable for all of us. I’ll say no more until tomorrow afternoon and not sooner.”

“Okay, I’m good with that. Let’s see how Stacy is getting along down the hall.”

“You go ahead; I’ll freshen up a bit and be down shortly.”

Barbara padded down the hall in bare feet with the scent of perfume and FDS surrounding her as she entered Stacy’s room. She was reaching around to unzip her dress.

“Here Stacy, let me help you with that.”

“You surprised me Barb, I never heard you come in.”

“I’m so happy you are here. It’s going to be such a fun weekend with a few surprises in store.” Barbara took her girlfriend in her arms and planted an affectionate kiss on her lips as she found the zipper so Stacy’s dress and slowly pulled it down sliding it off her shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor around her feet. Her lacy slip followed along with another kiss and both women stood in their pretty underthings.

“Hey you too, is there room for one more?” Neither of them heard Candice come padding softly into the bedroom. Both women parted slightly and Candice joined in making the circle complete with more affectionate play between all three before heading back downstairs into the kitchen.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Hello everyone, thanks for the interest in my story. here is the next part, enjoy!

The Diaper Girl
When Fantasy
Becomes Reality
Part Four

I was sitting in my highchair not realizing how much time has passed. I had finished my formula not long before I saw all three women come into the kitchen looking absolutely lovely in their bra and panties. My wet diapers needed changing and I wanted to be released from my highchair. Candice stepped forward releasing the tray and removing the pacifier gag from my mouth. I was happy to have it removed.

“How’s my baby girl, did she finish all of her formula?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I’m very wet and need to be changed.” I was allowed down from my highchair and joined the girls at the table. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. This didn’t go unnoticed by either of them.

“I think our baby girl enjoys being in our company” Stacy said.

“If she’s a good girl perhaps we’ll let her have some playtime with us later. Would you like that Diaper Girl?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, you know how much I love that.”

“That’s my sweet baby girl. Would you like Miss. Stacy to take you upstairs and change those wet diapers and plastic panties for you?”

To be honest, I never thought that she might undertake such a thing as changing my diapers. “Yes” I said.

“I bet if you asked her sweetly she would do that for you.”

“Miss. Stacy” I asked?

“Yes baby girl?”

I looked at Miss. Stacy embarrassed having to ask her to take care of such a personal thing like getting my diapers changed but somehow, I knew I wanted her to do it. “Would you please change my wet diapers for me?” I felt my face flush as I’m sure it must have turned crimson. I think Candice took pleasure in finding subtle ways to humiliate me like asking to be changed. She also knew that I craved this form of treatment.

“Barb, why don’t you bring Stacy upstairs and show her where all the supplies are that she will need.” With that, Stacy took me by the hand and the three of us headed upstairs for a diaper changing party. Once upstairs they made their way to the tub room attached to the Nursery.

“Do you have any experience changing diapers Stacy?”

“I have to admit that I don’t but it’s never too late to learn.”

“I have a feeling you’ll be getting lots experience changing her diapers whenever you are here so I’ll show you where all of the supplies are. Let’s get our baby girl on the changing table and I’ll demonstrate for you.”

I was undressed down to my bra diapers and plastic panties and placed on the changing table. My plastic panties were pulled down and my wet diapers unpinned and put into a large diaper pail.

“I know it’s only seven o’clock but we’ll be putting baby girl onto her thicker night diapers and plastic panties.” Barbara showed Stacy the contents of the various drawers that contained diaper pins, packing tape used to reinforce the tapes on disposable diapers baby powder and all the other tings she might need for a diaper change. Stacy opened another deeper drawer that held stacks of plastic panties. Barbara opened the double doors on the bottom revealing stacks of cloth diapers and disposable diapers. “There’s lots more where those came from, Why don’t you get three of the cloth diapers and two pair of plastic panties, one white and one pink pair.”

Stacy took out the required items while Barbara gathered baby powder, wipes lotion and diaper pins and laid them all out.

“There is one drawer you haven’t seen yet, Candi and I call it the toy drawer and for good reason. You’ll understand when you see its contents.” Truth be told, I was very familiar with the contents of this drawer having most if not all of the items used on me at one time or another. Barbara opened the drawer wide and Stacy’s mouth was agape seeing the contents held inside. There were several different toys, mostly dildos and butt plugs of different sizes lengths and thicknesses although Barbara and Candice had their favorites they preferred for me.

“Our diapered Princess is going to be penetrated in her cloth diapers and plastic panties tonight. Go ahead and pick whatever you want to be inside of her.”

“My goodness Barb, she has quite a collection of toys here. I have a few vibrators I prefer using when I want some fun time around the house but some of this stuff is pretty wild.” Stacy held up the various toys examining each one eventually settling on one of the heavily veined dildos. “What about this one?”

“Good choice as it is one of my favorites and one that baby girl has lots of experience with. It will keep her filled throughout the night.” Stacy watched as Barbara walked her through my diapering process. In short order, I was penetrated, diapered and put into plastic panties for the rest of the evening and nighttime.

Looking through my closet, Barbara selected a pink vinyl nursery print romper and one of my white nylon shells. I was helped into the shell, the bulk of my diapers evident and very noticeable as Barbara pulled it up and into place. Next, Stacy unzipped the pink romper holding it open so I could step into it pulling it up into place. Once zipped up, the seat of my romper was filled out nicely with all my diapers. With every step I took, the romper crinkled making noise announcing my presence. Barbara put my socks and shoes on and we prepared to head back downstairs. It has been less than ten minutes and I felt the wetness invade my diapers, I didn’t even notice until it was too late. One thing was for sure, when it came to wetting, I was truly incontinent.

Stacy took my hand as we walked towards the stairs. The bulk of the cloth diapers forced me to spread my legs further apart than I was used to and going downstairs forced the dildo deep inside of me to slip in and out of with every step I took. Once in the living room, Barbara and Candice took their places on the sofa and Stacy and her baby girl settled into the loveseat across the room.

“How does a glass of wine sound to everyone” Candice asked? Both women welcomed the invitation and in short order, all were enjoying glasses of chilled Chardonnay Candice even gave me a baby bottle of wine. This was a real treat for me as something this didn’t happen all that often. Stacy held the nipple to my lips and let me drink until I had finished. I drank about half the bottle and Stacy place it on the end table. She had a taste of her glass than pulled me close kissing me and patting my diapered bottom. I have to admit that I was happy and content to be in her embrace.

“Well now, it looks like our little diapered Princess is very comfortable, aren’t you?” Barbara asked.

"Yes Miss. Barbara was all I could say as I dribbled into my diapers. I had a feeling I would be doing a lot more of that before the evening was over.

“You found the accommodations to your liking Stacy?”

“Oh yes, the bedroom definitely has a feminine touch, very nice. You do have a lovely home here Candice.”

“Glad you like it, it will be yours whenever you are here.”

“It’s more than this girl could want, you are too kind.”

“That’s kind of funny Stacy because I said the same thing when I first stayed her and slept in that same bedroom. It really put my apartment to shame. I know you probably are feeling the same way.”

“Yeah, pretty much, I’m going to enjoy it while I am here.”

“Barb gave you a tour her Diaper Girl’s Nursery?”

“Not yet Candi, I showed her the tub room and where all the diaper changing supplies are. I told her she may find herself changing baby girl’s diapers when she’s here. I’ll be sure to give her the grand tour.”

My fingers began to trace the delicate fabric of Stacy’s bra and softly brushed over her nipple. I felt it get hard as I caressed it. I wanted it in my mouth and was trying to tell her without saying anything. I became more embolden in my efforts gently sliding the soft nylon of her bra exposing her nipple and that got Stacy’s attention.

“I think baby girl is trying to tell you something. I’ve been watching her efforts and know what she’s after” Barbara giggled taking another drink of wine.

“I have a feeling you may be right. Perhaps I’ll give her what she wants. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it too.” Stacy slid her bra strap across her shoulder freeing her ample breast from the confines of her bra and offered it to me. “Is this what you want baby girl?” I answered her question by taking her nipple into my mouth as I nursed contentedly. I wet heavily, the warm wetness absorbed by the soft folds of my diapers. I caressed her hard nipple with my tongue a few times getting Stacy into a higher state of arousal as I want back to nursing. Stacy stroked my hair and patted the bottom of my diaper filled plastic panties. I felt myself drop off to sleep her nipple still in my mouth. I never heard the conversation that followed.

“Hey Candice, I had a thought?”

“Do tell?”

“Have you even thought about doing something with Diaper Girl’s hair? It’s getting to be more than long enough that Kathy down at the Salon would be able to give her a pretty little girl’s hairstyle.” Barbara’s eyes lit up at the possibilities. Stacy was right, my hair was now quite long well past my shoulders.

“That’s a wonderful idea Stacy. What do you think Candi?”

“Truth be told, I hadn’t really given it much about that but you are right Stacy, I think Kathy could work her magic with her hair. I have been putting it up in a hairnet before putting her hairpiece in place. Better keep that overnight bag packed, you’ll need it next weekend. I’ll even let you make the appointment for next Saturday for late morning or early afternoon. It will be a very special day for out diapered Princess and for all of us for that matter.”

“I’ll call tomorrow morning, Kathy should be there by ten o’clock.”

My eyes fluttered open as Stacy looked down at me smiling. I didn’t know how long I had dozed off. It has only been about ten minutes but it was enough time to plan my first public outing that I wouldn’t find out about for another week. Wine glasses were refilled and I was allowed to finish my bottle as well as the conversation carried on for nearly an hour.

“Well ladies, I hate to break this up but it is getting late and well past Diaper Girl’s bedtime. Tomorrow promises to be a fun filled day and we all need our beauty sleep.” With that, we all headed upstairs and we all headed to the Nursery to secure me in my crib. Barbara secured my mittens on my hands and showed Stacy how to attach my ankle restraints and waist belt clipping leads to each. My pacifier was properly secured and everyone gave me a good night kiss, turned out the light and closed the door. Hugs and kisses were exchanged by the three women with Barbara and Candice heading to their bedroom and Stacy settled in for a fitful night’s sleep.

Saturday morning dawned sunny and warm with high white clouds. For me, it started with me being soaking wet and the feeling of the dildo penetrating me. This only increased my heightened state of pleasure. I needed release and although the thickness of my diapers and the fact that my hands were encased in thick thumbless mittens made it more difficult. With some effort, I was able to bring myself to a delicious orgasm as I filled my diapers with my baby girl cream. Content as I was, I felt the need to be changed. I would have to wait for someone to take care of that for me.

The clock on the nightstand read eight o’clock as Candice stretched pulled the covers back and went into the bathroom, the sound of water running woke Barbara from a light doze, stretched and followed her girlfriend into the bathroom. Candice watched in the mirror as Barbara slipped up behind her slipping her arms around her waist.

“Good morning sweetie, have a good sleep?”

“Oh yes, I’m going to freshen up a bit and then head downstairs and start some coffee. You’re going to the Nursery to check on things there?”

“Yes, I think I’ll wait until breakfast before changing her. I think I’ll use the incontinence plug before putting her into thick disposable diapers and plastic panties. Once I get her into the kitchen, it will be formula feeding time than Diaper Girl can have her breakfast.” Still wearing her babydoll, Candice kissed her girlfriend and headed downstairs to see about breakfast.

Stacy was already finishing up in the bathroom now in fresh panties and bra she wanted to check on a very wet baby girl. Turning towards the bedroom door, she walked down the hall, that’s when she saw Barbara coming from the other direction. The two women met outside of the Nursery and embraced with a good morning hug and kiss.

“Sleep well?”

“Like a rock, can’t remember when I had a better one.”

“Good, let’s see how our baby girl is this morning.”

I heard the door open and both Barb and Stacy walked over to my crib. I waved at them as they approached my crib lowering the side rail.

“How’s our baby girl this morning?” Stacy said rubbing the front of my vinyl romper as Barbara released my pacifier. “I think we have a wet baby girl on our hands Barb.”

“Yeah, but she’ll e okay until after breakfast. Why don’t you undo her restraints and get her out of the crib. I have a feeling you are going to have to know how to do this.” Stacy unclipped the lead attached to her restraint belt than after fumbling with the ankle restraints removed them without incident helping Diaper Girl stand in front of her crib. Barb raised the wooden side rail and checked her romper for wetness on the outside, it was dry.

After a few minutes, all three made their way out of the Nursery and headed downstairs, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee filled the air as they descended into the kitchen where Candice was in the midst of cooking a good breakfast of bacon eggs sausage and hash browns.

“Breakfast will be ready in a little while, why don’t you get baby girl into her highchair and start her on her formula feeding.” Stacy watched as Barbara helped their diapered Princess into her highchair and securing her in. “The best way to keep Diaper girl’s hands out of the way is to clip them together in her lap then to lock the tray in place. She won’t be able to interfere with her formula feeding. Once its feeding time, we’ll remove her mittens so she can feed herself.”

Stacy took notice of the procedure as she drank her coffee. Barbara retrieved the intended bag of formula from the fridge and hung it from the pole, attached the tubing and started the flow. It was only one pint but it was laced with a stool softener. She would get a bottle to drink with her breakfast and this would have a diuretic to keep her wetting. .

After breakfast, I was taken to the tub room for a bath of bubbles and perfume and removal of whatever body hair I had from the neck down, not that I had much to begin with. When I got out of the tub, Barbara wrapped me in a big fluffy towel and dried me off. I was dusted with baby powder and led back to the Nursery for a diaper change.

Barbara fastened my pacifier securely in place and had me lay on my stomach in the crib motioning Stacy to come with her as they entered the tub room and closed the door. "We’re going to use the incontinence plug on her before diapering her. Once I have it in, I’m going to drop three suppositories and some liquid glycerin into her. " They grabbed all the supplies needed and returned to my crib.

I heard someone pull on latex gloves and put something cool against my private place. It had to be Vaseline as it was spread all around down there. Next, I was spread wide apart and something was slowly pushed into me. It felt different than what I was used to. It took a little doing and I moaned my discomfort into my pacifier gag. Moments later, I felt it being pushed home and settle into place. Whatever it was, it really filled me full.

“I’ll let you do the honors Stacy.” Handing her the jar of suppositories, she dropped three through the hole in the plug followed by the liquid glycerin. “Be a good little baby girl and we’ll be right back” Stacy said. Both women went back into the tub room and closed the door and talked amongst themselves for about ten minutes while the suppositories and glycerin did their work.

“I know you feed her formula laced with laxatives Barb, but I have a suggestion you might try for tomorrow’s breakfast.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Prepare a nice big bowl of oatmeal for her and add a generous helping of bulk powdered laxative to it and stir it into the oatmeal. Her stomach will feel very full and somewhat bloated. The stuff will work itself through her system in about eight hours and you won’t be disappointed with the results. You will want to get the non flavored variety as she won’t even know it’s been added.”

“What a wonderful idea Stacy, I’ll have Candice do just that for her. I know what kind of results I get with the formula but will enjoy seeing how baby girl reacts with a stomach full of special oatmeal. After all, I just love watching her fill her diapers full.”

“You can be sure she’ll be doing that later this afternoon with what we’re about to do to her now.” Both women went back into the Nursery. As I lay there, I had the feeling they put something deep inside of me and could feel whatever it was doing its work. What was worse is the fact that I had no control over what these women were doing to me.

“Alright baby girl, I’m going to watch as Stacy puts you into diapers and plastic panties for the day. I know you want her to do that to you, don’t you? I also have a feeling she is going to be changing your diapers a little more often for me and she needs all the practice she can get and I am going to let her.”

I was told to lie on my back as Stacy unfolded the thickly padded disposable diaper slipping it under my bottom. I was liberally powdered, oiled and had baby lotion spread all over my bottom and diaper area. As Stacy pulled the front of the diaper up between my legs, the plastic outer shell was very crinkly. I had to spread my legs apart to accommodate the bulk of the diaper as she snugly taped me up. This was reinforced with some packing take to keep everything in place.

“Perfect, now lets get some plastic panties on this baby girl for added protection.” Barbara pulled on a pair of heavier white plastic panties followed by a lighter pair of pink plastic panties. About that time, Candice entered the Nursery and clapped in approval of my well diapered condition.

“Let’s see what we have for our baby girl to wear.”

I was allowed to stand up and Barbara selected a pretty pink bra and fitted it on me and filled out the cups with my silicone breast forms. One thing was for sure; whatever was filling my bottom full was constant and ever present. It didn’t take long for my bladder to empty its contents into my thirsty diapers.

It was Candice who chose my outfit for me that consisted of two main pieces. One of my pink nylon shells that I was helped into and pulled up into place. The second item was a set of bib panties in a pink nursery print with Disney Princesses all over them. They fit easily over my diapers and only accentuated my diapered condition. The back was zipped up and locked to the attached ring preventing me from removing my bib panties.

Candice retrieved one of my vinyl restraint belts fitting it snugly around my waist. She then removed the mittens I had on and replaced them with a pair of my white vinyl pair securing them in place and attaching my hands to the sides of my bib panties. A pair of white frilly socks and my Mary Jane shoes was put on my feet and I was fully dressed. My hair was put up in a hairnet and my little girl hairstyle was secured in place. Barbara applied light make up, lipstick and blush and I was put in front of a full length mirror.

As I looked in the mirror, I could not believe the image looking back at me. I had been made over into that of an eighteen month baby girl with diapers and plastic panties that were very apparent. Every time I moved my diapers crinkled loudly as did the vinyl of my bib panties. Barbara got out her cell phone and took some photos while Candice and Stacy headed back downstairs to take care of some other things while Barbara stayed with me in the Nursery.

“There is going to be a fashion show today and you are going to be our diapered model and main attraction. In case you haven’t noticed, you now have a complete vinyl layette courtesy of Vinyl Confections. They specialize in making adorable outfits for prissy sissy baby girls like you. We are all going to enjoy seeing you in them.”

“Hi Kathy, its Stacy, how are things?”

“Hey girl, long time, when are you going to come see me again and get those pretty nails of yours done?”

“That’s kind of why I’m calling. You see, Barb, Candi and I want to set up a time to come in for the day. Oh yes, almost forgot about our baby girl, it will be her first time for her.”

“Oh, how sweet, I didn’t know you had a baby girl, how old?”

“Oh, you could say we adopted her. She’s eighteen months and so adorable. I need you to do something with her hair. She could use a pretty hairstyle. A manicure would be nice to for her. I was thinking about coming in around ten or eleven o’clock this Saturday morning. How does that work for you?”

“Well let’s see now, let me check my appointment book. Yes, Saturday morning is wide open, Nothing until abound twelve thirty or one. I have a mother and her young daughter coming in but it should be pretty quiet otherwise. Normally, things are pretty busy but with the nice weather everyone is out of town on vacation.”

“Great, Saturday morning it is then, see you then.” Stacy hung up the phone.

“Stacy, can you take Barb’s place in the Nursery and send her down here? I need to talk to her about something; I’ll fill you in later.” “Sure, I’ll let her nurse for a while, she’ll enjoy that.” Barb and Stacy switched places as Candice told her about the appointment at the Salon with Kathy.

“I just had a wonderful idea Barb.”

“I just love your wonderful ideas, what is it?”

“Do you remember that girl we saw were we were leaving Diaper girl’s place for the last time? You know, he one who lived across the way.”

“Now that you mention it, yes, I do. I believe her name was Heather and she got quite a rise out of our baby girl. I had no idea they had known each other even if was only in passing.”

“Well, I also recall her saying she hoped to have the opportunity to see her again, perhaps an invitation might be in order, don’t you think?”

“You mean have her drop by for the afternoon for the fashion show?”

“Yes, she will be able to see our baby girl at her very best as she performs for us in more ways then one if you know what I mean.”

“I know exactly what you mean and I think it’s a wonderful idea. I just hope it’s not too short notice.”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Candice pulled Heather’s listing up on her cell phone and dialed.

Ring, ring, ring “Hello”

“Yes, hello, is this Heather?”

“Yes, who is this?” She didn’t recognize the voice.

“Hi Heather, I don’t know if you remember me, my name is Candice. My girlfriend Barbara and I ran into you when we were leaving the apartment Four B across the way from you earlier this year.”

A light went on in Heather’s head. That’s all she needed to hear. “Y yes, I do remember you now. You had that sissy diaper girl in tow, didn’t you? I remember because I never thought he could be into something as kinky as that. How are you? It’s been a long time since that day.”

“Indeed it has. I recall you mentioning that you might like to see him or should I say her again, yes?”

“Yeah, but after a while, I just forgot about it with school and all, I never figured on anything like that happening.”

“Well, I wanted you to know that I hadn’t forgotten about you. Now, I know it’s a bit short notice, but what are you doing later this afternoon? If you’re up to it, I’d like to invite you to a fashion show of sorts, are you up for that?”

“Am I up for it, you bet? I’m here with a couple of my girlfriends Julie and Kelly. We were just planning on kicking back this afternoon. Would it be okay if they came too? I told them about the encounter and they couldn’t believe it. When I told them, we all laughed so hard we all thought we were going to wet our panties!”

Candice thought for a moment but only for a moment and said “sure, I see a real good time coming on this afternoon. Plan on being here between twelve thirty and one o’clock this afternoon, ok?”

“How do we get there?”

“I’ll text you the directions to your cell phone. It’s not too difficult. Just take I-Ninety to the Lakewood exit and follow the directions in my text. See you this afternoon.”

“Okay, I-Ninety to the Lakewood exit and then the directions from our text, got it. See you this afternoon. Thanks so much Candice, see you this afternoon. Heather disconnected the call and shared the news with her friends.”

"It’s going to be a real party this afternoon Barb. Heather and two of her friends are coming over. You know what they say. A little public humiliation goes a long way. I wanted to hold things outside but it’s so hot and humid so we’ll keep the all festivities indoors in the comfort of the central air as our baby girl models her new Vinyl Confections layette for all of us. It promises to be a good time.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Thank you for following the story so far. We are nearing the end of this part of the story but there is much more to follow after this

The Diaper Girl
When Fantasy
Becomes Reality
Part Five

It was late August and it had been hot and humid for the past couple of weeks with no relief on the way. It was late Saturday morning and Heather was eagerly waiting for a text from Candice with directions to her place. This afternoon held a lot of promise and all three girls were looking forward to a fun time. Shorts and halter tops were the order of the day.

Heather was the oldest of the three but only by a year at twenty three. Kelly was twenty two and Julie was about to turn the same age as Kelly. All three were within a year of each other and really close. All three were in their first year of a two year degree program at Cuyahoga Community College or Tri-C as it was often referred to. Heather was working towards becoming an LPN but planned on transferring to Cleveland State University for her Bachelor’s to become an RN. Kelly was studying to be a Court Reporter with ambitions in the field of Law. She had set her sights of being a Paralegal, and who knows from there. Julie wanted to teach at the Elementary School level. Although the girls didn’t know it now, all their paths would cross once again when they would find themselves attending Cleveland State University. For now, they were happy to have each other’s company.

Heather’s phone announced an income text. “This is it, the directions we’ve been waiting for girls. It looks like we’re on for this afternoon.” Heather read the text as it came across the screen

“Take Lakewood Exit to Madison Ave. Madison Ave to Bellaire Rd. Left on Bellaire Rd. Stay on Bellaire for nearly four miles until you get to Warner Rd. It’s a small two lane road with stone columns on each side. This is a private road and gets very little traffic. Turn right and go one point two miles to a circular drive, you are here.”

It was about a quarter past one when the girls got into Heather’s car and made the twenty minute drive across town. They got off at the Lakewood exit and followed the directions Candice had sent. A short drive brought them to Warner Rd. and pulled the car into the circular drive turning off the engine. Moments later, they were at the front door of the Estate and rang the bell.

I was upstairs with Miss. Stacy in her bedroom seated at the vanity when I heard the doorbell ring. “We’re going to play dress up this afternoon and you are going to be our pretty little model, aren’t you excited?”

“Oh yes Miss. Stacy, I enjoy wearing pretty things for you and Miss. Barbara. I didn’t know Miss. Candice was having company and I’m afraid whoever it is will laugh at me and think that I a sissy baby.”

“You are a sissy baby girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but I don’t want everyone to know about that, just the three of you.”

“Oh baby girl, I have a feeling Candice has plans to show you off to others in the coming days, weeks and months. We all think you are just adorable and want to show you off to our friends. I’m afraid that is something you will have to get used to baby doll.”

I knew she was right. I also knew that I had no say in what any of these women choose to do with or to me. I had a feeling this was going to be for first of many experiences being put on display for their enjoyment. It didn’t help that the Bib Panties outfit I was wearing would ensure my diapers and plastic panties would be very visible to anyone announcing my true status and position in the household. All I could do was sit silently as Stacy applied the finishing touches to my make up.

Tastefully dressed in a summer dress and heels, Candice opened the door and welcomed her company in. “Welcome to my home girls, my name is Candice. I trust the directions I gave you proved helpful?” Closing the door, she ushered the girls into the living room. Moments later the sound of heels could be heard on the hardwood floor and Barbara joined the group.

“Hi girls, so glad you could make it this afternoon, it promises to be a fun time. Good to see you again Heather. Glad you could bring your friends by.”

“Hi Barbara, these are my friends Kelly and Julie. You two have a really nice place here. I don’t mean to be forward or anything but is that sissy Diaper Girl here I saw back in May?”

“Yes, she is upstairs with our friend Stacy and should be down in a few minutes. She really has come a long way since the last time you saw her.”

“Hey Stacy, how are things coming along?”

“Give us about half an hour and we’ll be ready.”

“While Stacy is getting our fashion model ready upstairs, I thought we would sit and talk and get a chance to get to know the three of you a little better. Would you girls like a glass of wine?”

“Thank you Candice, that would be very nice, thanks.”

“Barb, could you bring in some glasses and a bottle of wine for all of?”

“Sounds like a winner to me.” In short order, all were seated with a glass of chilled Chardonnay.

"So you’re College girls, yes? All three replied in the affirmative.

“I remember my College days; I was a member of Phi Delta Gama Sorority. Those were some of my most enjoyable years. What is your Major Kelly?”

“I’m thinking about a career in the legal profession. Right now, I’m studying to be a Court Reporter and hope to take come Pre Law courses in the next couple years.”

“What about you Julie, what interests you?”

“Well, I really enjoy teaching and I’ve been accepted into an internship to teach third grade next summer. I’m really looking forward to that.”

“It sounds like the two of you are well on the way towards achieving your goals. What about you Heather, What direction do you see yourself moving towards?”

“Well Candice, I have one year left and I will have my LPN Certification. After that, I plan on attending Cleveland State School of Nursing so I can get a Bachelor’s in Nursing so I can become board certified as an RN. It’s a lot of work, but I know I’m up for it.”

“We’re always in need of good Nurses. We should keep in touch as I have some connections to one of the hospitals in the area. Perhaps we can make something happen for you. I’m very proud of all of you and wish you all the best in your endeavors.”

Not to be outdone, Barbara decided to propose a toast. “I wish to propose a toast to girl power and much success to all of you.” This was met with much approval and all raised their glasses as one and drank.

The conversation carried on for another ten minutes or so and Kelly and Julie were quite curious to see the sissy baby they had heard about. Barbara decided to call upstairs to see how things were coming along. She was wondering what was taking so long.

“Hey Stacy, how much longer until our fashion model makes her appearance?”

“Give me about five, I’m just finishing up her make up and we’ll be down.”

I could hear numerous female voices downstairs and didn’t recognize any of them. I had no idea what awaited me downstairs but knew I would end up being the center of attention. Stacy finished the last of my make up. Before leaving the Nursery, my mittens were secured on my hands and my pacifier was secured in place. Stacy took my hand as we headed towards the top of the stairs. With every step, I could hear the crinkle of my wet diapers and plastic panties.

Everyone was seated comfortably when Stacy and I reached the bottom of the stairs; the sound of her heels on the hardwood floor announced our presence as we made our way to the living room.

“Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce our model for this afternoon’s fashion show. I think you will agree she looks lovely in her vinyl Bib Panties outfit. Please give a round of applause for our sissy baby Diaper Girl.” Stacy attached my hands to the sides of my restraint belt, my pacifier firmly secured in my mouth. Stacy joined Barbara and Candice on the sofa and watched the events unfold.

I got more than a round of applause. Kelly and Julie were on me almost at once, their hands running all over my vinyl bib panties patting me on my diapered bottom while Heather watched.

“Hey sissy baby, Heather told us about how she saw you coming out of your apartment dressed as a baby girl but we found it hard to believe, until now” Julie said.

“Yeah, she said you were even wearing diapers and plastic panties just like a baby and it looks like she was right about that too, wasn’t she sissy?” Heather and the other girls had good laugh at Kelly’s remark and Heather suggested they check to see if baby’s diapers were wet and she would need a change.

All three women on the sofa were pleased and were content to watch with smiles as their guests put their baby girl through her paces. “Can you girls check her diapers and let me and know if she is wet for us please” Candice asked.

“We’d be happy to” Heather said. “Are your diapers wet baby girl” Julie asked?

“Like she can answer you with that pacifier in her mouth can you sissy” Kelly asked? “I guess we batter check those diapers of yours like Candice asked us to so we can find out for ourselves.” Heather was the first to check slipping two fingers under the leg bands of my plastic panties finding me wet. The other two girls followed suit reaching the same conclusion.

“Hey Candice, your little Diaper Girl is definitely wet. Do you think she needs to be changed” Heather asked?

“I don’t think so honey, those diapers she’s wearing are very thick and absorbent. Besides, I don’t think she’s done using them quite yet. She’ll be okay for another few hours or so at least. How about we start the fashion show?”

So it was for the next hour, I was paraded in front of everyone in different outfits to the approval of all in attendance. Stacy and Barbara would take turns describing each outfit in great detail making sure to mention my ever present diapers and plastic panties. Their description always drew giggles and laughter by all three or Candice’s house guests.

A short time later, Stacy and her diapered Princess descended the stairs looking every bit the eighteen month baby girl. Stacy removed the pacifier from my mouth and allowed it to hang from the pink ribbon around my neck. Candice took great pleasure in describing the outfit I was wearing.

"The final outfit our diapered Princess is wearing comes from vinyl Confections as the others have. They specialize in custom vinyl baby wear for the adult sissy baby girl. The dress is of the high wasted variety as is the style for any baby girl. It is a pink Nursery print adorned with all the Disney Princesses. This dress locks on to ensure our Diaper Girl won’t be able to remove it until someone decides it’s time to remove the dress. It is fluffed out by the white vinyl petticoat vest. Any outfit worn by a baby girl isn’t complete with matching panties. Our diapered Princess is wearing matching panties to go with her dress. These have been modified to lock onto her to ensure she doesn’t try and remove her diapers. Thickly padded thumbless mittens are secured onto baby girl’s hands with sturdy Velcro straps and can be connected to her restraint belt so her hands stay out of the way. The outfit is completed with frilly socks and black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. You will want to take this adorable baby girl out in public and show her off.

“Hey Candice, where’s your bathroom?”

“Down the hall and first door on the right” she motioned with her hand and Julie made her way down the hall, her long brown hair tied back in a ponytail swung from side to side returning a short time later her tight fitting denim shorts and form fitting top showing off her figure. Julie patted my diapered bottom as she passed by.

“Hey Diaper girl, do you get to use the bathroom like a big girl” Kelly just had to know?

I was too ashamed to answer and hung my head. I couldn’t look at the pretty girl in front of me. Stacy answered for me.

“I’m afraid she’s more than a little embarrassed to admit to you that she hasn’t used the bathroom like a big girl for nearly six months now. You see, this baby girl is kept in diapers and plastic panties on a permanent full time basis and therefore has no need to relieve herself like we big girls do.”

“How long have you liked wearing diapers and plastic panties baby girl? You better tell me sissy because my friends and I want to know.”

I looked at Stacy afraid to answer not wanting to expose my secrets.

“It’s okay to answer baby, just tell her how much of a sissy you really are. I’m sure she and her friends will understand.”

“Well Diaper girl, we’re waiting.”

I could feel the tears flowing freely as I struggled to answer her. “I’ve been a sissy baby girl for as long as I can remember. I’ve kept it a secret for years until I met Miss. Candice. She was the first to discover my secret and now, all of you know.”

“See what you’ve done Kelly, you’ve made the poor sissy cry, you’ve humiliated her so” Heather retorted.

“Oh come on Heather, I didn’t mean to make her cry. I just asked her how long she’s been a sissy baby. I can’t help she started crying like a little sissy.”

"I wouldn’t worry about it too much Kelly. I have a feeling this sissy baby is enjoying this, aren’t you’ Julie asked?

“You like this treatment at the hands of these girls, don’t you? In fact, you want their humiliation, you know you do, isn’t that right baby girl?” Stacy asked.

“Y…yes Miss. Stacy, I can’t help if I’m a sissy baby girl but…” I couldn’t finish the sentence for thinking something was very wrong and then I felt it. The first thing that hit me was a cramp deep inside of me. It passed but another stronger cramp hit me in less than a minute as I tried clenching my cheeks to stop what I knew was coming but was unable to do so.

“What’s the matter sissy, you look like you’re having some trouble” Kelly said.

“I’m not sure, but I think our little baby girl is going to fill her diapers full” Barb told them. This brought uproarious laughter from all in attendance as everyone gathered around me in a circle with me in the center.

“Come on sissy baby, we want to see you mess your diapers for us” As Heather encouraged my efforts, the others echoed her statement wanting me to complete my infantile act. They wouldn’t have to wait long as I felt the pressure build in my bowels and felt something warm in my diapers but it wasn’t coming from the front.

““You want to mess your diapers for us, don’t you baby girl” baby girl?” Stacy said.

“Yes Miss. Stacy”

“Yes what?” sissy

“Yes Miss. Stacy, I want to fill my diapers.”

“Good girl” Stacy said. “Show Heather and her friends what a sissy baby you really are.”

Before I realized what was happening, it was too late. The large soft mass was pushing out of me into the seat of my diapers. As hard as I tried, I was unable to stop what was happening to me. Seconds after my bowels began to release their contents, my bladder emptied as I wet heavily and filled my diapers uncontrollably. Even more humiliating was the fact that this event was witnessed by all of the women who applauded my performance.

Kelly, I believe you asked me earlier if Diaper Girl was able to use the bathroom like us big girls, yes."

“Yes, but I believe she just answered that question quite convincingly for all of us.”

“She has come to understand that using the bathroom simply is not an option for her. I’ve also been asked if baby girl will ever get the opportunity to undergo potty training. Do any of you believe she is ready for this?” Candice pressed against the seat of my plastic panties forcing the mess to move around in my diapers.

“Huh potty training, you’ve got to be kidding. The only training this sissy needs is more time in her wet and messy diapers and I hope you get plenty of it Diaper Girl” Heather said.

“Oh you can be sure she will be spending plenty of time in her wet diapers and plastic panties” Candice reassured the girls. She took Heather aside and whispered some things in her ear. And Heather responded in kind so I wouldn’t hear what was being said.

"You’re kidding, in her wet and messy diapers?

“Yes, she loves it. We do it to her all the time when her diapers are wet and full. It’s her reward for messing her diapers in front of us. Why don’t you and your friends give her want she wants but bring her along slowly orgasm. As you have already discovered, she loves humiliation so give it to he. It will be a pleasure to watch the fun unfold.”

I watched as Heather and her friends talked in hushed tones broken by giggles and laughter directed at me no doubt. A short while later, all three girls came towards me as the others sat on the sofa watching with interest.

Heather passed the tidbit of information on to her friends. Upon hearing the news, all broke out in laughter about what they were about to subject me to.

“Ha-ha, can you believe this sissy used to be in college earlier this year?” Julie giggled.

“You could have fooled me” Kelly taunted. “The way this baby girl is dressed, she looks like she belongs back in Nursery School”

“To think such a sweet baby girl lived across the way from for such a long time. If I had known about sissy, I could have had you over at my place and my friends and I could have played house with you as our baby girl. We could have taken turns changing your wet messy diapers” Heather put in.

Moments later, the girls took up positions around me. Julie stood behind me while Kelly and Heather took positions in front of me. Slowly, Julie started massaging the mess in the seat of my diapers while Heather ran her hand over the front of my very wet diapers.

“Did you enjoy messing your diapers for us sissy baby, you can tell us. We won’t laugh at you, we promise, at least not right away. Oh, we may let you squirm a little but don’t worry, we’re going to have fun playing with you.” This drew giggles and laughter from all three girls.

I looked first at Candice than Barbara than at last Stacy to rescue me from my tormentors. All they would tell me was that for now, I belonged to the three girls to do with me as they pleased as the women sat back and watched. My fate it seemed was sealed at least for the time being. No rescue was forthcoming and I was at the mercy of these girls.

"We’re waiting baby girl’ Kelly said. “I bet you enjoy messing your diapers for us, don’t you sissy?”

“Yes Miss. Kelly, I am often made to fill my diapers in front of other women. I’m ashamed to admit that I enjoy it as well.”

“How sweet, I have to admit that I enjoy being addressed as Miss. You will address all of us as Miss followed by our name. Do you understand baby girl? While I’m at it, what’s a sissy baby girl in wet messy diapers wearing a bra? I thought those were for big girls.”

While all of this is going on, Kelly and Julie are gradually working me into a frenzy of excitement towards orgasm but back off before I release.

“I forgot to tell you that Diaper Girl has been trained to address all females as Miss. This reinforces her submissive position to all women no matter their age. To answer your other question, we all know that a bra is a girl’s only item. I have her wear one because the constriction of soft fabric around her chest reminds her of her sissy status”

"Oh how sweet, do you know what size bra your wear baby girl?

“Miss. Barbara says I wear a size thirty six c.”

“Do you think we should give you what you want baby girl?”

“Oh yes please Miss. Kelly. I’ve been a very good baby girl and filled my diapers for you.” Julie continued massaging the mess in my diapers in a downward motion.

“Be a good girl and spread your legs apart for us sissy.” Heather continued to rub the front of my diapers as Kelly reached between my legs pulling the mess through to the front of my diapers.

“We can push you over the edge anytime we want sissy baby.” Kelly leaned forward kissing me on the cheek and Heather did the same on the other side. Julie continued her efforts and all three looked at each other agreeing that the time had come to finish me off and they did all three young women had their hands all over my wet messy diapers as I exploded sending copious amounts of orgasm into my diapers as everyone in the room approved of my final act as more wetness filled my diapers. I was now a very wet and messy baby girl in need of a change.

“Now that our diapered Princess has received her reward for messing her diapers for us, I think it’s time to get her diapers changed” Stacy said as she took Diaper girl up to the Nursery to get cleaned up and put into fresh diapers and plastic panties.

“Would you girls like to say for dinner? I was thinking about ordering a pizza and wings for dinner, interested?”

“Sure, we don’t want to impose or anything” Heather replied.

“Not at all, we’ve enjoyed your company this afternoon and I think our baby girl is beginning to take a liking to the three of you. Perhaps when the weather cools off next month, we can take the festivities outdoors for some afternoon fun.”

While Candice was on the pone ordering the pizza and wings, I was finishing up my bath while Stacy prepared my cloth diapers I would wear until the following morning. Wrapped in a big fluffy towel, I was led back into the Nursery where I was penetrated put into my cloth diapers and plastic panties. Stacy chose a pink cotton baby dress with matching plastic lined rumba panties for me to wear. She fixed my hair and make up.

Everyone thought I was absolutely adorable in my infantile attire my diaper filled rumba panties on full display with rows of lace dancing across the seat. Pizza and wings were sitting on the dining room table as the kitchen table wasn’t large enough to accommodate everyone. Barbara had moved my highchair into the dining room as well and she secured me into it locking the tray into place.

“Oh Candice, she looks so sweet in her highchair. Where did you ever find something like that” Kelly asked?

“Well, I had it custom made for her as well as all the other furniture in her Nursery. Perhaps when you come next month, we’ll give you a proper tour of her Nursery. I just know you’ll love it.”

Dinner was served and wine poured with good conversation. My pizza was cut up and wings put on my plate and were given a baby bottle filled with wine. There was the promise of having these college girls back next month and possibly more visits after that.

Shortly after dinner, Heather and her friends decided it was time to take their leave. They expressed their thanks and approbation for the afternoon’s good company. After hugs all around, their attention turned to me. I was kissed and fondled by all three girls and told to be a good sissy baby as they would beck again to have some more fun with me. With that, they thanked Candice once again and headed out to the car and headed back to Heather’s place.

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Re: The Diaper Girl

The Diaper Girl
When Fantasy
Becomes Reality
Part Six

Sunday morning found me very wet but the extra padding Barbara had inserted into my cloth diapers meant that I wouldn’t have to be changed right away. The thick dildo penetrating me kept me aroused and I hoped that either Miss. Barbara or Miss. Stacy would tend to my needs after breakfast. To my delight Miss Stacy came into my Nursery playfully rubbing the front of my plastic panties. She could tell I was in a heightened state

“Does my baby girl have a little problem that needs taken care of?”

Unable to speak for the pacifier filling my mouth, I nodded my head and Stacy removed it allowing me to answer her. “Yes Miss. Stacy, whenever I am penetrated I always get this way and need some special attention.”

“I’ll just bet you do baby girl and so does Miss. Stacy. Why don’t we wait until after breakfast and we will spend some special time together. You would enjoy that very much, would you my sissy baby girl?”

I smiled up at her because I knew what she wanted and I wanted it too. I told her yes and she returned the smile and helped me out of my crib and down to the kitchen where Barbara and Candice were already waiting for us. The small of fresh coffee and breakfast filled the air as I was secured into my highchair.

Candice took Stacy’s suggestion and fed me a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast in my highchair. What I didn’t know is that the oatmeal was liberally laced with a powdered bulk laxative. When the bowl was more than half empty I told her that I was getting full but she insisted that I finish it. By the time the bowl was empty; my stomach felt bloated and told Stacy. She said “That’s okay baby you’ll feel better in a little while.” Stacy removed the tray and helped me out of the highchair.

“What do the two of you have planned for today? I’m going into the Kopper Kettle this morning and will try and get back later on this afternoon so the two of you will have to look after our baby girl.”

“Our little Princess needs her diapers changed and a little something that needs tending to. Than I thought I would put her to work doing a little domestic training while Stacy and I supervise her activities.”

“Good idea, why don’t you have her do the laundry as well, my laundry basket is getting pretty full, yours?”

“Now that you think about, I’ll have her do mine as well as run some stuff through the washer and dryer. I’ll give her a formula feeding a little later today.”

“Sounds like you’ll be keeping our baby girl busy for part of the day getting some things done around here. When I get back later, we’ll all sit down and talk. I have some things I need to share with everyone. Yes baby girl, that includes you too.” Her smile indicated that whatever it was, it had to be a good thing.

“Stacy tells me that you have a little problem that needs tending to. Is that correct?”

Stacy and Barbara watched as my face burned with embarrassment. It was another chance for Candice to humiliate me and she delighted in this. I couldn’t answer her but my silence was all the answer she needed. She patted the seat of plastic panties slowly pushing the dildo deep inside of me. Instinctively, I pushed it out and she pushed it back in deeper this time and kissed me.

“Yes, I would say she definitely needs some special attention. I bet if you are a good baby girl Barbara and Stacy will take special care of you.”

Candice kissed everyone affectionately admonishing me to be a good baby girl for Barb and Stacy. Moments later, they heard her car pull onto the private road and head towards the Kopper Kettle.

“Does our baby girl require some special attention this morning” Barbara asked? As Stacy kissed me, Barbara drove the dildo deep inside of me heightening my pleasure.

“Yes Miss. Barbara, Miss. Stacy said we would do that after breakfast.”

“Well then, if that’s what she said, I think we had better take care of that, hadn’t we?” Barb looked at Stacy with a knowing smile.

“Yes Barb, that’s what I told her but before we take care of that, I think it best if we both fed her if you know what I mean.”

“I know exactly what you mean Stacy, I think it’s time we head upstairs to more comfortable quarters and have some fun with our wet diapered Princess.” As we ascended the stairs, I expected to be taken to the Nursery to have my diapers changed but turned left at the top of the stairs and headed towards Barbara’s room.

“We need some help getting undressed, could you help us do that, and I know you want to, don’t you?” I looked at both women standing in front of me similarly dressed in button down tops and wearing skirts that came a little above the knees. I took a step towards Barbara putting my arms out for a hug and she took me in her arms kissing me on the mouth as I began undoing her top exposing her white satin bra. Moments later, her skirt and slip were in a circle on the floor around her feet.

I turned towards Stacy and her smile invited me into her waiting arms. As she kissed me, I felt her push the dildo back inside of me through my plastic panties. Slowly, I unbuttoned her top finding her to be wearing a pink satin bra with delicate lace edging. I kissed both of her breasts through the soft fabric of her bra as I had done to Barbara and as with Barbara, Stacy now stood clad in her panties and bra, a wet spot on the front of her pink panties was seen by both of us unknown to Stacy.

“Better not let Candice catch you in wet panties like that” she giggled, “Candice will have you wearing Kotex pads all the time same as me. We don’t want to set a bad example walking around in wet panties for our baby girl here.” That drew giggles and laughter from everyone, including me.

“It’s feeding time baby girl, why don’t you let Barbara tend to you first and then it will be my turn.”

I took my place on my knees in front of her as I gently pulled her panties down finding her Kotex already wet with anticipation of what was to come. I wanted what Miss. Barbara had and wasted no time going after it burying my tongue deep inside of her. It didn’t take long to bring her to her first orgasm, probably because she was already aroused. I sensed her moment of release and covered her with my open mouth as she filled it with her sweet orgasm. I had to work a little harder to bring her to orgasm again but it was worth it as once again, I took all she had. I was a happy baby girl and knew there was more to come.

“Come here baby girl and let Miss. Stacy feed you as well,” Stacy withdrew a tube of red lipstick and applied it generously to my lips. I was given permission to kiss those pretty pink panties Stack wore and took my place on my knees in front of her placing my lips where I knew her secret place to be as she held me firmly against her for the next several minutes. When I was released, the outline of my lips was clearly imprinted on the front of her pink panties. I wanted her sweetness filling my mouth and wasted no time bringing her to her first orgasm. Like Barbara, she was already in a heightened state of arousal. My mouth was full of her but I wanted more. I had to work harder this time as my mouth ached but my efforts were rewarded as she filled me with her sweet orgasm again.

A short time later, I found myself being cuddled by both Barbara and Stacy as they worked to slowly bring me to the point of pleasure allowing me to nurse from first one than the other. I let my fantasy take over envisioning both women’s breasts being full of breast milk as I took it into my mouth. While one was working the dildo in and out of me repeatedly, the other massaged the front of my plastic panties. Together, they brought me to one of the best orgasms I had ever had at the hands of both of them. My pleasure was complete as I expelled copious amounts of my baby girl cream into the folds of my now soaking wet diapers. As I looked on contented, Barbara and Stacy lay in each others arms kissing and fondling each other in a moment of intimacy. I only wished Stacy could be here more often than she had been. What I didn’t know all that would change later that afternoon.

“I think we need to get those wet diapers of yours changed and have you do a little laundry for us. After all, that is one aspect of your training and I plan on making sure you get plenty of practice. Would you like our little laundress to take care of your delicates for you? I’m sure she would be more than happy to, wouldn’t you?”

I wasted little time in answering her. “Yes Miss. Barbara, I already do yours and Miss. Candice’s lingerie. I could do Miss. Stacy’s too if she wants me to.”

“That’s my good baby girl. You may find yourself doing hers whenever she is here. I’m sure she would appreciate that. This way, she doesn’t have to take the time to do them herself. Not when we have someone like you to do them for her.”

It was late morning when we got back to the tub room in my Nursery. My soaking wet diapers and plastic panties were removed and after I was cleaned up, it was time for fresh disposable diapers and fresh plastic panties. I felt what I knew to be Vaseline being pushed into my secret place and an object inserted into my bottom. It wasn’t until then did I learn the real reason behind my total lack of bowel control yesterday when I filled my diapers without me even realizing it until it was too late.

Barbara had used what she referred to as an incontinence plug on me. The design was simple but very effective in what it did as I had already discovered. I was to learn that whenever I was put into disposable diapers, I would have this plug inserted into me making me effectively totally incontinent as I already had no bladder control. I was reminded that this is what I had wanted, wasn’t it? After all, I had disclosed this secret to Miss. Stacy and now a way had been found to make this become very real for me. I also knew I had no say in the matter as I had willingly signed over complete control of my bladder and bowels to Miss. Barbara and Miss. Candice, and potentially now to Miss. Stacy.

I was put in a high wasted baby dress and matching plastic lined rumba panties with frilly socks and Mary Jane shoes. Once again, my hands were secured in my thumbless mittens and the pacifier securely fastened in place. As the three of us headed downstairs, I could feel the unyielding plug inside of me.

“I’m going to show you how to secure Diaper Girl into her highchair and how to start her on her formula feeding.” Stacy paid close attention as Barbara showed her how to clip baby girl’s hands together in her lap than how to fasten and lock the tray in place. Opening to the refrigerator Stacy learned where the bags of formula were kept and what was contained in each bag as they were clearly labeled. Selecting a bag they walked back to the highchair and Barbara demonstrated how to hang the bag from toe pole attached to the back of highchair out of my reach. Next, she showed Stacy how to attach the tubing to the formula bag and the other end in the opening of my pacifier. All that was needed now was to start the flow which Barbara did. Seconds later, I felt the bulb fill and instinctively collapsed the nipple as I was forced to swallow its contents.

While I took my formula feeding, Barbara made us lunch. When it was ready, she stopped the flow and released my hands removing my pacifier so I could eat my lunch as they had their. Having finished my lunch my formula feeding was resumed as Barbara and Stacy gathered the laundry that needed tending to.

After getting a load of laundry in the washing machine, I began washing Barbara’s and Candice’s delicates. I remember thinking to myself they had such lovely lingerie to wear and I felt special because I always got a chance to see them wearing it. Once in a while I would think about how it would be to wear big girl panties again like I used to but I knew this would never again be possible. Stacy would bring her things in later but for now, the two of them were having some girl talk in the study so I could not hear what they were talking about.

“Barb, I was talking with baby girl yesterday morning and she shared something with me I thought it a bit unusual at first but when out ink about it, it kind of makes sense.”

“What’s that?” Barbara was curious as to what this might be.

“Well, she has this fantasy that she is being breast fed by either of us or Candice for that matter and we are pregnant and lactating so she can have real breast milk. I’d like to give her all the breast milk she wants but I don’t see me getting pregnant any time soon.”

“Funny you should say that because she has come to me in the past with that same request. I’m with you girl in that I have no plans of getting pregnant any time soon either but how to make this happen for her. Do you have any thoughts about this?”

“Well it’s a long shot at best but I still have a few contacts in the D and S community. I could put out a few feelers and see what happens. I don’t have my contact book with me but I’ll see what I can do” as she cast a long look at her girlfriend.

“There’s something else, isn’t there?”

Stacy gave consideration to the words she would use answering; “yes, you’ve probably been asked about this before by baby girl as well but I’ll tell you anyhow. She wanted to know if she can have some of our sweetness added to her formula feedings.”

“Ha-ha, she said the same thing to me a couple weeks ago. As regards this, she doesn’t know it yet and you would have found out later this evening but she is going to get her wish. I’ll let Candice fill you in on this as she has been doing the leg work on this one. I thought you wee going to tell me that I hadn’t been spending as much time with her as I used to. On that count, I have to plead guilty and don’t have an answer for that only that I need to make it right for her.”

“She did share that with me but I told her that I had no way of knowing. All I could tell her was that you and Candice had a special relationship but that the two of you still loved her very much. I think she has become very attached to me and is afraid that I will find a girlfriend like you and Candice are. I reassured her that this wasn’t the case at all. She even told me that I needed a special kind of girlfriend she referred to as a baby girlfriend. You could say in the short time I’ve known her she kind of stole my heart she’s so adorable.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, I got a soft spot for her as well, and I will have to reassure her that she is still loved by me. I guess I’ve been spending more time in my relationship with Candice that hadn’t paid as much attention to Diaper Girl as I used to. That will change, of that, you can be sure.”

“Did you see how Heather and her friends reacted when they saw our baby girl? Matter of fact, I think Candice likes them and has plans to have them back from time to time. I don’t think our diapered Princess has seen the last of them.”

“Yeah, I think you are right about that. I loved how she ended up messing her diapers in front of them. I can’t believe how well that incontinence plug worked on her. You hit the jackpot when you found that Barb.”

“Yeah, but she’s going to need some additional training to accommodate the larger size plug. This is going to require the purchase of what is referred to as a rectal dilator set. Essentially, it is a set of five plugs varying in thickness. She will be penetrated pretty much all the time now. Even when she fills her diapers she will have the incontinence plug inside of her. Once she starts using the larger incontinence plug, we’ll get even better results.”

“You really are going to make her fully incontinent, aren’t you?”

“Wasn’t that one of her secrets you got her to tell you the last time you were here? One of the conditions of the agreement she signed gave over complete and total control of her bladder and bowels to me and Candice to do with as we please. I have a pretty good feeling that will include yourself as well before the night is over but I’m not saying any more about that. I’ve probably disclosed more than I should but you didn’t hear that from me, right?”

“You are right about her telling me her secret about wanting to be incontinent and now she is going to get her wish. I’d love to see that agreement if it’s okay with Candice. I want to read that part about giving up control of her bladder and bowels. As for the last thing you mentioned, I just can’t recall what it was that you said. At any rate, we probably check on our little laundry girl as I have some undies I want her to wash for me. I’ll meet you in the laundry room.”

A short time later, Barbara and Stacy joined me in the laundry room as the last of the water ran out of the stationary tubs. Stacy had a small plastic bag full of nylon and satin underwear that needed washing so I filled both tubs half way the first with mild laundry soap and the other with some fabric softener.

“I have some pretty underwear for my diapered laundry girl to wash for me. I see you have refilled the tubs for me, aren’t you sweet.” She handed me the bag and I took each piece putting it into the soapy water. I had even found the pair of pink panties she had worn earlier that morning and was about to put them into the water as well when she stopped me.

"Those are such pretty pink satin panties aren’t they? Oh look, there is pretty red lipstick on my panties as well. Did my loving baby girl have something to do with that earlier this morning?

“I think she did Stacy. I bet she was fantasizing about being a big girl and wearing such pretty panties. After all, it has been so very long since she has worn big girl panties.”

“Yeah Barb I have this feeling the days of our baby girl wearing big girl panties are long behind her now. After all, she has no bladder control any more and now she has no bowel control either. It looks like baby girl has finally reached a state of complete insentience.”

“I’m so glad you got her to share such an intimate secret with you. It didn’t take long to turn her fantasy into something that is now very real for her. You like what we did to you, don’t you baby girl?” Both women turned their attention towards me. It was all I could do nodding my head in agreement, my face red with embarrassment. These beautiful women had succeeded once again in humiliating me as I wet heavily, the diuretics having the desired effect on my bladder.

It has taken me the better part of two hours to do all the delicates including the handful that Stacy had. My next task was to tidy up the kitchen then vacuum and dust under Stacy’s watchful eye. Barbara had gone to the kitchen to begin preparing a nice dinner for everyone. She was after all a pretty good cook. That skill was honed at the Kopper Kettle after she had been promoted from food server to cook then eventually to Sioux Chef. Dinner tonight was to be stuffed pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans.

By the time I was done, it was nearly four o’clock and Candice would be arriving home at any time. I was being cuddled on the sofa with Stacy when we heard the motor of the garage door open than close. Moments later Candice walked into a nice clean house.

"Hey girls, how was your day, did everything get done as I asked?

“Oh yes, all of that and more” Stacy said. “Our diapered Princess has been a very busy baby girl today, haven’t you?”

“Yes Miss. Candice, I even washed Miss. Stacy’s unties too.”

“You did, it looks like someone has even done the dusting and vacuuming as well. Did you do that too” Candice sand looking to me?

“Yes Miss. Candice, I did that after I was done in the laundry room.”

“Aren’t you a good little baby girl. Come here and let Candice give you a kiss and thank you properly.”

I walked over to Candice, my diapers and plastic panties crinkling loudly as I did so. She embraced me in a hug and smothered me with kisses. “You have had quite a busy day. I think what you need is a short nap while I talk to Barb and Stacy.” As if on cue, Barbara greeted Candice with an affectionate hug and kiss.

“How was your day honey?”

“Not bad, I hear our baby girl has been very busy today. I want her to take a short nap upstairs while I talk to the two of you. She doesn’t need to sleep but it needs to be private here. Please have Stacy bring her upstairs, would you?”

“Sure, dinner will be ready in half an hour or so.”

“That will be perfect. After dinner, I’ll have something to share with everyone.”

I didn’t want to take a nap but Candice assured me that it would only be for half an hour at most and that Barb or Stacy would come get me and bring me back downstairs because Candice had a surprise she wanted to share with everyone. So Stacy brought me up to my Nursery and secured me in my crib promising to come get me shortly. After she left, I wondered what they were talking about and what the surprise might be that Candice would share later on.

While their baby girl was upstairs in the Nursery secured in her crib for her nap, Candice, Barbara and Stacy were gathered at Candice’s request. “Alright girls as you know our baby girl has an appetite for our sweet nectar if you get my meaning, and she just can’t seem to get enough. She has made a rather unusual request in that she would love to have it fed to her in her formula feedings.”

“She has shared her desires regarding that with Barb and me as well. I would feed it to her all day long and love giving it to her. Unfortunately, I just don’t think that is possible.”

“Barb and I didn’t think so at first. That’s when I talked to my friend Anne at the hospital and she gave me a contact at the Cleveland Clinic, Her name is Mary a twenty something and she works at the Genetics Lab there. I want in to talk to her and the head of the lab Raymond Coltier last Monday. I learned that just about anything can be synthesized these days, including female orgasm, I was rather pleased to hear this.”

“There is one small part that Candice left out” Barbara giggled knowing what it was. “She showed Mary two photos of our diapered Princess, the recipient of their special formula.”

“Oh, you’re kidding, what did she say?” Stacy had the feeling she was leading up to something juicy and wanted to hear more.

“Mary wants to see our baby girl in person and I told her that could be arranged. She thinks baby girl is simply adorable! At any rate, Raymond agreed to fulfill my request. In order for this to work, it will be necessary for all of us to provide a sample. Try to make it as large as possible. This will be stored so more of Diaper Girl’s “special formula” can be made when needed. I will be bringing in the samples Tuesday to Mary with payment. She told me it could take at least two weeks but she would see if she could expedite the process.”

“Wow, I would have packed my favorite vibrator if I’d known about this” Stacy chuckled.

“Don’t worry honey; I think Barb has some toys in her toy box. I’ll bet she’ll share if you ask her nicely.” It was Candice’s turn to giggle now. “Here are the collection containers. Our baby girl wants something sweet in her formula. Let’s give her all she wants and then some. You can place the containers on the top shelf in the door and I will bring them into Mary tomorrow morning.”

“Are we ready for our Diaper Girl to join us again?”

“Yes Stacy. I told her she wouldn’t be upstairs too long. Would you like to bring her back down and put her in her highchair for us?”

“Sure, I’d be happy to.” True to her word, I wasn’t in my crib very long before Stacy brought me back downstairs and put me in my highchair. Dinner was served and it was delicious. Candice had cut up my pork chops into bite sized pieces and I was given a spoon to feed myself. Barbara brought out a warm apple pie for dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

After dinner had been eaten and cleaned up, everyone gathered in the living room for an evening of conversation. All three women had glasses of wine and Candice had filled one of my bottles with some wine too. I was content to be nestled against Stacy as I nursed my bottle listening to the conversation.

“It’s been a wonderful weekend and our diapered Princess was quite the hit modeling all of her new fashions, even if she ended up filling her diapers uncontrollably. Did you have fun yesterday Diaper Girl?”

I was afraid to answer at first but Stacy prodded me to do so. Most of it was fun Miss. Candice. I am happy that Miss. Stacy could come over and stay and spend time with me. I never expected to ever see Heather again but when she had two friends with her. I was so embarrassed to be seen in front of them. The worst was when I ended up filling my diapers in front of them. I was so humiliated."

I know you were baby girl that was our intention from the start. You can expect other opportunities to experience the same form of humiliation any time it pleases us" Barbara told me.

“I’m happy you’ve enjoyed having Miss. Stacy here as well.”

“Oh yes Miss. Candice, can she come over next weekend too?” I said in a hopeful voice.

Barb and Candice looked at the two of us and both with smiles then exchanged non verbal queues between the two of them as if to say now was the time to let the cat out of the bag so to speak. Stacy was watching all of this banter between them and knew something was about to happen but didn’t know what. Barbara broke the silence.

“Yes baby girl, Miss. Stacy is more then welcome to spend next weekend with us again, and the weekend after that and the weekend after that, and… Of course, that’s if she wants.” Barbara said.

“I can tell you’re a bit perplexed about what’s happening, so it’s time we filled you in n what’s been going on. We had intended to share this yesterday but with everything that had been happening we just didn’t have a chance. Barb and I have been giving this some serious thought for a while now, even before we learned of your present living situation. I’m about to make you an offer for you to consider and want you to take some time to think it over.”

“Now you have me at a disadvantage as well as my undivided attention.” Stacy took another drink from her wine glass setting it back on the end table.

“Do you find the accommodations upstairs to be comfortable and to your liking?”

“Yes, absolutely, this girl couldn’t be happier. It’s far and away better than what I have now, and the attached bath is definitely a plus.” She wondered where this was going.

“Good, I’m glad to hear it. How would like to call that yours?”

“Huh, what do you mean, I’m a bit confused by all of this.”

“I’m sure you must be. What I am asking you is this; How would like to get out of that apartment of yours and share my home with Barbara and I and of course our diapered Princess?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I think Stacy’s jaw hit the floor because she was lost for words. I felt I was going to burst with joy but contained myself because I didn’t know what was going through Stacy’s mind. I don’t think Stacy did either. She looked at Candice forming her response in her mind.

“You are serious, aren’t you, Are you absolutely sure you two are okay with this? I don’t want to upset any balance you two have here and I would feel terrible if I did. I know of a baby girl would love that more than anything and I don’t think she or I for that matter ever expected this. I want this to be right for you, for everyone. After all, this is your home Candice and I want to hear it from you that this is what you want as well.”

“Stacy, you were the second person I hired after Barbara after I took over the Kopper Kettle and I’ve known you for many years now as has Barbara. The two of you get on so well together and I know how close you two are. I would like to make you part of this family as I did for Barbara. It’s been a good fit for and I believe it will be for you as well. I’ll ask nothing more from you then I did from her. That being you help out with household expenses and take an active role in Diaper Girl’s ongoing training. Is this something you would consider Stacy?”

She wanted to say yes right away but looked at Barbara questioningly. "How do you feel about this Barb? I don’t want to upset the dynamics between the two of you here if I accept Candice’s offer. "

“I know how you are feeling about a decision such as this. I asked myself the same questions as you have now. I can tell you that it has been one of the best decisions I have made and believe it will be the right decision for you too. I know someone else who would enjoy your presence here as well. Candice would not have made the offer otherwise.”

“What about you baby girl, would you like Miss. Stacy to accept Candice’s gracious offer to take up residence in her home here? You would have three women to assist in your training and other matters as well. Would like that?”

I could contain myself no longer and asked her to accept Candice’s offer.

“Can I take some time and consider your offer Candice?”

“Certainly, take all the time you need Stacy.”

Stacy looked at me, than at Barbara and Candice then at me again and made her decision.

“Yes Candice, I will accept your offer and give my thirty day notice and share your home with your blessing.”

“My blessing, you have that. Your clothes and personal effects can be moved straight away. It’s nearly the end of August so you will want to turn in your notice. We’ll have you vacated long before the end of September to be sure. What kind of furnishings do you have? Whatever you want can be moved although I think you’ll find everything you’ll need is already here.”

“Most of the stuff is used second hand from thrift stores. With the condition of the apartment, I really didn’t wan to invest in anything new. I do have some nice paintings I think I’ll hold onto. Other than my personal things, the rest can be donated or just left behind. I can forget about my security deposit but I’m good with that. The sooner I get out of there, the happier I will be. I just can’t thank you enough Candice, you’ve been so good to me over the years and thanks just isn’t enough considering all you have done for me.”

"Both you and Barb have invested a lot of your own time to help make the Kopper Kettle what it is today. When I bought the place, it was a fledgling restaurant to say the least. For the first couple years, I often had second thoughts about what I had got myself into. The two of you stood by me during the really difficult times. Even when I couldn’t afford to pay you and that is why you both along with me are now reaping the rewards. I couldn’t have done it without the two of you. Your thanks are all I need.

Stacy got up from her place on the loveseat taking my hand, and walked over to where Candice was. She could see the gratitude in Stacy’s eyes as she stood up to meet her with arms outstretched as the two women came together in a heartfelt embrace.

While Stacy was expressing her thanks, I came to Barbara with my own arms outstretched for her because I wanted to share my happiness with her.

“Come here baby girl, Miss. Barbara has something she wants to tell you.” Seconds later, I find myself on her lap with her arms wrapped around me smothering me in kisses. It had been a long time since I found myself in her arms like this and it felt wonderful, just as I knew it would be. “Miss. Stacy came to me with your concerns and I want you to know that if it seems like I haven’t been spending special time with you the way we used to, I want you to know that you can always come to me for anything you need. Miss. Barbara will always be he here for you baby girl.”

I saw the tears of joy in Stacy’s eyes as I want to hug her. What I didn’t know was that the oatmeal I had eaten that morning finally caught up to me and before I realized it, I had filled my diapers full. Stacy patted my bottom for confirmation. “I think someone’s just messed her diapers and needs to be changed.” With that, everyone decided to call it a night heading upstairs to get me ready for bed.

Re: The Diaper Girl

Here is the next part of the story. enjoy!

The Diaper Girl
Stacy’s Relocation

As promised, Candice stopped by the Genetics Lab to keep an appointment with Mary. She dropped off the samples and payment. “I trust the contents on these containers will prove more than adequate to take care of what needs to be done with them?”

“I’m sure they will have no problem there. I do have something to share with you and hope you don’t get upset. I had considered not telling you but knew that would be wrong and I would have really felt terrible.”

Now Candice was a bit on the defensive. All she knew was that it had to do with the business they were in the process of transacting. “What’s up Mary, Is Raymond going to be able to take care of this for me?”

“Oh yes, that’s not the problem at all, it’s what I’ve decided to do that I’m afraid you may not approve of.”

“Okay, what might that be?”

“It has to do with what you are about to have done here. I don’t believe anything like this has ever been done before. Well I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass me by so I decided to contribute a sample of my own. I wouldn’t blame you being displeased with my actions and apologize ahead of time. I’ll discard it straight away if you like.”

Not surprisingly something like this had crept into the back of Candice’s mind and she had kept this to herself electing not to tell anyone. What Mary had said was true in that nothing like this as far as she knew had ever been tried before. Mary saw the expression on Candice’s face change a few times eventually softening accompanied by a warm smile putting Mary at ease unsure about how Candice might react.

“You know, Mary I had a feeling something like this might happen. I guess I can’t fault you for doing what you did. I suppose if it were the other way around I might want to do the same thing. I don’t have a problem with you contributing to the cause so to speak. If you want to continue contributing samples, I don’t have a problem with that either. All I ask in return is that whenever I need to replenish what I or should I say Diaper Girl needs at home, I can get it when I need it, okay?”

“Deal, you just let me now ahead of time how much you need and I will see that you get it. In fact, I will ensure that they keep a reserve supply on hand so that when you need more, you won’t have to wait for it, okay?”

“I like that even better” Candice said.

Can I still see that diapered Princess of yours? She looks so adorable in that photo."

“Yes, absolutely, I know she will want to thank you for this and I have the perfect way for her to do just that. She loves to be fed in a very intimate way that will be very pleasurable for you as well. Our diapered Princess takes care of the intimate needs of Barbara, Stacy and I. She never fails to satisfy us completely and in doing so receives her own sweet reward.”

'Well then, the sooner we get this under way, the sooner I will have that pretty diapered sissy on her knees thanking me properly. It has been a long time and I do mean a very long time since I have had an opportunity to be taken care of in such an intimate manner. I am looking forward to seeing her for sure."

“Sounds like fun. Please keep me informed on how things are going and when I can pick everything up, okay?”

“Okay” Mary said, with that, Candice started heading towards the door to leave when she turned back towards Mary. It couldn’t hurt to ask the question.

“Mary, I need to ask you something as relates to our diapered Princess.”

“Okay, what about?” Mary was couloirs.

“Well, she has something of an oral fixation that you will discover for yourself soon enough but what I am referring to is something she has been wanting fulfilled for a long time now.”

“Just what might that be Candice?”

“Do you know anyone who is pregnant far enough along to be lactating? I know what I’m saying and baby girl wants real breast milk.”

“Well let’s see now, let me think. There is this one girl Brandy, she is having some studies done here. She’s about thirty weeks or seven and a half months along. I’m sure she’s lactating by now. She’s just past eighteen years old and really not ready for the responsibilities of having a baby. I just don’t think she’s mature enough to handle this sort of thing.”

"That’s okay, couldn’t hurt to ask. I have another friend of mine in the healthcare field. I’ll bounce this off of her and get her take on it. Thanks and let’s keep in touch, okay?

“You got it” Mary said and left the office and headed home.

While Candice was taking care of things at the Genetics Lab, Barb and Stacy were planning their day’s activities. “Hey Stacy, how do you feel about swinging by your place and pick up some of your things?”

“Sounds good to me, I would really appreciate your help. I could move some of my clothes over if you think it’s alright with Candice. Truth be told, I really don’t want to stay there anymore if I don’t have to. We could get most everything of any value to me today. The furniture I have is pretty much used and don’t really need any of it.”

“Candice won’t mind at all although we’ll have to wait until she returns from running her errands this morning if that’s okay?”

As it turned out, they did not have to wait long before the sound of the garage door announced her arrival home. They heard the sound of the car door close and moments later joined them to share the events of her visit that morning.

“Hey girls, how are things on the home front?”

“All good here, baby girl vacuuming the carpets upstairs, want some lunch?”

“Sure, I could go for something light. I had a nice chat with Mary this morning regarding two things.”


“I asked her if she knew anyone who was pregnant and lactating for Diaper Girl’s taste for breast milk but she couldn’t help there. I’ll talk to Anne and see if she can put some feelers out for me. I also left her with the samples and payment. I think she want in on what we’re having done as well.”

“Yeah, how so” Stacy asked?

“She did what I had a feeling she might do when I left her office the first time. Mary decided to donate a sample of her own as well. I think she was struggling weather to tell me or not but did so anyhow and even said offered to discard it if I didn’t approve.”

“I thought about it briefly and allowed it to go in as well. With the understanding of course that whenever we needed the supply replenished, I could get whatever we needed whenever we needed it. Mary said she would see to that and that we would be getting a substantial quantity to begin with. I also told her that she could continue to contribute to the cause if she wished and I have a feeling she will.”

“I guess that’s one thing I wasn’t expecting to hear. Does our baby girl know about Mary’s contribution?” Barbara said.

“No, but she will know seen enough. I think Mary will want our diapered Princess to thank her properly for making all of this possible. She did say that she was looking forward to having our baby girl on her knees in front of her where she belongs.”

“I agree” Stacy said “Although, I think we should heighten her humiliation and set her up to fill her diapers full in front of Mary so she can see how much of a sissy baby girls he really is. When she gets changed, we can fill her bottom full of the stuff, penetrate her and put her back in diapers and plastic panties. Then, we can secure her into her highchair and fill her mouth with the new penis gag I have for her. You will want to prepare a special bag of formula liberally laced with laxatives and a generous measure of synthesized female orgasm. This way, she’ll be taking it from both ends and loving every minute of it.”

“I absolutely love your idea Stacy. What about you Candi?”

“It’s perfect Barb and as you both know, all of this is part of Diaper Girl’s ongoing training. Before that happens, we have an appointment with Kathy at the Salon this coming Saturday morning with an opportunity for a little public humiliation. I’ll talk more about that later” Candice told them.

While Barbara was preparing lunch for everyone, Stacy went upstairs to check up on my progress. Seeing that I was done, she stored the vacuum cleaner in a small storage closet and checked my diapers for wetness. Finding them pretty well saturated, I was changed into dry diapers and fresh plastic panties with plenty of baby powder and taken downstairs for lunch and a formula feeding.

“Did someone just have her wet diapers changed? I can tell Stacy didn’t spare the baby powder either, you small so sweet. You like Miss. Stacy, don’t you baby girl?” Candice said as Barbara secured me into my highchair for lunch. I was unable to answer with the pacifier filling my mouth. Barbara started me on my formula feeding while lunch was prepared. As I was forced to swallow the formula, my bladder released its contents spreading warm wetness throughout my diapers.

“Candice” Barb asked.

“Yeah Barb.”

“Stacy wants to swing by her place and pick up some of her things, clothes mostly.”

“Yeah, I really don’t want to have to stay there any more than I have to and I would feel so much more comfortable here if it’s okay with you?”

“Sure honey, why don’t the two of you swing by her place this afternoon and I will take care of things here. There are a couple loads of laundry that needs doing and I’ll have her pick up around the house. If she’s a good girl, I might find a way to reward her” Candice said with a smile.

“I know you will” Barb said returning the smile.

“You two run along and take all the time you need. I’ll feed her lunch when she’s done with her formula feeding and have her clean up in the kitchen as well.” Candice gave both women an affectionate kiss and sent them on their way closing the door as they left.

“Oh Barb, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be getting out of this place” as they pulled into the parking space in front of Stacy’s apartment. Upon entering, Barbara thought to herself that this place kind of reminded her of her old place in that it was an older building and definitely in need of some work.

Both women headed back to Stacy’s bedroom where all her clothes were. “I have a couple suitcases I can pack stuff into as well as a large tote bag for undies and stuff like that.”

You want me to help you with this stuff Stacy?"

“Sure, you can help me fold clothes and pack the two suitcases.” Both women started in on packing both bags with Stacy’s clothes. “Now, it’s time to empty my dresser drawers. Nothing special here, just some utilitarian plain Jane undies, nothing sexy about any of this stuff”" Stacy said. There were a couple bras and a few pair of panties that were pettier than the rest.

“Looks like we need to take you shopping for some pretty new undies” Barbara said. There’s this really nice place on Madison Ave in Lakewood that Candi and I go for our stuff. In fact, she took me shopping for new undies and lingerie when she saw the stuff I had. It’s a lovely boutique and Celeste will schedule after hours appointments for private fitting. Candice knows the owner Celeste; she’s a really nice lady. Candi and she have been friends for a long time now."

“That would be great. There’s nothing like getting new lingerie to make a girl feel really special. That could be a lot of fun and something I’m looking forward to.” Drawer by drawer was emptied and packed into the tote bag. The next drawer was somewhat smaller containing pantyhose, stockings and garter belts. At the bottom of this drawer, she found it, a small address book. “Here it is Barb, the address book I was telling you about, my contacts to the D and S community. I’ll have a closer look at it when we get back to your place.”

“Don’t forget, it’s going to be your place too Stacy.”

“You know you’re right. I’m going to have to get used to that. While I’m here, I better draw up my thirty day notice and write a check for this month’s rent and drop it in the box by the office. It will be the last time I do this and that’s okay by me” Stacy told herself as she rounded up some of her personal effects out of the bathroom. She didn’t find what she was looking for and realized she was out and would have to get more.

“Hey Barb, can I ask you kind of a personal question?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Do you have any pads at the house? I’m out and I’m going to be getting my period in a couple days.”

“Yeah, I’ve got plenty, as long as you don’t mind using Kotex overnight pads.”

“Wow, those are like wearing diapers but they will work” Stacy said and both women got a good laugh out of that.

The suitcases and tote bag was loaded into the car and they went back inside for anything else Stacy might need. They cleaned out the coat closet and Stacy grabbed a few more odds and ends.

“There’s this lady and her daughter across the hall from me. She’s on food stamps and I’m going to give them all of my stuff in the cupboards and refrigerator. I don’t need it and I know she can use the stuff.” Stacy walked the short distance across the hall and knocked on her neighbor’s door. The door opened only as far as the chain would allow.

“Hi Ida, it’s Stacy, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, just a sec” the woman said. The door closed and opened again only wider this time and Ida watched her neighbor across the hall. Ida Johnson was in her late twenties and appeared somewhat disheveled, her seven year old daughter Tanya was standing behind her Mother.

“Hey Ida, I just wanted to let you know that I have turned in my thirty day notice and will be moving out today. This is my friend Barbara and she is helping me move some of my things.”

“I’m glad somebody is able to move out of this place. Things aren’t the best here but you knew that. Guess that’s why you’re getting out of here, yeah?”

“Well kind of. Anyhow, I wanted to give you all the food and stuff in my fridge if you want it. Otherwise, it’s just going to get thrown out. If you can use any of the furniture I have, I want you to have that too. Barb and I are sharing a place and I really don’t need any of the stuff here so whatever you want, I want you to have okay?”

“You sure, I don’t want you coming back here in a few weeks saying you want the stuff back again, are you?”

“No Ida, you don’t have to worry about that. When I say you can have whatever you want, that’s what I mean. I would rather it go to someone who could use it than see it get thrown out.”

“Wow, I’m so blown away. Nobody’s ever done anything nice like that for me ever. When can I get the stuff?” She wasn’t entirely sure Stacy was for real.

“How about now, we can bring whatever food is here across the hall for you.” With that, Stacy got a trash bag and started putting stuff into it cleaning out all the food stuff she had bringing the bag across the hall. She did the same with all the stuff she had in her fridge and freezer and brought that over too. It wasn’t until then did Ida know she was serious.

With all of Stacy’s belongings safely packed away in the car, Ida was allowed to take a look at what Stacy had in the way of furnishings and chose what she wanted. She chose the dresser out of the bedroom and a kitchen table with two chairs. There were a few other small things that Barb and Stacy helped move across the hall. Ida took some dishes, glasses, silverware and a few small appliances as well.

“Can I have the TV too?” Ida asked.

“Sure, I’ll bring it across the hall for you along with the TV stand as well.”

Tanya watched in amazement at what was going on. “Mommy” she said hesitantly?

“Yes honey?”

"That lady is really nice, isn’t she?

“Yes she is Tanya honey; I can’t believe she’s giving me all of this. It’s like a gift from god and I’m so thankful, I just don’t know what to say or how to thank her.”

Stacy thought she saw a tear forming in the corner of Ida’s eye and. Knew that she had done the right thing in helping her neighbor. “Is there anything else you might want from here Ida?”

“No, you’ve done way too much for me already being so kind and all. I don’t know if thank you is enough, but that’s all I have.”

Before closing and locking her apartment door, Stacy saw the porcelain doll on a stand sitting on a small table. She went over and took both the doll and table and brought them across the hall. Taking the doll, she knelt so she was eye level with Tanya. “This is for you baby. Every little girl should have a special doll they can call their own and I want you to have this one.”

Tanya threw her arms around Stacy’s neck in a gesture of thanks. “Ida, your thanks is all I need. All I ask is that you enjoy the furniture and that you take care of your little girl.”

“Thank you so much, I will be sure to do that.” She then gave Stacy a hug in her own gesture of thanks. “You’ve done more for me than you can ever know. God bless you neighbor.”

Stacy checked her door one last time to make sure it was secure and bid goodbye to Ida and Tanya throwing them a kiss. They heard Ida’s door close as Stacy and Barbara headed out to the car. Before leaving, Stacy dropped the keys in the lock box along with her rent and thirty day notice. They drove home leaving the apartment complex behind for the last time. She would be sure to call the Phone and Utility companies and have her service cancelled and final bills sent to her new address.

It was close to five thirty when the car pulled into the circular drive and Barb turned off the engine. Between the two of them, they were able to bring everything in a couple trips bringing everything up to Stacy’s room. Back down in the kitchen, Candice was busily cooking dinner.

“Everything smells wonderful” Barbara said. “After this afternoon, we’ve worked up a good appetite.”

“I’m sure the two of you have at that” Candice said.

“So, how did things go Stacy, were you able to get everything done that you wanted to?” Candice asked.

I When I heard the sound of Barbara and Stacy talking it made me very happy because I didn’t expect her to be so soon. I was in another part of the house when they left earlier in the day. I went out to where everyone was as fast as I could but the bulk of my diapers slowed me down. I want up to Stacy and gave her a great big hug.

“Well Stacy” Candice said. “It looks like someone is happy to see you.”

Yes, it would appear so and I am happy to see her too" Stacy said returning the hug and kissing me on the cheek.

“Are you going to stay here tonight too” I said?

“Yes, and as a matter of fact, I will be here all the time from now on” she said.

I was exceedingly happy and it was apparent to everyone as Stacy continued sharing the afternoon’s events.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. They have my thirty day notice as well as my keys and I’m happy to be out of there. I did give my neighbor across the hall all of my food stuffs and some of my furnishings. I figured she could use them and was happy to get them as well. I don’t know how things are going to go for her and the others but at least she has something she needed and I feel better for that.”

“You did a wonderful thing Stacy” Candice told her. “You brightened up the lives of a mother and her little girl and I know that has to feel good to know you helped someone in need. Why don’t you get our baby girl from her Nursery and sit together on the couch while I finish cooking dinner.”

Candice looked on contentedly seeing the three of us on the sofa with me between Barbara and Stacy. Turning her attention back to the business at hand, she pulled the meatloaf out of the oven and gave the mashed potatoes a final stir and draining the corn. Placing everything on the table, Candice called everyone to dinner as Barbara helped me into my highchair securing me in with the restraining straps.

As everyone sat down to eat, Barbara prepared a plate for me cutting up my meatloaf and placing the plate on the tray of my highchair and tied a pink bib around my neck that said “Baby Girl” and placed a baby bottle of milk on the tray. Candice poured glasses of chilled Chablis for everyone else.

The conversation was light and the food delicious as everyone enjoyed dinner. Before the women cleaned up the dinner things, Barbara secured my hands out of the way and I found the pacifier filling my mouth again as I had to endure another formula feeding. I was always unsure of what to expect from these feedings until later.

I was now feeling very wet and was afraid if I wet much more, my diapers wouldn’t be able to contain everything. After the dinner things were cleaned up, my formula bag was all but empty and Stacy released me from the restraints and I was helped down from my highchair.

“Stacy” I said.

“Yes baby girl?”

I whispered in her ear, “I’m really wet” I told her.

Cupping the seat of my plastic panties, she discovered this for herself.

“You certainly are a very wet baby girl and need to be changed. You wait here and I will be right back, okay?” She didn’t wait for an answer. Walking over to Barbara’s he inquired about the contents of the formula and how to diaper me.

“There were laxatives and diuretics in her formula that won’t take effect until early afternoon. You can penetrate her and put her in her cloth night diapers and plastic panties. I’m sure you will find something pretty for her to wear for bed. Candice is going to allow her to have a baby bottle of wine this evening so we’ll have a little fun this evening.”

After a short time, Stacy and I returned to the living room with me in comfy dry or nearly dry diapers and pink plastic panties and pink babydolls. I got to snuggle with Barbara and Stacy as Candice watched sitting in a favorite overstuffed chair as we chatted and sipped our wine.

As Stacy relaxed on the sofa, she felt a wave relaxation wash over her. The weight of dealing with her old place was gone now and she could concentrate her energies on more important things. One of those being a certain baby girl she was looking forward to training and spending precious moments with.

After nearly and hour, the wine glasses were empty as was my baby bottle. It had been a busy afternoon for Barbara and Stacy and you had the feeling that everyone was going to sleep well tonight. As we began to head upstairs, Candice did a last check downstairs turning out the lights and headed upstairs to join the others.

Everyone gave a hug and kiss before Barbara secured me in my crib kissing me once more before raising the side rail. “Love you baby girl” she said turning out the light and heading down to curl up with Candice. Stacy stripped down to her bra and panties, turned on the bedside lamp and slipped into bed knowing this would now be her home. She had been in a heightened state of arousal all evening and now, she was going to satisfy her intimate needs.

Reaching into the nightstand drawer, she withdrew her favorite vibrator slipping it easily into her wetness and turned the knob. It didn’t take long for her to experience a very satisfying and enjoyable orgasm giving a soft moan of pleasure as she turned off the vibrator, turned off the lamp and allowed herself to drift off into a fitful sleep.

As Barbara and Candice lay in each others arms kissing and caressing each other, I lay in my crib allowing the wine I had earlier to do its work making me feel drowsy. As I turned to lay on my front, my eyes grew heavy. As I drifted off to sleep, I never felt the warm wetness as it filled my diapers.