The Diaper Genie by Bob Smiley (Chapter 7 added Nov 2)

Chapter One

Madison sunk in to the couch, her one open eye peeking through the gap between her index and middle fingers. Every muscle was tensed and ready to recoil in an instant. Her bladder had complaining for twenty minutes but Madison couldn’t bring herself to move from in front of the TV.

“Geez babe, lighten up.” Teased Chris, her boyfriend of almost a year. “It’s just a movie.” He leaned in to tickle her side but Madison stiffened up and quickly slapped his hand away.

“Do not even think about it, mister!” She said angrily. “You’re lucky to even be here. If Mrs. Richardson knew I was having friends over, she would fire me on the spot.” Her interest in the horror show on the screen diverted, Madison crossed her arms and shifted away from her date. “I’m not in the mood to fool around.”

Chris acted hurt. The hormones coursed through his eighteen year-old body but he managed to play it cool. “It’s ok baby. We can just snuggle and watch the zombies.” He held out his arms and prepared to wrap up the object of his affection.

Madison’s expression softened and she leaned in to Chris with a contented sigh. Seconds later the moment was ruined when the baby monitor crackled to life and the sound of a screaming infant filled the room.

“Rachel.” Madison said flatly. She slipped out of Chris’s arms and pulled herself to her feet. “I’ll be right back.”

Madison headed to Rachel’s room and was immediately assaulted with the smell of a messy diaper. It was the second of the evening. Madison peered down at the squirming baby inside the crib and wrinkled her nose. “Seriously, little girl! What are they feeding you?”

Working quickly, Madison moved Rachel to the changing table. The college freshman nearly gagged when she opened the little girl’s diaper. It was times like these that Madison felt babysitters deserved combat pay.

“Baby! You’re missing one of the best parts!” Chris called out.

Madison sighed. “Then pause it. I’m going to be a minute.” She removed Rachel’s diaper and was in the process of wrapping it up when Madison realized the diaper pail was missing. There was a new Diaper Genie but it was still in the box.

Madison cursed while she held her breath. She set the dirty diaper down carefully and quickly assembled the new diaper pail.

“Madison! Where are you babe?” Madison rolled her eyes. Chris had many virtues but patience was definitely not one of them.

With a frustrated grunt Madison tossed the soiled garment in the pail and moaned, “I wish it was somebody else’s kid who was constantly needing someone to change their diaper.”

There was a bright flash, like a bolt of lightning had had struck in the center of the room. Madison’s entire body tingled and she could smell lavender and baby powder even though she hadn’t started putting Rachel in a fresh diaper.

Madison shook her head and tried to focus on the task at hand. She stepped forward to finish cleaning Rachel up when there a stranger’s voice made her jump.


Madison turned to see an old woman in a garish green ball gown. The woman held a small wand with a glass star at the end. She looked at Madison and smiled a big toothy grin.

Madison was confused. “I’m sorry. What did you say? Um, who are you?”

“I’m the diaper genie. Well, a diaper genie. Probably the only one you’ve ever met. Anyway, I heard your wish and I’ve granted it. The child is now fully potty trained.”

Madison’s eyes grew big. “Seriously? That’s fantastic! How did you-”

“Enjoy!” The woman’s voice lingered as she disappeared in another flash of light and baby powder.

Madison quickly finished cleaning Rachel. She put her in another diaper, only because there wasn’t anything else that would fit the small child. Madison was wondering if what the woman had said was true. How would she tell Rachel’s parents?

Madison was so preoccupied with her daydream that she didn’t notice the subtle changes going on in her pants. The fabric of her bikini briefs began to get thicker. The low cut underwear, which sat right at her hip, began to climb higher up her waist. The seat of Madison’s panties grew to cover most of her shapely bottom.

Madison laughed at herself and shook her head. She wasn’t sure what had just happened but there was no way this kid was now potty trained.

The changes had finally become big enough to notice. Madison could feel her underwear get thicker and thicker between her legs and around her backside. She pulled her shirt up and Madison nearly screamed. She was shocked to find that instead of an elastic waistband with a fashion designer’s name on it, Madison was staring at the plastic shell of a diaper!

Suddenly forgetting about the small child on the changing table, Madison bolted to the bathroom. The thick padded plastic rustled loudly with each frantic step the teenager took.

Madison slammed the door shut and pulled down her pants. It was undeniable. A replica of Rachel’s baby diaper had replaced Madison’s sexy underwear, exact down to the cute cartoons along the front and sides.

“Oh my god!” Madison screamed as she pawed at the tapes on either side. She’d changed hundreds of diapers in her time as a babysitter but she couldn’t seem to get this one off.

Without warning a dark stain started to spread across the crotch of the diaper. Madison stared at herself in disbelief. “This can’t be… I’d never…” Madison stammered. It took her mind several seconds to acknowledge that she was, in fact, wetting herself.

TO BE CONTINUED (I promise!)

Re: The Diaper Genie: Part One by Bob Smiley

Chapter Two

Madison stood frozen in fear. Her bladder was empty, her diaper was wet, and for the first time ever Madison was cursing the skintight nature of the yoga pants she was wearing.

“What the HELL!” She screamed in desperation.

“Honey, are you ok?” Chris’s voice came from the hall. The doorknob turned and he started to open the bathroom door. Madison threw her back against it and screamed.

“What are you doing? What have I told you about bothering me when I’m in the bathroom!” She snarled. Madison’s pants were still halfway to her knees, the wet diaper sagging between her legs.

The movements on the other side of the door stopped and Chris said in a confused tone, “Sorry, baby. I just got worried and when I saw the kid just laying on the table I figured something must be up.”

Rachel! Madison had forgotten all about her. “Chris, I need you to go put Rachel in her crib, ok? I’ll be right out.” The efforts to tear open the tabs, or even to pull the diaper down to her ankles, were getting more frantic with each passing second. Nothing she did made a difference; the diaper was stayed securely fastened around Madison’s waist.

“Ok, Maddy! She’s safe and sound in the crib.” Chris called out cheerfully. “Hurry up! We’re just getting to the really scary part in the story.”

‘You’re telling me.’ Madison thought to herself. Finally ready to admit at least a partial defeat, Madison shouted, “Chris, wait.” She opened the bathroom door just enough to peek outside. “I need your help.” She said.

Chris shrugged his shoulders and said, “Sure. What do you need?” He was hoping it would be something simple like bringing a new roll of toilet paper. If he had to go digging through her purse for a tampon…

“I need you to promise me that you won’t laugh.” Madison said sternly. “I… I was trying on part of a costume I was thinking of wearing next week for Halloween and now I’m sort of stuck. I need your help.”

Chris again nodded in agreement.

“Chris, you have to promise me that you won’t laugh and you won’t tell anyone about this. Ever!” The serious tone in his girlfriend’s voice made Chris a little nervous.

“Sure, baby, whatever you need.”

“Don’t call me baby!” Madison snapped. She shook her head and apologized before throwing open the door. Chris looked confused and Madison could see a dozen questions bouncing around that brain of his. Luckily he kept his mouth shut and just looked at her for direction.

“I need you to see if you can get these tapes open.” Madison gestured to her waist. “It’s like they were made with super glue!”

Chris leaned in and carefully pulled back the top left tape. It stuck initially but Chris got it open without an issue. Madison was dumbfounded. She could feel herself blush and quickly tried to duplicate Chris’ work on the other side. It was no use.

“I’m not sure what you’re issue is, Maddy.” Chris said with a smile. “These don’t seem that difficult to me.” He pulled open the top tab on the right side and Madison could feel the heavy diaper start to come loose.

“By the way, did you, um…” Chris was leaning in close to Madison’s crotch and eyeing the discolored part of the diaper.

“Shut up!” Madison yelled. “Just please help me with the other two tapes so I can get out of this thing!”

Chris did as he was asked. Madison held the diaper up to keep herself covered (she wasn’t planning on letting Chris get past second base any time soon) while her boyfriend unfastened the remaining tapes.

Chris left her to clean up and when she was finished, Madison decided to throw the diaper out in the large kitchen garbage can. Then she had Chris immediately take the bag to the outside bin.

Madison checked on Rachel who was once again fast asleep in her crib. Her diaper was completely clean.

Whatever craziness had just taken place, Madison was sure she’d suffered some sort of delusion or hallucination. None of it made any sense but at least she’d been virtually alone when it had happened.

Chris came back inside, apparently completely content with Madison’s explanation of a malfunctioning costume idea. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled his girlfriend close.

“Ok, baby. Ready to get back to the action?” He laughed as he started the movie up again.

Madison half-heartedly watched as an army of the undead terrorized boneheads and bimbos. The script was crap, the acting was awful, and Madison couldn’t help but distract herself by replaying the events that took place inside Rachel’s nursery.

Madison was brought back to reality when a particularly jumpy part of the movie caused her pull in closer to Chris. At almost the same time as she let out a startled cry, Madison could feel her butt get wet.

“Did you spill something on the couch?” She asked Chris accusingly.

In the silence that followed they both heard the sound, like a small babbling brook was winding underneath the couch. All at once the sound and the sensation came together and Madison realized with horror what was happening.

“Get off the couch!” She screamed and pushed Chris to his feet. She sat there, frozen in fear while her bladder once again emptied itself without warning.

“I’m… I’m going to go find a rag or something.” Chris mumbled as he made his way quickly to the kitchen.


Re: The Diaper Genie: Part One by Bob Smiley

Wow, that’s a name I hadn’t seen in a while. I’m going to say what I was planning to say about chapter 1 before I saw chapter 2 was posted: it’s interesting how it almost works as a self-contained vignette with a twist ending, so it’s a pretty good breaking point for a cliffhanger.

Re: The Diaper Genie by Bob Smiley (Chapter 2 added Oct 29)

Chapter Three

Madison stood quietly by while Chris rubbed soap and water in to the small stain on the couch. She was trying to find something to say, if for no reason than to drown out the sound of her boyfriend cleaning up her accident. Madison blushed all over again just thinking about that word. What was happening to her?

Madison replayed the events in her mind. She’d been changing Rachel and then she was having a ridiculous daydream. It didn’t explain the adult-sized diaper or why Madison was so weak and unable to remove it.

“I’ll be right back.” Chris said as he took the handful of used paper towels to the kitchen trash.

Madison didn’t wait for him to leave the room. She headed to Rachel’s nursery and pulled open the dresser drawer that held the kid’s diapers. They were there, just as always. Except that they seemed bigger. With shaking hands Madison pulled one out and opened it up. The thing was way too large to fit a baby!

“Maddy, are you ok?” Chris said. He stood at the door of the nursery and looked in with genuine concern on his face. “You’re acting really weird right now. Do you need to go lay down?”

“Why would she have this?” Madison asked, holding the diaper out to her boyfriend for validation that she wasn’t imagining things. “Why would the Richardsons need a diaper this big? It’s not for Rachel.”

Chris took a few steps toward Madison and said, “I don’t know. Didn’t you get the diaper you were thinking about using for your costume from them? Maybe Mrs. Robertson was going to wear the same costume?”

Madison rolled her eyes. “It’s Richardson. And no, she didn’t give me the diaper.” Forgetting her cover story, Madison opened the diaper up all the way and examined the tapes on the side. Just as before, she was unable to open any of them. “Come here and try to open one of these.” Madison instructed Chris.

With the simple flick of the wrist he peeled back one of the tapes. “Ok Madison. What’s the big deal?” He put it back in place. “I wish you’d tell me what’s going on.”

Madison’s words suddenly came back to her. “Oh my god. It’s my wish.”

“Huh?” Chris was confused.

With a sinking feeling in her stomach, Madison said, “The diaper in the garbage. Go get it.” She looked at the Diaper Genie next to the changing table and sighed.

“What?” Chris asked before the scowl that was on Madison’s face convinced him to just do as he was asked. He returned moments later with the diaper.

“Thanks. I mean it.” Madison said as she gave him a meek smile and took the used garment from him. She held it over the Diaper Genie and said, “I wish things were back to normal.” Then she dropped the diaper in.

Nothing happened. After a few moments cursed herself under her breath for being so stupid. The idea of an actual diaper genie was ridiculous and she was just making herself look more foolish in front of her beau.

“C’mon.” She said dejectedly. “Let’s go wash our hands.” The pair headed for the bathroom.

“You can’t be so open-ended with a wish, my dear.” An old woman’s voice said. Madison spun around to see a familiar dress in the corner of the room. Chris was so stunned he thought he might wet himself as well but was able to keep control.

“You!” Madison shouted as she stormed toward the woman. “This is your fault! I don’t know what you did but you need to put this right.” Madison was inches from the woman’s face and was shaking her finger. Her jaw was clinched tight with anger.

“Pardon me, young lady? I did exactly what you asked for. It’s not my fault you didn’t think about the unintended consequences of your wish.” The old woman seemed unfazed by Madison’s actions.

“This is nothing like what I wanted!” Madison was getting desperate as she realized the woman may be technically correct.

“You asked for someone else’s kid to be the one who needed her diapers changed, not this girl.” The old woman gestured to Rachel, who was watching the events unfold from her crib. “You are, in fact, someone else’s kid. You did also state that this unfortunate individual would not only be struck with total incontinence, but that it would require someone else to change the diapers. Your words, not mine.”

Madison felt like her knees might give out from under her. The implications of what the woman was saying needed some time to sink in.

“So I suggest you have your friend here get you back in one of those diapers before you have another accident.” The woman gestured her wand to the still-damp patch on Madison’s crotch. “I’ll point out that I was nice enough to provide you with some extras even though you didn’t think things through and wish for them. You’re welcome.”

“WHAT!?!” Madison roared. Chris had been around her long enough to know that she was about to lose her temper in a way that had become the stuff of legends among their group of friends.

He jumped in between the two women and held Madison back by her shoulders. “Ok honey, I know you’re upset. And you have every right to be! But maybe we should be nice to this lady and see if she can help you, ok?”

“If this bitch thinks I’m going to thank her- hmpmf!” Chris put his hand over his girlfriend’s mouth and smiled back at the old woman.

“She’s understandably emotional right now.” He tried to explain.

The old woman just turned up her nose. “Maybe if she had a cooler head she wouldn’t have gotten in to this position in the first place.” With a twirl of her wand she began to vanish, her words hanging in the air as she disappeared. “Better luck next time, baby. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get another chance soon.”


Re: The Diaper Genie by Bob Smiley (Chapters 2 & 3 added Oct 29)

This could be fun.

Are you the same Bob Smiley that wrote Summer Job?

That was the first story I really got into on this site (read it all in one sitting, took all day). The first half of it remains one of my favorites to this day.

Re: The Diaper Genie by Bob Smiley (Chapters 2 & 3 added Oct 29)

I am. Thanks! I laughed reading that, “the first half of it…”

It’s been so long since I’ve read any of my stories but I know I had a bad habit of starting strong and then… yeah. I’ve got a full, cohesive idea with this story so hopefully the whole thing will become a favorite!

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Chapter Four

After the baby powder had cleared Chris did his best to calm Madison down. Once he’d rubbed her shoulders and told a few bad jokes, the mood was lightened to the point that they could both think. Madison was once again at a loss for words. Luckily Chris spoke up.

“I have no idea what’s going on, but whatever you need, I’m here for you baby.” Chris’s smile quickly disappeared. “Sorry, poor choice of words. I’m here for you, honey.” He reached out and took her hand.

Madison stared at her feet. “Thanks, Chris. It’s ok.” She hugged him and took a deep breath. “I’ve got this for now. Go wait on the couch.”

Once it was just she and Rachel, Madison stuffed one of the diapers down her yoga pants. The pants held it in place well enough that Madison didn’t need to worry about having Chris immediately fasten the tapes. It would hold up in case of an unexpected leak but the diaper was bulky and Madison’s movements were accompanied by a symphony of rustling plastic.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. Madison headed to the master bedroom and did her best to discretely paw through Mrs. Richardson’s wardrobe until she found a shirt that was long and baggy enough to camouflage the diaper.

Returning to the nursery, Madison called Chris in and explained her plan. “There’s a car seat for Rachel by the front door. Go put it in my car.” Madison said as she prepared Rachel for a trip outside. “We’re going to my house so I can get a pair of pants that will fit. Then we’re going to the store for a new Diaper Genie. Until I know I’m back to normal I’m not letting this one out of my sight.”

Minutes later Madison had Rachel in one arm, Rachel’s diaper bag slung over her shoulder (albeit with Madison-sized diapers inside), and the magical Diaper Genie under the other arm. With Chris’s help she loaded everything in to her small Honda and soon they were on the road.

Pulling in to Madison’s driveway, the car wasn’t even stopped before Madison said, “Wait here. I’m going to run in and grab some clothes. I’ll be back in five.”

It was a Friday night and Madison knew her parents wouldn’t be home. Dad was at bowling and Mom was doing water aerobics. It was Madison’s younger sister, Holly, who was the wild card.

Careful to be as quiet as possible, Madison opened the door and peeked inside. There was no sign of life. As luck would have it, Madison’s room was downstairs, away from the rest of her family. It sounded like Madison was carrying a box of maracas with her as she descended the stairs. She raced in to her bedroom and shut the door before tearing open her dresser drawers.

It took almost no time for Madison to realize that her collection of low-cut jeans and tight yoga pants weren’t going to cut it over the bulk of the diaper. Finally, tucked away at the back of her closet, Madison found salvation in a pair of light blue jean overalls. They were shorts but they were baggy enough that the boxy diaper wouldn’t be obvious.

“Perfect!” Madison exclaimed.

“What’s that, sis?” Came a familiar voice from the doorway.

“Holly. I didn’t know you were home. I was just, uh, getting these to give to, um, Kelly.” Madison lied.

“Aren’t you supposed to be babysitting?” Holly asked. The sixteen year-old was always trying to catch Madison doing something wrong.

“Yeah, well, Kelly stopped by and she needed these for her Halloween costume. So she’s watching Rachel and I’m here. Duh.” Madison smiled. She’d been frozen in place since Holly had made her presences known. So far things had been relatively quiet but Madison was terrified that her sister had already heard too much.

“So is that all you came for?” Holly asked, taking a few steps toward Madison.

‘Go away! Go away! Go away!’ Madison thought. She was convinced her racing heartbeat could be heard across the room.
“I think so. I better make sure.” Madison stalled and reached for her phone. Which was in the car.

“That’s a nice shirt. Is it new?” Holly came in for a closer examination.

“Yeah, well, it’s borrowed. From Kelly.” Madison stammered. She was starting to sweat.

“Why would Kelly have this? She’s like, way too short for this to fit her.” Holly questioned.

“Oh, I meant she’s giving it to me.” Madison was getting more flustered with each passing moment. “She ordered it online, wrong size, can’t send it back. You know.”

Holly gave her a blank look. “Whatever. I was just curious.”

Holly headed for the door as Madison breathed a sigh of relief. It was a bit too deep, however, as a diaper crinkled loudly just before Holly had exited.

“What was that?” She asked.

Madison quickly shook her head. “What was what? I didn’t hear anything.”

Holly looked at her for a moment, shook her head, and left the room with one last, “Whatever.”

Madison waited for a few minutes to make sure her sister was out of earshot. She gathered up her overalls and slowly made her way to the door. She exited the house like a ninja on a secret mission, peeking around corners and trying to make as little movement as possible. Once outside she abandoned caution and ran for the car.

“Did you get what you need?” Chris asked.

“I hope so.” Madison replied. “Time to go buy another fancy diaper pail.”


Re: The Diaper Genie by Bob Smiley (Chapter 4 added Oct 30)

Enjoying this so far, really interested in finding out more about this particular brand of magic and the world these characters inhabit. Maybe a teensy bit more exposition in that direction at some point in the next few chapters would be okay?

Also, it feels pretty refreshing to have a non-scumbag high school boyfriend for once. I like Chris more than Madison so far.

Anyway, uh, keep going, please.

Re: The Diaper Genie by Bob Smiley (Chapter 4 added Oct 30)

I got the impression that part of the spell was the make people just accept it as normal for her to be in diapers, even if they knew she wasn’t before. He’s been pretty laid back about the whole thing.

Re: The Diaper Genie by Bob Smiley (Chapter 4 added Oct 30)

Chapter Five

Pulling in to the parking lot for Babies R Us, Madison pulled to the back of the store where there was no traffic. She parked and turned to Chris. “I need your help again. With my, uh, you know.”

Chris nodded and Madison put her seat back. She pulled her stained yoga pants off, carefully keeping the front of her diaper strategically positioned between her legs. She waited while Chris fastened the tapes and the diaper was finally fitting snugly on its own.

Madison pulled up her overalls and took off Mrs. Richardson’s top, exposing the original t-shirt she’d been wearing. While it was a better choice than the yoga pants, the sides of the overalls were loose. When coupled with the shorter top it meant that the top of Madison’s diaper would peek out if she wasn’t careful when she moved.

‘Let’s just get this over with.’ Madison thought to herself.

Chris grabbed the diaper bag while Madison held Rachel. They headed inside and in short order located the section with diaper pails. Now they just had to find the exact model that they’d taken from Rachel’s house. Madison looked up and down the aisle, reading the item tags until she found the right one. It was, of course, one of the more expensive options. The money that Madison was being paid for tonight would almost cover it. Almost.

“Ouch. Sorry babe.” Chris said as he scooped up the new Genie.

They headed to the checkout counter. Madison was sure with that every stranger they passed knew her secret. Feeling her bladder release in line for the checkout didn’t help matters. The diaper did it’s job and soon Madison, Chris, and little Rachel were back in the car without any further incidents.

“So it’s back to Rachel’s house now?” Chris asked. Madison looked over and smiled. He really meant it when he said he’d help out any way he could. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Yeah. Back to Rachel’s house.” There was a brief silence, interrupted only by Rachel’s babbling from the backseat. Then Madison said, “I’m sorry about all this Chris. I really do appreciate you being cool with, well, whatever the hell is happening to me.”

“No worries. I’m sure we’ll both look back on this someday and laugh.” Madison gave him an inauspicious glance and he concluded, “Or not.”

Madison sped along the backstreets, eager to get home to Rachel’s house. She still needed to figure out what was going on, with both her and the baby, and Rachel’s parents would be home soon.

“Do you think it would work if I just took the clean diaper off and you dropped that in the pail?” Chris asked.

Madison shook her head and stared at the road ahead. “I don’t think that will be an issue.” Subconsciously glancing down at her diaper, Madison looked up just in time to realize that she was drifting in to the other lane of traffic.

Looking up just in time, Madison pulled the wheel hard and jerked back to her side of the road. Thankfully she’d avoided a collision but the car in the oncoming lane was a police cruiser. In one swift motion the officer made a U-turn, the lights and sirens going off before the maneuver was finished.

“Oh shit!” Chris and Madison exclaimed in unison. It was very different reasons though. Chris was worried that Madison was going to get a ticket. Madison knew she was about to have something much worse.

Even before Madison could bring the car to a complete stop the sound exploded from the seat of her pants. It was long and it was loud. The only thing more embarrassing was the smell. It was like someone had let a skunk loose in car. Madison could see Chris’s nose wrinkle as he tried to hide his shocked reaction. There wasn’t any time to worry about him though.

“License and registration, please.” The officer said as she knocked on the driver’s side window. Madison turned and looked at her slowly, her face pale and eyes wide with panic.

Madison rolled down the window just a bit and nodded. “Sure thing officer.” Like a zombie she fumbled for her purse and dug out the necessary information.

“Please roll down your window all the way, Miss.” The officer instructed. “I pulled you over today because- wow!” The woman shook her head and looked at Rachel in the backseat. “Someone is a stinky baby!” She laughed and turned her attention to the ID that Madison had given her.

Chris laughed it off and said, “Yeah, I think she just had a blowout. It caught both of us off guard.”

Madison nodded and said, “I’m so sorry about that. It’s never happened before, I swear. I was just, um, a little shocked at what took place.”

“You’ll get used to it.” The officer laughed. “I swear, one minute you’re like ‘what just happened’ and then soon even the dirtiest diapers just become part of the routine.”

“God I hope not.” Madison muttered to herself.

“Alright, I’ll give you a warning this time. But pay more attention. Babies make a mess, that’s why they wear a diaper. She’ll be ok for a few extra minutes while you get her home safely.” The office lectured.

“Of course, officer, you’re totally right.” Madison took her ID and put it back in her purse.

“Since you’re already pulled over I don’t think it would be an issue if you just changed her here. You have some place to put the dirty one? It smells like you might need to double-bag it.” The woman joked.

Without thinking Madison replied, “Sure, yeah, thanks. I mean! Uh, we’re almost home and I don’t know if we have something for my, uh, her diaper.” Madison was starting to blush.

The sound of rushing water, like a muted fire hose at full blast, filled the air. It was close enough that the officer could tell where it was coming from. She looked down between Madison’s legs, then back to the girl’s face.

“I’m just going to walk away now. Remember to drive carefully, ok Miss?” The officer shook her head and walked back to her patrol car. Madison turned the key in the ignition and continued on the most uncomfortable drive of her life.


Re: The Diaper Genie by Bob Smiley (Chapters 4 & 5 added Oct 30)

Wait, shouldn’t most of this discussion be referenced as being between Chris and the police officer, judging by how it goes? It’s written “said Maddison” everywhere. Or I read it too fast.

Great chapter anyways.

Re: The Diaper Genie by Bob Smiley (Chapters 4 & 5 added Oct 30)

Chapter Six

The drive back to the Richardson’s was a noisy one as the sunroof and both the driver and passenger side windows were left open. Neither Chris nor Madison had much to say anyway. The arrived at the home and Madison slowly got out of the car, her legs bowed.

Chris gathered up Rachel and the diaper bag while Madison waddled to the door. They walked together to the nursery in silence, where Madison checked Rachel’s diaper (still clean) and put her in the crib.

Madison followed her boyfriend out of the room- she’d insisted that he enter the house first and hadn’t let him walk behind her since- and back to the front room.

Sitting by himself a good distance from Madison, Chris said in a hushed voice, “Madison, I’m just going to be blunt because I. I’m not sure how else to say it. What the fuck is going on?” He looked up at her with a genuinely worried expression. “With you, I mean. What’s up with the diapers and the accidents?”

Madison went slack-jawed. “You’ve seen what’s up.” She gestured with air quotes for the last two words. I don’t know how but some crazy old lady has switched Rachel and my potty training, or whatever. Do you think I want to be in these?"

Staring straight at his shoes, Chris continued. “I thought maybe it was a fetish thing. Some weird kink you didn’t know how to tell me about.” He looked up at her and smiled reassuringly. “If that’s what this is, I’m cool with it. I don’t get it, but I want to learn.”

Madison shook her head, tears welling up. “No! I promise you, no. I have no idea what’s going on. You are the sweetest, kindest boyfriend and I’m so grateful you haven’t already run away screaming.”

Madison was starting to sniffle. “Look, I really need your help right now and not just because I’m apparently incapable of changing my own stupid diaper. You are pretty much my rock right now and if you walk away I’ll totally understand.”

The waterworks had started. Chris got up and hugged his girlfriend, careful not to let his hands wander below her lower back. “But I’ll also totally lose it. I’ve been so scared since things really started, uh, happening. I can’t imagine telling anyone. I feel so stupid and embarrassed!”

Chris located a box of tissues on a nearby bookcase and pulled away just long enough to snag it. Madison wiped away her eyes and blew her nose. After a few deep breaths she was much more calm.

“Don’t feel stupid.” He took her hand. “I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m not going to run away. I can hang out for at least another hour!” Madison gave him a confused look and he winked at her. “I’m thinking maybe you’ve got another wish coming.” Chris carefully danced around the elephant in the room. “What exactly did you say the first time? I think we need to write down what you’ll say and then I can change.”

Madison smiled. “Then we can put this whole thing behind us. Ok! I don’t know exactly what I said, but it was something along the lines of, ‘I wish it was someone else’s kid that always needed their diapers changed’.”

“And then you dropped the diaper in the pail?”

“Yes.” Madison said with confidence. Then she thought about it. “I think. I’m pretty sure.” Her expression went glum as she noted, “I didn’t pay that much attention. It didn’t seem that important at the time.”

Chris groaned. “I have a feeling the old lady’s going to be a stickler for details. We may have to do this more than once.”

With a deep sigh Madison conceded, “I think you’re right. I promise not to lose my cool if that bitch pulls some technicality out of her ass. Just promise me you’ll keep, um, helping me until I find a way out of this?”

With a wink and a nod, Chris gave his girlfriend a kiss. “Nobody messes with my baby!” He said with authority. Madison didn’t even mind him using the ‘b’ word.

“So what do I say?” Madison pondered out loud.

“It’s easy. Be specific!” Chris ignored Madison’s annoyed expression. “I wish I was fully potty trained and Rachel had the potty training of a… however-month old baby she is. Simple.”

“Maybe I should just let you do it.” Madison quipped. Even though she felt silly doing it, she still wrote down her wish. This was too important to risk screwing up with a momentary lapse of thought. By the time she was done Chris had brought the magic Diaper Genie in from the car.

“Ok. Let’s do this.” Madison said.

The plan was for Chris to unfasten the tapes and then turn away while Madison made her wish and then dropped the diaper in the pail. Once things were back to normal she’d head for the bathroom to clean up and Chris would wait on the couch for his love to return.

Sadly things did not go as planned. Madison made her wish and then Chris heard the heavy thud of the diaper in the pail. Then there was silence.

“Hello?” Madison called out. “I said, I wish-”

“I heard you the first time.” The old woman appeared behind Madison, who was still naked from the waist down. “But you screwed it up. You have to put the diaper in and then immediately make your wish. I’m sorry kid. I’m rooting for you, I really am, but rules are rules.”

True to her word, Madison tried to keep a cool head. “Ok fine! What other rules do I need to know about?”

The old lady laughed and shook her head. “I can’t tell you the rules! That’s actually the only rule I can tell you. See? I already did you a favor and told you second rule. That’s on top of me doing you the favor of giving you some diapers that will fit. Face it, kid. I’m practically your fairy godmother in this situation.”

Madison’s fists clinched in to tight little balls without her even realizing it. Her mouth twisted and contorted but no words came out. Finally Madison let out an exasperated sigh.

“Better luck next time!” The old woman said as she disappeared again
Chris forgot the plan and immediately turned around to comfort Madison. He looked at her sad eyes, then down at her half-naked body for no more than five-eights of a second. Even that was too long. Madison glared at him before stomping off to the bathroom.

“Goddamn it!” She shouted as she left the room.


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This is really good and well written.

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Chapter Seven

Chris waited on the couch while Madison cleaned up. The whole situation seemed surreal, like his alarm would go off at any moment and he’d have to wake up and face the real world at any minute.

Instead there was the inescapable scent of baby powder and a Diaper Genie in the corner of the room. The idea of changing his girlfriend’s diapers didn’t gross him out as much as make him nervous.

Chris had always considered Madison to be the responsible one. She was the serious brainiac and he was the goofball who kept things light. Anxiety was an issue with Madison under normal circumstances. What if Chris failed to help her when she needed him most?

His own brain now spinning out of control, Chris imagined what might happen if Madison suffered some public humiliation because he wasn’t there to help.

In a flash, Chris imagined Madison at the front of her class, tears streaming down her face. A sea of eyeballs watching as dark stains ran down the inside of her legs from where her bladder had overwhelmed the diaper. Heavy and sagging, the diaper strained against the confines of Madison’s jeans and was the subject of several taunts from her classmates.

“Where were you?” She would cry to him later.

Worse yet, what if Madison found someone else who was able to help her fix all of this? Madison was the one who always thought ahead and planned things out. She was the one who fixed things when the plans went south. Chris felt a tremendous amount of pressure to think of exactly what to tell the old woman to put things back the way they were.

It was like an extreme test to prove that he deserved someone with Madison’s intellect. Chris had a very real concern that the nerd of her dreams was just waiting to swoop in when college started up in the fall. Both of them had promised to make the long distance relationship work but Chris wasn’t as confident as he tried to seem.

The shower shut off and the sound of the bathtub door sliding open echoed down the hall. It was enough to shake Chris out of his thoughts and bring him back to reality, as abnormal as it was. The plan was to keep his mouth shut and allow Madison to take the lead, but Chris had a cover story to offer that would allow him stay over at her place late in to the evening. He’d change as many diapers as he had to in order to help put things right.

Madison let the warm water run over her for a good ten minutes after everything felt clean again. She wasn’t sure which aspect was worse; the humiliation that came with not being able to control one of her most basic bodily functions, or the feeling of having to helplessly sit in a mess of her own making until someone else could let her out.

Either way the degrading lack of control was made worse by the fact that it took place in front of Chris. Outside of her sister Holly, he was the person she least wanted to appear needy in front of. Chris did what he wanted, sometimes much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, but he never asked permission. He didn’t need other people’s approval.

What must Chris think of his (supposedly) adult girlfriend needing to confide in him about her need for a diaper change?

Madison was forced to admit that she was used to being in charge; that at times she could be a bit of a bully. It was her anxiety, which stemmed from the way Chris made her feel. There was a comfort and security in his arms that transcended flesh and muscles.

Madison worried that at some point Chris would realize he could have a girl who was prettier or more athletic. Needing her input or assistance to keep his life together helped make sure he wasn’t interested in those girls.

Now Madison was stuck needing his assistance in one of the most intimate areas of her life. Even if she figured out how to make the old lady put things back to normal, Madison figured the damage had been done. It was only a matter of days, if not hours, before Chris called everything off.

Madison turned the shower off, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. She knew- at least she was 99% sure- that Chris would never mention any of this to anyone. At the same time, visions of a million embarrassing Snapchat messages flooding her phone danced behind Madison’s eyelids.

Madison finished drying off and tried to focus on what was ahead. She wrapped the towel around her waist and picked up a diaper from Rachel’s room. The infant was still dry and Madison couldn’t help but note her envy.

Chris was sitting on the couch and smiling as she entered. It was a big toothy grin that Madison couldn’t help but return. “What are you smiling at?” She giggled.

“I like your hair when it’s wet.” Chris responded.

“Thanks. Hey, I just want you to know I’m not mad at you. I’m just mad at everything.” Madison laughed at how childish her statement was. “That’s just not how I was planning to have you see, uh, me.” She gestured to the area covered by her towel.

Chris deadpanned, “Don’t sweat it. That was still hot.” He laughed.

“Well.” Madison stood directly in front of his seated figure, the diaper in her outstretched hand. Chris took it from her and looked up, a quizzical expression plastered on his face. “I’d still rather you have a better mental image of my amazing body.”

With that Madison took one hand and pulled the towel away from her body with the flourish of a champion matador. She looked down to see her boyfriend staring straight ahead, smiling and dumbfounded. After a few moments she cleared throat and said, “Whenever you’re ready with the, uh-”
“Diaper! Yes, sorry.” Chris sprang to life. He found that putting a diaper on Madison when she was standing was actually easier. When he was done he stood up and kissed her cheek. “There you are, my dear. What’s next?”


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This is an awesome story and I hope you continue it