The Diaper Boom

This story is based on “the Evolving Diaper Revolution,” by Charlie22, who I suspect was in turn inspired by “Pampers Evolution” and who kindly gave his permission for what could be considered a sequel, if only thematically. This story is about a young man living in a world where toilet training has been progressively delayed over time, resulting in larger and larger sizes of Pampers, Huggies, and other “baby” diapers. I’ve done my best to provide believable reasons for this to happen to make the story more plausible and, in my mind, more enjoyable. Our hero is a college student who wears Pull-Ups and has normal sexual desires and a consensual sexual relationship with his girlfriend of the same age, but this is not graphically depicted. I want to stress that this is a work of fiction and that I believe that, barring medical problems, leaving real kids in diapers is abuse because if bladder and bowel control is not learned by a certain age, the part of the brain that handles those functions is reassigned to something else, making control impossible. I love wearing and using diapers and seeing other guys doing the same, but people should all have the ability to make that choice for themselves. In other words, parents: DO NOT try this at home!

I’m very proud of this story, and I hope you all enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.

The Diaper Boom
by Pamper Punk

Sociologists are still studying exactly how it came about. There was no one factor to blame for it but rather a combination of developments and trends that contributed to it over the course of about fifty years. All the experts agreed on the various causes, although there was some dispute as to exactly when it first started. Some said it began in the 1990’s with the introduction of disposable training pants and bedwetting pants. Others said it went as far back as the 80’s, when superabsorbent polymers were first added to disposable diapers, removing much of the discomfort from a used diaper. Either way, the growing obesity epidemic and parents’ busy work schedules that prevented them from properly potty-training their kids combined to create a demand for larger diaper sizes, which was happily met by Pampers and Huggies. Both companies introduced a model that would fit children who weighed up to 50 lbs, and it slowly became relatively common to see kids aged four, five, and six in diapers. One by one, daycares and schools were forced to drop potty-training requirements and hire more caregivers and nurses to change the growing number of kids who weren’t trained. Some child welfare experts called it abuse, and there were indeed some successful prosecutions of abuse and neglect, but it was found upon investigation that most of the kids wearing these larger sizes came from normal families and were relatively well-adjusted. Larger sizes in pull-on training and night-time pants were also introduced to help get slow-to-train five- and six-year-olds out of diapers or keep them dry overnight, pushing the accepted age range for toilet-training back to 5-7, where it had once been 2-4.
But things didn’t stay that way because those same factors came into play again, and potty-training was gradually delayed even more. As sales for Size 8 diapers increased, so did the number of emails and phone calls to the manufacturers, who eventually responded with a Size 9 that would fit kids up to 60 lbs, with more padding for larger bladders. Some kids were now still in diapers at 7 or 8, and they became 9- and 10-year-olds in even larger sizes of training pants. Diaper bags became ever-present necessities for school-age children. It was at this time that manufacturers began to broaden their lines to cash in on the expanded market. Huggies began producing their Little Swimmers through Size 9 and rebranded them Watertites. Pampers responded with a swim diaper called Swimpers. Companies also began to put out diapers designed for heavy physical activity to accomodate little leaguers who hadn’t been trained yet, and the larger sizes were all redesigned with graphics suited to older kids.
At an age when kids were becoming more socially aware, who was toilet-training and who was not became an ever-popular topic of conversation amongst third graders. As always, some kids trained more slowly than others, and this intense pressure made things tough for them. Having an accident in front of friends or classmates could be a very stressful and even traumatic experience. When articles were written about this, some parents realized that a diaper would hide an accident much better than a trainer and decided to just keep their kids in diapers a little longer until they were ready to toilet-train. This gradually created yet another need for larger diapers, and they were eventually produced for sizes up to 75 lbs. Once these diapers were available, they gradually became more accepted until they were normal attire for kids of that age. Ten went from being the average age of toilet-training to the average age at which parents taught their kids to change their own diapers, which began to be known as “change training.”
At the time, it was thought that having to change their own diapers would inconvenience kids enough to motivate them to use the toilet. But those who believed this were soon disappointed when more and more pre-teens realized a level of independence from their parents that began to eliminate the still-present stigma of diapers as infantile. Wearing diapers no longer meant being a baby who needed Mommy and Daddy for changes. By this age, kids were abundantly familiar with the convenience of being able to relieve themselves at any time or place, so removing the element of dependence made diapers more appealing than ever. Instead of graduating into training pants, pre-teen children soon began to graduate into a newly-introduced Size 11 disposable diaper, sized up to 90 lbs. The industry had grown so large and profitable that they were able to pour a lot more money into research, producing diapers that were much more advanced and effective than anything ever seen before. Some were thicker than others, but they were all more absorbent. New innovations made them more effective at containing not only waste but also odor, while other inventions increased the diapers’ comfort, even when soiled. Training pants, which were now manufactured for young teenagers, had more secure waistbands for pubescent boys who were beginning to experience the effects of testosterone on a certain part of their bodies, and a variety designed for swimming was introduced.
What happened next was perhaps the most complicated development. It was thought that some teens chose to rebel against their parents’ wishes for them to toilet-train, while other kids simply found the idea too stressful on top of all the other changes in their lives. Other experts said that there was a greater incidence of paraphilic infantilism in kids who were still wearing diapers at a time of sexual discovery. Whatever the cause may have been, teenagers began to forego toilet-training in favor of staying in diapers. Parents were not overly frustrated with this delay in toilet training because the teens who chose to stay in diapers by and large changed themselves, and after a while, diapered teenagers became the norm. To accomodate this trend and the growth spurts kids go through at that age, the diaper companies began putting out sizes 12, 13, and 14, which went all the way up to 120 lbs. Ads featured middle-schoolers arguing Pampers vs. Huggies and buying packages of their favorite diapers from their local groceries. Pull-Ups and Easy-Ups were soon produced for older teens, sized up to 150 lbs. as kids began attending high school in training pants. Over the next several years, these were replaced by size 15 and 16 diapers when high schoolers started deciding to put their toileting off even longer, the reasons for which are still not fully known. Boys and girls up to their late teens were now seen carrying diaper bags everywhere they went. Girls carried their cell phones, makeup, and hair brushes around in their diaper bags, whereas they once would have used purses, and purses were status symbols for fully toilet-trained women. The average age of toilet-training is now 18, with kids graduating out of diapers and into Pull-Ups as they graduate high school. Thanks to the long delay, learning to use the toilet is now very hard for most people, and it’s extremely rare to find a college freshman who’s not running around campus in disposable training pants or, rarer still, underwear. Bedwetting pants have been replaced by Overnight Pull-Ups and Easy-Ups for older teens and full-grown adults who still wet their beds, and some people are not completely toilet-trained until their early 20s.

Shawn dashed out of his American Literature class and headed for the bathroom. He always had to pee during his first class of the day, and he was rarely able to hold it until class was over. Today was no exception, and now he needed to change. He could feel the weight in his Pull-Up as he moved, and even though it would hold if he had another accident, he knew it wasn’t good to wear a wet one. Mom and Dad had taught him that it could encourage more wetting, as if he was giving himself permission to go in his pants. At 19, he’d been training for a full year and wasn’t having much luck. He had at least one accident, sometimes more, almost every day, and he had to wear Pull-Ups Overnights to bed because he still wet his bed so often. But he wasn’t discouraged because he knew it was very common for people his age to still wear training pants. In fact, all of his friends of the same age were still training, so he didn’t feel like he was getting left behind.
He pushed the heavy door open, walked past the toilet stalls, and found the second changing stall open. Stepping in, he closed the door behind him and hung his bag up on the wall. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to reveal his blue-tinted Pull-Up, the white padding on the crotch darkened and swollen. He tugged at the sides and pulled the soggy pant away, balling it up and tossing it into the trash can nearby. He then opened a pocket in his bag and pulled out a clean trainern, unfolded it, and opened the sides. Shawn took the technology he was using for granted, but then he was only barely aware of the fact that the Pull-Ups he wore were quite a bit different from the ones that Huggies first introduced all those years ago. The waistband adhesive had been developed so long ago that he was unaware that it had ever not existed. For him, it was just part of process that enabled him to change his trainer without taking his pants off like a diaper. Not giving it a moment’s thought, he stuck the back waistband to the top of his thin, toned ass, which kept his hands free to bring the front up and refasten the sides. He didn’t even think about the way that the mild glue on the waistband miraculously disappeared after thirty seconds or so, allowing him full freedom of movement. He pulled his pants back up and refastened them, then collected his bag and checked himself in the mirror. His floppy dark blond hair was where he wanted it, so he hurried off to his next class.
His next two classes passed without incident or accident. At lunch, he found his friend Jenner and sat down across from him.
“Shawner! What’s up?” Jenner said between bites of cheeseburger.
“Tired, man. Stayed up too late playing Warland last night.”
“I told you, man, you gotta learn to schedule your play time.”
“Yeah, 'cause you always budget your time wisely, right?” Shawn said with a smirk.
“Hell yeah! I scheduled some time just yesterday. It’s not my fault all those classes were going on at the same time.”
Shawn smiled and shook his head. Jenner was always goofing off, but he always managed to do okay somehow.
Jenner wolfed down the rest of his burger and stood up. “Gotta go, 'cause I just did!”
Shawn laughed. Jenner was a couple years older than him, but thanks to his carefree attitude, he still had a lot of accidents. In fact, he seemed to have more than Shawn did.
Shawn himself managed to stay dry and clean for the rest of the day, although he had a close call on the way home from school, almost shitting his Pull-Up before he made it to the bathroom. He hadn’t messed himself in a few days, and in fact, he didn’t often have accidents like that. Of course, it had been a very different story when he’d first started training, but that’s how it is with everyone.
He walked out of the bathroom and hit the couch in the family room to watch TV. The cushions felt good after a day of rushing around from class to class, and he quickly found a comfortable position. A commercial came on showing a young guy staring into the camera. “Let’s be honest,” he said. “Toilet training is hard, especially with the busy lives we lead these days. Some people take longer to get it and still need help even after college. When you’re one of those people who have outgrown training pants but still have accidents…” The screen flashed to the same guy with a large wet spot on the crotch of his jeans. “An accident can be pretty inconvenient. That’s why Pull-Ups now offers training pants in a larger size for us older guys and girls who still need protection throughout our day. Trust Pull-Ups and stay dry and confident.” Shawn chuckled and shook his head. He knew some people were still training after college, but he hoped he wasn’t wearing Pull-Ups when he graduated and started his career. The last thing he thought before he dozed off was “next thing you know, they’ll be making bigger diapers.” He jerked when he heard rustling in the room and opened his eyes to see Mom and Mason walk in.
Mason tossed his bag down and jumped on top of his big brother, and they started wrestling. The kid was small, but he’d caught Shawn by surprise, so it took him a moment to get the upper hand. He flipped Mason over, pinned him down, and started tickling him, which resulted in a burst of laughter that went on for a few minutes.
Mom stood in the doorway and shook her head, smirking. “You tickle him, you change him.”
“Yeah, Shawn, you tickle me, you change me!” said Mason, still laughing.
“Okay,” sighed the big brother. “Let’s go.”
He led his little brother to the bathroom, where they kept some of his diapers on hand. Mason was 9, with long brown hair and a little bit of baby fat. He was very playful and very ticklish, and he always wet when he laughed really hard. Shawn didn’t mind changing him because he’d been doing it for years, but he looked forward to the day Mom and Dad decided he was old enough to do it himself. At the moment, however, Mason wasn’t the only one who needed a change as Shawn realized that he had wet as he napped. Once he’d taken care of Mason, he reached back into the bathroom cabinet and pulled out one of the Pull-Ups that were stored there.
That evening, Shawn went out with his best friend Jonathan. They grabbed some food, then went to see a movie. They both went to the bathroom before the show started, then bought some popcorn and drinks. After an hour, Shawn felt the need to pee again, but he didn’t want to miss any of the movie. He noticed that Jonathan hadn’t moved, despite having drunk half of his soda, which meant he was probably wet by now, so Shawn decided to go in his pants and let it flow. He felt the pee soak into his crotch as he sat in his seat. He had to go again before the movie was over and saw no reason to hold it since he was already wet. They left the theater and got into Jonathan’s car.
“Wanna go back to my house and play some games?” Jonathan asked.
Jonathan sped home, and the boys spoke to his parents for a few minutes before going up to his room. “Hang on a sec. I gotta change before we play,” Jonathan said.
Shawn laughed. “No surprise, man. Me too,” he said as he took a fresh Pull-Up out of the diaper bag he was carrying.
Having changed in front of each other many times, the boys shucked their pants where they stood. Shawn looked over and noticed his friend’s Easy-Up. “Dude, you’re soaked!”
Jonathan grinned and said, “All that soda has a price.”
They took off their wet trainers, threw them away, and stepped into dry ones before putting their pants back on and starting their game to play for an hour or so.
His family was getting ready for bed when Shawn got home a while later. His dad pulled him aside for a daily progress check.
“Any accidents today, son?”
Shawn sighed. “A few.”
“How many?”
Shawn hesitated a second. “Four. Five if you count me wetting twice during the movie.”
“Five accidents? Shawn, are you even trying?”
“Of course I am! It’s just, I always have to pee in Professor Forder’s class, and he never lets anyone go to the bathroom. Then I took a nap and had an accident then, and I didn’t want to miss the movie.”
“Classes and naps are fine, but a movie? You can miss five minutes of a movie to go to the bathroom. So, you used four Pull-Ups today?”
Shawn started blushing.
“Are you dry now?”
“No,” the boy said quietly. He had wet again while he and Jonathan were playing.
“Son,” his dad said with a hint of irritation in his voice. “Remember, it’s not just about holding it. It’s about going to the bathroom when you feel the need to go.”
“I know, Dad.”
“Well, if you know it, you’re gonna have to practice it. I know it’s hard, son, but if I could do it in high school, you can do it now.”
“I know. Thanks, Dad.”
“Okay. Well, you should probably get changed.”
Taking his dad’s advice, Shawn walked upstairs and exchanged his soggy Pull-Up for a fresh Overnight. He brushed his teeth and went to bed. As he nodded off, he thought about what his dad had told him and wondered how anyone could possibly learn to use the toilet as early as his dad had.
The next morning, Shawn was sitting in Lit class again, and he once again had to pee. He tried to hold it but lost control after a few minutes and wet himself. He promised himself that he wouldn’t have any more accidents that day. As the professor talked, he looked over and caught Sienna Castro’s glance. She smiled slightly, and he quickly smiled back as a tiny spark passed between them. She turned her attention back to the teacher, and Shawn glanced down at her nicely-rounded ass. He felt his dick stirring in his pants as he wondered what kind of shape Sienna’s Pull-Up was in. However he felt about his own accidents, the thought of a girl in soggy padding always got him going. He thought about some of the girls he’d dated, trying to feel up their diapers or trainers as they made out, and now he was completely hard. Of course, class would be over soon, and he couldn’t walk around displaying his hard-on, so he put his mind back on the lecture and felt his cock begin to go flaccid again.

When the weekend came, Shawn went to a party that his friend Luca was throwing since his parents were out of town. Around 8, he walked into an already-crowded house and found his buddies in the dining room. There was Jonathan, Aidan, Channing, Ben, and Lily, diaper bags all dangling from their shoulders.
“Shawn! What’s up?” Aidan said as he walked up.
“Hey, man. Who’s got the beer?”
“Here you go, bro,” said Jonathan as he handed him a bottle. Shawn chugged it as his friends cheered him on.
“Shawn, show Ben that video!” Channing said.
“Oh, yeah, you gotta see this shit!” Shawn said to Ben as he took out his phone. He tapped it several times and held it up for Ben to see a video of an old naked woman demonstrating different sex positions.
Ben’s eyes went wide, and his mouth stood open. “Dude, that’s gross!” Everybody else laughed.
“So, Chan-man,” Shawn looked at Channing. “Where’s Warren tonight?”
Channing immediately looked serious. “Don’t know. We split.”
“Aw, shit, man, I’m sorry.”
“Thanks. But thank God I got beer tonight!” He turned the bottle he was holding up and finished it off as the rest of them laughed and clapped him on the back.
“Fuck Warren!” Lily said. “He’s no fun anyway, so serious all the time. He was in underwear at, like, 16,” her voice dripping with sarcasm. “He probably would’ve been fighting people to use the toilet tonight.”
“Actually, he always wears an Easy-Up when he drinks,” Channing said. “But why are we still talking about his stupid ass?”
“Speaking of trainers, I’ll be back in a minute, guys,” Aidan said as he walked off towards a bathroom.
It was a well-known and accepted fact that in general, everybody at college parties wore training pants whether they were trained or not. Most of the kids there were drinking, which always increased the likelihood of an accident, and of course, those who weren’t fully trained didn’t have much control over their bodily functions to begin with. Rather than fighting over the limited toilets, three in Luca’s house, everybody just went in their pants and used the bathrooms and bedrooms to change when they needed it. In fact, like empty beer bottles, the number of wet and messy training pants in the trash the next morning was a symbol of the quality of a party. A host who had a lot of used Pull-Ups in the trash the next morning could brag about having thrown a really awesome party.
And Luca was doing very well so far. All over the house, kids were drinking, talking, laughing, and dancing. In the living room, a large group sat around in their trainers and T-shirts having a holding contest. A group of stoners sat off to the side getting high, some of them completely oblivious to what was happening in their pants. The host was out back at the pool, sometimes swimming, sometimes hanging out around the pool in his Easy-Up Swimmer. A group of others was out there with him, playing in the pool or standing around the yard in their swimming trainers. A small changing station had been set up in one corner of the yard with a screen to provide privacy while guests slipped into fresh pairs. The scene inside the house wasn’t completely different as several of the kids had left their pants off after changing so it would be easy to change when they got more drunk, less coordinated, and wet again.
Shawn didn’t drink very much. He was content just to abandon responsibilities and expectations and watch the fun happen. All around him, people were acting like kids again, hanging out and relaxing without worrying about using the bathroom. A few feet away from him, a girl looked down to check her Easy-Up, although he could have told her from where he was standing that it was wet. A guy behind her suddenly grabbed his crotch, a move that everbody knew meant he had just started peeing. He glanced around and saw the old quarterback from his high school squatting and red-faced with the effort of pooping. One girl had a wet spot on her shorts where she had leaked. At that moment, Shawn felt pressure in his own bladder and immediately let go, feeling the pee flow soak into the padding. He went to change after he wet again about an hour later and hung around the party until about 1 the next morning when he drove home, wet once more.

Wednesday morning, Sienna caught his eye in class again. She was hanging around as he walked out into the hallway. Maybe it was the fact that he was actually dry for once, but he felt more confident this morning. He walked up smiling and greeted her enthusiastically. They chatted for a minute before he finally said, “Hey, if you don’t have plans Friday, you wanna do something?”
She smiled. "Sure, what’s your number?"He gave it to her, and she said she’d text him later so they could decide what they wanted to do.
Excited but slightly nervous, he rushed off to the bathroom and up to the first urinal. He unfastened his pants, pulled his Pull-Up down, and let go. Once empty, he pulled his trainer back up and walked to his next class.
Friday night, “something” turned out to be just grabbing a pizza and hanging out for a while at a little place downtown. Sienna was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a shirt that rode up a little, which made it hard for Shawn to concentrate on what she was saying as he would catch glimpses of pink tinting from time to time. She was very pretty, thin, and with long, dark hair that had a healthy shine. She immediately put him at ease, and his nervousness vanished.
“What’s interesting to me is how different people deal with all these different conditions,” she said. Shawn hadn’t known that she was pre-med, but he had known that she was smart, and he was glad to see her putting her brain to good use.
“So you’re really all about taking care of the patient?” he asked.
“Yeah! Okay, maybe not all about it,” she confessed with a smile. “The money and the challenge are good too, but it’s great to make this connection with people. They trust you to help them, and there’s just something really special about that.”
He smiled at her as he realized what a big heart she had, a love of people and a helpful, nurturing personality. He immediately felt an attraction to her that went beyond physical, although that was certainly still there as well. As they talked, they discovered they had similar tastes in movies, TV, and some music, and the more they talked, the more Shawn found that he liked this girl. They talked and laughed for a little over two hours. Neither of them got up to use the bathroom during that time, leaving Shawn to wonder as he left if Sienna was as wet as he was.
When he got home, he walked by Mason’s bedroom, where his mom was changing his little brother for bed.
“Hey! How’d it go tonight?” she asked when she heard him walk by.
“It was good,” he said with a little shrug.
“Did you kiss her?” Mason said in a snotty voice.
Shawn rolled his eyes. “No, we just talked.”
“Struck out, huh?” the boy said with a slight giggle.
“Mason, that’s enough,” Mom said. She tucked him in and handed him his little stuffed raccoon. “Good night, sweetie. Call us if you need anything.”
Walking out of the room, Mom picked the conversation up again. “You like this girl?”
“Yeah,” Shawn said.
Mom smiled. “Cool. Are you going to ask her out again?”
“Good luck.” She stretched up to him and gave him a little peck on the check.
Sienna texted him as he was getting ready for bed, and they went back and forth for a while before he drifted off into the night.
A few days went by, and they were still talking on a regular basis. Shawn saw her in class, where they would sit together, and they texted or talked a little every night. They went on their first “real” date a week after the pizza parlor. Almost all kids who were still training lived with their parents, and Sienna was no exception. That night, he drove to her house and rang the bell.
It opened a moment later to her bright smile. “Hey! Come in!”
He returned the smile and stepped inside, commenting on how good she looked and how nice the house looked when he saw her mom standing there.
“Thank you!” Mrs. Castro said. “You can call me Diane. It’s so nice to meet you! Come in and sit down!”
They moved into the living room, where Shawn and Sienna sat side by side on the sofa, with Diane across from them. “So, Shawn,” the mom said, “do you have a major yet?”
He nodded enthusiastically. “I’m studying computer engineering.”
“Oh, great choice! Such a huge industry, you’ll be able to go anywhere!”
After they’d been chatting for several minutes, Shawn began to feel a familiar tingling. “Um, do you mind if I use your bathroom?”
“Of course not!” Diane said. “It’s just over there. And Sienna, you should probably run upstairs and go one more time before you guys leave.”
The kids peed, then met Diane in the foyer, where she told them to have a good time and sent them on their way.
And they did have a good time. They ate, they talked, they laughed. They both excused themselves to use the bathroom. And finally, after what seemed to Shawn like a very short time, they got back in his car, and he drove her home – slowly. Outside her house, he leaned over and kissed her, and they both tingled all over. They sat staring at each other for a moment before, smiling, she said good night with a promise to talk later. He got a message from her on his way home asking if he wanted to do something the next day. He listened as his phone, which had automatically set itself to driving mode, read the message out to him and wished he could say yes, but he dictated back a message saying that he had to keep his little brother for the weekend. She sent him a reply saying, “Aw, how sweet. Have fun, and good night!”
Once home, he found his family curled up on the couch.
“How’d it go?” Dad asked.
Shawn smiled coyly. “Okay.” His mom and dad smiled back.
Mason gave him crazy eyes and said, “Did you kiss her?”
With a proud look on his face, Shawn looked directly into his little brother’s eyes and said, “Yes, I did.” Then, he turned and walked upstairs, closing his bedroom door behind him. He tossed his bag onto the floor and kicked his shoes off. Stopping at his mirror, he stared for a minute, then closed his eyes, trying to remember the way her lips felt on his. All he could remember was the smell, sweet but not overpowering, that hung about her and the feeling he got when he touched her. At that moment, the only thought in his mind was that he wanted her, and she was all he wanted. He felt his dick growing in his pants, and he started rubbing himself. He pushed down on his pelvic muscles and felt his bladder begin to empty, making the gels of his Pull-Up wet and slippery. He laid down on his bed and slowly rubbed himself through his trainer, thinking about Sienna. When he was done, he laid back and sighed pleasantly. After a bit, he got off the bed, undressed, and tossed his used trainer into his old diaper pail, which now held wet and messy Pull-Ups when he had accidents. He walked into his bathroom and started the shower, lazily cleaning himself up. Shawn towelled off, slipped on an Overnight, and crawled into his sheets.
The next day, Mom and Dad left late in the morning on their little getaway. Shawn had watched his little brother many times, so this weekend was no big deal for any of them. After lunch, he took Mason out into the warm summer air, and they ran around the backyard throwing water balloons at each other. They had been playing for a while when Mason suddenly stood still and looked absent, as if he were deep in concentration. Shawn, of course, had no doubt about what his brother was doing, so he wasn’t surprised when he heard the boy give a little grunt. After a minute or so, he looked at Shawn with a big grin on his face.
“That’s a big one!” he said wickedly. Like most little boys, he took great pride in being gross.
But Shawn was used to changing Mason’s dirty diapers, so he could handle cleaning him up, although it was unpleasant. When he was done, Mason wanted to leave his pants off, so Shawn tossed them aside. Then they watched a movie and played some games. Up until the video games were started, Shawn had paid attention to his body, but once he was distracted, it wasn’t long before he wound up wetting. He grabbed his crotch when it started to happen, but of course it was too late. Mason noticed and said, “I guess it’s your turn to change.”
Shawn laughed and said, “I can wait a while. You’re just tired of me winning.”
He ordered a pizza for dinner, and Shawn changed his Pull-Up as they waited for the delivery. When it arrived, they downloaded a movie to the living room TV to watch while they ate. It was a kids’ movie about a little boy with an instinctive talent for business management who was elected CEO of a major corporation. The humor was, of course, very juvenile, with one worker joking that the new boss was still in diapers and the kid’s assistant demanding a raise after she was shown gagging through changing him. The climax of the movie centered around an extended board meeting in which the protaganist’s rival tried to take over the company. His rival knew a lot about negotiating techniques, but he ultimately lost because nobody was allowed to leave the meeting until all terms of the new contract were agreed upon. The poor man wound up wetting himself because he waited too long to go to the bathroom, and he ran from the room to find a new pair of pants, saying, “You Win! It’s all yours!” The kid looked at the camera and said, “Never go against a guy who doesn’t need bathroom breaks!” Around 9:00, Shawn started to get Mason ready for bed. He had his brother take a shower, and then he put him into his overnight diaper. Finally, Mason brushed his teeth, and slipped into bed. Shawn stayed up a little while longer before swapping his Trainer, which was dry this time, for a thicker Overnight. He settled into his sheets and soon fell asleep.
Some time later, Shawn opened his eyes to Mason saying his name. He glanced up and saw the kid standing beside his bed in the moonlight coming through the window. “What?” he asked sleepily.
“I had a nightmare, and I’m scared. Can I sleep with you?” The voice was small and whiny, and Shawn couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.
“Sure, bro, come on.” He pulled the sheets back, and Mason clambered onto the bed, snuggling up to his big brother. He immediately started sniffling.
“Hey, what’s wrong? What are you so scared of?”
“I had a dream that Mom and Dad had a wreck and died,” the little boy said, almost wailing, clutching his little raccoon.
Shawn hugged him tightly and said, “It’s okay, buddy. It was just a dream. Mom and Dad are fine. They’ll be home tomorrow night.”
“Yeah, I promise. Now, come on, go back to sleep.”
Mason slowly stopped sniffling, and the two boys eventually drifted off again.
The next day, Mason’s friend Jesper came over to play.
Mason noticed his friend’s new Robo-Cheetahs diaper bag and said, “Hey, cool bag! Where’d you get it?”
“Thanks,” Jesper said. “My mom bought it from Kidco because she said my old one was too ratty.”
The kids went up to Mason’s room to play while Shawn did his homework. After a while, he had to change both of the boys, though he was fortunate that they were only wet. A little while after Jesper left, Mom and Dad got home from their trip. Mason, still anxious over his dream the night before, ran to them and hugged each of them, not wanting to let go.
“Somebody sure did miss us!” Dad said. “My god, didn’t Shawn feed you while we were gone?” Mason said yes, not realizing that his dad was joking. “Oh. Then I guess you don’t want any of this chicken we brought home.”
“All right!” And just like that, he was over the trauma of having his parents gone for the weekend.
Shawn ate, then went up to his room for a little personal time after his babysitting job. As he sat at his computer going through some pictures, he felt some pressure in his stomach. He put off going to the bathroom and continued browsing, but the pressure soon grew too great to ignore. For some reason, he really didn’t want to use the bathroom. It had been a while since he’d messed his pants, so he decided it was okay and stood up from his chair. He squatted a bit and gave a little push, feeling the shit began to slide out of him and pile up under his ass. It took a minute for him to push it all out, and somehow, even though he was wearing a poopy Pull-Up, he felt good. He took it off, balled it up, and tossed it into his pail. He wiped himself off, then took a long shower, jerking off under the hot spray.

A year later, Shawn and Sienna were still seeing each other and had fallen in love. She was out of training pants by now, and with her help and encouragement, Shawn was having fewer accidents, except at night. They saw each other as much as possible, which was often, but finding privacy was difficult. He still lived with his Mom and Dad, but they believed their twenty-year-old son’s sex life was his business, and Sienna’s parents had the same attitude, although they did encourage caution. The only problem was that Shawn’s mom and dad didn’t want Mason asking too many questions. He was at a curious age, but they thought he was much too young to worry about why Sienna was sleeping in Shawn’s room, so they didn’t let her spend the night if Mason was home. This still left them frequent opportunities to be together since the little brother was now change-trained and had begun to go on more sleepovers. Shawn and his girlfriend were well on their way to a healthy, rewarding, and productive adult life for the two of them, and their families were very happy about their kids’ relationship.
One morning, Shawn went to see Dr. Mendelsohn for his regular check-up. Of course, he had to wait several minutes before the doctor saw him, so he flipped through some magazines on his phone as he sat in the lobby. He glanced through an article about the new action movie “Street Soldiers,” starring a cast of mostly young actors in their early twenties. Shawn skimmed the parts about how well the cast got along on set and how challenging some of the roles were. He wanted to read about the sexy nude scene with Kaya Dorner that everybody was talking about. He finally found a small mention of it, but it didn’t tell him anything he didn’t already know. Just below that was something about the difficulties of making a movie with actors who were toilet training. The article said that all the young members the cast were still in trainers and included a quote from Bryson Bennett, the 22-year-old muscular heartthrob that all the girls and gay guys were wild over: “Oh, yeah, I’ve been really busy the past couple of years, and bathroom breaks are hard to come by on a set, so I think that’s really slowed me down. Some days aren’t so bad, but sometimes I go through a lot of Easy-Ups, especially since I still wet at night a lot.” The nurse finally called his name, so he put his phone away and went back to see the doctor. Everything looked good, and Mendelsohn was pleased at his progress in training, so his check-up was over before he knew it.
The next day, Shawn rushed out of his Programming Mechanics class and headed for the bathroom. It had almost been a week since his last accident in that class, which was scheduled at the same time as his old Lit class with Professor Forder, where he used to wet almost every day. He had definitely progressed in his training, and it was obvious in the fact that a pack of Pull-Ups lasted longer for him. He still had accidents, but they were much less frequent. Having emptied his bladder, he stepped away from the urinal and turned to see Jenner walking out of one of the changing stalls.
“Hey, Shawner! Haven’t seen you in a while!”
“How’re you doing?”
“Not bad, just busy.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“Hey, are you busy this weekend?” Jenner asked.
“Sienna and I are doing something, but we don’t know what yet.”
“Then you gotta come to this party Gavin’s throwing. It’s gonna be big trouble!”
Shawn thought for a second. A party meant accidents, but he hadn’t been having a lot of those lately, and he had been studying really hard. And Sienna said just the other day that she hadn’t been to a good party in a while. “Okay, we’ll be there.”
“Great! You know the place right?” Shawn nodded. “All right! See you there!”
That Saturday, Sienna picked up a small package of girls’ Pull-Ups, pulled one on, and packed a few spares into the diaper bag she had stopped carrying a couple of months ago. Shawn picked her up and drove the two of them over to Gavin’s house. The night air was cold, so the guests were mostly staying in the house, which was crammed with kids having fun. Shawn grabbed a couple of beers, and they started mingling. They soon found their way to the family room, where a holding contest was obviously well under way. Jenner was there, and it was obvious from the tint on the padding of his Easy-Up that he had already lost, and he wasn’t the only one. Out of eleven contestants, only four were left: Aidan, a girl named Kara, and two guys Shawn didn’t know. They had walked in just in time to see Aidan, jumping and jerking around in the awkward movements known as the pee-pee dance, lose control and flood his Pull-Up. Kara was next a minute later, and the two strangers lasted another five minutes before one of them, a tall jock, stopped moving as the crotch of his Pull-Up began to darken. As soon as he was declared the winner, the other guy, who had dark hair and an average build, let go and started wetting.
Shawn and Sienna moved on, mingling and drinking as they went, and Shawn soon felt the need to pee. Having learned to hold it, he hesitated for a second before he reminded himself that the bathrooms would all be occupied and let go, feeling a rush of pee in his pants. He snagged another beer and moved on. A while later, he peed again and turned to tell Sienna he was going to change, but when he looked at her, he saw her wincing in effort.
She caught his gaze and smiled self-consciously. “I thought I could wait until we left, but I can’t hold it anymore.” She let out a muffled fart as her effort began to pay off.
He smiled back and said, “Let me know when you’re done, and we’ll both go change.”
When she finished a couple of minutes later, they started making their way through the crowd to a bathroom. They had to wait several minutes once they had made it to the door, but they finally had the room to themselves. Shawn took off his soggy Pull-Up as Sienna started wiping herself off, grateful for the pouch in the seat that had been designed to droop under the weight of a messy accident and help contain it. Once they had changed, they went back out into the party and were both wet again in no time. They stayed at Gavin’s late into the night, leaving only when both of them were wearing the last Pull-Ups they had with them. They spoke to Gavin before they left and let it slip that Shawn’s 21st birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks. He wouldn’t let them leave until they had agreed to let him throw another for the occasion.
The next day, Shawn slept in a bit and was still tired when he finally got out of bed. Feeling the need to recover from the night before, he sat around the house all day, playing games and watching TV. When he had to pee during a game, he played on, confident in the control he had recently developed. He was surprised when, a minute later, he felt pee suddenly flooding his Pull-Up. He quickly changed into a dry one, and for the rest of the day, he went to the bathroom as soon as he felt the need to go. On Monday morning, he had an accident during his Prog Mech class and another one during another class. By then, it was clear that Gavin’s party had set him back a bit. He had to concentrate and try very hard to hold it when he had to pee and get to a bathroom as soon as he could to compensate for the damage. He was doing better by the end of the week, so he stopped worrying about it.
By the time the next week had come to an end, he was ready for the birthday party Gavin was throwing him. Sienna bought another pack of Pull-Ups, and they went to his party, which had to be held somewhere else since Gavin’s parents were home that night. The young couple was there all night long, and both of them went through several pairs of Pull-Ups. The next day, Shawn started having accidents again, and again they continued past the weekend. He figured they would slow down by the end of the week like they had before, but by Friday, he had wet at least once every day. He kept trying to stay dry and go when he needed to, but he still found that he couldn’t always hold it as long as he needed to. Even worse, on Wednesday he shat his Pull-Up as he walked out of his last class of the day. When he wet that Saturday afternoon and messed during the movie he took Sienna to that night, it was clear that he had relapsed. His goal of getting out of Pull-Ups now seemed further away than ever.
His dad was worried. “You were doing so well! What happened?”
Shawn shook his head. “I guess it was those parties I went to.”
“You need to slow down on the partying.”
“I know, Dad. I am. I didn’t plan on going out that much. It just happened. I went to Gavin’s, and then he found out my birthday was coming up and insisting on throwing me another one to celebrate.”
His dad squeezed his shoulder. "Just be diligent and patient. It’ll get better.
The next day was Shawn’s birthday. He celebrated with Sienna and his family, then drove over to Jonathan’s house to hang out for a while. Jonathan knew about his relapse, of course, but the only thing he said about it was “that sucks.” Jonathan wasn’t doing much better himself, which was obvious by the way he suddenly grabbed his crotch while they were watching TV. In their early 20’s, they both felt a certain amount of pressure from the world around them to be trained by now, but when they were together, they could relax, be themselves, and grow and learn at their pace. Shawn stayed there for the rest of the day, and that evening, they went out and got some dinner together. Sienna didn’t mind because she understood that Shawn needed some bro time.
When he got home that night, he got ready for bed and browsed the news on his homepage before turning in. He clicked the link for one headline that caught his eye: “Sales of Adult Diapers on the Rise.” The article reported that a lot of people his age, and even some who were older, were having problems learning the toilet. Most of them kept wearing trainers, but others were simply giving up and going back to diapers. There was a quote from a twenty-seven-year-old woman who worked in insurance: “I just kept having accidents. No matter how hard I tried to make it to the bathroom, I kept wetting myself. I was having accidents every day, and of course, diapers give better protection than trainers, so I switched. I just wish there was something better for adults.” Companies like Depend and Tena had seen their sales increase over the past few years, even though many echoed the insurance worker’s reluctance at wearing those products. A twenty-five-year-old man who had recently graduated college and started his career in business management said, “All the diapers for adults right now look so clinical and ugly, and they’re not very comfortable. Most of them are covered in plastic, and they all just look like they’re for old people. I wish Huggies would make a larger size because Pull-Ups don’t really cut it for me either.” A statistic was quoted that suggested that 57% of adults aged 18-22 would buy Pampers or Huggies if they were produced for adults. That made Shawn stop and think for a minute. It had only been a few years since he’d stopped wearing diapers, but he had already forgotten much of the way they felt. Now that he thought about it, he realized that Pull-Ups were somehow not quite as comfortable as his old Huggies. It may have been the contrast in purposes because Pull-Ups are, of course, only meant to absorb accidents as one learns to use the toilet, which implies a certain amount of pressure to maintain control until a toilet was available. In short, there was stress involved in training pants that he had never felt from diapers. Shawn thought he could understand why some people would want to return to that, but he brushed the feeling off. He had been proud and excited to begin a new phase of his life when he graduated to trainers, and he wouldn’t want to just cast all that aside. It didn’t matter, anyway, because they didn’t make Huggies in his size.

The wedding had been beautiful, the honeymoon had been wonderful, and now Shawn and sienna were settling into life in their new house. Now 22, he had graduated a few months ago and gotten a good job with a local software developer while she continued work on her degree. Shawn was still in Pull-Ups, but he was having fewer accidents, although he still often woke up wet in the morning. He had hoped that getting out of school would make it easier for him to train, but he still had occasional accidents at work. Fortunately, he was far from the only person carrying a diaper bag around the office, and he knew that two of them carried actual diapers in their bags. That wasn’t unusual either. In the last year, Shawn had noticed several people his age and older who wore diapers, including his friend Aidan, although he wasn’t quite happy with Depends. Shawn himself wasn’t interested. He had seen adult diapers and heard how they felt, and they looked and sounded uncomfortable and ineffective. Aidan looked kind of sickly in his, and they seemed to leak on him all the time. Besides, Shawn was having fewer accidents now, so there was really no need to switch from Pull-Ups.
One night he and Sienna were watching TV when the show went to commercial showing a college professor lecturing his class. The camera focused on a young man who obviously had to go, bouncing his leg on the floor just before the professor dismissed the class. The young man glanced at his watch as he hurried out of the classroom into a crowded hallway. He looked over at the nearby men’s room, then again at his watch before turning to face the audience and giving a little sigh as he apparently gave up trying to hold his pee. “Who’s got time for the toilet?” he demanded. A girl beside him turned to him and said, “Not me! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been where you are, having an accident before I could get to a bathroom. I thought about wearing adult diapers, but all that plastic and the leaks? No thanks. That’s why I was glad when Huggies introduced larger sizes of the comfortable, absorbent diaper they’ve always made.” The guy’s eyes widened, and he said, “Bigger Huggies? For adults?” The girl said, “That’s right. Sizes 17, 18, 19, and 20 that fit guys and girls like you and me all the way up to 210 lbs. You should give them a try. I’d say you need a change about now, anyway!”
Shawn’s wife looked at him and said, “Here we go. Things are going to get interesting now.”
As wives usually are, she was right. In no time, ads with the slogan “Who has time for the toilet?” were everywhere, with young men and women of all races and walks of life and in all professions, some of them shown wearing the new products. A week after seeing the first commercial, Shawn picked up a package of Pull-Ups at the grocery and noticed the bigger Huggies. As he looked at the bags on the shelf, a girl about his age walked up and pulled a package down, putting it in her shopping cart. She was the first person he saw buy a package of them, but she would be far from the last. The media reported on the new product, quoting critics as saying that it was all part of a longstanding plot by manufacturers to increase their profits by pushing everyone to wear diapers. One pundit said, “This has been going on for decades. Does anyone even remember when diapers were for babies? First, they made diapers for kids who didn’t learn to use the toilet when they were toddlers, then they made them for teenagers, and now we have a company that used to make baby diapers making basically those same diapers for adults! They’re trying to infantilize America, and they’re succeeding because parents don’t want to be parents and push their kids to grow and develop bladder control!” Supporters responded by quoting statistics that showed a decrease in juvenile crime over the last fifty years. While it was true that the age of toilet training had been progressively pushed back over the years, the numbers showed that each age group that fell below that age saw a decrease in arrests for violent crimes. The conclusion, they said, was that diapers offered a feeling of safety, security, and comfort that helped people stay more contented and less likely to act out. Whatever the arguments were, the new Huggies sold well alongside Pull-Ups, and their popularity continued to grow.
Within a few months, Pampers responded with larger sizes of their own, and new styles and varieties were introduced. Larger sizes of Watertites and Swimpers came first, and then Pampers began manufacturing Preggers, which had a waistband designed to fit pregnant women, a group known for bladder control issues. The commercial had shown a young woman with a large baby bump struggle out of her seat, then walk to her bathroom and take an opened package of the new diapers out of the cupboard. A voiceover announced, “Now mommies-to-be can enjoy the incomparable comfort and protection of Pampers even before their babies do!” Huggies responded by tapping into the large infantilist market by creating a variety in every size with the same shape and graphics as their baby diapers. Called Huggies Flashbacks, all of them up to size 20 looked just like enlarged size 2’s and 3’s. Other companies like Luvs and Drypers followed with their own adult sizes, while Depend quickly fell behind and began to explore options to compete.
It was around this time that Shawn’s department at work was assigned a new project, an ambitious new video game that would keep them busy for many months. As one of the most talented programmers in the office, he was named an assistant supervisor on the project, which gave his paycheck a good boost. The project immediately took up all of Shawn’s attention at work as everything else he was working on got reassigned to other people. It was a lot of fun, but it was also very challenging, which was fine with him because he enjoyed a challenge, anyway. Within a few weeks, however, the increased workload had started to take its toll. He lost sleep, and he felt stressed at times. His night-time wetting increased so that he woke up wet every single morning. He understood why when he started experiencing sudden, intense urges to pee. If he went to the bathroom as soon as he felt the urge, he could stay dry. But that often wasn’t possible with his busy schedule, and he started having a lot of accidents during the day again. When the stress got to his stomach and he started pooping in his trainers, he considered going back to diapers. Aidan had already gone back to wearing Huggies, and he said they felt great. Shawn definitely noticed that his friend no longer worried about trying to make it to the toilet but did everything in his diaper when he had to do it, which he said was the way nature intended. Likewise, Jonathan had switched back to Pampers, and he described it as returning home after a long and difficult day. Sienna said that she didn’t mind the idea of a husband in diapers and would support him whatever he decided. But Shawn’s mom and dad didn’t like the idea.
“You know, son, this may be your last chance,” Dad said. “If you don’t toilet-train now, you could be stuck in diapers for the rest of your life. Is that what you want?”
“I don’t know, Dad. I just want to feel secure while I go about my business, and Pull-Ups don’t really cut it.”
“Mason’s at a very impressionable age,” Mom said. “If he sees his big brother wearing diapers as an adult, he might want to do the same thing and never get out of diapers either.”
That was the deciding factor for him. Shawn loved his little brother and didn’t want to do anything to hurt his development, so he stuck with trainers. But one day, Mason was visiting his big brother and needed to change his diaper.
He came back from the bathroom a few minutes later and looked at Shawn.“You must be having a lot of accidents lately.”
“I just saw all those Pull-Ups in the pail in there.”
Shawn sighed a little and said, “Yeah. I try, but I just can’t make it a lot of times.”
“Why don’t you just wear diapers?”
“That would be giving up,” Shawn said.
“Giving up what? Always running to the bathroom and hoping you make it in time? That looks like it sucks! I’m glad they make bigger diapers now 'cause I’m not going through that when I grow up!”
Shawn looked at Mason and realized that the kid had already made up his mind. What’s more, he was right. Shawn was tired of trying to hold it until he got to a toilet. “You’re right. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
Shawn got in his car and drove to the grocery, letting go and wetting when he felt the need to pee since there was no point in holding it anymore. He walked to the diaper aisle and picked up a package of Huggies size 18, a bottle of talcum powder, and some wipes. He pushed his cart to a register, paid, and wet a second time as he drove home. He went to the bathroom and pulled his pants off, exposing his soggy trainer. He opened the package, pulled a diaper out, and unfolded it. It was completely covered in soft, stretchy material and had a bluish tint. He tore off the sides of his Pull-Up and tossed it into the pail, then stuck the back waistband to his ass and grabbed the front of the diaper. Taking the talcum bottle, he sprinkled some powder onto his crotch and into the diaper, then brought it up and secured the velcro tabs at the sides. The diaper was thick and bulky compared to his Pull-Up, but the cottony padding and stretchy material made it feel much softer and more comfortable. He reached for his pants, then changed his mind, deciding he was more comfortable without them.
“Cool!” Mason exclaimed when he saw his big brother walk into the living room. Shawn’s shirt fell ony a couple of inches below his belly-button, showing off quite a bit of the adult Huggies.
Sienna walked up and gave him a little kiss. “Looks good on you, honey.”
A little while later, when Shawn had to pee, it felt good to relax and let go. His diaper quickly absorbed it all, and Shawn could tell that it would take a lot more before it leaked. His worries about toilets and accidents were behind him.
He soon grew accustomed to his more carefree life. He was more productive at work since he was no longer running to the bathroom all the time and could usually go at least a few hours without needing a change. At home, he was able to achieve complete relaxation, which helped him get more sleep at night. He could often be found sitting on the couch in a T-shirt and diaper or just a diaper, cold beer in one hand and the remote in the other. Sometimes he would go and hang out with his friends, and he, Aidan, and Jonathan would laugh to each other as the others struggled to get to a bathroom just to pee. They would often flaunt their lack of worry, commenting on how much their new diapers could hold or squatting down and messing themselves in front of their friends. This boasting seemed to have an effect because before long, Channing had followed suit and gone back to Pampers. They didn’t hide what they were wearing because they were far from alone. In fact, hunky Bryson Bennett had recently admitted in an interview that he was back in Pampers, and his popularity suffered nothing for it. Pop singer Charlotte Preston soon followed, as did comedian Ronan Wild.
Not long after Shawn started wearing Huggies again, they discovered that Sienna was pregnant. As the baby developed, Sienna began to get sudden urges in her bladder, which were soon followed by wetting accidents. Her underwear was far from enough to contain them, so she gave it up and started wearing Preggers, which kept her dry for the rest of her pregnancy. When her belly grew so big that she had trouble getting around, Shawn took over diapering duties and handled all of her changes, joking that he was getting some practice in for the next ten years. After little Wyatt was born and her stomach shrunk to normal size, she was able to go back to Pull-Ups and train herself all over again, although it took some time. Meanwhile, Shawn was among a growing number of people in his generation who were staying in diapers as they became parents.

“Dad? What was it like when you used to use the toilet?” Wyatt asked as he laid on the changing table.
Shawn cleaned his little boy off and tossed the use diaper in the nearby pail. “Stressful. I didn’t make it a lot of times, and that’s why I went back to diapers. And the seat was always cold.”
“Will I have to use the toilet when I’m older?”
“No. You can if you want, but your mom and I won’t force you,” Shawn slipped the clean Pampers under Wyatt’s butt and powdered him up as he felt a little pee flow into his own diaper. He taped it shut as Sienna waddled into the doorway behind him.
“I’m next,” she said. Four months pregnant with their third child, she had started having accidents sooner than she had six years ago with Lana or eight years ago with Wyatt. It had taken her longer to retrain after Lana, and even after that, she had to wear double-lined underwear to absorb the little dribbles she sometimes had. Now she was back in Preggers, and she was likely to stay in diapers after the baby was born. As before, Shawn spoiled her, insisting on taking care of all of her changes, which always made Wyatt giggle. He thought it was funny that his mommy was getting her diaper changed just like he did.
The four of them settled onto their couch to watch a movie, the entire family in diapers. Shawn and Sienna had talked about having the toilets removed from their bathrooms to make some extra room. There was no reason to have them if they were all going to wear diapers. All over America, other people were coming to the same conclusion. Diaper Devotees, or DD’s as they were called, seemed to be everywhere as virtually an entire generation of people gave up on toilet training. The older generations shook their heads and wondered what had gone wrong, but the diaper generation was convinced that it had made the right choice as the movement continued to spread.

Re: The Diaper Boom

What is interesting about this, is this is very possible, we’ve already done it with food sizes. this could be a very real thing in the future. love the concept, good work.

Re: The Diaper Boom

I love the concept too, and that’s why I “stole” it. Thank you for your comments. I think this scenario is possible but not likely, but if I’ve made a few people think otherwise, I consider that high praise indeed.

Re: The Diaper Boom

This story was absolutely excellent. I loved the world completely, so much that I did my own little fanfiction of it (if that bothers you, I’ll remove it) you can find it here:

I prefer the paragraphs separated by a hard return because I think it makes it easier to read.

I thought your transition from the initial summary narration into the specific story was great, it’s an interesting piece of work. I think the consequences of a broad change like that in the world are really cool but could be further developed. I mean, the trash problem would be immense. Ways we’ve structured society might need to change.

Thank you for any excellent read.

Re: The Diaper Boom

Thank you for the rave review and the spin-off. I didn’t create this world, only fleshed it out a little more, but either way, I’m not bothered by someone else using the concept and enjoyed the Scent. In fact, I’m flattered to have inspired someone else and would love to see more from others who want to contribute, offer their own spin, or help fill this world out even more.

I agree about the hard returns. I posted this rather lazily, copying and pasting from my computer.

I appreciate your comments about the introduction. I had a lot of fun writing that, and I felt like the reader would be lost without it. I actually considered the trash problem and had a solution, but I didn’t try hard enough to find a place to work it in. The fact that this is set about fifty years in the future gives us a lot of freedom in devising new technologies and machines. What I see for the trash situation is an appliance, standard in homes and schools in this world, something like an incinerator, maybe about the size of the average washing machine, that uses special chemicals to help break down all that plastic, then burn what’s left, using the methane, ammonia, and sulfur gases produced to help power the building. I imagine that when someone empties a diaper pail, they simply open up this machine (or a small chute leading to it) and toss the full trash bag in, then close it up, and let the machine run. I wish I had found a way to write that in, but at the time, I thought there was already enough going on, and it didn’t really seem relevant to the story. Maybe I’ll include it if I ever get around to a sequel.

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After reading this story and ‘The Scent’, as well as looking at PicFab’s gallery… I have to say I’m rather taken with the idea… Might I ask if you’d mind a similar type story? Using some of the ideas you had, but making a slight change? The story I have in mind would be along some of Picfab’s ideas, parents as an alternative method of corralling a rebellious teen would ‘unpotty train’ their teen, making them more dependent and having potty training as something they can put on a pedestal to work toward.

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Knock yourself out.

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lol :slight_smile: that was alot of fun. Thank you!