The Date

Joshua picked up his pace, trying to catch up to Albert. Being more than a foot taller, Albert was always able to walk faster, and wasn’t afraid to try it.

Albert was a six foot tall, brown haired former hockey player with a muscular build. Joshua was much shorter with a slight build and shoulder length blond hair. He was more of an academic then a sport player, though he kept in good shape. Many people commented that they made an odd couple, but they were in the same classes at university and were meeting for a movie for the second time that week.

“Hurry up now, you’re falling behind!” Albert said, stopping to let the other catch up. “Do you want me to hold your hand?”

Joshua caught up and stopped panting beside him. Albert let him catch his breath then patted him on the bottom, encouraging him forward. He took Joshua’s hand and began walking. “Come on now. Is that padding under your shorts slowing you down?”

Joshua blushed bright red and looked around. “No… uh… maybe just a bit,” he said. No one was near to see it. Albert would never expose him like that with people around, but it was still a scary thought.

In reality, what he was wearing did slow him down a bit. Today, it was a thick, plain white disposable diaper which forced his legs apart, making him waddle. He wore one on all of their dates. When they went out, he was allowed to wear ‘normal’ clothes over it. However, in this case the shorts Albert picked out for him did little to hide the thickness for anyone who looked closely enough. The pink MLP tea shirt did little to help, and the leather jacket he wore seemed like a joke with the rest of his outfit. He always wore the plain white diapers while outside, so that if anyone noticed he could claim a medical issue. However, Joshua knew that a pile of thick, cutely printed Cushies waited for him at Albert’s house. Not to mention a pacifier and a bottle.

“Do you really need to do that?” Joshua asked, looking down at his hand.

“Well, you have trouble keeping up. And we don’t want you getting lost, do we, kiddo?” Albert replied as he ruffled Joshua’s hair with his free hand.

“Stop calling me that! I’m the same age as you.” This was almost true. Joshua had just turned twenty one, Albert was twenty two in a month.

“Then stop so clearly enjoying it! Anyway, you act a lot longer than me. And you’re far too adorably cute for me to think of you as being my age.”

They entered the movie theatre and approached the counter. The line was fairly short and they got to the front quickly, than went to get the tickets.

“Let’s see… what’s available?” Albert asked the girl at the ticket counter.

“Uhh… a lot of people are going to see the Slasher of Elm Street.”

“No, I think that might be too scary for him. I don’t want him to have nightmares.” Albert smiled at Joshua, making him blush. “What about that one? Clownfish 2?”

“Ummm… ok. If you want to see it, I’ll get the tickets.” The girl was clearly confused at their choice of a kids movie.

Joshua reached to the inside pocket of his coat to get out his wallet. Albert stopped him half way and grabbed his wrist.

“Awww, that’s adorable! Look, he has his name written on the inside of his coat! Afraid of getting lost? Did your mommy do that for you?”

Joshua blushed again and looked away. He was doing this on purpose. “No… uh, she has neater hand writing, see?”

“Haha of course she does.” Albert said, pinching his cheek. He turned to the ticket girl. “Isn’t he cute? You know he still sleeps with a teddy bear too.” The ticket girl started giggling in response.

“Hey! Stop it. Your being mean!” Joshua said, glaring at Albert.

“Aww, are you grouchy? Don’t worry, I know it’s not your fault, you missed your nap this afternoon. But I’ll get you in bed early tonight.”

“No… no! That’s not fair! I won’t let you!”

“Uh huh, sure.” Albert turned again to the ticket girl, who was watching the scene with a confused but bemused smile. “He is feisty, isn’t he? A tough little guy. But really all I need to do is grab him by the ear and pull him over my lap, and he’ll be saying sorry in a second. Isn’t that right Joshua?”

Joshua could only blush and look away. This was the furthest Albert had ever gone in their little games, at least while in public. Though they were the same age, Albert often treated him like a child. Joshua enjoyed it himself, but this time he was afraid Albert really would pull him over his knee and spank him right there, exposing to everyone what he was wearing. Instead of arguing, he just grabbed onto Albert’s hand again and stood close by him, looking down.

“Awww I’m sorry, I was just joking around. But put your wallet away, you know I wouldn’t let you pay.” Albert patted him on the head and paid for the tickets with his visa.

The entered the theatre and walked down the brightly lit hallway. Joshua turned his head to see the concession stand, and then looked up at Albert.

“Don’t worry kiddo, I’ll get you a treat later. First, let’s get seats.”

“What? Why can’t I go to get the food?”

“Because last time I let you decide you stood for fifteen minutes staring at the counter unable to pick a candy. Finally the server just threw a chocolate bar on you, said it was free, and let the next person go through.”

Josuha blushed. This was true. “Well, a least it was free. And it was only twelve minutes!”

“Uh huh, right. Whatever, here is out screen room. Do you need a booster seat?” Albert asked.

“No. You knew that!”

“I know, I was just kidding. Here, this is our movie.” He led Joshua by the hand into a largely empty screening room. Most of the small audience there was made up of children with their parents. Joshua figured they fit in that group in a way. A few teenagers and adult couples were spread out in the seats, so they didn’t stand out too much.

Albert took him to the back row and sat him down. Joshua was glad there were few people nearby, as loud crinkling noise came from underneath him as he sat down. “Alright, I’m going to get food. Will you be alright by yourself?” Joshua nodded. “Just stay here, don’t get out of the seat, or you might get lost. I’ll be back soon. If you get afraid, call me on your phone, but don’t go anywhere, alright? Don’t talk to strangers either. Oh, and here. I brought this for you in case you got anxious.” He put something in Joshua’s front pocket. It was a pink pacifier, Joshua noticed with a mix of glee and embarrassment. “Can you do that for me kiddo? Just stay here?”

Joshua nodded and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek. He watched Albert leave, then sat as still as possible, trying not to attract attention from any scary strangers. He went over the instructions in his mind. Just stay still, don’t talk to anyone, don’t get out of the seat, call if you need anything… He would do his best to follow them. A group of people moved by him, trying to get to seats.

“Umm, could you move please? We need to get by.” A young man seemingly in his twenties stood at the head of the group asked. He was big and wore rings in his ears. Frightened, Joshua froze completely, and didn’t make eye contact. After a moment the frightening, strange man gave Joshua a confused look. He taped him on the shoulder. “Excuse me, could you move please?” Joshua remained facing forward. The man, gave a questioning glance to a girl standing behind him, who shrugged her shoulders. They moved carefully around Joshua, giving him strange looks as they passed. Joshua wanted to explain that he wasn’t allowed to move or else he might get lost, but he wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers.

Now even more nervous than before, Joshua clung to the edges of his seat. He wiggled around in his diaper, feeling it against him and taking some comfort from it. Where was Albert? He didn’t usually take this long. Joshua began to panic. What if Albert went to the wrong theatre? What if something had happened? What if he forgot about him? Oh god- what if he was hurt?!

Almost in tears now, Joshua reached for his phone. He had Albert’s number saved twice under contacts, once under Albert and once under Daddy, depending on how he was feeling. Today we went for the second one, hit the button and called. He put the phone to his ear and waited anxiously, counting the rings. Three… four… five… where was he?

Finally a voice answered. “Hello?”

'Da… uh, Albert! Are you still coming?!?!" Joshua asked with desperation evident in his voice.

“Yes yes, I’m coming. Sorry for leaving you, the line was longer than I thought. I’ll be in the theatre in a moment. If you’re worried, use that thing I gave you. Don’t be afraid kiddo, I’ll be there in a moment and it will be fine.”

“Ok Albert. I’m sorry for calling. Love you.”

“It’s alright, love you. Bye bye for now.”

Somewhat relived but still anxious, Joshua sat up higher to see the door, careful not to leave his seat so he wouldn’t get lost at the last moment. Albert was not at the door. Joshua lowered himself again, but still watched for any sign of him. He glanced around. No one was looking. Carefully, he reached into his pocket and got out the pacifier. He put it in his mouth and began sucking, careful to keep it hidden with his hand in front of his face. Maybe no one would notice if he kept his hand right in front of his mouth. It really was soothing, and Joshua relaxed a bit.

After a minute, Albert entered the theatre. Joshua could hardly contain his glee, and began to wave. A second later he remembered the pacifier, and quickly put his hand back to his mouth. Albert clearly noticed, and laughed as he approached.

“You know, it’s dark enough no one would have noticed.” Albert said, taking the pacifier from Joshua’s mouth and putting it back into his own pocket.

“Well… I guess so… but… uh…” Joshua fumbled for words.

“It’s ok kiddo, you’re still cute. And I guess you still are the smart one, in some ways.” Albert sat beside him and put a large popcorn on his lap. Joshua knew it was for the two of them to share. Albert then put a medium drink in his own cup holder, and another drink in Joshua’s. Except that Joshua’s was an extra large. Joshua looked at it, then turned to glare at Albert.

“What? Is something wrong?” Albert asked with a smile.

“I know why you gave me the big one.”

“Haha of course you do. See? You are the smart one. Just be sure to finish it before the end of the movie. I don’t want my money to be wasted. I brought extra diapers if you need a change.”

Joshua kept glaring at him, but reached down to drink. As it was, he usually couldn’t make it through the movie without needing the bathroom, or a diaper. With this drink, he was sure to wet several times at least. He just hoped the diaper didn’t leak.

The movie began shortly after. Albert checked both their cell phones to make sure the ringer was off. They shared the popcorn, and Joshua drank as much of the coke as he could.

About half an hour into the film Albert turned to Joshua. He held him by the shoulder and pulled him towards his chest.

“What are you doing?” Joshua asked in a hushed voice.

“Do you want to sit on my lap?”

“uhh… ummm… Its embaressing!” Joshua said, blushing.

“No no its not. Other people are doing it too! See?” he pointed to the front row, where a small girl was sitting in her father’s lap.
Joshua bit his bottom lip. He really did want to sit in Albert’s lap. Slowly, trying not to make too much noise, he got up and climbed over. Albert put an arm around him and patted his bottom, making his diaper crinkle a bit. Joshua blushed and held on to Albert’s arm tightly.

Sitting there really was comforting. Joshua felt very small in Albert’s arms, and wiggled around in his lap. He could feel his diaper pressed against him by Albert’s knee, and rubbed up and down against the padding. A few times he even began to put his thumb toward his mouth, at which point Albert would laugh, grab his wrist, and whisper later. Soon he was engrossed by the movie, fascinated by the cartoon fish and bright colours.

After a while he began to feel the pressure in his bladder. He knew it wouldn’t be too long before he was sitting in a soaked diaper.

“Uh… Albert?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Well you know what to do. I didn’t put you into that for no reason.”

“But… right on your lap?”

“Yes. It will be ok, its thick enough that it won’t leak just yet.”

Joshua glanced around. He couldn’t hold it much longer, and probably wouldn’t make it to the bathroom if he tried. Not that Albert would let him try. He relaxed slightly, and began to wet his diaper. It filled up quickly with warm fluid, and Joshua had to shift uncomfortably in his own puddle before it was absorbed. Soon he was in a warm, wet diaper.

“Are you finished there sweetie? It smells like it.”


“Oh you wouldn’t know. Let me check.”

Albert undid the top button on Joshua’s shorts. Joshua could only blush and look around to ensure no one noticed as Albert felt the front of his diaper.

“Yep, you’re soaked. Don’t worry; as soon as we get home I’ll change you.”

The movie continued for another hour, during which time Joshua wet twice more. He blushed both times and squirmed uncomfortably as Albert patted him and told him it was alright. By the time the film was over and the lights came on, Joshua was completely soaked, and the padding had expanded and inch further. He was relieved to notice it hadn’t leaked and soaked his pants. However, the extra thick padding was even more noticeable then before, and the awkward toddle Joshua was forced to do was even more pronounced. Even the smell was now noticeable from a few feet way. As they left, Joshua clung tightly to Albert’s arm, looking around nervously and trying to avoid other people. This made it even more obvious that something was wrong, and Joshua blushed furiously as people glanced at him in confusion. Joshua tried to pick up the pace and hope no one would notice the clearly wet diaper boy waddling beside his care taker, but was afraid it was a lost cause.

They walked through the parking lot and to Albert’s car. Albert helped Joshua into the back seat and buckled him in. His diaper squished loudly underneath him, and Albert comforted him by saying he’d be changed soon. He went to the front and drove home.
They arrived at the house. Joshua waited to be unbuckled, than ran to the front door. He waited anxiously as Albert walked up slowly and unlocked the door. Once they were inside, Albert immediately put the pacifier back into Joshua’s mouth, took off his coat and hung it up, then removed his shorts. This left Joshua standing in only the pink MLP t shirt and clearly soaked diaper, sucking on a pacifier.

“There’s my baby! Does it feel good to be out of those silly grown up clothes?” Albert asked, tickling Joshua who giggled and nodded in response.

“Aww and it looks like baby made a wetums. Does he want a diapie change? Would that be nice?” Joshua glanced down at the diaper in surprise as if he hadn’t noticed it was wet, then nodded.

Albert picked him up, cradling him in his arms, and carried him to the bathroom. Once there, he lay him on the floor and took off the diaper. He cleaned him with baby wipes and powdered him down. He held up a diaper with blue stripes and cartoonish pictures on it.
“Does baby want this diapie? Much cuter then the last one, eh? Do you want it?” Albert asked in a high pitched voice, and Joshua nodded, smiling behind his pacifier. “Alright then.” He taped it around Joshua’s waist. “Does it feel better to finally be in a clean diaper?”

“Uh huh daddy.” Joshua moved his bottom around across the ground, luxuriating in the soft padding.

“Good, I’m glad.” Albert said, ruffling his hair again. Joshua giggled as he did. “Ok, lets get you dressed.” Albert carried Joshua to his room and opened the closet. Their baby wardrobe consisted of two onsies, which were t shirts with a diaper flap underneath, and two pairs of footed pajamas. In each case one was pink and one was blue. The blue ones had pictures of Blue’s Clues on them, the pink onsie had flowers, and the pink pajamas had pinkie pie. Along with these were a few pacifiers and any childish t shirts they could find, ranging from carton ones to ABDL ones with “Baby” written across the chest.

“Well, its your bedtime anyway, and I know how much you like the ponies.” Albert took out the pinkie pie pajamas, making Joshua laugh and clap his hands. They really were his favorite. Albert pulled Joshua’s feet into it and did up the buttons.

“Alright, now I told you you’d have an early bed time. Get your diapered but in its bed, kiddo.”

“Buh… buh… It’s still light out!” he was right, though the sun was almost below the horizon.

“Yes, but we don’t want you being cranky again, do we? No don’t argue with daddy, get in your crib!” Albert lifted up Joshua and lay him down in a baby sized crib they had found at a yard sale. Joshua was short for his age, but still curled up tightly to fit in. However, he still loved it, and it had all his stuffed animals inside it. He hugged a teddy bear as Albert tucked him in.

“Good night baby boy. Love you.”

“Goodnight daddy” Joshua said, and drifted off to sleep.

Re: The Date

There is a semi-sequal with the same characters called “Homework With an AB”